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S. TSUBOI, Sc. D. 



J. MATSUMURA, Sc. D., LL.D. (Aberdeen) 





In reading works on Philology, Sociologj' and Antliro- 
polog}' we frequently find names of races and peoples 
mentioned without any hint as to their locality. The 
inconvenience of this is heightened by the fact that there 
appear to be no works speciallj-- dealing with this subject, 
by reference to which the deficiency could be remedied. 
Thinking it would be very desirable, if such a defect can be 
removed even in the slightest degree, I began to compile 
this book in the spring of 1902, but owing to the lack of 
suitable reference books in this country, the work has 
progressed more slowly than I anticipated and even in its 
present state docs not afford me complete satisfaction. 
Nevertheless, having collected eight thousand tribe-names 
of all countries, I decided to publish the present book. 
There being no dictionaries of this kind in Europe and 
America, the two languages, English and Japanese were 
especially used. 

The present volume being compiled with the above 
object, the distributions of races and peoples in past and 
present times are mentioned, and at the same time, I have 
endeavoured to add as many s^'non^-ms of them as pos- 
sible, and to explain the derivation and meaning of the 
terms, while their ethnical relations and characters are 


The distributions of living races and peoples mentioned 
arc in general only the condition now existing, but in 
many cases, those of the American Indians are the condi- 
tions before the European emigration, and the modern 
settlers of European origin in various countries are not 
added. The form of the names is indicated mostly in the 
singular, excepting terms which are usually indicated witli 
the plural forms and such ones as Bantu tribal names. 
Names of the same sound are sometimes spelled in different 
waj's, e.g. Peh Miao or White Miao and Pai-y or White-y 
in southern China, but these terms being quoted from 
different works, it is difficult to decide on the best form ; 
the small numbers iti brackets which are frequently found in 
the text correspond to the numbers in a list of references 
mentioned in Appendix II. 

Here I desire to express my sincere thanks to Professor 
S. Tsuboi for his kindness in working over the manuscripts 
of the present volume and for much valuable advice he has 
given. I am also greatly indebted to my father, Professor 
J. Matsumura, who encouraged me in many waj's in my 
labours, and presented me with some valuable reference 
books. Thanks are also due to Mr. Y. Ino for the gift of 
some of the ethnological materials which he obtained from 
Formosa. To Mr. Charles A. Parry, B. A., I wish to 
express my thanks for the trouble he has taken in reading 
the English portion and in suggesting many improvements 
in the style. 

Tokyo, October, 1907. 

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y s^^^my^m^ MUR^'MM^ ^mm^yK^ym'^]^ 
m^/ Eic- -i^z y '^m^ 'jm^yr-^^m^m^^ ^n^ 

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M7 - fi-t ;r M^/ ^#Blt: ^{IIIA-^ 

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(1) 7ic«^ffii)tm^-.*;-^5SH!piS=iife'^ ^ '^^^ ^^^^',u^i}iT.>& 

'^•iifil^J^-^ '^» Pel. Miao (fi®) Pai-y (g^) ^ j®^ :^n -V. «S v^ 
7^•» Melanochroi. Xanthocliroi ? j(n^1#)5i] t /p =e /* ^-^^ ^^ 7 7'c, 
^- .^ ^^"& -k 9 » ilii y r * .»T ^^ Aft ^ :3-^ ^ sE ^- <i- -:^ a r » iJS »♦ 


^^ »^ ^ SIS ^ |g :>- K ta -y r rifiS!5M ^ ^'S :>- '^ sis ^ . -it© ^i^m 

ig^;]1+/v-'^n a. o ^■QrM^^^^'i'J^t^I^n cha ^ ^ j, 
cho ^ t,j,>:^;^. 7M^ffl4-^ ^ K=t »?i^^-;i^ IS ^) =#X\-il:fili 

C > ^\T > o\ i^ > 5 ^ ^ Im; ?iJ - ig T ^> v1It5iJ ^ ^n -y» di. dr.. ti. to 

9■■e^3l*'J I ::fcS?mSb' ij 1 a^A. :■? iiiiiig All iJ*i - ® ^j ^ v k 

/> SISc-^^ ^ ^:J- -y.ii -vr pfr^ :>- /^ifi^&^m^M^ri^^^^^.- 
(8) j-ifiig 3 1) Afl^ /^ is, V ^ ,u =e ^ ^-f^J '^ ^N' Georgians. Persians 7 ,^1) ^ 
^^ >^. iit^-i9-(5I^AiP^- l:a>o CfcA. -^^ Ls>A> sE -y ^ v^ 
>■■=£» Afl« :'J'it!l:« y ^ > :^ V <JJ ;v =B ^ - ^J=rM.W^K~ >^ » H® 
A^H^nf '^•'^ > =E ^ ,iPf- Danes. Scotch. ^ Ig^-^ig'ffiM V . T I 

(9) ^^h^i'/^i^-.iiii^^ V Afl^^^n'V^m^^il-mi^'JAfi^i^ 

==^ t y-mn -y. ^ V- -^^"^ :>- 'VJii^fi^at'Ks^^ ^^ ^.Ir] i^" ^ 

Jl w xiii 

M^\ ^ =e j^-> ^ Kl?iJ^ >-* t t> 5" ^ -f ?) J> - r =£ » 1 C-5: i A ^ 1 1* 
^: tA-x=E,^V^t;l'^M^Itv';l/*'jtU-V>^vi&:aH^M^ = a 

)h m xi 

^ M 1-407 

Pit m 

I. mrAxm^m 411 

n. m mmn nm 450 

ni. {^^xm^m^i 459 

ly- AmWi^mm 439 

1. fc i. »j *• 

2. Ah^ ^ ') *• 

4. fe i: fe 

5. i I ^ -? If 

6. if 1£ fe 1: ?3 






I. Synoptical Table of Races and Peoples 
arranged under the Political Divisions of 

the World 411 

II, List of Works used in preparing this Book . 450 

III. Index of Names of Races and Peoples 
written in kana 459 

IV. Index of the Chinese Names of Races and 
Peoples 489 

V. Maps showing the Distribution of Races 
and Peoples. 

1. Africa 

2. North America 

3. South America 

4. Asia 

5. Europe 

6. Oceania 




Aanas. See Ananas. 

Aaninena, a subdivision of the Ara- 
palio ; so called bv themselves, mean- 
ing " white clay people." Same as 

Aanuhawa, an extinct Arapaho tribe. 
Same as Hanahawunena. 

Ababambo, in the Ubangi valley, 

Ababas, on the upper Corumbiara, 
a triliutary of the Amazon. 

Ababdeh, in the hilly district about 
the frontiers of Upper Egypt and 
Kubia, between the Eed Sea and 
the Kile. 

Ababua, south of the Welle, a tri- 
butary of the Ubangi, Central 

Abaca, in the dense forests of C'ara- 
ballo Sur, ■ Luzon, Philippine 

Ananas f- ^ a o 

Arapaho /> — S^o Jlt ^ >>^ & 
S - -y 7^ r& ± ^ AKj 
> ^ W::)- V o Hitunena =:. 

Arapaho ^ -j^o ^'-^^gisS-fe 
ij o Hanahawunena — [^i:>o 


Abacaxis, ou tlie river of the same 

name, a tributary of the Amazon. 
Abactis, oa the Madeira, a tributary 
cf tlie Amazon. 

Abadzeh, a subdivision of the Cir- 

Abaja, near the mouth of the Niger, 

Abaka, on the head- waters of the 
Nam Rohl, an upper branch of 
the Nile. 

Abalis, south of the Bomokandi, an 
upper branch of the Welle (a tribu- 
tary of the Ubangi), Central Africa. 

Abanas, on the Japura, a tributary 
of the Amazon. 

Abanga, northwest (long. 28° E.) 
of the Albert Nyanza and south 
of the Niam-Niam tribe. Central 

Abangba, on the upper Welle, a 
tributary of the Ubangi, Central 

Abangouis, in Paraguay. 

Abanjia, on the upper Welle, a tribu- 
tary of the Ubangi, Central Africa. 

Abantu. See Bantu. 

Abarambo. See Abarmbo., south of the Welle, a 
tributary of the Ubangi, Central 
Africa. Also written Aba- 

Abasekunene, a subdivision of the 

Abasembotweni, a subdivision of the 

Abashwawa, a subdivision of the 

Circassians ^ — j^o 

Bantu ^M^^o 
Abarmbo ^^Sq 

^o Abarambo > =e§;^o 
Amafingo /> —^o 

Amafingo •> — ;^o 

Amafingo y —Mo 


Abatembu. See Aiu:iteiiil)ii. 
Abator, :i vision of ilie Siiiuo- 

Abatua. See Bushmen. 

Abatwa. See Bushmen. 

Abaya, soutli of the Bomokandi, an 
upper branch of the Welle (a 
tributary of the Ubangi), Central 

Abbakah, a subilivision of the Mittu. 

Abbitibbe, souih of James Bay, 
< anada. 

Abeica, on the Tombigbee River, 
western Alabama, U. S. A. (in 

Abeliforo, south of tlie Bomokandi, 
an upper branch of the Welle (a 
tributary of the Ubangi), Ceutral 

Abenaki. See Abnaki. 

Abenaqui. See Abnaki. 

Abieiba, in Panama. 

Abijiras. See Avijeras. 

Abil, an extinct tribe in Ara- 

Abipones, on tlie Rio Vermejo, nor- 
thern Argentina. In the 17th 
century their liomes were on the 
northern shore of the Vermejo, but 
tiiey removed to avoid the wars 
carried on by tlie Spaniards of 
Salta against the Indians of the 
Gran Chaco, and settled in valleys 
farther to tlie south. Also called 
Callagaes. ^''■'^ 

Abiras. See -Vvijeras. 

Abisanga, south of the Bomokandi, 
an iijjper branch of the Welle (a 

Amatembu ^ jl a „ 
Samoyedes / —Mo 

Bushmen ^ ^ a o 
Bushmen ^jL^o 

Mittu ^ — i^o 

^ -y 1 fDj ^ ^»^c) ^xi^^-)- >^ 

Abnaki ^^Sq 
Abnaki ^^^^ 

Avijeras ^^So 

[I 1 Muf-ii^' 't-=ty„ Hi- 
-b iftlE - >^ jltM ^ 4t^ - tt ^ 

-igi'bif I -f V =t M -k V 
Avijeras 5^^^o 


tributary of the Ubangi), Central 
Africa. Also v?ritten Abissanga. 

Abissanga. See Abisanga. 

Abitegas, m central Peru. 

Abkhasians, in tlie western part of 
tlie Caucasus. 

Abnaki, originally in Maine and New 
Hampshire, U. S. A. ; now on the 
south bank of the St. Lawrence 
and in Xova Scotia of Canada ; 
means " eastern people." Also writ- 
ten Abenaki, Abenaqui. 

Abo, in the western part (?) of 
Kamerun, "West Africa. 

Abombo, east of the upper Ogo- 
wai, West Africa. Also written 

Abongo. See Obongo. 

Abor, on the frontiers of Tibet and 
northeastern Assam, India; means 
" barbarous " or " independent," 
and this is applied indefinitely to 
the hill tribes of the district by 
the Assamese. They call them- 
selves Hrasso or Padam, and are 
called Slo by their Tibetan neigh- 
bours. (-*) 

Abs, a subdivision of the Pedonia 
iu !North ^Vfrica ; the singular form, 

Absaroka. Ste Crows. 

Absentee, in tlie Indian Territory, 
U. S. A. 

Abuchetas, in tlie Gran Chaco, South 

Abui, a subdivision of the Mege. 

Abukaya, north of the Kibali, an 
upper branch of the "Welle (a tri- 

"^ J o Abissanga > =c |J- 7. ^ 
Abisanga ^^3o 

hJi^U ^ 1 ^if^l ^^ ^^ 'i ^"^^ 

^S;f6'fj;r:V^ i b\ "t : 

^ AS J y / ^i") o Abenaki 
Tig >N Abenaqui > =e « ;'. o 

Obombo > =G j|-;7.Q 
Obongo =)-%^o 
*{J-1^) MPi^^^^i^:'-'^ 

Absi 1< 5 7 o 
Crows 5'- M. 3 o 


Mege y — ]^o 


binary of tlie Ubangii, Central 
Abulons, in the mountainous regions 
o( ZambaleP, Luzin, Philippine 
Abunda, in Angola, Portuguese West 

Abung. See Orang Abung. 
Abu-Rof, on the bank of the lower 

course of the P»lue Xile, Egypt. 
Abu-Sarib, in Darfur, Africa. 
Abuyo, a subdivision of the Dinka. 
Abwoin. See Dakota. 
Abyssinians, in Abyssinia. 
Acaways, on the Demerara River, 

Erili^ii (iuiana. South America. 
Acaxees, in Durango, Mexico; now- 
extinct ? 
Accad. See Akkadians. 
Accadians. See Akkadians. 
Accawais. Same as Acaways. 
Accohanoc, in Maryhmd, V. S. A ; 
now extinct. Also written -Vc- 
Accomack. See Accohanoc. 
Accowoios. See Akavais. 
Accras, on the GoM Coa-t, West 

Achaeans, an ancient people of soutii- 

ern (Jrcece. 
Achaguas, on the Muco, an uiper 
branch of the Orinoco, South Ame- 
Achango, in French Congo. 
Achasta. See llumsen. 
Achawa. SameasAjawa. SeeWaiyau. 
Achenese. See Achimso. 


Orang Abung ^^3o 

Dinka ^ -Mo 
Dakota i- ^^ o 

Akkadians ^^Sq 
Akkadians ^^^o 
Acaways — Ik] i?o 

^; o Accomack 1> li JJ^ :^- o 
Accohanoc ^JL^o 
Akavais ^JLso 

if^ ^j */; ij i*' /> ia vj O : ii>J ^ -hjrlt 

l\um^en ^^^o 

Ajawa -f^I v'o Wa'vau ^ IL -' o 

.Vchiuesc "/Jl^o 



Achera, :i siibilivision of the W;t- 

Achinese, in the northwestemi part 

of Siimatrii ; oalleil also Atyeh. 

Al~o written Adiencse or Atcliin. 
Achis, in eastern (Guatemala; now 

Achoarys, on tlie Jnrua, a tributary 

of the upper Amazon. 
Acholi, on the liead-waters of the 

Nile, northe:ist of the Albert 

Achomawi, a subdivision of the 

l*alaik; nuw nearly extinct. 
Achuales, a subdivision of the 

Jivai'os ; so called from their food 

being the fruit of the achual palm. 
Acocesaw, west of the Colorado 

Eiver, Texas, U. S. A. 

Acolhuans. See Tezcucans. 

Acoma, in New Mexico, U. S. 

Acroas, near tlie Tocantins River, 

Adaes, in Louisiana, L'. S. A.; derived 

fi"om a Caddo word hadal signify- 
ing " brush-wood." Also written 
Adaize, Adees, Atai. 

Adaize. See Adaej,. 

Adal. See Danakil. 

Adampe, on the Slave Coast, West 

Adanes, in Ilocos Norte, north- 
western Luzon, Philippine Islands. 
Also written Adung, Adangino, 
Adangta, Adanite, etc. 

Wakikiiyu J —Mo 

% =• {t ^. 'V =e y - -v r ^j ^ X 
st ^^ ^Do ti /^ 1- =tiMir 7 -l-o 

U^^hn^ yV^M -■ -:^ ^ '^H =t h 

- ^" r tt ^- >i^ '^ ^ , 
Palaik y -Mo ^^^5^J> V la 

Jivaros / -J^o'^^ ^ M^^ ^r'i) 

:^ )U a V£/r ^ ->^ ^ -V ^ V ^ Vo 

Tezcucans ^ JL =3 o 


V ?/=£ /* ± 1) o Adaize. Adecs. 
Atai h^#;7,o 
Adaes =?-^ao 
Danakil ^^ao 

?g 4b ^5 ^- '^ V ^ I : I f 
CO \ z\ \ ^'jj =■ m ^^ 'i^"^ 

y o Adang. Adangino. Adang- 
ta. Adanite ^ ]<'=&# ^o 


Adang. See Adanes. 

Adangino. See Adancs. 

Adangta. See Adanes. 

Adanite. See Adanes. 

Adansi, on the Gold Const, AVesl 

Addle-Head. See Menonieni. 

Adees. See Adaes. 

Aderbaijani, in the Caucasus. 

Adighe. See Circas,sians. 

Adirondac, in the state of New 
York, U. S. A.; so called by 
ihe Iroquois, meaning " lie eats 

Adit, on the Kapuas lliver in the 
western part of Dutch Borneo. 

Adite, an extinct tribe in Ara- 

Adiyah, in the island of Fernando 
Po in the Bight of Biafra, "West 
Africa. Also written Ediya. 

Adoles, on the Orinoco, South Ame- 
rica ; destroyed by the Caribs in 

Adorias, on the Japura, a tributary 
of the Amazon. 

Aduma, on the Ogowai Kiver, West 

Acta, aboriginal tribes living scattered 
among the Malay population in 
various parts of Luzon, Alabat, 
Corregidor, Tablas, Panay, Negros, 
Cebu, northeastern Mindanao, and 
Palawan of the Philippines. The 
term is derived from the Tagalog 
adjective i(a, ilim, Malay itavi, 
Bicol ytov\, " black." Their name 
is written in various froms : Agta, 

Adanes ^^^o 

Adanes ^ E ^ o 

Adanes ^ JL a o 

Adanes 5^ M. a o 

Menomeni ^^Jq 
Adaes ^ ^ a o 

Circassians ^ ^ "=i o 

^ (t 7. ,1. =Q y „ ilt fS If >. t . 

(^«) ={£ ^. 'i-=t/o Ediya 

■fe -V =t y :h ,t- :lj-^A WA-h29 

7 u ^ ij o 

lla ^-» iVi'/u I g^^ *'«"* 

^^ -i/r- '^j W55:f-;Jo 
Agta. Aheta. Aigta. Aita. 
Ajeta. Ala. Ate. Atta. Eta 



Alietti, Aigta, Aita, Ajeta, Ata, Ate, 

Atta, Eta, Inagta, Ita, etc. They 

were also called Negrillos by the old 

Spaniards. They are named Negritos 

collectively with the Andaniauese, 

Seinang etc.; sometimes the name 

is confined to tlicm only. <-^^ (^o) 
Afar. See Danakil. 
Afer. f"ee Dmakil. 
Aferkenen. See Farkana. 
Affi. See Akka. 
Afghans, in the greater part of 

Afghanistan ; called :'.l?;o Pathans 

by the Hindus. 
AfiflR, west of the Albert Nyanza, 

Central Africa. 
Aflao, on the Slave Coast, West 

Afridis, on the southern slope of 

the Sufed Koh Eange, northwestern 

,Afshar, in the northwestern province 

of Persia. 
Afudu, on the upper Benue, an 

affluent of the Niger, Africa. 
Agaces, in Paraguay. 
Agachiko, a subdivision of the Wa- 

Agapicas, a subdivision of the Jivaros. 
Agar, west of the middle Bahr-el- 

Jebel, the upper part of the Nile, 

and east of tlie Bongo and Mittu 

Agararis, on the bank of the Rio 

Branco, a tributary of the llio 

Negro, Brazil. 
Agathigia, a subdivision of the Wa- 


Inagta. Ita ^fl*:^)i/^^^ 

^-r 1-fgfe .j„ JltJ^>^^)^?:• 
^=-&m^yT\i I <'ij t I 1- 

Danakil 5*- ^ a o 
Danakil ^\R.3o 
Farkana ^ ^ a o 
Akka ^M.3o 

pi^uj i> ij t>' ^ witm^ ^ (If ^' 
If f) Cfc^v 

Wakikuyu y> — j^o 
Jivaros J —Mo 

PH M 1^ / jIC::^ :;{£;'. ,1/ =g y „ 
-5> b ^ ;s ^ ij i.- n <*^ I ^ i 


Wakikuyu J -^Mo 


Agau, in western Abyssinia; also SjZ^] ^JO' Ll- ^J -^ 25nt> — 

Agow. tt ^' ;l/ =ii /* o Agow > =E i} 7. o 

Agaumeder, in (iontlu- district, ^CA' LI-*) ^ C'^/:*3i^6;;5- tt 

Abyssinia. 7. \V =i^ J ^ 

Agawam, on the ooast of Mas- *j i^ ij *'^ ^ l^s; ? ti ti 1 i^-p 

saclmsctts, U. S. A.; now O ;>1'I y t^f^ = ti: "^ -V =t /> o ^ 

extinct. ^>§g}l£-fe 'J o 

Agbosomi, on the Slave Coast, West MMfl»?:)^^'J D'^W^WM^-^^- 

Africa. ;i/ =t /> „ 

Aggomiut, in jS^orth Devon and (t^^v^ ?> /v^ i' ^ ^bn1> ^ 'I'^b 

Kllesmere Land in tlie northern TS'ji^ ^ t* ^ |T-"T ^ fc ' 

part of Eaflin Land. b ^ t' - tt ^' 'i' "^ ^ o 

Aglegmute, on the shore of Bristol ?j b'f *'^ Sl^nP' 'i'-^^ 'J "f i 

Bay in southwestern Alaska. X^-^yS^o 

Agni, on the Ivory Coast, West ?S^?j.5^ ij i' /' ^:9^?i^ - ft^. 

Africa. ;!/ =C ^ <, 

Agona, on the Gold Coast, West 0^5*3^^ ij ;i'/* :^?^^-{t-- 7, ,1^ 

Africa. =t >> o 

Agot, a snbdivision of the Janghe3\ Janghey ^ — JMo 

Agotine, on the Slave Coast, West n%h:^^^) i>W%^M^~{t^ 

Africa. it/ =E 7 „ 

Agow. See Agau. Agau "^^^o 

Agoya, in tlie Gran Chaco, Soutli V^h^h^) tt' ^ ^ h Aj tj 5, - • 

America. ifi^'o 

Agramoiset. See Aununoiset. AuramoLset ^X.^'o 

Agta. See Acta. Acta ^^^o 

Aguanas, on tlie Maranon, northern -^h I '^ ^b ■*!> ^' '^ ^ Ibl'js' Aj 

I'ern. MBta 

Aguaricos, on tlie Napo, a tributary *j ^ xVv.M Jl r)iL /* ^ Viii ^ 'i^^i 

111 the upper Amazon. (l* 1 M/t^o 

Aguarumas, on the Maranon, north- ^h I z' 4b nK ^ '^ J: bl-Ji ' ^ 

ern Peru. jwJiUfo 

Aguas. See Omagnas. Omaguas f%,3^ 

Aguatecas, in Guatemala. Cj>'C i ho 

Aguayras, on the Kio Negro, north- Z^h H^ -^ At%^ 1'^ ^] iJ <'K' 

ern Brazil. h 1 y iS^o 

Aguilotes, in the (n-an Chaco, South [^ iifj *() ij iV C ?> -^ ^i I I 

Aiiurica. it&^io 



Agul, in the Cauca^is. 

Agutainos, in tlie island of Agutaya 
in tlie Cuyos Archipelago lying 
between Panay and Plawan of the 
Philippine Islands. 

Ahahaway. See Mattasoon. 

Ahantas, on the Gold Coast, "West 

Ahantchuyuk, in nnrtinvcstern Ore- 
gon, U. S. A. 

Ah-ch'eng, in southeastern Ynn-nan, 

Ah-chia, in southeastern Yun-nan, 

Aheta, See Aiita. 

Ah-k'a, in the southern part of Yun- 
nan, China. 

Ahkhanar, in Mongolia. 

Ah-ko, in southeastern Yun-nan, 

Ahl Morrah, in southeastern Arabia; 
about lat. 23° N., long. 50° E. 

Ahmadzai, a subdivision of the 

Ahnahaway, on the upper Missouri, 
U. S. A.; called also Black 

Ahom, in tlie northeastern part of 
Assam, India ; called also As- 

Ahome, in Sinaloa, Mexico. 

Ahowsaht, a subdivision of the Alit. 

Ahrendahronon, north of Lake On- 
tario, U. S. A.; absorbed by the 
Iroquois in 1649. 

Ah-shen, in southeastern Yun-nan, 

: 1 i'STo 
Mattasoon 9 Mj'"^ o 

Acta ^^ao 

Ushtarana •> — J^o 

Jl flt£ - ffi ^. '^ =B ^ o Black 
Shoes 1> =eig^r< ,Uo 

Aht ^-Mo 

:>- /v=a V;^ V-;- V o 



Ah-shi, in soiitlieastern Yiin-n.iii, 

Aht, on tlie wes^tern coast of Van- 
couver Island, Brilisli Columbia. 

Ahtena, on the Copper Kiver, Alas- 
ka. They are to be distinguished 
from the Atnali. Also written 

Ah-tu, in southcitstern Yiin-nan, 

Ahualuico, in southern Mexico. 

Ahuishiris, a subdivision of the 

Ahwaste, on Sun Francisco Bay, 
California, U. S. A. 

Ahyato. See Arapaho. 

Aiawong, on the western coast of 

"Western Australia. 
Albino, in Sinaloa and Sonora, 

western Mexico. 
Aichakamuyu, a subdivision of the 

Aicores, a subdivision of tlie Iquitos. 
Aienai, a subdivision of the Caddo; 

also loni. 
Aigta. See Acta. 
Aimak. See Aymak. 
Aino. See Ainu. 
Ainu, in Hokkaido of Japan and the 

southern part of Saghalien Island; 

means " man " in their language. 

Also written .Vino. 
Aisuaris, on tiie Marafion, northern 

Aita. See .Vi-ta. 
Aithekahuno, a sulidivision of the 


^nm m ^ iii i^si; ^ itf k ^ -> ^^ 

^ 7. ,1/ ={■ ^ h >> S| V 1) o Atna 
Zaparos J —Mo 
Arapaho ^M^^o 

7. (W =t >> o 

"Wakikuyu ? —^o 

Iquitos ? —Mo 

Caddo ^ —Mo I'^"' b ^ ffi -fe 

Aeta ^JLao 
Aymak ^ H. a o 
Ainu =^ ^3 o 

^J - tt ;', rt/ =0 / o ifc^ ^^±M 
-^ ^Aj 1- ^^^ Voftv^^:> 

Acta ?-|Luo 
"Wakikuyu ^ — ;^o 



Aivillirmiut, on the Wager Eiver and 
Repulse Eay of the continent op- 
posite Southampton Island at the 
entrance of Hudson Bay, Nortli 

Aja, "'1 tlie Slave Coast, "West 

Ajak, a subdivision of tlie Dinka. 

Ajawa. See Waiyau. 

Aj Dervisch, a subdivision of tlie 

Ajeta. See Aeta. 

Aji, in Somaliland, Africa. 

Aka, on the boundary of eastern 
Bliutan and nortlierii Assam, India ; 
call themselves Ilrusso. Also writ- 
ten Arka. 

Aka-Balawa, a subdivision of the 
Audamanese (llavelock, and Henry 
Lawrence Ishand.) 

Aka-Bojig-Yab, a subdivision of the 
Andamanese (Middle Andaman). 

Aka-Chariar, a subdivision of the 
Andamanese (North Andaman). 

Akahle, on the upper AVelle, a tri- 
butary of the rbangi, Central 
Aka-Jarc, a subdivision of the An- 
damanese (North Andaman). 
Aka-Kede, a subdivision of the An- 
damanese (Middle Andaman"). 
Aka-Kol, a subdivision of the An- 
damanese (Middle Andaman). 
Akamba. See Wakamba. 
Akattu Charna Nayar, a subdivision 

of the Nayar. 
Akavais, in the southern part of 

Dinka ^ ~-Mo 
Waiyan ^ ji a o 
Goklen / —j^o 

Aula ^^So 

Andamanese ^ —M (l^ 'J -X-ho 

(/5^t*'s^vJ I ^ ) n^"f 

Andamanese ^ —% (y^hLVl 
Andamanese ? —"^B^ i^h k>ii 

Andamanese J —^ {^hLH 

i^^-'(t^. '^)o 
Andamanese ; —%. {^hL'ii 

Andamanese ^ —%. {y^hLV^ 

"Wakamba 9 ^^ o 
Nayar /• — ^1o 



British Guiana, ^uiitli America; also 

Aka-Yerewa, a collective name for 
tlie Aka-Ciiariar, Aka-Jaro, and 

Akbail. See Kabyle. 

Akbet, a subdivision of the Usbegs. 

Akeshemaden, a subdivision of the 

Akha, in the southern part of Burma, 

Akikuyu. See Wakikuyu- 

Akim, on tl.e Gold Coast, West 

Akioko. See Kioko. 

Akka, in south-western Yuu-nan, 

Akka, south of the Bomokandi, 
an upper branch of the Welle 
(a tributary of the Ubangi), and 
south of the Monbuttu tribe 
living northwest of the Albert 
Nyanza, Central Africa ; so 
called by the Monbutlu tribe. 
According to Dr. Schweinfurth 
and Major Casati, they call 
themselves Efe, and are called 
Tikkitikki by the Niam-Xiani, 
Voslni by the Momfu, Afli by the 
Mabode, and Mabongo by other 
tribes. <-») (io«) 

Akkad. Sec Akkadians. 

Akkadians, an ancient Mongolic tribe 
of Babylonia in ancient geography ; 
also written Accad, Accadians, or 

Akkha, ui the Aleutian Islands of 
Alaska e.Tcept the lionie of the 

^j - tt 7; ;i/ =u /> o Accowoios 

Aka-Chariar. Aka-.Taro J^f 
Aka-Kede ^ BM f «?• "/ ia.M 

Kabyle ^jLa,, 
Usbegs ^~Mo 
Imgliad ? — J^o 

AVakikuyu ^JL^o 

Kioko ^ ^ a o 

■mm^t ^ n W]^ =■ (t-: ^. 'f ^■■ 

-yr to ^^3-?. It* I i l:?D^ 

1 oo I mm^Wj=--'^^i^ 

■o I UB '=> V ^, '^ 7 ,Vo K < 

a V >^ 'Si6 I Lt-J) 1 > ^ ii' I 
-C-ifiJ^a ^) ^-i^o^^'.^y-Xsl 
'flil>^fiJ^3 V ^-kVi^V 1 b 

Akkadians ^ ^ a o 

Accad. Accad iansX.»-« Akkad 
^ ^ ;l/ f) f) -f * V ?3 IJ ID I t 



Unalabkans; also Atkba. See also 

Akkoa. See Obougo. 
Akoa. Same as Akkoa. See Obongo. 
Akoklako, on tbe upper Columbia, 

U. S. A ; called also Lower Koo- 
Akozai-Yusufzai, on both banks of 

the Swat, a tributary of the Indus, 

Akra, on the Gold Coast, West 

Africa; called also Ga or 

Akramoiset. See Auramoiset. 
Akua. Same as Akkoa. See Obongo. 
Akuas. Same as Charentes. 
Akudnirmiut, on Home Bay on the 

eastern coast of Baffin Land. 
Akuliarmiut, on North Blufl" on the 

soutliern coast of Baffin Land. 
Akuma. See Bongo. 
Akunga, between the Ubangi and the 

Grinbingi (one of the principal 

branches of the Shari), Central 

Akurakura, in Old Calabar, a native 

state, east of the lower Niger, 

Akwa. Same as Akkoa. See Obongo. 
Akwamu, on the Gold Coast, West 

Akwapim, on the Gold Coast, West 

Ala. See AVambugu. 
Alabonas, a subdivision of the 

Alaguetes, on the western coast of 
Luzon, Philippine Islands. 

Obongo 9- M. 3 o 

Akkoa - \o\ -J^o Obongo ^ H a o 

J IM. - {t ^< 'i' =^ ^ o Lower 
Kootenai > =e^-fe 7 ;Vo 

=t y o Ga ^ ^> Inkra 1< =e M 

■fe 7 ;Vo 
Auramoiset 9 ^^ o 
Akkoa - rI -:7o Obongo ^ M. ^ o 
Charentes — [^] -J^o 

Bongo ^^ao 

Ak koa = I^ i? o Ol^on go ?■ ^ -J o 

Wambugu ^ ^ a o 
Yameos ^ — j^o 



Alaguilac, in Guateiuahi. 
Alakalufs. See Alikulufs. 
Alamanni. See Alemanni. 
Alangulo. See AVaboni. 
Alani, an ancient people, who dwelt 
originally in the Caucasus; about 
;;7-3 A.D., they defeated the East 
Gotlis with the Huny, and after- 
wards invaded Gaul and Spain, 
but they were defeated by the 
"West Goths abouf.418. Also written 
Alans. See Alani. 
Alarsk, near Lake Baikal, Siberia. 
Alascha, a subdivision of the Sarik. 
Alazapa, south of the lower Rio 

Grande, Mexico. 
Albanians, in Albania (a region in 
the western part of European Tur- 
key) and southern Italy (Basilicata, 
Calabria, and Sicily); the term 
means " highlanders," being derived 
from the root alb, alp, " height," 
'• hill." They call themselves Shki- 
petari meaning " mountaineers," and 
are named Arnaut by the Turks. 
Alege, near the mouth of tlie Xiger, 

Alemanni, a German tribe, who 
occupied the southwestern part 
(Alsace and Baden) of Germany 
and Switzerland in the 3rd century. 
Also written Alamanni. 
Aleut, in tlie Aleutian Islands of 
Alaska; the name was given by 
the Russians; call themselves 
Unangan meaning " people." Also 
written Aleutians. 

Cs,'C i ho 
Alikulufs ^^Sq 
Alemanni ^^Sq 
Waboni 9-^3o 

-^u^) a Alans h =Ea:;'.o 
Alani ^JLao 
Sarik / — 55io 

*^ -> L : ^ ^J fc c h ^'C'T ife 

f filj h ^ ^) a » ^ V V ^ ^ 
1 h V £ 7 o 

-fe-y i:-i.^ofIJ^:f- 'Jo X Ala- 
manni > =t g^. o 

oy-'^/?) LfcA"=3 'J ig'^ V v^ 
Avny-rj^i^ 'ASj > ^a 

:>- V o Aleutians 1> ^;?J;'.o 



Aleutians. See Aleut. 

Alfure. See Alfuru. 

Alfuro. See Alfuru. 

Alfuru, :i name given by the Malays 
indifferently to all rude non-Moham- 
medan peoples in northern Celebes, 
j\[olucca Islands, Mindanao, and 
the adjacent islands ; means "wild" 
or " uncivilized." Also written 
Alfure or Alfuro. 

Algeden, in northern Abyssinia. 

Algic. See Algonquin. 

Algique. See Algonquhi. 

Algonkin. See Algonquin. 

Algonquian, a collective name for 
many tribes inhabiting North 
America from Labrador on the east 
to the Rocky Mountains on the 
west, and from Hudson Bay on the 
north to jSTorth Carolina, U. S. A. 
on the south; of which the chief 
ones are Abnaki, Algonquin, Ara- 
paho, Blackfeet, Chippewa, Cree, 
Delaware, Menomeni, Mikmak, 
Nascapee, Ottawa, and Shawnee, etc. 
The form Algonquin is also used. 
Compare Algonquin. (^">) 

Algonquin, in Quebec and Ontario of 
Canada; the term is contracted 
from Algomequin, an Algonquin 
word signifying " those on the other 
side of the river," i. e., the St. Law- 
rence River. They call themselves 
0-dush-quah-gumme, meaning "peo- 
ple at the end of the water " ; also 
written Algic, Algique (by the early 
French), Algonkin, Altenkin. The 

Aleut ^ ^ H o 
Alfuru ^Hao 
Alfuru ^%^o 

& ^ ISa^ - ft' 7' '^la^^ ^- '^ 

ru] <r Wi'ik - r 7 r ,vA^ ^ X 

-f )Vi ^ >il:>- Vo Alfure X 
^N Alfuro h * # ^" o 

Algonquin =f ^^ o 
Algonquin 9 ^^ o 
Algonquin 9 ^'=3 o 

t:2) a ^j m ^-^o^ 1 ^JM" 
^^. i^nio- < 'J 1 • L&i 

■f■■tf^^ ;?. I n^•f M^-fiii 

;='. /V ^3 o ^^ ^ A/fl?} Algome- 
quin 3 IJ #|^-fe 7 1^^ )V =t y 
:»- IJn jltSMS 7^-I}f >T"fe 1 

o' 1 Lw.<5><' i^ )^ >^7 ;§: 

>>:§:'*:>■ iJ o Algic. Algique 
(^B^.5>f> ^■f A3 ^J)- Al- 
gonkin. Altenkin > =E#^. o 



term is suuietiiiies iiseil llie same as 
Algonqiiian. ''■''*' 

Aliab, a subdivision of tlie Beja. 

Aliab, a subdivision of the Dinka. 

Aliab, a subdivision of the Jalln. 

Alibamah. See Alibamu. 

Aiibami. See Alibamu. 

Alibamo. See Alibamu. 

Alibamu, originally in Alabama, U. 
.S. A.; now in the Indian Territory 
and Texas, and some of them live 
near Alexandria, Louisiana. Also 
written Alibamah, Aiibami, Aliba- 

Aliches, in Louisiana, U. S. A. about 

Alieli, west of the middle Amu Daria, 
Kussian Central Asia. 

Ali-llahi. See Laks. 

Alikulufs, at the western end of the 
Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego; 
also Alakalufs. 

Allaiwal, south of Kohistan, a region 
in Central Asia. 

Allakaweah, on the Snake Eiver, 
Idaho, I^ S. A.; called also 

Allaua, in the Northern Territory 
vi' South Australia; about lat. 
17° S., long. 134° E., so called by 
tliemselves, and by tiieir neigh- 
bours. <^i''J 

Alloa, formerly, in southern Peru. 

Almahera, in the northern peninsula 
iif Gilolo, Molucca Islands. 

Aloma, in the soutjieastern part of 
New Guinea. 

it ll\B ^^ hJf - ^J ^j - /- -> ^J ^ 

Beja y -iMo 
Dinka /» -]^o 
Jalin y> — iHo 
Alibamu 5/- ^ a o 
Alibamu ^^Sq 
Alibamu ^'-^So 

•£=.=?• ;/; \t ^'o Alibamah. 
Aiibami. Alibamo y=C^7.o 

Laks ^^^o 

* 1 < I ^ ] ^ -Of. 

'C o -'.^;t I r I ^ G^^' I <* h 

ft*6ij i"g-^lSlft^^/:li 1 :H'U 

-rn 1 < 'J 5 5, 1 /is^- 

t£ 7. ,1/ =t /> o Pauch 1> =c fS -fe 
7 ;i--o 

I o 1 ^ 'C'J t 'J I (rftm^l 
-t--t;£*vHffH+r9!£) -it^- 'l'^ 

^aj'<^l ^mS-'(l£-k-:^=^^o 
t I b-pii'sfi-S^ C I -^ 1 /?) I 



Alsea, on the Alseyu Kiver, western 

Oregon, U. S. A. 
Altabanes. See Altasanes. 
Altahmo, formerly on San Fran- 
cisco Bay, California, U. S. 
Altasanes, in the northwestern 

part of Nueva Vizcaya, Lnzon, 

Philippine Islands; also written 
Altchin, a subdivision of the Usbegs. 
Altenkin. See Algonquin. 
AIulu. See Aluru. 
Aluo. See Aluru. 
Aluri. See Alum. 
Aluru, on the northwestern shore of 

the Albert Xyanza, Central Africa; 

also Alulu, Aluo, Aluri. 
Alzana, on the Ogowai Eiver, West 

Amabaca, on tlie western frontier of 

Amabele, a subdivision of the Ainafingo. 
Amadi, on the upper Welle (about 

long. 27° E.), a tributary of the 

Ubangi, Central Africa. 
Amafingo, north of the Great Fish 

Kiver, Cape Colony ; so called by 

the Amazulu, meaning "vagabonds." 

Also written Fingo. 
Amagcaleka, a subdivision of the 

Amaxosa ; called also Galeka. 
Amaguages, near the Caqueta, an 

upper branch of the Japura, Co- 
Amahlubi, a subdivision of the Ama- 


Altasanes ^.^Sq 

^®4b^lJ-flf ^. '^ =£^0 Al- 
tabanes l> =e-g;'.o 

Usbegs J -:^„ 

Algonquin ^-^a^ 

Aluru ^M.3o 

Aluru -i-%-^0 

Aluru ^^3o 

Alulu. Aluo. Aluri > =e*;7.g 

Amafingo / —Mo 

Amaxosa J —%o Galeka > ^ 
Amafingo /> —Bio 



Amajuacas, on llie Ucayali, an iijiper 

branch of the Amazon. 
Amakhosa. See Amaxosa. 
Amakosa. See Amaxosa. 
Amakuze, a sulxlivision of ilie Ania- 

Amaiek, an extinct tribe in Ara- 
Amalekites, an ancient tribe wlio 

dwelt in tlie country southwest of 

the Dead Sea. 
Amamatis, between the Purus and 

the Madeira, tributaries of the 

Amamis. See Uamanis. 
Amandhlambe, a subdivisii n of tlie 

Amangale, snith of the Bomokandi, 

an upper Ijranch of the Welle (a 

tributary of the Ubangi), Central 

Amangqika, a subdivision of the 

AniaX'jsa; written also Gaika. 
Amangwana, near the Caledon, an 

upper branch of the Orenge River, 

South Africa. 
Amantozake, a subdivision of tlie 

Amantunzela, a subdivision of the 

Amaonas, a subdivision of the Yameos. 
Amapondo, in I'ondoland in the 

eastern part of Cape Col<niy; also 

written Pondo. 
Amar, nortli of I>ake Rudoll', British 

East Africa. 
Amarapas, in British Guiana, South 


Amaxosa ^ ^ a ^ 
Amaxosa ^M.^o 
Aniafingo ^ —Mo 

-fM> 5;T't^ br''J> ^n-\^ 

Uamanis =f %3 o 
Amaxosa ^ —Mo 

Amaxosa ^ — Mo Gaika > =£ 

Aniatingo ^ — Mo 
Amalingo ? — j^o 
Yameos y —Mo 

m ^ Ak.i3o 

;'. rt/ =E /* o 


Amarar, along tlic coast of llie Ked i:)J,-^) iJ' y' i' h ^ /^V^ '^ V ^b ^ 

!>ea from Suakin iiorlliward to Has- :h^'^i ' "f I'll =M '^^X?S -ffil 

llenaas; also Aiiiarrar. ^> '^?^^-{b"^- 'i^ "^^ '^ o 

Amarelidwani, a suudivisluu of tlie Amafingo y — J^o 


Amaribas, on the Rio Branco, a j; b C^ /* ^hnl*:^ '^ 'J iJ HC 

Iriliutary of the Kio Negro, north- ;L I ^ ^»ii ^ 'l^ 'J is" -j-b/v-- 

era J'.razil. : 1 ^ ift^o 

Amariscoggin, in New Ham- ^j i6 'J i'^^lH l-i^ ' It t>'-i- 

pshire, U. S. A.; now ex- L?,*-' fc;)'l'l -tt -^ ">' ^ ^ o ^ 

tinct. >^$gv€-t V o 

Amarizonas, on the Guaviare Kiver ^ <?> L'C/"''*J -^ ^iinT*^' '^ Cab ^'u^ I 

and its tributaries, eastern Colom- ^|l I M^li'^^-:^'(>ii- 1-t ^- '" 

bia. =t /* o 

Amarrar. vSee Amurar. Amarar ^ M. ^ o 

Amaswazi. See Swazl. Swazi ^^.^o 

Amatembu, in Tenilmland in the ^^'Cti'*^^' 1 l* I -^« 1/^ 

eastern part of Cape Colony; |1 1 ^ ^la^-)' i^'QV2^ ^ b/v 

also written Abatembu or if - {£ ^- '^ =e -^ o fclt'Ci' 

Tembu. -i^ 1 sSl '> 'C VS- 1 h =e 5 7 o 

Amatetyeni, a subdivision of the Amafingo ^ — ^o 


Amatghilelen, a subdivision of the Inighad ^ --Mo 


Amath, in the Tarai, a region in ^^^ i.V ;|l:n!»:'- /i-"f: ^ t 'iili::^" - 

northern India. {i ^< /i/ =c 7 o 

Amatonga, in Tongaland, south t)^iA^ij'" ifim^J-^^^} ^' '^ 

of I)ela-oa Bay, South Afri- X' b I' ^M ^' ^'^ -^' >^ ^ '^^'^' 

ca. h /-^ t'o 

Amaxosa, on the coast between the ^^ ^ •^ 1 ^ Ij 1 -i^ 1 

Bashee and Keiskamma rivers in ^\'~ ] /* Ml SK t -v It' L I i^ t' 

tlie eastern part of Cape Colony; IT 1 -f i}'V ^MM y' T^^ >^^^ 

also written Amakhosa, Amakosa, #-tt^. iv^c^o Amakhosa- 

I<^|iosa. Amakosa, Khosa > =6-* ^-o 

Amazirg, in Morocco; means "free" i ^o l -{t^ /i^ '^/'o JH: ^ ^^ 

or "independent" in the I'.erber -<o'<^l!!--r '"g|i:J-'Vj 

language. ^->^ "^iiwi-^J >'^^^''Jo 



Amazizi, a suUlivi-^ion ol" tlie Aiiui- 

Amazuazi. Same as Atnaswazi. See 

Amazulu, in Ziiltiland, Smitli Africa; 

also written Zulu. 

Ambakonio. See Wanika. 

Ambala, a subdivision of the Mege. 

Ambarandi, south of the Bomokandi, 
an ii|.pc'r brancli of tlie Welle fa 
tributary of the Ubangi), Central 

Amberbaki, on the northern coast of 
Dutcli New (iuinea. 

Am bios. Same as Babisa. 

Amboella, west of the upper Kwan- 
do River, Portuguese West Al'rica. 

Ambuas, on the Japura, a tributary 
i)f tiie .Vmazon. 

Ambures. See Botccudos. 

American Indians, Same as Indians. 

Americans. Same as Indians. The 
term is also used to denote the 
lieople of the United States cf 

Amhara, in southern Abyssinia. 

Amiaro, sduth of the Bomokandi, an 
upper branch of the Welle (a tribu- 
tary of the Ubangi), Central Africa. 

Amicway, in the island of Manitou- 
lin in Lake Huron, Xortii America; 
now extinct. 

Aminungo, in eastern Queensland. 

Amis, in tlie eastern plain <jf For- 
mosa between the Kiraikei and 
rinankei ; so called by themselves 
meaning " north." (''^''^ 

Amafmgo /> — J^Xo 

Amaswazi - fii] v-q Swazi ^ ^ 

AVanika ^ ^ a o 

Mege ^-Mo 

'|lS^UJ-^^J ;&v i^iipl (-3 It* 

Babisa =. I^ -jy^ 

Botocudos ^ ^ 3 o 

Indians — In] v'o 

Indians = [^ i^o ^^^f>^%h 

tf-t'i.^^ «^ i I'-o I ij ^a - ft 

Tig y V i^-I^m - Hi 'I' ^5f - If 
7^ i-^ =e y - -y r r)i A /' i 7 isnl 

-v^ ':jtj h y&:^- 'Jo 



Amitormiut, on the eastern coast of 

^[(^Iville Peninsula, Canada. 
Ammanius, near the mouth of the 

Toianthis, Brazil. 
Ammonites, an ancient Semitic tribe 
who lived east of the Jordan River. 
Amokubio, sontli of the Boraokandi, 
an upper branch of the Welle (a 
tributary of the Ubangi), Central 

Amorites, a powerful Canaanitish 
tribe who lived east of the Jordan 
River, Palestine. Their name is 
mentioned in the Old Testament, 
and said to be derived pro- 
bably from Hebrew amir signi- 
fying " monntain-top," or " moun- 

Amoruas, on the Yichada, an upper 
l)ranch of the Orinoco, Colombia. 

Amoshagh, the singular form of 

Amrab, a subdivi>ion of the Beja. 

Amulalaes, in the Gran Chaco, South^ 

Amusgo, in Guerrero, Mexico. 

Ana, on the Slave Coast, West Africa. 

Ana bolegi, a subdivision of the 
Sal or. 

Anadarco. See Nadaaku. 

Anadarko. See Nadaaku. 

Anajas, in Marajo Island at the 
mouths of the Amazon and the 
Para ; also Anajazes. 

Anajazes. See Anajas. 

Anamaris, on the Madeira, a tri- 
bntarv of the Amazon. 

ic"& It' ^t-r t: w ' ^ y Hah 1: /vy 


ilii^»^^^'J ibV •} ^nM {lit 

sit iV-^I^^) ID 1 m amir a 

y th T" -y =e >* ^- 7 > > 5 7 o 

: /:) va^'io ^ i.- 'J ^ : M ^ J:;S; 

Imoshagh :^ ;U:S y W-WlBBo 
Beja /-Mo 

Salor / -Mo 

Nadaakn ^ E ^^ o 
Nadaaku i- M.'^' o 

'^ i b t:' I ,fe - tt ^- '^ "^ ^ o 
Anajazes 1« =G ^ ^> o 
Anajas ^^ ^ a o 



Anamaropu, in the soutlKaslem part 
of New Guinea. 

Anambes, on the Tocaniins Eiver, 

Anampel. ?^ee Mii-iui. 

Ananais. See Ananas. 

Ananas, a subdivision of llie Uaupes. 

Ananas, on the Rio Negro and Rio 
lUanco, norlliern Brazil ; also Aana.s, 

Anasim, a subdivision of the LJedouins 
in North Africa; tlie singular 
form, Asmi. 

Anasitch, formerly, on the south side 
of Coos Bay, Oregon, U. S. A.; now 
on the Siletz reservation in the 
same state. 

Anaul, a subdivision of the Yukaghirs. 

Andamanese, in the Andaman Islands 
in the Bay of Bengal ; called 
also Mincopi. Tliey are some- 
times included under the name 
Negritos with the Acta and 
Seraang, etc 

Andaquies, in the southwestern part 
of dlombia. 

Andaste. Same as Conestoga. 

Andi, a subdivision of the Lesghians. 

Andijani, a subdivision of the Usbegs. 

Andiras, between the upper branches 
of tlie Madeira and the Tapajos, 
tiihutaries of the Amazon. 

Andoan, on tlie boundaries of Tibet 
and Sze-cliuan, China. 

Andoas, on the Maranon, Peru. 

Andoharano, in central Madagascar. 

Andoni, in tiie Oil River Country, 
^Vest Africa. 

Mu-ua ^^So 
Ananas ^ ^ a o 

Uaupes ^ ~%%o 

^ it&^ - {Jf P', >v =0 >► o Aanas. 
Ananais 1> =£^1*^, „ 

Asmi > 5 7 o 
Yukaghirs y "iXo 

^ - {\i y'. lU =f: J ~ i/ r- ^kj I 

O'^' I h =eff|-t 7 ;t-o iltJX'^Bl^ 

: h t'G^' h ^ W?i% - ft ^> 'V ^ 

^ o 

Conestoga — [^ v q 
Lesghians ? —^o 
Usbegs / —Mo 



Andorobo. See Wandorobbo. 

Andraivola. See Tifilierenana. 

Anetos, on tlie upper Xingn Eiver, 

Anfua, on the Slave Coast, "West 

Angaddu, on the upper Welle, a 
tributary of the Ubangi, Central 

Angaguedas, in Cauca, Colombia. 

Angami, a subdivision of the Xaga. 

Angari, a subdivision of the Waki- 

Angka, in the nortliern part of Assam, 

Angles, an early Teutonic tribe from 
tiie neighbourhood of the district 
now called Angeln in the province 
of Schleswig-Holstein, northern 
Germany who invaded Britain in 
the otii century. 

Anglo. See Anlo. 

Anglo-Saxon, a nation formed by 
the aggregation of the Angles, 
Saxons, and other Teutonic tribes 
who invaded Britain in early 

Angoni, west of Lake Nyassa, 

Angoy. See Kakongo. 

Angulu, near Lake Shirwa, southeast 
of Lake Nyassa, Africa ; called also 

Anguteras, on the Xapo, an upper 
branch of the Amazon. 

Anianas, on tlie Apoporis, a tribu- 
tary of the Japura, southeastern 

"Wandorobbo =j- ^3 ^ 
Tifilierenana =^ %'^ o 

j; ?) i: ;?) /> L I ^ <' ' M ^ ± 

^, )!/ =e / o 

Naga J — ;^o 
AVakikuyu / — JHo 

^^^^^i\:%i- <^ U'i^ ' "1" 

Anlo ^^3o 

Kakongo =f %-=3 c 

rt/=t y'o'^Valoloh ^Sl'fe y '^o 



Anibalis, on the Aiiire (:ui afHuciit 
of tlio Orinoco), western Vene- 

Anibas. ??te I'unlbas. 

Anicores, on the Kio Negro, a tri- 
butary of tlie Amazon ; now extinct, 
or nearly so. 

Anka Miri, in northern Assam, Imlia; 
so called by the Assamese from 
their liabit of tattooing their faces; 
call themselves Tenae. (-^) 

Anio, east of the lower Volta Eiver, 
AVest Africa; called also Anglo or 

Aniygmute, in Alaska. 

Annamese, on the eastern coasts of 

Anong. Same as Annng. See Lu-tze. 

Anoog. Same as Annng. See Lu-tze. 

An-ou Oomni. See Yukaghirs. 

An-shun Miao, in southwestern Kui- 
<-h:ui, ('liina. 

Anskowinl, a subdivision of the 

Antagaimas, in the southwestern part 
of ( "olomliia. 

Antaiva, on tiie eastern coasts of 
Madagascar ; also Anteva. 

Antanandro, in western Madagascar. 

Antankara, a subdivision of tiie 

Antarava. See Zatin Il)rahima. 

Antaray, on the southeastern coasts 
of Madagascar. 

Anteva. See Antaiva. 

Antipas, a subdivision of the .Jivaros. 

^: I H ' Mat (!;'■] O :?»!/' 

Uanibas ^^.^o 

3tMgi - AM ^"^ ^ ai^ T 'V 
a 1) ?:>-, 5 L* A - "=> 'J r ig ^r 

>rxn 1 vm^^<, 

H^fc -^ ij «• ^ 'Sis h 1: M Knit 
^ ^: :^" = ft 7. ;!/ =t >> o Anglo 

X^^ Aongla >=E^-fe7.i'o 

Annng =[51 v>o Lu-tze ^^^o 
Annng - |rJ v^o Lu-tze ^^a© 
Yukaghirs ^X-^o 

Cheyenne ^ -^^l^o 

=u y o Anteva h =tr1tXo 
Sakalava J -j^o 
Zatin Ibrahima ^JL^o 

3i /:' i^'-f ii'h^ Mirmi^ - (If ^ 

Antaiva ^^JL3o 
Jivaros / —J^o 



Antis. .See Campas. 

Anula, (111 the Mc Artluir Iliver, and 
north of the Binbinga tribe, Northern 
Territory of South Australia; so 
called by theuistdves, and by tlieir 
neighbours. ^^'^''^ 

Anung. See Lu-tze. 

Anyanja. See Anyasa. 

Anyasa, south of Lake Xyassa, Africa ; 
called also Anyanja. The words 
Anyasa and Anyanja are found in 
different languages meaning " river- 
and lake-people." ^'^^ 

Anzichi. See Anzique. 

Anzigue. See Anzique. 

Anzique, in the 16th century, a tribe 
appeared on the lower Congo, but 
at the present day they are found 
in the forests of tlie upper Congo 
region; also written Anzichi, or 
Anzique. (9^) (OO) 

Ao, a subdivision of the Naga. 

Aogez, on the lower Tocantins, 

Aongla. See Anlo. 

Aonik. See Onas. 

Apaches, in New jMexico and Ari- 
zona, U. S. A. 

Apalache, formerly, on Apalache 
Bay, Florida, U. S. A.; also 
written Apalacha, Apalachi, Ap- 

Apalais, on the Paru, a tributary of 
the lower Amazon. 

Apamas, on the Paru, a tributary of 
the lower Amazon. 

Campas 9- ^ J o 

*83l 1 e \Uh'\-r h ^ '] h 
^<D\ e I /^ -C ij i ij I :^ 
.1- ^ ;t*'i § I MHf- -yrB.^ 

Lu-tze ^^3o 
Anyasa 5^Mi3o 

;^. ,v=B^ o Anyanja 1- =t fi ^s 
7 }Vc, Anyasa ^f Anyanja 

S Pt4 — /$) •^- o 

Anzique ^ ^ ^ o 
Anzique ^^^o 

r 1 MTvfe =■ iH?E ^ -V -mm 

(I/q Anzichi. Anzique h ^^ 

Naga J ^%%o 

^^ f) L ^ ^ i 1 ;b'^ ^ ' /v.tM 

Anlo ^^So 
Onas ^ ^ a o 


/iSf^^it-fe-y^/o Apa- 

laclia. Apalaclii. Appalachee 

z I Mwto 



Apayaos, in llie northvvcstcni pail 

of Cagayan, ami the adjoining por- 
tions of Ilocos Norte and Abra, 

Luzon, Philippine Islands ; also 

written Apayos. (■') 
A pay OS. See Apayaos. 
Apenaris, on the Jntay, a tributary 

of the upper Amazon. 
Aperas, (in the lower Amazon. 
Aphya Kumi, i>n the Kaladan River, 

nortiiern .Vrakan, Burma. 
Apiacas, on the upper Tapajos, a 

tributary of the Amazon. 
Apinagez, on the lower Tocantins, 

Apingi, south of the Ogowai River, 

Wt-t Africa. 
Apollonians, o:i the Ivory Coast, 

West Africa ; called also Zemma. 
Aponarias, on the Rio Negro, an 

affluent of the Amazon; nearly 

Aponegi-crens, in the southern part 

of Maranliao, Brazil. 
Apono, south of the Ogowai River, 

West Africa. 
Appa, on the Slave Coast, West 

Appalachee. See Apalache. 
Appiacas, c>n the head-waters of the 

Tapajos, an affluent of the Amazon. 
Apurinas, on the upper Purus, a 

tributary of the Amazon. 
Aquaauchuque, about 1G.39, in 

New .Jersey, I . S. A.; now 


f |: Ti ,1/ =t /> o Apayos l> ^^ 
Apayaos f- ^ a o 

..j: b C 5 ^ t 1 *'/>.. ^ 1 A.'t-M 
^ Tf)^Lo 

ii\ r I -3 ;t 1 M ^ ^')io 
® ^ *) -5^ 'J i' ^ M%^ - f 1-: ^- <^ 

=C: ^o Zemma \- =6^-^ ^ '^o 
Kh\ ^ iS ^ = ti£ -fe -:' =£ ^ o 

i\b\ih ^ kh \'-i,kj)\\ ^i^i 

Apalache =)-%^o 


Aquamish, :i subdivision of tlie ILiel- llaeh/.uk ? -•]^a 

AraboyajuSjUsnbdivision of tl)eTupis. Tiipis ? —'^o 

Arabs, in Arabia, a part of Mesopo- ij^i< i)b(^'h- e^i^il't: 

tamia, and on the sliores of tlie Red ^Jj y -fH)- MM ^ ^^f^- '^ 

Sea, the eastern coast of the Per- Z LhW^ AVM^ 2k\^'i)J.^^) 

sian Gulf, and in tlie northern part ;&V ^h nB - fi ^' '^ =^ ^ o ilt 

of Africa; so called by themselves, ;g >> iM - ^-^r ^^ >- '^]f,\ 

probably meaning nothing more ^ &ij t ii^ ^ ^^ ^MJ'M ^ "^^ 7 

tliun "people of the plains." ^'"'^J >o 

Araguagus, on the Paru, a tributary ?j i -c /%> M T "?)it '^ i »it ^ '^ it 

of the lower Amazon. i I 'Ml^o 

Araicus, on the Jutay, a tributary Si l x /^foj ± \^ ^ ^ «it ^ '^ 

of the upper Amazon. (j^i^ 1 'C I M^o 

Aral Maioh, a subdivision of the Maloli Dyak y' —Mo 
Maloli Dyak. 

Arakanese. Same as Kakhaingtha. Pakhaingtha - [ol v'o 

Arameeans, an ancient tribe who ^G^iv^ |J"|l"f ■/■: i^/O 

lived in the northeastern part of /* J^l^hnlJ - it" "^ v'^flSMo 

Araonas. See Cavinas. Cavinas i-^s^ 

Arapaho, on the head-waters of the cbG(^d 1 t)>^^] i"B^t^ 

Platte and Arkansas rivers, U.S.A.; ^ S^boh^^' ^^ X)•^ 2 1" 

said to sig„ify ".a.tooea people." f^ /. P^^^V^:^^,f ; 

They call themselves Infina-ina, Mi' ^^ h i5 7 o fi ^ ■>^^f > t^" 

meaning "our people" or "people ^^iOU^^U Y^^-^^ '"?itl^ 

of our kind." They are called also ^ ^\'^'^ ^^Kf^^/ ^i \ 

Ahyato (Kiowa name), Arapakata (i'w^ii 1 -bit); $i^iti)'1: 

(Crow name), Detsekayaa (Caddo ( < <?> I IS-)- *' U ^<C li^"'? < 

name meaning "dog eaters"), Ili- (^-p^^lS)- ? 1- 1? *>' (IJ 1 

taniwoiv (Cheyenne name meaning '" ' ^^' ^ H 1i a)' (> l^^ 

"cloud men"), Ivaninaiioic (Chip- -r i":^ ^ ife 7 ;S-j h /> II T «.> I 

pewa name), ^Vlaqpiato (Dakota li I |: =g - t^ =e /J^^ |b) B- :)- i) ) 

name meaning "blue cloud"), "C'^^.^'^P » (»'' t' ' I& - 

Sanitika (Pawnee name), Saretika ^ - '^ ^ ■^ 7 '^ "^ ^" "^ ^-'n ^^ -' 

(Comanche and Shoshoni name f«^*x"'' w^)'.^^? ^- ^ 

meaning "dog eaters"), and Sare- ^, (/:* ^ 1 f:slf = r ""ffSj 

tika (Witchita name). <*') 1> /> 3S) h^illfrC/Vo 



Arapakata. See Arapalio. 

Arapassos, ;i sulalivisimi of tlie 

Araquizes, on tlie Kio Negro, an 
atUiieJit of the Amazon. 

Araras, on the lower Madeira, aiul 
l)et\veen lliat river and the Tapajos, 

Arauas, on tlie Junui, a triliutary of 
the Amazon. 

Araucanians, in southern Chile; said 
to he derived from a verb in their 
language, aucani, " to be wild," 
" indomitable." They are gene- 
rally known by the name of Arau- 
can to the Spaniards, meaning 
" rebels." They call themselves 
Moluche, meaning " warrior-people," 
the affix che in their language 
denoting " people."' Also called 
Aucas (Kechua name meaning 
"rebels"), Chilidugu. (5) Ci^) 

Araucanos. Same as Araucanians. 

Aravipai, in Arizona, U. S. A. 

Arawa, in North Island of New 

Arawaks, in British (^haana, South 

Ainerica ; means " meal-eaters "; call 
themselves Lokono meaning " peo- 
ple." Also written Arrawacs, Ar- 
ru agues, Arwakas, 

Araycus. See Uaraycus. 

Ar-chang, in t!ie western part of 
Yun-nan, Cliina. 

Arecunas, in eastern Venezuela. 

Arekainas, on the Kio Negro, an 
aflluent of the Amazon. 

Arai>ah«' ^^Sq 
I'anpes ^ —j^o 

i'-fRlMh-f:lfTfci tMV ^ 
^iy'BM aucani ('il^^' 'J j 

-V -5^ (che) ^-pijyfs^n- -yr 
Araucanians — I^J v^o 

r-ii,! CI f) ^ t;' z' o I f 
5iM-yi ^j^i-ll-:^. 'i^=t^o 

ilt«^- ^*7^^:&7;Sjh ^^i- 

Arrawa(;s. Arruagues. Arwa- 
kas b =t # ^« o 
Uaraycus ^ ^ a o 

%m% \^i ^i§^i; ^ (t fi - -y r m 



Arfak, on ihc we.sleni coiist o( ilie 

Geelvink Bay, Dutch Xew (iiiiiiea. 
Argyn, on tlie upper Yenisei. 
Ari, See Voliaks. 
Aricaree, on the niidtlle Missouii, 

U. S. A.; written also Kickaree. 
Aricoris. See Yaos. 
Aricunanes, on tlie Madeira, an 

atlhient of tlie Amazon. 
Arinagotos, in eastern Venezuek. 
Ariner. See Arines. 
Arines, a tribe on the upper Y^enisei 

(lat. 5-1:° X.), who are supposed to 

have become extinct ; said to meau 

" wasps." Also written Ariner, 

Arintsi. See Arines. 
Arinzi. Same as Arines. 
Ariquipa, in the southern part of 

Arizona, U. S. A. 
Arivaipa, a subdivision of the 

southern Athapascan. 
Arka. See Aka. 
Arkansas. See Quapaw. 
Armenians, in Armenia, a country 

in western Asia; call themselves 

Hai, Haik, or Haikan. 
Armouchiquoi, formerly, on the 

St. John Eiver, Xew Brunswick, 

Arnaut. See Albanians. 
Aro, north of Lake Kudolf, British 

East Africa. 
Aroaquis, north of the Amazon, below 

the mouth of the Rio Xegro ; called 

also by the Portuguese, Orelhudos, 

meaning " long ears." Also written 


Votiaks ^^So 

fc ib ij i'^^m ^ .^-f 1 ij M / 

ttJ-^Co Kickaree ]• =^^:^o 
Yaos ^^ao 

Arines ^ ^ a o 

Ariner. Arintsi V=^^^^o 
Arines ^ %3 „ 
Arines -I^j/o 

1^;^ Athapascan y ^Mo 

Aka 5^^ao 
Quapaw ^ M^3 ^ 

/ f:>h^V- fciffij^ - tt ^ 'I' =E 
^ o fl 7 >ni^^- 11*.^ <^^^ 

Albanians =y%'^o 
ac) k -cXM ^ ^-^i - If ^> '1- =E 

'':&^^j > ^ftt Vo Aruba- 
quis \ =c^;'.o 



Aroas, near the mouth of the Tocan- 
tius, Brazil. 

Arol, a subdivision of the Diiika. 

Aroma, in the southeastern part of 
British New (Juinea. 

Aroosi, on the upper Juha Kiver, 
ICast Africa. 

Arrawacs. See Arawak?. 

Arrenamuse, formerly, in Texas, U. 
S. A. 

Arru, on the boundaries of Tibet and 
Sze-chuan, China. 

Arruagues. See Arawaks. 

Arshtes. See Kai-abulaks. 

Artega, east of the Atbara, a tributary 
of the middle Xile. 

Artsmilsh, a collective name for 
several tribes on Shoalwater Bay 
and tlie "Wiliopah River, Washing- 
ton, U. S. A. 

Aruacs, on the Paramo River, north- 
ern Colombia. 

Aruaquis. Same as Aroaquis. 

Arubaquis. See Aroaquis. 

Arunas, on the Jurua, a tributary 
of the Amazon. 

Arung, a subdivision of the Xaga. 

Arunta, on the upper Finke River, 
Nortliern Territory of South Aust- 
ralia; so called by themselves, and 
by their neighbours, ^i^'' ^"■'' 

Aruparecas, a subdivision of the 
< hiquitos. 

Arwakas. See Arawaks. 

Aryan, a name for a family inliabit- 
iu;^ nearly the whole of Europe 
(except northern Russia, Hungary, 
Turkey, and Caucasus) and south- 

Dinka / -M^ 
Arawaks ^ JL 3 o 

{t ^ ^f =t y> o 

Arawaks ^ ^ 3 o 
Karabulaks ^ ^ a o 

Aroaquis — I^] v>'o 
Aroaquis — ^ v'o 

h 1 hMvi^o 

Xaga J —Wio 

y o:) 1 $X -OJ i ^J I :^ 'I' 

^ ^ nf 7- -^jltfSBf ^ W r ;'. o 

Chiquitos ^ — j^o 
Arawaks -> H. =^ o 



wedlern A^ia from Persia to India; 
of which the chief divisions are 
Afghans, English, French, Germans, 
Greeks, Hindus, Italian?, Letts, 
Norwegians, Persians, Poles, Rus- 
.sian^, Scotch, Spaniards, Swedes, 
etc. Also called Indo-European. 

Asabo, in Abyssinia. 

Asahan, in Sumatra. 

Asgar, in the central part of the 

Asha, the Somali proper. 

Ashango, sontli of the Ogowai Piiver, 
"West Africa. 

Ashangui. Same as Ashango. 

Ashanti, in Ashanti, a kingdom 
which lies north of the Gold Coast, 
AVest Africa. 

Ashikiiya, on the lower Cungo. 

Ashira, south of the Ogowai Eiver, 
West Africa. 

Ashochimi, in northwestern Califor- 
nia, U. S. A. 

Ashraf, east of the Atbara, a tributary 
of the middle Xile. 

Assa-lmara, a subdivision of the 

Assamese. See Ahom. 

Assans, south of the Angara, a tri- 
butary of the Yenisei; so called by 
the Ariues, and named Koibali by 

the Turks. 
Assaorta. See Assaworta. 
Assaworta, in northern Abyssinia ; 

also Assaorta. 
Assinai, in central Texas, U. S. 


L- t^t' 'J I A- t^^<' h/^ 
UK- -yiJ Ls>A- -r Ti> 1 T 

^A• -t :o^- -f'<^-^A• 

t'v^oA-'^ I h ^^\ X- V^ 

-f ^ t bo 

Somali j^tf ME i- 1^=^^ o 

Ashango — |^ v'o 

Danakil ^ -Mo 
Ahom ^ ^ 3 o » 

a '') ^^ V ^ ^ )i^ =B 7 — -y r 

Assaworta ^ ^ a o 

y o Assaorta 1> =e*.7. q 



Assinee. Same as Assinians? 
Assinians, on the Ivory Coast, "West 

Africa; called also Okin. Same as 

Assinee ? 
Assiniboin, in Assiniboia, Canada, 

and a part of Montana, U. S. A.; 
means "Stone Dakotas" deriving 
from a Chippewa name cuinni, "sto- 
ne" and bwa, a Cliippewa name for 
Dakotas (said to mean also " cook- 
with-stones-people " in the Algon- 
quin language). They are called 
Hoha, "rebels" by the Dakotas, 

and Stone Sioux by some writers. 

Assiri, in Kordofan, Africa; appea- 
rently extinct or absorbed in the 
Tegeles and Nubas. 

Ata. I. A tribe of unknown 
origin who occupy the head-waters 
of the rivers Davas, Tuganay, and 
Lihaganum, in Mindanao of the 
Piiilippine Islands, and tiieir coun- 
try extends to the eastern portion 
of the Province of Misamis in the 
same island ; means " dwellers in 
liighlands." Also written Ataa, 
Itaa. But they are distinguished 
from the Acta or Ata. (*) 
2. A mixed tribe of Bicols and 
Negritos inhabiting Camarines 
Sur, Luzon, Philippine Is- 

Ata. See Aiita. 

Ataa. See Ata. 

Ata bay, a subdivision of the Yomiits. 

Assinians =.\§l •y'? 

^ )Vo Assinee — [fl) -:/ ? 

io'^ asinni (r;fjj y ^j ^f 
him (f:: I 1'.%%--)-\^7^ 5o'- 

^. V >' i- ^)) a >J g; ij -y ^ / 
-•/^ 'Til: I I 1:^^^.i''} 

iXSl h Z'A. ^ ^IS - 7^ '■;fj ^ 

ij h=tii 7 )„/:': I VMM^ 
i 1 /^ t ] >^7o 
;v*^>^'C 1 C;to MR t- 

m ^ lYmM - tE ^- 'I'^i® ^ ff- 

*:>■ v-r.i'-fiiiM- -yrfi^ilfc 
"^^^^^^ h-t^-rWi-^ 

S^'o ^v > =e Aeta ^ » 
Ata gpf-i: I C'J i 1 b^-^- 

2. i.^^^J-7C^•^mittlot^ 

Aeta ^^3o 
Ata f ^-Jo 
Yomuts /> — iJlo 



Atacamenos, in tlie valley of the 
Ln;i Kivir, nortliern Chile ; so called 
by the Spaniards. They call them- 
selves Lican-Antais meaning " people 
of the villuges." The Lican-Antais 
are s;iid to be iilentical with the 
Olipes, Lipcs or Llipis of some 

Ataguates, on the Maranon, the upper 
part of tlic Amazon. 

Atai. See xVdaes. 

Ataiyal, in the mountainous region 
of Formosa north of Porisha; so 
called by themselves. (-^S) 

Ataklu, on the Slave Coast, West 

Atal. See Yukaghirs 

Atalalas, on the Rio Vermejo, 
northern Argentina. 

Ataronch-ronon, on the northern 
shore of Ijake Huron, North Ame- 
rica (in 1624). 

Atauhy, on the Kio Xegio, an affluent 
of the Amazon. 

Atavara, in Portuguese Eiust Africa. 

Atchin. See Achinese. 

Atchmayli, a subdivision of the Usbegs. 

Ate. See Aeta. A name given by 
the Tagbanua of Palawan, Philip- 
pine Islands. 

Ateybah, in central Arabia; about 
lat. 25° X., long. 43° E. 

Atfalati, in northwestern Oregon, U. 
S. A. 

Athabascan. See Athapascan. 

Athapasca. See Athapascan. 

Athapascan, a collective name for 
many tribes inhabiting Canada from 

7 5 7?;?^ i:i ij -<T^ ^> ij -i 
^d^tXM ^ ± ^l ^ 'f i b 

Adiies ^^Hq 

- -y r MM^^ i' ,u =^ y> ^ u t 

Yukaghirs ^ Ji a o 

Achinese ? ^ J o 

Usbegs y - J^o , 

Acta -7- ^ a o^>'>.^ 'J -jO^X Vf-%^ 

a ij ffl- 7 u ^ ,1/ ;g^o 

Athapascan =)■ ^'^ o 
Athapascan ^ R, ^ o 



ihe west coast of Hudson Bay 
oil the cast to nearly tlie Pacific 
and tlie lower Yukon Kiver on the 
west, and from the Eskimos' country 
(about hit. 65° 2!^.) on the north to 
about hit. 55° N. on tlic south, and 
Arizona and New Me.^ico, U. S. 
A., and a part of nortliern Me- 
xico; of which the chief ones are 
Apaches, Chipew^yan, Kenai, Kut- 
ohin, Xavajo, Taculli, etc. The 
name is given by Albert Gal- 
latin, from the lake of the same 
name. Many of them call them- 
selves Tinney, " men," and it is 
written in various forms : Dene, 
Dine, Dinne, Dinneh, Tenne, Tenni, 
Tinne, Tinneh, etc Al>o Athabas- 
can, Athapasca. (•'•^' 

Athiageni, v, subdivision of tlie Waki- 

Atimuca. See Timucna. 

Atkha. See Akkha. 

Atna. See Ahteiia. 

Atnah, on the Fraser lliver, British 
Columbia ; means " stranger " in 
the Taculli language- They are to 
be distinguished from the Atna or 

Atorais, on the upper Kssequibo River, 
British Guiana, South America. 

Atta. See Aiita. 

Attacapa. See Attacapaca. 

Attacapaca, an extinct tribe in Loui- 
siana, U. S. A.; means " man-eater " 
in the Clioclaw language ; also 
written Attacapa. 

f^>r'jn\ 1- 5 7 ;j^ u "^ A 

Dene. Dine. Dinne. Dinneh. 
Tenne. Tenni. Tinne. Tinneh 
^ y =s § -^'o Athabascan. 
Athapasca V=tf^ii/(, 
Wakikuyu y — J5^o 

Timucua ^^Sq 
Akkha ^ ^3 o 
Ahtena ^^^o 

>^ h -< u 1- ttf y^^'^ y ^' ^ ^ 


*:: 1 Gt* 54S50 1 ^J^x^ 

Aeta ^^^o 
Attacapaca ^ jL ^ o 

^i- ^o Attacapa > =u }\ ^. o 



Attakpami, on the Slave Coast, "West 

Attapulga, about 1S20, in Florida, 

I'. S. A. 
Atticamique, a tiil)e wliiili lived in 

northern Canada; in 1G7Q, destroyed 

hy pestilence. 
Attignaouentan, formerly, near Lake 

Hiinm, North America. 
Attiquenongmahai, formerly, near 

Lake IIiuHm, North Anieiica. 
Attiwandaronk. See Nentral Nation. 
Atuais, on the Putumayo, an upper 

Iiranch of the Amazon. 
Atuamih, in northeastern California, 

U. S. A. 
Atures, an extinct tribe of eastern 

Aturias, in Venezuela. 
Atwot, a subdivision of the Dinka. 
Atyeh. Sec Achinese. 
Auanbura, on the upper Bel- 

yando River, eastern Queensland ; 

means " belonging to tlie young 

Aucanos. Same as Araucanians. 
Aucas. See Araucanians. 
Augnia Domb, a subdivision of the 

Aujila, in Air, an oasis country of 

tiie Sahara. 
Auk, a subdivision of the Tlinkit. 
Aulintac, formerly in California, 

r. S. A. 
Aup, a subdivision of the Land Dyak. 
Auramoiset, on botli sides of the 

Neva River, Russia ; aLo Agramoi- 

set, Akramoiset. 

^r^A W-b-h¥kHn^Cff^ ^ ^ 
Neutral Nation ^ M. a o 

l^Va'iD^~}\i$\l - IE -fey =t 

p^ilti'l^ I bo 
Dinka ^ —Mo 
Achinese ^Mi'=^o 
< ^ V>.-f b /v. K ^ ^i^" J- '^ -< b 

Araucanians — |^ i?o 
Araucanians ^ ^ a o 
Domb / -jj^o * 

Tlinkit ^~Mo 

Land Dyak /> — ;^o 

;W=e /'o Agramoiset. Akra- 
moiset V "^M^-o 



Australians, :i collective name for tlie 
aborii;iiuil tribes of Australia. 

Auxiras. See Avijeras. 

Avanenis, on the (riiainia Kiver. 
eastern Colombia. 

Avanes, on liie njiddle Orinoco, South 

Avaradrano, in central Madagascar. 

Avarigotos, in tiie j)lain of the 
Orinoco, Suutli America. 

Avars, an Asiatic tribe wlio ain^cared 
vn tlie Danube about 55-3 A.D., 
and settled in Dacia (a province of 
the Eoman Empire, lying between 
llie Danu: e and the Carpathian 
Mountains). They were for some 
time very powerful, but they were 
linally subdued by Cliarles the 
Great about 790. 

Avars, a subdivision of the Lesghians. 

Avejeli, near tlie mouth of the Xepo- 
ko, a branch of the Aruwimi (a tribu- 
tary (jf the Congo), Central Africa. 

Avekvom. Same as Awekwom. See 

Avenor, on the Slave Coast, West 

Aviia, south of the Ogowai, West 

Avigiras. Ste Avijcras. 

Avijeras, on the south bank of the 
Nap<i. an upper branch of tlie 
Amazon; also written Abijiras, 
Abiras, Auxiras, Avigiras. 

Avikom. See Jacks. 

Awabakal, on the coast south of the 
nioiuh of the Hunter River, New 
South AVak-s. 

Avijer:is ^^^0 

im-li^. ,^^ 1 i^i^y-^; 
-y * F =e -t W :^ -h ^"^ ¥ kfl 

Lesghians ? — S^o 

^ I Ml : L :" 1 iBj ^ infe) ^ 
Awekwom -[iilv^o Jacks ^ jL 

Avijeras =i- %^ a 

y[{?^-<J-;x ;W^yo Abiji- 
ras. Abiras. Au.xiras. Avigiras 

J icks ^ ^'^ o 



Awadiyeh, nn the iiiiddle Nile (;il>oul 

hit. 17° X.). 
Awaka, between the Uhuiigi luul tlie 

Grinbingi (a tributary of llie Sbari), 

Central Africa. 
Awa Kumi, on tiie Kaladan Hiver, 

northern Aralvan, Burma. 
Awan, a subdivision of tlie Dinka. 
Awani, in central California, L. 

S. A. 
Awekwom. ^ce Jacks. 
Awkojuwai, a subdivision of the 

Andamanese (Middle Andaman). 
Awuna, on the Slave Coast, "West 

Ayacares, a subdivision of the Iquitos. 
Ayahucas, near Quito, the capital of 

Ayapai, on the Tule Eiver, California, 

U. S. A. 
Ayarr, between tiie Dinka and 

J'ongo tribes, Africa. vSame as 

Ayell ? 
Ayell, between the Dinka and 

Bongo tribes, Africa. Same as 

.\yarr ? 
Ayhuttisaht, a subdivision of the Aht. 
Aymak, in tlie nortliwestern jiart 

of Afghanistan ; also written 

Aymaras, in southern Peru and 

western Bolivia ; anciently called 

Aymores. See Botocudos. 
Ayulis, on the Marona, an upper 

branch of the Maranon, northern 

Az, a subdivision of the Usbegs. 

i^i^oM^ If -/lit {Ab¥n'}'\-b 

Dinka y-J^o 

Jacks ^ ^ a o 

Andamanese / —j^ {^P^:)/-^j^ 
k A. Si ~i\i^- 'H„ 

Iqnitos / — J^^ 

l< ?^ i;- ^ ^ "t /hf -> I i I m 
S:> -^ 'J H' - i\i ^ 'i^ h'A. MiM h 

li/x. r I fiS^b^.l^o Ayell 
- Isl i:> ? 

li' A. r 1 mM > ^ ThIo Ayarr 

Aht ^-m^ 

^ 04b^ = (t ^. '^ =t 7 o Ai- 
mak > ^tj ^>o 

li'ij ^i.^^j^K$I»-ii- ^. 'I- =0 

Botocudos ^^ ^ 3 o 
-<^ I ^4b^J:>-'i-i bl'-fe I ^ 
M ^ ±.^ i^ '^k^:> \U M# - 

Usbegs y — teo 



Azandeh. See lsi;im-Xi;iin. 

Azgar. See Azkur. 

Azkar, in the central Saliaia desert ; 

aUo Azgar. 
Az-Shuma, in Eritrea, the Italian 

Colony on the Ked Sea. 
Aztecs, the Mexicans proper in 

central ^lexico ; formerly called 


Niam-Niam ^Jl'"o 
Azkar ^JL'Jo 

Sit b-y>ii5 ^ tp^>-lt ^- 't'^t 
/>o Azgar > ^^:^o 



Baa, a stihdivisiou of the Fulali. 
Baabe, a subdivision of the Fulah. 
Baachinena, a subdivision of the 

Arapaho ; means "red willow men." 

Same as Xakasinena. 
Baama, on the lower Lomami, a 

tributary of tlie Congo. 
Baamba. See Bamba. 
Babali, on the bank of the Aruwimi, 

a tributary of the Congo. 
Babanda, on the bank of the Aru- 
wimi, a tributary of the Congo. 
Babar, on the west bank of the 

middle Indus (lat. 32° N.), India. 
Babe, on the bank of the Aruwimi, 

a trilmtary of the Congo. 
Babemba, between Lakes Tanganyika 

and Bangweolo, Africa. 
Babembe, north of the lower Congo. 
Babengaye, on the Sanga, a tributary 

of the middle Congo. 

Fnlah /> -j^o 
Fulah /'-J^o 
Arapaho / — ;^, jlt^ ^^ ■"# ^ 

nena = [n] v>o 

: ^ n M ^ :S: ifs. + <^ 7, \ i 

Bamba ^ X, =^ o 

». ^^ t' :)■ ^\' »- '^/^^ j^M' ^^ ' ^b 
<• •} I.. 1 t)- 1 /j I j+irr91 ^ li'lo 



Babesse, oti tlie Aruwiiui, a triliu- 

t:iry of the Congo. 
Babihe, on tlie Kiianza River, Por- 
tuguese West Africa; called also 

iriiiLundo or Qninbundo. Same as 

Babingbura, east of the Belyando 

Ixivor, eastern (Queensland. 
Babir, south of Lake Cliad, 

Babisa, between Lakes Xyassa and 

IJangweolo, Africa. 
Babongo. S.e Obongo. 
Babua. Same as Ababua. 
Babuendi, north of the lower Congo. 
Babukur, west of the upper Nile 

(hit. (;° N.), and soutli of the 

Bongo tribe. 
Babukwa, on the bank of the Aru- 

wimi, a tributary of tlie Congo. 
Babuma. See "Wabtima. 
Babumantsu, in Basutoland, South 

Babungera. See Niam-Niam. 
Bacahiris. Same as Baccahiris. 
Bacairis. Same as Baccahiris. 
Baccahiris, on the head-waters of 

the Tapajos, a tributary of the 

Bachungu, between Lakes Nyassa and 

Tanganyika, Africa. 
Bachwa, on the uppar Kwango, a 

tributary of the Kassai, Africa. 
Bachwapeng, west of the upper 

Limpopo River (lat. 2:\° S.), South 

Bacuando, on the coast of Portuguese 

West Africa. 

5 I,. 1 <?> 1 fnj^o 

Obongo ^^Sq 
Ababua — |^ v'o 

: ^ r 1 M y>%^^ ^vi^h i 

Wabuma ^^3o 

Niam-Niam ^ M. 3 o 
Baccahiris =.^ i^\^ 
Baccahiris - Ip] iJ'o 



Bacuisso, on the coxst of Portuguese 
West Africa. 

Bacuris. Same as Baccahiris. 

Badaga, on the Nilgiri Hills, south 
India; means "northerner"; also 

Badakhshis, on tlie northern 
slopes of tlie Hindu Kush, Afghani- 

Badinga, on the Kwango, a tributary 
of the Kassai, Africa. 

Badiya, a subdivision of tlie Gond. 

Badjeri, on the Paroo River, soutli- 
ern Queensland. 

Badulega, in IMulgrave Island in 
Torres Strait. 

Baele, in the northern part of Dar- 
fnr, Africa. 

Baeunas, on the Kio Xegro, an 
affluent of the Amazon ; now ex- 
tinct, or nearly so. 

Bafarami, in Kamerun, West Af- 

Bafellanchi. See Fulah. 

Bafindi, in Kamerun, West Afri- 

Bafiort. See Bakongo. 

Bafipa. See Wafipa. 

Bafyot. See Bakongo. 

Baga, on the coast of French Guinea, 
AVest Africa; also Bagoes. 

Baganda, in the province of Uganda, 
Central Africa ; the singular 
form is Muganda ; also written 

Bagangaizi, southeast of the Albert 
Nyanza, Africa. 

Bagarra. See Baggara. 

Baccahiris —f^-J^o 

i -y 1 'J I L^o-T -it 7. ,v 

i^:^ 1) o Vadu-an h ^ .^^.q 

Gond y— i^o 
s'^'/^'t hA.c ^^%^ '^ II' 

o I m^o 

Fulah =)-%-^o 


Bakongo ^ JL a o 
Wafipa ^a,3o 
Bakongo =)-%'^ o 

/-^o Bagoes \^^y^o 
Baggara ^jLho 



Bagba, west of tlie middle Ubungi 

(aliniit lat. ;',° N.), Africa. 
Bagelab, a subdivision of the Jalin. 
Bagenya, on tlie left bank of tiie 

Liialalia, the upper part of the 

Baggara, in Kordofan, a country 
west of tlie "While Nile, and on the 
Balir-cl-Arab, an upper branch of 
the Xile; those on the latter river 
are called Baggara-el-llomer; tlie 
word Baggara means " cowherds." 
Also written Bagarra, Baggarah, 

Baggara-el-Homer. See Baggara. 

Baggarah. See Baggara. 

Baghirmi, on the lower Shari Eiver, 
southeast of Lake Chad, Africa; 
also Bagirmi. 

Bagirmi. See Baghirmi. 

Bagobo, at the foot of the volcano 
of Apo in Davao, Mindanao, 
Philippine Islands. 

Bagoes. See Baga. 

Bagnon. See Bagnum. 

Bagnori, on the Kio (irande. West 

Bagnum, on the Casamanza Kiver, 
West Africa; also written Bag- 

Bagungu, east of the Albert Nyanza, 
Central Africa. Same as Ma- 
gungo ? 

Bagurlii, a subdivision of tiie Usbegs. 

Bahakosin. See Cheyenne. 

Bahau, on the Barain and Bulungan 
rivers, Borneo. 

Bahima, in the triangle df land formed 

Jalin y—Mo 


(i-p^b'G life^'i U^'S^ 

in a i^h fc hJ^'-y\^^ 

K^Mfo^' f» 1^> li I i6 

■t V o Bagarra. Baggarah. 
Baqqara h =t ^ p; ^ 

Baggara ^^3o 

Baggara ^JLao 

T«it - J t ^ >^^ ^ o Bagirnu 
Baghirmi =)■ ^^ o 

Baga ^^3„ 
Bagnum -^-^Hq 

zL f^ 7; ;i/ =t y o Bagnon h =e 

Magnngo — 1^1 v> ? 
Usbegs z' —j^o 
Cheyenne t*- ^ a o 



l>y the three hikes Victori:i, Albert 
Edward and Taiiganvika, Central 
Africa. Thej' are the same as the 
tlie tribe written "Wahiiiua by many 
authors, but according lo Sir II. 
Jolinstone, it is said to be quite 
incorrect to write Wahuma ("north- 
men "), as is done by the ealier 
explorers, because 1I1(- is only the 
degenerate Suahili form of the 
plural prefix Ba, which is used 
almost throughout the Bantu pro- 
vinces of the Uganila Protectorate. 
TIic singular form of the name is 
^[uhima. Also written Bahuma, 
HiiiKi, Iluma. '■■'''^ 

Bahiro. See Bairo. 

Bahmali, on the Baram River, nortli- 
eru Sarawak, Borneo. 

Bahuma. See Bahima. 

Bahurutse, on the upper Notwani, 
an upper branch of the Limpopo, 
Bechuan aland, Africa. 

Baibucuas, on the Jurua, a tributary 
of the Amazon. 

Bailunda, south of the Kuanza 
It Ivor, Portuguese West Africa. 

Baimenas, in Sinaloa, Mixico. 

Baipulbura, on the Fitzroy Kiver, 
eastern Queensland; means "belong- 
ing to big water or river." 

Bairo, between Lakes Victoria and 
Albert Edward, Afiica; so called 
by the I>aliima, meaning " slaves." 
Also written Bahiro, Wiro, Whiro. 

Bajau. See Orang Ty;iut. 

Bajindir, a subdivision of (he Goklen. 

'Ob\>, 1 i ME^. "-'liAHM'il 
- :^ 'J Ifi i^ K =t J I .io 'y 

i- ,v ^(Wa) ^> 5 *'^ /:!*«« 

^ t V .>• i- V V ii -J o ]lt.u'h -^ 
W-^ ^ Vu^k > £-7o IX 
u\'i I i- O-k- 0\i I k h 

Bairo f ^ Jq 

Bahima ^^3o 

^ -< ti t», 1 ?) fj: b ^ t' :h ,1/ ij 

o -5 V 'iuW - (I; 7. <!/ =u y o jlfc 

•J 1] iTr i' ->- Df ' : ii- » ^ y - -y 

^^%f*it- /^^ 'Jo Bahiro. 

Wiro. Whiro h =t .IJ^Lq 
Orang Laut ^ jl a o 
Goklen /* -iJio 


Baju, ill Siiinatra. "T i i bo 

Baju. Same as Bajau. Bnjau - \»\ -^o 

Bakabae, on the southern coast of l!n^Sffi'|^U:)'l^''J ;i^' -^ ^j/- -' ' b 

Angola, rortugnese West Africa. i&'Jj y' \^W^o 

Bakairis. Same as Baccahiris. Baccahiris - I^] -:?'o 

Bakalahari, in tlie Kalahari deserl (^-jb^^UO if nT*^:^ -i> '^ :^V 

vf South Africa. i' ^ li "'J VJ>i^o 

Bakalai, on both sides of the lower l^ii^^k' Pi hIJ ^:> -^ 'J iJ'y^i^^ 

Ogowai, West Africa; called also C'l -3 ;<- 1 MSf ^ ^ ttKo fc 

Akelle, Bakele. I) o . It t J 2) > =t ^ ^ ^ 'i^o 

Bakamba, on the upper Kuilu Kiver i^v^l/^-' ' ^lfnl>^ '^ < ' " ' 

in tlie southern part of French :b i M -^ ± 'hVu-iM M> ^' '^ ^ 

Congo. -^ o 

Bakan, west of the upper Limpopo (iSti^j.^^J i' ^ 'J/>^1J I U ' M 

River (lat. 23° S.), South Africa. ±^ ([^^-+3^^) ^B'Jjo 

Bakanaka, in the southern part of fjM® nl>fc'^ 'J *'^ fe/- - ' ^ 

Angola, rortugnese West Africa. ife~>^V it^oKo 

Bakandi, southwest of the Albert t^^^^^. ij AV fc 6 It I h I- 

Nyanza, Central Africa. i:)/^^''^M^^o 

Bakankala, in the Kunene valley, ^®®^»^3'^ '■J :i>''^ < lUia 

Portuguese West Africa. M y> W^ - (t ;^ ;V =t /> o 

Bakasekele, in the southern part (?) ^MKnB^J-5>"'J ;i^V 11^15 (?) - 

of Portuguese West Africa. {i.^ )\/^ ? o 

Bakatan, on the upper Rejaug River, \'i h Vli3 ? % b bo <, ^'Jj -^ '^ 

Sarawak, Borneo; means "hill U Ci/v <'?»! ^ -t-WiS -tt^' '^ 

people" in the Malay langu- =6^0 !&, ^ ^^ til \ Wr- r- 

age. " 'itm^Aj yy^^■'^o 

Bakatia, in Bechuanaland, Africa. fe^ '■J iV -< tiii) 1 ^3"^J^ b/v- i"o 

Baked!. See Lango. Lango ^^So 

Bakele. See Bakalai. Bakaki ^^ao 

Bakete, on the middle Kassai (about (^IfC : /v. - » M^^Wii^ '^ 

lat. 5° S.), a tributary of the i' § . -^-^ *Hit (l1^J^**^3£S) 

Congo. — ft:''- '^ "t ^ o 

Bakhshi, a subdivision of the Tekke. Tekke y —Mo 

Bakhtiari, in western Persia. U- 1 < i,j> "^ ^ L5>^H^o 

Bakisse, on the southwestern coast ^ ^M S ^5 ^3^^ 'J ^'^ K" li ?^ 

of Portuguese West Africa. ^o 

Bakka, in Darfur, Africa. ^3-^iJ i''^ 1U^^^ 1 ;?.itfe:>(7o 


Bakkebakke. in Fioiuh Congo. fSSrt-/- - ' o 

Bakoko. in Kaineiuii, ^Vest Af- PMiii;^)-'.- M iV i'*/) i I A,(^,lt 

liea. itfio 

Bakongo, en tlio lower Congo. They (iC /v ^ 1 l/^V i M^ K 

are often oalled Baliort or Biifvot, ^ f,^'"' ^Vm-^ ^ °„.^'^^'''^ 'f 

black, by then- neighbours. ^^^^, ^^^j^ ^rpp^^ > / ^i- ^ o 

Bakonjo, on both sicle.s of the upper (^ ,1 /^ (Jjj 1 ^)'l- '•) ii' ^ ■^ 

So.nliki River and to the we.^t of .V-''' -> J^-t'f^;^^^^;'^ t' ^j i 

the Albtrt Jvlward Ayaiiza, .Xtrica; '5' ^ ^'}j - i^ ^' i\^ "^ /* o ^ ^ 

albO Wakonjo. ^ Ci; ' > ''i i" 7 q 

Bakoris, in Kamerun, We>l Afri- plJI^Uj-J- 'J i)'-^ i'*/) /j 1 /<.t*ri4 

Bakoroka, in .^uuliiern Angola, ^nSSMlilUj.^ '■J i' -^ ^)/- - ' 'J 

Portuguese West Africa. i'li'Jj ^ \^%o 

Bakuando, in southern Angola, ^nfiKlilk^O-^'J *'^ *j/- - ' 'J 

Portuguese West Africa. Sli:/i ^ H^nlio 

Bakuba, south of the Sankuru, a (^- < I (^- ^j^ ij iiV i' § v ^foj 

I'ranch of the middle Kassai, (an { l /^Z' \ M '^ ':ki&) ^Vr^^ % 

allluent of tlio Congo), Africa. ^^'^5^<lilrBI-^ [^Jjo 

Bakubale, in southern Angola, Porta- ^pfi@ii1>^D-?-''J i'/* ij/^ ~ I b 

gue^e West Africa. ^Jj ^ \^i%o 

Bakuise, in soutliern Angola, Porta- -^nSK'nll^J-^^'J i'-^ ^->/- - ' b 

guese West Africa. i&:)} y' \{iu\lo 

Bakumu, on the iiiiddle Congo (i < W\ : A - I J"! ^ '|i 

(about long 20=' E.), just on the j^ {i\'Jlk!^r.~\-^'<&) - -V r 

equator. tp =e^ii-%" '•'Itfe^'jo 

Bakunda, in the western part of (^•< 1 ^f- Mj^Jfc^ 'J i'/* i' 

Kauierun, West Africa; also >6 S I /v.l*l$M& -^ Ryffll- (li ^• 

wriiitn Bjkundu. /W Hj ^ o JJakundu h^^'J^'-o 

Bakundu. See J'.akunda. Bakunda ^ JL J q 

Bakunia, on the upper Kuihi Iliver f^Srt 1 /-^ - ' /* 1^^' .'^> + '^ < ' t* 

in the .souiiiern of French o 1 M /* -fc. IJit - f Jj .C ^- 'i' =t 

t-'ongo. y o 

Bakuss, west of the Lualaba, llie lAyl'ifol/lx&f'i/jiiih 

upper part of the Congo. iXM ^ i^Jjo 

Bakutu, on tlie middle Kassai (long. U< I O 1 IAjI' \ M^ ':XUl 

J'J'^ K.), a tributary of the Congo. ^ ,u H' Hi^'jo]i\'Hl i>\ii^l\'A 

Same a Wakuti ? K) .' fHKo ^V^kuti = [."0 :x ? 



Bakutzi. See Wakiiii. 

Bakwando, in Angola, Porliiguese 

AVest Africa. 
Bakwena, west of the Notwani, an 

upper branch of tlie Limpopo 

(about hit. -4° 8.), Bechuanahuul, 

Bakwiri, in western Kameiun, West 

Africa; also Bakwilluh, Bakwirreh. 
Balagansk, near Lake Baikal, Siberia. 
Balait, a subdivision of the Milanau. 
Balala, in Bechuanaland, South 

Balali, on the right bank of the 

lower Congo (about lat. 4° S.) 
Balanta. See Balantes. 
Balantes, in Portuguese (niinea, 

West Africa ; also Balanta. 
Balao. See Hottentots. 
Balawa, a subdivision of the Anda- 

nianese (North Andaman). 
Balawu. See Hottentots. 
Balega, on the southern shore of the 

Albert Nyanza, Central Africa; 

also Lega. 
Balegga. See Waregga. 
Balempa, in Manicaland, a country 

to the south of the lower Zambezi, 

Balesse, nortli of the Ituri, a 

tributary of the Congo, and 

west of the Albert Nyanza ; also 

Balgali, a subdivision of the Usbegs. 
Bali. See Bari. 
Balinese, in B;ili Islaud lying east 

of Java. 
Balk-mernen, in nortliwe-^tcrn Vic- 

Wakuti ^JLho 

Milanau yf — J^o 

Balantes ^^ M^ "=^ o 

(i/=e/>o Balanta > 'e^^^o 
Hottentots 9-jlao 
Andamanese /> — JM (^b ^J /v/ ?- 

Hottentots 5^ Ji a o 
\-)?%ii,V^] ii'^hhit 1 I 1- 

Lega 1> =t ^ ;7. ^ 
Waregga ^Ea^ 

: /^ r 1 'M^jii^ ^ .n, -o 1 ij 

;7. ,1/ =E /> o Wallessi h =t sft 7. ^ 
Usbegs ^ -Mo 
Bari ^ ^ a o 

5\> < iij^j ^0*?K ^-yr 



loria, nnJ soiitli of tlic AViimbaio 

Iribe; means balk; " people," uifrnen, 

"sand hill." <•"•) 
Bailardong, in the York District 

of western Australia; also Baller- 

Ballau, a siil)(livi>iou nt" the Sea 

Bailerdokklng. See Bailardong. 
Hallo Kai Porno, <>n the western 

coast of Calitornia. U. S. A.; means 

"Oat valley people." 
Baloa. See Galloi. 
Baloi, north of the lower Congo. 
Baloi Ukit, a subdivision of the Ukit. 
Balolo, south of the great curve of 

the Congo, just on the equator ; 

means " men of iron "; called also 

Balow, in Sarawak, Borneo. 
Baltis, in the province of Baltistan, 

Kashmir, India. 
Baluba. See Dashilange. 
Baluchis, in Baluchistan; also 

written Biloch. 
Balugas, a collective name for dark 

mixed people of Malays and Negritos 

in several parts of central Luzon, 

Philippine slands; derived from 

the Tagalog word baloga, " black 

mixed one." Some authors identify 

Aeta with Balugas. '*' 
Baiuk-wiilam, south of the Xga- 

ruk-willam tribe of southern 

Balumbo, on the Nyanga Kiver on 

the western coast of French Congo. 

::: {If 7. <v =t y o Ballerdokking 
Sea Dyak J -J^o 
Bailardong ^^do 

Galloi ^ ^3o 
Ukit J — J^o 

/^r 1 > =tiqi.s-,i,o 
It's ^-f r:^Jl&:^o 

Bashilange ■S'-X.^o 


*'' h )& ^ '"'/'^'.'/^ a V ^ V -V 
y^:>- Vo SX^i^'-^^WT' 

=■ It: 7. ,1/ =0 y o 



Balun, ill K;uiieriiii, West Af- 
Balunbangando, on tlio inicklle Kas- 

sai, a tributary of the Congo. 
Balunda, on the middle Kassai, a 

triK'utary of the Congo. 
Balundo, in the soutliem part of 

Portuguese West Africa. 
Baliing-karak-mittung, on theOvenP, 

an upper branch of the Murray, 

northeastern Victoria. 
Balungu, on Mambwe liill, south of 

Lake Tanganyika, Africa. Same 

as Marungu ? 
Bamangwato, west of tlie middle 

Limpopo (about long. 29° E.), 

Ijechuanaland, Africa. 
Bamapela, a Bechnana tribe in 

the Transvaal ? 
Bamba, south of the lower Kibali, 

an upper branch of the Welle (a 

tributary of the Ubangi), Central 

Africa ; also Baamba. 
Bambara, on the head-waters 

of the Kiger, Africa; also Bam- 

Bambera. See Bambara. 
Bambiri, on the south side of the 

lower Zambesi, (long. 33° E.), South 

Bamboko, near the Kamerun Moun- 
tain, Karaerun, West Africa. 
Bambuba, west of the Semliki River, 

which forms the outlet of the Albert 

Edward Nyanza into the Albert 
Kyanzii, Africa; also Mbuba (singu- 
lar form) or Wambuba. 


=a /> o Marungu - fp] S'' ? 
±w!i ^ 'V -> It ij MTw^ ^ \^')i 

— jl:^- ;i- =e y o Baauiba > =e 

h M ^ Ai^-i& = jt ^- '^ =^ /* o 
Bambera > ^eaft^o 
Bambara ^ ^ a o > 

t^-< CMTJjii (lf|SH+H£g) 
^ mfiiJo 

/.> §' =«^C{il ^. '^7M§ ± ii^tiv 

VJ^\ It' (f-M-^J^) £^^^-(9 

t--5; I ith ^i7o 



Bambute, west of the saiuf river; 
also Mlute (singular furm) or 

Bamon, in somheastern Kamerun, 

West Africa. 
Bana, in the neiglibourhood of Lake 

Koko-nor, Tibet. 
Banabya, on tlie mitldle Zambezi 

(Itng. 27^ E.), South Africa. 
Banack. See Bannock. 
Banalya, on the Arnwimi, a tributary 

of the Congo. 
Banande, snuthwesi of the Albeit 

Xyanzi, Central Africa; also Mu- 

nande (singular form). 
Banano, in the western part of 

Portuguese West Africa ; also Nauo 

(singular form). 
Banaos, in northern Luzjn, Piiilip- 

pine Islajids. 
Banatee. See Bauucck. 
Banayuba, on the right bank of the 

Lualaba (lat. 3° S.), the upper part 

of the Congo. 
Banda, on the White Nile, an upper 

branch of the Nile. 
Bandombe, near the town of 

Benguelia, Portuguese West Africa ; 

also Mundombe. 
Bandziri, between the Ubangi and 

the Grinbingi (a tributary of the 

Shari), Africa. 
Banfera, a subdivision of the Naga. 
Bangala, between the Congo and tlie 

Bangala, on tlie upper Kwango, a 

tributary of tlie Kassai, Africa; 

the singular form, Mungala. 

S ^ nm^& fSI- (If ^. 'I =E 

Bannock ^ ^ a o 

^ ?V ni^-^ i (t ;', ,v^ =t y o 
Mnnande(BpLfayjt^)l< =^^}7.o 

Bannock ^ ^ a o 

ItinJ iJn^Bm} ^ ^/^ ^ it 
^. ;!/ =t /> o 

if I f) Rt in = it" ^- '^^ ^ o 
Mundombe b =e JJ;'.o 

/x.ov..-yiM (Lj>'J iM ^ 

Naga y — j^o 

:^:■ I jnjb 7 i:x-y I M> >* 



Bangal-Bangal. Sec Dulanganes. 
Bangambue, in scutliera Angola, 

I'drtumicse West Africa. 
Bangangela. Same as Ganguella. 
Bangash, in Koliat, a district in the 

Panjab, India. 
Bangerang, «>n tlr:- Campa-pe and 

tlie GoiiUmrn, trihnlaries of the 

Murray, Victoria. 
Bangi, north of the lower course of 

the Congo. Also written Bapfuru, 

Bangot, in Mindanao, Philippine 

Banguin, north of the middle Ogowai 

Eiver, AVest Africa. 
Bangwaketsi, west of the Notwani, 

an upper branch of the Limpopo 

(about lat. 24° S.), Bechuanaland, 

Banhaneka, north of the lower Ku- 

nene Kiver, Portuguese West Africa. 

Same as Banyaneka? 
Banhunas, a subdivision of theUaupes. 
Banivas. See Manivas. 
Baniwas. See IVIanivas. 
Banjaka. See Bayaka. 
Bankumbi, on the Kunene River 

(lat. 1(;° S.), Portuguese West Africa; 

called also Muhumba. 
Bankutu, on the middle Kassai, a 

triljutavy of tlie Congo. 
Bannar, a subdivision of the Moi. 
Bannock, in Montana and Idaho, 

U.S.A.; called al-so Robber Indians. 

Also written Banack, Banatee, 

Bonack, Boonack, Panack, Pau- 

naquc, Ponack, Ponashta, Punnak, 


Dulanganes ^^ A. ^ o 
Ganguella = [^] ;;>o 

=5^0 Bapfuru. Bubangi ]> Hi 

■fe)' I So 

Banyaneka r. [k] :J> ? 
Uaupes ^ -^Mo 
Manivas ^ R. '=' o 
Manivas ^ ^ a o 
Bayaka ^ M, a o 

^ o Muhumba > =e^-fe 7 ii'o 

Moi /-B:o 

^ V*)^ h =tliy .s' /VoBinack. 
Banatee. Bonack. Boonack. 
Panack. Paunaque. Ponack. 
Ponashta. Punnak ^ 1> =£*: 

Banoko, in Kumenin, Wl-I Af- 


Banpar, a siilnlivision nf the Naga. 

Bantu, a eoUeclive name for 
tribes stretching throughout 

South Africa from the equator 
to Cape Colony, excepting the 
Hottentot nnd Bushman domain ; 
of which tlie chief ones are 
Baganda, Bdunda, Bangala, Ba- 
rotse, Basliilange, Batek'^, Bechu- 
iina. Fan, Kaffir, Ovalierero, 
Suahili, and Waiiyainwezi, etc. 
Tlie term Ixmtu invented by 
Dr. Bleek means " men," or 
"people" in tiieir own language, 
being derived from aba or ba, 
plural form of nm, mu, the 
personal jTofi.^, and ntu, " a 
man," "a person" Also Abantu 
or Abntu (singular forms, Umutu 
or Umuntu). 

Banuwa. See Orang-Benua. 
Banyai, on the riglit bank of the 

middle Zamb3si (long. 30° E.), 

Banyambuga, on the northwestern 

shore of the Albert Nyanza, Africa. 
Banyamwenge, a subdivision of the 

Banyaneka, in the southwestern part 

(if Portuguese We.-t Africa. Same 

as B inhaneka ? 
Banyang, in Kamerun, West 

A frica. 

Xaga ^-k% 

ri/fiy. .udpi- ,u}^Ji% >' ij 1 

2^^ I < Skii'M> ^Z<rit A, 
=t^ - -vr ^K'i i 'ASj :^ 
^■^li=i-'M ^- 'V JJ/J "^ ') Jit >- A 

ium). t> I (mu) ^^^^B^ 
,u ^j it (aba) ^^> iX (ba) V 
9/^0 I (ntu) i- 'i-^i/j-Hi-V 
^ ;i/ =e >> - -> r 9 /<^o I h -"^ 
■"IS V /> Aj > >' ^ :^ V o IJ/u 

t rl.ij -«,>l*i'J"'f1^.'' ^\-t') :X '^ f; ."* 

-. yja- .!/«-. Oi«-. )l-.<-. 'S-i'^ 
Ama-xisa. Ba-liiina. >Ia-^\viiiub«. 
Ova-iiii>o. Wa-rori f^H-{Hi-'t- ik 

j1/o— . Jill—. I'm—. V,/!i;;|T'). 

Orang-Benua ^jL3o 

CM-.l^nK (}lil2H+S) ^* 

Batoro /> — j^o 

=.{t 7; lU =c /> o Bauiianeka 



Banyara, iK) of tlie Victoria 5"t,. < i iJ ?j V-h/^c' ^ ill ^b 

Nynn/.i. JJo 

Banyoro, e:v:,t of the Albert Xyanza, (jj^is 15 1 ^ji> ij i'/' ^j) 

Central Africa; also written h\t \ i U ^:) /%> 5' ^ !^; ::V - 

Wanvoro. v-^* y 

Banyun, at the mouth of the Casa- ^%% h i^ij iV i'S J;^ e'M 

man/. I River, West Africa. Po 

Banzanza, southwest of the Albert ^"1^%*) l^"-) t>' :f ^ h\t \ i l- 

Xyanza, Africa. ^J^eV®ii:;^o 

Baondo, on tiie middle Congo; about :^r 1 M-^^t^^ {%UM']^-\' 

Ion-. 24° E. n^) - tif ^' 'V =e ^ o 

Bapedi, a Bechuaua tribe in tlie \ hL~^^J%^ 5 - (t ^- '^"-^ 

Transvaal? ^i^ 1 fc^ilMI^? 

Bapfuru. See Bangi. Bangif-^3o 

Bapoto, on the Tchuapa (long. (^{^1:11 \L~~:\U^% 

23° E.), a tributary of the rJii ^ '^ ^ i> ' fclt'MW'Mifi 

Congo. _-~r^^*)o 

Bapuko, in Karaerun, West Af- '^%h :,^A i)' ^ it' ^ o \ L^^ 

rica. ^o 
Baqqara. See Baggara. Baggara =i-%-^o 
Bara, in the interior of southern ^ /:i'1" ;Jj'o ll$K ^ i^l^-ffi^- 
Madagascar. ;V =t /> 
Baraba-baraba, on the upper Mur- I -[.')) i % I't t x ' ^ "f -^ t>' 

ray, New South Wales. H I M ^ ±»^o 

Barabra. See Nuba. Nuba "f %-^ o > 

Barar, a subdivision of the Oraon. Oraon j —Mo 

Barawan, on the Tinjar, a tributary ItZUi^y' § bboi^'Jjy'^ 

of tlie Baram, northern Sarawak, ^:^- 'VlX f) i'M-^ ifi^L^ '^ ^ 

Borneo. ^llh^M^ ?&#o 

Barba, in Borgu, a native state (^- 1 <5»(^' fc-J>'J ii^V/j: c Clx. 

west of the middle Niger, ^ M ft' f)ft -^ M i^^ - 1* ^« '^ I i' 

Africa. They are called also ;?> <* 1 ifiJI; - It 7. 'i' =^ /* o It* 

Bariba, Borgu. ij It- li'^ C I > ^e^-t 7 ;Vo 

Barbacoas, on the Patia River, £^- 1 (i\l 1 ^ :. /j t' o'^' fc /* 

soulhweslern Colombia. 0Jr^B[>:^ '^II■ 5 ^M/t^o 



Barbudos. r^ee Mayurnnas. 
Barea. See Base. 
Bares. Same as Barr^s. 
Barguzin, n?ar Lake Baikal, Siberia. 
Bari, on the banks of tlie upper Nile 

(about lat. 5° M".) ; also written 

Bariba. See Earba. 
Sarin, in ^Eongolia. 
Barkinji, on the left side of the 

l^arling lliver. New South Wales. 
Barolong, on both sides of the 

upper Molopo, a tributary of 

tlie t)range, Bechnaualaml, South 

Barombi, in Ktunerun, West 

Barondo, in the western part of 

Kanierun, We>t Afric i. 
Baronga, in the eastern part of Cape 

Baronighurk, north of Port Pliillip 

Bay, Victoria. 
Baroro, north of ihe lower Zambesi. 

Sjuth Africa. 

Barotse, cast of tlie upper Zambesi (a- 

bout lat. 15° S.), South .vfrica, and in 

the west rii Transvaal; also Baroze. 
Baroze. See Barotse. 
Barrath, in tlie western part of 

Barnes, on the upper Rio Negro, an 

allluent of the .Vmazon; means 

" comrade." 
Barrumbinya, on the Barwan, an 

upper branch of the Darling, New 

Sjuth Wales. 

Mayorunas V- jL a o 
Base T^H-Jo 
Barrfe =. [^ ■S'o 

Barba ^ H."=^o 

V-< CJoJ-h^t (iim*'J-MLfl!) 

/ ?tiiJI> - (If ^. 'I' =t ^ o Baroze 
1> =t,if^o 
B.irolse t^^Sq 

^.) Ji -cXM ^ i?)!£ ^ 'V 'J ij n 

1-'.% I ? •; "f -jx I ^-> 1" >* 



Barua. See Buslunen. 

Barua, smith of tlie great curve 

(,r tlio Coagi>, ami just on the 

Barue, south of tlie lower Zambesi, 

S^iutli AfricM. 
Barukwa, :i sulHlivision of the Batoka. 
Barumbe, south of the great curve of 

the Cougo (about long. 20° E.), and 

just on the equator. 
Barundi. See Warundi. 
Bapunga, ou the Paroo River, New 

Sontii Wales. 
Basa, at the junctiou of the Niger 

and its tiibutary tlie Kaduna, 

Basa, in tiie western part of Kame- 

run, West Africa. 
Basa, ill the soiitiiern part of 

Liberia, West Africa; also 

written Basso. 
Basamba, in the Qingo basin above 

i^tanley Falls. 
Basamia, nirtlieast of the Victoria 

Basanga, on islands iu the Sanga, 
a right tributary of the 

lower Congo. 
Basaomaka, in the southern part of 

Brilish Bechuanaiand, South Africa. 
Basares, in Portuguese Guinea, West 

Basawunena, a subdivision of the 

Arapaho ; means " wood lodge men," 

or, according to anotlier authority, 

" big lodge people." 

Bushmen ^ ^3 o 

I^' SK fc ^> ij i' ^ §' t' ^' C MT«!i 

Batoka y> -Mo 

Wanmdi =^ ^'=3 „ 

i:..% 1 § 9-r -Jx 1 ^' t ^ 

X )l/ =t y o 

^ r ! Ma ^t!i - tfe ^. '^ =ii ^ o 

')] - It ^. 'f -E / o 

§ ^ ;b'M ^ 'h ^ = k.l. ^' '^ =e 

Arapaho y -^^ JH:^ ^- ^M'h 
M ^ Aj > ^ S :^ V XM ^ ^ 



Base, on the Miircb in tlie nor- 
thern part of Abyssinia. They 
are called Barea by the 
Abyssinians, meaning " slave ". 
Also Kunania. 

Basenga, on the k-ft Imnk of the 
middle Zambesi (about long. 'M'^ E.}, 
South Africa. 

Bashilakassanga, a subdivision of 
tlie ]> isliilange. 

Bashilambele, a subdivision of the 

Bashllamboa, a subdivision of the 

Bashilange, on tlie middle Kassai, 
an atHuent of the Congo ; called 
also Tushilange (singular, Kashi- 
lange) by the Western tribes. The 
present Bashilange like to call 
themselves Baluba, and are called 
so by people in the north. ^^^^ 

Bashimba, on the right bank of the 
lower Kunene River, Portuguese 
West Africa ; also Basimba, Baxim- 
ba, Musimba, Simbeba. 

Bashinge, cast of the upper Kwango 

(about lat. 10° S.), a tributary of 

the Kassai, Africa; also Mashinge. 
Bashkirs, in tlie governments of 

Orenburg and Perm, Kussia ; 

so called by themselves. They 

are also called Ishtaki by 

the Kirghiz. 
Bashukulumbwe, iu Britisli Central 

Basi. Sec Toma. 
Basians, in the western Caucasus. 

Bashilange ^ ~Mo 
Bashilange y — j^o 
Bashilange /> —Mo 

^. ,1/ =t y zi -y r ^'Jj - (t ^ 'f 

?i5H^> n 7 (to I in- m ^> 

,u =u y n -y r Ij 7 ItTr i' .» fi? 
Toma 9- Hi do 



Basilika, west of the upper Limpopo 
(:ih(Hit lat. t>n° S.), Soiitli Africa. 

Basimba. !^ee Bashimba. 

Basindi, east of the Albert Nyanza, 
( Vntral Afric i. 

Basis!. See Besisi. 

Baski, in Baghalpiir, a division of 

Beliar, Bengal, India- 
Basks. See Bisqnes. 

Basoga, on the northern shore of the 
Victoria Nyanza; the singular form 
of the name is Miisoga; also 

Basongamino. Same as B;\ssongo- 

Basongo, west of tlie upper Kwango 
(lat. 10° S.), a tributary of the 
Kassai, Africa ; also Masongo. 

Basques, in the provinces of 
Vizcaya, Alava, Guipuzcoa, and 
Xavarra of Spain, and part of the 
department of Basses-Pyrenees, 
France. They are called by 
themselves Euskaldunuk. Also 
written Basks. 

Bassama, south of the upper Benue 
(Ion?. 12°E.), a tributary of the 
Niger, Africa. 

Basso. See Basa. 

Bassongo, on the lower Sankuru, a 
trlliut:iry of the middle Kassai 
River, Africa; also written 

Bassongo-Mino, north of the San- 
kuru, a tributary of the middle 
Kassai Kiver, Africa. 

Bassonje. See Bassongo. 

Bassua, near the Albert Nyanza, 

Bashimba — [^ v'o 
Besisi ^^h^ 

:J^7it*'^-5^ 1 So 

Basques ^^Sq 

Bassongo-Mino =- [pj ■J>o 

;i/=ay o3; ^^r I 1> =6#;'.o 
*"P-fcf) 5" 5,-^' I .^: 1 T : I 

iT. 1 ;M'I - tt X ;V =E /> o ^7 ^^ 
Basks 1> =E * ^. o 

Basa 9 Mj^ o 

C;t h ^ t ^. o 
Bassongo ^^3^ 



Central AlVioa; so calleil by tlie 

Bastarnae, an ancient Germanic tribe 
who dwelt in the region nortliwest 
of the Black Sea. 

Basumbe. Same as Somlie. 

Basundi. See Basundo. 

Basundo, on the b inks of the lower 
Congo (about long. 14° K ); also 
written Basundi. 

Basuto, in Basntoland, South 

Batagwenda, a subdivision of the 

Batak. Same as Tiniiiaaes. 

Batan, in the Batau Islands of the 

Batanatang, a subdivision of the 
Imgliad ; called also Ibetnaten. 

Batang Ayer. See Batang Lupars. 

Batang Lupars, a subdivision of the 
Sea Dyak ou the banks of the river 
Batang Lupar, southern Sarawak, 
Borneo ; call themselves Batang 
Ayer, meaning simply " the main 
river" (Batang = main stem, Ayer = 
water) to distinguish them from 
the people living; on the 
tributary; and thos3 at the 
head of the river call 
themselves Ulu Ayer (Ulu = 
head). (•:') 

Bateke, west of the lower Congo (lat. 
n° S.) 

Batembu. See Araatembu. 

Batemdikayi, on the western coat of 
Califurnia, U. S. A. 

Batempa, on the Kassai, an aflhient 

■fe -V t' I ^ O i^ - ® 7. ,1/ 

Sombe - In] •; o 
Basundo ^ ^^ o 

^ y o Basundi > =t ,it ;?. ^ 

irt I i 1 b^t'o 

Batoro / — i^o 
Tinitianes 5^^.3 

i'l^'J oO^Xf^ % ^ 11 r:/v.3Sa 

=. tt ^- 'I' =e /> o 
Imghad ^ — j^o Ibetnalcn h =m 

Batang Lupars ^ ^ a o 

Bf r.{J:7; ,v Sea Dyak J^/ 
-i^oii 7 ^^^> r Batang 
Ayer 1- ^ 7 J£ v ^;fp. fjftj 
(Batang = yi^'^. Ayer = 7K) 

^ /j£:j^ 7. ,1/ =e /> V gSiJ -b • :)r 

®^ :>- 'Jo iltJ^iti|«lM^7Kig 
^nff 7. ,v=^ / ^- U 9 Uhi 
Ayer VM^ Ulu .> ^igj / 
il:J- 'Jo 

Amatembu ^ ^ a o 



<if the Congo. 
Batetela, west of tlie upper Congo 

(;,l».ui lat. 50 a.). 
Bati, in West Africa. Also Pali. 
Batlaka, in the Transvaal? 
Batiapin, in the eastern part of South 

I'echuanalanii, South Africa. 
Batlaro, in the northern part of 

Soiili Bechuanalanil, South Africa. 
Batloqua, in liasutolaud, South 

Batoka, on the banks of tlie middle 

Zambesi (about long. 28° E.), 

South Africa; called also 

Batom, on the Mongo River, Kame- 

run, West Africa. 
Batondoi, on the middle Kassai, an 

afiluent cif the Congo. 
Batonga. See Batoka. 
Batoro, ea-t of the Semliki Kiver 

whicli forms the outlet of 

the Albert Edward Nyanza 

into the Albert Nyanza, 

Central Africa. 
Batoua. See Batwa. 
Batta, on the head- waters of the 

I'enue, soutli of Lake Chad, 

Battak. See Battas. 
Battakhin, on the banks of the lower 

Blue Nile, a tributary of the Nile. 
Battanni, north of the middle Gomal, 

a tributary of the Indus, India. 
Battas, in the interior of 

northwestern Sumatra, and south 

of the Achinese; called also 

Battak (said to be the plural 

nn^^i'l- ^J ^ o rati > =e H ^. o 

mi- >^i 1 ^r 1 Miato 

Batoka — [n] -J>o 

Batwa ^ M-^o 
Batta ^^Sq 

:J^ ^ {i ;^ ;v =u / o It r: o < 

(^|&^^|5::>- V hi- 7) h =e 



form of Batta). 
Batua. See Batwa. 
Batucos, in central Sunora, Mexico ; 

now extinct. 
Batuearis, in Sinaloa, Mexico ; now 

Batur, in tlie Tarai, a region in 

northern ludii. 
Batwa, south of the great cnrve of 

the Congo and in the valleys of 

the Chuapa and the Lomami (tri- 

bntaries of the Congo), and on the 

Sankuru River (a tributary of the 

Kassai). Tlie name is written in 

various forms : Batoua, Batua, 

Vouatoua, Watua, Watwa. 
Batwana, near Lake Xgami, Be- 

chnanaland, South Africa. 
Bauhunas, on the Uaupes, a 

triinitary of the Kio Xegro, 

Baures, on the Baures, a tributary 

of tlie Rio Maniore, Bolivia. 
Bavarians, in the eastern part of 

BavMvia, Germany, and a part of 

Baviko, on the upper Zambesi in 

tlie southeastern part of Purtuguese 

West Africa. 
Bavili, on the Xyanga River on the 

western coa»t of French Congo. 
Baximba. See Bisliiraba. 
Baxiuara, on tlie Jurua, a tributary 

of the Amazon. 
Baya, on the eastern b;irder (about 

lat. 4°-6° N.) of Kamerun, West 

Africa ; called also Ndere. 

Batwa ^jlao 
tt >'. ;l/ =0 / o 

^iD I hit' h 1 Ji// 1 PSJ"! 

(:^:■ \\^?-%m y\%.'<y^ 

fc- k)^ \ h- ^5 o <9 h =t 
^y ilkffi^^'h\»:-' --J-T^Jta fi- 
:.h\:0^h^ ijif nCo I ^ 
i r)i£ ^ '1- "19 I T 1 -< I t M 

Bashimba ^^a^ 

raZga 'J>'<I2) -It^- ^=1- /o 

wC'J I ^ =tBy-'; /I'D 



Bayabonan, in southern Cagayan, 
J,ii/..)ii, riiilippine Islands. 

Bayago, in Kinierun, West 

Bayaka, nortI> of the lower Congo; 
also I?anjaka. 

Bayansi, north of the lower 
Kassai, a tributary of the 
Congo; also written Bayanzi 
or Byyanzi. 

Bayanzi. See Bayansi. 

Baydaru, in Mysore, a native 
state of India. 

Baymakli, a subdivision of the Kara- 

Bayombe, on the Kuihi River in 
the soutliern part of French Congo. 

Bayon, in Karaerun, West Africa; 
also written Baion, Biyung. 

Bayu, on the left bank of the Sacra- 
mento River, California, U. S. A. 

Bayun, See Bayon. 

Bazese, on the islands in the north- 
western corner of tiie Victoria 

Bazimba, in western Madagascar; 
also Vazlmba. 

Bazorocas, a subdivision of the 

Beaver, on the Peace River, 
Athabasca, Canada. 

Becabas, on the Napo, an upper 
branch of the Amazon. 

Bechuana, in Bechuanaland, South 

Bedawiun. See Bedouins. 

=t ^ o Banjaka h =e fl| -k 7 'l^o 

7; /!/ =e z' o Bayanzi. Byyanzi 
1- =E*;'.o 
Bayansi ^^Sq 

Karakalpaks ; ^j^o 

ifio Baion. Bayung > ^e^^'.o 
Bayon ^l,3o 

';\>< I 'Jfc i:ft/v.§VM"^b 

PS --ft ^> '^ tfiil^ - it ^- 'V ^ 

^o Vazimha > =e*:Xo 
Cliiquitos /> — j^o 

Bedouins ^ ^ a o 


Bedayriah, a .subdivision of ilic IJag^niM y —}^o 

Bedde. See Bede. Bede ^j^'^^o 

Bede, west of Lake Chad, Africa; y<^- iiJ,>^)ij'/ tii,ot'iW>' 

also written Bedde, Bode. F^;;)^ - ft";'. »w =t ^o Bedde. Bo- 

Sanie as Mang.i? de V =^^ ^'.^k/^i* -W\ '^ ? 

Bedouins, in Arabia and nurdiern Af- ■r<^ \ (^>/\^ i) ^u^ i:)JX'^ i) 

rici; tiieir real name is Bedawi -i* j) ^'^^ ^b «!>=■ ft ^- '^ =t -^ r, 

(Bedawuin in the plural form); 84^ '</: -3 <,. I ^^^57)^ 

the word means rather " herdsmen " "fT'o jlk mJ- -"^ '^rS^'j 1' S 

than " wanderers." 7 a >J ^^^ a ^^JcAj 1" ^ ^ 

Beduan, in KrUren,the Italian Colony ^^^/^^^^'^y. ,n ^ r: 'J I ^ 

on the Bed Sea; the singular form MSMli^iJ iU^)-(fe;'. ^ =^ 

/o iltp-&^mSi«^^ Bedujh 

is Bednj. -x; 7 ^ 

Begdili, a subdivision of the Goklen. Goklen /> —Mo 

Behisotra, in northern Madagascar. kl-H'-f i'S y' At^o 

Behosy, in northern Madagascar; Jt /:'i'T i'^ ^ 4bpl>- {I; ^> '^ =t: 

also Kalio. ^ o Kalio h =e 5 7 <, 

Beja, in eastern Xubia between the ^ISh ^IM ^'^i^^ ^M > ^ l'^ 

Ked S.'a and tlie Nile; called - ^ ^- liy iO L!< ^ y^ MnW - {^ ^• 

also Bishareen, Bishari or ;l/ =0 7 o 6" I Ls,'J I ^ -"^ 

Bisharin. C< \ Lj> 'j 1 ^ 1- ^l>f '« 'i o 

Bejuk, in Eritrea, the Italian Co'.ony #1^^ 7 jft^ -'(i;^, ;n,>;^-.ij | y 

on the Ked Sea. ^KifirL'J tH^Jo 

Bekiau, (n tlie Tutong Kiver, Sara- [i' 2) iliaV ? b >c:> o { i& Jj 7 

wak, Borneo. O I i ^ CM^to 

Bekwai, on the Gold Coast, "West M^^j.5>iJ i' 7 Ifef^f^ -{If x 'i- 

Afriea. "^^ '' o 

Belande, a subdivision of tlie Bashi- Bashilange 7 — j^o 

Belbellah, a subdivision of the Ilaellzuk 7 —Ji%o 

Belgae, a Celtic tribes who occupied -^/ttlS ] Al'^ "^ 6 ll i,V- 

modern Belgium, Holland, and if b/v//-- -^b/w"T 7 — JiGS 

part of France, and southern Bri- b' t • -^ 'J "f 7 j^^ iffli ^ ^fi "^ '-^ 

tiin in ancient times. The name ?l>^o it^ -"^ (. ' 5 ' 7 :$i > 

was given by C:esar. ^ /Hi ^ :h y o 



Bellacoola, on tlie western coast of 

IJrltisli Columbia. 
Bellanda, between the ^"iam-Nialn 

and Bongo tribes on the uiiper 

Nile. Also written Belantla. 
Bellum-bellum, n?ar I/ike Welling- 
ton, eistern Victoria. 
Bemberrl, on tlie mi. Idle Congo 

about long. 23" E. 
Bena-Luntu, a subdivision of the 

Benerwal, on the Barandu, a tri- 

bntary of the upper Indus, India. 
Benga, on the Gabun River, West 

Bengali, in the eastern half of Bengal, 

Ben! Abbas, in the northwestern 

part of the Sahara. 
Beniah, a subdivision of the Kaudh. 
Beni Amer, between the Bed Sea 

and the Atbara, a tributary of the 

Beni Atie, in the northwestern 

part of Arabia; about lat. 29° 

X., long. 38° E. 
Beni Hadjar, in eastern Arabia; 

about lat. 27° N., long. 47" E. 
Beni Harb, in Hedjaz, a vilayet of 

Turkey in Asia. 
Beni Harith, in western Arabia; 

about lat. 22° X., long. 42° E. 
Ben! Jas, in western Oman; about 

lat. 2i°X., long. 52° E. 
Beni Jerar, a subdivisi in of the 

Beni Jubar, in Algeria. 
Beni Kahtan, in soulliern Arabia; 

Bashilange j — J^o 
tt A /V =t /> o 

Kandh ^-l^o 
X^^. n I^H+A^) - ft 

Baggara J —Mo 



about lat. l!)^ N., long. ■1-1° E. 
Beni Kelb, in soutliorn Arabia; 

about lat. 20'' X., long. i''>'^ E. 
Beni Khuweiled, in southeastern 

Arabia; about lat. 19° X., long. 

54° E. 
Beni Kiye. See Kiye. 
Beni Lam, in northeaslern Arabia; 

about lat. :ri° X., long. 46° E. 
Beni Mzab, in the southern part of 

Benin, west ot' the lower Xiger, 

Beni Shiddad, in southern Arabia; 

about lit. 17° X., long. 47° E. 
Beni Thakif, SMUth of Mecca, a town 

of Turkey in Asia. 
Beni Wazit, in Air, an oasis country 

of the Sahara. 
Beni Xono, in the eastern part of 

Oajaca, Mexico. 
Beni Zid, in Tunis. 
Benuwa. See Orang Benua. 
Beothuks, an extinct tribe in Xew- 

foundland, Xorth America; meaus 

" red men or Indians," from their 

habit of smearing their bodies with 

a mixture of grease and red ochre; 

the last survivor of tlie tribe died 

in 1829. 
Berber!, the singular form of Barabra. 

See Xuba. 
Berberians. Same as Barabra. See 

Berbers, in Marocc^, Algeria, Tunis, 

Tripoli, and the central Sahara. 

•^=^^ c, 
Kiye ^^3o 

- ft ^. .1- =E y o 

Orang Benua ^ ^ 3 ^ 
ilt«>^ "-^a^Aj i-X- ^* 

^ i^ ^ ^ r^ «• >^ -T A ff ^ +;'L 

Birabra :^ 'V^,'}/' ?U!|to Xuba 
Barabra -[jfj i^-^ Xuba ^£ = 



Beri, :i subdivision of the Fulali. 
Beribi, :i subdivision of tlie IMangui- 

Berraki, south of tlie Ilindn Kush, 

Berri, east of the Bahr-el-Jebel (lat. 

5° N.), an upper branch of the 

Berriait, between tlie Barkinji and 

"Wonghibon tribes in New South 

Bersiamites. See Oumnmiawak. 
Berta, in Abyssinia. 
Besera, in Baghalpur, a division of 

Behar, Bengal, India. 
Besermanians, in the government of 

Vyatka, Russia. 
Besisi, in the southern part of the 

]SIalay Penmsula; also Basisl or 

Orang Besisi. 
Betanimena, on the eastern coast of 

Betiah, a subdivision of the Kandh. 
Betois, on and near the Casanare, a 

tributary of the Meta River, 

Betsileo, on the central plateau of 

southern Madagascar. 
Betsimlsaraka, along the 

whole eastern coast of 

Betundu, west of the upper Congo 

(about lat. 5° S.) ; call themselves 
Bevorana. See Borani. 
Bezanozano. See Tankay. 
Bghai, in Tenasserim, Burma; also 
written Bwai. 

Fulah y> —Mo 
Manguiancs / — J^o 

'Jj - It 7. ;l/ =0 7 o 
Oumamiawak ^ ^ a o 

Kandh / —Mo 

: ;b vo^h ^ ^rM ^ ^"^^ >^ 
tt ;^ (V =B /> o 
^ ^ ttiffeiS Ki n {£ ;'. ,u =t 7 o 

?§ :;1^ - ffi 7' '^ =^ ^ o g 7 ^> 

Quitundu Ml3^7*o 
Borani ^ ^ a a 
Tankay ^ ^ a o 



Bhadarwahi, in Kaslunir, India. 

Bheel. See Bhil. 

Bhil, in western India; also written 

Bhotea, in Sikkim, India. 

Bhotiyas, a name applied by the 
Hindus collectively to the peoples 
of southern Tibet, especially the 
Himalayan slopes. 

Bhramii, in northern Nepal. 

Bhuiher, in Palamau and Jashpur, 
native states of eastern India. 

Bhuiya, in districts of Bengal, India. 
They are also called Bhungiya or 

Bhumij. See Bumij. 

Bhungiya. See Bhuiya. 

Bhuniya. See Dhuiya. 

Bhutanese, in Bhutan. 

Biafares, north of the lower Kio 
Grande, Portuguese Guinea. 

Bicol, in the peninsula of Camarines 
in Luzon, and the islands of Burias, 
Catanduanes, and Ticao, and 
on the north coast of Masbate, 
Philippine Islands; also Vicol. 

Bidjagos. Soe lU-sagos. 

Biduanda Kallang, originally in 
Kallang in the island of Singapore, 
and afterward, removed to the 
banks of the Pulai River in southern 
Johor of the Malay Peninsula; 
now extinct as a tribe ; also Orang 
Biduanda Kallang. 

Biduelli, east of the Snowy Eiver, 
eastern Victoria; also written 

Bidwili. St-e Biduelli. 

Bhil ^^3 

,v =c ^ o Bheel > -e \t] x ^ 

^ "Jo 

{{: ;?. 'I' =t y o Bhungiya ^ -.^ 

Bhuniya > =c5 7o 
Bumij ^^3o 
Bhuiya 9 M.^ o 
Bhuiya ^^.^o 

=£^0 Vicol h =e ij^o 
Bissagos ^ ^ a o 

^^mt^y -v T' >- jfe ii£ -fc '; o 

Orang Biduanda Kallang 

=t />o Bidwill 1- =V;i|}^.o 
Biduelli ^M.^o 



Bielorouss. See While Kussians. 

Bigambul, on tlie liead- waters of the 
Piirling, New South Wales; biga 
means "like," "the f=ame," "so 
much," " so many." 

Biheno, on the upper Kuanza 
River, Portuguese West Africa. 

Bijnalumbo. See Oiibi. 

Bikalbura, on tlie lower P'iizroy 
Kiver, eastern Queensland ; means 
" belonging to ii/cal," that is a 
grub. (4(3) 

Bilanes, between Sarangani Ba\' and 
Lake Buluan, and in the Sarangani 
Islands lying off the southern point 
of Mindanao, Philippine Islands. 
Also Vilaanes or Vilanes. (S) 

Bilin. See Bogos. 

Biloch. See Baluchis. 

Biloxi, on Biloxi Bay, Mississippi, 
U. S. A., in 1699; and a few of 
them, still in Rapides Parish, 
Louisiana ; so called by the Choc- 
t.iws, meaning "trifling" or " worth- 
less"; call themselves Taueks- 

Bima, in the eastern part of the 
island of Sumbawa, Sunda Islands. 

Bimbia, on the west cjast of 
Kameruii, West Africa. 

Binbinga, on the Mc Arthur, and 
south of tlie Anula tribe. Northern 
Territory of South Australia; 
so called by themselves, and by 
their neighbours, (ns) 

Binbundo. See Babihe. 

White Russians ^ ^ h ^ 
Oitbi zh^ao 

^o Vilaanes X-*"" Vilanes h 

Bogos ^ ^ 3 o 
Baluchis ^ ^ a o 

^f 5^ 3 IJ Bf p? If ;^ =!i y* - '^=f 

^3 /> O 1 e 1 ^ 'C'J i iJ I 
^ J;*' 1 § 1 fnJ^ = -yrD>' 

Babihe ^^So 



Bingabura, on the liunlekin River, 
eastern Queensland. 

Bingongina, in tl»e Northern Ter- 
ritory of South Australia; about 
kt. 18° S., long. 132° E; so 
called by themselves, and by 
tlieir neighbours. Ui')) 

Bintucuas, a subdivision of the 

Bintuiu Milanau, u subdivision of 
th? Milanau. 

Biradj, a subdivision of the Sarik. 

Birar, on the middle Amur (long. 
130° E.), Siberia. 

Birgid, in D.irfur, Africa. 

Birkiiiak, a subdivision of the Usbegs. 

Bisayan. See Bisayas (Borneo.) 

Bisayan. See Bisayas (Philippine 

Bisayas, in the islands of Panay, 
Xe^ros, Cebu, Bohol, Leyte, Samar, 
and on the south coast of Masbate and 
the northern coast of ^lindanao, 
Philippine Islands. They were named 
Pintailo by the Spaniards, from their 
habit of painting their bodies, at the 
tinij of the discovery. Also written 
Bisayan, Yisaya.s. 

Bisayas, on the lower Padas and 
the Klias, British North Borneo; 
they are also found on the Lim- 

bang River of Brunei; also Bisayan. 
Bishareen. See Beja. 
Bishari. See Beja. 
Bisharin. See B-ja. 
Bisher Anase, in nortiiern Arabia ; 

about lat. 33° N., long. 40° E. 

b ij ^) ^ o I $' I ^ -c »i i 

H+-/g) -(tx .1 T. y „ it 

Aruacs y — ,^^o 

Milanau ^ —Mo 

Sarik ^-j^o 
L -< ij ?3 ^ fc t' I o fij i\> Bii ( 4: 

Usbegs ^ — ]K^-, 

Bisayas (li2,nfc^) "^^^o 

Bisayas ( i> . > i] o 0^ A.U S ^ ) ?• 

-5> 1 . li' I Ix^.n I 'C 1 ■ ? 
C'^' 2 ^^• Vi.-^ayas > =u JJ ;7, „ 

1- TiJj^.O 

Beja 5^JLao 
Beja ^M,3o 
B?ja ^|L3o 



Bissagos, in the islands of the same 

iKiine, "West Africa ; also Bidjagos. 

Bithelbura, on the upper Belyando 

Kiver, eastern Queensland. 
Black-caps. Pee Karakalpaks. 
Blackfeet, on the head-waters of the 
Missouri, U.S.A.; formerly between 
the Saskatchewan and Yellowstone 
rivers; their native name is Siksi- 
kauo, meaning " blackfeet," from 
siksinum, " black," and oqkuts, " his 
foot." They are to be distinguished 
frotn the Blackfeet or Sihasapa, the 
former belonging to the Algon- 
quian family, the latter to the 
Siouan. Several traditional explana- 
tions have been given for the 
derivation of the term Blackfeet, 
being said to refer to their moc- 
casins. They include tlie Blood and 
Piegan Indians. Also Siksika. (12) (77) 

Blackfeet. See Sihasapa. 

Black-Kirghiz. See Kara-Kirgliiz. 

Black Miao. Same as Heh Miao. 

Black Shoes. See Ahnahaway. 

Blancos, a subdivision of the Iquitos. 

Blancos, in Costa Rica. 

Blancs. See Menomeni. 

Blood. See Blackfeet. 

Blue Miao. See Tsing Miao. 

Boanaris, on the Uaupes, a tributary 
of the Rio Negro, Colombia. 

Boanbura, west of the Belyando 
River, eastern Queensland. 

Bocas, on the Rio Pacaja, west of the 
mouth of the Tocantins, Brazil. 

i^ 7. ,v =e y JJidjagos b =g # ^.q 
Karakalpaks f ^^ o 

^ L < L .t' 9 & 1 > 5 7 ;^ V 

•"M/^ J h y 15 =. -y T- siksinum 
ii-,)oq/aUs m^ Ji) ^MllJa 

i-^ LllSIf Mff-/MS^> 
^^m^ y ^M =-'y^ Las 

a ^^ T 1 ^:)^M-M^^ ^ Y 
Ei-S^ h 57en^- n-'^ »i:Bsa iS-:/: 

S ') ft ita.Sf*?ai-iI ■>?**% y^i^-ic') 
->*'iltffl(i> Jtl?'!?.? Vi n-fe -^-^ ?0f ' St 
Kfe \^^)i.-> «Ti;iti£/ !m ffi 3 'J 5i? '^ 
^Tv ,i.\ j^M'J ;-*/ t ') ^575i - f? 

-'MikiR«'ia?i]=(!; e-t itts -)i> «fia.s;o 

Sihatapa =f %,'^ o 
Kara-Kirghiz ^Jia^ 
Heh Miao r^f^j iP'o 
Ahnahaway ^^ JL a o 
Iquitos y —M.O 

Menomeni ^ ^ a o 
Blackfeet ^ |L a o 
Tsing Miao ^ H a o 



Bodalkinago. See Comanche. 
Bodo. 'See Kachari. 
Bod-pa, the Tibetans proper hi south- 
ern central Tibet. See also Tibetans. 

Boers, descendants of the early Dutch 
immigrants to South Africx, espe- 
cially in tlie Transvaal and Orange 
River Colony ; the name means 
"farmer" in tlie Dutch language. 

Bogijiab, a subdivision of the 
Andamanese (Soulli Andaman 

Bogobos, in northern Mindanao, 
PJiilippine Islands. 

Bogos, in Eritrea, the Italian Colony 
on the Red S?a ; call themselves 

Bohanes, in Paraguay; no\v extinct. 

Bohemians. See Czechs. 

Bohr, on the righi bank of the Bahr- 

el-Jebsl, an upper branch of the 

Bohra, in Sind and Gujarat, 

Bojig-Ngiji, a subdivision of the 

Andamanese (Sjuth Andaman 

Bojingijida, a subdivision of tlie 

Andamanese (South Andaman 

Boka, on the left bank of tlie Sac- 
ramento River, California, U. S. A. 
Bolepas, a subdivision of the Moxos. 
Bollanos, north of San Francisco Bay, 

California, U. S. A. 
Bolo, in the ba>in of the Benue, a 

tributary of the Niger, Africa. 

( 'omanclie ^ ^ a „ 
Kachari ^ ^3 „ 

,K 1 5 m^[^%iU' ') i'j* 
-fc 'Vfc> b/^i':Ay'-Ti^i- >Jo 
Andamanese /> -J^to (!^^J^/:' 

,1^^^') ^rj/^ tt ^ ^\' ^j- /^ 1:U 

Czeclis 5*- X a o 

Andamanese z' — j^ (i^^/>/:* 

Andamanese y — ^ ]U^j/^t' 
i/^S = tt^'^)o 

Moxos /> — ;^^o 



Boloven, a subdivision of the Moi. 

Boluxes, in Louisiana, U. S. A.; 
now extinct. 

Bombarrabura, on the western shore 
of I5ro;ul Sound, eastern Queens- 
hmd ; means " belonging to open 
country," that is, tlie mainland 
west of Broad Sound. (46) 

Bombe, northwest of the Albert 
JN'yanzii, Central Africa. Same as 
Bamba ? 

Bonack. See Bannock. 

Bongo, in the region of the Rahr-cl- 
Gliazal (lat. 7° N.), an upper 
brancli of the Nile, and between 
the Xiam-!Niam and Dinka tribes; 
called also Akuma by the Xiam- 
Xiams, Dor by the Dinkas, and 

Obong by tlie Shillooks. 

Boni, Same as Waboni. 

Bonjak, on the upper Sobat, a tri- 
butary of the upper Nile- 

Bonjo, on the upper Sangi, a tribu- 
tary of the Congo. 

Bon no, north tf Lake Kudolf, 
British East Africa. 

Booca, a subdivision of the Chiquitos. 

Boonack. See Bannock. 

Boorong, west of Lake Tyrrell, 
nortliwestern Victoria. 

Bor, a subdivision of the Dinka. 

Borani, east of Lake Rudolf, British 
East Africa ; called also Bevorana. 

Borgu. Same as Barba. 

Bornu, southwest of Lake Chad, 

Moi y^—Mo 

=e /> o Bamba =■ inj i> ? 
Bannock ^ E =3 o 

MM 3 y ^> i:' ! o i> L 1 s I 

<M:^a V ^-^3 I |J7x.C Mf 
■\Vaboni = Ib] :;>o 

Chiquitos /> — j^o 
Bannock f- JL a o 

Dinka ^ -J5Mo 

Bevorana V =t^-fe 7 /i^o 
Barba - IW] -:?-„ 


Boropos, on tlie head-waters of the 
Tapajos, a tributary nf the Amazon. 

Boros, a subdivision of the €iii*ini- 

Borucas, a subdivision of the Tala- 

Borumbeet Bulluk, near Lalcc Bur- 
ranibeet, soutliern Victoria. 

Bosjesman. See Bushmen. 

Bosnians, in Bosnia. 

Boso, in the southeastern part of 

Bot, between the Dinka and 
Bongo tribes, Africa. 

Botocudos, in eastern part (about 
lat. 1-3° S.) of Brazil; derived from 
their habit of wearing the large 
labret or hotoque (a Portuguese name 
meaning " plug ") in orifices of their 
lower lips and ears; call themselves 
Nac-nanuk, Xac-poruc, " sons of 
the soil" (according to some authors, 
Burus) ; called also Ambures, Ay- 
mores, P^ngerecmunk. 

Bouayanan, in the interior of Pala- 
wan, riiilippine Islands; appears 
to mean "crocodile men." 

Boul-boul, on the eastern coast of 

Bourout. Same as Burnt. See Kara- 

Boyaeli, in Kamerun, Wc^t 

Boyar, in eastern India. 

li 1 /;> 1 /^ 1 T hk X A M 
Chiquitos ^ -j^o 
Talaniancas ^ — JJto 

Bushmen ^ ^ a o 

li I :: 1 < 1 ^' I J> b C a 

*'o|?V-rls I i I < I b 
:5 7 ""l^j /a± 'J ) ^TS 

^-*-i> 1 5 I -f >57 >) MJf- 

mi< LX< h •■Efg-k7 .l^o 
^^i.^ ij -5 O^XemM' ir f) i9 /^ a 

Ilurut — Ip1:;^o Kara-Kirghiz 



Brabriwulong, in the eastern part 

(if Victoria. 
Brabrolong, formerly, in tlie eastern 

jiart of Victoria; now nearly 

Brahuis, on tlie plateau in tlie north- 
eastern part of B;iluchistan. 
Brakna, north of the lower Senegal, 

West Africa. 
Brang, a subdivision of the Land 

Bre, on the lower Salwin River, 

Bretons, in the old province of 

Brittany in France ; also Britons. 
Bribris, a subdivision of the Tala- 

Britons, a name for the ancient 

Celtic inliabitants of the island of 

PJritain; commonly applied by the 

English of the jiresent day to 

Brules, a subdivision of the Teton. 
Brun, a subdivision of the Moi. 
Buandik, on the southeastern coast 

of South Australia. 
Bubangi. See Bangi. 
Buchtulan. See Durugmun. 
Budukh, in the Ciucasus. 
Buduma, on the islands in Lake 

Ch:id, Africa. 
Bugaus, on the Kapuas River in the 

western part of Dutch Borneo. 
Bugee, on the Jutay, a tributary of 

the Amazon. 
Bughi. See Bugi. 
Bugi, in the southern part of Celebes; 

also written Bughi or Biginese. 

Land Dyak / —%%o 

0^6 k / ■§ ^ 1 i-VwM ^Tr&=- 

MHz A. .^f,/..-r^jk^^ 

Talamancas 7 —^o 

Teton y —Mo 
Moi ^-%%o 

Bangi =)■ %^ o 
Durugmun f %^ o 

■S:,kxLM^ %^ ^ /f Cw,! 

'C 1 M^o 
Bugi ^£ao 

p^ iU=B / o Bughi. Biginese 



Buginese. See Bugi. 

Buhuanos, in the province of Isabela, 
Luzon, Philippine Islands; also 
written Bujuanos. 

Bujagos. Same as Bissagos. 

Bujuanos. See Buhuanos. 

Bukar, a subdivision of tlie Lmd 

Bukeyevskaya. See Inner Horde. 

Bukidnones, in the eastern part of 
Misauiis, Mindanao, Philippine 
Islands; called also ^lonteses, mean- 
ing "dwellers in the mountains" 
by the Spaniards; also written 
Buqu id nones. 

Bukil, in the interior of Mindoro, 
Philippine Islands; also written 

Bulala, in the western part of 
Wadai, Africa. 

Bulalacaunos, in the interior of the 
northern part of Palawan, and in 
the Calamiaues, Philippine Islands. 

Bulalli, in the Barrier Range country 
of New South Wales; derived from 
bolo, "a liill." 

Buldam Porno, on the western coast 
of California, U. S. A. 

Bulgarians, in Bulgaria and Eastern 

Bullom, in Sierra Leone, West 

Buluan. Same as Bilanes. 

Buluanes. Same as Bilanes. 

Bumij, southeast of Chota Xagpore, 

Bengal, India; means "children of 
the soil ;" also I'humij. 

Bngi ^JL3„ 

Bujuanos b =e f^ 7, ^ 
Bissagos =. ^ ~y^ 
Buhuanos ^JL^o 
Land Dyuk ? -^^ 

Inner Horde ^ ^ a o 

♦^■Tifi:^v v^:%- {fc- ^. ri. ^ 

1' -^ 4^^ ^J o Buquiduones b 
Buquil h =t: ^'<7.q 

(.1fffi>)-{E7. /i/^ ^o 
1-1% I §7"T •jx-'o'T^i'Ti 

^ ^) a 'J ^ y -V ^ /* :»■ 'J o 
ft »^ M ii"^ ^ tSi' iJ -l^fc o 1: ft 

a'SKft.^lJ i'/ L I -i b ij I 

±?- I 1: I o 

Bilanes n [^ -:;>o 
Bilanes -^ iP-Q 

'yAnu\ 1: -fi <•-;; I ^ -It 

^. 'V^^o Jltti^^ '".-httB^ f- 

Dt J h -^ ^ :>- y o P'humij f 



Bunan, in tlie southeastern part of 

K:i-linnr, India. 
Bundah-wark-kani, on the eastern 

oust of Victoria. 
Bungananes, in the provinces of 

^'ueva Vizciya and Isabela of 

Luzon, Pliilippiae Islands. 
Bungoh. See Sibungo. 
Buntamurra, in southern Queensland. 
Bunurong, on tlie coast from the 

Werribee River to Anderson's Inlet, 

soutliern Victoria. 
Bunut, a subdivision of the Maloh 

Bunyau Maloh, a subdivision of the 

Maloli Dyak. 
Biiquidnones. See Bukidnones. 
Buquil. See Bukil. 
Buquitnon, in tlie mountains in 

Ncgros, Philippine Islands; means 

"mountaineers"; distinguished from 

Buquidnones or Bukidnones. 

Bura-bura, south of the junction 

of the rivers Ijodilon and Murray, 

Burais, on the Amazon, below the 

mouth of the Madeira. 
Burappa, on the Loddon, a tributary 

of the Murray, Victoria. 
Burgundians, a Germanic tribe who 

founded the kingdom of Burgundy 

in the beginning of the 5th century. 
Burhwundeitch, in the western part 

of Victoria. 
Burlats, in the district surrounding 

Lake Baikal, Siberia; also Buryats. 

Sibungo ^^ ^ a o 

Maloh Dyak y -J^o 

Maloh Dyak ^ -Mo 

Bukidnones ^ ^ a o 
Bukil ^^So 

Buquidnones % ,^ Bukid- 
nones > ^ ^^ )V =t y V ^N ^ .1/ 

{£ t; ,v =E ^ o 

msift^E ^ turn = i; ^ *'X'e » 

;^ =t y o Buryats h =o * 7; o 



Buribura, norlli of the lower Fitz- 
roy Eiver, Queensland; means 
" belonging to eels." 

Buricas, in the interior of Costa Rica. 

Burmese, in the sonthern part of 
L'jiicr Burma ; called also Mram- 

Bursa, a subdivision of the Oond. 

Burus. See Botocudos. 

Burut. See Kara-Kirghiz. 

Buryats. See Burials. 

Bus, on both sides of the Tociintins, 

Busaos, a subdivision of the Igorrotes. 

Bushmen, in Cape Colony and in 
the Kalahari Desert. The term is 
the English translation of Bosjes- 
man, a Dutch word meaning " man 
of the bush"; call themselves 
Khuai or Khwai, " men "; and 
also called San or Saan, " aborigi- 
nes " (in the singular, Sa or Sab) 
by the Hottentots, Abatua or 
Abatwa by the Amaxosa, Barua by 
the Basutos, and Makantu by the 

Busquipanes. See Capanahuas. 

Butchabura, on the eastern coast of 

Queensland (about hit. 22°-23° S.); 
means " belonging to Bntcha." 

Bute, a subdivision of the Mbum. 
Buthera-baluk, ou the Goulburn, a 

tributary of the u[)per ^[urray, 

central Victoria. 
Bwai. See Bghai. 
Byor, a subdivision of the Nuer. 
Byyanzi. See Bayansi. 

^^ 'Jo 

%:^{\i^. >V^^o V^Vt ]' 

Gond ^ —Mo 
Botocudos 5^ ^ 3 o 
Kara-Kirghiz ^ M. 3 ^ 
Buriats ^^Sq 

Igorrotes ^ -JHo 
•^ 'f IS ^^ ^' ^ ;U if b ^ /-3&ll 

i < ^ I imh%3 ') ^-iAX^ 

h Mt-f I i I m%^ ') ^Mt: 

Capanahuas ^^Sq 

,1.) = {If 7. <V^ J o A^ ^- 
fBiitcha n®Xil'=U/'j b/* 

a^ ') o 

Mbum ^ -Mo 

B^jhai ^Jl3o 
Nuer y -i^o 
Bayansi ^JLuo 


Cabacabas, between the Japura and 
its tributary the Apoporis, Colombia. 

Cabaros, on the Tocantins Kiver, 

Cabecars, a subdivision of the Tala- 

Cabinas, a subdivision oftheMoxos. 

Cabinda, north of the lower Congo. 

Cabiunes, on the Apoporis, a tribu- 
tary of the Japura, Colombia. 

Cabres. See Caveres. 

Cacalotes, on the left bank of tlie 
Eio Grande, Texas, U.S.A. 

Cachibos. See Cashibos. 

Cachien. See Chingpaw. 

Cackchiquels. Same as Cakchiquels. 

Caddo, about 1825, in northwestern 
Louisiana and eastern Texas, U.S.A., 
now in the Indian Territory. They 
call themselves Cadodaquio or Kado- 
hadacho. They are also called 
Dashai (Witch ita name), Masep 
(Kiowa name meaning " pierced 
no?e "), Naslionit (Comanche name), 
and Otas-itaniuw (Cheyenne name 
meaning pierced-nose people"), (si) 

Cadioeos, in Paraguay. 

Cadiques, in Paraguay; now ex- 

Caffir. See Katlir. 

Cafir. See Kaffir. 

Cafuanas, on the Japura, a tributary 
of the Amazon. 

^^ffi^ 'V^3ij 1 n 1 M -fM 
h ^ mo 

Talamancas /* ^S^o 
Moxos ^ —Mo 

:^rl mr-ifi^Atijo 
m.^ 'i-^(? 1 1? 1 ') -tnWo 

Caveres ^ ^ a o 

Cashibos =f %^ o 
Chingpaw 9-^3 ^ 
Cakchiquels ~ |q] v'o 

1-1% 'J (L5,^''1^«!■- 7- '■R 

ii. -y ^ 'V#.^ A J \- ^ il)- ^« 

Lh^' (9i.'i ^ I ti mh u 

Lte I I- i (: 1 J;/..^ 1 f.?^) 

7 ;Vo 

If b C t) i- ^ - tt -fe -y ^ ^ O T* ^^ 

Kaffir ^^a^ 
Kaffir 5^ X. a o 



Cagayanes, on ilie Eio (Jraiule de 
Cagayan, Luzon, Philippine Is- 
lands ; called also Ibang. 

Cahita, south of the Kio Yaqui, 
Sonera, Mexico. 

Cahrocs, on the upper Klamath 
Kiver, northern California, U. S. A.; 

also Karoks. 
Cahuaches, a subdivision of the Ji- 

Cahuayapitis, on the Kio Negro, an 

afHiient of the Amazon. 
Cahuilla, in southern California, 

U. .S. A. 
Cahuimet, in Sinaloa and Sonora, 

Cailloux. Same as Cajuse. 
Caimanes, on tiie northern coast of 

Panama ; also Caomanes. 
Caiptorades, a subdivision of the 

Caishanas, on tiie Tocantins liiver, 

Cakaudrove, a subdivision of the 

Cakchiquels, in central Guatemala. 
Cakokiam, on the northwestern 

cjast of Washington, U. S. A. 
Calaganes, on tiie CasIIaran Creek in 

Lay of Davao of Mindanao, Phi- 
lippine Islands. 
Calapooya, on tiie Willamette, a 

triiiuiary of the lower Columbia, 

Oregon, U. S. A.; also written 

Calauas, in tiie valleys of tiie Kio 

Ciiico de Cagayan, Luzon, 

Pliillppine Isl.inds. 

X^=-{i.7. ,v^ / a Karoks J. 

T- tl ^> o 

Jivaros J —'^o 

Cay use =■ fp] v^-^ 

Caomanes h =c ,U Ti ^ 
Chiquitos ^ —Mo 

Fijians 7 — JHo 
puya !• =t ,«J 7, o 




Calchaquis, formerly in northwestern 

Art,'CMUina ; now extinct. 
Calibuganes, a mixed tribe of Mores 

and hfubanos in western Mindanao, 

Philippine Islands. 
Callpoa. Same as Calapooya. 
Calispell, in Wasliington, U. S. A. 
Callagaes. See Abipones. 
Callahpoewah. Same as Calapooya. 
Callapipa. Same as Calapooya. 
Callapooha. Same as Calapooya. 
Callisecas. See Cashibos. 
Cal mucks. See Kalmucks. 
Camacans, in the region of the 

ujiper and middle San Francisco 

River, eastern Brazil. 
Camaguras, in Matto Grosso, 

Camanche. See Comanche. 
Camavos, on the Maranon, the upper 

part of the Amazon. 
Cambeas, on the southwestern caast 

of Peru. 
Cambebas. See Omaguas. 
Cambevas. Same as Cambebas. See 

Cambocas, on the bay east of the 

mouth of the Tocantins, Brazil. 
Cambodians, in Cambodia; call 

themselves Khmer ; also written 

Campas, on the upper Ucayali, Peru; 

also called Antis. 

Camuangas. Same as Gamungan or 

Gaminianganes ? 
Camuchiros, at the moutli of the Napo, 

an upper branch of the Amazon. 

^^-.^ijoc^Vx. m ^ tiJ /> A.i':u 

Calapooya — [»] v',, 

Abip-jnes ^ Ji a o 
Calapooya — In] v'o 
Calapooya = Iw] :;>o 
Calapooya — ^ v'o 
Cashibos ^ ^ 3 o 
Kalmucks ^ ^ a o 

/^ L -f : M ^ ±i^ ^ t' I]} -^Lita 

Comanche "f Mj^ o 

h t f ^ M -^ ± M ^ <^kb 

Omaguas ^ A, ^ o 

Cambebas =. |SI v'o Omaguas ^ 

- {t ^« 'I' ^ / - -y r g 7 ^> < 
!^il-nf7'o Kambojians ]- 

Vj!£-ltx -v^^o Antis 1- =e 
Gamung in % >- Gannn:ang;mes 

P ::! {f X ,V :£ y o 



Camucones, in llie Sulu Islands of 
the Philippines. 

Camutas, on the left bank of the 
Tocantins, Brazil; now nearly ex- 

Canaanites, name of a tribe in Pales- 
tine mentioned very fieqncntly in 
the Old Testament. 

Canacures, a subdivision of the Mo- 

Canamarys, in the eastern part of 

Canapeis, a subdivision of the Coli- 

Canar, in northern Peru; now ex- 

Canarese, in Hyderabad and 
Mysore, India; also written 

Canaris, formerly, on tlie Gulf of 

Guayaquil, Ecuador. 
Canas, in southern Peru. 
Canasgordas, in the western part of 

(-'auca, Colombia. 
Canawarys, on the Purus, a tributary 

of the Amazon. 
Cancon, in California, U. A. S- 

Canee, in Texas, U. S. A. 
Cangaparangas, on the Madeira, a 

tributary of the Amazon. 
Cangenjes. Same as Barotse. 
Canichanas. See Canicianas. 
Canicianas, a subdivision of the 

Maxes; also written Canichanas, 

Canisianas. See Canicianas. 

Moxos ^ —^o 
Colimas / ^i^o 

^Z I ^4hSB-tlE^-v^7o ^ 

'}\\ - ft ^ iu=e ^ oKanarese h 

Barotse ^[ii]i:v„ 
Canicianas ^ jL '=i o 
Moxos y — i^o <'anichanas. 
< anisianas }. =c ,IJ ;'. j, 

Caniciiuas V- JL -^ o 



Cantabrians, :ui ancient people of 

nortliern Spain. 
Caomanes. See Caimanes. 
Capanahuas, on the Ucayali, an upper 

hraneh of the Amazon; called also 

Capechenes, on the Aquiry, an upper 

branch of the Purus, western Brazil. 
Caquesios. Same as Caquetios. 
Caquetios, on the coast of 

Venezuela from Caracas City 

to Lake Maracaibo at the 

beginning of the 16th century. 

They were early enslaved and des- 
troyed by the Spaniards. 
Carabisis, in Venezuela. 
Carabuyanas, on the lower Amazon. 
Caracaras, on the western side of 

the Parana, Argentina, in the 16th 

century ; now extinct. 
Caracas, formerly, near the city of 

Caracas, Venezuela; as a tribe they 

were probably destroyed before the 

end of the 16th century. 
Caracatas, on the upper Uruguay 

and Parana, southeastern Brazil. 
Carahiahys, on the Eio Negro, an 

aflluent of the Amazon. 
Carahos, on the Tocantins Eiver, 

Carajahis, about Salinas, a town of 

Goyaz, Brazil. 
Carajas, in western Goyaz, Brazil. 
Caramantas, in the western part of 

Cauca, Colombia. 
Carancas, south of Lake Titicaca, 

southern Peru ; also Karankas. 

Carankaway, on tlie coast of Texas, 
U. S. A. 


Caimanes ^'•M.^o 

fc Ij 1 M ^ - tt ^' ;V =E /* o 
Busquipanes h=E^-l»^;i/o 

Caquetios — lijj i?'o 

t ^ I ?) ^ ?f ^ = tt -fe -V =e ^ o 


-<;S I ^l^^»+ .i/^B;b';&'iii/ 
|^>!; = tE^'i''S/'o Karankas 




Carapaches. Sue Gisliibos. 
Carapanas, on tlie Rio Xo^ro, a 

tributary of tlie Amazon. 
Carataimas, on the Caiica River, 

Carayas, on tlie llio Araguava, 

Carayu, soutlieast of Ankober, a 

town of Abyssinia. 
Carcanas, en the Jmna, a tributary 

of the upper Amazon; also 

Carchas, in XicarMgua ; also written 

Cariayos, en tlie Eio Negro, an 

aflluent of the Amazon. 
Caribs, on the northern coast of 

South America ; derived from Carih'i 

or Carina, the name by which 

they call themselves, meaning 

" people." 
Carijonas, on the head-waters of the 

Caqiiei I River, Colombia. 
Cariniacos, on the lower Orinoco, 

Carlpunas, in the region of the Rio 

Negro, an affluent of the Amazon ; 

distinguished from the other tribe 

of tl.e same name. 
Carlpunas, near the cataracts of the 

Mudiiia, Brazil; means " wliite men 

of the water" in the Tiipi lan- 
guage ; call themselves Mannu. 
Cariris, in central Brazil; also written 


Carolanos, in the mountainoi-.s lands 
of Negros, Philippine Islands. 

C.ij^hibos =)-^Bo 

h i. tXM ^ ± J5S ^ '^ C.> a I 
*3M^ - (fe ^. It- =a y> oCananas 

lli'f, <-^j^ft7. -i^e^o Cuk- 
ras b ^^■k7 'I'o 

V -y =5 >> - -v 7^ ""AKj 1- ^ 

Sj s: t7x.M ^ ^nS ^ 'i- iJ ij- i 1 
<• ^ 1 Jfi:i& ^ tt 7. .1/ =e y i -V 

^ 'Jo 

-J^t) Co ^tfj 5K= (E^. 'f t ^o 

Kiriris h =t ,'?7. o 
^^i^'JoCAV,.!^-!^ 'Nil C^ I 



Carquin, formerly soiiili of Carqiiinez ^W^^h "')'■) i'^J^lil t)' ^} ^- i-j 7:> 

.Smuts, California, U. .S A. :^ - ft -b -V =c / o 

Carrier. Sec Taciilli. Taculli 5'-^'=3o 

Carrizas, noiuh of the lower Kio 16 ^ L ^ ^ 'J i>' <*b/CC*T»i£ 

Urancle, Mexico; called also Come- ^f ^"TI&mS 1 sX^ i 

crudo (said to mean "raw eaters" j^r '^ ^Hlg'ta ^- 'i' a '] j|e. V -y 

m allusion to iluir practice of , y _. ,, v ^ -7\ -* , -»iJ ^ •<' 

cannibalism) or Garz is. !■ =K|f|--fe 7 1^0 

Cartujanos. See Calajanos. Catajanos ^ Mi ^ o 

Carusanas, on the Guainia and : -^ »JCA' sfW iHl^SR :^ 't^ Cs i-' 

Inii ida rivers, soutiieastern Co'om- il^j2itHM- "•] f^'^M-^iS 

l)ia. j^o 

Casamarcas, on the head-waters of ^3 3: t/x/M'^ _h V)i1 ^ '^i. h 

the Marailon, the upper part of the (Ijj 1 /^.M -^ ^KW^tiil - Jt-4 ^ 

Amazon. iv =G ^ „ 

Cashibos,onthe westsideof the Ucay- ;i)''L'nJ"lT ^< o \ ^ 1 \ 

ali, as well as the head-waters of the 13'\,^^>^) I M ^ E§^3& - 0^'t 

Pisqui and Aguaytya rivers, Peru; -^ ^ f ^:) Cfci' B ^3MM^ 7K 

means " hat " ; called also Callisec 1, 5^51* - ii ^- '^ =s -^ o/'^^ig J j; 

Carapaches. Also written Oachibos, i^, If f,x: > =^ "? '"^ ''^o Ciclii- 

Kassivos. Ijos. Kassivos h=tig:7.o 

Castilians, In New Castile, central -f ^^^ /^ y' fp %i' <i^\'-o ^ *' 

Spain. -f ^j \ o i&')]G 

Cat. .See Krie. Erie ^ Ji a o 

Catabangenes. See Catnbanganes. Catubimganes ^^^0 

Catacaos, on the upper Piimi River, -< i I /^JS^boK^' 'H^" I "5 ' b 

norihwestern Peru. inj/'jivj^o > 

Catajanos, south of the lower Rio >6 -^ L ^ ^ 'J i>' <'b^'C■T■^ 

Grande, Mexico ; also Cartujanos. : j,^,,,, |> ^i g: 7. <, 

Cataka. Pee Nadiisha-dena. Xadii>lia-dena ^HHq 

Catalanes, in Catalonia and Valencia, ji^)'^C^K "f ^*< Vx^ -^ i'?: -^ 

Spain, and the Balearic Islands and I ' % ff f f \^}A^/^.^^. ? 

a po;nt on the western coa-t ot |1 ^j ^ /» PJS^ '^ — -'ifi - ^ ''■ 

Sardinia; also Catalonians- iv =e y oCataloniaiis 1- =e#;7. o 

Catalanganes, on the Catalangan i-i.''J'3D^% SI Si'l'o -cXSiv^ 

River, Isabela, Luzon, Philippine 2 '^ b ifij^ .^ J&'f: b /^.l^VxyM 

Islands. Bfo 



Catalonians. See Catulanes. 

Catauixis, on the Punis and Jurua, 
trilnitaries < f the Amazon ; also 

Catawba, on tlie Catawba reservation, 
South Carolina, U. S. A.; also 
wriilen Cultawa. 

Cathlamet, a subdivision of the Chi- 

Cathiapooya. Same as Calapooya. 

Catianas, on tlie Purus, a tributary 
of llie Amazon. 

Catios, east of the Atrato Kiver, 
northwestern Colombia. 

Cattle Damara. See Ovaherero. 

Catubanganes, on the mountains of 
Guiii.iyangan, Tayabas, Luzon, Phi- 
lippine Islands; also Catabangenes. 

Catuquinas, on the Jurua, a tributary 
of tlie Amazon. 

Cauanas. See Carcanas. 

Cauaxis, on the Jurua and Jutay, 
tributaries of the Amazon. 

Caucasians. I. A collective name for 
peoples iu the Caucasus; of wiiich 
the chief ones are Abkhasians, 
Chechens, Circa.ssians, Georgians, 
Khevsurs, Lesghians, Mingrelians, 
and (^ssetians, etc. 
2. A name given to one of the 
races of mankind, including tribes 
!ind peoples nearly in the whole of 
Europe (except the domains of the 
Films, Magyars, and Turks, etc.), 
western Asia and India, and nor- 
thern and eastern Africa ; of whicti 
tlie main divisions are Arabs, Ar- 

Catal.iuc^ 7- iL ^ o 

/t^ •= {£ .7. /v ^ /• o (^iiatausis 

Chinook / —Mo 
Cahipooy.i — fnl :J>o 

i)M i;?i IT \hi:u<ii?n 
Ovaherero fJt^o 

O I ftjiij^o 

Gircanas ^ ji a o 
ftJlf AM / ifjfe ^ 'i- CaI 
o I ft. C.i I -C I SM^o 

:: 1 i^5Tv> w ii'%-t 

ft-5i*'LftA- i^-tt-5i. (T 
■J '' I o- 5 I i" LftA- t^ti 

h CftA- Tix.'5^;cA/- ^X-" 

cij 1 'jftA-'it-'^-f l:ft^ 

- li'5T-/^ A«iM'^A 
^IH^in-f-AM^'V*^ ^ -^ 

i I 7',o[ik Pit -'.-.• ^• I C> 
5j: ^ ru =E /» .» ft ib j;. ft i * 



nienians, Basques, Eedouins, Bija, 
Berbers, Cliecliens, Circassians, Egy- 
ptians, English, French, Galla, Ge- 
orgians, Germans, Greeks, Hindus, 
Italians, Jews, Letts, Litliuanians, 
Persians, Poles, Kussians, Scotch, 
Somali, Spaniards, Tibbu, etc The 
term was given by Bliimenbach, a 
skull of a Georgian woman which 
he had obtained from the Caucasus 
having been considered as the proper 
representative of the skull type of 
this group of men. 

Cauiaris, on the Japura, a tributary 
of the Amazon. 

Cauixanas, on the Japura, a tribu- 
tary of tlie Amazon. 

Caupezes, in Matto Grosso, Brazil. 

Cauxanas, between the Putumayo and 
the Japura, tributaries of the Ama- 

Caveres, on the upier Orhioco, Soutli 

America ; also Cabres. 
Cavinas, on a tributary of the Beni, 

an upper branch of the Madeira, 

northern Bolivia ; said to be the 

same with Araonas. 
Cayababas, a subdivision of the 

Cayanas, on the Madeira, a tributary 

of the Amazon. 
Cayapas, on the river of the same 

name in Ecuador. 
Cayapos, in scuthern Goyaz, Brazil. 
Cayovas, on the Tapajos, Brazil. 
Cayowas. See- Cayuabas. 
Cayuabas, on the upper Madeira, 

I'-fcA- i^l:W ' A- ^^^<• 
b/s.i'A- i\L:-5'iA- **' ' 
h 1 . -y^J Ls>A- ? I *'L*J 
A- lift I • C^'S C^K- -f 
l^t,. -f ^\.^AyA- < 1 ^ 
Ij I . Bx.O^;t^• ^-^^ > • H" 
t^oA- IfT <• C/'^o' I . J>^ 

e./v.i A---i:v ^-^ I ^Vv.- 

-<Z IhA- -<Z-<Z- li" 1 o. 
"■J Lid I 1 ' r-hA-i-^-y i- h 
L^K'^y ^)o iiiSM^^AM 

IX ^ )i/ =t y - -> r ni] f^ ■)i' 1 ' 
C fe ^ A ^ M'l- ^ Jlfc AM ^ M 
ij la 1) -y =ii /- t ') o 


*t^i 1 Ml- i:?,^^ I ^ M> 
life i6 ij iv id ij >?) :M^ -tf)^ 

- 1£ ^< ;v "t / o Cabres h =e # 

^ )I-"<i:M^— ^-^''vft^- 
1- [Hi - :>- y I- ;g 7 o 
Moxos ? — j^o 

-{£ ;?, ,v :t y o 
Cayuabas ^ ^ 3 o 



a tributary of tlie Amazon; aUo 

Cayuga. See Kiowa. 

Cayuga, south of Lake Ontario, 
U.S.A.; derived from their own 
name Gwe-u-gweh-o-no, " people of 
the mucky land," referring to the 
marsli at the foot of Cayuga Lake. 

Cayuse, cliiefly near the mouth of 
the Kiver Walla Walla, northeas- 
tern Oregon, U. S. A. 

Cayuvavas, in northern Bolivia. 

Cazcanes, in central Mexico. 

Cebola. See Zuni. 

Cebuny, in the island of Cuba. 

Celtiberians, an ancient people in 
Celtiberia (modern southwestern 
Aragoii and the greater part of 
Soria, Cnenca, and Burgos in Spain). 

Celts, a collective name for the Bre- 
tons, Irish, Manx, and Welsh. 
Formerly they occupied the western 
part of the Eur pean Cunlinent and 
tlie Briush I-^lands. 

Ceris, in western Sonora, Mexico. 

Chabaranas, in Paraguay. 

Chacato. See Choctaw. 

Chachapuyas, on tlie Marail .n, the 
upi)er part of t'le Amazon. 

Chachyen. See Chingpaw. 

Chacobas, on the Kio Mamoro, an 
upper branclv of the Madeira, 
nurlliern Bolivia. 

Chacopatas, in Venezuela. 

Chactaw. Scj Clidctaw. 

Chagaragotos. See Chirigotos. 

Chagnan, on the southern slopes of 
tlie Hindu Knsii, Afghanistan. 

}Bj/'±t1K-{f^. 'I =t y^ C'a- 
yowas h =c (•*;7, g 

Kiowa ^JL^o 

It I CO) 1 *"^ S:, .^. '.J i'-S-^Wa 

G>ve-u-tjirclt-o-no a V ^ V -> =t 

± h -> r ^^ <6 ij ij'fi'^i^h'n r 

Zuni ih^So 

o :' I -r ym')W} -<iffe-yi?r 

Choctaw ^ ^ a o 

i:^ I ^M#o 

Chingpaw 5^JLj„ 
M y Ji f)!t i« 'U ij If ill 

5;tilt£*l^ I bo 

Clioctaw ^ jL ^ o 

Chirigotos =f ^'^ r, 

?J-^i)M: -f r: /v. /» C/^ /<.o « 



Chahrarat. Slc Dakota. 

Chahta. t^ec Choctaw. 

Chai, on the upper yol):U, an upper 

branch of the Kile. 
Chaimas. Same as Chaymas. 
Chainimaini, on the lower King's 

Kiver, California, TJ. S. A. 
Chakalmati, on the eastern coast of 

Taniaulipas, Mexico. 
Chakar, in yonthern RLongolia; also 
written Khivkar, Sliakar, Tsakhar, 
Chakmani, on the upper Kuram, a 

tributary of the Indus, India. 
Chak-pa, in central Tibet. 
Chakuvukuvum, a subdivision of the 

Pa i wan. 
Chalikata Mishmis, on the Dibong, 
one of tlie chief head streams of the 
Bralunapntra, India. Tlie word 
Chalikata means '• crop-haired," 
deriving from their habit of cropp- 
hig the hair on the fore head. 
Chalone, iu California, U. S. 

Cham. See Cliiam. 
Chamba, in Kamerun, West 

Chamkanni, on the upper Kuram, a 

tributary of tlie Indus, India. 
Cham-pa, in western Tibet. 
Chanabal, iu Guatemala. 
Chanas. See Chants and Guayanas. 
Chancas, near HuMuta, a town of the 

department of Ayacuclio, Peru. 
Chancos, near Truxlllo, a town of 
the department of Libcrtad, Peru. 

Dakota =)■ jk,'^ o 
Clioctaw =f SL'^ o 

Chaymas — In] i/ o 

;', )V =E ^ - -y T ^v^W ^- '^ =t 
^ ^i- ''} o Khakar. Sliakar. 
Tsakhar. Tshakar >=c«:7.„ 

Paiwau y '-^'ko 

Chiam f%-^o 

Chanes Jk. t* Guayanas 7'- H. =3 o 
'^ ;?, I /" *J I. ^ ^J < 1 ^ ?i I !)•!■! /* 

^^P -t -5 3 1 GH ij J. 1 Fl'ti^o 


Chane. >-(.c Chowcc. Cli.,wc,.- t- iL J o 

Chaneabal, in etisdrn Chiapas, ^ b Ll ^ ^ hUf 'M ^ i\'fS\[- 

Chanes, formerly, in Un.giiav. =^0^ -3 o I r^h*. ' = (If -k -> =C/'o 

Chanes, formerly, on the west »icle of i,%{Z ] -|" tfel-lfli'^J b\^i) ^ 

the Paraguav Rivpr, smlheastern *[; i^l "!»:'■ 'i' If b Cs. I'M/' H 

Bolivia. They were probably llie 't" C3> >■'?:) t£ 'f X -"^ Ci>a 

same as the modtrii Guanas or 'f y^y'f'fi / M.M ^ ^ ~ ■}■ 

Lriiayanas. Also Lhanas. 7; ^ 

Changar, in Punjab, India. ^ V.. i' ^ CV^ Cj-J^^Ha 

Changes, on the coast of northern •^j, I /v^" 1 5 Mj / ^h-*£ 

Chile; about lat. 23° S. ^ (Kfl$*^- +31^)0 

Changos, on the southern coast of (I'^i ^ ^ 1^'^^ -flE,!.^- -i' =e 

Pan;ii!ia. y ^ 

Changuenes, in the western part of l-ti: ij 1 v'/ gygg-j^.g 7. 

Costa Rica. 'i- =e y „ 

Chang-pa. See Ta^hlik. Ta<.'hlik ^£3^ 

Chang-t'eo-fah, iu southern Yun- ^ flPSj i^JiYi^Si; v (L- K= -y t' 

nan, Lhma. ,. *-' -^ ^t. " -- 

' o 

Chapacuras, in Bolivia; called Is ij vi..^ -{Ifx ,1. t: / „ ^7 

Tliiachi by themselves. ^> lluachi MIf 7*o 

Chapanecs, in central Chiapa.s, i):^(i^i< th ^ ! ' ^ h h 

M.xico ; also Chiapanc as. ^^^. '>^ ^ '^ ^ "^<£ ^-."^ ^ ^ o 

' Cl:ia|);ine(s b =c ,'1^ ;'. o 

Chapogirs, between the Lower Tun- \,x{%^ ^ '"-I- t£l'M'|i i5£ 

j;u>ka and the Stony Tunguska, tri- ^ %^^ 'I'T^/CC ' Ti'i"! 

binaries of the middle Yenisei. \X\^L C I "f i'M b -^RHo 

Chapsugh. See S^hap-uch. Shapsuch ^ JL =3 o 

Charay, on the boundary of Annan fe/v/Vj; f ^ i'L'l; ?>';, h ^ ift^h 

and Cambodia. ilfe =■ {fe ^* 't' * -^ o 

Charcas, between Lakes Auliaga and jj ij v'.<?3/> ij I 'J j, I A' I i|J 

Paria, I'olivia. b (f ij ^3}^ i- y f|Sl ,, 

Char Duar, in Bhutan. J,: 1 f:/^o 

Charentes, on tJie banks of the -^r^ 1 iJl/vT IT -J> ?> L 

Arau'iiava and the Tocantins, o ^ ^ b n'j. i *^) .?i t' i I i)' 

hrazil; al=o written Cherentes, ,1, qe / „ Cherenles. Xercntes 

Xcrentes. 1- =t ,'J ;'. „ 



Charrib. See Kariff. 

Charruas, in Uriiguaj*. 

Chas'a Costa, a subdivision of the 

Chasutas, un ihe Iluallaga, an upper 

hrancli of tlie Amazon. 
C hatha. See Comanche. 
Chatinos, ii Oajaca, Mexico. 
Chauchau. Pee Koriaks. 
Chauchila, in central California, U. 

P. A. 
Chaungtha, in Arakan, Burma. 
Chauques, in the islands of Chiloe 

of Chile. 
Chavantes, between the Tocantins 

and the Araguaya, Brazil. 

Chawah. See Chowan. 

Chawia, in Algeria. 

Chawishek, on the western coast of 

California, U. S. A. 
Chaymas, north of the lower Orinoco, 

Chea. See Sia. 
Chechens, in the basin of the Terek 

River, eastern Caucasus; also written 

Tchetchens, Tshetsh, Tshetshents. 
Chechians, in Bohemia, Austria. 
Chehali, on ihe coast of Washington, 

U. S. A. 
Cheh-sie, in the western part of 

Yun-nan, China. 
Ch'eh-tsai Miao, in southeastern Kui- 

chau, China. 
Chekhs. Same as Czechs. 
Chelamela, in northwestern Oregon, 

U. S. A. 
Chelekee. See Clieroki. 
Cheliag, jirobably a subdivision of 

Kariff ^^3. 

•3 a I <*t>i^o 

Athapascan J — J^o 

Comanche ^ )i a o 
Koriaks ^^ a o 

^ i 1 i'^ s 1 ^t■M 1- fc b 

Chowan ^ ^ a ^ 

h ^; 'J i "g> ^ 1=5] ;i' •) ^^fe o 1 : ^3 

Sia ^£-=3„ 

X ;!/• =e 7 o Tchetchens. Tshe- 
tsh. Tshetshents l-=0*^'o 

Sj ^ 'J Jjj-'g' ^ lil 5 U L L i /^'Jii 

S ¥K 'J'li t SI i?! SB ^ (t S - -> 7^ 

Czechs =■ [p] '^o 
Cheroki ^^a„ 



the Chukcliis who occupied tlie 
Siberian Arctic coast from the 
Gulf of Chauu to the month of the 
Kolima River at the e.ul of the 
IStli century. 

Chemehuevi, west of tlie Rio Colo- 
rado in I lie southern part of 
California, U. S. A. 

Chemsian. See Tsimshian. 

Chenchoo, in southern India. 

Chenpcsel, in uortiiern California, 
U. S. A. 

Chepang, in llie nortliern part of 

Chepara, on tlie to the north 
of the boundary between New South 
Wales and Queensland ; means 
" coast." 

Chepenafa, in Oregon, U.S. A. 

Cherembos, on the Maranon, the 
upper part of the Amazon. 

Cheremiss, in the governments of 

Kazan and Vyatka, Russia; so called 
by tlie Russians; call themselves 
^lari, " man" 

Cherentes. See Charentes. 

Cherkesses. See Circassians. 

Cherohakah. See Nottoway. 

Cherokee. See Cheroki. 

Cheroki, formerly, in southern Virgi- 
nia, North and South Carolina, 
Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee, 
U. S. A.; now in the Indian Ter- 
ritory, and a few of them, still in 
Georgia and Teniiesice; means "up- 
land field ;" al.-o written Ciielekee, 
Cherokee, Tsalaki. 

Tsimshian J — JXo 

3 ^) ig -^ 7 V ^ 'V- =t y :J- y o 

Charentes ^ )L a o 
Circassians =f- %'^ o 
Nottoway ^ ji 3 o 
Cheroki =>]L"=5o 

Ciio \Lh- S) biri- -CilL 

:nd I 

b Clierokee V =e ,•? 7. , 

b -> I I- 't i- 


Cheruman, in southern Malal):ir, a I Vv. i'V J; i;> (i* I Z H^ Jj y> ^-j 

district of Iiitlia. nllo 

Chestes. ^'ee Shasta. Shasta 9 ^-^=3 o 

Chetco, on t!ie Siletz reservatinn, ^j i^) ij 6'^ ifc 'u^ iJH - /v/ W! L 

Oregon, U. S. A. il^^\^{f-i&o 

Chetemacha, in Louisiana, U. S. A.; L 1 i>J: L^.^ ^J i6 'J i)'^^ 

derived from Choctaw words tchuii, /oihk^-^jiA M ^iTi't 

" cooking vessels, " mas/m, "they C^i^^i^ ni)R "i^'muxha {^'^ 

nearly extinct. Also 

^^^^y. 'i-.y a) a >l |a ') 

possess; neany exuncu ^- ^ ■■ ^. ,^ ■; ^;^ ^ ^ ^,^g,^ 

written Shelimasha. ^ V o Shetiniaslui 1--'e;Ij^<o 

Chetiessentun. See Tcetlestcan. 'Jcetlesican =^li-^o 

Cheyenne, in 1830, on the Platte and LS't^'A./v f-A^3~\'^-=- 

Missouri rivers; now on the Cheyenne --^ ^3 *5 •) /J'o" >1^ Wi-^ ■^'- ho h 

reservation of the Indian Territory, Jk^'-^yP' I 'J ^"M/ vS^-lt 

nnd it Hod Cloud Ao-pncv of -fe -y iJ" t^ " V Vn^ *> ^O/CuFw^ ^ 

and at Keel LlouU .\,ency of L r.. ^ l/..f* /f ilHSt'-e?^ ^fc- 

Wyoming. Ihe term is a French \ ^/-A, {''H\ilo i' i b "i E 

spelling of their Sioux name mean- i. C;l/C L - t^.§» ^' ^ jtt^''^ 

ing "enemies." Their own name ''^^■■^t !^$S^^^: '^'f,^-^ i- 

IS Dzitsistas, "our peoiile. liiey ^ I 't p.'T V 1^ y' :^ ^ '"?!t:^ 

are also called Bahakosin (Caddo / ^j I' ^ :§; ^- ■"} o ^^ ' f : "T _1_ 

name meanhig " striped arrows"), ^^^-^^50 ,' Jl) 1 I T 

Hitasina (Apache name meaning ilii'^^^-J ^ ^B- "r^^^jV 

"scarred people"), Itasupuzi (Hida- / ^) Ls>^' ' ^ (/- - ' f-tS 

tsa name meaning " spotted arrow f". ^ f^J '\^ f^li'^ fVf ^i""; 

qudls"), Paganavo (Shoshoni and ^ I M- r ''if ^IT .i^^j 1« ;> 

Comanche name meaning "stripe! p) It'll I I LA/ ( i* ' i' ' 

arrows "), Sakota (Kiowa name mea- p 7 f ^^i^^ T '^ "^J ^^.,^ ^^ ^" 

ning " biting "), and Shaiela ^m^T >l^A^> \^ ^ ^) ^^ ^M 

(Dakota name meaning " ted "). CHi -fe 7 >Uo 

Chiam, in southern Annain; also i>s,t.* ^jA.'^lV-^\^%^it 

7. pi. =e /> o Cham. Tziam > 

written Cham, Tziam. 4^ J* 7, 

Chiamus, on the Pacific coast of : ;2) i'G^'^0 /* i:T-# -M ^< '^t^ 

^ zi {{f p; ;i^ =e /* o ClK.cannis 

Colombia ; also written Chocamus. 1, =■. ^ x 

Chia-pa-la, in western Yun-nan, ^flpg |^ f PJuli/' ItS - -^ r 

China. WBM t n. =c y ;^ w :J- >J „ 

Chiapanecs. See Cliapanecs. Cliapanecs i-^^o 



Chibaras, on the JiUay. 
of tJie Aiiitiz ill. 

; rilniiarv 

Chibchas, on tlie iipiicr Magdalena 
Kivcr, Colombia; call themselves 
Miiysca meaning " man." 

Chibokvve. Same as Kioko. 

Chicaca. -Se Chickasaw. 

Chicacotra, in Panama. 

Chicaho. S^'c Chickasaw. 

Chicasa. See Chickasaw. 

Chicasaw. See Chickasaw. 

Chichas Orejones, in the Gran 
Chaco, hfouth America; called also 

Chichasuyus, a suhdivision of the 

Chichimecas, formerly, on the 
western coast of Mexico. 

Chickahomonies, in Virginia, U.S.A.; 
now extinct. 

Chickasaw, originally, on the Mo- 
bile Kiver, Alabama, U.S.A.; now 
in the Indian Territory; also written 
Cliic:ica, Chicaho, Chicasa, Chica- 
saw, Chickesaw, Chicksaw. 

Chickesaw. See Chickasaw. 

Chicklesaht, a subdivision of tlieAht. 

Chicksaw. See Chickasaw. 

Chicriabas, near the San Francisco 
lUvir, Brazil. 

Chieh-jen, in southwestern ICni-chuu, 

Ch'ie Miao, in southwestern Kui-chau, 

Chien-fah Keh-lao, in >( uihwestern 
Kui-cliau, China. 

Chien-ting Miao, in nmial Kni- 
chau, Cliina. 

C Vii i-fi M ^ ±iit = (t ^' 'f =t 

Kioko :: ^ C^^ 
Chicka.saw ^|L^o 

Chickasaw ^ ^ a o 
Cliickasaw ^-^Hq 
Chick.-isaw ^fi^a 

Ifi :i!7 - ft 'I 'V =E /> o Orejones 

(^lechiias J — j^,, 

■^ I -f, 1 * I*' m^>h -> L 
-flf-k -y^E /'o^^>;^i^-k V , 

/ ?& "f: =■ it -b -> i'-^J^ t Vx. V 

i'it I • ^ < ^ I . r, ij /c I > 
^211: Chicasa. Chicasaw Y 

Chickasaw ^ H. a o 
Aht y-J^o 
Cliickasaw /* ~-^o 

fiSii^ .1. =u y ;i V. .)- >j 



Chilasi, on tlio upper Indus, India. 
Chilcat, on Cliilcnt River and Bay, 

soutJieastern Alaska. 
Chilidugu. See Araucanian^. 
Chilion, in Arizona, U.S.A. 

Chilkat. Same as Chilcat. 
Chilkotin, on tlie upper Fraser 

Kiver, British Columbia. 
Chillicothe, in Missouri, U.S.A.; 

now extinct. 
Chilluckquittequavv, a subdivision 

of tlie Cliinook. 
Chillula, on the Kedwood Creek, 

northern California, U. S. \. 

Chimakum, in nortli.vestern Wa- 
shington, U. S. A ; now extinct. 

Chimaiakwe, formerly, on New River, 
a tributary of the Trinity River, 
northwestern California, U. S. A ; 
now extinct. 

Chimalapa, a sub.liviiion of tlie 

Chimanos. Same as Jumanas. See 

Chimariko, formerly on the Trinity 
River, northwestern California, 
U.S.A.; probably now extinct. 

Chimbioas. Same as Ciiimbiuas. See 

Chimbiuas. See Ximbiuas. 

Chimilas, in Magdalena, Colombia. 

Chimpan, in Zungaria; now ex- 
tinct ? 

Chimpaw. See Chingpaw. 

Chimsian. See Tsimshian. 

Araucanians ^jL^o 
Ciiilcat =. [gj ;j>o 

Chinook ^ -*SMo 

'J 5's, I / ^-Mt^ '^\-& 1 '-J 

Zoques ^ — ^o 

Jumanas - [h] -:;□ Ticunas ^^ 

ij V :f, 1 ^ -ift^ - {i -fe -y =e 
Chimbiuas -[fi]vo Ximbiuas 

Ximbiuas 9- jl a o 

tX:&''J ^J-lt:"^> '^^^o ^'^ 

Chingpaw =^ ^3 c 
Tsimshian ^|L'=3 o 



Chimus, a powerful tribe \v]io for- 
merly occupied the Peruvian coast 
between lat. 5" and 10° S. ; called 
also Yuncas or Yungas. 

Chin, a subdivision of the Dardis. 

Chin, in eastern Arakan, Lower 
I'urma and in the western part of 
Upper Burma. Tiie northern Cliins 
call themselves Yo, the southern, 
Lai, and those in Lower Burma, 
Shu. Also Kliyen. 

Chinantecos. See Tzolzil. 

Chinantlas. S;ime as Chinantecos. 
See Tzotzil. 

Chinarro, in norihern Chihuahua, 

Chinbon, in Arakan, Burma. 

Chinchas, formerly in western Peru. 

Chinese, the people of China proper. 

Chingaii, in the Northtrn Territory 
of South Australia; about lat. 18° S., 
long. 133° E.; so caUed by them- 
selves, and by their neighbours; 
also Tjingilli. (ih) (Ui) 

Chingigmut, near Cape Xewenham 
f f !-outii western .Alaska. 

Chingpaw, on the upper Irawadi 
(about lat. 24°-27° X.) and its 
tributary the upi)er Chindwin, 
Burma; so called by themselves, 
meaning "man." They are called 
Kachin or Kakhyen by the Bur- Also written Cliimpaw, 

Chingpo, Chinpho, Singfo, Singpaw, 
Singphe, Singpho, Singphu, Singpo, 
Tsingpo, Cachien, Cliachyen, Kach- 
Katchin, Kha-hyeng, Kliah- 


Dardis ^-j^, 

i I i-zjt]^:;/.- J^>!^ ,i-Tiy 

Tzo-zil ^£3o 

Chinantecos -^-^o Tzjlzil 9 

^ o 1 5' I ^ -c ij i ij I 
//r^jttfSnf ^iU7';'.o c/^.-y»j 

■^A.<-{il G^-^i^t^b-h 

?i?--yr'"Ajl- >'3S:^ Vo C< 

o ^ A -J 'J » i' 5 ^x ^- *• -> 

^,^^■^F'«'^o Chimpaw. 

Chingpo. Chinjiho. Singfo. 
Singpaw. Singphe. Singpiio. 
Singphu. Singiio. Tsingpo. 
Cacliitn. Chacliyen. Kflcliyen. 
Katcliin. Kha-hyeng. Khak- 
liiaen. ]■ C ,'1^ 7. q 



Chingpo. See Chingpaw. 
Ch'in-jen, in iKirlliwe.-tern Yun-nan, 

Chinme, in Arakan, Burma. 

Chinook, on the lower Columbia 
Kivcr, Washington, U. S. A. ; alsa 
Tcliinnk, Tsliimik, Tsinnk. 

Chinpho. See Chiugpaw. 

Chipewyan, between Ilndsou Bay 
and Lake Atliabasca, Canada; 
means "pointed coat" in the Cree 
language. Tliey call themselves 
See-eessaw-dinneh, meaning "rising 
sun men." Also Cliippewayan. 

Chippewa, northwest of Lake Supe- 
rior; called also Ojibwa or Ojlbway. 
Also Chippeways. 

Chippewayan. See Chipewyan. 

Chippeways. See Chippewa. 

Chiquitos, in tiie department of 
Santa Cruz, Bolivia; means "very 
small" in Spanish, tlie early Spa- 
niards having supposed them to 
be dwarfs, from the doors of their 
huts being exceedingly low. 

Chiricahua, in soulhern Arizona, 

U. S. A. 
Chirigotos, formerly, o\ the eastern 

shore of Venezuela ; probably same 

as Ciiagiragotos. 
Chiriguanos, in the departments of 

Santa Cruz and Chuquisaca, Bolivia; 

also Chiriliuanos, Siriguanos, Xiri- 

Chirihuanos. See Chiriguanos. 
Chirionossos, in the Bolivian Gran 


Cliingpaw ^ JL a o 
■:£5PSl^tM*gR ^ ffK - y r 

'Jchinnk. Tsliiniik Tsinuk 

i *- E3 O 

Chingpaw zf- ^'^ o 

ii'T i^'m Ml i' ^ ^w > ^ fai 

± V o ^ 7 ^- L I >- ^ I ^ 1 V 
-^ M^- 'J o Cluppewayan V ^ 

7 iVo Chippeways > -^^^'o 
Chipewynn ^ ^ a o 
Chippewa ^^.^o 
i> 1 ^ 1 ^ 1 li'^J v\^^^ 

^ *- ft '^ 'I' /J>M / A P ^5 ^ ^ 
^h :J- '1- a 1) tfeB^ ^ "^ '< »' Vxy A 

# -^^ =^ 'hA > Bif<i ^ -y - ^ 

ft 7. ,1. =£: /> o 

= ft -fe V =c /> o iS ^ ^^ Chaga- 
ragolos 1- IkI — :>- ? > o 

7it' ^1% 1 ^ I S ;&'M:)'l'l-ft 
;', iv =e y o Chirihuanos. Siri- 
guanos. Xirignanos > =2*7. ^ 
Chiriguanos ^ ^ a o 


Chiripos, in C\ sl.i luta. lit- ^J I i* 

Chiripunos, .).. tlie Curaray, a iri- /^ ( ft t' o / ^il? I fif (ft Jt f 

butary of the Xapo (an upper /^M ^ ±ffi) ^-^r^f -i- < C, 

branch of the Amazon,) Ecnador. b>''j6I;'^o 

Chirivones, a ^ulKlivision ofllieChi- Cliiquitos />— 5^, 

Chirupas, on tlic nj per Orinoco, flgft <6 'J iV iJ 'J O ; jnj y ± 

S.nitli Aiiierici. f^^ 

Chisedek, a subdivision of tlie Mon- Montagnais (Algonquian -1^ 

t:>giKiis (Algonquian) ; now extinct. x ,p) /> — T^o T'^^fSIlt"'^ ^o 

Chitarraga, in Panama. Itil^o 

Chitrali, on tlie slopes of tiie Hindu ft.^^:J)>'|l -f -f: /^ y y: /^ o 1 

Knsh, Afghanistan. < i LUi^/'llSao 

Chiulipos, in the Gran Chaco, Sontli [^fti^^J iV <* b/x^ ^i j, : I 

America. ij^^j^^ 

Chlouah, ill Marocco. k^r>lo 

Choam Chadila Porno, on the wcs- ft s') ^J i'-^ JfcliJi-iJ ,5«jjo 11 ft 

tern coast of California, U. S. A. i)].] ^ ggf^^^ 

Chocamus. See Chiamns. Chiannis ^JL^o 

Chocktaw. See Choctaw. Choctaw ^jia„ 

Chocos, in tlie western part of ■^^. ] ~ ) -^ l-^t-'C^'^'ft /" 

Colombia. '&%o 

Choctaw, originally, between the i>5j ^ i 1 Si f^J •'^ ^^ L Lo 

lower Mississippi and the Mobile; D^' 1 M^'Trfe 1^ t ' C/'^' ' ^W 

now in the Indian Territory. They V z' fs^ -It "t v' :?'' t*^' i- '^ V 

were called " Flatbeads " or " Tetes ft A.%tB- - <$!. ^- o A.^: - -"^ 

plales" by the early writers, from 95^^Mp[K^S^- '" ^ )B.^ 

iheir habit of compressing the tf ^- 'i' ^ '^ t£1J ^ ^ i5'^" ^^ 

heads of ma'e infants. They should ^B? > r'-J- f)-p i '^-j f 1> i 

not be confounded with ihe Flat- '^ V o -^ b'7 i '^o i'-'^'tf ' 

heads or Salish tribe. Also written ij L 1' fl? 7- 'i-fli^- '' iS;l5J ^-^ 

Chacato, Chactaw, Chahta, Cliock- * 7 y'-o Chacato. Cliactaw. 

t;,w. Clialita. Chocktaw. 1< =t ,IJ 7. „ 

Chokuyem, n.rtli of San Francisco S, ^^} ii'^^yHij'^j Z^iiZ i'- f) 

Jjiy, Lahlornia, U. o. A. Hb^ 

Choles, formerly in >()Utheastern ^fell.!p Cft 'C J; b /* (lilflul! - (t -t 

Guatemala. v" =0 /> „ 

Choligha, in ihe Mysore iiills, sou- ^'/^ c ^ \^%'i' '^ ^ ^ ' ' ' 

tliern India. iiio 



Cholones, on tlie Huallaga, an upper 

Israiicli of tlie Amazon ; so called 

by the Spaniards. 
Choluteca, on the Gulf of Fonsecu, 

Chonek. See Patagonians. 
Chong, on the southern coast of Siam. 
Chonos, in tlie Clionos Archipelago, 

s luiicrn Chile, 
Chonquiros. S:une as Pirros. 
Chontales, in tlie states of Oojaca, 

Guerrero, and Tabasco, Mexico, and 

in Guatemala and Nioiragna ; 

means "stranger" in the Nahuatl 

Chopunnish. See Sahaptin. 
Choral, in Baghalpur, a divisiou of 

Behar, Bengal, India. 
Chorass, in the southwestern part 

of ^Mongolia. 
Chorotegans, on the western coast 

of ZSTicaragna. 
Chorti, in Guatemala. 
Chouman. See Comanche. 
Chouvaches. See Chuvashes. 
Chowan, formerly, on the Chowan 

River, northeastern North Carolina, 

U. S. A. ; now extinct ; also written 

Chowee, a subdivision of the Paw- 
nee; also Chane. 
Chuchona, on the borders of Oajaca 

and Guerrero, Mexico. 
Chuchura, in Panama. 
Chucklers, in southern India; called 

also Cobblers. 
Chuelches. See Patagonians. 

^ V ^- .1/ =c ^ :h ij o 
Patagonians ^ li a o 

■f>%^ 1 1 T !i I 'J ^ ii 

Pirros - [n] -y^ 

i>3s 1 /utiHT *^^ L : ^ 

Sah:iptiu =f-%-^o 

I ■ /x. i' ^ '<^*'' h % -< It 1 h^ 

y' o 

i'hXk bo 
Conianclie f-^a^ 
Chuvashes 9 ^'^ o 

^MHt - {i -fe: -y =e /• o ^^-M 
i^S-k iJo Chawah > =e*?io 
Pawnee J —Mo — ^ Chane h 

*<;-> L :^'t^ 1 li ^•:)'H > 't' ^ 
(11^1 !)tl > ^ itif o 

;g Cobblers > =G^t 7 'Vo 
Patagonians ^ jL a o 



Chugatsh, on Prince William rt'oiuid, 
soutliern Alaska. 

Chukaimina, iu the Squaw Valley 
uf California, U. S. A. 

Chukchansi, on the San Joaquin 
Kiver, California, U. S. A. 

Chukchis, between the Anadyr Eiver, 
northeastern Siberia and the Arctic 
Ocean (except the northeastern 
extremity) ; the original form of the 
term is Taski, meaning " brother " 
or "confederates." Also written 
Tchaukthus, Tchikchis, Tchnkchis, 
Tcliuktchis, Tshuktshis, etc. 

Chumanas. Same as Jumanas. See 

Chumash, in Santa Rosa Island ofl' 
the southwestern coast of Califor- 
nia, U. S. A. 

Chumawa, in northeastern California, 
U. S. A.; nearly extinct. 

Chumaya, on the middle Eel River, 
northwestern California, U. S. A. 

Chumidok, in central California, 

U. S. A. 
Chumtiwa, in central California, 

U. S. A. 
Chumuch, in central California, 

U. S. A. 
Chumwit, in central California, 

U. S. A. 
Chunchos, in the department of 

Cuzco, Peru. 
Chung, in the highland of Kui-chan, 

Chunipies, in the CJran Chaco, South 


^3>6'J i"g>^l^,^'ij.i.i,i i: h 

>H^ 3^ It. I ?)-> 1 AMHto 

i)'.% 1 < i> L-^iJ^W ill :1b 

i7)-{Jt^,^=ty^ Jit?/; / 

V o Tchuikthus. Tchikchis. 
Tchnkchis. Tchuktchis. Ts- 
huktshis h =Etl}: :^o 
Jumanas - [hJ ^J-q Ticunas ^ 

T : I Wo 



Chuntaquirus. See Pirros. 

Chunupies. Same as Chunipies. 

Chunut, near Tulare Lake, California, 
U. S. A. 

Churitunas, a subdivision of the 

Churoyas, in the central part of 

Chu-shi Keh-lao, in southeastern 
Kul-cliau. Ciiina. 

Chutia, in the southwestern part of 
Assam, India. 

Chuvanzis. Sime as Chnwanzes. 

Chuvashes, in the governments of 
Kazan and Simbirsk, Russia; called 
Vyress by tlie Russians, Kurkmari 
by the Cheremiss, meaning " hill- 
man " ; also written Chouvaches, 
Ti'huvashes, Tshuvashes. 

Chuwanzes, south of Chaun Bay, 
northern Siberia. 

Chuzcos, on the Huallaga, an upper 
branch of the Amazon. 

Chwachamaju, on the western coast 
of California, U. S. A. 

Cia. See Sia. 

Cilia. See Sia. 

Cimbri, an ancient people who dwelt 
in central Europe. 

Cimmerians. See Kiramerians. 

Cinantecos. See Tzotzil. 

Cingalese. See Singhalese. 

Cipos, on the Purus, a tributary of 
the Amazon. 

Circassians, in Circassia of the west- 
ern Caucasus ; the word is of Italian 
origin ; they call themselves Adighe. 

Pirros ^Mi^o 
Chunipies — |^i"o 

Jivaros ? —Mo 

li ;^, ;v =e / o 
Chuwanzes :i [^J .:;>o 

^Sb♦Lt'ov| ^t < ^rnrn 

:i {f ^. ,1/ =e /> o ^ LfcAa ') 

-fiMa y >> ( ^ < l;'J MS^'-* 
>\^^^ ■'g.^y^j l. ^^-,. 
^J o Chouvaches. Tehuvashes. 
Tshuvashes )> "^^^-o 

Sia ^JLao 
Sia ^1,3 o 


Kimmerians 9- ^^ o 
Tzotzil ^M,3o 
Singhalese ^ ^ 3 © 

fi^. ,w=eyo ilt« -t^r:ij I 



Also written Cherkesses. 

Citaraes, in Colombia. 

Ciures, on llie Pastassa, an upper 
branch of the Amazon. 

Civaros. See Jivaros. 

Clackama, originally in the Willa- 
mette Valley, and a few of them 
now at Grande Ronde Agency, 
Oregon, U. S. A. 

Clahoquaht, a subdivision of the Aht. 

Clallam, on the Puyallup reservation, 
^Vashington, U. S. A. 

C la met. See Klamath. 

Classet, about Cape Flattery, Wa- 
shington, U. S. A. ; also c illed 
Macaw, Mak.ah. 

Clastop, south of the lower Columbia, 
Oregon, U. S. A. ; also Clitsop. 

Clatsop. See Clastop. 

Clituas, on the Japura, a tributary 
of the Amazon. 

Clowetsus, a subdivision of the 

Coahuila, oa both banks of the 
lower Eio Grande on the boundary 
between .Mexico and U. S. A. ; now 

Coaquilenes, south of the lower Rio 
Grande, Mexico. 

Coast Punan, a subdivision of the 

Coata Tapauiijas, on the Jurua, a 
tributary of the Amazon. 

Cobblers. See Chucklers. 

CobeiiS, a subdivision of the Uaupes. 

Cocamas, near the NautaandUcayali, 
upper branches of the Amazon. 

Jivaros 9 ^^ o 

Aht ^-^o 
Klamath ^^So 

^3»6ij i)' 

') ia LAj h /^ittl 

)i/ =e y o Macaw gX>'> Makah 

11/ =E ^o Clatsop h =t ,IJ;'.o 
Clastop ^ 1, 3 c 

Ilaeltzuk /> -J^o 

ib^ll ^'}h' C f. ^ t' ^ iW 
I'unan ^ —Mo 

Chucklers ^ ^ 3 o 
Uaupes /> -^o 



Cocamillas, on the Ucayali, an upper 

branch of the Amazon. 
Cochaboths, in Paraguay ; called also 

Cochenawago, a .subdivision of tlie 

Mohawk ; also Cocknawaga. 
Cochimi, on the western coast of 

Lower California, Mexico. 
Cochitemi. Same as Cochili. 
Cochiti, in the northern part of 

Chihuahua, Mexico. 
Cochitino. Same as Cochiti. 
Cocknawaga. See Cochenawago. 
Coconun, near Tulare Lake, Califor- 
nia, U. S. A. 
Cocopah, in the southwestern part 

of Arizona, U. S. A. 
COCOS, on the Rio Coco, northern 

Cocrunas, on the Teffe, a tributary 

of the middle Amazon. 
Coerunas, on the Rio Negro, an 

afBuent of the Amazon. 
Coeunas, on the Uaupes River (a 

tributary of the Rio Negro), Co- 
Cceur d'Alene. See Skitsuish. 
Cofanes, on the head-waters of tlie 

Japura, Colombia. 
Cohidias, a subdivision of the Uaupes. 
Cohumares, on the Maranon, the 

upper part of the Amazon. 
Colac, in the southwestern part of 

Victoria ; called also Koligon. 

Colanes, on the Chiura River, north- 
western Peru. 
Colchatta, formerly in western Flo- 

^ ''J I M^o 
Iff) C*5i^-lfe^. ,1^^ ^o -^ 

Euimaga \ =tM"fe 7 ;Wo 
Mohawk ; — |5lo Cockuiiwaga 

Cochiti =. 1^1 -y^ 

1 1 i> 1 1> 1 -6 -> L : ^ 

Cochiti —In] v-Q 
Cochenawago ^ ^ a o 

!:;&•?)<•?) ^ 4b^ :^ 'I' 'J ^ 
Skitsuish ^'■IL^o > 

Uaupes y> —Mo 

=6^0 —;g Koligon > =eM-fe 
^h \ ^ nW^ i- '^ ^ 1 b M 



rida, U. S. A., afterwards removed 
to the region of tlie Mississippi ; 
now extinct. 
Colchoquies, in tlie Gran Chaco, 

Si)uth America. 
Colimas, on the riglit bank of the 

river Magdalena, Colombia. 
Collaguas. See CoUas. 
Collappohyea. Same as Cahipooya. 
Collas. See Aymaras. Also called 

Collinas, on the Jurnn, a tributary 

of the upper Amazon. 
Colongulac, west of Luke Koran- 

gamite, western Victoria. 
Colorados, in Ecuador. 
Colville, formerly on tlie upper 
Columbia ; now in Washington, 
U. S. A. 
Comacho. See Komacho. 
Comanche, in northern Texas, 
U. S. A. ; the word is of Mexican- 
Spanish origin ; called by them- 
selves Niima, " people." They are 
also called Bodalkinago (Kiowa 
name meaning " reptile people " or 
" snake men "), Chatha (Arapaho 
name meaning "enemies"), Chou- 
man, Nalani (Navaho name meaning 
" many aliens" or " many enemies"), 
Nataa (Witchita name meaning 
"snakes"), Padouca (Sioux name), 
Yampai-ni (Shoshoni name meaning 
" Yampa people "). Also written 
Camanche, Comande, Kaumains, 
etc. (SI) 

Comande. See Commche. 

*&i(&-k >) o 

*fi:tr - tJf ^. 'f =e ^ o 

Collas ^^3o 

Calapooya ^ f^ jJ-q 

Aymaras ^^Hq Collaguas b 

^j) J; ^' ^ M ± life / 5t })!£ ^ >^ 
Komacho ^ H. ^ o 

|''^s^^3 v^'fo s^^m: I 
Vo Lrti i^• ^h ill (ft 

rjfEj v^m u b r- iU y-h 

li llS-r^lJi^ ^:^H>flAji>£ 
(t I ^n) li7: o ->^j: r i 

II\m: (Li 1 Li- 1 I*- .irt-r 
•"^tMfAj h ^ «) « h =E 

Comanche ^ ^ a o 



Comanis, on the Kio Negro, a tri- 
butary of the Amazon ; now nearly, 
if not quite, extinct. 

Comecrudo. See Carrizas. 

Comeyas, between the lower Kio 
Colorado of U. S. A. and the Paci- 
fic Ocean. 

Commi, on the coast soutli of tlie 
lower Ogowai River, West Africa ; 
so called by themselves. 

Comux. See Komux. 

Conamares, on the Jutay, a tribu- 
tary of the Amazon. 

Conambos, on the head-waters of the 
Tigre (a tributary of the upper 
Amazon), Ecuador. 

Conches, in the western part of 
Florida, U. S. A. ; now extinct. 

Conchos, in northern Chihuahua, 
Mexico; as a tribe, extinct. 

Conchucus, near Huaraz, the capi- 
tal of the department of Ancachs, 

Conestoga, formerly south of Lake 
Erie, U. S. A. ; means " people of 
the forked root-poles." 

Conibos, on the lower Ucayali, an 
upper branch of the Amazon ; 
called also Manoas. 

Conlnos, on the Cataract Creek, a 
tributary of the Rio Colorado, 
Arizona, U. S. A. 

Conomomas, ou the Jutay, a tribu- 
tary of the upper Amazon. 

Conoy, in 1634, on the Piscataway 

River, Maryland, U. S. A. The 

Carrizas ^ Xi ^ o 
Komux ^ X 3 o 

l^>& = tfet-y=E^oJlt«>-'"X 



name was derived from a word 
meaning " long." 

Coonawane, in western part of Vic- 

Cooniac, a subdivision of the Clii- 

Coorg, iu the southwestern part 
of Mysore, India ; also called 

Coosa. See Coosadi. 

Coosadi, formerly on tl;e riveri 
Coosa and Tallapoosa, Alabama, 
U. S. A. ; now reduced to a few 
individuals, living in the Indian 
Territory and on the Trinity River, 
Texas. Also written Coosa. Coo- 
sbatties, Koasali. 

Cootenai. See Kootenai. 

Copalis, a subdivision of the Salishan. 

Copatasas, a subdivision of the 

Copeh, in northern California, U.S.A. 

Same as Wintoon ? 

Copper Indians. See Tantsawhoot. 

Copts, now mostly in Upper Egypt, 
especially near Sint and around 
Lake Birket-el-Kurun. They are 
Christians, and are only distingui- 
shed bv their religion from the 

Coranine. See Coree. 

Coras. See Xayarits. 

Coreans. See Koreans. 

Coree, formerly in tJie peiiin->ula 
south of the Neuse River, Xortli 
Carolina, U. S. A. ; now extinct. 
Also Coranine. 

a ^)&^) -y=E/ i- Jo 
Chinook / — ;Ko 

Coosadi 9 M^^ o 

b"C < St>H/oiJ 1: r, 1 

Coosa. Coo'^hatties. Koasati 

Kootenai ^ ^ a o 
Salishan /* — ]^o 
Jivaros / —Mo 

-1^1 ^J«6'J iJ-^^lMii' 

Tanlsawhoot ^ ^ a o 

t'G^' I 2.^-5 i 7- * < I 

Coree ? M. ^ o 
Nayarits ^ JL a o 
Koreans i-SL^o 

-fe >; Q — ;g Coranine > =e« 7o 



Coriciaras, a subiHvision of tlie 

Coroados, ;i name given to several 
diflerent Brazilian tribes, that is, 
on the Farahyba River, (2) in the 
state of Rio Grande do Sul, (o) in 
Matto Grosso, who wear their iiair 
in a peculiar manner, Tlie term 
is derived from coroa, a Portuguese 
word meaning ''crown." 
CoPOCOros, a subdivision of the 

Coronados, on tlie Pastassa (an up- 
per branch of the Amazon), Ecua- 
Coronas, on the Tefi'e, a tributary 

of the middle Amazon. 
Correguages, on the head-waters of 
the Ca lueta, an upper branch of 
the Japura, Colombia. 
Cortys, between the 1'ocantins and 

the Araguaya, Brazil. 
Coshatta, in Texas, U.S.A. 
Costanoans, in the territory from San 
Francisco Bay to Monterey Bay, 
California, U. S. A. ; derived from 
coslano, a Spanisli word meaning 
" coastinan." 
Cotoname, on both banks of the 
lower Rio Grande on the boundary 
between Mexico and U. S. A. 
Cotoxos, near the Rio Doce, Minas 

Geraes, Brazil. 
Couas, a subdivision of the Uaupes. 
Cowichin. Same as Kowitchan. 
Cowlitz, in western Washington, 

U. S. A. 
Coyaimas, in the southwestern part 
of Colombia. 

Moxos 7 — J3lo 

(1) lff,iM itM(2i'Ji5- <' 
Jtoo 1 <-;?)-pt 1 ii'i'l-tl.!. 

5 1^ 1 -h^ hW: coroa 3 >J ^ V 
Uaupes /> —Mo 

^< f, C ^ ^ I 1 *'/^ ^ I ^TM 

cosiano a 1) |a V v< =E ^ :>" ^ o 

Uaupes y-i^o 
Kowitchan — 1?3 --^0 



Coyotero, in southern Arizona, U.S.A. 

Coyuvas, in the Cn^-os Islands (Cala- 
mianes), Philippines. 

Crangez, east of the lower Tocantins, 

Crans, in the state of Goyaz, Brazil. 

Cree, in Manitoba and Assiniboia, 
Canada; called also Cristineaux, 
Knistineanx. Also written Krce, 

Creek. See Muskoki. 

Crens. See Tapuyas. 

Crichanas, near the Eio Branco, 
northern Brazil. 

Cristineaux. See Cree. 

Croats, in Croatia of Austria-Hun- 
gary. Their own name is Horwati 
or Hr'wati. They are called Hor- 
vatok by tlie Hungarians, Hr'wat, 
Hr'wati (plural form) by tlie Serbs 
and lUyrians, Kroats and Krobats 
by the Germans. The original 
form of all these names is Khr'- 
watin, Klir'wati (plural form), de- 
riving from the Carpathians. They 
were named Krib or Khrebet, a 
" mountain " or " hill," in old 
Slavic, denoting their original coun- 
try. (47) (48) 

Crows, on tlie Crow reservation, 
Mintana, U. S. A.; called also 

Cru. See Kru. 

Crumen. See Km. 

Cuaiqueres, on the northwestern 
cnast of Ecuador. 

Cucciveros, on the lower Orinoco, 
S'juth America. 

Cuchan, the Yuma proper living near 
the iunctiou of the Gila and the 

TiJi£ ^ alio 

< 1 i'^i:/:V ii: i i ,;' 

tt 7. ,v t y o -;g ( ij 1 -t r, 
« I p£.> < Ht ^« I h =tW 
■k 7 'I'o Kree. Kri Y ^ § ^< o 

Muskoki ^^3o 

Tapuyas "f- %^ o 

Cree ^^3o 

< 5 1 i>^t ii 1 t i 'J h 

< -^ I 1 I Ls, = {£^. rt' =E ^ 

^- lii 7'j,i-7< ► 3 I -5;JH. 
i^ij ij *)A a 'J 'Mtit) >. 
\ihiO'^ (?S?i ^ pT}«5) h 
t'c^oAa V ^^ < -^ I ^ t- 

< ^ I ifi >ijy^-''i'o iit-^t. 

i'l If L^JlllMa Vjg V -y^ 
y> i- ') o -^ h V lVlft-7'>> < 

Kru ^^3o 
Kru ^M.3o 



Rio Colorado, Arizona, U. S. 

Cuchiguaras, on the Purus, a tribn- 

tniy of the Amazon. 
Cuchiuaras, on the Tocantins River, 

Cucicas, a subdivision of tiie Chlqui- 

Cucurares, a subdivision of the Chi- 

Cueba, on the Atlantic coast of Pa- 
nama ; also Kueva. 
Cuicatecos, in Oajaca, Mexico; 

derived from the Nahuatl word 

cuicatl, " dance." 
Cuitlatecos, in the southern and 

western part of Michoacan, Mexico 
Cuiyacus, on the Napo, an upper 

branch of the Amazon. 
Cuiyayos, on the Napo, an upper 

branch of the Amazon. 
Cukras. See Carchas. 
Culamanes, a subdivision of the 

Culilau-Cunnee, a subdivision of the 

Patagonians in northern Patagonia, 

South America. 
Culinas, on the Yavary, an upper 

branch of the Amazon. 
Cumacumans, on the Japura, a tri- 
butary of the Amazon. 
Climanachos, in Gayaz, Brazil. 
Cumanacotos. See Cumanagotos. 
Cumanagotos, on the northern coast 

of Venezuela ; also Cumanacotos, 

Cumanas. See Cumanagotos. 

i;f,L:2. ^ i 1 i'^S 1 A.'f- 

Chiquitos / —j^o 
Cliiquitos /> —Mo 

{i ^. ;V =E / o Kueva > ^ ^ 

*^ ^ L : ^ <-^ Mt *'>l'l - {£ ^- A' 
cail a V ^ y -y =£ 7 ~ -J =r 

Carchas ^ ^ a o 
Manobos / — j^o 

^ ,i, ^« 1'^ Patogonians y — 


Cumanagotos ^ ^ a o 

b ^ 4b^^ - It ;'. ;i- =E -^ - -y 

Cumanacotos h =e ^ ;7, ^ 
Cumanagotos ^ ^ a o 


Cumanians, ;i subdivision of tlie ^fagyar.s ? -')iko Komaniaiis 

Magyars ; also Komanians. h =E ^'J 7.. „ 

Cumayarls, on tlie Purus, a tributary ?j J; T^M^ %'f^^ 'i' -J- ' h 

oi tlie Amazon. I -f jsj^o 

Cumbasinos, on the Utayali, an h^X LM ^ }l^\.^ '^ ^ I i)"*' 

upper branch of the Amazon. ^j ij I }pJ^o 

Cum-she-was, a subdivision of the Ilaida ? — ]^o 


Cunaguaras, in the northern part of ^"x.nt£\' 1 h -^^lluil-""- t^.S. ^> 

Venezuela. zp ^ / o 

Cunas, on the Atlantic coast of Wit ? jiiW%-M^ '^%'^- 

Panama; so called by themselves. ^^ 

Cunas, on the Putumayo, an upper i) t x/^M'^-i-^^ '^-i'- ' ^ • 

branch of the Amazon. i ^ ' i I M^o 

Cunches, a subdivision of the Aran- B I *J ^1^^ (I^^M-h-S) 

canians in southern Chile (lat. ={£;'. 'V Araucanians / — 

41° S.}. Bo 

Cuncos, in tlie province of Valdi- ^ 1 ij /^i^i^ ^ i^ v h h h' t 

via, central Chile. ^ i.^^J!H'lo 

Cuni. See Zuni. Zuni ^^Sq 

Cunipusanas, a subdivision of the Barres /> — jKo 


Curanaris, on the Madeira, a tribu- fe i tVv^M -^ ^J!fi£ * 'i^^T'-'^ 

tary of the Amazon. M^o 

Curanas, on the Ucayali, an upper ^ifXM^-tSii^ '^ 1 I i'^' 

branch of tlie Amazon. ^j ij I jBjppo 

Curanis, on the Japura, a tributary h t x /^^ ■^ ^f^ ^ '^ Cj, -i^ I 

of the Amazon. hM^o 

Curarayes, on the Napo, an upper fe i xVv.M/'-hnS*' 'I'^Jili'l M 

branch of the Amazon. ^o 

Curiares, between the Xingu and J< f» C i z' L I /^ C I M ^ t ' 

the Tocanlins, Brazil. i•^ ^ I ^TM > 'TbIo 

Curiates, between tlie Madeira and S) k xA^M '^ jif^^ '^ f^^' ^ 

the Tapajos, afllueiits of the Amazon. M b f- (I'xfc ' "T f"! ^ ^ [hIo 

Curigueres, on the Purus, a tribu- i) k x /^M '^ ^f& ^ »v -i: I i I 

tary of the Amazon. "f M^o 

Curinas, near the mouth uf the ^^ J^ x/v/fnj ^ -tjiiu3« »v-5: I o i 

Putumayo, an upper braucii of the it^i I W U FM £ - 1 1 ^- '^ "^ 

Amazon. ^ o 



Curis, on the Amazon. 

Curitus, on the middle Japiira, ;i 

tributary of the Amazon. 
Curuaxis, on the Kio Negro, :in 

affluent of the Amazon ; now nearly, 

if not quite, extinct. 
Curucurus, on the Purus, a tribu- 
tary of the Amazon. 
Curupatabas, on the Rio Negro, an 

affluent of the Amazon. 
Curuziraris, on the south side of the 

middle Amozon. 
Custiniabas, a subdivision of the 

Cutinanos, a subdivision of the 

Cuttawa. See Catawba. 
Cuxiuaras, on tha Purus, a tributary 

of the Amazon. 
Cuyzaras, a subdivision of the 

Cuzares, between the Xingu and 

the Tocantins, Brazil. 
C'wan-man, in the eastern jart of 

Yun-nan, China ; called also To- 

Cwmry. See Cymry. 
Cymro, the singular form of Cymry. 
Cymry, the name given to themselves 

by the Welsh or British Celts; 

also Cwmry, Kymry. 
Czechs, in Bohemia, Moravia, and 

northern Hungary, Austria-Hun- 
gary; called also Bohemians. 

<Vj I /'iS/^ - {J ;^ ,1, =e y o 
^ '^ ^^ - T ^ X y y< %m. - 

Pirros / —Mo 
Jivaros ^ ^Mo 
Catawba ^ ^ a o 

Moxos / — j^o 

^;- f> C ?. ^ L I ^ C 1 M > i 1 

To-loh-man > =EfP|-k 9 'Vo 
Cymry ^^^o > 
Cymry ^ |^gc|gJf^o 

^•ij-f^ ITS i Mii'^y'U 

i^o Cwmry Kymry h =e *: x j, 
-y r li' ^^ fc AJi: i^ :^ V o 




Dacota. See Dakota. 

Dadave, a subdivision of the Gond. 

Dadaya. See Dadayag. 

Dadayag, in Cagayan of Luzon, 

Philippine Islands ; also Dadaya. 
Dadjo, in Darfur, Africa. 
Dafla, in northern Ass;im, India ; 

also written Daphla, Duffla. 

Dagomba, on the middle Volta 

Kiver, West Africa. 
Dagor. See Daurians. 
Dahalaki, in the Dahlac Islands off 

Massowah, a seaport on the African 

coast of the Ked Sea. 
Dahoman, in Dahomey, a French 

dependency in West Africa; called 

alsoFawin, Ffon, Fon. Also written 

Dahomese, Dahomey, Daliomeyan. 
Dahomese. See Dahoman. 
Dahomey. See Dahoman. 
Dahomeyan. See Dahoman. 
Daia. See Dyak. 
Daiaer. See Dyak. 
Daijak. See Dyak. 
Daka, in Adamawa, a region of the 

Sudan, Africa. 
Dakar, about Caps Verde, "West 

Dakhor. See Daurians. 
Dakoa, between tlie Ubangi and the 

Grinbingi (one of the principal 

branches of tlie Sharif Central 


Dakota ^^Sq 
Gond J — J^o 
Dadayag ^^3o 

/>„ Dadaya h =E,^;'.o 

l:i. Diiffla h =e,»J;^.o 
Daurians ^ ^ a o 

till) J:^ n%i^-i^') i'- 

^ lUo Dahomese. Daliomey 
Daliomeyan h^,*JXo 

Dahoman ^^3© 

Dahoman ^ ^ a o 

Dahoman ^^Hq 

Dyak ^^Ho 

Dyak ^£3o 

Dyak ^^3o 

Daurians ^ S. a o 

tt>SBfci^'j iv ^lr^-y I f»ih 



Dakota, in Montana, North and South 
Dakota, and a part of Nebraska, 
U.S. A.; means "allies", or "fri- 
ends. " Tliey are also called Abwoin 
(Chippewa name), Chahrarat (Paw- 
nee name), Itahatski (Hidatsa name 
meaning " long arrows "), Maransho- 
bishgo (Cheyenne name meaning 
" cut-throats "), Natnihina ( Arapaho 
name), Pambizimina (Shoshoni name 
meaning " beheaders "), Papitsini- 
ma (Comanche name meaning " be- 
headers"), Sioux (French corruption 
of the Algonquin word Nadowe- 
ssiw<tg, meaning "snake-like one' 
or "enemies"), Tsabakosh (Caddo 
name meaning " cut-throats "). Also 
written Dacota, Lakota, Nakota. 
The term Dakota is also used the 
same as Siouan. («i) 
Dakube tede, a tribe of the Atha- 
Dalbahantu, east of Berbera, a sea- 
port in Somalilaud, Africa. 
Dalebura, on the head-waters of the 
Thomson River, central Queensland. 
Dallis, a subdivision of the Milauau. 
Damaqua, an extinct Hottentot 

Damara, in Damaraland of German 
South-West Africa; the term is of 
Hottentot origin. There are the 
two tribes of Hill Damara and 
Plain Damara, but the former 
belonging to the Hottentots, the 
latter, to the Bantu, they are quite 
Danagla. See Dongolawi. 

dowe-ssiivag z' .i^ ^ A/ fit )• 
^?,1 bh i (I? 1 I- ' !§)• 
Os,|t*:^L(*'l f '0-^ 

(?3 f> ii'ii 1 m)- If ^^^ I'- i 
u-i i:i^=r ^mn^-j > 

y «). 3i f^ A. li.O^ L r 1 

y^) h=em-fe7 ;i^o Dacota. 
Lakata. Nakota > =e*>;o /- 


Milanau ^ —Mo 

Hottentots /> — ;^o T*^^Mi)S£-t 

— ?i;^# 7. V 16 Hii :§- .>^ I i^ 'C 

^ ■}■'') o 
Dongolawi ^ ^ a o 



Danakil, in the region between Abys- 
sinia and tlie Red Sea, from An- 
nesley Bay to the Strait of Bab-cl- 
M.indeb; the term (in singular, 
Dankuli) is given by 1 he Arabs; 
they call themselves Afar (Afara in 
plural) or Afer. Also Adal. 

Danaw, in the southern part of 
Upper Burma. 

Daneji, a subdivision of the Fiilali. 

Danes, the people of Denmark. 

Dankali, the singular form of Dan- 
akil, which see. 

Danu, east of Mandalay, tlie capital 
of Burma. 

Danum Madang, a subdivision of the 

Da phi a. See D.illa. 

Dapishul Porno, on tlie west coast of 
California, U.S. A. 

Dardis, in Kashmir, India. 

Dargo, a subdivision of the 

Dariamo, on the left bank of the 
Oriomo in the western part of 
British New Guinea; those in the 
country bordering upon the right 
bulk are known by the name of 

Darod, a subdivision of the Asha (in 

Darty Darty, in southwestern i)art of 

Dashal. See Caddo. 

Daudai, west of the mouth of the 
I'^ly Kiver, British New Guinea. 

Daudzai, in Peshawar District, 
Paiijab, India. 

'J 1-5 7 , >^^jf,JCg|3 ') « 
^ f U * rV =e y> ^ -y 7* fj ? y> 

Rilah ^-]^o 
Danakil ^ W-WiBBo 

Madang ^ — j^^ 
Dafla 9^3o 

Lesghians ? — j^o 
^t^T*^ 7 iVo 

Asha (^1 i vj b ^t.'-t£^• 
Caddo ^^3o 

19 1 ftfe:J!fo 



Daupom, in nortliein California, 

U. S. A. 
Daurians, in central Manclmiia; 

also Dagor, Daklior. 

Dawari, in Abyssinia. 

Daya. See Djak. 

Dayak. See Dyak. 

Dayer. See Dyak. 

Daza, northeast of Lake Chad, Af- 

Debnet, a subdivision of the Danakil. 

Degarrab, in the central Sahara, 

Degathee Dinee. See Kutchin. 

Dehgan, on the Kunar, a tributary 
of the Kabul (a branch of tlie 
Indus), Afghanistan. 

Delaware, formerly, in the valley of 
the Delaware River, Pennsylvania, 
and in the greater part of New 
Jersey and Delaware, U. S. A. ; 
most of them, now in the Indian 
Territory; so called by the Eng- 
lish from the river. Their own 
name is Lenni-Lenape, meaning 
" original men." They are also 
called Loups (wolves) by the Fren- 
ch, from their chief totemic di- 

Dembela, on the northwestern fron- 
tier of Abyssinia. 

Dembo, soulh( about lat. 8° S.) of the 
lower Congo. 

Dene. See Athapascan. 

Denka. See Dinka. 

Denkera, on the Gold Coast, West 

Desannas, a subdivision of theUaupes. 

Dyak f H, a o 
Dyak ^^^o 
Dyak ^^Sq 

r:-^' hi^'] *'^ h^^ Km 

Danakil /> —%.o 

t£ X ;1/ =E /> o 
Kutchin ^^3o 

A3 •^) >^h\ (1Ij>^1I) MJf 

Athapascan 'ffL'^o 
Dinka -^-^So 

Uaupes ^ — j^o 



Detsanayuka, a suIuUvision of tlio 

Comanche ; means " bad campers " ; 

they were formerly called Nokoni, 

signifying " wanderers." 
Detsekayaa. See Arapaho. 
Dewoi, on the St. Paul River, 

Liberia, West Africa. 
Dhanook, in the Tarai, a region in 

northern India. 
Dhanwar, in tlio Tarai, a region in 

northern India. 
Dher, a subdivision of the (iond. 
Dhimal, in Blmtan ; also written 

Dholi, a subdivision of the Gond. 
Diaguites, formerly, in the northern 

part (about lat. 27° S.) of 

Diak. See Dyak. 
Dibas. See Idibas. 
Dido, a .-subdivision of tlie Lesgliians. 
DieguenO, on the southern coast of 

California, U. S. A. 

Dieri, east and southeast of Lake 
Eyre, South Australia. 

Diju, in western Sze-chuan, ('liina. 

Dik-Surki, a subdivision of tlie Im- 

Dimal. See Diiimal. 

Dina, in tlie Malay I'eninsnia. 

Dine. See Athap;iscan. 

Dingding, in Adamawa, a region of 
the Sudan, Africa. 

Dinka, on the Bahr-el-Jebel (lat. 8° 
N.) and the right bank of the 
White Nile (lat. 10° N.); tiie 
real pronounciation of the name 
of this tribe is Dynnfje- Also 
written Denka, Pyanke, Jange, 

Comanche y -\%a r^; -y \ p|( 
7^^^-j > >^i?5t VottH*>- No- 
koni >oy,: IX? '))h^^Yf\i{ 

Arapalio ?• ji 3 ^ 

(1-;;', 'i'=t />„ 

Gond /> — jl^^o 

•t'^S -5>'i 1:/^ -ft ^. '^ 

Tiy o Dimal h =e,IV7.o 
Gond ^-mo 

Dyak 5^£3„ 
Idibas 9 ^3 a 
Lesghians /> — ;^o 

'^'^'Mi)'') .i>%^ ^ r. f) M ^ \^i 

Imgh,d /-JMo 


1 ^aao 

ini ■ 



iscan f £ a 


^-^ij i)'/-T ^ i:l^ i)1-:ik:> 




ir 1 i 

7.i Ct 


(4** AS) ^ 



i ^i:.<;?.(:lbl*-hm) ^ 


- ft t; ,n- /» 

o Al-ll^i ^ 


- l:J,^tf 

h » i-^- ^-o 


ca. Dyanke. 

Jango. Jan- 




Dinka Agar, a subUvision of tlie Dinka /* — 55lo 


Dinka Atot, a subdivision of tlie Diiik;! ? —W^o 


Dinne. See Atliapascan. Alhapascan ^jLho 

Dinneh. See Athapascan. Athapasc:m ^M.^© 

Diola, between tlie Gambia and the ^ JRfc-?. ij ^V :^*'L'0^'^)M > *' 

Casamanza, West xifrica. § i^§'M b >* PbTo 

Dirians, in the mountains south of \'-t)^hKh^ k^lK'iM^^'^ 

Lake Managua, Nicaragua. :^ 'i^Ulj^o 

Dirityangura, on the lower Barcoo j^^ij I "T i b ■•] ^) -^ it* 8 < 1 M 

Kiver, Sjuth Australia. /> T«!io 

Ditsakana, a subdivision of the Co- Comanche ^ —^o ^^l^-'ifiipj 1" 

manclie, means "sewers"; they z' IS ^ V o ^BJ -"^ "Widyii / 

were formerly known as Widyu, ^^Ur^7v^ i) ^u ^ }^ 

"awl." Also written Yamparika, ^fj ]• /> ^^ t ') o ^^ Yam- 

Yapa. pnrika. Yapa \ =Ef||-fe ^ ;l/^ 

Divieches, on the Rio Colorado, ?j 5 L^ /^ S I '^i z' 'J ii 

Argentina. ; ^ I f, t" I ^ '-^^^^^ 

Djafer bay, a subdivision of the Yonmts ? ^J5^o 


Djagatay, a subdivision of the Ui- Usbegs ? — J^o 


Djappuminyou, in the northwestern 5\, < t ij i» /* ©^hHr>-ll:^ '^ 

part of Victoria. "fi /' o 

Djebalia, in the southeastern part tJiii H- "f /> jflF^nK = {£ ^-. '^ =E 

of Tunis; also Jebaliya. •> o Jebaliya b^||Xo 

Djia. See Mosso. Mosso ^^a^ 

Dobeina, between the Atbara and t£ l ' .?)M/ j:5ir)K *^ 'i ^3 i It bM 

the lower Blue Nile, tributaries of V -^> ij W, 1 iL^^h ^ ^ Pel - 

the Nile. \\_ 7, »v =e ^ „ 

Doda, in Kashmir, India. (^^/Ct* ? 1i^\,^hf[\o 

Doenbauraket, in western Victoria. 5\^ < i ij «b ^ PinRn 

Does. See Lawa. Lawa ^ ^ 3 o 

Dogola. See Dongolawi. Dongolawi ^ M, ^ o 

Dogolowi. See Dongolawi. Dongolawi ^%^a 

Dog-ribs, between the Slave ~t^^'^r>M'V A*ti!/:V<* 

I/ike and the Great Bear Lak", |l I i "f U ' 5 Jffl 1> Cll I 



Canaila; derived from a tradition 
according to whicli they are con- 
sidered to be the descendants of 
dogs ; called also Tliing-o-hadinne 
(by themselves ?}, Slaves, Yellow 

Dokaka, in West Africa. 

Doko, in the southwestern part of 
Kafta, a country south of Abys- 

Dokono, in Eritrea, the Italian colony 
on the Red Sea. 

Dolan, in the western part of East- 
ern Turkestan. 

Doma, in the basin of the Benue, a 
tributary of the Niger, Africa. 

Domb, in the district of Vizagapatani, 
Madras, India. 

Doms, in the Tarai, a region in 
northern India. 

Dongolawi, in Dongola, a province 
along the Nile, Nubia; also written 
Danagla, Dogola, Dogolowi. 

Donjol, a subdivision of the Dinka. 

Donyiro, north of Lake Rudolf, 
British East Africa. 

Dooveraak ba Daan, on the Snowy 
River, ea.stern Victoria. 

Dor. See Bongo. 

Dorbod, a subdivision of tlie Kal- 

Dorians, im ancient peo])le who occu- 
pied the southern part of Greece. 

Dormen, a subdivision of the UsI egs. 

Dorobura, on the east side of the 
IVlyando River, eastern Queens- 
land ; means " belonging to the root 
of a tree." 

vn I (pmv). -nv i v-r. 

iJi ;^ ;i^ =e /> o 

— (£x »v =e /> o l)anagl:i. Do- 
gola. Dogolowi h =E,'/^o 

Dinka / -t%o 

Bongo T^^a„ 
Kalmucks / ^ l^o 

Usbegs y -^o 

i0l/> i|t,^-= (|{ ;'.*•« ^o&tl 



Doura, nortlnvest of Port Moresby, 

Britisli New Guinea. 
Dravidians, a collective name for the 
aborigines in the greater part of 
India south of the river Nerbiulda, 
and in Bengal and Ceylon ; of which 
the chief tribes are Canarese, Gond, 
Khond, Malaiali, Oraon, Tamils, 
Telngn, Toda, Tuln, Weddas, etc. 
Drok-pa. See Dru-pa. 
Drugu, on the Ituri, a tributary of 

the Congo, Central Africa. 

Dru-pa, in the northern plateaux of 

Tibet ; also written Drok-pa 

(pronounciation, Dru-pa), Mbrog-pa. 

Druses, on the northern range of 

Mount Lebanon, Syria. 
Druzes. Same as Druses. 
Dshiget, a subdivision of the Cir- 
Dualla, in Kameruu, West 

Duffla. See Dafla. 
Dughaim, a subdivision of the 

Dulanganes, in the southern part 
of Davao, Mindanao, Philippine 
Islands; means " wild men"; called 
also Bangal-Bangal by the Moros. 
Also Gulanganes. (sj 
Dume, north of Lake Rudolf, 
British East Africa; so called 
by themselves. 
Dunqua, an exti ct Hottentot 

Duodez, a subdivision of the LeS' 

L % ~ tt ^. ^^U a ^ of 7-a fft 
:^' ') o -^ - M ^- 'I' ± ^" '^ "^ -^ 

'J IT- :^i'• r i ^t••■f:^ 

J.o 1 2, I .-c ^ I C 1 • i ' 
Dru-pa f-^^o 

itx 'V =e y o Drok-pa (o 
h 1 \t b^a'-^-) Hbrog-pa > 

Druses — [n] v''o 
Circassians ^ —M.o 

Dafla ^£3„ 
Baggara / —l^r, 

/Vo'^ Gulanganes \'^%^-o 

Hottentots ^ - JMo ^ >^ ^git£ -fe; 
Lesghians /> --;^o 



Durani, in llie suiilliuni ami soiilli- 
weiitern parts of Alghanistaii. 

Durban, in Mongolia. 

Durbat, in northwestern Mungoliii. 
Same as Turbet ? 

Durugmun, in the iiighest parts of 
the mountains jvroiind Pinaiualayan, 
Mindoro, Philippine Islands; called 
also Buchtulan. 

Dusun, in Britisli North I'orneo ; 

called also Sundyak. 

Dutch, the people of the Netherlands; 
called also Hollanders, Nellierlan- 

Duwinbarap, in the northwestern 
part of Victoria. 

Dwaish, north of the middle Senegal 
Kiver, "West Africa. 

Dwala. Same as Dwalla. 

Dwalla, in Kanierun, West 

Dwamish, on the Dulalip reservation, 
Washington, U. S. A. 

Dya. See Dyak. 

Dyak, a generic name for tlie natives 
in the interior of Borneo; they are 
divided into Diisnn, Land Dyak, 
I'unan, Sea Dyak, etc; call 
themselves Ulo-Ngaju. Tlie term 
is written in various forms : 
Daia Daiaer, Daijak, Ihiya, 
Dayak, Dayer, Diak, Dya. 

Dyakin, a subdivision of the Shillnok. 

Dyandal. See Samoyedes. 

Dyange. See Dinka. 

Dyanke. See I)inka. 

Dyok, a subdivision "f llie Shili't.k. 


t'y- ■ I - 
* no 

TurlxH — Fii] •;> "•' 

'^^Jilt^arwi!j^r- tt ^. 'f =E 

^ o — ^ Buclitulau 1- Tiff^ 
■fe 7 -I o 

Dwalla -1^ -^o 

Dyak f ^?3 ^ 

9 I I ii^^hoi- o I ^^. 

:f >^afiHiiiH=3-^ 'i-o n 7 - 

;g7o /:v» i:)o < >- 'V * ^' 
I.'aia. Daiaer. Daijak. liaya. 
Davak. Daver Diak. Dya :•? 

Sliillook /> -J^o 
Samoyedes -f- ){, a <- 
Dinka ^^3o 
Dinka ^ 51 -i o 
Shiii..ok /-i^. 



Dyur, west nf tlie r.;ilir-fl-Jel>el (lat. 

6"^ N.), the upper part of llie Nile; 

so called by the Dinka, nieimin<? 

"men of the woods" or "wild 

men "; Tliey call tiiemselves Lnoh. 

Also Jnr. 
Dzhami, a subdivision of the 

Dzitsistas. See Cheyenne. 
Dzo. See Lushai. 

iifc^ ^^ ^kjt^mM^'^ ^ ^ 'I' 

Albanians /> — JXc 

Cheyenne ^^a^, 
Lushai ^liso 

Eamuses. See Yamasee. 

Eboe. See Ibo. 

Echeetee. Same as Hitchittee. 

Echeloot, a subdivision of the Chi- 
nook; probably extinct. 

Echuca, on the lower Campaspe, 
northern Victoria. 

Ecube, a subdivision of the Mege. 

Edchawtawoot, west of CJreat Slave 
Lake, Canada. 

Ediya. See Adiy;ih. 

Edomites,a people who lived in Edom, 
an ancient region in the lowland 
south of (he Dead Sea, Palestine. 

Eeliknus, a subdivisi( n of the '1 linkit. 

Eeno, in South Carolina, U. S. A.; 

now extinct. 

Eesa. Same as Isa. 
Efe. See Akka. 

Yamasee ^ ^ 3 o 
Ibo ^^Hq 
Hitchittee -[a] '-y^ 
Chinook /> -J^^ S i' ^^ 

Mege ? -%^ 
Adiyah ^^^„ 

Tlinkit y --j^o 


Isa -U=:>o 

Akka ^^a, 

> $eM -t 


Efik, on llie Old Calalwr Kiwr, t.;isl ;^.^^■.• < ''i v ^ L* •<. o i"! h i/ii > 

.,f ,1,0 lower Niger, Afnc. tU:""''^ '''"' 

Efut. Sc Mfiit. Ml'iii 9iidn 

Egba, on tlie .^lavo i\».\, We.l ^{-{^ ^^Syi-^} iJ- y mii 

... . .. ,,, i^Tr- - (t 7. 'i- =t y „ Ikl.a h 

Africa; al-u wriltun Ikba. ^ iV -, 

Egbira-Hima, at tiie jiuKtion of tlie iiZ^'-} i)'/ Uk' tS:i.o MV'^si 

Eeniie and the Niger; Africa. ]> /''^jjSSAo 

Egyptians, in Egypt; tliey are dividtd ^ ISA^Z V > ^ C-5: t - llf 

into the Copts and the Fcllnhs, y. ,u =t y ^ jltl^^^Sliftt "=i 'J 

according to their religion, the ^l -J- i S t'^>x. b ' ^ Hj?^ — 

former being Christians and ihu IlmiJSIJ "t 7 ;Vo 'n^ i^i ■'^^^i^i&.ii. 

latter, Mohammedans. :i -V r ^t IS" ->- 1^] '■? ?5c tiE > 'Jo 

Eireiab, a snbdivision of the Beja. l>i'j;i ^ ~i^o 

Ejo. See Idzo. Idzo ^^, Hq 

Ekhar, a subdivision uf the Oraon. Onion /> -^;^o 

Elema, in the southeastern part of \'~iji\ -?'!-/' ^lil^lMT* - f I: ^> '^ 

New Guinea; also written Ilema or =t z' o Hema. Ilimu h =t J} 

Ilima. 7>o 

Eieut. See Kahnuck?. Kalmucks ^|L"=Jo 

Elgeyo, northeast of the Victoria ^ i> < i ^.) ^3 I- ^J^ 5' ^ i}i:|t 

Nyanza. '^c, 

Elgonyi, northeast of tlie N'ictoria v\, < h ^) ij [~i)Aj'5iJl\l^t 

Nyanza. 'Jjo 

Elguma. Same as Turkana. Turkana - [n] ■P'o 

Elgumi, northeast of the Victoria ^j\^ { t '■} i) i:^/x.$V!|Nh 

Nyanza. 'Jj„ 

Elmina, on the Gold (•oM>t, West F^SK^J-^-'J *'^ "fetJifA^ -It ^- ^ 

Africa. =t / ^ 

Embata, on the upper Welle (about tliiHU)-?'^] ii' y' ) iXA.-b' I r"!^ 

long. 27° K), a tributary of the ^r)iu:^ 'i' T U^l'J/' ±nfe(i|ilv. 

Ubangi, Central Africa. *'j— h LlSt'o 

Emin, an extinct tribe in S) hu'^ S) - i\:-^ 'y -\ih% t"-^ 

Arabia. Mil* "t V o 

Emmes. See Jemez. Jeiuez ->• ^ J o 

Emon, in southeasteiii (^iicinshmd. < l-'^'f b ^ t' -^ )lll1iiit»o 

Empanang, a ^ulldivi>illll of tbe M:il. b I>yak y'-J^n 

Maloh Dvak. 


Emu Mudjug, in northoaslern Vic- 5\^ < i ij ^J z' il'^bnK - tll.^- 

toi-i:i. ;l/ "C y r) 

Enaguares. See Guagnas. Guagnas ^Hi^o 

Enbau, a subdivision of tlie Maloh MaloU Dyak / —Mo 


Encabellados, on the Napo, an upper h i tXM -^ Jt-^-^ '^ U I? i M 

hruicli of tlie Amazon; means " long ^ =.{^7, /i/ =t / „ ^^^^ b / 

liair." fli-Vo 

Engerecmunk. See Botocudos. Butccudos =f fi'^ r, 

Engkroh, a subdivision of the Land Land Dyak 7 —%^ 


English, tlie people of England. C'^C'G^^"'V^ >-'^Cb 

Engrat, a. subdivision of tlie Land Land Dyak j ~'Mo 


Enimaga. See Cuchaboths. Cochaboths ^£^0 

Enliai, on the Kapuas River in the ^Mli" S Hfe / K'gfjt .v ;!;'-;: I 

western part of Dutch Borneo. ^3"f MB?o 

Ennedi, in Die northern part of ?Di^ ^J iV /:';?, -^ I h'i^')] y' A\, 

Darfur, Africa. nBo 

Ensilat, a subdivision of the Maloli Maloh Dyak ^ —^0 

Epopa, a subdivision of the Me^c. IMege /" — ^o 

Equiniquinaos, in Paraguay. II'b<'l3'''o 

Eraan, on Darvel Bay, British North ^%3.i\L^\'i o \Uj ^ it I 'J -xh 

Borneo. M ^ V^f^o 

Eranians. See L-anians. Iranians 9 %^ n 

Erepunacas, on the Madeira, a tribu- h t xAA^-^ %'i^ ^,'^ i T*. ' ^ 

tary of the Amazm. M/^o 

Erie, formerly, in the region (<M ^^!i= Sj ^^ ^) ^'^^\M 

along the southern shore of Lake 'J ' 'W./ff 't li^l H 

Erie, U. S. A.; in 1656, destroyed < ° ,> « 7 IJl^iit S 7 

by the Iroquois; derived from tlieir ,i,^ ^^ >>''3|li /> i^j:*- '^15^ 

Huron name, signifying "cat people," '4i 7. ,v l^ li \ ^/-^ili'^ V |G. >u 

hence also called Cat. ik-X^h^h ^filTVo 

Erio, at the mouth of the Russian ^j *^ ij i-g-*Klil ;6"J ^^^^h[-b 

River on tlie western coast of Call- ffl/'ES?^/^:'' '^ ^ ' L h Aj 

furnia, U. S. A. ij 'J h I ^MPo 

Erirumas, a subdivision of tlie Muxos. Moxos / ^SMo 

Eriteynes, a subdivision of the Iquitos. Lpiitos ^ —J^o 



Ersari, on the left bank of the nruUlle 
Aimi Daria, Russian Central Asia. 

Erussi, on tiie western coast of 
California, U. S. A. 

Eskimo, a generic name for liie 
natives inhabiting the coasts of 
Grecnlai.d and the Arctic region 
from Labrador to Alaska and the 
Asiatic shore of Beliring Sirait. On 
the west coast of Greenland, they 
extend to Smith Sound iulat. 7S° 18'. 
On tiie east coast, their northern 
limit is not at present known, but 
in 1823 Cap. Clavering found them 
in 74° 30'. In Grinnell Land, Gen. 
Greely found traces of their perma- 
nent iiabitatioiis near Fort Conger, 
lat. M° 44'. Their southernmost 
limit is Hamilton Lilet (about lat. 
55°,i in Labrador. The term was 
derived from es^khnanlik, a name fust 
given t<> them in Labrador by tlic 
Abnakis, meaning "caters of raw 
liesh"; this word was spelkd /wyia'- 
mmix by the Freiicii, and by t la- 
Danes, K-fkimo. Most of tliein 
gemrally call themselves Innuit, 
" people ", liiose in Greenland, Kura- 
litfp .pularly Greenlan<Jers),and tiio- 
se in A>ia, Yuit, " men". (i;2n'.«)i»<'2) 

p. ,im^^--<^ 'JA. <'}^<* 

t-k ^ '^M - C 'J \ LhL^^ 
m%f^ =- h'i r >^;lb*?-b-^A!a 

MiM ^' 'I- ^ 3ta t' Ri K- >}u$^: - 

-v + fi-f * "^ ") y-X^^^AHr. 
+H¥= ^s,-5;\/w < U I 

'J o :lt «? !S t» 5^ C 'J I 'J It 

-h-igfflh ra :9- - ^ ^- •! 
-^ ^ ri^xmWin =)■ fiii ^ 

V o JltS!^ -^ :;i'^' ^. 'V g l{l" ^fc - 
ii^r-JiEt-i/ifi t 'JoiltHPf >^ 

;? il/ e^kimwilik ■)• a ^,'} a 'J ^ 

3 ij -yr-5- b/x./'f A '^ .^ ^ 
E^'fjuimavj: h J^ ') 'C ' /s./ 
]6^ ^> 7i.^('/;io h ijg lU - Mi V V o 

Hi's I v> i V'jiy^L^'Ali, 

b / jfe + y ilii -V r it >Vi 'I' ;• 
rj 7 ;0' b 'J o i {i&w ;■ 'J I /. 

vuut (rt'* mi'//, mii/c. win/; r » .J «» 
•//in: 7 « »i I' ' (U'; A.1 h/R->:^Kii» 
/;sii7 >H?upx/-mio ^•>:v. ita"-i">i- 
III. Nuiiulus-uiut '-VclifV\-*'<-yki\it 



Eskin, on I lie left Icuik of Sacramento 
Kiver, California, U. B. A. 

Eski-Turks. See Kizil Bashis. 

Eslen, between Monterey Bay anil 
Santa Lncia Muiintain, ('alifornia, 
U. S. A.; in 1888, tiieir >urvivurs 

were only two women. 

Esquimaux. See Eskimo. 

Estakewach, in nortlicastorn Cali- 
fornia, U. S. A. 

Esth. See Estlionians. 

Esthonians, in the governments 

of Estlionia and Livonia of Ivussia, 

with the adjacent islands; tliey 

call themselves Rahwa. Also 

written Esth. 
Eta. See Aiita. 
Etchemin, in Maine, U.S.A., and in 

New Brunswick, Canada. 

Etchita. Same as Illtchittee. 

Etenes, in the valleys in the south- 
ern part of Lambayeque, northwest- 
ern Peru. 

Ethelenas, in Par.iguay. 

Ethiopians. I. Natives of Ethiopia, 

an indefinite ancient region south 

of Egypt. 

2. Sometimes, used the same as 

Negro 3(which see). 

Etrurians. See Etruscans. 

Etruscans, the ancient inhabitants of 
Etruria (modern Tuscany of Italy) ; 
according to ancient tradition, they 
came from Lydia (Asia Minor) in 
prehistoric times, and colonized 
Latium (modern central Italy), Also 


Kizil Bashis ^^3„ 

=f- A W A+Aif- - ^^ ?l ^ «- > • 

Eskimo ^ X, 3 o 

!)tl y mtUo 
ICsliionians ^USq 

lo^USEjiifiJ vj.- I i: h 

y ^-'b I ipym^^o Ksth b 

Acta =^ ^3 o 

i)'U /:V Ct^ I ,1^ ;?. ^t• 
^ 1^-9 < ;Jtlo 
Hitchittee - [n] -^^ 

^. ,u =t y o 

2. m^^^^'i i: 1 C^ I 3b 

Etruscans ^^Sq 

i: 1 )cifi^-y=E yoic-fi-y n 
ij t,V:» (-'h^:» C^j) a ^J ik y 

-«7. t A MJ ^j A 1 ^ fil 



written Etrurians. 
Euchee. See Ucliee. 
Euchre Creek, a ^uhilivi>i(Mi uf tiie 

Athapasc in. 
Eudeves, on the Kio Yacjui, .Simora, 

Euroc, on tl.e lower Klamath Hiver, 

northern California, U. S. A.; deriv- 
ed from a Karok word meaning 
'"down"; called also AVeitspek. 
Also Yurok. 

Europeans, a generic name for the 
inhahitants of Europe. 

Euskaidunuk. ^ee Basques. 

Euzbegs. See Usbegs. 

Evistsuniphi, a subdivision of the 
Cheyenne; means " smokj lodges". 

Ewe, on the Slave Coast, "West 

Africa ; also Ewlie. 

Eweawo, on the Slave Coast, West 

A frica. 
Ezuga, a subdivision of the AVakikuyu. 

•t 7 /I'o ^il i„ 
Atliai'a-can ^ -J^^ 

-> 1 Mmto 

■fe 7 ii-o Vuruk h =t ,';^ Xn 

Basques ^jIho 

Usbegs T^^So 

Cheyenne / -l^o ^tM V ^ •■ 'h 

ii I* ?i^ ^ - {t ^. .t^ ^ y o 

Ewlie b =t:lt;^o 
Wakikuyu /> — JHo 

Fadniyeh, on the middle Nile (about 
lat. 11° N.) 

Fajelu, a subdivision of the Bari. 

Falashas, in the region round Lake 
Tsana in Al>y>sinia; derived from 
Eihiopic/a/((5-, "exiles" (or ".stran- 
ger " ?). 

Bari ^ -JiMo 

^. '^ e ^o ilt4'. '^r, Lij- " 0^' 



Falghar, <>n llio ZiTiil^lum Kiver, 
Kiissian Central Asia. 

Fali, on tlie upper Benue Kiver, 
Kanierun, West Africa. 

Fall. See Minnetaii. 

Fallangh, on the left bank of the 
Sobat, a tributary of llie upper Nile. 

Fan, in the basins of the Ogowai and 
Gabun rivers, just nortli of the 
equator, West Africa; so called by 
themselves, meaning "man"; also 
c:\lled Fanwe or Panwe, Osyeba. 
They are known as Mpangwe to the 
Mpongwes of the Gabun, and as 
Paouen or Pauouin to the Europe- 
ans. (14) 

Fan, on the Zerafshan River, Kussian 

Central Asia. 
Fang, on the upper Amu Darin, 

Kussian Central Asia. 
Fan-tch'eng-ta, in northeastern 

Kwang-si, China. 
Fanti, on tlie Gold Coast, Wtst 

Fanwe. See Fan. 

Faraone, a subdivision of tlie Apache. 
Farkana, a subdivision of the Imghad; 

called also Afcrkenen. 
Fawin, See Dahoman. 
Fedayan, a subiiivision of tlic Baggara. 
Feili, in Lurislan,a province of v. estern 

Persia ; means " rebel." 

Fellaheen. See Fellahs. 

Fellahs, especially in the rural districts 
of the Nile Delta and Lower 
Egy[)t ; ineans " tiller." Tliey are 
descendants of the ancient Egyptian--, 

Minnetari f %^ o 

ti^^l rnj±-^: ^ %xfi ^ >v ^ ] 
a \ r 1 -j^t I ;j^v:* ti'-i-^ i /-^ 

if I L 1 il' > =t fffi -k 7 i^o Jlt 

M ^^ -bU- I - f£ ^- 'V V 

%^t^%hllh ^ t£' bi- Ls,/v 
m^t^%h llh ^ hi: \ i: 

Fan ^.^ao 

Apache /* — >^o 

Imghad /> — J^^— ^ Aferkenen 

1> =E|S-fe ^ ,1^0 

Dahoman ^ )t, a ^ 
Baggara J --^o 

Felldis f%-^o 


12 5 

belonging to the agricnltural class 

of Egypt. Also writlen Fellaiieen. 

See also Copts. 
Fellani. See Fulah. 
Fellata. See Fulali. 
Felup, in the basins of the Casanianzi 

and Caclieo rivers, West Africa. 

Fermuli. See Purmuli. 

Feroibe, a snbdivision of tlie Fnlah. 

Fertit, on the head-waters of the 
Bahr-el-Arab, a tiilnitary of tlie 
upper Nile. 

Ffon. See Dahonian. 

Fijians, in tlie Fiji Islands in the 
South Pacilic. 

Filani. See Fulah. 

Filatah. See Fulah. 

Fingo. Same as Araafingo. 

Finns, in Finland, Russia; called 
by tliemselves Suonii or Snonialaiset 
(in the singular). 

Fittobe, a subdivision of the Fulah. 

Flatbow. See Kootenai. 

Flatheads. See Choctaw and Salish. 

Flemings, in the northern part of 

Folle Avoine. Sec Menomeni. 

Fon. See Dalioman. 

For. See Fur. 

Fox, formerly in Wisconsin, U. S. A.; 
now in the Indian Territory or 
Nebraska ; derived probably from 
their habit of painting their robes 
tlie colour of the red fox; called 
also Outagami by the Chippewas, 
signifying " people on the opposite 
side of the water." 

i- ')o .lv> bC^ I A.V ^^^o 

: -5: i ^ §B3 -fe -=3 o 

Fulah 9^=,^ 
Fulah ^^a^o 

Purmuli g-JLao 
Fulaii y -JHo 

ti ^j b J;^7^iSil!;-ll;^■ 
Dalioman ^ |L a o 

Fulah ^^Ho 
Fulah fMu^o 
Amafingo — [p] v'o 

{ t ^- >v =t y - -y f Q ^ ^- -f I 
iJ I ^^ ^- T 1 i>- I i U I 

tf -9 i Ml? y'o <t'.':'*"i I ^'-'^ ->■ 

Fulah / -JHo 

Kootenai ^ ^ a o 

Choctaw ^tf Salish ^ M. a o 

Menomeni =h ^^ o 

Dahoman ^ fl ^i o 
Fur ^Hao 

') -y ^ /> :>• ^ >r 'i'5-<<0 



Franks, tlio luune given in the oid 
century to a cinfederalion of German 
tribes. They were divided into 
three groups, the Catti, the Salian 
Franks and the Ripuarian Franks. 
In tiie 5tli century, under tlieir 
king, Clovis, the Salian Franks inva- 
ded Central Gaul, and tliis gave 
Origin to the name France. 

French, the people of France. 

Frentani, an ancient Italian people 
who inhabited along the Adriatic 

Friesians. ^^e Frisians. 

Frisians, in the northern part of the 
Netherlands and tlie northwestern 
extremity of Germany; also Friesians. 

Fuegians, in Tierra del Fuego, 
South America ; called once 

Fuladu. See Fulah. 

Fulah, a collective name for the 
tribes scattered through the Sudan 
from Wadai to Senegal ; their true 
name is Pul-be (singular, Pul-o), 
meaning "red" or "light brown" 
in their language. They are also 
called Abate ("white men") by 
the Jukus, Fellani (singular, Bafel- 
lanchi) by the Haussas, Fellata by 
the Kanuris, Fulbe (singular, Pullo) 
by the IMandingoes, Fullan by the 
Arabs. Also written Filani, Filatah, 
Fuladu, Fnlfnlde, Pulah, Pulo. 

Fulbe. See Fulah. 

Fulfulde. See Fulah, 

pullan. See Fulali. 

hL ^b^<t /'Hlf-:^• 
-^b^<■f ^-< -?) I b'^-t i 


Frisians ^^a^ 

*B - ft ^< '^"^ ^ o Friesians > 

\^ 7. r\^ =i: y> ^ ^f .^ ^ r,-b 
Fulah ^^ao 

'vMSM^Df rlgM^f-y. lit ft 
i- ,v^^^ j; I z-< (f-l5c» 
^; 1 ;?, I ) vS7^u±^ m ~ 

a V ^-i:){X I -C (^SAjh / 

f, I f: MX -3 I ft SM 3 ') ^^ 
.5>;cf> I i:(l|.l4-lt^;tf, ^ 

^ ) 1> ^^ ?) J;1f^ a 1) ^N i^ I P, 

.J, 1 Z-<{s§.^^^-J,- I ^ I ) b 
ig^^^ iVo Filani. Filath. Fu'a- 
du. Fulfulde. Pulah. Pulo > 

Fulah 9^^o 
Fulah ^^3o 
Fnlah ^^3o 


Funj, in Senner, a region lying between ^^ 1 ^ (; li |? t ^jT i « a h 
the White Nile and the Nile. i^;' n'- J-t ' * ^ ^ ^'^'^ "^ 

Fur, in Daifur, Africa. Also written ^ ] ^ ^).;,ij i«y /"ii. I 

Ga. See Akra. Akra ^^.^o 

Gaberi, on the Logone, a trihntary ^j,?.ij;6'/' ^i s>o r.'}ii^/> Plil^:fj 

of the Shari, sontlieast ofl.ake C'liad, :>' '^ Lft 'J I M '^ i Tlit ^ •^ 

Africa. <?, I ri />^rDjHt*o 

Gadaba, sontli of tlie ^Maliunuddy ^ Vx^ tV ]|;^i:^ -v J; ll*:) V I j"I 

River, eastern India. ^\^Jjo 

Gaddanes, in Cigayan and Isahela in J,^i^^} ^a^/L,tt&^V h x k. fi ^ 

n..rtliern Lnzon, Philippine Islands; ""t?^ t.'^,-*'*/.'^^'^^^ ^' ^*-^ 

called also Yvgades. gades h ^^-k 7 'i^o 

Gaddi, in Kashmir, India. (-VwiV i'L^^lM'lo 

Gadohursi, east of Berbera, a seaport ^j,?. ij t' ^ ^ \ k^) ^ DL ^ -< 

in Soiualiland, Africa. h^hi%?%.')jo 

Gadun, on the Indus (lat. 34° N.), i >^ f /» l'^/:•-^fBI>^1* (^t^S 

India. +?_qi5f)o 

Gaes, on the Maranon, the upper part ^j * ■t■'^ M /* -h JTil ^ ''-I: b 

of the Amazon ; said by Mr. Richar.l ij^^ \ ^^"^ ^^'-t^lK \ 'W-° 

Spruce to be the ancient name of ^9-Wr t'^'f I T'f^tt^^W 

Sunigaes. Also Gayes. (,70j "'^^-o 

Gaigwu. See Kiowa. Ki(twa ^^.^0 

Gaika. See Amangquika. Amangquika ^Jiaj, 

Gaitshim, in southern California, U. ?J i') ij i"S'^l4l i'^j ,1.^- J U ^) 

Galboa, in the b;isin of the Oirowai, pySn^J-^'J iV ij I I' I t 1 I 

West Africa. joj/'^tttfen 



Galcha, a collective muue fur tlie 

jieoples on tlie slopes of the Iliiulu- 

Kusli, and in the Pamir valleys. 

The term is rather linguistic than 

Galeila, a subdivision of the Danakil. 
Galeka. See Ainagcaleka. 
Galgai, a subdivision of tlie Chechens; 

they call tliemselves Lamur, meaning 

"hillman" or " highlander"; called 

also Halha. 
Galibis, in French Guiana, Sonlh 

Galla, between Shoa, a kingdom of 

sonthern Abyssinia and the Tana 

River of British East Africa; so 

called by the Arabs, meaning 

" barbarians" ; they call themselves 

Orma, "men". 
Gallinas, in liiberia, West Africa. 
Gallinomero, on the Russian River, 

central California, U. S. A. 
Galloi, on the lower Ogowai River, 

West Africa; also called Raloa. 

Also Galoi. 
Galoi. See Galloi. 
Gambit, on the western slopes of 

Gamergu, on the southern shore of 

Lake Chad, Africa. 
Gamunanganes. See Gamungans. 
Gamungans, in the province of Ca- 

gayan, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 

also Gamunanganes. 
Gandapur, in Dera Ismail Khan 

District, Panjab, India. 

Danakil ? — J^o 
Amagcaleka ^ ^ a o 
Chechens ? -'%o f I 7 If > 

Aj£X-r,Hitt!lMtSj V J^ 

i^ ^) fr ^ 1: \ fl \ Mwt = ^ '^ 
Vo U'y^-is \ h k Mf 7'^ 

7 't^o Galoi > =e ^ ;'> o 
Galloi ^'-M.^o > 

Gamungans ^ ^ a o 

/> o Gamunanganes > ^ # ^ o 
< io 



Ganguella, on the upper Kimnza 
River, central Portuguese "West 
Africa ; those inhabiting near the 
Cuqueima are called Luiniba, and 
near the Kuanza, Loena. 

Gani. See Shuli. 

Garamantes, an ancient people who 
dwelt in tiie central Sahara. 

Gararish, on the right bank ol' the 
middle yUe; about lat. 19° N., 
long. 'M° E.; also Kararish. 

Garhwali, in Garhwal, Xorth-West 
Provinces, India. 

Garo. See Garrow. 

Garotero, a subdivision of the Apache. 

Garrow, in the Garo Hills, south- 
western Assam, India. Also written 

Garwis, on the upper Swat, a tributary 
of the up;)er Indus, India. 

Garzas. See Carrizas. 

Gascon, south of the lower Garonne 
River, southwestern France. 

Gaspe, in the northern part of New 
Brunswick, U. S. A. 

Gattacka. See Nadiisha-dena. 

Gauls, a Celtic tribe who occujiied 
Transalpine Gaul (modern France, 
with Belgium and parts of Germany, 
Switzerland, and the iNetlierlands) 
and Cisalpine Gaul (northern It.ily) 
in historical times. 

Gayes. See Gaes. 

Gaza, in Gazaland, Portuguese West 

Gbandi, in Liberia, West .\frica. 

Gbari, north of tiie confluence of tlie 
Benue and the Niger, Africa ; also 

-> I ^fsiWiff = (1;^. ,v=ey ^^ 

o I v/ M»f .? ^ < ThAj 

Shuli ^ M.'^o 


i—S> = ll-:^> ^=6/0 Kar.i- 
rish 1> =Et^^.„ 

G.irrow * ^ h o 

Apache y -J^^ 

*M 5 I I Vx.i.'/ hoi V 

* iv-r ipo m ? ±.^^0 

Carrizas ^ ^ a „ 
Xadiisha-dt na ^ JL a o 

::-i -5 >fiaiBjf^= i b^? 

■f V (..^ o 3fe - i^ b ^ /:* ' - 
h (^/"v'Tztj 1 /4bS«)^^ 

Gaes ^^3o 

* ^o Gwari ^ ^t*^;^ 



Gbe, on the soulhoastcrn coast of 

Liberia, West Africa. 
Gbese, in the soulliwestern jmrt of 

Lilierl;i, West Africa. 
Geawegal, north of the Hunter River 

on the e:ist coa^t of New Soutii 

Gebalab, a subdivision of the Jalin. 
GedhaiP, a subdivision of the Oraon. 
Geg, a subdivision of the Albanians. 
Geihamab, a subdivision of the Beja. 
Geiko. See Gez. 

Gel, a subdivision of the Janghey. 
Gemias, on tlie Jutay, a tributary of 

the Amazon, 
Geng, on the Slave Coast, "West Africa. 
Genshikten, in Mongolia. 
Georgians, in Georgia, southern 

Caucasus; called also Grusians by 

the Russians. 
Gepuas, on the Japura, a tributary 

of the Amazon. 
Gereshab, a subdivision of the Jalin. 
Gergasabe, a subdivision of theFulah. 
Gerkesz, a subdivision of the Goklen. 
Germans, the people of Germany. 

Il is said to mean either " shouters " 

or else " neighbours," the name being 

probably of Celtic origin. 
Ges. See Gez. 
Gez, in Para, Brazil, so named from 

ge ("ancestor"), the ending of their 

clan-names ; called also Timbiras by 

the Portuguese of Maranhao. Also 

written Geiko, Ges. 
Ghadame, in eastern Algeria; called 

also Rhadame. 

Jalin 7 — JKo 
Oraon /> —%%o 
Albanians ^ — J^o 

Gez fJLao 

Janghey /> — J^o 

Ci 1 L^dAV"?-* 'i-o 

Jalin ; -;5^o 
Fulah y-J^o 
Goklen )~%o 

-y=e^ =^ -yr ^^^^^^^'^^ 
Gez ^ 

fl) a 1) ig -^- 7 u '^ '1^ =£ /* :J" 

>^ iVc Geiko Ges \- =e jj^x ^ 
-ftp', (U^^o ?)/:' 1 t'b =e 



Ghara. See Gnara. 

Gheghid, a subdivision of tlie Alban- 
ians. Same as Geg ? 

Ghilzai, in tlie southeastern part of 

Ghoopkhas. See Gurkhas. 

Ghou-daman. See Hawkoin. 

Ghou-damap, the singular form of 

Ghubush, on the left bank of the 
middle Nile (lal. 18° N.). 

Ghurkas. See Gurkhas. 

Giaberab, a subdivision of the Jalin. 

Gilambabura, in Great Sandy Island, 

Gileno, a subdivision of the Apache. 

Giliaks, near the mouth of the Amur, 
Siberia, and in the northern part of 
Saghalien Island. 

Gilyaks. Same as Giliaks. 

Ginan. See Gninaanes. 

Ginning-Maton, in northeastern Vic- 

Gio, in the southeastern part of 
Liberia, "West Africa. 

Gipsies, a wandering people found in 
every country of Europe, in many 
parts of Asia, and Africa, America, 
and Australia. The word Gipsy is 
a corruption of " Egyptians," from 
an old popular tradition as to tlieir 
place of origin. Their own name 
is Rom, " man." They are called by 
various names in various countries : 
Charami by the Arabs, Gitano in 
Spain, Heydenen in tlie Netherlands, 
Sesech-Hindu by the Persians, Sigano 
in Portugal, Tchingan in Turkey, 

Gnara ^^So 

Albanians ^ S. ^ o <Jeg b ^] - '■' 

Gurkhas =? 3. 3 o 
Hawkoin 9-^3o 
Ghou-daman ^f^WiBBa 

Gurkhas ^^a„ 

J:ilin y-J^o 

Apache y -^^ 

Giliaks -^ -'^ 
Guinaanes ^ %'J n 

f^ti^- 'I KS^o <'i!'>y + 'ipTf 
* r ) /* itt 1 1 fe t =t >» -^ >) J^ 

/Jl■•||'^l|lf li-o ^i»i t'-S - 
a v '-tf tfo Lo^^<5 I > ft 

: - r ^^ ^ ^i)'^ h 'J I'a • 
7. 1 lift- t' -•-oi., r I rx f 



Zigeiiner in Germany, Zigona in 
Lithuania, Zingani in Poland, anil 
Zingaro in Italy. Also written 
Gypsies, (ss) 

Girgashites, an ancient tribe who li- 
vetl in tlie central part of Palestine. 

Girong. Same ns Gyarung. 

Gis, a subdivision of the Uan| es. 

Giuberab, a subdivision of the Jalin. 

Givaros. See Jivaro>. 

Gnanji, in the Northern Territory, 
South Australia; about lat. 17° S., 
long. lo.j° E.; so called by themselves 

and by their neighbours. 

Gnapaw, in the Indian Territ'iry, U. 
S. A. 

Gnara, a subdivision nf the Fulah ; 
also Gluira. 

Gnareeb-gnareeb, on the Hopkins 
River, soutliwestern Victoria. 

Gnia. See Lu-tze. 

Gnurellean, in northern Victoria. 

Goa, on the river Diamantina, central 

Goajiras, in Goajira Peninsula, nor- 
thern Colombia. 

Goayanaces. See Goyanus. 

Goayanaes. See Goyanas. 

Goayanas. See Goyanas. 

Goaytacaces. See Goyatacas. 

Goaytacaes. See Goyatacas. 

Goenpul, in Stradbroke Island on the 
Miutbeaslern const of Queensland. 

Gohunes, on the Rio Verde, a tribu- 
tary of the Gila, Arizona, U. S. A. 

Goitacazes. See Goj^alacas, 

Gok, a subdivision of the Dinka. 

], J/ (. . o li f- ^^ o V, r (, » il ;S 
iB|-fe 7 tVo Gypsies V *|/ ^-o 


Gyarung - In) i^o 

Uaupes /> — j^o 

Jalin /> —Mo 

Jivaro? ^^3o 

^iJ \ -f h ^')h^^ \ ?' 1 ^ 

Fulah y> -Mo <-^'i'^J"^ > =E fl: 
Lu-tze fR,3o 

Goyanas ^ ^ a o 
Goyanas ^^3o 
Goyanas ^ ^ a o 
Goyatacas ^ ^ 3 ^ 
Goyatacas ^ ^ a o 

i hoK^i^ 1 < So 

Goyatacas ^ Mi ^ q 
Dinka ^ — ;^o 



Goklan, See Guklen. 

Goklen, on the Atrek River, soutlieajt 

of I lie Caspian Sea; also Goklan. 
Gola, in Liberia, "West Africa ; also 

Goldi, on the lower Amur, Siberia; 

they are called Twan-moa-tze, 

"people who shave ihe head" by 

the Chinese from tiieir habit of 

shaving their heads. 
Golo, west of the Bongo tribe living 

on the upper Xile. 
Gonaqua, uu the Great Fish Kiver 

on the soiitlieastern coast of Cape 

Gond, in the Central Provii'.ces and 

Chota Xngpore, India. 
Gonga, on the Abai, an upper brancli 

of the Blue Xile (a tributary of 

the Xile). 
Goonine, on "Wide Bay, southeastern 

(JiK'f n-land. 
Goorkhas, See Gurkhas. 
Gor, on the upper Indus, India. 
Gorales, a local name for the Little 

l\iissians; means "mountaineers". 
Goship. See Gosiute. 
Goshoot. See Gosiute. 
Gosh Yuta. See Gosiute. 
Gosiute, in Utah, U- S. A.; also 

written Goship, Goshoof, Gosh Yuta. 

Goths, an ancient Teutonic tribe ^vho 
appeared in the regions north of the 
lower Danube in the 3rd century; 
they afterwards invaded (he Roman 

Gottur, n «ubdivi-ion of the G< nd. 

Goklen ^^Hq 

ri' =0 / J, (Jura b -u;!}: Jt „ 

:--l /<»:<« i) \ ,\\ \7^\:\ 
:;i/v^' l^^tv^t^gl5]^>H 

Gurklia- ^ ji a o 

Little Russians =)-Vif-/^:^mo 

Gosiute i- ^=i o 
Gosiute f fi=3 n 
Gosiute ^ Jl a o 

iD * 'J t'^'^im I r: I >H ^ If 

X (1/ * y> o Goship.. (ioslit'Ot. 
Gosh Yuti h =t^|J7. „ 



Gournditch-mara, east of tlie Glenelg 
River, southwestern Victori:i. 

Goyanas, formerly on the southeastern 
coast of Brazil; also written Goaya- 
naces, Goayanaes, Goayanas, Goya- 

Goyanazes. See Goyanas. 

Goyas. See Goyazes. 

Goyatacas, formerly in the state of 
Kio de Janeiro, Brazil ; so called 
by the Tupis, meaning " runners " ; 
also written Goay tacaces, Goaytacaes, 
Goitacazes, Guaitacas, Guoitacazes. 

Goyazes, in Goyaz, Brazil; now 
extinct; also written Goyas, Gnaya- 
zes, Gwayas. 

Goyogan. Same as Cayuga. 

Goyotacas. Same as Goyatacas.? 

Great Horde, a subdivision of the 
Kirghiz-Kazaks living soutli of Lake 
Balkash, Russian Central Asia; 
called also Ulu-Yuz. 

Great Russians, in central and eastern 

Russia; their true name is Mus- 
covites; also Vielkorousses. 

Grebo, on the southeastern frontier 
of Liberia, West Africa. 

Greeks, in Greece and on the southern 
coast of Turkey. 

Gringai, north of the Hunter River on 
the eastern coast of New South 
Wales. ' 

Griqua, in Griqualand Wist, South 

Grogo, asubdivisiunof theLand Dyak. 

Z; 1 ^^Ut ^H*-<5^ b c ^ ^ 
'Mi^W^-ii'^'-^'^^o Go- 

ayanaces. Goayanaes- Goaya' 
nas. Goyanazes h ^#^.0 

Goyanas =f %^ o 

Goyazes ^ ^ a o 

:: 1 "^tl-b'-t ^ B* i^ b C 

^■H - tt -k -y =e ^o ilfc^ffi- 

^ ,i.=e/' - -yr^^^^ \- ^ ^ 
-)• y o Goaytacaces. Goaytaca- 
es. Goitacazes. Guaitacas. 
Guoitacazes l>=E^ftXg 

-5; ?) C ^ ^ ri ^t'^ii -• tt -k -y 

^^o ^>>MM^ Vo Goyas. 

Guayazes. Gwayas > "B ^ 7. ^ 
Cayuga - [h] i>o 
Goyatacas - |^ ;j> ? 

a- y^,v^Z if I f *' 5"'^ < M 
^ -Mo -;8 -5 ;?. I'ii^ I T h 

hh \ ^ ^U^ =■ (f ^> '^ ^ 

It" X ;V =1-; y o 

Land l>yak /> — ;^o 


Gros Ventres. See Miiuuiaii. Mimieiuri ^-JL^^o 

Grusians. See Geoiginns. (Georgians V- fl, a o 

Guachichiles, in Zacatecas and San ^^ L I ^ $i>*\" I i't At" 3 

Lni. rotci, Me.ic. 5-^1'""^ li- i' L. 

Guachires. See Giiaiqueris. (Inaitineris 5^jL^o 

Guachis, in the southern jart of <'j, L I T -1^ b C ^ >* i o 

Matto Gros^o, Brazil; ... called 2 v i .^''Th-'^^'Ss^ '^^ ^ *'"' 

I'v the Giiaycurus; now ncarlv < I S I i"fi^3 'J ^ > ^ i^ 

extinct. jl^-fe V „ 

Guacicos, east uf Euguta, llie capital ; TiVV^h /'t^'/l^ii' I :' I ^: / 

of Colombia. *){{')] n 

Guagnas, on tlie Japura, a tributary ^ i tXJdJ/' ifJiu^ '^ llh-V^ I 

c.i V II 1 1 1- f)M^ - tt ^« '^ =e > o^'^naS'iii- 
dt the Amazon, called also LnagiKires. ^oVTiiffi-, 
' ° res h t W t; o 

Guagues. See Quaquas. (^uaqnas ^^^o 

Guaharibos, on the upper Caura, <"?,^0 I IJ' I T i^'^J»6iJ 

a tribntarj of the Orinoco, South iV ij' ij >?) 1 fnjy ^riii*f ;i- i' 

America. -} i t)f"7/'±«iio 

Guahibos, south of the lower Meta, a <■«(,' 1 IJ- 1 T ^ih ^ ^) i' 

tributary of the Oriuoco, South .'' ^\'|i''^^J^ ^ ^"^^^ ""^ ^- 

America; also written Guahivos, Uuahivi.VhuijivoJ^' Gimybas 

Guajivos, Guaybas. b^^jj^. g 

Guahivos. See Guahibos. Guahibos =) %^ o 

Guaicas. See Quaquas. Qur.quas ^^3o 

Guaicuris. See Guaiqueris. Guaiqueri.s ^^a^ 

Guaicurus, in the middle portion oi *6 -^ L 1 -^ it' '•) ^^ii h \'- h 4^.C!» 

the C'alifornian Ptuinsula, Mexico. /* ^^%-, 

Guaicurus. Same as Guaycurus. Guaycnrus =|H):j>f, 

Guaimis, in southeastern Costa Kica. \'tV. ^J ' i'^4ii^nl»o 

Guaiqueris, in the island of Margarita <;'jA^{1\ I T T.tiltl' 

and the adjacent parts of Venezuela; ^ ' ', ^ ,-1 .% ' ^-' ^/' 'i ', ^"S^ 
, .,/ r- , • ^. • • te',i:-l^ilr^« '^AP-^^-ffll- 
also written Guachires, Ouaicuns, (|; 7, -i^ Ti / o Ouachircs. Guai- 

Guakeries. curls. Guakcrics \ ^ ^IJ ;'. j, 

Guaitacas. See Goyatacas. Goyatacas ^jLao 

Guajayos, on the Marailon, the upper h*.x/^j\^l y _t Tjfe ^ '^ i ^ 

part tjf the Amazon. I-Ai I /./M^o 

Guajiqueros, in western Hrrdurn-.. ii.AjV'th't /"p^'fJil- 



Guajivos. .See Gualuhos. 

Guakeries. Sje Gii.iiqucris. 

Gualaches. See Giuuanas. 

Gualala, on the western coast, of 
California, U. S. A.; called also 

Gualaquisas, a subdivision of the 

Guamacas, a subdivision of the Aruacs. 

Guanamas, on tlie Eio Negro, an 
atHuent of the Amazon. 

Gaunarus, on the Jutay, a tributary 
of the Amazon. 

Guanas. See Guayanas. 

Guanches, an extinct native tribe 
which inlial)ited the Canary Islands, 
Africa. The term Guanches was 
first confined to the inhabitants of 
Tenerife (the largest of the islands) 
by the European conqneiors, and 
was the Spanish corruption from 
Guauchinel, the national name of the 
inhabitants of Tenerife, meaning 
"a person of Tenerife" {Guaii., 
" person," C'hinel, the same as^Tene- 
rife). They kept their indepen- 
dence till 1512. Their population 
was diminished by the conquerors, 
and by the plague of 1494, and 
they V entirely j'7. disappeared at 
last. (1S3) 

Guanes, in soutbem Santauder, Co- 

Guangas. See Guiangas. 

Guapindages, between the Xingu and 

the Araguaya, Brazil. 
Guaques, on the Putumayo and the 
C*aq'afe't!t, tipper brtntihies of tlie 

Guahibos ^ Hi^ o 
Guaiqueris ^ ^ a o 
Gauyanas. ? ^ a o 

h>b^) ii-'^^klM b' iJ i^i-o i: 
ftWUPi?^.f^--t£ 7, ,^ ^ ^o 
Walhalla > ^Rf -k '^ ,i/o 

Jivaros y> —JiXo 

Aruac, x' -.^o 
( hiayan:s ^ H a o 

^:ki) 'c I n I vj I -i'^ 1 ^ 

r tHi S /* g IS ^ 1^ Guanchi- 
iiet i' ivlU ■^'f^'''/^tiai• 
') M. ^'"'C 1 ii 1 I) I -^;t I ^ 

Xj (Guan =\. Cliinel ='C I 
n Mj I -^;ll ) > ^m^- '^ o 

Guiangas ^ jL ^ o 

..j; f) C: o y L 1 ^ C I riU > fc b 




Guaranacuazanas, between tlie Ori- 
noco and the Rio Negro, a tributary 
of the Amazon. 

Guaranguacas, on the Amazon, below 
the mouth of tlie Madeira. 

Guaranis. I. In Uruguay, souiliern 
Brazil, Paragu.ay and eastern Ar- 
gentina; means " waiTiurs." 
2. Same as Tup is 2. 

Guaranys. Sime as Guaranis. 

Guaraunos, in and near the delta of 

the Orinoco, .South America ; called 
also Warraus by tiie English. 

Guarayos, on the head-waters of the 
Rio Mamor6 and its tributaries, 
central Bolivia; means "naked" in 
the Quechua language from huara, 
"breeches," yoc, "wiihoul." 

Guarianacaquas, on the Rio 
Negro, an allluent of the Amazon. 

Guaripenis, on the river Guainia, 
eastern Colombia. 

Guariqua, an extinct Hottentot tiibe. 

Guariquenas, a subdivision of the 

Guarives, in Venezuela. 

Guarpes, near Mendozi, the capital of 
tlie ]»rovinceof Mendozi, Argentina. 

Guasitayas, on the Marafion, the 
upper i>art of tiie Amazon- 

Guatescos. Sec Iluaste&s. 

Guatinumas, on tlie Madeim, a tribu- 
tary of the Amazon. 

Guatos, in soul hem Maltu Gri'Sso; 

GuatUSOS, in u'lrlhern Costa Kici ; 

<? 'W 'J if n <• ^ I h y [in - 
tt ;^ .1/ =E y o 

<>,^(r 1 I. i 4 1 ci9v'. 

2. o I CM 2 - (3) -^o 
Guaranis =. [p] .:7r> 
<-j,Gt 10 1 1^1^) -6 i)' 

t A J y '^o 1 b 1 I 1- up'' 

'1 o 

i&')L^'ii^^3ir^^- it y- 'I' ^ 

=f '\%/ ^ {hwira = fl55|. yoc 
= My ) h y^t 'J o 

Hottentot j -JXo ^it& "t '^ o 
Barres >> — :ft5^o 

VK^-Cf'!.^ I bo 

^3 i xXM ^ ± Di5 *■ 'I' i 'b 
Ilnastecs ^ >Lao 

h t xlJfil ^ Xyk ^ '^ i; 'C ^ ' o 
<-j,oi -c 1 ;-rf; 'J I 



called ;ilt;o Pranza. 

Guayabas, north of the Amazon. 

Guayanas, in the southern part of 
Matto Grosso, Brazil ; they were 
once known under the name Chunas 
or Chanes ; called also Gnulache, 

Guayanas, on the continent opposite 
the island of Marajo at the mouths 
of the Amazon and the Para ; al-o 

Guayanazes. See Guayanas. 

Guayazes. See Goyazes. 

Guaybas. See Guahibos. 

Guaycas. See Quaquas. 

Guaycurues. Same as Gnaycurus. 

Guaycurus, on the Paraguay (lal. 
20° S.) in the scutliern part of 
Matto Grosso, Brazil; called Caval- 
leiros by the Portugne-e, meaning 

Guaymas, on the coast of Sonora, 
Mexico; now extinct. 

"uaymis, in Panama. 

Guaynos, an ancient tribe of Vene- 

Guaypunavis, on Like Inirida, Colom- 

Guayqueris, on the north coast if 

Guayues, on the Caqueta, an upper 
branch of the Amazon. 

Gudabirsi, between Zeila, Harar, and 
Berbera, towns in eastern Abyssinia 

and Somaliland. 
Gudang, in Cap York Peninsula, 

Guencoyas, on the Maranon, the 

upper part of the Amazon. 

:^^Wr^a 7 u H ^} o -^ 
If 1 ?) I MM^MU-'^^' '^ 

/o Guayanazes h ^c*;^, ^ 
Guayanas ^ M. ^ o 
Goyazes =f^n^ 
Gualiibos f-X.'=^o 
Quaquus ^ M. a o 
Guas cur us —\a\i>o 

^G^'i lib {'ip^^mmM^^- 

i-Jt) -it^. ,v=6/ It -y rlJ 


:y. ,1 ^ / o 



Guenoas, iu Uruguay. 

Guerens. See T;ipuyas. 

Guerno, on the lower Warrego, a 

tribiitiry of the Darling, New 

South Wales. 
Guetares, in Costa Rica. 
Gugiani, in Peshawar District, 

Panjib, India. 
Guianes. See Guinaanes. 
Guiangas, in the northeastern and 

norliiern parts of Davao, Mindanao, 

Philippine Islands; means " forest 

people.' Also Guangas, Gulanga. 

Guilito, in northern California, 
U. S. A. 

Guimen, norlh of San Francisco Bay, 

Calitornin, U. S. A. 

Guinaanes, on both slopes of the 
Cordilleras in Abra and Bontoc, 
Luzon, Philippine Islands; also 
written Ginan, Guianes, Quinaanes, 

Guinaus, on tiie upper Orinoco, Scutii 

Gujar, a Irile scattered in large 
numbers am(>ug the Patlian tribes 
on the upper Indus, India. 

Gujarat!, in Gujarat, a region of 
western India. 

Gulanga. See Guiangas. 

Gulanganes. See Dulangants. 

Gulbaki, a subdivision of the Kurds. 

Gummeab, a subdivision of the Jalin. 

Gummieh, a subdivision of the Jalin. 

Gumulaig, in Mulgrave Island and 
Jcrvis Island in Torres Strait. 

Gumulega, in islands between Kew 

Tapuyas ^ jl a o 

I'-'D I Sit ■j;t I ^ t v' 

^1 VT i ij < to 
Guinaanes ^^3o 

^ ^^ 'J o Gnangas. Gul;ing:i 

ij if) 'J i'^^® i"J -l>ir o i: ij 

:>- 'V : o V'J.l I ^lU'llft / ^ 
I^M-ft >■• '" =e /'o (Jinan. 
Guianes. Quinaanes. Quinares 


Guiangas ^ H. 3 o 
Dulangancs V- jL 3 o 
Kurds /> -"iMo 
J:iiin /> — J^o 
Jalin y — jl^o 


Guinea and Mulgrave Island (in { h. \ ll-fU^-'^^^ '^) >^ 

Torres Strait). fnl = #"<t 7. ivii^m^ 

Gundanora, on the highland of eastern 51,. < h ^) ^ ^ M% f '^ (^iill- 

Vicloria. tt^- '^ "^ ^ o 

Gunung-willam-baluk, on the western $\. < l^] h y> ^ni'^ '^ ^"^^ 

end of Mount Macedon, central ^^U 7 pfi^ =■ tt-i>^' /i' =t ^ o 

Gunyeman, an extinct Hottentot tribe. Hottentot y — J^o IciJt"^ V o 

Guoitacazes. Ste Goyatacas. Goyatacas "f %3 o - 

Gura. See Gola. Gola ^ jLho 

Guraan, in the northern part of fe.5- ij iiV /:' .5 ,i> 1 ^i&'Jj^:\\: 

Darfnr, A frica. ^ - it 'l- 7- =e 7 ^ 

Gurague, in central Abyssinia. fcO^' Ll- fc ^ ^t^ hKo 

Guran, a subdivision of the Kurds. Kurds ^ —Mo 

Gurara, in Air, an oasis country of § II bvi^i^^t* ^Ji'"' ' h ^ iki'ii.- 

the Saliara. tt ^> ;i^ =e 7 o 
Guren. Same as Gurunga? Gurunga =-Ib]vo 
Gurgai, a subdivision of the Kurds. Kurds y —^o 
Gurians, in the southwcslem part of ; 1 *" § Til!i:;^/> Hl^qK-ffi^- 
the Caucasus. )V =£ 7 o 
Gurkhas, in Nepal; also written <- 1 ^:ib'T illi 1 i = It ;'. 

;V ^ /> o Glioorkhas. Ghurkas. 

Ghoorkhas, Ghurkas, Goorkhas. Goorklias ]- ^^}7^o 

Gurma, on tlie "Wliite Volta River, KgKi)i> '■J ;i<V [llp^'l vfe 

West Africa. ^^:M.^o 

Gurung, in Nepal. i'il? 1 Zo 

Gurunga, on the Red Volta River, E9nKfc-i^ 'J ^'-^ ^T-'5 i^, V fe ^ ?- 

West Africa. Mwf o 

Gushki, a subdivision of tlie Kurds Kurds J -^Mo 

Gwalior. Same as Garrow. Garrow -\ai ly'o 

Gwari. See Gbari. Gbari ^||, ^o 

Gwayas. See Goyazes. Goyazes ^^3o 

Gyaman, ou the Gold Coast, West VMal^^ ■!>■'''} P -^ M$ir- - ^ ^^ '^ 

Africa. ^ ^ o 

Gyarung,onthe boundaries of weslern ^flP0)l|i^'' VMB. 1- y'^MSri^- 

Sze-chuan an<l Tibet. i^^'V'^/o 

Gyidesdzo, a subdivision of the Tsimshi;ui /> — 5^3 




Gyitgaata, a .-iuhdivision of the 
Tsimshian; means "people of the 
poles"; aho written Kitkada, Kit- 

Gyitksan, on the upper Skeena River, 

Briiish Columbia; also Kitiksliian. 
Gyitqatia, a subdivision of the 

Gyitsalaser, a subdivision of the 

Gyitsumralon, a snbdivisi. n of the 

Gypsies. See Gipsies. 

iViinr^hian/' - h%o ^ / AKj b 
^ Mi" "i o Kitka<la. Kitkaet 

i^ij ^o L :^ t' U^ h ^ -t 
h I Ux^^ ±fl!£- It 7. ,\, ^ 
/> o Kitikshian b =cl'J^.o 

Tsimshian y — j^o 
Tsim-hian y — J5^o 
Tsinislii:in y -J^o 
Gipsies f ^ H „ 


Habab, iietween tlie Baraka River 
and tlie Red Sea, north of Eritrea. 

Habanieh, a subdivision of the Bag- 

Habr-Awal, between Zeilah, Harar, 
an 1 Berbera, towns in eastern Abys- 
sinia and ?omaliland. 

Habr-Gerhaji, on the uplands south 
of Berber.), a town of Somaliland. 

Hadanarang, in tlie central part of 
tlie Sahara. 

Hadarem, on the coast of Eritrea, the 
Italian colony on the Red Sea. 

Hadendoa, between the Red Sea and 
the Atbara, a tribularv of the mid- 
dle Nile. 

U 1 l^ I ^' 

Baggara y^ ^'%%o 
r.ij mho 


HADE -H All 

Hadendowa. Same as Hadeiidoa. 
Hadiyat, a subdivision of the Bagg;u-a. 
Haeltzuk, in tlie nortlieni part of 

Vancouver Island, and on the 

western coast of British Colombia; 

also written Hailtsas or Hailtzas. 
Hagara. See Hogar. 
Hag gap. See Hogar. 
Hahabe, on the eastern coast of 

Cape Colony. 
Hai. See Ariuenians 
Haida, in the Queen Charlotte 

Islands, British Cohimbia ; called 

also Skittaget. Also Hydah. 

Haideranlu, a subdivision ff tlie 

Haik. See Ai-menians. 

Haikan. See Armenians. 

Hailtsas. See Haeltzuk. 

Hailtzas. See Haeltzuk. 

Haioo. See Yayu. 

Haishilla, a subdivision of the Hael- 

Haitians, in the island of Haiti. 

Haitlin. See Teet. 

Haiyu. See Yayu. 

Hajemi, in western Persia. 

Hakas, in the western part of upper 

Hak-ka, on the highland on the bo- 
undaries of Fu-kien, Kwang-tung, 
and Kwang-si, China. 

Haku, on the middle Kuanza, Portu- 
guese West Africa. 

Halenga, on the Atbara, a tributary 
of the middle Nile. 

Hal ha. See Galgai. 

Halilan. See Hululan. 

Hadendoa - Ih) ■J>o 

Bagg.ira 7 —Mo 

(^ 1 Khn^n < V s,^ ■' I 

=E ^ o Utiiltsas. Hailtzas 1> =e 

Hogar ?" H 3 o 
Hogar 5^ 1. 3 o 

Ui^] a I i- :/:.i-i 

Armenians ^^a,. 

h^ < ^'L Ls,l ho ilSE 
= \'^ X ,1. =e 7 - -y f t ^of: 
-y 1 i > ^lifS-fe 7 'i-o Hydah 

Kurds ; —%o 

Armenims 9- .^ a o 
Armenians =f ^^ o 
Haeltzuk ■f%.'^o 
Haeltzuk ^ M. 3 o 
Yayu ^ E 3 o 
Haeltzuk ? — J^o 

Teet ^%^o 
Yayu =y%-^o 

^ z ;i/ =e 7 =■ -yr §^ y 'i- ^ 

Galgai ^^Sq 
Hululan ^ %^ o 



Haltserea tunne, a subdi 

the Atliapascan. 
Hamalaiset. See Tavastrians. 
Hamar, a subdivision of tlie Beja, 
Hamawand, a subdivision of the 

Hamed Orab, a subdivision of tlie 

Hamej, on the right bank of tlie 

Bhie Nile, a tributary of the Xile. 
Hami, a subdivision of tlie Semang; 

means "men" in tlieir own dialed ; 

called also Suku, meaning " tribe ". 

Hamites, a collective name for peoples 
living in Nortli and East Africa 
and the Sahara; of whioh the chief 
ones are Beji, Berbers, Copts, Dana- 
kil, Fellahs, Galla, S)mali, Tibbu, 
Tuareg, etc.; the word is derived from 
Mam, the son of Nouh, from whom 
these peoples are supposed to be 

Hamr, a subdivision of the Baggara. 

Hamtolop, in southwestern Washing- 
ton, U. S. A. 

Hanahawunena, a subdivision of the 
Arapaho; nt^w extinct. Same as 

Hanegas, a subdivision of the Tlinkit. 

Han Pa-i, in s uthwestern Yun-nnn, 

China, call themselves Tai-nc. 

Han Pai-ih. Same as Han Pa-i. 
Hansda, in Baghalpur, a division of 

Behar, Bengal, India. 
Hantewa, in northeastern California, 

U. S. A. 
Harari, in southeastern Abyssinia. 
Hares, on the ^Mackenzie, Anderson, 

vision of Aihapasoan ^ ~k%c 

Tavastrians ^ ji a , 
Kurds /> -J^o 
Beja ^ ~Mo 

Semang /> — J^o &.^^^-A:l(\- 
^ ""Aj > ^ ^ :*- 9o -« 
Suku h =t?|^^-k ^ ,v ^u "^ 

: -5: i • ^ 1 i ij 1 . /:':^i: ^ I 

iA:'m>-^ I ^1^ T-lttv «a 
'J th T' -y =E /> :^ -V r jltli-^ >^ Jl; 
iVij^i- -f-* -yl-*Jffe-k 7 -I'o 

Baggara 7 — ;^o 

Aiapaho ^ -^o^^^$gil^■fe >J o 
Aannhawa =. [pj v/q 

Tliikit y -J.^o 

•i fli53r 1^5 & K' f^ s: ^ ( t K ^ V' 7^ 

^ >^ Tai-ne MJ3^7"o 
Ilan Ba-i -U-^o 



;iii(l ^fiu' Failano rivers, Cana- 

Haro, in New Mexico, U. S. 

Hasovo. See Samoyedes. 

Hassanieh. Same as Hassanijeh. 

Hassaniyeh, west of the middle Nile ; 
about lat. 1S° N., long. 33° E. 

Hatigorria, a subdivision of the Naga. 

Hauigires, on tlie middle Napo, an 
upper brancli of the Amazon. 

Hauraki, a subdivision of the Maoris. 

Haussa, north of the junction of tlie 
Niger and the Benue, Africa; also 

Hauwawir, in the nortliern Kordo- 
fan, Africa. 

Havasupai, in Arizona, U. S. A. 

Hawaiians, in the Hawaiian Islands. 

Hawazma, a subdivision, of the Bag- 

Hawija. Same as Hawiyyab. 

Hawiyyah, in the central part of Ita- 
lian Somaliland. 

Hawkoin, in eastern Damaraland, 
German South- West Africa; so called 
by themselves, meaning "true men "; 
named Ghou-daman (singular, Ghou- 
damap) by the Namac^uas, meaning 
"men made of dirt"; also Hill 
Damara, Hou-khoin. 

Hawsa. See Haussa. 

Haya. See Yayn. 

Haynaggi, a subdivision of the Hoopah. 

Hazara, in the northwestern part of 
Afghanistan and a part of Khora- 
san, Persia, 

L : nio 

Samoyedes ^ ^ a o 
Hassan iytli s [b] :>o 

Naga /> -JMo 

Maoris 7 —Mo 

Hawsa > =e «: p-. „ 

Baggara y —^o 
Hawiyyah -[nI-:?'o 

^t ^. 'I' =E / =:^ -y r Q 7 Iff i' ^- 

»Jo Uk ihMM'^ V ^- "-3 

|^f)b=E:^-fe7v^l lou-khoin 

Haussa ^^a© 
Yayu ^^Ho 
Hoopah /> —;^o 



Hbrog-pa. See Dru-pa. 

Hebrews. See Jews. 

Heh-chioh Miao, in southeastern 
Kui-olKin, C'liina. 

Heh-chong Miao, in southeastern 
Kiii-ohau, C'liina. 

Heh-kan Ih, in eastern Yun-nan, 

Heh Lolo, in Sze-chuan and Yun- 
nan, China. 

Heh-lo'Miao, in soutlieastern Kui- 
ohan, rhina. 

Heh Miao, in suutheastern Kiii-chau, 

China ; so called from the lilack 
colour of tlieir garments. 

Heh-p'a. Same as Heh-p'u. 

Heh-p"u, in the southern part of 
Y'un-nan, China. 

Heh-seng Miao, in southeastern Kui- 
chau, China. 

Heh-shan Miao, in southeastern Kui- 
chau, China. 

Heh-t'u-yieh, in .soutlieastern Y'un- 
nan, Cliina. 

Heh Wu-ni, in soutliern Y'un-nan, 

Helto, on tlie east bank of tiie Sacra- 
mento River, California, U. S. A. 

Helvetii, a Celtic tribe which in the 
time of C'jesar occupied Helvetia, 
corresponding to the modern Swit- 

Hemes. See Jemez. 

Hemrow, in iJatili.ilpur, a division of 
lieliar, Bengal, India. 

Herecepoconos, a subdivision of the 


l)iu-pa -^>L"J- 
Jews ^^3 
iflPi<>H^^U(ia^ ILK- 'J=f 

Bf\' iVi t -v ^ /» S v- :^ ') o 
%nm\<a t^ Jli JH. ^ (if K ^ -V r !•, 

M^ /* ^ a y sS ->■ 7 w -> =E /> 
Heh-p'u - [pj v-f, 

MUl^i- '^=E /'jS: v:^ y o 

iii-k-yaa hmmo 

Jenuz ^ ft, ^ o 



Herero. See Ovahercro. 
Herki, a Kurd tribe living in Persia 
in summer, and migrating to the 
plain of Mosul (Turkey in Asia) in 
Herzegi, a subdivision of the Sarik. 
Herzegovinians, in Herzegovina, Aus- 
Hessaqua, an extinct Hottentot 

Hettitoya, in central California, U. 

S. A. 
Hewataniuw, a subdivision of the 

Cheyenne ; means " hairy men ". 
Heykom, an extinct Hottentot 

Hhirichota, in Guatemala. 
Hiabaanas, on the Rio Negro, a tri- 
butary of th.e Amazon. 
Hibitos, on the Huallaga, an upper 
branch of the Amazon; also written 
Jibitos, Xibitos. 
Hidatsa, in North Dakota, U. S. 

Hill Damara. See Hawkoin. 
Hilieri, on the shore of the Great 
Australian Bight, South Australia ; 
called also Tidni. 
Hillunas. See Illanos. 
Hima. See Eahima. 
Himuetacas, a subdivision of the Iqui- 

Himyarites, a people who lived in 
southwestern Arabia ; said to be 
derived from Hirayar (the name of 
an ancient king). 
Hindi, a collective name for some 
peoples of northern India. 

Ovaherero ^ jL a o 

Kurds ; -% ^^yr SS^ ^--<h 

Sarik 7 -Mo 

dy I t t ij ^3 it A.1^' ^J I ^ 

Hottentots / — ;^o ^ ^4Sv)t -fe 
y o 

Cheyenne 7 — JMo '"^^-^Aj 

> ^Ui- ') o 
Hottentots 7 — iHo 4*''4SiS£-fe 

Cfe'C i bo 

ij i xXM / ^x^ ^ '^ ') ii i'l 

CMO^'l ^ IT h k X ^ 

M^ - i:t ^- lu ^ ^ o Jibitos. 
Xibitos h ^E^^^^o 

Hawkoin ^ |L a o 

ij ^:km - M ^^ <^Wl¥ - ffi ^' 

;l/ ^ ^ o Tidni h =e fif. "t 7 )Vo 
Illanos ^ Mi 3 o 
Bahima ^ |L ^ o 
Iquitos / -^Mo 


Hindki, in norlheastcrn Afghanistan. ?J-^i)'l- "f T:/s^/' JJi^ltSo 

Hindoos. Same as Hindus. Hindus =f^j5>„ 

Hindus, a collective nam ^ for the non- 1}^"^ I t */C i' - (t ^. 't' ^) 

aborigines in India, Uing the des- ^] hAM.^ i&^^\\^U]ii=- T 

cendants of the Aryan conquerors; 7 If (U =E ^ ^mf y'^HJ.fjIJ :h 'J ^ 

of which the principal are Assa- —\^^,iv^-yiv=^/^-^ ^jo ? 

mese, Bengali, Kashmiri, Marathi, L'A-^'L-'^'J I --J' A/ CfcO"^' I • 

Punjabi. '<^i)'■ 'J ii b' J; b L*f :>" 'i o 

Hinzuan, on tlie coast of German Jl3pI>iliil5^D-i> 'J iV i^^ - |L'^> 

East Africa. ;U =e / o 

Hishquayquaht, a subdivision of the Alit / — jKo 

Hitaniwoiv. See Arapaho. Arapalio ^E^o 

Hitasina. See Cheyenne. Cheyenne ^^Hq 

Hitchittee, a subdivision of the Mus- Muskoki ^ — ]^o 

Hittites, a powerful ancient tribe who V'oflL^Z L *J ft z' At%Jk 

occupied northern Svria and parts K'^^i.^f.^ ^ 7l'» ^^^^ '-^ '^ 

of Asia Elinor. They are identihed ^fc* fto L 'J ft -^ iS^^ - *il^^ 

with the Kiiita and the Khatti in \^ fi lu ^ \ ^:^t'i' \ ^ ± lU 

Egyptian and Assyrian history. =t /> V I^— 1- itfSCI'' '^c 

HItunena, a subdivision of the Ara- Arapalio ^ —]^o^ ^'^ fff ^ Aj 

paho ; means "begging men." Same > ^3£:^ 'Jo Aaninena - [^ 

as the Aaninena. v'o 

Hiuhiuas, on the Japura, a tributary Sjtx'iLM-^'JiX^'' ^ Ct-i: I 

of the Amazon. ?)M^o 

Hivites, an ancient people who lived If ^L"f f: (- '^^ ^ton-fl: "^ ->''t*i" 

in northern Palestine. Kj^o 

Hkun, in the southeastern part of ±^>' ^ i /• illf^liill- tJf.Q.^- i' 

Upper Burma. =t / o 

Hmisis, a subdivision of tlie Cheyen- Cheyenne /> — AHo "^iJ^Aj 1' 

ne ; means " eaters." ^ S ^ 'Jo 

Ho, in Chota-^Nagpore, Bengal, India ; (J ) t '/^ t' z' '^/^i* o'M -^ 

according to some autliors, the same |^ ^ J -j ^^. Ir- - ^ u, /< ;, i 

as the Larka. i)'%^ Mb] — ^ 'Jo 

Hoak, on the left bank of tiic Sacra- Sub^} i)'fi-^['(i i"'J i<i<^>l-ft 

niento River, California, U. S. A. iHi ^ ? < b '';^ i ' J"! -^ ^ 




Hoankut, on the left bank of the River, California, U. 

S. A.. 
Hogapagoni. See Paiute. 
Hogar, in tlie central part of the 

Sahara Dos;rl; also wrillen Ilagara, 

Hoh, on the Pnyallup reservation, 

Washington, U. S. A. 
Hoha. See Assiniboin. 
Hojai, in sonthwestern Assam, India. 
Hok-lo, in the eastern part of Fii- 

kien, Cliina. 

Hollanders. See Dntcli. 

Holo, in Angola, Portnguese "West 

Hololupai, on the left bank of the 

Sacramento River, California, U. 

S. A. 
Homran, on the middle Atbara (a 

tribntary of the Nile) and the 

Hong-cheo Miao, in sontheastern 

Kui-cluui, China. 
Hong Ke-Iao, inj Kui-chau, Clii- 
Hong Miao, in eastern Kni-chau, 

Ho-ni, in the southern part of 

Yun-nan, China, and in the Shan 

States; also written Xgo-ni, 0-nhi, 

Honteniqua, an extinct Hottentot 

Hoodnld, a subdivision of the Tlinkit. 
Hoodsinoo, a subdivision of the 


Paiute -> a a o 
Assiniboin ^ ^ a ^ 

(J 1 < 5 1 jimmm^!^i^\i 

Dutcli ^^ao 

%nm')MM\^i s-ij ^ lim - -y ^ 
it] it] :^fli5fitit^m^. 

,v =c >> :^ -y r ;^;•t]<iV:^ ;i/_^ ^1: 
V :)- V o Ngo-ni. 0-nhi. AVi> 
ni(Hi;e) >^"^^^o 

Hottentots y — J5Mo ^^^SM-fe 
^J o 

Tlinkit y -|^o 

Tlinkit y-Mo 



Hoonsolton, in (';ilil\)inia, U. S. 

Hoopah, in CuliforuiM, II. S. A; 

:il~o written IIii|i:i. 

Hop. See Santlial. 

Hore. See Larka. 

Horo. Sfe Larka. 

Horo-hu. Same as Mumla. 

Hor-pa. in northwestern Tibet. 

Horsok, a term !iiven to them, being 
tlie compound form of the two 
tribal names, Hor-pa and Sok-pa. 

Hotami-taniuw, a subdivision of the 
ChcvL-nne; means "dog men." 
Same as MLstaviinnt- 

Hotcangara. See Winnebago. 

Hotha-Shan, on the sonthwestern 
borders of Yun-nan, China. 

Hottentots, in Great Namaqualand 
(German Soutli-West Africa) and 
sejiaralely in Cape Colony; tlie terra 
is said to be derived from the 
Dntcb word hiiltentul, meaning 
"senseless," "stolid" (according to 
some authors, from the clicks or 
other strange simnds of their lan- 
guage); tliey call tiiemselves Qure-quje 
or Khoi-khoin, "men of men"; 
also called Balao or I'alawn by their 
Bantu neighbours. 

Hotumlu, in Eritrea, tiie Italian 
colony on the Red Sea. 

Houbarayos, on tlie Rio Mamoro, an 
npi er branch of tlie Madeira, 


,:> 1 Li 1 



y„ I In pa 1- =t,IJ:^.o 
Sanlhal ^^3o 
Larka ^ILh^ 
Larka 5>- H a i 
Munda =. [h] i^o 

Hor-pa Ji,\z' Sok-pa + ,v ^}§^ 

Clieyenne ^ —%%„ ''i^Kj V ^ 
^:>- ') o Mistaviinnt - ^ --y^ 

Winnebago ^/jLso 

if hL>UWi I'iiltciiHn 3 V g 
'".'18^:J- 'Vj> >^?ii- V 1---S7 

7. ,v~r ^]) Ys -y ^ -"Mill ^ i^ 
n;- 9 ij g 'J -y * y :>- 'j I- o^ Q 

:^«^^m^•J[^t' ^A ^ Aj 

a 'J --Mt'bt.- I 1-0!^ '« 'i-o 

"^ G'>iiii-i|iia. <ii'i-<|iiii. Kora-qua. 
Xniiiii-<iu!i Vi'^Jt' -M:'" ')o 



Hou-khoin. See Ilawkoin, 

Housa. Same as Haussa. 

Hova, a tribe of Malay origin on 

the highland of central Madagascar. 

Tliis is in fact the name for the 

commoners, one of the three great 

classes of tlie tribe, the real tribal 

name being Antaimerina, " men of 

Howara, a Kubdlvision of the Baggara. 
Howchuklisaht, a subdivision of the 

Hpon, on tlie upper Irawadi (lat. 

2-j" N.), Burma. 
Hrasso. See Abor. 
Hrusso. See Aka. 
Hsiang-tan, in soutliwestcm Yun-nan, 

Huachi. See Chapacuras. 
Huacrachucus, on both banks of the 

gorge of the Maranon, the upper 

part of the Amazon. 
Hua Keh-lao, in Kui-chau, China; 

called also Keh-teo. 

Hualapai, from the lower Rio Colo- 
rado to the Black Mountains, 
Arizona, U. S. A. 

Huamachucus, on the upper Mara- 
non, the upper part of the Amazon. 

Huambisas, in southwestern Ecuador. 

Hua Miao, in western Kui-chau and 
eastern Yun-nan, China- 

Huancas, an ancient tribe who in- 
habited a portion of Junin, central 

Huancavillcas, on and near the 
river Guayaquil, southwestern Ecu- 

Hawkoin ^ Mi ^ o 
Ilaussa — (^ Co 

m ^ # 7- >^B±mm ( nm- ^ 

- -y r A y M^ ^^Z ^ fe/x.-f: 

Baggara y —^^ 
Aht y-JiMo 

Abor ^^3o 
Aka 9^^o 

Chapacuras ^jiso 

fc k xAj M ^ -t W^L ^ >^ k h 

%mm\v^ y tt s ^ -y r ma^ 

■r ,v=B y> ^ V :^- 1) o Keh-teo 

y ^ mo 

fc k xkj M ^ ± vjit ^ i^ k b 

1 < ^3 i' ^ ^ ESf^jgK^- '^ Cs,!- ^ 
i_t 7, ,v =e 7 o 



Huastecs, on the e:i-;ltru coast of 

Tainaiilipa-, Mexico; also written 

Guatesco?, Huaxtecos. 
Huatusos. Same as Guatusos. 
Huaves, on the coast of Oajaca, Me- 
Huaxtecos. See Huastecs. 
Hubu, in tlie interior of Sierra 

Leone, "\Ve.-it Africa. 
Huchnom. See Tatu. 
Huebo, a subdivision of the Cocamas. 
Hueco. See Waco. 
Huemul, near Skyring and Otway 

Bays, central Chile. 
Huhuna, in the southeastern part of 

British New Guinea. 
Huilliches, in central Chile; means 

" southern people." See also Pehuen- 

Hu-luh Miao, in southwestern Kui- 

chau, China. 
Hululan, in Kermanshah, a district 

in western Persia; also Halilan. 

Huma, See Bahima. 

Humahuacas, in Jujuy, a province 
of northern Argentina, and in 
southern Bolivia ; now extinct. 

Humawhi, in northeastern California, 

U. S. A.; nearly extinct. 
Humuranas. a subdivision of the 

Hunah, a bubdivision of the Tlinkit. 
Hung, a subdivision of the Limbu. 
Hunkpapa. See Uncpappa. 
Hunos. See Puquinas. 

1T':<T ^->L:^-f: 

=tff|^ -fe ii^f, Huaxtecos > ^ 
Guatusos — [^ v>o 

tt x ,1/ =e ^ o 
Huastecs ^^3o 

if I i: 1 ^ Hilllo 
Tatu ^£3o 
Cocamas ^ — J^„ 
Waco ^^So 

1^ 1 Ov 1 i,4 1 '> M) y 

-^Z Lrr.^ mZi- '^ IT o ^ ^ 
Ls,ilii:^ = ft^- '^ =e ^o Ha- 
lilan h^a.ij^'.o 

Bahima ^^^o 

Maynas / — JJto 

Tlinkit >> — Jito 
Linibu /» — i^o 
Uncpappa ^jL^o 
Puquinas 9- H a o 



Huns, ;i Mongolian tribe who invaded 
Europe in the 4th century. They 
afterwards overthrew the Alani, 
and invaded Gaul with their subject 
tribes. They are said to be the 
s:ime as the Hiung-nu of China in 
ancient times. 

Hunza, on the slopes of the Hindu 
Kush, Afghanistan. 

Hupa. See Hoopah. 

Huron. See Wyandot. 

Huteim, northwest of Mecca, a town 
of Turkey in Asia. 

Huzules, a local name for the Little 

Hwa Peh-Ih, in southern Yun-nan, 

Hwa T'u-Liao, in southeastern Yun- 
nan, China. 

Hwida, on the Slave coast, West 
Africa ; also Whydah. 

Hwui-chan, in western Kwang-tung, 

Hydah. See II;uda. 

Hyperboreans, a name collectively 
applied to theChukchis, Koriaks, and 
other Arctic peoples of northeastern 
Asia, and the Eskimo of America. 
The word is derived from a name 
in the mythology of ancient Greece, 
meaning " dwellers beyond the 
North-Wind or Boreas." 

Hypurinas, on the Purus, a tributary 
of tJie Amazon. 

- ri ^ -HA-fe -y ^ / :^ 

2bi>*N- -f f: ^ ^ 'd A.<> I 

< I LlUE^IWo 
Hoopah ^ M. 3 o 
Wyandot ^ J^ a o 

Little Kussi;ins ^ nf 7*^:^'i"o 

^gps 1^ t m !^ SfK ^ tt s ^ -y r 

,u=ej^ AVhydah h ^ * ;7. ^ 
Haida ^^Ho 

PI a V |E i; -y =E /» n -y r ""^b 



lakon. See Yukon. 

larindrano, in central Madagascar. 

Ibadan, on the Slave Coast, AVest 

Ibalaos. See Ibilao^. 
■ bang. See Cagayancs. 
Ibara, a subdivision of the Hova. 
Ibea, in the western part (?) of 

Kamerun, West Africa. 
Iberians, the ancient inhabitants of 

the Iberian Peninsula. 
Ibetnaten. See Batanatang. 
Ibilaos, in the borderland of Xueva 

Vizcaya and Xueva Ecija, Luzon, 

Philippine Islands; also written 

Ibo, near the mouth of the Xiger, 

Africa ; also written Eboe, Igbo. 

Icahuates, on the Marafion, the 

upper part of the Amazon. 
leas, on the Putumayo, an upper 

branch of the Amazon. 
Icelanders, the people of Iceland, 

Ichiti. Same as Hitchittee. 
Ichkili, a subdivision of the Usbegs. 
Ida, near Lake Baikal, Siberia. 
Idaan. See Murut. 
tdibas, in Panama; also written 

Idzo, at the Niger delta, Africa; 

also called Oru. Also written Ejo 

Ijo, Iju, Ojo, and Udzo. 

Yakon ^ ^ a ^ 

Ibilaos ^^3o 
Cagayanes ^^.'=^0 
Hova ? ~^^ 

Batanatang ^^3o 

■f i'l^^j^fl'-xL 1 b'-h t I 
,i/=t ^o Ibalaos V Ti .'J^'o 
^{t^. lU^t /'o Eboe. lligo h 

feJtTXM/' ±n!t ^ '^ t h 

Hitchittee = |^ i^o 
Usbegs y— j^o 

Murut ^jtso 

If-^j: It = tE ^ /f =e ^ o Dibas h 

.Uo Ejo. ]jo. Iju. (»]'•. rd/..> 



Ifogas, in the central part of the 

Saliara Desert. 
Ifugaos, in the central part of Nueva 
Vizcaya and Isahcli, Luzon, Philip- 
pine Islands. 
Igala. Same as Tgara. 
Igan Milanau, a subdivision of the 

Igara, on the left hank of tlie lower 

Xiser, Africa. 
Igara-uaras. See Pacajas. 
Igbira, on both banks of the lower 
Beuue, a tributary of the Niger, 
Igbo. See Ibo. 

Iglulirmiut, on Fury-and-Hecla 

Strait, nortii of Melville Peninsula, 
Igorrotes, in the provinces of Le- 
panto and Benguet, Luzon, Philip- 
pine Islands. Later, the name 
extended to include all the head- 
hunters of the northern part of the 
same island. According to Hans 
Meyer, the name is' properly con- 
fined to the Igorrotes of Lepanto 
and Benguet, Luzon. Also written 
Ygolotes or Ygulutes. (S) 
Ihewan. See Ihiyawen. 
Ihiyawen, in central part of the Sa- 
hara Desert; also Ihewan. 
Ijesha, near Abeokuta, a tow^n of 

Yoruba, AVest Africa. 
Ijo. See Idzo. 

Ijran, a subdivision of the Imghad. 
Iju. See Idzo. 

Ika, in nortiiern Lower California, 

■§{1 f)vi>i^^t{iS[»-j^i,e.^> '^=t 

Igara =. Ih] =y'o 
Milanau ^ —Mo ' 

Pacajas ^^.^o 

tfe X (1/ :e y o 

Ibo ^%'^o 

-<kM'\ iJt&j^- Cf ^- >^ =e 

M:)j=-{t^^ ;n.^r^oi M- 

^ ^Pl^J r;i]+7^;i-o Ygolo- 
tes ^ >^ Ygulutes > =e H ^. o 
Ihiyawen ^^Sq 

? ^ Ihewan > =e*:^, ^ 

Idzo 9^3^ 
Imghad ^ —Mo 
Idzo ^^3o 



Ikba. See Eglia. 

Ikelan, a subdivision of tlie Imghiul. 

Ikelu, en the Slave Coast, West 

Ikogmut, on the lower Yukon River, 

Ikongo. See Tanala. 

Ikpere, on the right bank of the 
lower Niger, .Vfrica ; called also 

Ilafarivo, in central Madagascar. 

Ilaiangina, in central Madagascar. 

Ilalanginaivo, in central Madagascar. 

llanos. See lUanos. 

Ilema. See Elenia. 

Ilima. See Elema. 

illanos, in the territory of lUano, 
Mindanao, Philippine Islands; also 
written Hillnnas, llanos, etc. 

Illanuns. Same as Illanos. 

Illiaura, in tiie Northern Territory 
of South Australia; about lat. 21° 
S, long. 136° E.; so called by 
themselves and by their neighbours. 

Illinois, on the Illinois River, Illinois, 
U. S. A; uow a few of them, in 
the Indian Territory ; derived from 
mini, " man." 

Illyrians, a tribe who dwelt chiefly 
in tiie ancient region of Illyricum, 
comprising modern Albania, Bosnia, 
Servi:i, Croatia, and Dalmatia etc. 

Ilmawi, in northeastern California, 
U. S. A. 

liocanos, in Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, 

Imghad ^ ~Mo 

tt ^. '^ =e ^ o 
Tanala ^JLbc 

^^ - (1: ^- 'V =t y ^ Kiikiiru- 
ku h =tfP|-fe -7 ,v^ 

Illanos ^ ^ 3 o 
Elema ^Mi^o 
Elema ^E^o 

I) 5, 1 o I ftH:^ - f fe ^ 'I' ^ ^ o 

Hillnnas. llanos -^ h ^ .tj^-o 
Illanos — [bI iT-Q 

-fe -v =e ^ :^ ,1^ *• Jl^jitiVi 7 'J? 
ij ij < L-:^ .i-ti!>:^--(lft 4/-- 

?:)• li'i" I- i^:)- -tf ^ V I.-?)- \ 
h\ 7.\ Lj. /5:f /:'c Jt Lj, 
:-? y it& ^ il <f ^- o 



ami La Union, Luzon, I'liilipinnc 
Islands, willi scatteied ?eltlenients 
in other provinces of Luzon. 

Ilongotes, ou tlie honntlaries of 
Xueva Vizcaya, Isabela, and Prin- 
cipe, Luzon, Philippine Islands; 
also Lingotes. 

Ilorin, on ihe Slave Cjast, West 

Ilpirra, north of the Mc Donnell 
Kanges, Northern Territory of South 
Australia ; so called by themselves 
and by their neighbours, (in) 

llurus, a subdivision of the Jivaros. 

Imamo, in central Madagascar. 

Imatos, in the Gran Chaco, Argen- 

Imerians. Same as Imeritians. 

Imeritians, in the southwestern part 
of tlie Caucasus. 

Imghad, in the central part of the 
Sahara; called also Meratha or 
Metathra by the Arabs. 

imonos, a subdivisicn of the 

Imoshagh. See Tuareg. 

Inacos, in eastern Honduras. 

Inagta. See Aeta. 

Incas, a tribe who inhabited near 
Cuzco, Peru ; means " chiefs " or 
" lords " in the Quechua language. 
The term is often used the same 
as Quechuas 2. 

Indians, a collective name for the 
aboriginal inhabitants of the New 
World, especially of Nortli Ame- 
rica ; so named by the early navi- 

7. ,u =t /> o Lingotes h =t }^ 7. ^ 

fc y 1 5' 1 ^ -C'J i 'J I 

If. - -y r W^^"^- ^ 0? r - /7r> 
Jivaros ; — Jv^o 

Imeritians — Ir] v'o 

%=.\\}.7, ,v=e y - -yrfc bi> 

Chiquitos /> ^Mo 
Tuareg ^ ^ a o 
Aeta ^^ao 

-y 5-- ^j.^ 7 fn;?#^- - 3 V X « 



gators, who thought tliat ihe knds 
which they discovered were parts 
of India. According to Powell, the 
Indians of the c )ntinent north of 
Mexico are divided into 58 distinct 
linguistic families, of which the 
chief representative tribes are Al- 
gonquin, Attacapac:i, Beothuks, 
Caddo, Calapooya, Chinook, Chi- 
pewyan, Chumash, Copeh, Dakota, 
Eskimo, Euroc, Ilaida, Iroquois, 
Kiowa, Kootenai, Mariposa, Musko- 
ki, Pima, Sahaptin, Salish, Shoshoni, 
Tano, Tlinkit, Tonika, Toukaways, 
"Waka^Ii, Yuka, Yuma, and Zuui, 
and those of Mexico and Central 
America are Aztecs, Chapanecs, 
Ciiontalcs, Gnatusos, Mayas, Otomis, 
Tarascos, Tolonacs, Xicaques, and 
Zapotecos. The principal tribes 
helonging to the South American 
Indians are Araucanians, Arawaks, 
Atacamenos, Aymaias, Caribs, Chib- 
chas, Chimus, Ciiiquitos, Coroados, 
Fnegians, Guahibos, Guaycurus, 
Jivaros, Llameos, Moxos, Otomacos, 
Patagonians, Puelches, Puquinas, 
Qiiechuas, Tapuyas, Tupis, Uaupes, 
jind Yuracares. (i2)(«5) 

Indo-Europeans. See Aryan. 

Indonesian, a cillective name for the 
uou-Malay peoples of the Eastern 
Archipelago, of which the principal 
are Baduj, Baita, Batu, Dyak, 
Lanipoiig, Nassau, 2sias, Passumah, 

"^^^• t^A I <t,vv i. 

■f ^ I \ . i)'<.-h' If- i'l 

t' I • i'b-j; I ^. ( 1 -c 

il I . : I -< I. ?lt -J: ^ 
A.- Lfc I Li. I I'-- t- I 
r-o I • -ti I I) L- /:': I ^:- 
1: I K) \ ■ ^ jrj 3 ;. ^^ 
■)^^i) ^• Svi I i L- i 
i: I *'. t^i'■)- I • i 'J 

-< I is- 1 -t-^ < . i Oil" 1 S- 

t"f : 1 ^ 1 • ij' I i'. ij* I 
k- '^ 1 -?)'?< Zit'^Q I i'L 
:^ 'J > ^-o iffi-yr 1^^ L :2i 

-C-?<. i>' I t I ,-> I . **Jb 

o 1 ^ 1 • ?'ii' 1 -c I : 1 •r• 
±5^ :>- »w =E y :^ V o f^ ^:> *^ 'i 
>& V Si It K If ± :>• 'i-M.^^ '^ ^) 
(.' i ^- ft"f; i*j6 0-f • ^D b 

li' i-f- m Srti fc. : I 

h 1 ^o' If- f: I -5* > •^• 

^ I -> I i ! . ^ I -J^^R- 
ti I f I . o I on . (J7: 
r I \~h.K-i> I 5 ?, I -^ » -f • 
j; I 1 1 i ^s. 1 • ^; I ^ I 
^i. ^-.« I C^J,L- O li I 
■f-. 'ii> I f) I i' 1 ^ I . ij J, 
^id-ni.\^0 1 i 1 -< I -f ± 

Aryan ^ jL =3 o 

= (!;;'. /i-^^ in 1 JiH^i>F7-ai 

=cy.^5t•ir• L^<•lU■ 



Singkel, Siiniba, and Tengerese, etc 
The term was originally given by 
Logan. Afterwards, this name was 
extended by Dr. Ilamy to include 
the peoples of Polynesia. Also 
called Prc-Malays or Sub-Malays. 

(CO) (fiSj 

Inenga, on the lower Ogowai River, 
AVest Africa. 

Ingakli, a subdivision if the Karakal- 

Inganos, in southwestern Colombia. 

Ingush, a subdivision of the Chechens. 

Ini. Same as loni. See Aienai. 

Inkra. See Akra. 

Inner Horde, a subdivision of the 
Kirghiz-Kazaks living east of the 
Volga River, Russia ; called also 

Innuit. See Eskimo. 

Intags, in Ecuador. 

Intha, in the southern part of Upper 

Inuna-ina. See Arapaho. 

Inviza. Same as Babisa. 

lola, in Portuguese Guinea, West 

loni. See Aienai. 

Ionia ns, an ancient people of Greece. 

Iowa, on the Great Nemaha reserva- 
tion, Kansas, and in Nebraska, and 
on tlie Sac and Fox reservation, In- 
dian Territory, U. S. A.; they call 
themselves Pahucha or Pahoja, 
meaning " dusty nose." 

Ipecas, a subdivision of the Uaupes. 

Ipilos, a subdivision of the Pirros. 

jpurinas, in the northwestern part 
of Bolivia. 

itn- (t'o 1 . ito' 1 i:& 

/h 1 *'XJt 7 « ^ ^ ;v - fii] -^ 

y iJ \ :" I •} ;c 1 

/ -.llMc 

Chechens / — JMo 

loni -f5\ i>o Aienai ^ 11=3 o 

Akra f^-^o 

Eskimo ^ ^ 3 ^ 

±^>CA- ;S J; / I^SK = 114 ^. '^ =s 

Arapaho ^^ M- ^ o 
Babisa — ^ v'o 

Aienai ^ ^ a o , 

Uaupes / -';5Mo 
Pirros /> — j^Mo 

laui-iRoa 159 

Iquichanos, near Hiianta, a city of ^Z \ ^ \^i%i- >i^i) \,^ Si < I 

tlie iKpartment of Ayacucho, ^Ji^ ^ 'M^ ~i%^ k^ \ A.1:[{i 

southern Peru. jg^ 

Iquitos, on the Xapo, an upper ?3 i tXM/' ±nit* -I'-^X ll' I M 

branch of tlie Amazon; also written ^rifl- x rt/=e y> ^ Yquitos b 

Yquitos. =e,'r^-o 

Ir. See Ossetians. Ossetians e^ E ^ o 

Iramba, southwest of Lake Bangweo- J)i>iJ ;&V It' /- C 9 i,> ' iJ I 

lo, Africa. ol}-ffl^Kf^:^o 

Iranians, a collective name for the C'^A^V^' '<o Ls.- ^:)^» 

peoples on llie Iranian i)lateau t)'{-'t t:/^- '^S ^ "i" /: /C 

including Teisia, Afglianistan, and -^ ^fi l^^l ^ tl-^f ^ -n. ' b ^ iWi ifj( 

Baluchistan; of which the chief .-tti ^: 'WfiK.K ^-ftfr «?.!§_ 

ones are Afghans, Eahichis, Kurds, if -r t t. -i- ^ • ■> » t ■?& 

and Persians, etc. 1 he term is JC-iJ' 'i- =e ^ ^- ij „ lit ^^ All 

rather linguistic tlian ethnic. Also ±.a ') =E e p/}±/';g^t 'Jo 

Erauians. Eranians \-=&,^}^'o 

Irapis, a subdivision of the Igorrotes. Igorrotes yf — J^o 

Irayas, south of the Catalangan i-\.> 'JoC/'^XU'f S'^t' o •c'^ S /^ 

tribe living in Isabela, Luzon, Phi- V I-'^.t^^^-^}- ^' 1^^"^' '^ 

lippine Islands; said to mean ^^ ^ ^^K' /* IL'Aj t" -^ S^ 

" dwellers on the plains." ^J > S 7 „ 

Irenat, a subdivision of the r>edouins 4tnI>^i-i-^J i'-ft^- n-'^o I t» 

in Xorth Africa; the singular form /y,^^ -^o i^<WMy'lJiB^ 

is Ireui. Ireni l-;5 7o 

Irijus, on Ihe Purus, a tributary of ^jkx/Li^Jy'jiX^^ '^-5• 1 o I 

the Amazon. "'"jnjif^o 

Irish, the people of Ireland. 2)0*0-' L '^i ^ ' o b /C cV K 

Iron. See Ossetians. Ossetians ?■ ii a o 

Iroquoian, a collective name for t*^ 1 ^f C'cbA/ ft <6 ^J i»* 

tribes living around Lakes Ontario ^-'^}}'^ fuU'^jyl^'^Wl 1 

and Eric, on both banks of the St. -^MJ RsT^iit' 5 y. I Cl'-ft- 

Lawrence, and in parts of Vir- Jtii'^ ^ h^^ilMW-^ -"% — 

ginia and North Carolina, U. S. A.; <.'^ "' 'jO^^'^S^t "^^ '^'^^Tf ! 

of which the chief ones are Cayuga, ^^ I j^i -cijli'. O-f i'^ I 

Cheroki, Muliawk, Seneca, Tuscarora, b- ^*^ 1 -> I • j* ' It ' 

and \\yandot, etc. Ihe form Iro- ^^p^ I < j,.|, « :^ ;i. Jfj^ ?• JIJ + 

quois is also used. '^ ^ I" 7' V o 

160 IROa-ISIT 

Iroquois, in parts of Quebec and (<»;5 1 <fe(<* ti'U i:^ ^ <^ 

Ontario, Canada; so named by the _a[j-||:;,, .i/ ^ y --vrjH:|& 

French. They call themselves ^^ ''^ ^'^'\ "^VL^^^ ^, if 

Ongwehonwe, meaning "superior |i I l-x. l'fi?^««i^ ""^M ->' 

men. The term is olten used the ^,«,./-, , (j,,^^^^ MiJltl 

same as Iroquoiau. ^.ff^ h ->7-/?^i^ "? '^o 

Irulas, o:i the lower slopes of the l^^ tV ItUnR-^ 'H- ^ -V I 'J I 

Nilgiti Hills, southern India. 6^ o T ^ TMHo 

Iruwai, formerly iu California U. S. ^B^fc s^ vj i'^^ra^/ A'^Ji-fe 

A. /ji:^ffl = {£-fe-y^^o 

Isa, between Zeila, Harar, and Ber- CM "5 :^Bl5ft u''^' LI- ^.Stf 

bera, towns of eastern Abyssinia ^^ J t, \ Z^.^' ^Z-<o^^ d 

and Soinaliland. ^p"^^ falo 

Isa-lshaai-Modoba, between Zeila, :^i§S^3^'^' Ll- fcii tf ^ 1 J; ij f, 

Harar, and Berbera, towns of eastern /^ c -^ -' ' ^ • It I b I o .S 

Abyssinia and Somalilaiid. b'^^o'^i '^ 3liP'@' /* Ttalo 

Isandra, in central Madagascar. ki'Si)^-f i)'^ y' ^PaY^o 

Isannas, on the Isanna, a tributary vj i? H <'-?> 1 (fe i xXM^'^ 

of ,he Ki„ Negro (a„ afflue,,. of the f'^ i ^f ' rP^put^t^ f 

Amazon; called also Papunauas. =e Bj^ ->-< iv o 

Iscuandes, on the Patia River, south- : ^ VU^^D ^ Sl^oB^ i^ If ^ ?3 

western Colombia. Msfo 

Ishak, a subdivision of the Asha. Aslia y — J^, 

Ishing, on the Sobat, a tributary of tC t' ^Mtt'VnL ^ ^ '^u 9- i^ ^ \ 

the middle Nile. It'c, iM^o 

Ishogo, south of the lower Ogowai C^L^l C:' 1 IS^Rfci- "■) :&' 

Kiver, vVest Aincn. -b 

Isimahety, a subdivision of the Sakalava y — 5^o 


Isinayas. See Isi nays. Isinays ^^Sq 

Isinays, in Nueva Vi/.caya, Luzon, l^\,-^^] ^l)^ I^t^%^ h x /^ % -' 

Philippine Islands; also written "11^;!:^:^!^ 

Isinayas. fl^^-o 

Isitine, in the Gian Chaco, South |^^j i6 'J ;&V C b /^ lJ3b ^ ' 

America. M>&o 



Isium-itaniuw, a subdivision of tlie 

( heyeiine ; means " ridge people." 
Isots, in Dera Ismail Khan, Panjab, 

India; called also Sots. 
Israelites. See Jews. 
Isubu, on I he coast of Kamerun, 

AVest Africa. 
Ita. See .\eta. 
Itaa. See Ata. 
Itahatski. See Dakota. 
Ita-ita, nortli of the lower Miir- 

ruinbidgee, a tributary of the Mur- 
ray, Xew South "Wales. 
Italians, the people of Italy with the 

islands of Sicily, Sardinia, and 

Italones, in the southwest coiner of 

Xueva Vizcaya, Luzon, Philippine 

Itanegas. See Tinguianes. 
Itanegs. See Tinguianes. 
Itasupuzi. See Cheyenne. 
Ita Tapuijjas, on the Capana and 

oilier tributaries of the Madeira, 

Brazil; means ''Stone Indians," 

from their habit of wearing stone 

ornaments in their lips. 
Itaveg. See Tinguianes. 
Itazipco. See Sans Arcs. 
Itelmes. See Kamchadales. 
Itenes. See Ites. 
Ites. on the Itenez, a tributary of 

the Kio M;inior(?, Bolivia ; also 

Itetapanes, on the western boidersof 

I~:itiela, Luzon, Philipj'ine Islands. 
Ithi-ithi, nortii of tiie middle Murray, 

Cheyenne ? -^^ i^W\ ^ AK j 

i^-TJtvs i'^ = ^I;;^ .1^=6 

/>o Sots h =efS-fe =i ,^„ 
Jews ^M.3o 

Aeta ^I,3o 

Ata ^I,3o 

Dakota =)-%^o 

r-rt I § 9 t 9;t I iT^ f 

3&- L ^ 'J 1 • 3 2. vi:*)-: 

Tinguianes ^ H. ^ o 
Tinguianes ^^Sq 
Cheyenne ^ ^ a ^ 

^ E?? r rt' a V i^ ') -y ^ /> i- 

Tinguianes ^^3o 
Sans Arcs =i- %-^ o 
Kamchadales ^ )L 3 o 
Ites ^JLho 

7. A' =t J a Ittne- \ ^^^7.f, 
.1^ . ij '. L/^/C IT'f fit 'li OX A. St y' 

1-'^ I ? -5 "<■ •) ;t ' ^ "T /* t" 



New Soutli Wales. 
Itisan, in Air, an oasis country of 

the Sahara. 
Ititcha, near Lake Tulare, California, 

U. S. A. 
Itivimiut, near Cape Wolstenliolrae 

ou tlie norlliern coast of Labrador. 
Itonamas, a subdivision of the Moxos. 
Itongoarivolava, in southeastern 

Madagasca r. 
Itsitiaroa, in southeastern Madagascar. 
Ittu, near the Ittu Mountains, Abys- 
Itucales, on the upper INIaranon, the 

upper part of the Amazon; also 

Ituis, a subdivision of the Igorrotes. 
Itiilen. See Kamchadales. 
ItiJImen. See Kamchadales. 
Itzas, in the southern part of the 

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. 
Ivervek, in Asia Minor; means 

" wanderers." 
Ivili, south of the lower Ogowai River, 

"West Africa. 
Ivinga, on the Ogowai River, West 

Ixil, on the head- waters of the Rio 

Salinas, Guatemala. 
Izekiri. See Tshekeri. 
Izeraren, in Air, an oasis country 

of the Sahara. 
Izhor, a subdivision of tlie Finns; 

so called by the Russians. 
Izoban, in the central part of the 



Moxos / — j^o 

fcCA'Lr-^3^ ^'-y^ ' UJ3i Fit 

Singacuchuscas > =t^ -b 7 -Vo 
Igorrotes y — j^© 
Kamchadales ^ ^ a o 
Kamchadales ^ Hj a o 


Tshekeri ^ IL '=3 o 

Finns ^ -jj^o ^ L fc A a ') M 
f ''^W-'^ 7 'I'o 

§11 bvJ-N^^*^!»- lif ^> 'i^ =^ 


Jaalin. Same as Jaliii. Jalin x |^ ;;>o 

Jabaanas. See Yabahanis. Yabnlianas f- ^ a ^ 

Jabrachi, a subdivision of tlie Kurds. Kurds / — j^o 

Jacamis, a subdivision of liie Uaupes. Uaupc-s ^ — ]^o 

Jacanes. See Yucanes. Yucanes y — J^^ 

Jacares, near the junction of the J^ ?> C i >> 3i T*- " bM -^ ^itift >« 

Beni aud the Mamor(5, tributaries of )i^'<\l]i.\i' ^ I 1 H ' B^?4^ 

the Madeira, Bra/.il. -trJitSimiSo 

Jackalbarap, in northwestern Vic- 5\- i t 'J i) /* ES^t uK-d; ^- 'i' 

toria. =t /> o 

Jack-Jack. See Jacks. Jacks ^^ao 

Jacks, on the Ivory Coast, West Af- t'j. < 05SiJfci>^J i V ^:^ 

rica; they call themselves Awek- ^^^^^^^ J^ ^ i°,^'^ ^^f 

worn. Also Avikom, Jack-Jack, -■ ' f,'- ( s> '' J.- llh ( Cj. 

Kwakwa. < V =E 5 7 q 

Jacon. See Yakon. Yakon ^^.^o 

Jaconaiga, a subdivision of the Abi- Abipoues /> — ;^o 


Jacundas, between tiie Tocantins and ^j, ^ ) /v^l' _»> b C o ^ i I 

Jacuuda, Brazil ; also written Yac- f;^ ^ \ ^If^l ^^ <//- 

undas. Yacundas 1>=E,IJ;'. „ 

Jadis, an extinct trilie in Ara- ^ t,o^'^j = ft "k -V "t /> „ 't'-'^^H, 

bia. 5fi£-bVo 

Jadran, on the eastern slojjcs of the i Vw c /" i. ^^/:'■f M^ 2S^ ^ '^ 

Suleiman Range, west of the Indus, T \ H \ k A^ it \ Ayil^ '^'i 

India. ,^=|-ffilo 

Jadran. See Zadran. Zadran ^^ao 

JafaP, on the spurs of the Suleiman \> ' A. y y' H^Ut^ -^ ii^'i' \ (l \ i 

Range, ncjrlhwestern India. /^ U' /-^H^lU^m 

Jaffa. See Nupe. Nupe =)-^^o 

Jagoi, a subdivision of tlie Laud Lund Dvak y —i^o 


Jahalin. See Jalin. Jaliu ^11^^ 

Jajaurung, on the upper Loddon, a v\^ ( h '•) i:) ^ 'I'SC^ '^ tU ' 



tributary of the ]V[iirray, central 
Jaji, on tlie upper Kurain, a tributary 

of the Indus, India. 
Jajowerong. Same as Jajaurung. 
Jajowurrong. Same as Jajaurung. 
Jajuorong. Same as Jajaurung. 
Jakelbalak, in northwestern Victoria. 
Jakun, in Johor in the southern part 

of the Malay Peninsula. 
Jalair, a subdivision of tlie Usbegs. 
Jaleji, a subdivision of the Fulah. 
Jalidat, a subdivision of the Baggara. 
Jalin, about the junction of the Blue 
Nile and the Nile; but widely 
diffused as traders and settlers 
throughout Sennar, Taka, Kordofan, 
Darfur, and even Kaffa ; also 
Jalunga, in southern part of Sene- 

gambia, West Africa. 
Jaluo, in the northeastern corner of 
the Victoria Nyanza ; called also 
Jamah, a subdivision of the Baggara. 
Jamamadys. See Jamamaris. 
Jamamaris, on the west side of the 
Purus, a tributary of the Amazon; 
also Jamamadys. 
Jamasee. See Yama.see, 
Jambara, on the Bahr-el-Jebel, the 

upper part of the Nile. 
Jambi, on the coast of northern 

Jamudas, in Pari, Brazil. 
Jangak, a subdivision of the Goklen. 
Jange. See Dinka. 
Jangha. See Dinka. 
Jangheh. Same as Dinka. 

Jajaurung — [gJ.^j-Q 
Jajaurung r. I^] iJ'o 
Jajaurung — IoIvVq 

Usbegs J — ,:^T 
Fulah ; -%o 
Baggara ? -JMo 

Ma^ h -^ 'J i- z' -cf n t>^ t- II h ^ 

|rg zi fif X .1- =c / o Nyifwa > 

Baggara / — J^;o 
Jamamaris •5^ M^ a o 

Jamamadys ^^es^x □ 
Yamasee =f %^ o 
ii^^ on ^ \M9- ;Ht 1 h i. 

l^h^h ?\t\ b I ']\\o 
Goklen / —M.^ 
Dinka * ^ a o 
Dinka ^ H a o 
Dinka - [nl Co 


Janghey. Same as Dinka. According' V^ i>'- [•*] -'o i'£ 

some antlior:^, they are distinguished ^'S'^lftSM^ ''^^^' SW^ .h 

from tlie Dinka, iheir liabitation ffi* ii'^ I If-jifil/' Tfife - 

being stated to be on the lower Sobat, { If •?■. ii =e /* Y i- -/^ ^ V/L i' 

an upper branch of tlie Nile. Com- fl^l'^^'J^o V/CA'^^SS 

pare Dinka. "^ ^ o 

Janke. Same as Dinka. Dinka — [^ ;;>o 

Janos, in Chihuahua, Mexico. *^ -> L - ^ t> I ipb'}^o 

Janumas, on tlie Tefle, a tributary of h k x A^M^V^ '' %i^ ^ 'V'Co 

the middle Amazon. -^xM^'o 

Japalua, east of the Albert Xyanza, ^j^'JiV^SIll t ^-^^^ 

Africa. ?Vi}i:J^o 

Japanese, the people of Japan. (:;-p{5:^>> fl^-^KI^o 

Japtuleil, nortlieast of the Victoria 5"i^ < i ij ij I- ^J ^ cV 5|i.ib 

Xyanz;'. "jjo 

Japuas, on the Marauon, the upper i:) k X k,M ^ ± flS ^ 'i' th 

part of the Amazon. life I k.X^Wo 

Jarambiuk, in northwestern Victoria. v li- < i ij ^3 / ["^'^tpKo 

Jarawa, a subdivision of the Anda- Andamanese /^ — ^ (■'^^^^/;' 

mauese (Little Andaman). J:^i4 = (1:^» '^)o 

Jarcoort, west of Like Korangamite, 5'i,-< i M ^ /* P^'i^'pK:^' '" - • 

southwestern Victoria. b ^i)'' ^ V ' i ?iW ^ P?:^o 

Jarot, in Mongolia. M'^o 

Jaruris, between tiie Meta and the 'J^\fl-^I^^\ b -^ «6'f:}''I 1- i'.I' 

Capanapaco, Venezuela. 'fL\t '- 1 JpI > /' ThIo 

Jasaktu, in nortiiern Mongolia. M'^ '^ At%o 

Jasim, an extinct tribe in Ara- ^ bO'''^:) - (If "t -V =0 / ^ ^ ^-^ 

bia. il£-fe 'Jo 

Jats, in the western part of I'anjab, \^^ \ i, v'//i.'"^ If ^ {^f, 

India. -5;>H^ffi»i;o 

Jauanas, on tlie Telle, a tributary i:) t\ AjX^^V^'^ %xfi* '^ ''-'J 

of the middle Amazon. •i'';t}''J^o 

Jaudallahab, a subdivision of tbe Jalin ^ — i)^o 


Javaes, on the Araguaya, IJrazil; now J^ ?> C i /* ^J) b Cj!.*'*^J J"!*!* - 

extinct ; also Javalies. lE-k -V =e / o 'I'^^fei* ^ t o 

Javahes h =t .IJ;^.^, 



Javahais, on tlie upper Araguaya 
ami in the island of Bananal in 
the same river, Brazil. Sune as 
J:ivae.s or Javalies ? 

Javahes. See Javacs. 

Javanese, in llie eastern half part of 

Javipujaz, between the Xingu and 
tlie Tocantins, Brazil. 

Jawambe, a subdivision of the Fulah. 

Jawamiah, a subdivision of the B.ig- 

Jazyges, a Samiatian tribe who 
migrated to Hungary from their 
original home, north of the Sea of 
Azov, about tbe beginning of the 
Christian era, and later were merged 
in the Magyars. 

Jebaiiya. See Djebalia. 

Jebaros. See Jivaros. 

Jeberos. See Jivaros and Zaparos. 

Jebtobe, a subdivision of the Fulah. 

Jebu, on the Slave Coast, AVest 

Jebusites, an ancient race who lived 
in the mountainous country around 
Jerusalem, Palestine. 

Jehehr, a subdivision of tlie Sakai in 
Upper Perak, Malay Peninsula; so 
called by themselves; called Sakai 
Tanjong by the ^Malays, from their 
habit of camping on capes jutting 
out into rivers. 

Jeheineh, a subdivision of tlie Bag- 
gar a. 

Jekiri, west of the lower Niger, 

Jel, a subdivision of the Fulah. 

•j^ ^- Javalies - ml i?- ? 
Javaes ^ ^ a o 

j: b i: ^ ^ L 1 ^ C I tBJ > i ' 

6•^ ^ 1 /v.t-M i> ^ fsHo 

Ful.lh y -Ma 
Biggara J —Mo 

•fe-y § 1 (6 1 LfcA- -yr-s, 

Djebalia =i-%^o 

Jivaros ^-^^o 

Jivaros ^ tf Zaparos ^ ^ 3 o 

Fulah y-J^o 

- f£ 7. ,v Sakai % ? —^ - -> 
3 ij ?^ k^akai Tanjong h '^ 
jllip - {J ^, ,v 3 1) ^ ij V' Ti 7 :^ 

Baggara /» — ^o 
Fulah / -^o 


subdivision of llie Kunis ^ 



Jellube, a subdivision of tiie Fulah. 
Jemez, in northern Xew Mexico, U. 

S. A. Also Euimes, Hemes. 

Jevaros. See Jivaros. 
Jeveros. See Jivaros. 
Jewasimi, in western Oman; about 

lat. 24° X., long. 55° E. 
Jews, a people found scattered over 

the world in small groups ; the great 
majority of their total number is 
in Europe. They are tlie descen- 
dants of a tribe known as Judah ; 
(" praised ") they were also 
called Hebrews or Israelites (Israel, 
"soldier of God'') in earlier 

Jiandal. See Samoyedes. 

Jibaros. See Jivaros. 

Jibbe, on the upper Sobat, an upper 
branch of the Xile. 

Jibitos. See Hibitos. 

Jicarilla, in Arizona and New 
Mexico, U. S. A. 

Jilimu, on the Kapuas Kiver iu the 
western part of Dutch Borneo. 

Jingkang, on tlie Kapuas River in 
tlie western part of Dutch Borneo. 

Jivaros, between the upper Pastassa 
and the Santiago, tributaries of 
the Maraiion, southwestern Ecuador; 
also written Civaros, Givaros, 
Jebaros, Jeberos, Jevaros, Jevercs, 
Jibaros, Xibaros, Xivaros, etc.; must 
not be confounded witii Jeberos or 


Fulah y ~^r, 

: >H ^ :lbfa» = {t ^. H. =6 ^ „ 

Emmes. Hemes >^,'J.7. o 
Jivaros =f%-^o 
Jivaros =)■ %^ ^ 

i^-i i^^eags (^bm-j-tra 

iti'tJ+'-oCi-vrij I -^i qji, {in. 

dig I. i:i>-5. 5 I 3uj>. m. tsc, 

n,K. l^rig'. --^/i-i-. (/--VO-i-. -t 

Samoyedes ^^3o 
Jivaros ^^Hq 

Hibitos ^^3o 

C> 1 5% 1 5 I T 1< fc t' 

joj ^ %^v ^ 'V I f -^ f : 3 M± fife 

b ? ^ ^ I ?j :• I foj b ^ mi - 

11; 7. ri-^ /»„ 6'' I '^ I /> I T 
1- ^ ii 7 f, Civaros. Givaros. 
.lebiiros. Jeliero^. Jivaros. 
Jt'Vero-. Jibaros. Xibaros. 
Xivaros^ b =e,»J>'.oO'' I -< I 
75 I -r -^x ?' I II' I /} I -^ 1- 



Jmouds, in the government of Kovno, 
Russia ; ciilled also iSainogitians. 

Joloanos, a subdivision of the Mores. 

Jolof. Same as Wolof According to 
some authors, they form the chief 
brancli of the Wolof 

Jorham, an extinct tribe in Ara- 

Joshua Indians. See Tceme. 

Jrupa, in northwestern Sze-chnan, 

Juang, in Orissu, tlie southwestern- 
most division of Bengal, India; 
callad also Patua. 

Jubery, on the Purus, a tributary of 
the Amazon; also Jubiris. 

Jubiris. See Jubery. 

Jiicunas, on tiie Japura, a tributary 
of the Amazon. 

Juiadge, in Paraguay. Same as 
Lenguas of Spanish writers ; ap- 
parently extinct. 

Juku, south of the middle Benue, a 
tributary of the Niger, Africa; 
called also Kurorofa. Also Djuku, 

Jumanas. See Ticunas. 

Junmas, on the Xingu, Brazil. 

Jupa-galk-wourndich, west of the 
Avoca Kiver, northwestern Vic- 
toria ; derived from jupa, " native 
box," galk, " tree," and icourndich, 
" people." 

Juquis, on the Rio Negro, a tributary 
of the Amaz m ; now extinct. 

Jur. See Dyur. 

/>o Samogiiians > =£0^^^ iv^ 
Moros / — ;^o 

y±5^:J-,w-j^t ij l.i-7o 
Tceme ^^^o 

-f \^^ n tJf ^. ;i/ =e /> Q Jubiris 
Jubery ^ ^3 ^ 

it f) <*|pi^ = ii" -fe -y =£ z' o -f 
-<^^^A^^^-A'-5 7 ffr ^ 
Lenguas =.\sl i^a mil =Mi)^ 

^i ^, (f =e /> o Kurorofa h =£ 
m^^ ^ i^o -Ujuku. Dsuku > 

Ticunas ^ Mj ^ o 
5\^ < i 'J fc ^ gg 4b SB :^ 'i- ^J 

■"^tICj ^tf tvourndich ^ASj 
3 V |a V -y =e /► :^ ij ,, 

<-;?> I ^?S^-ii-fe-y=ey>o 



Juris, on the Amazon hetwocn the 

rivers Piitiimayo and Japiira ; many 

of them have settled on tlie Kio 

Negro; also Yiiris. 
Juris, on the Rio Salado, a tributary 
of the Rio de la Plata. 

Jurobalul<, in western Victoria ; 
deriveil from juro, " plain " or 
" level country," baluk " people." 

JuriJk. See Yuruk. 

Jurunas, on the Xingu, Brazil ; means 
" black men " ; also Yurunas. 

Jurunnas. Same as Jurunas. 

Jules, a German tribe who invaded 
Great Britain with the Saxons and 
Angles in the 5th century. 

Juwano. See Waboni. 

i I }»! h Cj.-5t 1 b }»Jh /fiSl 
i- '^i)k xXMBt - (I; ^. */ =e 

>^ rzpiH i- ,i.±MBj haluk ("A 
Yuruk ^l,ac, 

y o Yurunas ]« ^ l^;'.^ 
Jurunas =.[5] iJ^, 

Waboni ^Hhq 


Ka. Same as Kha. See Moi. 
Kababish, west of the middle Nile; 

lat. 15°-1S° N., long. 00° E. ; means 

" goatherds." Also written Kab- 

Kabadi, northwest of Port Moresby, 

British New Guinea. 
Kabail. Same as Kabyle. 
Kab Arabs, in southwestern Persia. 
Kabardians, on tlie northern slopes 

of the central Caucasus; also written 


Khi -fHli:>o ^I"i ^iL-^o 
#^^-jh ^^rf VoKabbabi^h 

Kabyle -^ -J'o 

Kabiirds 1- -E ja^o 



Kabards. See Kabardians. 
Kabbabish. See Kababisli. 
Kabbaga, in Wadai, Africa. 
Kabinapek, west of Clear Lake, 

nortlicrn California, U. S. A. 
Kabinda, near the mouth of the 

Kabul, a snlHlivision of the Naga. 
Kabunga, on the Casanianza Eiver, 

West Africa; also Khabunke. 

Kabyle, on the liighlands of Algeria 

and Tunis; means "tribe" in the 

Arab language; called also Akbail. 

Kacha, a subdivision of the Xaga. 
Kachari, in southwestern Assam, 

India; called also Bodo. 

Kachi, in Gujarat, a region of western 

India; also written Khatti. 

Kachin. See Chingpaw. 
Kachiquel, in Guatemala. 
Kachi-Yuz. See Little Horde. 
Kachyen. See Chingpaw. 
Kadayan, on the lower Limbang 

Iliver, northwestern Borneo. 
Kadempai, on the Kapuas Eiver in 

tlie western part of Dutch Borneo. 
Kadiaks. S.une as Koniaga. 
Kadir, in the Anaimalai Hills of 

Travancore, southern India. 
Kado. Same as Kato. 
Kadohadacho. See Caddo. 
Kadu, west of the upper Irawadi 

(about lat. 24° X.), Burma. 
Kadup, a subdivision of the Land Dvak. 

Kabardians ^ M. =3 o 
Kababish ^ ^ a o 

i'C^'A.f: :^:•lrRIP^4■ti£ 

Naga / — l^o 

— ii ^> »^ =t /" o X Khabunke 

Bid I l-T ^i^ifi^ii^- >^ ^ 

? o Khatti h ^ fli- 7. o 
Chingpaw =j- %^ o 

Little Horde ^ ^ a o 
Chingpaw =i-%^o 

Koniaga — |rI i:>o 

f) I > 0^ ;^ T = li ^ 'f =E ^ o 
Kato - Ib] -::>o 

Caddo 5*- ^ a o 
Land Dyak /> — B^d 



Kadzina, between tlie Niger ami 
Like Chad, Africa. 

Kaffa. See Sidaiua. 

Kaffir. I . A name for tiie natives of 
KuiVaiia, Soutli Africa, including 
the Amafin^o, Amapondo, Ania- 
tembu and tribes. The 
term was given by tlie Arabs, 
meaning "infidel" to all pagan 
natives of East Africa, and in this 
sense, adopted by the Portuguese 
and Dutch. Also written Caflir, 
Cafir, Kafir. 

2. Sometimes this is used the same 
as the name Bantu. 

Kafir, in Kafiristan, northeastern 
Af^luinistan; called also Siah- 

Kafir. See KaflSr. 

Kahmiltpah, in Washington, U. S. A. 

Kaiabara, in the southeastern part of 

Kaialigamut, on the southwestern 

coa-t of Alaska. 
Kaigani, on Prince of Wales Island, 

off the west coast of Canada. 
Kaime, on the western coast of 

California, U. S. A. 
Kai Porno, on the western coast of 

California, U. S. A. 
Kaitish, in the Nortliem Territory 

of South Australia ; about lat. 

21" S., long. 134° E.; so called 

by themselves, and by their 

Kaiyuh-khotana, a suidivi-inn of 

the Atiiapa-can. 

^j^>^J i)'^-ti<.^ C- -jf»Jl- n^o 
Sidama ^jt^o 

f I ^'mmi-'&.H^^o Jit- 

h b U^ i:> A 1>' ii % h -^ W i v 

^ O I *•' 5 A A f i:r> h ^{M. 
J\\^- ''■'^ h :^ >; -y=t y i- ^ o 

Cafir. Kafir > =e .'J ;7.^ 

:^=.{i,7. ,V=(: / - -y f L 3) 
Kaffir ^ Jlso 

< ^.^^-f bA.1' ^M^%-iiL^^ 
h ^ i' i' ^ m^Uf^T - it ^. '^ =£ 

•Hi ? m%f^c. 
h t> ij t^'^tM ii- ') -I'is o 1 : h 

f^t> I -f i b'j^j^o I o I ^ 

Athapascan /> —jt^o 



Kajaman, on the npper liejang River, 

Siiiiwak, Borneo. 
Kajar, in the nortliem province of 

Persia ; also written Qajar. 
Kakamatsis, a subdivision of tlie 

Kakanda, on tl.e hnver Niger, 

Kakar, on the upper Zhob, a tribu- 
tary of the Gomal (a branch of 

tlie Indus), India. 
Kakarakala, on the Gascoyne Eiver, 

Western Australia. 
Kakhyen. See C'hingpaw. 
Kakka, in western Kashmir, 

Kakkarakka. See Niain-Niam. 
Kakongo, north of the month of the 

Congo ; called also Angoy. 

Kala, in Gujarat, a region of western 

Ka-la, in western Yun-nan, China. 
Kalabit, in the country between the 

head-waters of the Baram and 

Limbang rivers, Sarawak, Borneo. 
Kalaka, on the upper Welle, a 

tributary of the Ubangi, Central 

Kalapuya. See Calapooya. 
Kalhur, a subdivision of the Kurds. 
Kali, in the basin of the Benue, a 

tributary of the Niger, Africa. 
Kaliab, a subdivision of the Jalin. 
Kalio. See Behosy. 
Kalis Maloh, a subdivision of the 

Maloh J)yak. 
Kalispelm, on the Pend d'Oreilles 

\\i 7.\v-c,; a Qajar > ^ ,lt 7. „ 
Haeltzuk ^ — S^o 

C'hingpaw ^X^^o 
Niam-Niam ^ ^ 3 o 

^b:^ - ft ;'. 'V =e y - -y r S3^ 
r I c > 1- =c |g -t 7 ;^o 

iOo^^-)]^ '^ It h vs. f ij 


^< /I- =G / o 

Calapooya zh M^^ o 
Kurds /> — ;^o 

Jalin y — ;^o 
Behosy ^Jlao 
:Ma]oh Dyak ^ — JMo 



River (Washington), and near Lake 
Pend d'Oroilles (Idaho), U. 8. A.; 
called also Ponderas (Pend d'Oreil- 

Kalka. See Khalka. 
Kalkadoona, on the head-waters of 

tlie (Jlonrurry Kiver, nortliern 

Kalkalgundit, on the Loddon, a 

triliiit.uv of tlie Murray, Victoria. 
Kallapuya. Same as Calapooya. 
Kallum, in norlliern Sierra Leone, 

Wtsi Africa. 
Kalmucks, in western and soutliern 

Mnngolia and Zungaria, and in 

the country lying between the 

lower parts of the Don and Volga 

rivers, Russia; so called by the 

Rns.siaus (?) ; they call themselves 

Eleut, Also written Calmucks, 

Kalmycks. See Kalmacks. 
Kalo, southeast of Port Moresby, 

British New Guinea. 
Kaluka, a subdivision of the Sea 

Kalunda, .southeast of Lake Moero 

(southwest of Lake Tanganyika), 

Central Africa. 
Kamasia, northeast of tlie Victoria 

Nyaiiza; they call themselves Kl 

Kamastes, a subdivision of tlie 

Sam lyitk's. 
Kambojians. See Cambodians, 
Kamchadales, in the southern Jialf 

[)art of Kamcliatka Peninsula, 

^i^•>H) ?i.\z-iy.^i:rt \ w 

Khalka ^^Sq 
Calapooya - [^ i;>o 

i>- I i: 1 y;Jt^.o 

-)j=.\^7. iv^^ - -y r ^ L fe 

A I?) a 1 l&f^ '^ M-b V rt-o 
U7^^1'Jl^l i MJfT-oCal- 
mucks. Kalmycks h'^.'J^'o 
Kalmucks ^ |L 3 o 

Sea Dyak / -J^o 

^^\\}_y,,v =E ^o n^ .^ Kl 
Tuken hB>^-o 
Soniuyedes j —Jit-. 

Caiiibotlians >• jL ^ • 

{[[ 7. A' =t: / - -y T U 7 -^ w* 



Siberia; they c;ill tlieru>elves Iliil- 
uien (or Iielmes, Itiilen) ; also 

Kamchatkans. See Kamchadales. 

Kamilaroi, nearly the whole of the 
pastoral district of Liverpool Plains, 
New South "Wales. 

Kamuku, east of the lower Niger 
(about lat. 10° N.}, Africa. 

Kanakas. Same as Polynesians. The 
name means " man " in the native 
language. This is now used indi- 
fferently to the Melanesians, New 
Caledonians, Tahitians, and Hawai- 
ians, etc. The term is written 
Cmaque by the French. (63) 

Kanapai, a subdivision of the Maloh 

Kanarese. See Canarese. 

Kanawari, in Garhwal, North-West 
Provinces, India. 

Kanchis, in Bolivia. 

Kandh, in Orissa and the northeastern 
purl of Madras Presidency of 
India; also Kliond. 

Kandians, in Ceylon, India. 

Kandin, nonhwest of Lake Chad, 

Kandjigaly, a subdivision of the 

Kanembu, north of Lake Chad, 
Africa; means " jieople of Kanem" 
(country name). 

Kanganyare, suuth of the lower 
Ogowai Kiver, AVest Africa. 

Kangivamiut, on tlie George River 
in the udrthern part of Labrador. 

l.^O I n^) >fil^«o Kam- 
chatkans h ^ -1^ X o 
Kamchadales ^ %'^ o 

iaifeAi-i*" A^nt'i'-fc 

Canaque > -^- 7^ o 
Maloh Dyak / -J5Mo 

Canarese 5/- ^ a ^ 
If '•J 5"\-^o 

- ii ;'< ;i^ =E / o Khond 1< =E. 

^ {i ;7, ,v =E y o 

Usbegs y — :^o 

rKanem (14:^) ^AKj > ^ 

^ :!- y o 

^%lh :.-''] fry' fc I :" ' Tx I 



Kani, in the central part of Caliior- 

ni:i, r. S. A. 
Kaninahoic. See Arapaho. 
Kan-jen, in the northeastern part of 

Yun-nan, Cliina. 
Kankanka, in tlie soutliern part of 

Senegambia, West Africa. 
Kanii, a subdivision of tlie Usbegs. 
Kano-Fulah, between tlie Xigtr and 

Lake Cliad, AfVica. 
Kano-Hawsa, between tiie Niger and 

Lake Chad, Africa. 
Kanowit, on the Kanowit, a tribntary 

of the lower Rejang, Sarawak, 

Kansa, in Oklahoma U. S. A.; the 

real pronounciation is Kanze, con- 
taining a reference to the wind; 

also Kaw, Konza. 
Kantu, on the Kapnas River in the 

western part of Dutch Borneo. 
Kanung. See Lu-tze. 
Kanuri, soutliwest of Lake Ciiad, 

Kanyaa, a subdivision of the 

Kanyop, south of the river Casa- 

manza, ^\'est Africa. 
Kao-p'o Miao, in western Kui-chau, 

China; called also Ting-pan. 
Kapuas Tanjong, a subdivision of 

the Tanjong. 
Kapuas Ukit, a subdivision of the 

Kapui. See Kaiipui. 
Kapun-kapunbana, in northwestern 


Arai>aho ^H^o 
Usbegs y-Mo 

=e / :J- V o Raw. Konza h =e 

Lu-tze =f%'^o 
Wakamba / -^Mo 

Tanjong / — ^o 
Ukit y --ji^o 
Kaupui V- jL a o 



Kara, southwest of the middle Amu 

Daria, Kiisslan Central Asia. 
Karabalkan, a subdivision of tlie 

Karabulaks, a subdivision of the 

Cliecliens; called also Arshtes. Also 

Karagass, west of Lake Baikal, 

Karaguzlu, near Hamadan, a town 

in Irak-Ajenii, western Persia. 
Karagwe, southwest of the Victoria 

Karaika, a subdivision of tiie 

Karakalpaks, south of the lower Sir 
Daria, Russian Central Asia ; also 

Kara-Kartshin, on Lob-Nor, East 

Kara-Kirghiz, in the Pamir, Central 
Asia. They are the Kirghiz proper. 
The term Icara means " black " in 
the Turkish language from the 
colour of their round felt tents. 
Also Burnt, Black-Kirghiz, Eastern 
Kirghiz, Kock Kirghiz, and Wild 

Karakursak, a subdivision of the 

Karalit. See Eskimo. 

Karaman, a subdivision of the Salor. 

Karambola, in southwestern Mada- 

Karamojo, west of Lake Rudolf, 
Ih'ilish East Africa. 

Goklen / —Mo 

Chechens / —Mo Arshtes ]- "^ 
J^ -k 7 'V^o Kharabulakh h ^ 

{t X »l/ ^ 7 o 


Fuegians / — ^o 

llh^ L\ h K'-} hT vl^L^ 

\^:^~ ii ^- 'V ^ /o Black- 
caps > ^I'i^^.o 

,V =e / :>• 1) o ^"«'"« > ^^ i ^ ~ 

I^T'-'^iajh -^m-'yr&M 

Usbegs /> — 5Mo 

Eskimo ^ ^ a o 

Salor 7-:^o 

I: /: i)^' t i' o ^ n'^% - tt ^' "^ 



Karanouru, north of the Warhurtun 
Kivor, Sou til Australia. 

Kara nk as. See Carancas. 

Karapapak, a subdivision of the 

Kararish. SL>e Gararish. 

Kara-Tanguts, iu Koko-uor, north- 
eastern Tibet ; means " Black Tan- 
gut*," deriving from black colour 

of their tent.s; called also Salar. 
Karateghin, in the eastern part of 

Russian Central Asia. 
Karawa, in the Northern Territory 

of South Australia; about lat. 17° 
S., long. 13S° E.; so called by them- 
selves and by their neighbours. (ii5) 

Kardagur, near the Blackwood River 
in the southwestern extremity of 
Western Australia. 

Karekare, southwest of Lake Chad, 

Karelians, in the centra] table-land 
of Finland, Russia; called by 
themselves Kirialaiset, meaning 
" cmvherd." 

Karen, in Irawadi, Pegu, Tenasserira, 

Lower Burma, and iu western 

Sia;)i ; also written Karien. 

K a rang. Same as Karen. 

Kargo, in the central part (?) of 

K'lidofun, Africa. 
Kariamb, a subdivision of theGond. 
Karien. See Karen. 
Kariff, on the gulf of the same name 

in Honduras; also Charrib. 

Carancas ^ jL a o 
Kurds y -J^o 

Gararish ^^a^, 

i ^ -g. a V ^ ') -y =t / i- v o 
? b I o 1- ^fS-k 7 »^o 

Sip- I -f i b ij ^3 ^ fr5ffil^"^» i- 
n'-5;bo< -5 -? i'MRf j£ - it 

ij ^3 <a I tf o i h £ 7 Jg; V 

i9 V. -<<•!. 'c ■/;: tf ij t* 

ff^. ;i'=t/o Karien h ^ ■,•? 



Gond / — Ji5^„ 

. i' 

1 ,; 




^ /t' =t y o 




Karnathan, on the eastern coast of 

Karneshim, in Eritrea, the Italian 

colony on tlie Red Sea. 
Karoks. See Cahrocs. 
Karon, on the northern coast of 

Dntch New Gninea. 
Karthli. See Kartvelians. 
Kartsin, in Mongolia. 
Kartveli. See Kartvelians. 
Kartvelians, a cjllective name for 

the Georgians, Imeritians, and 

Mingrelians, etc. in the southwestern 

Caucasus ; also written Karthli, 

Karunbura, south of the Fitzroy 

River, eastern Queensland ; means 

" belonging to karun," that is, the 

water that exudes from a mussel 

when placed on the fire. (46) - 
Karus. Same as Karon? 
Karwar, in Baghalpur, Behar, Bengal, 

Kashgarians, on the bank of the 

Tarim River, East Turkestan. 
Kashilange. See Bashilange. 
Kashkai, in Farsistan, a province of 

southwestern Persia. 
Kashmiri, in Kashmir, India. Also 

written Cashraeree. 
Kasia. See Khasia. 
Kasiguas, in Uruguay. 
Kaskasia, in Illinois, U.S.A.; now 

in the Indian Territory. Same as 

Kaskaskia ? 
Kaskaskia, on the Mississippi, below 

the mouth of the Illinois River. 
Kas-khui, in southwestern Yun-nan, 


Cahrocs ^ X. a o 

fS^Ii:.^! ^'1- ^4bi*^= tt 

Kartvelians ^ ^ 3 o 
Kartvelians ^ IL a o 

^:f- i; o Karthli. Kartveli h 

Karon — [ol -;> ? 
Bashilange ^ ^ a o 


3]Hlo Cashmeree >=e-^^>o 
Khasia ^ ^ a o 
•i 2) 1 C-bi^o 

=.{^7. o Kaskaskia — [^Iv-? 



Kassivos. See Caslubo;--. 

Kassonke, a siilidivisiun of the 

Kassovo, near Lake Tulare, Cali- 

loniia, U. S. A. 
Kastel Porno, on tlie western coast 

ot' Calitnniia, U. S. A. 
Kata, a subdivision of tlie Kiowa; 

means '" biters." 
Kataba. Same as Catawba. 
Katanga, on the liead-waters of the 

Lualabii, the upper part of tlie 

Katchin. See Chingpaw. 
Kathengi, a subdivision of the 

Katiba, on the Kejang River, 

Sarawak, Borneo. 
K'a-to, in southern Yuu-nan, China; 

said to be probably the same as 

the Kado (Kadu in this dictionary) 

of Burma, 
Kate Porno, on the western coast of 

California, U.S.A.; means ''lake 

Katulya, a subdivisiou of the Gond. 
Katungo Maloh, a subdivision of the 

Maloh Dyak. 
Katwul, a subdivi>iun of the 

Kau-i-a, near Lake Tulare, Cali- 
fornia, U. S. A. 
Kaumains. See Coniantlie. 
Kaupui, a subdivision of tlie Xaga ; 

also Kapui. 
Kaur, in c;islern India ; called also 

Kail I ava. 
Kauralaig, in Prince of Wales Island 

Cashibos ^^3© 
Mandingo / — JJio 

Kiowa y-i^, ^^tri^ y J ^ 
Catawba - ^ -jy^ 

Chingpaw =}■ ^^ o 
Wakamba y — B^o 

Ffi :>- 'i- * / ;§; i^ :>■ < o S ^ "' 
V^h k =11: 7. 'i^ Kado {:^-f^ 
-Ij'^r- ^- Kadu h?l}-t V ) I- 

Gond /> — ;^o 
Maloh Dyak / ~Ji%o 

Wakamba y — j^o 

^^o 1 ui o'tmi&o 

Comanche ^)L"=*o 

Xaga / — l^o Kapui b =e;»J ^.q 

Kaiiravu h =t fj^ -fe "7 iI/q 



nn<I Banks Island in Torres Strait. 

Sune as Kowrarega. 

Kaurava. See Kaur. 

•Kaure, west of tlie lower Niger (lat. 

10° N.), Africa. 
Kaurna, between the Murray River 

and tlie Gulf of St. Vincent, Soutli 

Kaviagmut, in Kaviaiv Peninsula, 

noitliwestern Alaska. 
Kavirondo, in the northeastern 

corner of tlie Victoria Xyanza ; also 

Kaw, in tlie Slian States, Burma. 
Kaw. See Kansa. 
K'a-wa, in southwestern Yun-nan, 

Kayan, in the greater part of central 

Borneo between the upper Rejang 

and Kahajan rivers. 
Kayapos. Same as Suva. 
Kayi, a subdivision of the Goklen. 
Kayowe. See Kiowa. 
Kaytchili Khitai, a subdivision of the 

K'a-yu Chong-kia, in central Kui- 

chau, China. 
Kazaks. See Kirghiz-Kazaks. 
Kazi-kumyksh, a subdivision of the 

Lesghians; also called Lak. 
Keawah, near Lake Tulare, Culi- 

fornia, U. S. A. 
Kebrut, in the Tarai, a region in 

nortliern India. 
Kechi, in southern California, U. S. 


f ix/^ < -f .i = 4 1? ^- '^ ^ 

/ o Kowrarega = [o] iJ-o 
Kaur ^JL^o 

y „ Wakavirondo 1> =t^^7.^ 
Kansi ^£h„ 

^gmUg ta'r^tG / ttS ^ -> r 

Suya = I^ =:>o 
Goklen y -Mo 
Kiowa ^ ^ 3 o 
Karakalpaks ^ -'j^o 

%nm'}\\ t *ifr» ^ its ^ -> r -i^ 

;'c#^ :)- ,1. ^ ^ ;1 :)- i; o 
Kirgliiz-Kazuks ^jL^o 
Lesghians / -Mo L^k > =tM 

^3 >6 ij A'-g-^P^ 6"^J ^^fc 3 1- ^:> 
iJi 7. >u =e y o 



Kechuas. Same as QiiecluiaH. 
Keechi, in Texas, U. S. A. in 

1851; now in Oklalionni; so called 

by themselves; also Kicliai. 

Keh-Iao. ^r^amc as Kih-lao. 
K'eh-mong-ku-yang Miao, in son- 
liiern Kui-cliau, China. 

Keh-teo. See Hua Keh-lao. 
Keh-tong Miao, in sonthern Kui- 

ehau, ('liina. 
Keilambeitch, in ilie southwestern 

part ut' Victoria. 
Keimanoeitoh, a subdivision cf the 

Kek, a subdivision of the Tlinkit. 
Kel-ahenet, a subdivision of the 

Kel-fadaye, in Air, an oasis country 

of the Sahara. 
Kel-fares, in Air, an oasis country 

of the Sahara. 
Kel-ferwan, in Air, an oasis country 

of tiic Saliara. 
Kel-geres, in Air, an oasis country 

of the Sahara. 
Kelghafsa, a subdivision of tiie 

Kel-ifis, a subdivision of the Inighad. 
Kel-n-Neggaru, in Air, an oasis 

country if tiie Sahara. 
Kel-n-tunin, a subdivision of the 

Kel-owi, in Air, an oasis c untry of 

the Saliara. 
Kel-tafidet, in Air, an oai^is country 

of the Sahara. 
Kelts. See Celts. 

t^iochuas =|,iJ-:7o 

^o llt^-tlffi- v'x3(. Ki- 
cliai h ^.IJP'-o 
Kili-lao — \u\ -:?(, 

ITua Keh-lao ^ Ji a f, 

Haeltzuk /> — J^o 

Tlinkit y — SJ^o 
Imghad ^ — S5lo 


Sit bi^^i^^f ^fc*-' I ^) ' ^^ 

Imghad ^ — ;^o 

Imghad / — iHo 
Sit f)-y;i^ft'/ ^JV 

Imghad ^ — j^o 

I Sj I ik 

It^iJ 1 0^^ Sit bii'iiJ'l' 
Celts ^a^o 



Kenai, in the interior of Alaska; 

called by tliemselves Tlinaina or 

Tnai, meaning "man"; also written 

Kenana, a subdivision of tlie Bag- 

Kenegoz, a sul)division of tlie 

Kenesti. See Wailakki. 
Kenites, an ancient people who dwelt 

near the Ainalekites (tribe) of 

Kenneka, a subdivision of the 

Fuegians on both sliores of Beagle 

Channel, Tierra del Fuego; called 

also Takanika. 
Kenniah, on the upper Baram and 

upper Bulungan rivers, Borneo. 
Kenus. See Mattokki. 
Keo-erh-Iong-kia, in western Kui- 

chau, China. 
Kera, in tlie northwestern part of 

Xew Mexico, U. P. A. 
Kerabialbarap, in northwestern 

Kerbulbura. See AVakelbura. 
Kerepunu, neir Port Moresby, 

British Xew Guinea; called also 

Motn. Also written Kirapuno. 
Kerindi, a subdivision of the Kurds. 
Kerinma, east of the ^Yiimbaio tribe 

in Victoria. 
Kerketar, a subdivision of the Oraon. 
Kerrikerri. Hime as Karekare. 
Kesh, a subdivision of the Dinka. 
Kettekeser, a subdivision of the 


;/, ,v =e ^ o n y >-af >r- t 
^A^j'i' ^4^+ "o Kinai 1< 

Baggara / — ;^o 

Karakalpaks ^ -^Mo 

AVailakki =^^3o 

<: ZW-i^ y' M >^ - (I: ^- '^ 
Fuegian^y —Mo Takanika 
1- =E^-fe 7 <^o 

Mattokki ^^Sq 
■\Vakelbura ^ ^ a o 

i:/|i- 1 i i I ix-fci^ 1 Fit 

ig =. ji X ;v =e / = 'yf i 1 
■01 > =s^ fe 7 /I'o Kirapuno 

Kurds /> — ^o 

5\- < t "'J fc - li: ^^ 1^ Wiim- 

baio MM^M':fjo 
Oraou ^ — J^o 
Karekare — [q] v'o 
Dinka / -J^o 
Usbegs /— *^o 



Ketu, on the Slave Coast, West 

Kewatsana, a subdivision of the 

Comanche ; means " no ribs " ; now 

Keyataigmut, in the southwestern 

part of Alaska. 
Keye. See Key-vu. 
Key-yu, along the Strait of Magellan, 

South America ; also Keye. 

Kezhama, a subiUvision of the Naga. 

Kha. See Moi. 

Khabunke. See Kabunga. 

Khaeil, in Peshawar, a district in the 
Panjab, India. 

Kha-hyeng. See Cliiugpaw. 

Khakar. See Chakar. 

Khakhar, a subdivision of the Oraon. 

Khakhiaen. See Chingpaw. 

Khakhun, on the head-waters of the 
Irawadi, Burma; means "river- 
head " {fcha, " river," khu, " head "), 
referring to the place they inhabit. 

Khalka, in the nortliern half part of 
Mongolia ; also Kalka. 

Khamant, norih of Lake Tsana, 

Khamba, a subdivision of the Lepcha. 

Khamba, in Kashmir, India. 

Khambing, in Zungaria, Asia. 

Khamir, in Lasta district, Abyssinia. 

Kham-pa, in central Tibet. 

Khampti, in northern Burma. 

Khamti, in Assam, India. 

Khandekli, a subdivision of the 

Khantouer, an extinct Hottentot 

Comanche ^ -J^o ""IteS/jli-j V 

^) b T i' /> U\^% - {)i ^- /V =C 

^ o 
Key-yu ^ Jl a o 

Y§^r:(l;x -V =t /„ Keye |- 

Xaga ^ -^o 
Moi ^^3o 
Kabunga ^ £ a o 

Chingpa\v ^iL^o 
Chakar ^^Sq 
Oraon ^ —'^o 
Chingpaw ^jLho 
:b' < 1 ^ G" o i ^ I ' b *5 V 

7. /w =t y o Kalka h =t ,»J 7.^ 

t£ ;7. ,1. =e >> o 
Lepcha /— i^o 

Karakalpaks /> — Ji^o 
Hottentots /> -J^o ^^^*gi*-t 



Kharabulakh. See Karabukk. 
Kharia, in Cliota Nagpiir, Bengal, 

Kharwar, in Behar, a province of 

Benj,'al, India. 
Khas, in Nepal. 
Khasia, in southern Assam, India; 

also written Kasia, Kiiasis. 

Khasis. See Khasia. 

Khastai, west of tlie middle Indus, 

Khatozun, in Zung:iria, Asia; now 

extinct ? 
Khattak, in southeastern Peshawar 

and southern and eastern Koliat, 

districts of the Panjab, India. 
Khatti. See Hittites. 
Khatti. See Kachi. 
Kheong, on the Arakan Yoma Range, 

Kheta. Same as Khita. 
Khevsurians. See Khevsurs. 
Khevsurs, in the central Caucasus; 

also written Khevsurians. 
Khirigriqiia, an extinct Hottentot 

Khita. See Hittites. 
Khitai, a subdivision of the Usbegs. 
Khmer. See Cambodians. 
Khmer-dom, on the boundaries of 

Siam and Cambodia, called also 

Khmu, in the Shan States, Siam. 
Kho, formerly in southwestern China, 

now in Indo-China ; generally 

known as Klias Kho. See also 


Karabulak f- M. ^ o 

jb^O* ^'^tv--•^i)•■;?,:J■l■l 

/ ^% -{^7, ,v=&J o Kasia. 
Khasis h =e ^ ;'. ^ 

Khasia f ^3 o 

i j£ ^. lu =e /» o 
Hittites ^M.3o 
Kachi =i-%^o 

Khita - IpI i?o 
Khevsurs ^ JL ^ o 

y tjj*g-ii ^ '>=t ^ o Khev- 
•surians > =^%^-o 

Hottentots ? — J^o -T-^^Mi6£-fe 


Hittites ^jiso 
Usbegs ; — JMo 
Cambodians ^ Ji a o 

-{£;^ ;V=e/>o Kuy V =&fff 



Kho, in C'hitral (state), norlhwoteni 

Khoi-khoin. See Hottentots. 
Khond. Soj KanJli. 
Khorasanii, a subdivision of the 

Khorinsk, near Lake Baikal, Siberia. 
Khorvate. Same as Khr'wati. 
Khosa. See Aiuaxosa. 
Khoshod, in western Mongolia. 
Khosti, ill Afghanistan. 
Khostwal, in tlie Shamil valley, an 

iipper l)ranch of the Kuram (a 

tributary of tlie Indus), eastern 

Khr'wati. See Croats. 
Khr'watin. See Croats. 
Khuai. See Bushmen. 
Khumia. Same as Kurai; means 

'•villagers" {khum, "village"). 
Khus. Same as Khas. 
Khwai. See Bushmen. 
Khyen. See Chin. 
Khyeng, in Arakan, Burma. Same as 

Khyen or Chin ? 

Kiamba, south of the lower Congo. 

Kiaway. See Kiowa. 

Kiawetni, near Lake Tulare, Cali- 
fornia, U. S. A. 

Kibokwe. Same as Kioko. 

Kibula, in tlie western part of 
Portuguese "West Africa. 

Kichai. See Keechi. 

Kichuas. Same as Quechuas. 

Kickapoo, formerly, in Missouri, U. 
S. A. ; now in tlie Indian Territory. 

Kidara, in the southeastern part of 
British >«'ew Guinea. 

Hottentots "^^3^ 
Kandh ^^.^0 
Sarik y-^„ 

Kiir'wati -^ i?o 
Amaxosa ^ ^ a o 

Croat.s ^ ^ H o 

Croats ^^3o 

Bushmen 9 Mj^ o 

Kumi = 1^ •::>o ^Wfij(^"'""" = 

Khas =.|^l:;^o 
Bushmen ^^a© 
Chin ^^a„ 

G^' S Jt ^ fo b iJ'/s.i&'J] = 11: -^- '^ 
=ey'o Kiiven — ^ Chin - 

Kiowa 9 ^3 Q 

Kioko — f^I -S^o 

Keechi ^ ^ a ^ 

Queciiuas =.f^ v'o 

tfea^ ^ h h 'J 1i'^t<.\^^f'^ I -J 

;', (U =£ /> n 



Kiddan, a subdivision of the Huida. 
Kiet, :i subdivision of tiie Usbegs. 
Kih-lao, in the central and western 

parts of Kui-chau, China. 
Kikapu, on the upper Illinois, a 

tributary of the Mississippi. 
Kikasta, on the Yellowstone Kiver, 

]\Iontana, U. S. A. ; they are tlie 

Crow proper. 
Kile, west of the lower Amur (long. 

135° E.), Siberia. 
Killamook, on the southwestern coast 

of Britisli Columbia. 
Kiluti, a subdivision of the Wakamba. 
Kimama, northeast of Choga, a lake 

to the north of the Victoria 

Kimbande. See Quimbande. 
Kimbunda, «n the Kuanza Kiver, 

Portuguese "West Africa. Same as 

Quinbundo ? 
Kimmerians, an ancient people who 

dwelt to the north of the Black 

Sea and the Sea of Azov. Also 

Kimo, formerly in the interior of 

southern Madagascar ; also Quimo. 

Kinai. See Kenai. 

Kinep, a subdivision of the Kiowa; 

means " big shields." 
Kingirankobe, a sub.livision of the 

KIngnaitmiut, a subdivision of the 

Kinipetu, on Chesterfield Inlet of 

Hudson Bay, Norih America. 

Ilaida ? —%o 
Usbegs ? —%o 

fc^^'J i"g-^Li t ^ -f: ^j: ;Jtl / 

"Wakamba J — JMo 

Quimbande ^ ^ 3 o 

fpldlf - {Ji ^. ;V =E /> o Quinbun- 
do -MI-:7? 

■k v'^Si^o Cimmerians > 

mo 1> =e#;'. 
Kenai =}-%-^o 
Kiowa ^-JiMo ^%y '^^Sj 1- 

Fulah ;-%^ 

Oqomiut ^ — j^o 

■^h >6 'J iV It }L \ /x.W J n% 



Kiniyen, on Ileivey Buy, s.MiilK':i<tera 

Kinjabos, on llie Gold Coast, West 

Kinkia, west of tlie Sicraniento 

Kiver, Cilifornia, U. S. A. 

Kino. Same as Blond. 

Kinugumut, in Kaviik Peninsnla, 
nn-thwestern Alaska. 

Kioko, on tlie western tributaries of 
tiie upper Kas^ai, Portuguese West 
Africa ; also Akioko. 

Kiowa, in Oklahoma, U. S. A. ; deriv- 
ed from the Comanche word Kayowe, 
'' rat " ; they call themselves Gai- 
gwu, meaning " principal people." 
They are also called Cayuga, Xichi- 
hinena (Arapaho name meaning 
" river men "), Ryawas, AVitapahatu 
(Dakota name meaning island 
l)Utte "). Also written Kiaway. (si) 

Kiowa Apaches. See Nadiisha-dena. 

Kipchaks, a subdivision of the 
Usbegs; also Kyptshak. 

Kiranti, in eastern Xepal. 

Kirapuno. See Kerepunu. 

Kirghiz, originally, the name for the 
Kara-Kirghiz or Burnt. But when 
the Cossacks invaded Siberhi, they 
found this tribe and applied the 
name to tlie tribe generally known 
as Kazaks (Kirghiz-Kizaks), whose 
language and manners etc., were 
not distinguished from those of 
the Kirghiz, hence the term has 
spread as a name for the Kazaks 

Akioko > =E ,1j7.o 

V^y ->=£/> i- iJoJJ "=? >^"»f 
>T-iH» <• -3 I YzLi 7 ^ V 

XT^i-iii<^ ' (/- - ' tjn 

li' I t\ i: ^oiVi (?) bil" 
{I I r^^r ^jlil^Aj > ^^h 
c,\,^S:,ip'r h =e ffi -k ^ ,1^0 
Kiaway V =t ,'?^. o 

Nadiisha-dena ^ |L a o 

L'sbegs ^ — J^o Kyptsiiak h =t 

Kerepunu 9^^o 

^ !t> ^' ] -P 7C*iS^i 

*^ : $'p<«'r L--'J ?)- 
gA -t -yB^ilfcfii^ ^ S)l -vifc 

ti:i;^ 'Pi •?''?< luy/HiSH/' 

Iff 1- -Vf jl!4-^ '^^ V jlt«>^ 



to tlie p]iiropeans. For this reason, 
the term is at present used in two 
senses : as the collective name for 
tlie Kara-Kirghiz and Kazaks or 
Kirghiz-Kazaks, and as synonym of 
Kazaks only. The term means 
"nomads" in Tarkisli, from kir, 
" field," gis, the root of the word 
gizinet (wander). Compare Kara- 
Kirghiz and Kirghiz-Kazaks. toO) 
Kirghiz-Kazaks, in the country 
lying between the Irtish (a tribu- 
tary of the Obi) and the lower 
Volga, southern Russia; they call 
themselves Kazak, " riders," and 
are divided into the Great, Middle, 
and Little Hordes. They are 
sometimes called Kirghiz, which 
was given them by the Cossacks, as 
tiieir language and manners were 
not distinguished from those of tlie 
real Kirghiz, generally known as 
Kara-Kirghiz, Black Kirghiz, or 
Burnt. Compare Kirghiz and 
Kara -Kirghiz. i50) 

Kirialaiset. See Karelians. 
Kiriattil Nayar, a subdivision of the 

Kirim, on tlie Sobat, a tributary of 

the White Nile. 
Kiriris. See Cariris. 
Kirpota, a subdivision of the Oraon. 
Kisama. Same as Kis^ama. 
Kisan, in Sirguja and Jashpur 

of Chota Nagpur, Bengal, India; 

called also Xagesar. 
Kisangji, in the western part of 

Portuguese AVest Africa. 

riij,^ = r » jlfc^ IS >- i* 
cjhnel ^'{^Wi^' i^J -^W.^) > 

fc'^o-v 1 T-i'§'o< =)■ %m. 
yxk-^'^^~)i~ ii ^- '" =s 

Kh I?. I K R b- ilo>. S 
[l\ h' ^ H^J^-^^-t 7 

•k 7 /v- i nr V Y=^M:^Um 
^^^r 7 7:-yr>it^^Wlt7i 

^ 1 i />ig^iUx^B7 /v) x> 
>^J5iJ^- 'i^ffii-ii V -ya 'J ^ 
Lfc^ :§-?<- "^ 'J v^^<>- 

7 V ^ ;V =£ y ± 1) o ^ o -y ' 

t^- A tf i' f, ^ 2. -y 1 T ^ #!M 

Karelians ^^^o 

Xayar y -,^o 


Cariris ^ Jl a o 
Oraon ^ — JMo 
Kissama — 1r| iJ'o 

rj; CJ,:] h y' Li <: \ i:^ S. 
=t /o Nagesar > =t#"j-fe 7 /Vo 



Kisekise, near Freetown, the caphal 
of Sierni Leone, West Afric.i. 

Kishtwari, in Kasluuir, Indii. 

Kisku, in I!agliali)nr, a {livi?ion of 
l>enL;al, Imli;i. 

Kisoke, in tlie western i>art of 
Portngne-e West Africa. 

Kissama, sonth of the lower Knanza 
River, Portugnese West Africa. 

Kissi, in Liberia, AVest Africa. 

Kists, a siibtlivi.sion of the Chechens. 

Kitao, on tlie liighland of Kui-chau, 

Kitejab, a subdivision of tiie Jalin. 

Kitikshian. Sae Gyiiksan. 

Kitkada. S.^e Gyitgaata. 

Kitkaet. See Gyitgaata. 

Kitsmaht, a subdivision of the Alit. 

Kitunaha. See Kootenai. 

Kiu-ku Miao, in southeastern Kui- 
chau, China. 

Kiu-ming-kiu-sing Miao, in southern 
Kui-chau, Ciiina. 

Kiwai, at the mouth of the Fly 
River, British New Guinea. 

Kiye, north of Like Chad, Africa ; 
also Beni Kuye. 

Kizh. in southern California, U. S. 

Kizil Bashis, in Asia >rnior ; means 
"red iiead"; they call themselves 
E>ki-Turk, meaning "old Turk." 

Klaizaht. Same as Classet. 

Klallum. Same as Clallam. 

Klamath, near Klamalii Lakes, 
Oregon, U. S A. ; they call them- 
selves E-ukshikni, meaning " Kla- 

'V- ^ ^ o 

Clieohens ^ — ^o 

.Lalin /> •-:^o 
Gyitksan ^^.=^0 
Gyitgaata =^ ^^ o 
Gyitgaata ^JLao 
Aht ?-^o 
Kootenai ^^a^ 

-jinrmv^i^^^ / <£K - -> r ^ 

It X .V =e ^ o 

{£ 7. ,1/ ^ y o I^eni Kuye h =e 

-f ->f: I < h5 7jg;v '"*^ 

Classet — [^ v>o 
Clallam — [^ v>o 

•3 < L < I- ^i^it'^ ■'< ^ 


iimlli Lake people." Also Clamet, 
Klamet, Tlamath, Tlamatl. 

Klamet. See Klamath. 
Klangklang, in western Upper Eurma. 
Klanoh-Klatklam, on the upper 

Columbia, Xortli America; called 

also Fhithea.1 Kootenai. 
Kliketat, on tiie Yakama reservation, 

Washington, U.S.A.; called also 

Kling. See Taking. 
Klinquit, in AVashington, U. S. 

Klue, a subdivision of the Haida. 
Kmike. See Seri. 
Knaia-khotana, a subdivision of the 

Knistineaux. See Cree. 
Koasati. See Coosadi. 
Kocch. See Koch. 
Koch, in southwestern Assam, India; 

also written Kocch. 
Ko-cwien Keh-lao, in Kui-chau, 

Kodaga. See Coorg. 
Koddero, a subdivision of tlie 

Koddo, a subdivision of the Moru. 
Koggaba, a subdivision of the 

Kogui, a subdivision of the Kiowa; 

means " elks." 
Kohistani, in the hills near Kabul, 

the capital of Afghanistan. 
Kohli, in Clarhwal, Xorth-Wtst Pro- 
vinces, India. 

niet. Klamet.Tlamatii.'llamatl 
Klamath ^^.^o 

•^= {{f ^> lu ^ y' o FLui)e;ul 
Kootenai 1- =cfj5-k 7 'i^o 

-yr^ Koilroilpam >=efP}-t 
"7 /I'd 
Talaing ^^ H a o 

Haida / — j^o 
Seri ^^Hq 
Athapascan ^ — j^o 

Cree ^ ^ 3 o 
Coosadi =)■ ^'^ o 
Koch ^jlso 

1i X ,u =^ y^ o Kocch 

Coorg ^Ji-Jo 
Moru ^ ~-Mo > 

Moru y ->5^o 
Aruacs /> -Mo 

Kiowa />-i5^o ''Hj b ^S:^ 



Koi, :i subdivision of llie Goiui. 

Koiari, in tlie southeaslern part of 
llriiisli Xew Guinea ; also Kuni. 

Koibali. Se Assans. 

Koikopal, a subdivision of tlie Gond. 

Koilabhutal, a subdivision of tlie 

Koitapu, near llie Owen Stanley 
liuiiyes in ilic suutlieastern part of 
Britisli New Guinea. 

Kokar, near Mount Stirling, Western 

Kokhaqua, an extinct Hottentot 

Kol. See Kolarians. 

Kolam, a subdivision of the Gond. 

Kolarians, a collective name for 
tribes inhabiting Bengal from the 
Ganges southward to about hit. 18° 
X., and in western India, of which 
the cliief ones are Bhil, Juang 
KJiaria, Munda, Santhal and 
Savara, etc. ; the term was in- 
troduced first by Campbell in 1866. 
Also Kol. 

Koldaji, in the central part of 
Kordofan, Africa. 

Koligon. See Colac. 

Kolita, in Assam, India. 

Kollagua. Same as Collagua. See 


K'o-lo. See Lo-lo. 

Koloma, on the left bank of the 

Sacramento River, California, U. S. 

Kolore, in western Victoria. 
Kolosh. See Tliiikit. 
Kolush. Same as Kolosh. See Tlinkit. 

'"■"■1 ^-^o 

;l'=E /'o Kuni h =t|B-k 7 'lo 
Assans ^^a,. 
Goad y-^^'o 
( iond ? -i-^o 

io I ^^ tr: ^n I ii lU 

Hottentots / — ,^^, 'T'^^HlglS-fe 

Kolarians ^ M. =^ o 
Gond / —^a 

•J fc- 2 5 3, b- S/w f: o- 
"riJ]^ 7- ^'^ ^^ 7 V -y =t /» :>■ 

Colac ^ ^ a o 

Collagua -[nli^o Col las ^^ 

L>lo ^tL^o 

ij <h 'J i"^?fi.[4 i>- '-} -^'i- o I'- ^ 

Tlinkit ^JlJn 
Kol.„h^[^ i^o Tlinkit ^Jluo 



Kolya, a subdivision of the Naga. 
Komacho, on the western coast of 

Califnriiia, U. S. A.; also written 

Komanians. iSee Cumanians. 
Komar, on the Sobat, a tributary of 

tlie AVliite Nile. 
Kombaingheri, norlh of the Macleay 

River in the northeastern part of 

New f^outh AVales. 
Kombangkobe, a subdivision of the 

Kombinegherry, on tiie Bellinger 

Kiver in the eastern part of New 

South Wales. 
Kombobura, on the southeastern 

coast vl' Queensland. 
Komux, on the east coast of Vancou- 
ver Island, British Columbia ; also 

Kondo, in Liberia, West Africa. 
Konga, in Coimbatore, a district of 

Madras, India. 
Kongait, north and south of Cadell's 

Kange, New South Wales. 
Konghini, a subdivision of the 

Yuka.;hirs ; now extinct ? 
Kongroitshi. Same as Assans? 
Kongulu, west of the Mackenzie, a 

tributary of the Fitzroy, eastern 

Queensland ; probably extinct. 
Koniaga, in Kadiak Island, Alaska; 

so called by themselves. 
Konkani, in Bombay Presidency, 

Konkau, on the left bank of the 

Sacramento River, California, U. S. 


Naga ^ — J55^o 

Comaclio > =6*7', o 
Cumanians ^^Sq 

I'-i's I ■§ i-r i^\ i-r ^M 

Fulah / -Mo 

i:iD I •§ i-r i^\ z-r ^M 
< 1 It I ^^iTi^^^-ii^-'^ 

=e ^ Comux > =c,ft7;o 

t '^ cv J; i' f, t !)ti / : 1 >. ' c 

It i I hW-)jo 
i:ia> I § -3 1 Tx I ^t /> ;&• 

Yukaghirs ^ -^o '^ >^^-A^ 

V ? 
Assans — I?t] i?' ? > 

y o 



Konkubura, on the const north of 
the lower Fitzroy River, eastern 
Queenshmd ; means '' belonging to 
sichnes?, retching. " 

Kono, in the central part of Sierra 
Le.Mie, West Africa. 

Kontalyni, a subdivision of the 
Kiowa; means "black boys." 

Konza. See Kansa. 

Koogobatha, north of the Mitchell 
River, northern Queensland. 

Koopman, an extinct Hottentot 

Kooranko, on the head-waters of the 
Niu'er, Africa. 

Kootani. See Kootenai. 

Kootenai, in the region of the upper 
Columbia in southern British 
Cohiinbia, and northwestern Mon- 
tana. U. S. A. ; called also Flatbow 
and Kitunaha. Also written 
Cootenai, Kootaiti, Kutani, Kutenay. 

Kopagmut, in northwestern Alaska. 

Kopoela, southeast of Port Moresby, 
British New Guinea. 

Kora. Same as Koranna. 

Koram, a subdivision of the Gond. 

Korama, in Mysore, India. 

Koranna, south of the Vaal, a 
tributary of the Orange, and in 
Koranna Land (South Bechuana- 
bindl Africa; also Koraqua. 

Koraqua. See Koranna. 

Koreans, the people of Korea ; also 

Koriaks, between the Anadyr Eiver 
and the central part of the 

^ h ^ 'MT«£ '' xtymt^ - It 

- 10 1 E^^ji^'J iv L I 
1?) ^J Ms- 1 i: 1 -^«t>SBo 

Kiowa / -i^o ^]?:fe /* 'h^j 1- 
Kansa ^^a, 

<^^^f C)^t.v;lhgi: i- '^^ho 

Hottentots ^ -%^ ^^^ifeift-fe 

V o 

Kootenai ^ jL 3 o 

h fo"^ ^ I^HIJ -^ 'I' : h VG^ 
^)M±j5?Lit!lJ5 ?i f i) ^ vj j> A. 

;', .1/^ ^o i- b-? i Is I • ^ 
O 1 ?j: It h =E M -k 7 rt^o Coo- 
tenai. Kootani. Kutani. Kute- 
nay > =e ^ ^, o 

Koranna — ^ v^^ 
Gond y-j^o 

■fe 7 'l-o 
Koranna ^ JJ, 3 p 

Coieans 1- =t .'J x ^ 

- D* 1 < L-<^}S)^f)': 



Kamchatka Teninsnla (except the 

coastland between the Gulf of 

Anadyr and Cape Oliutorsk), Siberia ; 

said to be called Chauchan by 

Korinchi, in soutlnvesteru Sumatra 

(lat -2- S.). 
Koroche. See Korotcli. 
Korotch, in western Victoria; also 

written Koroche. 
Korunga, in AVadai, Africa. 
Korusi, in the northern part of 

California, U. S. A. 
Korwa, in Chota Nagpur, Bengal, 

Koryaks. Same as Koriaks. 
Ko-siamb, a subdivision of the Gond. 
Kossa. See Mende. 
Kossu. See Mende. 
Kota, in the Nilgiri Hills, southern 

Kotar. Same as Kota. 
Koti Ukit, a subdivision of the 

Kbtsai, a subdivision of the Com- 
anche ; now extinct. 
Kotsoteka, a subdivision of the 

Comanche ; means " buffalo eaters." 
Kottes, on the upper Yenisei (lat. 56° 

Kottofo, in the central part of 

K-unerun, AVest Africa. 
Kouksoarmiut, on the Big Eiver in 

the nortliern part of Labrador. 
Koumandinzes. See Teleuts. 
Koupui, in southeastern Assam, 

Kovai, o:i McChire Gu'f, Dutch New 


^ ) - tt 7. 'I- =t /» o S 7 -> ^ J, 

Korotch ^ ^ a n 

y o Koroche > =e ^- ^> o 

Koriaks — Is] i? □ 
Gond / — JMo 
Mende ^ ^ a o 
Mende ^ ^ a o 

Kota - In] x>o 
Ukit ^-Mo 

Comanche -^ — :^o -^^^M^"^ 

Comanche >> -^o^ ^K'^ ^ A ^ 

Teleuts ^£3o 



Kowitchan, in the soullicasterii part 

ni' Vancouver Island, Britisli Coluiii- 

bi;i; called also Thongeitli or Uclete. 
Kowrarega, in Prince of Wales 

Irlaml in Torres Strait. Same as 

Kowwasaye, in Wa<liiiigi<,n, U. S. 

Koyukukhotana, a snbdivision of the 

nortlu'in Atliapascan. 
Kra. Same as Km. 
Krebu, in the southeastern part of 

Liberia, West Africa. Same as 

Greho ? 
Kree. See C'ree. 
Kreek. Same as Creek. 
Krej, on the head-waters of the 

Bahr-el-Ar.ib, an ui>per branch of 

the Nile. 
Krepi, ou tlie Slave Coast, West 

Kri. See Cree. 
Krikor, "n tlie Slave Coast, West 

Kromelak, in northwestern Victoria; 

also written Kurm ine-lak. 
Kroo. See Km. 
Krooboy. See Kru. 
Kroumir, in the northern part of 

Krowithan-Kulo, in eastern Victoria. 
Kru, on liie southea-stern coast of 

Liberia, West Africa; called also 

Crnmen or Kmboy. Also written 

Cm, Kroo, Krooboy, Krumen. 
Kruboy. See Km. 
Krumen. See Km. 

^< 1 vs. i^a ^^ ^liitiia:--!!; 

7. lU ^ / ^ Thonceilh i'^ ^^ 
Uclete V ^IS-te 7 »fo 

ii/=t / p Kanralaifi -(n) -:?r, 

Atliapascan y — ]^o 

Kru - 1^ i>„ 

nB = <i.i.7- 'i'=t ^o Grebe =. 

Cree ^ 1, a o 

Creek :^[g];j>„ 

Cree ^ £ a o 

=e /> oKurm-me-lak > =ti5^'o 
Km ^M.3o 
Kru ^M.3o 

*|5 = (£ 7. ,1. =e /> o 

- y r < ^ I ii 1 I'. < ^ I 
,6^ v ^fS-fe 7 -WoCm.Kroo. 
Krooboy. Krumen > =c .IJ ;'. o 

Kru ^Ji3o 
Kru ^^"o 


Kshtuts, in West Turkeslim. M t ^ ^t ■f:Ao 

Kuap, :i subdivision of the Land Land Dyak ? — B^o 


Kuato, a subdivision of tlie Kiowa; Kiowa ; —%o '^ '^'^~^'^'>^^ 

means " pulling up from the ground i) '^l^i? T j ^its^^- n ^^' 

or hole"; now extinct. ^'^^ 'Jo 

Kubachi, a subdivision of the Le-^ghians / -^^ 


Kubu, in southern Sumatra; called < ! Ai' 1 "^ i t b -^ l^jnfif 

IJl ^> '1^ =E ^ - -V r i>- I b ^ C 

also Orang Kubu. < I ^C I 1- =t^-k 7 '^o 

Kuchin, Same as Kutchin. Kutcliin - 1^] -i^-o 

Kuda, near Lake Baikal, Siberia. L^^^I ^^ \t^^1i'hm^%-^ 

Kudara, near Lake Baikal, Siberia. L-< 'J ^^ ^ It t « i' o jfjHto 

Kudinski, a subdivision of the Yukaghirs /» -.F^o "T-^^^i^ 

Yukaghirs; now extinct? "t '] o 

Kueva. See Cue ba. Cueba ^M.3o 

Kuhgelu, in western Persia. ^<h Ls^SIhIJo 

Kui, in southeastern Siam and < It^' Lj, t' >* S!.[^*!> ^i ^' 

northwestern Cambodia. i'L'l*' Vj, ^ K4bpKo 

Kui, in the Shan States, Burma. II h k ^ L3f,^ 1" 'C \^o 

Kuinmurbura, in tlie peninsula lying ^ ] \i"'f\j\i 1 h^ 1 G "^ '^ ' 

between Broad Sound and Shoal- ^ j; 1- Lfe ' o •) ^ I f: 1 W 

water Bay, eastern Queensland ; deri- 1- 7 fiH :J- '^4-'^ - J^ ^^ '"^ =^ 

ved from hum, "plain, and iwro, ^^^^.^^ ir|A^_j:^^>r;g ;^ ,v :o ^ j) 

"of" or "belonging." {v,) a V ^'I'o 

Kuitc, on the Siletz reservation, Ore- fc s') <■] A"'o-^Lilfc'"rT' - ^W -^ L 

gon, U.S.A.; now very few in noOf^^^'ilil - f:fe ^ ;V =£ / o't" 

mmiber. >> AP ^^''J'^tS::^ ') o 

Kujrar, a subdivision of the Oraon. Oraon ^ ^'^o 

Kuka, east of Lake Chad, Africa. fci^'J iV Bs, c'iii >» ^1:^^ 

Kukata, south of the Stuart Kanges, |iij>- l-fib''J^/'"t01^:>l 

South Australia. iiillj/i^:^o 

Kukebura, on the eastern coast of <(, ^/.-f ^/o H" >' ]?!?## (f^^ 

Queensland (ab.ut lat. 22°-23° S.); f f^fc---''^^':"'^!! ^1 

means "belonging to the green-head- ^^/^' ^- -^48-11 7> '^ =t ^j 

edant." >^a:'-'Jo 

Kuki, in western Upper Burma and < ) ^ \.%lj^ h t^n%^ 



easlerii Assam, India ; so called by 

tlie Bengalese lowiander, meaning 

" iiill men. " 
Kuko, a snbdivisiun of tlie Bari. 
Kukuruku. See Ikpero. 
Kula Kai Porno, on the \vestern coast 

of California, U. S. A. 
Kulan, a subdivision of the Usbegs. 
Kulanapan, on the Russian River and 

the adjacent coast, California, U. S. 

A. ; called also Poin<>, meaning "peo- 

pie. •• 
Kulbainbura, on the 3Iary River, 

southeastern Queensland. 
Kulfan, in the central part (?) of 

Kordt)fan, Africa. 
Kuliahi, a subdivision of the Kurds. 
Ku-iin Miao, in snithwestern Kui- 

chaii, Ciiina. 
Kulkalaig, on Mount EruLst, "Warrior 

Island, York Islands, and the 

neighbouring islets in Torres Strait. 
Kulkalegas, on Mount Ernest and 

the Tiiree Sistei-s, islands in Torres 

Kulmeh, on the left bank of the 

Sacramento River, Calif irnia, U. S. 

Kulomum, on the left bank of the 

Sacramento River, Calif)rnia, U. S. 

Kulu-Lahuli, in western Nepal. 
Kumandes, on the head-waters of the 

Obi River (about lat. 52° N.). 
Kumbukabura, in the country 

westward of the lielyando River, 

tastern Queensland; derived from 

^^o Jlt'-tRllil^lt^. '•• 'V. 
i'oAa '] fHf- >■ ,u ^ ^ :-- -y ;• 

^Ic^Aj ^^.-©:^ 'Jo 

B.ri ^~i%o 

Ikpere ^^Lso 

'M ^ mm-o 

Usbegs ^ — j^o 

-VT(j I i \ 1- Tim-k V .'.',^ 
<v^^-f c.^tv ijiiT^gKt -. i^ 

ij 1 Mate 
^t|iSK (?)o 

Kurds /> —Mo 

h h 1 iit t- -3 i-^J j> 1 a 
i 1 (6fiB.ftf3tFiJ^^?i9'J 

l-ri: I -T/;ifi£i-llf^'^^ 
nil- 1 X/'EMSKo 

(1: 7. ,1. =C />^ ilt«>- hunl>nh'. 



humhuhi, " ilie bioad-leaved iron- 
bark," and huva, " belonging." 
Kumi, on the Koladyne Kivcr, 
northern Arakan, Burma. 

Kumn!. See Kurmi. 

Kumuks, soutli of tlie lower Terek 

llivcr, northeastern Caucasus. 
Kunama. See Base. 
Kunbi. See Kurmi. 
Kungrad, a subdivision of the 

Kuni. See Koiari. 
Kunjara, in Darfur and Kordofan, 

Kun-Kaak. See Seri. 
Kun-Loi, ill the Shan States, Burma; 

called also Tai-Loi. 
Kupa, west of the lower Niger, 

Kupele, near the Owen Stanley 

Ranges in the southeastern part of 

British Xew Guinea. 
Kur. See Kurku. 
Kuranko, in Sierra Leune, "West 

Kurds, in Kurdistan, a region of 

vague boundaries in eastern Asiatic 

Turkey and western Persia. 
Kuri, on islands in Lake Chad, 

Kurinis, a subdivision of the 

Klirku, soutli of the middle Xerbudda 

Kiver, western India ; called also 

Kur or Muasis. 

^ t- hum ^]^7. iv^ / J 3 ij 

Kurmi ^^Sq 

Base ^^Ho 
Kurmi =^ %^ o 
Usbegs / — i^o 

Koiari =^ Mj^ o 

Seri ^^3„ 

;x iv =0 y o Tai-Loi > =e||-fe 

Kurku ^ JL 3 o 

< 1 ^hZ 1 ESfci^^J i' 

< 1 ^r i^^h i .?. : ^ 

Lesghians /> — J^o 

< 1 5< 1 l-^i:VffigG:^ 



Kurmi, chietly in the Cenlnil I'ro- 
vinces, Gujarat, Nortli-AVest Provin- 
ce?, and Bengal of India ; in 
southern India they are commonly 
called Kumni or Kunbi. 

Kurm-me-lak. ^ee Kromelak. 
Kurnai, in Gippsland, Victoria. 
Kurnandaburi, east of the Barcoo 

Kiv«.r, soutlnvestern Queensland; 

now extinct. 
Kurorofa. See Juku. 
Kuruba, in Mysore, India. See also 


Kurumba, on the lower slopes of the 
Nilgiri Hills, southern India; said 
to have been originally identical 
with the Kuruba, the Kurumba 
living in the mountains, and the 
Kuruba in the plains ; but on the 
other hand, some assert that there 
is no connection between them. 0--) 

Kurung-jang-baluk, on the Werribee 
Eiver, southern Victoria; derived 
from kurung-jang, "red ground," 
and hahik, " people." 

Kurup Nayar, a subdivision of tbe 

Kuskokwamut, on the Kuskokwim 
Kiver, southwestern Alaska. 

Kussas, in Sierra Leone, West Af- 

Kustenaus, on the upper Xingu, 

Kusunda, in nortiiern Nepal. 

Kutani. See Kootenai. 

Kutcha Kutchin, on ilie middle 
Yukon River, Alaska. 

Kutchin, between the Yukon (Alaska) 

< 1 /S^ i^^V^c /ifgr. 

'••'=&/' '^W^ \ I f i: ^ --- 

Kromelak ^^Sq 

o < 1 i^W ^i'Jj- It -fe -y ^ 

Juku ^^Jq 

< 1 S 1 t^ii' ^V^tVi^Si::^- 
'I'li s -?' 1 'J I C/^ii" >'iU 

ij u'^'MB^ - U: ^' -'^ =t y o jH;« 
'^^^ Ltintiig-javg C^^lfiMj) 
.}i.\,'baluk['\Sij) 3 ^)S') -V 

Nayar / — j^o 

Lilt) 'J I if I i: I o 
-j; t) C 3 ^ L I />^ <• I }«J ^ ± 

Kootenai ^jIsq 



and the Mackenzie (Can;ida) ; means 
" iieoi)le " ; culled also Degathee 
Dinee; according to some authors, 
said to be called also Loucheux, 
"quarrelers" or "squinters." 

Kutenay. See Kootenai. 

Ku-tse, in western Sze-chuan, China. 

K'u-ts'ong, in southern Yun-nan, 

Ku-tsong-tsi, i i northwestern Yun- 
nan, China. 

Kutubura, • in the peninsula lying 
between Broad Sound and Shoal- 
water Bay, and north of the 
Kuinmurbura tribe, eastern Queens- 
land ; means " belonging to the 
end," referring to their country 
being at the end of the peninsula. (40) 

Kuurn-koppan-noot, in southwestern 

Kuy. See Kluner-dom. 

Kuyani, south of Lake Eyre, South 

Kvanes. See Kvenes. 

Kvenes, a subdivision of the Finns 

in northern Sweden; also Kvanes. 

Kwa. See Qua. 

Kwafl, east of the Victoria jS'yanzi. 

Kwahari, a subdivision of the 

Comanche ; means " antelopes." 
Kwains. See Quains. 
Kwakiootl. Same as Kwakiutl. 
KwakiutI, on Kivers Inlet, British 


Kwakwa. See Jacks. 
Kwalhioqua, a subdivision of the 

h I Lii) 1 >»f ^<'^ > £7^ 

Kootenai '-)-%'^ o 

V ^^' :^ y o 
Khmer- dom ^ M^ a o 

Kvenes ^ ^ a ^ 

T 5 L^ I X'^ ^ * % - it ^- '^ 
Finns ? —1^^ Kvanes > =E 

Qua =i-%^o 

Camanche ? — J^o ""^^J > ^ 

Quains ^^So 
Kwakiutl — [^ v-q 

Jacks =}-%'^ o 
Athapascan / — J^o 



subdivision v( the S;ili>ii;in ^ — J^, 


Kwao, on the Gold C'oa^t, West 

Kwapa. See Quapaw. 
Kwashilla, a subdivision of the 

Kwati, :i subdivision of the Shillook. 
Kwatoa, on the left bank of the 

Sacramento Kiver, California, U. S. 

Kworatem. Same as Qiioratem. 
Kymry. See Cymry. 
Kyoquaht, a subdivision cf the Aht. 
Kyptshak. See Kipchak. 
Kyryk, a subdivision of the Goklen. 
Kytch, on the upper Nile. 

Quapaw ^£ao 
Ilaeltzuk /» —J^^ 

Shillook y> -:^^^ 

Quoratem - [^ v>o 
Cymry ^ JL ^ o 
Aht ^-5^0 
Kipchak ^^Hq 
Goklen J — j^o 

Lahore, on the upper Bahr-el-Jebel, 

the upper part of the Xile. 
Lacandones, in northern Guatemala. 
Lactan, a subdivision of the Mangui- 
Ladakhi, in Ladak, a province of 

Kashmir, India. 
Lahu. See Musur. 
Lai. See Chin. 

Lail-buil, in northwe^^tern Victoria. 
Lak. See K:izi-kumyksh. 
Lakemba, a subdivision of the 

Fij ians. 

Manguianes ^ —j^o 

Musur ^jL3r. 
Chin ^JL3o 

Kazi-kuniyksh ^jL^o 
Fijians ^ — ^o 



Lakmiut, in northwestern Oregon, U. 

S. A. 
Lakota. See Dakota. 
Lakrar, a subdivision of the Oraon. 
Laks, in Farsistan, Irak-Ajemi and 

Mazanderan, provinces of Persia ; 

most of them known by the names 

of Ali-Ilahi or Nasari; also Leks. 
Lal-Ial, in central Victoria. 
La-Iu, in western Yun-nan, China. 
Lama, on the Russian River, western 

California, U. S. A. 
Lamanos, about Tmxillo, the capital 

of the department of Libertad, 

northwestern Peru ; also Ijamistas. 
La-mao, in northwestern Yun-nan, 

Lamas. See Lamistas. 
Lambadis, in Mysore, India. 
Lamistas, on the Huallaga River 

(an upper branch of the Amazon), 

Peru ; also Lamas. 
Lamistas. See Lamanos. 
Lampong, in the southern part of 

Lamur. See Galgai. 
Lamuts, in the country along the 

coast of the Sea of Okhotsk, Siberia. 
Lanan, on the Rejang River, 

Sarawak, Borneo. 
Land Dyak, in the southwestern 

corner of Sarawak, Borneo. 
Landoro, south of Freetown, the 

capital of Sierra Leone, West Africa. 
Landuman, on tlie Rio Nunez, 

French Guinea, West Africa 

Dakota ^ ^ a o 
Oraon / — :^o 

ij sa 1 Pit i£ - tt ;'. '^ * ^o 

Lamistas > * s 7 o 
Lamistas =f%'^o 

±f5^)^ffi ^, -^^^o f) it 
Lamanos ^ ^ a o 

Galgai ^^.a^ , 



Lango, noitli of Lake C'liogi, c;i>t of 
tlie Albeit Ny;\nz:i, central Africa; 
c.iUed Bakfdi by tlie Bagamla and 
Banyoro tribe-, meaning " the 
naked " ; also Longo, Wakedi. 

Lang-ts'i Miao, in sonthwestern Kui- 
chaii, China. 

Langu, ea*t of the npper 2sile (about 
lat. 4" ^'.). 

Languassi, between the Ubangi and 
tlie Grinbingi (one of the principal 
branches of the Shari), Central 

Lanten, in the Shan Stats, Burma. 

Lanun, in British North Borneo. 

Laos, in tlie Laos States, northern 
Siam. According to some authors, 
they are said to differ only in 
name from the Shans in the Shan 
States of Burma and northern 
Siam. Also Laotians. 

Laotians. See Laos. 

Lapps, in Lapland, Northern Europe ; 
said to be derived probably from 
the Eussian name Jjtpar; they 
call themselves Sabmi or Same 
(Sabme or Sami). The Lapps and 
Finns are said to have been of one 
origin, their proper names being 
the same. See also Finns. 

Lara, a subdivision of the Land 

Larica, in Chota Nagpur, Bengal, 

India; called also IIo, Ilore, Horo 

(by tliemselves ?), meaning " man " in 

their uwa language; also Larka-Kol. 
Larka-Kol. See Larka. 

i: 1 /v- 1 il'Si;i;.i-'J ij-y 

'>=&/'„ 11' x)-/^ /: }x M It 

V =t .IJ y. o 

^M^ - -K V ,f jits^ - o" o J; 

1- -^Pti3t«mi^-''^^ = -Tirij 

—l^-y ') VxiV Laotians b 
Laos ^£3o 

iltig ^- h Li^U\ ^-aF"' 3 '' 
^ i; -y ^ /> :^- 7 > > :c 7 o tl 

[^l-j^:>- ') -^^'^n-V V -.c7o 
Land I)yak >> — j^o 

li 1 h \'.i\W'}\ ^»yvjii^ 

Larka ^jlJo 



Larrakia, near Port Darwin, Northern 

Territory of South Austi'alia. 
Lassies, in the northern part of 

California, U. S. A. 
Lassis, in Baluchistan. 
La-su, in the central part of Yun- 
nan, China. 
Latan, a subdivision of the Mangui- 

anes (Mindoro). 
Lataung, on the upper Irawadi 

River, Burma. 
Late, a subdivision of the Moi. 
Latooka. See Latuka. 
Latuka, east of the upper Bahr-el- 

Jebel (about lat. 5° N.), the upper 

part of the Nile; also Latooka. 
Lau, a subdivision of the Fijians. 
Laube, a subdivision of the Fulali. 
Lau Maloh, a subdivision of the 

Maloh Dyak. 
Lau-pang-dun, a subdivision of the 

Laos ; means " black-paunch-Laos." 
Lau-pang-kah, a subdivision of the 

Laos ; means " white-paunch-Laos." 
Lawa, in southwestern Yun-nan, 

China; called also Does. 
Laymon, in the central part of Lower 

California, Mexico- 
Lazis, in Lazistan, a northern district 

of Turkey in Asia. 
Lechgum, in the western Caucasus. 
Lecos, on the Beni, a tributary of 

the Madeira, Bolivia; called also 

Leehurah, in western Victoria. 
Lee-saw. See Li-so. 
Lega. See Balega. 

^flPSmt tt'SB ^ its ^v9^ 

^Nlanguianei (Mindoro — (t^. 'V 
=t 7 ) /» -JMo 

;^. 'V =£ /» o 
Moi ?-%^ 
Latuka ^%^ o 

ii^ =t /> o Latooka > "^^7.^ 
Fijians y —"^o 
Fulah ?-%o 
Maloh Dyak y -j^^ 

Laos ^-j^o^'^ig^ bi3--tj> 
Laos ^-;^o'"60^ bfc-f j> 

^o Does \ =£M-fe 7 ^l^o 

Moseteues >=tp-b7/i^o 

Li-so =}-%'^o 
Balega ^^^o 


Lehsi, west of tlie middle I!;ilir-el- il^^ ZM -^ JLT^i^ '^It \ h i^ 

Jebel, tlie upper part of tlie Nile, h M-x,'<h ^V^^^^'^i-^y 

and east of the Bo:igo and Mittu rt&=c|iXl' I Atr rj-'j^ I 

tribes. ^ ff ^ ^ j|i :^ - (t ^. '^ =t /> o 

Lei-su. See Li-so. Li-so ^jL'^^o 

Leitchi-leitchi, on the left bank of ^ i- < t U fc / t^l I joj t{ifJi£/> 

the middle Murray (about long. ;fe^ (>li^5*^B'23i-Hffi) - (t^ 

143° E.), Victoria. 7. tV^ J ^ 

Leks. See Laks. Laks ^ M^ a „ 

Lemanak, a ^uldivisinu of tl.e Sea Sea Dyak / —^o 


Lemet, in the Lios States, northern L-hX: ^ ^%-^ '^ ?> ij' -f T 

Slam. 'C 1 Oo 

Lenape. Same as Lenui-Lenapc. Lenni-Lenape - [n] i;!'^ Delawa- 

See Delaware. re =f %^ o 

Lencas, in central Honduras and on ii/^ b'i> b''" ^ 'I' Ht»2i f i- i' ?> 

the eastern coast of Nicaragua. C^-^>liT§^o 

Lendu, on the Ituri, a tributary of XxK^ I \ /^~ > ^ ^ %^. 

the Congo. ^ iH,^0 I -J jdJ^q 

Leng-ky Miao, in northern Yun-nan, ^jSPglf^S" ^ ^bnli-tS.S. ^- '" =e 

China. ^^ 

Lenguas. See Juiadge. Juiadge ^^3o 

Lenni-Lenape. See Delaware. Delaware =f ^'^ o 

Lepan, iu 'IVxas. U.S.A.; also fc>^ ij i'-g-^l^ ^ "C < § 1" ;HI - 

wliiteii Lipan. {£ ^7. '^ =t y o Dip^n > =t: gj .^.q 

Lepcha, in Sikkim, nortiicru India; il^s-^j, ^.'^ tV ;}bali:'' '^ 

called also Kong. r ;!,^ C h =t fg -b 7 't^o 

Lepei, on tlu> upper Irawadi, Burma. l}^ h ^ ^ ^^ f) O VfBT^ -tnSp 

Leppu Abong, a subdivision of the Kenniah / — 55lo 


Leppu Aga, a sulidivision of the Madang •* — ^o 


Leppu Anan, a subdivision of the Kenniah ^ — S^o 


Leppu Laang, a subdivision of the Kenniali y — S^o 


Leppu Lcnau, a subdivision of the Kenni ih y --J^^o 



Leppu Lutong, a sul)ilivision of the Kenniah ? — Bco 


Leppu Maut, a subdivision of the Ma<iang ? — j^o 


Leppu Payah, a suldivision of the Madung ^ ^J^o 


Leppu Pohun, a subdivision of the Kenniali / —J-Ho 


Leppu Potong, a subdivision of the Kalahit y ^^^o 

Kal:d)it. . 

Leppu Tau, a subdivision of tlie Keuniali ? — ;Sl^o 


Leppu Teppu, a subdivision of tlie Kenniali /> — J^o 


Leppu Yengan, a subdivision of tlie Kenniali ^ — ;^o 


Leria, a subdivision of the Bari. Bari ? — S^o 

Lesqhians, in Daghestan, eastern XvtX^hK - ' i'e"tll&:^ 

1, , 1 TT> < 1 ^m^K:^-'^ /:' I M^-tVM^ 

Caucasus; called also Hhannoatshe (^ t; ;i/ :t /* - -y r | 1 ii* L^ 

bv the Circassians, and Sueli by A a ^ >^ '^^,'^J ^}^X^'t 

the Chechens. 1 "'J V^-t 7 i^o 

Letts, in the governments of Livonia il^z .S Lfe^ ^J vfc ' l-^:» 

and Conrland, Russia; they call fXil^^^^^^f^Vf 

themselves Latvis. ^Vi" V ^ri 7 o 

Lhopa, in Bhutan. i^ ] {i» ^^ I llA^n 

Lhota, a subdivision of the Naga. Naga ^ —Mo , 

Li, in the island of Hainan, southern 1 ^flP^UnK"^ '^UMI^ 

=-\]^7, tv^ ^ r. -y 7=- ^ -j- iV =e 

China, called also Li-mu, Wn. ^^\^i") n ^W- ^^X^^ 

Liao, in the southeastern part of l0j,is %^M^tM\^^^ 

Yun-nan, China. ,, 

Liapides, a subdivision of the Albanians ? —^o 

A! banians. 

Liar, in the Malay Peninsula. J; f L I 4^ .60 

Libbun Kalabit, a subdivision of tlie Kalabit ^ — ]^o 




Libollo, south of the Kiianzu Ifiver, 

Portuguese "West Africa. 
Liboyan, a subdivision of the Maloli 

Libyans, an ancient tribe that lived 

in Liliya (norlliern Africa). 
Lican-Antais. See Atacanienos. 
Lief, a subdivision of tlie Finns; 

aisj written Li v. 
Lien Miao, in n.irilnveslern Kwang- 

lung, Cliina. 
Li-fan, in norlliwestern Sze-chuan, 

Lighi, a subdivision of tlie Bari. 
Ligurians, an ancient people who 

lived oa the coast of northwestern 

Italy and in southeastern France. 
Lih-so. See la-so. 
Likatuit, north of San Francisco 

Bay, California, U. S. A. 

Likwiltoh, a subdivision of the 

Lillihudi, on Milne Biy, British New 

Limba, near Freetown, the capital of 

Sierra Leone, "West Africa. 

Limbakaraja, near Port Essingtou, 
Northern Territory of South Aust- 
ralia; called also Yarlo. 

Limbu, in Sikkim, northern India; 

called also Cluing by the Lepchas. 

Li-mi, in iiorthwcr^tcrn Yun-nan, 

Li-ming-tsi, in central Kui-cliau, 

Ling-jen. See Ling-kia Miao. 

Maloh Dyak /'-J^- 

Alacamenos ^ |L => o 

Finns /» -^^ Liv h^.lj^'.o 

Jin t ''^ =t y ;!; 1/ :»- 1) O 

Bari / -J^^ 
Li-so ^ 

•My s^ i^?)^LT :j^/^t 

Haeltzuk y — ,^^o 
±1 I i: I ^t/ff-S-'J 1 f:•3^ 

Yarlo ]• ^BJ-t 7 'I'o 
-iJf.7. ,i/=e y --y-? nxSj, 

Ling-kia Miao ^^^^r 


Ling-kia Miao, in southern Kui- iflPm!)'!"!^**!^^ ttK- -Vr !^ 

cliiui, ( liin;i ; called also Ling-jen. =e5 7 

Lingotes. See llongotes. Ilongotes ^^Sq 

Lipan. See Lepan. Lepan ^jLa^, 

Lipes. See Atacamenos. Atacamenos ^^Sq 

Lirong, a subdivision of tlie Sibop. Sibop ^ — ;^o 

Li-shaw. Same as Li-so. Li-so — Jp] vVq 

Li-so. in western Yun-nan, China; t) 1 T^' ^^PSlit"^ ®nl> 

also written Lee-saw, Lei-su, Lili- =e y ;^ v V „ ^M- mt- i^igt 

so, Li-su, Li-tcheh, Ly-ssu. > =t^;^o 

Li-SU. See Li-so. Li-so ^^.^o 

Li-tcheh. See Li-so. Li-so ^^Sq 

Litchy-Iitchy, on the middle Murray SV^ i 'J ^3 /> V ix ^ M ^ ^V 

River, Victoria. ^o 

Lithuanians, in the governments of Lii) 1 A. 1 i-ivx -^^ L 

Kovno, Yilna, and Grodno, Russia, C^ H"^ > ■^ Ifi'J'H 3& - E ^S 

and a part of Russian 1 oland. y ^ 

Little Horde, a subdivision of the 0-pli S II \ t llpl*nl>fc 

Kirghiz-Kazaks living northeast of i:fe/>^?)^riW^ MAh^=-f§ 

Lake Aral, Russian Central Asia ; it^ )^ ^ Z ^' \ T ;2J'§'-9 <]^ 

called also Kechi-Yuz. ^ "SMol? ^ ^Sl» 1 "T' > =c ^^^o 

Little Russians, in southwestern •fe'>5L^>'> /:> L^/' 

Russia; those in northeastern Aust- T i *J fe /* j}''4h hK - It ^< '^"^ 

ria are known as Rusniak or y ^> 2) -fll fe < fiS^^ ^5 t£'|l ^ 

Ruthenians; also Malorousses (their tn-T^^^I;^! ;5-f>^7o 

Muscovite name), Ukrainians. X 9<?)VM-^3^>'^7lJo 

Liv. See Lief. Lief i- ^^ o 

Livonlans, a subdivision of the Finns / %%o 


Liwaito, in northern California, U. ^jk^ 'J i"&-^lil i'l'J ^^fe ^ I- ^3 

S. A. Dtl / 4b«Ko^ 

Liyang, a subdivision of the Xaga. Naga 7 — B^o 

Liyue, in Lower California, Mexico. i6 ^ L 1 /* Ti"') -^^^^ I- ^^'I'lo 

Llaguas, near the mouth of the ?) i ^XM^ ±r5ii^ '^ ^^ I? ' M 

Napo, an upper branch of the P p|^ i£ - fJ: ^- 'i^ ^ /^ o 



Llameo«, on the ^farafion, the upper 
part of the Aiuazm. 

Llanero, formerly in western Texas, 
U. S. A. ; means " people uf the 

LI i pes. See Atacamenos. 

Llipis. See Atacamenos. 

Lliquinos, on the head-waters of the 
Ouraray, a tributary of the Xapo, 

Loango, on the lower Kuilu River, 
French Congo. 

Loano, west of Lake Bangweolo, 

Lobemba, near Luke Moero, Africa. 

Loena. See Ganguella. 

Loggo, on tiie liead-walers of the 
Kibali, an upper brancli of the 
"Welle River (a tributary of tlie 
Ubangi), Central Africa. 

Logone, southeast of Lake Chad, 

Lo-han Miao, in sontlieastem Kui- 
chau, China. 

Lohavohitra, in southeastern Mada- 

Lohei. Same as Lahn. See Musur. 

Loikob. See Ma<ai. 

Lokko, in Sierra Leone, "West 

Lokono. See Arawaks. 

Lo-lo, in eastern Yun-nan, s( ulhern 
Sze-chuan (north of tlie Kin-slia, 
an upper brancli of the Yang-tze- 
kiang), and western Kui-chau, 
China ; those in Sze-chuan are 
known as Man-tze ; tliey call them- 
selves 2su (or Nesu). Also K'o-lo. 

Atacamenos ^ ^ a o 
Atacamenos ^ H> =* o 
i^ ^ h K ^ ^ Ui'i \ M ^ irt 

(E ;'. ,1^ =e y o 
^Sfl:^:' I ^ < 1 i^i I M/ 

Ganguella ^^Sq 

1 ;tnrBr {i\XAjb-\n ^% 

Lahu -[^v-o Musur ^^Sq 
Masai ^£3o 

L\ Lh 'J I if I I- I o 
Arawaks ^^^o 

5 15 1 %WTM'-fi ^ ^'.% 
n\ (X-il-r 1 ) >W^-o 

; I ;^ 1 (i*iau=t|t^-;'.o 



Lolsel, in northern California, U. S. 

Lo-mien, in northern Yun-nan, 

Long Akah, on the Baram Elver, 

northern Sarawak, Borneo. 
Long Kiput, on the Barara Kiver, 

nortliern Sarawak, Borneo. 
Long Miao, originally in Kwang-si, 

China ; in A. D. 1726, migrated to 

Longo. See Lango. 
Long Pata, on the Baram River, 

northern Sarawak, Borneo. 
Long Pokun, a subdivision of the 

Long Wai, a subdivision of the 

Kay an. 
Long Wat, a subdivision of the 

Loobah, on the upper iS'ile (lat. 5^ 

N.), south of the Mittu tribe. 
Lopolatimne, in central California, 

U. S. A. 
Lototen, in northern California, U. 

S. A.; called also Tototin. 

Loucheux, west of tlie Mackenzie, 
Canada ; means " quarrelers " or 
" squinters." See also Kutchin. 

Lovale, about Lake Dilolo, and on 
the head-waters of the Zambesi, 

Love, a subdivision of the Moi. 

Lo-WU, in the northern part of Yun- 
nan, China. 

Loyalupu, in the souiheastern part 
of British New Guinea. 

Lango ^^3o 

Sibop /> —Ma 
Kayan ^ —Mo 
Sibop / —Mo 


!)'l"UttigB-tt^^'^=e/o To- 
totin > =t||-fe 9 /l^o 

Moi ^-Mo 
;^ ;V * z' o 



Lu, in the southeastern part of Upper 

Luba, :i subdivision of the Mittu. 
Lubbay, on the southeastern coast of 

Lubu, in central Sumatra; about lat. 
1° N., long. 101° E ; also Orang 

Lucayans, in the Bahama Islands in 
the "West Indies; now exlinit. 

Luchazes, on the head-waters of the 
Kwaiulo (a trlliutary of the Zam- 
besi), Portuguese West Africa. 

Lu-chi, in southeastern Yuu-nan, 

Lugat, a subdivision of tiie Tanjong. 

Luh-ngerh-tsi, in western Kui-chau, 

Luh-tong-ih-jen, in southeaslern 
Kui-c!)au, Cliina. 

Luhupa, a subdivision of the Naga. 

Luimba. See Ganguella. 

Luina, on the upper Zambesi, Africa. 

Lu-jen, in the western part of Yun- 
nan, China. 

Lujichanes. See Wends. 

Lules, formerly in the Gran Chaco, 

South America; now extinct? 
Lumbwa, soutii of Kavirondo Bay of 

the Victoria Xyanza ; call them- 
selves Siki.-i. 
Lummi, in the southwestern part of 

Britisli Columbia. 
Lunda, northeast of Lake Bangwcolo, 

Luni, west of Dera Ghazi Klian, a 

town on tlie middle Indus (lat. 30° 

N.), India. 

Miiiu /> -JHo 

s 1 ^' 1 -r i i ^ ^ tf si; 

( If 7. -I- =e y o 

Tanjong ^ -,^o 

?5 T- 1 'i- =t ^ ^ ^ t V o 

Nagti ^-Mo 
Ganguella ^ ^ a o 

Wends ^^3o 



Luoh. See Dyur and Shillook. 

Lupakas, west of Lake Titicaca, 
southern Peru. 

Lur. See Luri. 

Lurem, between tlie upper Eahr-el- 
Jebel and Luke Eudolf, East 

Luri, on the left bank of the upper 
Bahr-el-Jebel, and on the north- 
western sliore of the Albert 
Nyanza, Africa ; also Lur. 

Lur is, in Luristan and Khuzistan, 

western Persia. 
Luritcha, in the neiglibourhood of 

Lake Amadeus, Northern Territory 

of South Australia ; also Luritja. 
Luritja. See Luritcha. 
Lushai, in western Upper Burma; 

means " liead-cutters " from lu, 

"head," sha, "cut"; called also 

Dzo (Zao). 
Lutangas, in the island of Olutanga 

and on the adjacent coast of 

Mindanao, Philippine Islands. 
Lutaos, a subdivision of the Moros; 

also written Lutayos. 
Lutayos. See Lutaos. 
Lutuami, in the neighbourhood of 

Klamath Lakes, Oregon, U. S. A. 
Lutukotia, in northern Assam, India. 
Lu-tze, in southeastern Tibet ; they 

call themselves Anung or Kanung; 

called also Gnia by their Tibetan 

Ly-ssu. See Li-so. 

Dyur ^ tf Shillook i- ^a o 

Luri ^ JL 3 „ 

Ct-^S ^-U^ > ^ 1 t'^-5> 
5 1 ^J.^^)^'^\t 1 ^ t 

-ii^ ;i/=B/>o Lur> ^*;^o 

h 1 lJtr:^iitf< 1 ctr: 

iifc" 1 1 i ?. ij fe^o I 5' 1 ^ 

Luritcha ^ ^ a o 

(B|>Ao, (ff'i')3 V^V •> =e^ 

Moros ^ —Mo Lutayos h=e# 
Lutaos Tf-^So * 

7. ;v =e /> - -y r il^S -f t /I' =e /> 

« I ^<'^'^*'« I ^c v^ 

Li-so ^Mi3o 

M4AL-MACH 213 


Maali, a subdivision of the Baggara. B;i:rgar;i J — ^o 

Maba, in Wadai, Africa; also ^ I (i I ^-5> ij i'/* |o /.'(.» 

written Mobba. ftfe^ - It ^ -i- =£ -/ o M'-l^l-a > 

Mabe. See Mabube. Mabube ^jLao 

Mabeha. Same as Mabilia. See Mabiha - fS) i?o Mavilia ^ j{^ 

Mavilia. Ho 

Mabenge, on tlie upper WMle, an ^^>BPJ-5^lJ iV -J |t^-y • j'l/' 

upper tributary of the Ubangi, ±Wit^ 'V 9 ;cllM^ ±?)!S - tt 

Central AtVica. :7. iv ^ y o 

Mabica, a subdivision of the Mege. ^lege ^ — j^o 

iVIabiha. See Mavilui. Maviha ^ %^ ^ 

Mabiti. See Maviti. Maviti ^^.^o 

Mabius, on liie Japura, a tributary ^J i xA/M -^ ^ ^ ^ '^ Cj^-J^ I 

of the AniMZ .n. t>M/^o 

Mabode, s^outh of the Bomoiiandi, an ^jj | -(;• ^V%h^- 'J iv i^ 

upper branch of the "NVelle liiver 5 11' I i I- fe/CeV p^';jy - 

(a tributary of the Ubangi), west -V r -3 x.UfnI( v (iX-y I fnj/' 

of the Albert Nyanza, Central ^fliS' >' ±JiK if »v|t t i'^ V 

A frica. juj ^ ^')i-'^7. <\, ^ ? ^ 

Maboli, a subdivision of tiie Mege. Mege ? —^^ 

Mabongo. See Akka. Akka ^ILao 

Mabube, a subdivision of the Fulah ; Fulali ? —^o ^labe I- =c k 

called also Mabe. 7 o 

Mabum, ou tlie Mongo River, a'gBfc-^ 'J iV i"*6 5 I ^t*j^| 

Kaintrun, West Africa. itfey i, I ^ I' I jnjB^o 

Mabunda. S.inie as Mambunda. Mambunda — ImJjPo 

Macaguajes, on the Putnmayo, an fe J; x /./jsj /> Jijjjg ii ii ,j; I O I 

ujiper brancii of the Amazon, J; i > i I jBj^o 

Macalaca. See Makalaka. Makalaka -/ )L =J o 

Macassar, in ilie southern extremity ;|;;b'->"$ I -c£< I' -'t" fi) -^ I'U 

of the southwestern peninsula of j{^ uC 1^ .C» '' ^ i"^ iHl - Ui ^- ■'- ^ 

Celebes; also Mangkassar. / o Mangka.ssar b =t,lj7i„ 

Macaw. See Classet. Cln^et ^^ jl a o 

Macha, in tlie eastern part of Kus- JSSfl'I^MlI^J C*J >* 3li3i» = {f • '^ 

sian Cential Asia. "^ ^ a 


Machacaris, in eastern Brazil. J^blLi z' 3?J.uKo 

Machemni, in central California, U. Sj J^ '■J ;i)'^^i3 *"'J i^s. ^ I- fe 

y. A. m^'^'^o 

Machinga, east of Lake Kyjissa, fc.5> ij iV |: ^j S j^ /» ]}• i;^- tfe 

Africa. ;^ ,1/ =E / o 

Machona, originally between the ^ i>isU it|'Jfc^^''J i'^ 'J 

Limpopo and the Zambesi, Africa. t" l| I^ l| l^M b §' V^CM Y 

They were now driven north by ^| 3 fij^/* j|^ -4::;'^ -SI 

(he Matabeles. 3^"^ ^ '^o 

Maconis, in Bahia, Brazil. jC f) C^^ ^ It^M ^j^'l'Io 

Macos, formerly in central Colombia ; ^Bj l^VO^h ^ ^"^ - tt ^ -y 

now in southwestern Venezuelaf ^t^nR-iJ:^- ? 

Macos, on the Aguarico, an upper 1 < ^3 t' ^ .^ ^X If ' M^ ±Wi£^ 

branch of the Napo River, Ecuador. Ph<^h^] ^ ' M^o 

Macu, south of the Rio Negro, J^^b \1 h ^ "•] i^ kl<:^\^'M 

Brazil. !^o 

Macuata, a svibdivision of the Fijians. Fijiaus ^ —Mo 

Macucuenas, on the Uaupes, an l^VCF^D^^}i^ H {' /o \ ^ 

upper branch of the Rio Negro, ±v5!£^'V^I "3 I -< I "f M^ 

Colombia. :^ {t ;'. )V =E /» o 

Macuenis, on the Guaima, eastern Z' ^VO^^ ^ }^i a^'^ '^ ^'h''^ ^ 

Colombia. MHfo 

Macunas, a subdivision of the Uaupes V —Mo 


Macunis, on the Rio Branco, a ^; f, C ;?, ^ 'J iJ n <'.?> I /" i?^ 

tributary of the Rio Negro, Brazil. ^ ,u^) io i; ^^ ^ I /> tS/^o 

Macusis, in the southeastern part of ;^ 1 < I L 1 i^" v't^.II^^^ I 

Venezuela. h ^ JfltinKo 

Madang, on the upper Baram, norlhern li'^jltf/' t hk:>r>^^')j •^ ^ 

Sarawak, Borneo. f R ^ 'V It* h L'M ^ Ji'^o 

Madang Usun Apo, a subdivision of Madang /• — JMo 

the Madang. 

Madavar, in the Anamali Hills, i -/v. i.V |iSK^ /V^^X i ''J V" 

southern India. i "f — {£ ^. ;^ =£ ^ o 

Madecassians. Same as IMalagasy. Malagasy - [^ v'o 

Madenassana, in the northern part ^j.5>''J 6' /'^Bi*! ^J'^X bAj}i 

of Bechuanalaud, Africa. /'^tnKo 



Madi, a subdivision of the Goml. 
Madi, ou the upper Bahr-el-Jehd, 

the upper part of the Nile, and 

north of the Shuli tribe. 
Madigo, a subdivision of tlie Mege. 
Madi-Kaya, a subdivision of tiie 

Madula, a subdivision of tlie Mege. 
Madundi, near the Albert Nyanza, 

Central Africa. 
Madurese, in the island of Madura, 

north of Java, and in the eastern 

extremity of Java. 
Madyal, a subdivision of tlie Gond. 
Mafor, in the western portion of 

Dutch New Guinea ; also Nofur. 
Magar, in central Nepal 
Magaya, near the Albert Nyanza, 

Central Africa. 
Magemut, south of the lower Yukon, 

Magh. Same as Mug. See Kakha- 

Maghians, on the Zerafshan Elver, 

Russian Central Asia. 
Magiabe, a subdivision of the Mege. 
Magigo, a subdivision of the Mege. 
Maguindanaos, in the valley of the 

Rio Palangui or Eio Grande de 

Mindanao, Philippine Islands ; call- 
ed also Miudanaos. 
Magungo, on the norlhea-stern sliore 

of tlie Albert Nyanza, Central 

Africa. Same as Bagungu ? 
Magwamba, in tlie southern part of 

I'ortuguese East Africa ; so called 

by themselves. Tliey arc called 

Knobnoses by the Boers. 

Gond y'-iiio 

Mege y-j^a 
Mittu ^-Mo 

Mfge y -%%a 

Gond / — j^o 

=t y o Nofur h ^fH-k ^ -Uo 

Mug - ^ -J-o Rakhaingtha =^ 

Mege ^ -Mo 
Mege / — ii^o 

if I a/ ijif II" ?)^ <•>.*/ 

\3i^ = tt X (1/ =c / o Mindana- 

OS h =t M -fe ^ 'I'D 

I'.aguiigu =.f(i] v? 


Magwangwara, east of Lake Nyassa, 

Magyars, in Hungary; those on the 

slopes of the Carpathian are known 

as Szekler, meaning "borderers"; 

also written Majiars. 

Maha. See Mahi. 
Ma ha. See Omaha. 
Mahafaly, in southwestern Mada- 
Mahalia, a subdivisloii of the Baggara. 
Maharajah, in Kashmir, India. 
Mahazoarivo, on the southeastern 

coast of Madagascar. 
Ma-he, in southwestern Yuu-nan, 

Mahenge, west of the Kufiji River, 

German East Africa; also Wahenge. 
Mahi, on the Slave Coast, West 

Africa ; also Maha, j\Iaki. 
Mahican, formerly on the upper 

Hudson River, New York, U. S. A. ; 

also Mohican. 
Mahrah Kara, m southern Arabia; 

about lat. 17° N., long. 53° E. 
Mahrattas, in western and central 

India ; also Marhattas. 
Mahsud, north of tlie middle Gomal, 

a tributary of the Indus, India. 
Mahungo, on the upper Kwango 

(lat. 7° S.), a tributary of the 

Kassai River, Africa. 
Mai Darat, a subdivision of the 

Sakai in Batang Padang district of 

southern Perak and on the Perak- 

7. (1/ =t /> o 

i- ij „ Majiars > =e#^,o 

fiV;'LlU:fll / 3; x. 5, (;5> a 'i 6^->TiEl4'/ 

Mahi ^^3o 
Omaha ^^Sq 

Baggara / —^o 

\Vahenge b =e * ;7. o 
;i/=e/'o Maha. Maki h =e^ 

ti'lfK-tJ:;'. ;i- =e /* oMarhattas 



Pahang border, Malay IViiinsiila ; 

so called by themselves, meaning 

" men of the country." Same as 

Orang Darat of Malays, (i) 
Maidu, on the left bank of the 

Sacramento Kiver, ("alifornia, U. S. 

A. ; also Meidoo. 
Maigo, on both banks of the 

Bomokandi, an upper branch of the 

Welle Elver (a tributary of the 

Ubangi), Central Africa. 
Mainty, in central Madagascar. 
Maipures, on tlie Orinoco and its 

tributary the Ventuari, South 

America; called also Nuaruaks. 
Malr. See Meria. 
Maisames, between the Napo and the 

Xauay, upper branches of the 

Maisina, on the northwestern of 

British New Guinea. 
Maitasiri, a subdivision of the 

Maitheriban, on tl.e middle Murray, 

New South "Wales. 
Maiwa, a subdivision of the Mbum. 
Majanin, a subdivision of the Baggara. 
Majanna, on Sliark Bay, Western 

Majiars. See Magyars. 
Majironas. Same as Mayorunas. 

According to some authors, they 

are to be distinguished from the 

Makah. See Classet. 
Makalaka, north of the middle 
Limpopo (about long. 29° E.), 

- i t ^« (I' =t /> o Meidoo h ii 

Meria y-^^o 

> •/; n I M > ^ fi5I - tfc ^< 'I' ^ 

Fijians /> ^h^o 

Mbum /> — iJ^o 
Baggara /> —^o 

Magyars ^ ^ a © 
Mayorunas :i [^ Co SS^ « - (i^ 
^•''Jlt^i^-'^ Mayorunas > ^^ 
li- v'J o 

Cla.-sct ^ it y c. 



Africa ; they call tliemselves 
Marririmo ; also wrilten Macalaca. 

Makari, southwest of Lake Chad, 

Makarka. Same as Makkarakka. 
Sec Niam-Niara. 

Makhbal, on the upper Kuratii, a 
tributary of the Indus, eastern 
Afghanistan; also Mukhbal. 

Makhelchel, in northern California, 
U. S. A. 

Maki. See M;ihi. 

Makioko. Same as Kioko. 

Makiretaris, in the southern part of 

Makkarakka. See Niara-Niam. 

Makkarika. Same as Makkarakka. 
See Niam-Niara. 

Makolokue, in the eastern part of 
Bechuanaland, Africa. 

Makololo, southwest of Lake Nyassa, 

Makonde, north of the Eovuma 
Biver in the southern part of 
German East Africa ; the word 
hmde means " banana," and so 
called from the great extent of 
their banana plantations. Also 
Wakonde, Wankonde. 

Makosa. See Makoza. 

Makoza, on the western tributaries 
of tlie upper Kassai, Portuguese 
West Africa ; also Makosa. 

Makraka. Same as Makkarakka. 
See Niam-Niam. 

Makua, in the northeastern part of 
Portuguese East Africa. 

Makuba, on the lower Kubango 

^> It 1 ij ij I I VM^o Ma- 
calaca > =e *;?■. Q 

m ^ n^:}jo 

Makkarakka — |^ Co Niam- 
Niara ?^3o 

/> ±rffi - ii ^^ ^v =e / o Mukh- 
bal > =6*^,0 

Mahi ^^3o 
Kioko ~ |gj i;>o 

Niam-Niara ? ^ a o 
Makkarakka - j^) v^j, Niara- 
Niam ^ ^ a o 

^:: 15 15 1 ^j^>ij iv 
1:^3 siiH^ Eli ;^o 

;j^ =. {i ;», ;V =c / o konde ■)• w 

Makoza ^ ^ a o 

T5a^^fjli = tt^w^^^o Ma- 
kosa > =e^;7. Q 
Makkarakka - [^ i^-Q Niam- 
Niam ^%-^o 



River in tlie southenstcrn p;ut of 
Portuguese West Africa. 

Ma-la, in the western part of Yun- 
nan, C'liina. 

Mala, north of Lake Kudolf, British 
East Africa. 

Mala ban, on tiie Kapnas River in 
tlio western part of Dutcli Borneo. 

Maiabas, in northwestern Ecuador. 

Malagasy, a collective name for tlie 
Malay tribes living in Madagascar, 
of which the principal ones are 
Betsiniisaraka, Hova, Sakalava, 
and Tanala. 

Malalall, in Selem district, southern 
India ; means " inliabitant of the 
hills," from malal, " hill " or 
" mountain." 

Mala! Araser, in Travancore, soathern 

Malair. Pee Malcr. 

Malaka, in northern California, U. S. 

Malalalis, i.ear the Rio Dcce in 
the eastern part of Minas Geraes, 
Brazil ; nearly extinct. 

Malalis, in Goyaz, Brazil. 

Malanaos, a common n;ime for the 
^[oros on the shores of Lake Mala- 
nas, Mindanao, Philippine Islands. 

Malang, on the Kapuas River in the 
western part of Dutch Borneo. 

Malayan, a collective name for tlie 
Malay tribes. 

Malays, a collective name used 
generally for the natives of the 
Malay Archipelago, Malay Penin- 
sula, Philippine Islands, Formosa, 

|SlSfiit^at.-yHpKt '^ij-J,-^ I 

i< ^3 1' 4 ^ n^%o 

^ ^-t i)'^ 'jh- 1:fl h-<h 
L^ 3 f) i'iitf it I vj,t 


Maler ^^3o 

in I ^miui ns>- ^ 



and Madagascar (excluding however, 
the Aiita of tlie Philippine Islands, 
and the Semang of the Malay 
Peninsula) ; of which the chief 
tribes are Acliinese, Battas, Bisayas, 
Bugi, Dyak, Ilova, Javanese, 
Macassar, Orang Malayu, Rejang, 
Sundanese, and Tagals, etc. fc^onie- 
times tlie Battas and Dyak etc. are 
known by the name of Indonesian, 
while the Achinese, Javanese, 
Eejang, and Sundanese are called 
the Malay proper. 

Malbalals, on tlie llio Vermejo, 
nonhcrn Argentina. 

Malegga. Same as Waregga. 

Malemut, between Kotzebae Sound 
and Norton Bay, western Alaska. 

Maler, in tlie Rajmahal Hills, north 
of C'liola Nagpur, India; called 
also Pahalia, Paharia, Puharri, 
Eajmahali ; also written Malair. 

Maliah, a subdivision of the Kandh. 

Malinke. See Mandingo. 

Maloh Dyak, on the Kapuas Pviver 
in the western part of Dutch Borneo. 

Malorousses. See Little Russians. 

Maltese, in the Maltese Islands lying 
south of Italy. 

Mam, in western Guatemala; called 

also Zakluhpakap ; also Mtime. 

Mamacicas, a subdivision of the 

Mamaleilakitish, a subdivision of 

the Haeltzuk. 
Mamanuas, a Negrito tribe inhabiting 

the interior of Surigao Peninsula, 

C in 1 '^ I ■S^•/:■|: I t-- 

^3 5 C;i^B 1 u^Al^^-'^ ') 

Waregga - Ih) i?o 

C J; II 3 D^ ;5 -f = tt ^. '1- =e 
(1 ij ^ =E |# -fe 7 ;V'o Malair 

Kandh / —Mo 
Mandingo =}■ %-^ „ 

Little Russians ^^^o 

5 I tlS^o 

Zaklohpakap h ^e^-k 7 /^o 
Mame h =e#^>o 
Chiquitos J ^JMo 

Haelizuk / -^JXo 



northeastern Mindanao, rhilip[>ine 

Mamanzai. See Muhammadzai. 
Mamasenni, in western Persia. 
Mamash, a subdivision of the Kurds. 
Mamayamazes, in the island of 

^Nlarajo between the months of the 

Amazon and the Para. 
Mambare, on the Bomokandi, an 

upper branch of the Welle River 

(a tributary of the Ubangi), 

Central Africa. 
Mambettu. See Monbuttu. 
Mambiu, a subdivision of the Mege. 
Mam bo, a subdivision of the Mege. 
Mambriaras, on the Tapajos, Brazil. 
Mambu, a subdivision of the Mege. 
Mambunda, in Xorih Zambesia, 

Mambunga, a subdivisi'ii of the 
Mambwe, south of Lake Tanganyika, 

Mame. See Mam. 
Mamengas, on the Japuia and the 

Uaupes, tributaries of tlie Amazon. 

Mampa. See Sherbro. 

Mampua. See Sherbro. 

Mampursi, on the middle Volta 

River, West Africa. 
Mamun, a subdivision of the Kurds. 
Manaches, in Washington, U. S. 

Manacicas, formerly in northeastern 

Manacurus, on tlie Rio Negro, a 

tributary of the Amazon. 

Mniiamm:\dzai "f JL ^ o 
Kurds /> — ;^o 

Monbuttu ^M.3o 
Mege ^ — S^o ^-^o 

Mege /> — :^o 

X )i/ =e /> o 
Mege 7 —^o 

Mara ^^ao 

Sherbro ^^^o 
Sherbro ^ ^ a o 

Kurds J —Mo 



Manahuas, between the Ucayali and 
the Yavari, upper branches of the 

Mananapes, in the interior of Min- 
danao, Pliilippine Islands. 

Manandriana, in central Madagascar. 

Manansa, south of the middle 
Zambezi (about long. 2G° E.), 

Manaos, on the Tefle, a small tribu- 
tary of the middle Amazon, also 
met with on the banks of the Eio 

Manatenerys, on the Purus, a tribu- 
tary of the Amazon. 

Manatizabas, a subdivision of the 

Manbettu. See Monbutlu. 

Manches, in nortliern Guatemala; 
called also Mopan. 

Manchu, in Manchuria, China; also 
written Manjour. 

Mandallam Maloh, a subdivision of 
the Maloh Dyak. 

Mandan, on the Fort Berthold re- 
servation, North Dakota, U. S. A. 

Mandanacas, a subdivision of the 

Mandar, in western Celebes. 

Mandara, south of Lake Chad, Af- 
rica; also "VVandala. 

Mandari, a subdivision of the Bari. 

Mandaucas, in Guiana, South Ame- 

Mandayas, in Bislig and Davao, 
Mindanao, Philippine Islands. 


Pirros /> — j^o 
Monbuttu ^ M, 3 o 

Mopan h =effi-fe ^ 'i^o 

Maloh Dyak / -Mo 

Barres ? —%o 

Bari ; — j^o 

if I ^ mttfe:;&o 



Mandiavato, in central M^ulMgascar. 

Mandine, a subdivision of tlie Mege. 

Mandingo, on both banks of the 
Gambia, and in French Guinea, 
West Africa ; called also Malinke. 

Mandingo, on the eastern coast of 
Costa Kica. 

Mandjack, on tlie Rio Grande, West 

Mandjo, between the Ubangi and 
the Grinbingi (one of the principal 
branches of the Shari), Central 

Mandjoor. Same as Manchu. 

Mandranozemina, in central Mada- 

Manegres. See Manyargs, 

Manendy, in central Madagascar. 

Manetenerys, on the Purus, a tribu- 
tary of the Amazon. 

Manga, near Lake Chad, Africa. 

Same as Bede ? 
Mangal, on tlie upp^-r Kuram, a 

tributary of tlie Indus, eastern 

Manganja, south of Lake Nyassa, 

Atrica; called also Wanyassa. 

Mangar, in eastern Nepal. 

Mangballe, north and south of the 
upper Welle (about long. 27° E.), 
a tributary of tlie Ubangi, Central 

Mangbattu. See Monbuttu. 

Mangeronas, on the Japura, a tribu- 
tary of the Amazon. 

Manghit, a subdivision of the 

Manchu - [^ v-q 

Manyargs fM^^o 

^^;b'^ ^3-l>M iv ^yo I'm 

Monbuttu ^JL^^o 

Usbegs /> —Mo 



Mangkassar. See Macassar. 
Mango, a suhdivlsion of the Mege. 
Manguangas, in the pruvince of 

Jiislig, Mindanao, Philippine Is- 

hmds ; also Mangulangas. 
Mangues, on Lake Managua, 

Nicaragua. Same as Chorotegans? 

Manguianes, in the interior of 
Mindoro and in the islands of 
Komblon and Tablas, Philippine 
Islands ; so called by the tribes on 
the coast, meaning " forest people." 


Mangulangas. See Manguangas. 

Mangun. See Olcha. 

Manhattan, about New York Bay, 

New Jersey, U. S. A. 

Manibas. See Manivas. 

Manika, in Mashonaland (south of 

the Zambezi River), South Africa. 

Maniolosi, in northern Bechuanaland, 

Manipos, in southwestern Colombia. 

Manipuri, in Manipur, a native state 
in India. 

Manisotra, in central Madagascar. 

Manitenerys, on the Pnrus, a tribu- 
tary of the Amazon. 

Manitivas. See Manivas. 

Manivas, on the upper Rio Negro 
(an affluent of the Amazon) and 
the Guaviare (a tributary of the 
Orinoco) and their affluents ; also 
written Banivas, Baniwas, Manibas, 
Manitiva.s, Maniwas. 

Manivis, in southwestern Ecuador. 

Maniwas. See Manivas, 

Macassar ^ ^ 3 o 
Mege ^-i^o 

<:MM=-iii ^ '^ ^ /'o i^ 

X lU « / o Ciiorotegans — li^ 

n^^^^E' I ^ I ^/[^Ji& 

Manguangas ^ ^ a o 
Olcha ^^So 

Manivas ?■ ^ a o 

^^zjn] v^^ h' ^ k i: 

Manivas ^ ^ a ^ 

^t:i 3'fcT 'Ji>" i^C-^ " 
( ^ J: xXM ^ ^v)fu) ^ -hriSS 

^^-ii^. '^=e^o It I'- I 
^Jbt >=t^ "t 7 >^o Mani- 
bas. Manitivas. Maniwas h =e 

Manivas ?■ ^ a o 



Manjour. See Manclui. 

IVIankat. See Xogai>. 

Manks. See Manx. 

Man-ne-pgha. See Sguiii. 

Mannu. See Caripuna.^. 

Manoas. See Conibo^. 

Manobos, in the valley of the middle 
Kio Agii-ian in Siirigao, as well as 
at various points in the district of 
Davao, Mindanao, Pliilippine Is- 
lands; the correct furiu of the 
name is Manuba, or better, Man- 
Suba, " river people.'' (s) 

Manosaht, a subdivision of the Aht. 

Mansos, in northern Chihuahua, 

Mexico ; derived from ruanso, a 
Spanish word meaning " tame " ; 

n«>\v in very small number. 
Mantas, on the western coast of 

Mantra. See Mentra. 
Man-tse. Same as Man-tze. See Lo-lo. 
Man-tze. See Lo-lo. 
Manukoro, southeast of Port Moresby, 

rjriu:~h New Guinea. 
Manumanu, northwest of Port 

^lor^eby, British New Guinea. 
Manx, in the Isle of Man in the 

Irish Sea, south of Scotland ; also 

Manyak, on the border of Tibet and 

Sze-chuan, China. 
Manyanya. See Niam-Niam. 
Manyargs, on the middle Amur 

(ab ut long. 12G° E.), Siberia ; also 

called Manegre^, Monegrs, Mona- 

Manyuema, northwest of Lake 

Manchn ^JLho 
Nogais ^^3o 
Manx f-^3o 
Sgans ^^Ho 
Caripunas 9- ^ a o 
Conibos ^^3o 

i^ 1 n!i:^i ^'}ij ^j <• I ? ^ 

Aht y-J^„ 

^;#^. >i/|5 man so 3 i) g 'J -y 

Mentra ^^3^ 

Man-tze - ^ v-q Lo-lo ^ ^ 3 o 

Lo-lo ^^3o 

^' 'f i /^ a = {li ;'. 'V =t y o 
Mank> h =Ei.'?^-o 

Niam-Niam ^JL^n 



T.irigmyika, Africa. 
Manz. See Voguls. 
Mao, a subdivision of the Naga. 
Maoris, in j^ew Zealand. The 

name means "natives"; according 

to some authors, said to signify 

"son of light," also an adjective 

« true." 
Mapaia, a subdivision of the Mege. 
Maparinas, on the upper Marafion, 

the upper part of the Amazon. 
Mapau, a subdivision of the Mege. 
Maqpiato. See Arapaho. 
Maqueritaris, on the Eio Branco, a 

tributary of the Eio Negro, northern 

Maquiritares, on the Ventuari, an 

upper branch of the Orinoco, 

Mara, on the southwestern coast of 

the Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia; 

so called by themselves and by 

their neighbours. 
Maraguas, on the Amazon, below the 

mouth of llie Madeira. 
Marah, on the Kapuas Eiver in the 

western part of Dutch Borneo. 
Maraha, in the Tarai, a region in 

northern India. 
Mara hu as. Same as Marauas. 
Maran, on the upper Irawadi Eiver, 

Burma. Same as Maru ? 
Maranhas. See Marianas. 
Maranshobishgo. See Dakota. 
Marapitanas, on the Eio Xegro, an 

afiluent of the Amazon. 
Marathas. Same as Mahrattas. 

Voguls ^^3o 

Naga /> -j^o 

^i5l t) i'-t%» C 1 ?)^t' 

i^nMmM'il-^ ^ '^S.>^ Te-nti +;i'J5/^ 

St^i-rf y^ttj. ■'^iSj- ''lft^5J^>' 

g+ >) Xgati-awa. Xgali-inatu. Nsiati- 
raukawal|/<ikS?;ft-t 'VK* / -M^ ') 

:SIege y ~Mo 

Mege /> — J5^o 
Arapalio ^^Sq 

^1^1 i? I -f i b -J ^3 ^ 

-y r mM'lSi^ ^\^y'~ //);jifcm 


Maranas = [^ v'o 

;7, ,v ^ / o Maru — \a\ -:/? 
Marianas ^ ^ 3 o 
Dakota ^ ^ a o 

Mahrattas - [n] vo 



Marathi. Same as Malirattas. 
Marauas, on the lower Jiiru:i, a 

tributary of the Amazon. 
Maravi, sontliwest of Lake Nya:^s:i, 

Marcanis, on the Bani, a tritnUary 

of tlie Matleira, Bolivia. 
Mardala, on tiie borders of the 

Fiintlers Range, Sonlli Australia. 
IMarea, in Eritrea, the Italian colony 

along tlie Red Sea. 
Marghi, southwest of Lake Chad, 

Marhattas. See Mahrattas. 
Mari. See Cliereraiss. 
Maria, a subdivision of the Gond. 
Marianas, on the Jutay, a tributary 

of the upper Amazon, also met 

with on the upper course of the 

Putiimayo; also Maranhas. Same 

as Miranhas ? 
Mariaranas, between the Japura and 

the Rio Negro, tributaries of the 

Mariathes, on the .Japura, a tributary 

of the Amazon. 
Maribois, lormerly in western 

Maricopas, "U the lower Gila, a 

tributary .f the Rio Cjlorado, 

Arizona, L. S. A. 
Marietes, on the upper Putumayo, 

an upjier branch of the Amazon. 
Marimba, southwest of Lake Xyassa, 

Maring, a subdivision of the Naga. 
Mariposa, on the shore of Lake 
Tulare, California, U.S.A.; means 

Mahralta-; - [jl] Co 

h.\^ '■) i' ^ r. Si z m ^ nWi - 

1 1 X </ =t /> ^ 

Mahrattas ^^^q 
C'heremiss ^Jt^o 
Gond y — ]^3 

±.^y.s^ 'vc.-si 'c I m^- ft 

;i t£ ;'. .v =£ ^ o 

^)s;xXM^.tf)fe* 'i^-r. I o I 



"butterfly" in the Spimi>li language. 
Also called Yokut. 

Mariscopas. Same as Maricopas. 

Marisi. See Saidokki. 

Mariss, on the upper Irawadi River, 

Maritimos, on the small islands oQ 
the north coast of Camarines Norte? 
Luzon, Philippine Islands. 

Marii, in Baghalpur, a division of 
Bengal, India. 

Marnuacus, on the Japura, a tribu- 
tary of the Amazon. 

Maro. See Marnwi. 

Marohala, in southeastern Mada- 

Maronites, in northwestern Syria. 

Maropas, on the Beiii, a tributary 
of the Madeira, Bolivia. 

Marovatana, in central Madagascar. 

Marquesans, in the Marquesas Islands 
in the South Pacific. 

Marririmo. See Makalaka. 

Marrucini, an ancient jieople who 
dwelt in Italy. 

Mars, in Palamau and Sirguja, 
eastern India. 

Martidanes, in Uruguay. 

Maru, on the upper Irawadi (about 
lat. 26° N.), Burma. 

Marula, in southeastern Queensland. 

Marungu, on the southwestern shore 
of Lake Tanganyika, Africa. 

Maruwi, on the northwestern coast 
(about lat. 2° N.) of Sumatra and in 
Banyak island (?) ; called also 

Maricopas —^-{^^ 
Saidokki 9 ^^ o 

Maruwi ^J?^3o 
*/;*'-f ;t>'o.^llj^SK-tt^•'^ 
Makalaka ^ ^ a o 

6^-;5^^i^?)^?.'M^±«S (4h 



Marwari, in western Kiiji>;it:uKi, 

Masaba, northeast of the Victorhi 
Xvanz:i; so called by tlie Biiganda 

Masacaras, in Go^'az, Brazil. 

Masacas, a subdivision of the Earres. 

Masai, a wandering tribe of Eastern 
Africa from tlie Victoria Xyanza 
to the Indian Ocean ; the agricul- 
tural people of the tribe are called 
by tlie .Suahili traders, Wakwavi ; 
call iliemselves Loikob or Oigob. 

Masaka. S.>e AVandorobbo. 

Masalit. See Massalit. 

Masamaes, a subdivision of the 

Masarwa. Same as Massarua. 
Mascogee. See Muskoki. 
Masenga. Same as Basenga. 
Masep. See Caddo. 
Mashinge. See Bashinge. 
Mashona, in Mashonaland (south of 

the Zambesi River;, South Africa. 
Mashukulumbwe. Same a Bashuku- 

Masianaka, on the soniheaslcrn coast 

of Madagascar. 
Masikora. See Vezo. 
Maskegon, on the sontlicrn shore of 

Lake Winnipeg, Canada ; also 

Maskigo. Same as Maskegon. 
Maskoki. See Muskoki. 
Masongo. See Basongo. 
Masosso, west of the upper Kwango 

(lat. 7° S.), a tributary of the 

Kassai Kiver, Africa. 

=e y' :^ y o 

i^f) Coy' : I -vTWo 

Barres /> — JJCo 

AVandorobbo ^^3o 
Massalit 5^1.^o 
Llameos ^ — J^o 

Miss:»rua - 1^ Co 
Muskoki f-^3o 
Basenga - [^ i? 
Caddo ^ H a o 
B:i-liinge ^^^0 

Baslnikulumbwe = (u) i?o 

Vczo 9^-=3o 

n (If ;^ ii/ -e /> o Nopeming ^ 

Maskegon ^fol i^-o 
Mu-koki ^Jl3o 
I'asongo ^ll«o 



Massalit, in W;id:ii, Africa; also 

Massarua, in the Kalahari Desert, 

S.Mitli Africa. 
Masset, a subdivision of the Ilaida. 
Massilegas, in the York Isles in 

Torres Strait. 
Massim, in the southeastern extremity 

of New Guinea. 
Massowan, in Abyssinia. 
Massuai. Same as Massowan. 
Matabele, in Matabeleland, a region 

in South Africa. 
Matabili. Same as Matabele. 
Matagenes, a subdivision of the 

Mataguayos, on the riglit bank of 

the Rio Vermejo, Argentina. 

Matakos, in the Gran Chaco, South 

Matamba, on the head-waters of the 

Kuanza River, Portuguese West 

Matambuka, on the western shore of 

Lake Xyassa, Africa. 
Matambwe, on the right bank of the 

Rovuma River, Portuguese East 

Matanos, on the Cauca River, western 

Mataras. See Tonocote>. 
Mateipa, a subdivision cf the 

Ma-ten-kia, in southwestern Kui- 

chau, China. 
Matlaltzincas, in the centr:;! part of 


^ /> o Masalit V ^ -*;='. o 
Ilaida / -Mo 


^lassowan — |b]-:5^o 

Matabele - 1^ i^o 
Zaparos / —jMo 

^j \ U ^ ^}fJ 'JT^h if) I 
15. i J ;&^o 

^M 23^15 ft^^iJ Av < 9 2b/v. 
S'M / yK-^M - ft ,i. ^ ;^ =e 

7. /v =e /> o 
: h \: 'J h ^ ntv> ■)■ ■^ii'-) i)'M 

Tonocote,- "?• ji a o 
Haeltzuk 7 — j^^o 

^mM'Jw ^mW]% / Ui s -V r .r. 



Matongoi, a subdivi>ioii of the 

Matores. See Motoric. 
Mattasoon, in lSO-3, on the Missouri, 
North Dakota, U. S. A.; called 
also Ahahaway. 
Mattokki, on the banks of the Nile 
near Assouan, a town in Upper 
I'-SJPt ; called also Kenus. 
Matu Milanau, a subdivision of the 

Maturuas, on the Jutay. a tributary 

of the upper Amazon. 
Mauas. See Omaguas. 
Mauhes, between the Madeira and 

the Tapajos, Brazil. 
Mauri. See Mauritanians. 
Mauritanians, a tribe that inhabited 
ancient Mauritania (northern parts 
of modern Marocco and western 
Algeria), called also Mauri by the 
Maurungu, on Lake Eikwa, Gernian 

Kiisl Africi. 
Mautas, a subdivision of the Zaparos. 
Mavambe, noriJi of tiie lower Congo; 
so called by theicselves ; called also 
•Judeos Pretos or Black Jews. Also 
written Mavumba. 
Mavia. Same as Maviha. 
Maviha, in the nortlieastern part of 
Portuguese E:tst Africa; also 
Maviti, southwest of Lake Xyassi, 

Africa ; also Mabili. 
Mavumba. Sej Mavambe. 
Mavungula. See NIain-Niani. 



Motoris ? —4^0 

11; -b -y =t y o Ahahawav h 

riff ml- =-\\:7^ i^"^ ? =■ -> 7- 1 1 

Milanau y — J^r. 

i:> k fX inJ ± n^C z' ^ fi!£ * -u 

Omaguas ^ ^ a o 

-$;?) C^^ 3;Tt^ (>m yi: If 

Mauritanians ^ JL 3 o 

i 1 I-C l(:*v> *Vr 
^ '. I 'J I 'C 1 r.i) 1^1^^ 
*^o: y:|tSi5.7it'^:>o'j:'iJ 

;t. I i A - i I ') I ^ ^-^ 

Zaparo, y — 5ijo 

7 K>f i' -"^ W -^ o Judeos Pretos 
!• Hi fl|-U 7 't-o Mavumla ^ 

Maviha = (t^ -J^o 

It V =t Jr^.o 

Mabili h=o\IJ7.o 
Mavapil»e ^jt^o 
Niam-Niam ^JL^o 


^' f.o 

Moxos / 


yakka > =cfl:;^o 





i^ ^ L : /">" x> 



i^ih^} ij- 




I ni srS^FltiSo 

^B3Ffe*?)ij.*"^^Iil'C < S 



Mawakwas, in Venezuela. 
Mayacamas, a subdivision of the 

IMayacca, east of the middle Kwaugo 

(about lat. 6° S.), a tributary of 

tlie Kassai, Africa; also Mayakka. 
Mayakka. See Mayacca. 
Mayas, in the Yucatan Peninsula, 

Mayayu, near Lake Tulare, California, 

U. S. A. 
Mayes, formerly in northern Texas, 

U.S.A. ^:lb§G^li^-y=E^o 

Maynas, a collective name for all the ^(<*^T ^^^ ' -^ ita^'^ '^ 

tribes of the upper Maranon in khi~f-,j^ A/M-t Wit - 1£ -^ 'i^ 

northern Peru. WiM ^ Bf ^'^M i- V o 

Mayo, in southern Sonora and ^t'ia 1 ^6 -^ L I ^ ^ ' 

northwestern Sinaloa, Mexico. ^^ j m&f"^^ ^'LU^h 

Mayombe. See Bayombe. Bayombe =^^3^ 

Mayorunas, between the Maranon, ^ j; 1 S 1 tS.'T ^<o \ ^ i. 

Ueavali, and Yavari rivers, Peru; ^, '."^-r ' v'^?- ^7 .' 4'V^^ 

means "river men" in the Quechua Psl — tt^- '^ "^ ^ o ifc^ ^^'f ' 

language; called sometimes Bar- i%i-\fl^^^ix'^VA'^^^ 

liudos. h =E^-fe 7 ;^o 

Mayoyaos, in the southwestern corner -S-'»>ij '?^'^■^S$■&'^^' o ^' /L ^ /* 

of Isabela and the northwest angle ir» 5 •^* bife^ljf ^ M 1^ FM 2i t* 

of Xueva Vizcaya, Luzon, Philip- ^-^^ 3 s, ^\^'t t)'\'" ^li^'^ 

pine Islands. / ®4bP^o 

Maypures. Same as Maipures. Maipures — |^ v'o 

Mazahuas, in Mexico. i6 ^ L I o 

Mazanes, on the lower Xapo, an f) k x/^'M -^ %^^ <^^H^ ^ i^ 

npiier branch of the Amazon. -^Y'^o 

Mazapile, in Zacatecas, Mexico. *6 ^ L - --' S'i''C I i'T Wo 

Mazatecos, in Oajaca, Mexico. ^ ^ L I y' io ^ lti':)'Ho 

Mazitu, northwest of Lake Xyassa, fci- 'J ^'' ^ il ft § rS?/' ®;lb::J!; = 

,^. T „r , , ft ^< /v * ^ o ^Valuta h=c^ 

Africa; also Watuta. ^ ^ ..^ 



Mba, :t subdivision of the Fijians. 
Mbafu, in Adamawa, a region in tlie 

Sudan, Africa. 
Mbamba, on the upjier Ogowai River, 

West Africa. 
Mbanzi, a subdivision of tlie 

Mbarike, north of tlie middle Benue, 

a tributary of the Niger, Africa. 
Mbau, a subdivision of tlie Fijians. 
Mbeguas, on the Parana River, 

southeastern Brazil. 
Mbena, a subdivision of the F'ijians. 
Mbenga, north of the Gabun River, 

West Africa. 
Mbocobis. See Mocobis. 
Mbondemo, near Cape Lopez, French 

(.'ongii. West Africa. 
Mbondo, in Angola, Portnguese West 

Mbua, a subdivision of tlie Wakamba. 
Mbuba. See Bambuba. 
Mbui, a subdivision of the Wakikuyu. 
Mbum, south of the upper Eenue, 

Kanicrun, West Africa. 
Mbunda. Same as Mambunda. 
Mbute. See Bambute. 
Mbutoni, a subdivision of the F'ijians. 
Mech, in Goalpara district, western 

Assam, India, and in parts of 

Bhutan and Nepal. 
Mecha, in western Abyssinia. 
Mechi, in Bhutan. Same as .Mecli '.' 

Mecos, in (luanajuato, Mexico; calle<l 

also Serranos. 
Medewacanton, a subdivision of the 


F'ijians J — j-^jo 

n%i:>2>^'-) i'^ is I :• I U I 
Wakamba J '■)}ko 

Fijians /> ~%^ 
Fijians ; ~^r> 
Mocobis ^ IL 3 o 

^Vakaml)a /» -j^^ 
J'ambuba ^^3© 
Wakikuyu y ~Mn 

Mambunda — !^ v"© 
Bambute i^jL^o 
F^jjians J — j^o 

/)-> L : / t'?.^X-5> I ^3 i t Hi 
— {^ A i'^ i^ / o Serranos b c 

S intce / - -f^o 



Medze, nortli of the middle Aiuwimi 
(about long. 28° E.), a tributary 
of the Congo. 

Meening. See ]\Iinung. 

Meewoc. See Miwok. 

Mege, south of the Bomokaudi, an 
upper branch of the Welle Eiver 
(a tributary of the Ubangi), west 
of the Albert Xyanza, Central 
A frica. 

Megiadab, a subdivision of the 

Meherrin, formerly on the river of 
tlie same name in Virginia, U. S. 

Meh-fen, in the southern part of Yun- 
nan, China. 

Mehto, in the western part (?) of 
Chota Nagpur, India. 

Meidoo. See Maidu. 

Meirefab, a subdivision of the Jalin. 

Meirinygil, in western Victoria. 

Meithei, in Manipur, a native state 
in India. 

Mejertin, in northeastern Somaliland, 
East Africa. 

Mekaberab, a subdivision of tiie Jalin. 

Mekrani, on the coast of Baluchistan. 

Meiam, on the borders of Tibet and 
S/.e-chuan, China. 

Melanesian, a collective name for 

the tribes of Melanesia. 
Melchoras, on the southeastern coast 

cf >s'icaiagua. 
Mele, a subdivision of the Mege. 
Meliseet, in Nova Scotia and New 

Brunswick, Canada. 

Minung =)-%^o 
Miwok =)-%^o 

It 1 i \'~hL-&' ^n-Jj^^y 

=r 5xnjnl(9 ItX'V I M^^ 

-^ ii:^ - fi ^> =£ ^ o 

Jalin ? — i^o 

iy)\\ /) ^ '.j ^|llpfflt :i ^i -fe -y =e 

:Maidu ^ ^ a o 
Jalin ^ — J^o 

Jalin 7 — JMo 


]Mege / — ;^o 



Melkit, in Arabin. 

Melon, on tlie upper Sanga, a tribu- 
tary of the lower Congo. 

Melukitz, on tlie Mletz reservation, 
Oregon, U. S. A. 

Menabe, in southeastern Madagascar. 

Menangkabau, in central Sumatra. 

Menasir, in southeastern Arabia; 
about lat. 23° X., long. 54° E. 

Mende, in .^^ierra Leone, West Al'- 

rica; called also Kossa or Kos^u by 

the Sherbriis. 

Menegrs. •'^e Manyargs. 

Menia. Same as ^[anyak. 

Meniak. Same as Manyak. 

Meniengs, in eastern Brazil; now- 

Menkuri, a subdivision of the Kurd<. 

Menomeni, on the Green I3ay reser- 
vation, AViscnnsin, U. S. A.; means 
" wild rice,'" fioni their staple 
food; called also Addle-ITead, 
Blancs, Folle Avoine (French 
translation of the term), Onmalou- 
mines, AVhite Indians, and AVild 
Oat, etc. AlfO Meynominey. (^;■■) 

Mensa, in Eritrea, the Italian colony 
ali-ng the Ited Sea, Africa. 

Mentawey, in the Mmtawi Islands, 
we>t of Sumatra. 

Mentra, in the interior of ti»e 
M.utliern j^art of the Malay Pen- 
in.sul.i ; also written >rautra, 
Mintira, Minlra. 

Mepurys, between the C'unicuriau 
and Maria, tributaries of the Itio 
Xegni, Brazil. 

L\ i.^ ij I :fv- I i: I -ft 

-f 1 hDf '-'fo 
Manyargs ^^^^ 
Manyak -^ •:>o 
Manyak - ^ Vo 

i>bL^ ^ )liSi;-(t;-k-v^^o 

Kurds /> — :^„ 

-< 1 Wlf/-ll!l - (1; ^- 'i- ^ ■' o it 

Ig-fe 7 (^o Mvvnomincv h =t 

rNi*-lt ■• H-^t ^o */^ i b. 



Meques, a subdivision of the Moxos. 

Meratha. See Imghad. 

Merdang, ;i subdivision of the Land 

J 'yak. 
Merefab, a subdivision of the Beja. 
Meria, in southern Eajputana, India; 

called also Mair. 
Merimu, in central Victoria. 
Merkam, a subdivision of the Gond. 
Merkand, a subdivision of the Gond. 
Mescalero, in Arizona and l!^ew 

Mexico, U. S. A. 
Meshtsheriak, in the government of 

Orenburg, Eussia. 
Messessague. See Misisauga. 
Metaquicas, a subdivision of the 

Metathra. See Imghed. 
Meterri. See Tutelo. 
Methow, a subdivision of the Sali- 

Metinas, on the Juara, a tributary 

of tiie Amazon. 
Metoac, formerly in Long Island, 

New York, U. S. A. ; means " look- 
out " or " place of seeing "; called 

also Montauk; now extinct? 
Metouali, in Palestine. 
Meynominey. See Menomeni. 
Meyrifab, on the right bank of the 

middle Nile near the tovrn of 

Mfut. Same as Mbafu ? Aho ^vritten 

Bafut, Efut. 
Miami, formerly on the Miami River, 

Ohio, U. S. A. 
Miana, ^vest of the middle Indus 
(about lat. 31° N.), India. 

Moxos J — S^o 
Imghad =f%^o 
Land Dyak /> — i^o 

Beja /> — ^o 

*G„ Mair>^#;^o 

Gond y —^o 
Gond 7 — S5^o 

^. )V =e /• o 
Misisauga ^^3o 
Chiquitos ? — B^o 

Imghad ^^Sq 
Tutelo ^^a<, 
Salishan y — ;^o 

Menomeni ^ X. ^ o 

Mbafu -^-yl Bafut. Efut 

i; II ^ ^ if J'I'I ^ ^ fe ^MHf - 1£ 
•fe -y =t / o 


Miao. l^ee Mi:io-tse. Mim.-tse ^|i=->o 

Miao-tse, in Kui-clmu, e:istern Yun- *>iO ^tSPftWi^- 'Jl-lfiiT '' 

nan, northern Kwang-si, and J^lX- «5eH'?f ^ ^tSlJAi^afllli 

western H.i-nan, Cliina; they are Sif^'? y' M u T- y "^ ?ftf? 

.aid to be found also on the npper uniimwiihi =-^^K''.{^ 

Chien-tang, Che-Kiang; many of x > i /„ ^tf y j^tiC-'^ fj V 

them call themselves Mon or Mini. fif > t' V A, "^ ■>- l/>^hK^.o 

Also :^ruio. «'fL= Mia.) >=tK ^o 

Michi, on the left bank of the ?j->-iJ i Vfi i « C;t 5 M^ ifffe 

Benue, a tributary of the Niger, « )V^</0 :^jiij/' ;fe^ =-(1; 7- jI' 

Africa. Also Midsi. * /> o Midsi h=t^lJXo 

Michigami, south of Lake Michigan, i) ,h '■] iJ'^^Wf- LiV-^Wl/'itj 

U. S. A. Jjo 

Micikqwutme tunne, a subdivi-iun Athapascan / — H^ 
of tiie Alliapascan. 

Micmac. See Mikmak. Mikmak ^)l,3o 

Mico, on the Kio Mice, a tributary |: A'b C^:)-^ i.'T - ^ V c.' I i»I 

of the Escondido, iSicaragua. ift^o 

Micronesian, a collective name for ^^ /:)ii.h^ji^^ •/s-oil 

the natives of Micronesia. Lh J ±&^afy' JA^t H o 

Middle Horde, a subdivision of the ^^t& IJ 1 :i' SSSfitl'MiJ^) 

Kirg.,i..Ka.ak living we,, of .l,e ,^1'.J V| J' Li.I,^B|^Mjf 

Irtish Eiver, Russian Central Asia ; — j^o •) o f: 'J> ' T ^ ''^W ■*= 

called also Urta-Yuz. y a^o 

Midsi. See Michi. Michi f^^r, 

Miguianas, a subdivision of the T.lanicos y --V»!-> 

Mijes, in central Oajaca, Mexico. if^ ^ L ^ ^ <5 t II a;'>HI ^' 'I'uiJo 

Mijjerthain, east of Lerbera, a seaport ft-S-M i'/' X I i 'J b/<^ t'/ — 

of Soraaliland, A frica. j^ ^ 'V '~^" o -< ?) ^ M Jio 

Mikir. in Xowgong, a district in ^^ Z> i. '/.> >.V ^J-? 5 L'W 

central Assam, India. ^ ^^ ' I' Aj {' iS&Jj o 

Mikmak, in northern New Brunswick, ^ < ^'? < *'/'^/r '' ^'jC'L 

Nova Scotia, and I'rincc Kdward tO I v j, "f - I Lj-'Wil*^ -*• 

Island, Canada; called also Souri- ,i. =c >> - -y t',^ f>/,^-f A ^ V 

onai bv the French. Also Micmac. Micmac l« =e ^P'.o 



Mikono tunne, on the Siletz reser- 
vation, Oregon, U. S. A.; means 
" people among the Avliite colour 
roots " 

Mikri, a subdivision of the Kurds. 

Mikringa, a subdivision of tlie Jalin. 

Milanau, on the sea coast of Sarawak, 

Borneo ; also Millanow. 

Miilanow. See Milanau. 

Millikin, a ^^ubdivision of tlie Land 

Milpulko, on tlie right side of the 

Darling River, and west of the 

Naualko tribe, Kew South Wales. 
Miltu, on the Shari River, southeast 

of Lake Chad, Africa. 
Mimi, in northern Wadai, Africa. 
Mina, on the head-waters of the 

Luui River, Rajputana, India. 
Mincopi. See Andamanese. 
Mindanaos. See Maguindanaos. 
Minetaree. Same as Minnetari. 
Ming, a subdivision of the Usbegs. 
Mingrelians, in the western part of 

the Caucasus. 
Minikanye, a subdivision of the 

Mining, north of Port Eucla, South 

Minjar, a subdivision of the Oraon. 
Min-kia-tze, in central and south- 
eastern Ynn-nan, China ; called 

also Peh-jen. 
Minnetari, on the Fort Berthold 

reservation, North Dakota, V. S. 

A. ; called also Fall, Gros Ventres. 

Kurd-^ / —j^o 
Jalin /> ~Mo 

y 3 Miilanow Y =^^^-o 
Milanau ^J^ap 
Land Dyak /» —J^o 

! : I'D 1 § 7 -f -3 ^ 1 ^ "f -^ /:' ' 

Andamanese ^ ^ a o 
Maguiudanaos f %^ o 
Minnetari =: [q] v-q 
Usbegs ? -'%o 

^/^CO 1 D^v> : ' i* 

Teton ? —"^o 

'9> 1 < fj / *-.^o 
Oraon ^ — ;^o 

<?(.{- 1^:0 ?j *^ ') i-g^^ Wb 

^ i ;?. 1> =bM^ 7 ;Vo 



Mintira. Sec Mentia. 
Mintra. See Mciitrn. 
Minuanes, in eastem L'niguuy ; now 

Minung, on King George's Sound in 

the southwestern curner of Western 

Australia ; also Meening. 
Minungo, on the upper Kwango, a 

tributary of the Kassai, Africa. 
Mipacma, in northeastern California, 

U. S. A. 
Miranhas, between tiie .Japura and 

the Pntuiuayo, upper branches of 

tlie Amazon. 
Mirani. See Sherani. 
Mirdites, a subdivision of the 

Mipi, a subdivision of the Milanau. 
Miri, in northern Assam, India; 

means " mediator " or "go-between", 

from managing to keep to them- 
selves the trade between tlieir two 

neighbours. (2S) 
Miritis, a subdivision of the Uaupes. 
Mirzi. See Zmarai. 
Misalamagun, on tlie western coast 

of California, U. S. A. 
Mishimi. See Mishmi. 
Mishmi, in northern Assam, India ; 

also written Mishimi. 
Misisauga, in Ontario, Canada; also 

Messes-^ague, Mississaugi. 
Mississaugi. See Misisauga. 
Missouri, in Nebraska, U. S. A.; 

call themselves Niutatci, " tliose 

who reached the nir.uth " (nf tlie 

Mcntra ^Jiao 
Mentra 5^JL3o 

o 1 Ji ^ ^ i I jnTv /> fin, 

Sherani. =/^h , 
Albanians / — j^o 

Milanau ? — j^o 

V -y =e y d- >; o 
Uaupes ; -'%o 
Zmarai ^jL^o 

Mishnji ^iLso 

iVv^i' /'*)'?3 t'Wy .:itui;-ife 

;». ii/ =t / o Mi>hiini b t ,•? 

t .^ ^Messes-saguc. Mississ;lU^^ 
Misisjujga ^JLho 

i: I -Ub-' i'-'W-li; ^- '"^ ^ 



Mistaviinut, a subdivision of the 
Clioyenne; means " heavy eyebrows." 

Mita, on Mihie Bay, British New 

Mlta, on tlie lower Klamath River, 

northern California, U. S. A. 
Mitandues, near the Tapajos, Brazil. 
Miten, a subdivision of the Usbegs. 
Mitoam Kai Pomo, on the western 

roast of California, U. S. A.; means 

" wooded valley people." 
Mittu, west of the Bahr-el-Jebel (about 

lat. 5° N.), the upper part of the 

Nile, and southeast of the Bongo 

Mituas, on Lake Inirida, Colombia. 
Miwok, in central California, U. S. 

A., comprising 23 small tribes; 

means "men" or "people"; also 

Mixes, in the eastern part of Oajaca, 

Mixtecas. See Miztecs. 
Mixtecs. See Miztecs. 
Mizri. See Zmarai. 
Miztecs, in western Oajaca and the 

adjacent part of Guerrero, Mexico; 

also Mixtecas, Mixtecs. 

Mo, a subdivision of the Moxos. 
Moabites, an ancient tribe who lived 

at the southeastern end of the 

Dead Sea, Palestine. 
Moama, at the junction of the 

Gonlburn and ^Murray rivers, 

northern Victoria. 

Cheyenne ^ -Mo ^W.^M^j 

Usbegs J — SMo 

ft >6 'J *'-^^iil i-'J .5>fe S 1 1 ft 

^-5-9 1 U^'^ M ^ ±v/ii ^ '^ 

mM ^ jjiif :^ - 1^ ^ ;g IS ^< >^^ 
.^ 1 9 teo <; ft ^ ij i'-g-^ 

\^7. )V^ ? ri -y r (^ =• — -hjri 
'' ASj > ^ #:)-') o :Meewoc 

«^ 1 ^ 1 ^ ^ L : ^ ^ I It 

Miztecs ^ Mi =3 o 
Miztecs ^Mi^o 
Zmarai =}-%,'a o 

- -li X )!/ =c ^ o Mixtecas. 
Mixtecs > ^#;7.p 

Moxos 7 —Jl^o 



Moatatunga, on the southeaslurn 

( 'M-t of Soiitli Au.-tralia. 
Moatcaht. Same a- A[uwachat. 
Mobba. See ^laba. 
Mobilian. See Ruiskoki. 
Mobimas, on tlie Kio Mamore, a 

tiiinitaiv of the Muleira, Bolivia; 

also Movinias. 
Mobuma. See Wahuma. 
Mocetenes. Same as Moi«etenes. See 

Mochovos, a suWivision of the 

Mocoas, on tlie upper Japiira; an 

upper branch of the Amazon. 
Mocobis, in the Giau Chaco, 

Argentina; iiho v.ritten Mbocobis, 

MocoritOS, in Sonera and Sinalua, 

Mocovies. See Mocobis. 
Modocs, in the sontliern part of Ore- 

g,.n, U. S. A. 
Mogollon, a .subdivision of the 

southern Athapascan. 
Mogualla, between the Kubi and tlic 

Ariiwimi, tributarie> of the Congo. 
Moguexes, on tlie western slope of 

the t'ordillera, (olombia. 
Mogul lum-bitch, on the Ovens, an 

i,p[.er branch of the Murray, 

northeastern Victcria. 
Mohave, on both banks of the lower 

Ivi" Colorado, .Vrizona, U. S. A. ; 

niems " tliree m- imtains." 
Mohawk, formerly on the Moliawk 

Kiver, New York. U.S.A.; now 

Mowacliat — f^-:?o 
Maba ^^ao 
Muskoki ^^ ^ a o 

y o Movimas h =c f] 7. r, 
Wabnma ^ ft a o 
Mosetenes - 1^ vJ'o Lecos -f ft 

I'irros ^~Mo 

{> 1 - 1 o-'i ho ^:^^ 

•)j=.^7. ,v=Kl ^ o MI'ocobis. 
^locovies h =e,*J^o -:^ft3o 

Athapascan '\\i:)j}i^^ -•%%n 

i^Vu^ii^' : * v-Jx I bill 

t 1^9x1 *>/)••' i-JVsRbB 

6 Mil < ftB*-^)/)'Ji'- 
-ft-JJibflii/b I i I : W^ I < 



in Ontario, Cunada; deiived from 
the Algonquin iukjuci, " bears " ; 
called also Agnielironnon by tlie 

Mohegan, formerly on the lower 

Connecticut Eiver, Connecticut, U. 

S. A. Also Monliegan. 
Mohican, ^ee Mahican. 
Mohmand, between the Kabul and 

the Swat, tributaries of the upper 

Indus, India. 
Mohongia, a subdivision of the Naga. 
Moi, a name for tribes living scattered 

over the table-lands of French 

Indo-China ; so called in Annam ; 

also Kha, " hill-people " in the 

Laos, Peunong in Cambodia. 
Moi mas, on the Eio Mamore, a 

tributary of the ^Madeira, Bolivia, 
Mojos. See Moxos. 
Mok, between the Dinka and Bongo 

tribes, Africa. 
Mokaburra, in eastern Queensland. 
Mokelumni, in central California, U. 

S. A. 
Moko, on the Cross Eiver, east of the 

Niger, Africa ; also Mokko. 

Molale, in the Cascade Mountains, 

Oregon, U. S. A. ; also ]\Iolele. 

Molele. See ^lulale. 

Molossians, an ancient tribe of 

Epirus, northern (Greece. 
Moluches. See Araucunians. 
Mombuttu. See Momfu and Monbuttu. 
Momfu, on the Bomokandi, an upper 

^^1^ : a h »•-? i ^li ^ : 'a 

; a Monhegan \-^^7^o 
Mahican =f%^o 

Naga ; -j^o 

■fe 7 ^I'o fjfct (l&iS) -?^^ 

>■< V tt'ijVi Cs, - r >»^ V^\>i, I 
Moxos ^%^o 

Hto Mokko i> ^#;'>o 

-f ITI c J; ■)^-Cl ^-r=^i■ 
;7. ;v =e y o Molele V =t 1^ 7, ^ 

Molale 5^JL3o 

Araucan ians ^ X. ^ o 

Momfu Bit' Monhuttu ^ M. s o 


branch of the Welle Hiver (a trlhu- S ,<' I i I- ^)^ 5V W^tJ^' * 

tary of the Ubangi), northwest of ''•- J iUinK T llA-V ' J»J -^ it 

the Albert Nvanza, Central Africa; i^' ^ ±r^^ '- i? '. i'/- *''i»J 

called al<.i Mombnttu, wh.. must '"?" J''^«\?-'' ? v' ,^'J ,'" 

not be contonnded with the / •■ \ , ^t \ -. v < i • *; t 

Monbuttn or Monibuttu ; according • ^ i ^^^ (. -^[5] 7. uj i; ^ /„ 

to Major Ciisati, the Mombuttu J: Cjjo ij' i h Sk -ik ^ '• 

are said to l)e a subdivision of the I V^^ 1 oO ' -"^ <, V-^^ ' fl 

Momtu. Also written Momvoo, ^z* -• ^ i- >; bo; 7 - M.,ni- 
.Monivu, Montu. C ompare Monbuttu. 


i^i; I oo I ^^m fe 

Momvoo. See Monifu. Monifu ^ ?l a o 

Momvu, See Mom fu. Momfu t'- jL 3 o 

Mon. See Miao-tse. Miao-tse f-jL^^o 

Men. Soe Talaint;. Ta'aing ^X.='o 

Monacan, in Virginia, U. S. A. ^) ./) i-g-^l4jv« ' Ci'-^jWo 

Monagirs. See Manyargs. Manyargs ^^So 

Monassip, on tiie middle Nile ; about "^i i, ^ S }»7 ^ »t> fife 'At^M-^^Jf 't'Sf 

lat. lO"^ X., long. ;]2° K. \|:^.l?*'.]H-|-i:iSf^o 

Monbuttu, on the south lank of the i ^^< I oO 1 'I'Ul'ift-I- ') i' 

Kibali, an upper branch of the ^ i)oiX\ i. I - *J .</ 5' >' ?*! 

Wello Kiver (a tributary of the ^^'-^ '^ "i? ^^}}S ^ '^'^i !, 

Ubangi), northwest of the Albert TJ ^ ??. "^^ V'. 1/ 

Nyanza, (.entral Africa; also <'il'-5^' 1 . kV^rfO ^ ■ i. 

written Mambettu, Manbettu, /^'<^o I . I V-l- ' ^^ ' *" 

Mangbattu, Mombuttu; the fourtii "U ,IJ t'-o jltT^ ^ iMfil* /' A ^ 

must not be confounded with tlie y'lr- i V^^ I —^ I t'-I> ' r> 

Momfu or Mombuttu. Compare o I Mi^ b lA Rl ^'"J "^ '5 '''o 

Momfu. (2ojry.)(.5.s)(ior,)(n.i'j i V^' ' ^ $.1?! "t => o 

Monfu. See Momfu. Mcnifn ^ )L ^i o 

Monq-hwa, in the northwestern part ^in'iilftl^ ^ L'M'4t»K- <t f; >- ^ 

/- - -y f :S ft t ^ ^ V Ji V '■ 

of Yun-nan, ( hina. ij ^ 

Mongo. See Balolo. Tal"!,) /-H^o 

Mongolians. Same as Mung-ls, •_>. =^^3/(? Mongols -J - [.IJ 

The term is frequently used as -J/q A.^^f ^^^ '* ^i ^^^'^'^* 

a collective name for nearly all / {tH^ -Jtii\'»^> l-f)- l^/- 

tlie inhabitants of Asia, as well as i« ij I • i i 1 /ifSlfi^^^^f 

the people-; nf northern Kus-ia, rttW b > ? '11+ 9 : /C t ^ 

IIunKurv, and Turkev, excluding C^J ^ I'MlfiSlJ = It '• ^ ^J »J '.> 


tlu' Aryan and Si^iuitic peoples in Ay Ik \:' -^ ^/ ^ ^^ ^ l^ SiM ^^ 

soulliwesteru Asia. According to ^ ^ 1^ ^ c J^ o 1 s^) /-^iX [t S: 

Bliunenbacli, the Eskimos of Ame- ^{^ v;>t ?3 *6 ij ij' ^ i. 'T -> 

rica are included nnder the name. i I |5^ =e ^'j^ ijH 'P - Pit 11 ^- o 

Mongols. I. In Mongolia ; the Mou- ^•Ji'^ V > iS'ife" =tt ''• 'i "^ 

,l;o1s proper are called Khalka. Vfil^- 

2. A collective name for peoples ^"^^V^ '^i'^'^' Ay'b" ^) ^J- 

living ill Mongolia, Zungaria, the It t. ^ ;i'o i^^ ^' WOM = /J L^J 

region around Lal<e Baikal, the / \^%i- ''- 'J'i, Ot^Ik^' K Aj 

country lying between the lower Pt^M'' Tv;"it^ H rf^^ j?? ^ S& 

pans of the Volgii and the Don :>^' -/^-tii 7« a- .f^'K^H^ Df 7*|!§> 

in llussia; of wliich the chief S5 -;- V o ,1 - 1 ^- '^i-?c :»- 'i^ 

divisions are Buriats, Kalmucks, and =t ^ ^^ i .o i 'P s • -5- '■J ^J 1 

Mongols, 1. The form Mongolian is i 2i f^'i^'A^ 'J o Mongol i- 

also used an i' .v I5-0 t ^Ji/ll 4^ 7/1^0 

Mongoyos, in Bahia, Brazil. I'.hUb y'it^^ \ fcll'Ho 

Mong-WU, in southeastern Yun-nan, jJCflPStS^jliitlnT*'^ iiK^ v r 

Cliina. ^.^ :>- '1 =e / ;^ V :J- 'J o 

Monhegan. S.e INIohegan. Mohegan ^^ao 

Monsoni, on the southern shore of i'/i /:V C;t ' L^T W ^ \^^ ^ 

James Bay, Canada. \\i 7, ;i/ =& y o 

Montagnais, a division of tlie Algon- ^/v/ll^x 1 *' '^i ^^ ^ ^^ 

•luiau on the left bank of the St. ^^^^Jt^^^'L^'fA^ J ' 

Lawrence, Quebec, Canada ; means ^ V t^ ?D 3 :X -> fc ^S^ - ^ 

"mountaineers," liaving been given ;7.^ jtfc^ ^^i^ f> ^'t" A"=3 ^i ^4 

l.y the French; called also - 7 i^ -> =t y - -v -rmttSj 

^eenoilno, perfect man ; must ^_ ^^^^^ ^ ,^^^^. _^^^^ 

not be confounded with tlie divi- ,^ ^ ^^ ,^ ollt^M^ i-:i7^ fc I 

sion of same name belonging to U'-f i'^^H-Pij®/• '^Inl^^ 

the Athapascan. 1^ ?iJ.lii] ^- pJ "'J 7 7-o 

Montagnais, a division of the hA^fziZi. 1 i)'Ui'~ -\^^^ 

Athapascan in tlie Ilockv Moun- "' ''^^^ K^^^^'^^^-^fl"" ^~ 

tains, Canada; must not be con- ^, „ lifcB^^ ti r ^j o IV.. ^ ?J 

founded with tiie Montagnais, a ^Ji?^7 — ,^ ^ 'i' i />^f: |l,t ' 

division of the Algonquian. l-f^tlol^' i :^ >^o 

Montagnards, a subdivision of the Athapascan y — l^o ^- h A^'t 

Atliapascan ; means "mountaineers" |h - r '^UltES'j > ^ fc ^ 'Jo 
in French. 



Montaraz, a o>lkcti\e naii.e U>r 
nionntiiin peoples of tlie IMulipjtine 
I-laiuls; also Monlc>inos. 

Montauk. Sec Mcloac. 

Montenegrins, in Montenegro; tlieir 
native name is 'IVrnagotsi, tlie 
name Montenegro being the Italian 
translation of the native name 
(zrnagora, " Hilack Moinilain." 

Monteses. See IJnkidnones. 

Montesinos. See Montaraz. 

Monulgunditch, in central Victoria. 

Moocherak, in southwestern Vic- 

Mooloola, in southeastern (Jueens- 

Moomoo, on the eastern coast of 

Moors, along tie Mediterranean coast 
of Africa ; derived fnm the ancient 
Manri; applied especially to the 
dwellers in the cities. 

Mopan. See Manches. 

Mopgha, in Tenasserim, Burma. 

Moporh, in western Victoria. 

Moqui, in eastern Arizona and Xew 
Mexico, U. S. A. 

Morcotes, near San Juan de los 
IJanos, central Culumbia. 

Mordva. See Mordvins. 

Mordvinians. See Mordvirs. 

Mordvins, in the governments of 
Penza, Simbirsk, Saratofl", and 
Nijni-Novgorod, Kiissia ; so called 
by themselves, meaning" man;" also 
written Mordva, Mordvinians. 

Moriori, in the Chatham I-lands, 
c;i-t ';>f New Zealand. 

K ^^ Of V a fB :J- 'J „ Monte- 
sinos h 'fe-i'J^'o 
Metoac ^ Ha o 

Ill J i- 'Wii^<l^- '^ d-.^o* 

Lukidnones ^^3o 
Montaraz ^Jt'do 

jj^^nyr-ZiK- ? '• o 

Manches ^ ^ 3 o 

i\>%i^va^iiy -Wit 3^ 

Mordvins ^31^0 
Mordvins ^ H^ ^ 

-^Xf i: I 'fi- Oo5>'>^ 



Morlaks, in D.ilmntiii, Austria-llaii- 

Morochucos, in llic dopartment of 

Ayacucliii, souti)ern I'eru. 
Moronas, a subdivision of the Jivaro.-. 
Moropas, on the Kio ^Mainore, a 

trihutary of the Madeira, Bolivia. 
Moroquenis, on tlie Japura, a tribu- 
tary of the Amazon. 
Moros, in southern Pubiwan, Bahibac, 

>Sulu Islands, and on the western 

and southern coasts of Mindanao, 

Philippine Islands. 
Morotocas, a subdivision of tiie 

Chiquitos; now nearly extinct. 
Morropes, north of Lambayeque, a 

town of the department of 

Lambayeque, nortiiwestern Peru. 
Moru, on tlie Jei (about lat. 5° N.), a 

tributary of tlie Balir-el-Jebel, the 

upper part of the Nile. 
Moruas, on the Jutay, a iributary 

of tlie upper Amazon. 
Moscos, in Nicaragua. 
Mose. See Mosii. 
Mosellemab, a subdivision of the 

Mosetenes. See Lecos. 
Mosgu. Same as Musgu. 
Mosii, on the upper AVhite Volta, 

West Africa; also written Mose, 

Mo-so. Same as Mo-sso. 
Mosqueras, a subdivision of tlie 

Mosquito, on the Mosquito coast, 

Mossi. See ]\Iosii. 

t'''] I ^ f:Z> k L*J!)tIo 
.Jivaros ^ — J^o 

i 15 IT />>L>^) 
%iV\ihk^/.'Pci^^%. Iff, 

Chiquitos ^ —jy^^ ^>^?^ > K 

h k -cX M .h Vifii ^ %-(k^ 'f 

Mosii ^ ^ a o 
Jalin ^ — ;^o 

Lecos ^ ^ 3 o ' 

Musgu - [^ v-o 

i 1 LI KSfB^J-^ 'J iV !i 

{;g 7. lU =t y o jNlose. 3Iossi b 

^- 13 ^* O 

Mo-SSO — loj i^o 

Moguexes /> — J^o 
Mosii ^ A, 3 o 



Mo-SSO, in the luirtliwoslern purl ul" 
Yiiii-n;ui, Cliina; call tliem.selves 
Xa-slii ; callcil l>y tlie Tilietaiis, 

Mo-su. Same a- Mo-sso. 

Motilones, near the Zulia River, nur- 
thwesterii Venezuela. 

Motilones, on the Huallaga, a tribu- 
t:iry of the upper Amazon; they 
are probably the same as tlie Lamis- 
ta> tribe. 

Motoris, on tlie iip[>er Yenisei (about 
lat. 00° N.}; also Matores; extinct? 

Mo-ts'a, in the western part of Yun- 
nan. China. 

Motsai, a subdivi-iun of the Coman- 

Motu. See Kerep-.inu. 

Motu-Motu, along tlie Gulf of Papna, 
British New Guinea; railed also 

Movimas. See M.^himas. 

Moviza. ^ame as Babi~a. 

Mowachat. See Nootka. 

Moxos, on the Kio Mamore ami the 
Beni (upper branches of the Madei- 
ra), Bolivia; also written Mojos, 

Moy. Same as Moi. 

Mo-yao. See Pan-y-shan-tze. 

Mpangwe. See Fan. 
Mpo. in Arakan, Burma. 

Mpongwe, belv.een tiie Cral)Oon and 
the lower Ogowai, West .\frica ; they 
are to be di-tinguishcd fruui tiie 
Mpangwe or Fan. 
Mramma. See Burmese. 

t 1 TiJ i:fiP-Jii{l&?M*s; 

.Mo-SSO -ig ~y„ 

6 1 ^ 1 .^j I u-r f) t x/^ 

J' I jaj^^ll;;'. •I'X: y> „ Sir 
iS) - (t 7. •^ ^ y o M:«tori^ 

Comanclie / — Jito 
Kerepunn ^Jl3o 

Mobinias ^ H, a o 
Eabisa - [^ iy^ 
Xootka V-M.3 

<|f t; .1/ =t y o Mojos. Mnsus h 

t ."J :'. o 
Moi -ra:;>o 
I'an-y shan-tzo 9- ^ a o 
Fan f-^^o 

/ i)« -5; I ^ W »• i^ • - > 

■i.t I joirf/ii- / nn-it^- ■•• 

Burmese * it a o 



IVIro, on tlie Arakim Yonui Kanges, 

Muasis. See Kurkii. 

Mu-chi, in southeastern Yun-nan, 

Muclaht, a subdivision of the Aht. 

Mucos, on the Apoporis, a tribntary 
of tlie Japura Kiver, Colombia. 

Mucuras, a snlnlivision of tlie Uaupes. 

Mug. See Kakliaingtha. 

M Uganda. See Eaganda. 

Muhammadab, a subdivision of the 

Muhammadzai, in tlie district of 
Peshawar, Tanjal), India; also 

Muhaneka. Same as Eanhaneka. 

Muhima. See Bahima. 

Muhso, in the Shan States, Burma. 

Muhumba. See Bankumbi. 

Muinbura, south of the Pukanbura 
tribe, and southwest of the Wuru- 
bura tribe, eastern Queensland ; me- 
ans " belonging to ashes. " 

Muiza. Same as Babif^a. 

Muka Milanau, a subdivision of the 

Mukhbal. See Makhbal. 

Mukjarawaint, in southwestern Vic- 

Mula, a subdivision of tlie AVakamba. 

Muli, a subdivision of the AVakamba. 

Muliarra, on the upper Sandford, a 
tributary of the Murchison River, 
AVestern Australia. 
Mulluk, on the Siletz reservation, 
Oregon, U. S. A. 



Kurku f^^o 

Aht ^-j^o 

%^^ >^h\l 1 (? I '] 


Uaupes / — ^o 
Rakhaingtha ^ H a o 
Baganda ^ £ a o 
Jalin J —Mo 

ip 1 i&:)3 - It ^. )V =E / o ^ia- 

manzai > =^-,^^^^o 
Banhaneka — [^ v'o 
Bahima t'-^So 

Bankumbi ^ ^ a © 

Babisa — [«1 v'o 
Alilanau / —T^^^o 


Makhbal =^ %3 ^ 

AVakamba, ^ — i5lo 
AVakamba / — J^o 



Mullungkill, in western Vicioria. 
Multnoma, formerly in Oregon, U. 
S. A.; probalily extinot. 

Mumkelunk, in western Victoria. 
Mun. Sco Miao-tse. 
Munande. See Banande. 
Munda, in tlie central part of (liota 

Xagpur, India; also written Munda- 

Kol, Mnnilari. 
Mundainbura, in soutl)ea-;tern (^neens- 

Munda-Kol. See Mnnda. 
Mundami, a snbdivision of tlie Kiird:^. 
Mundari. See Mnnda. 
Mundo. See Xiaiu-Niam. 
Mundombe. See Bandomhe. 
Mundos, in the islands of Panay and 

Cebu, Philippine Islands. 
Mundrucus, on the lower Tapajos, 

Brazil; called also Paignizes by 

their neighbours, meaning " cutters 

of}' f.f heads " ; also Muturicus, 

Mundu, on tlie Bomokandi, an upper 

brancli of the "Welle Iliver (a 

tributary of the I'bangi), Central 

Munhaneka. Same as Mulianeka «>r 

Muniches, on the lluallaga, a tribu- 
tary <if the upper Amazon. 
Munkibura, west of the Belyando 

Kiver, eastern Queensland. 
Munmulla, between the Margaret 

and Denliain rivers, northwestern 

Munsee, formerly about the head- 

Miao-tse ^ H a o 
Biinande ^jta,, 

Munda ^^-^o 
Kurds ^ ~^o 
Munda ^Jl3o 
>\iam-Niam "^jiao 
Bandombe ^ JL ^ o 

,:; I / afi fie 
t'l ^::'^) 1 < 1 -i'^Co 

Mnhancka X--^ Banliamka - 




waters of tiie Delawave, New York, 
r. S. A. ; also ^[insiii. 

Munyabura, in southeastern Queens- 

Muois, a subdivision of the Guaymis. 

Muong, in Tong King, French Indo- 
< liina. Same as ^[oi ? 

Muppa, in Malabar, a district of 
Madras, India. 

Muram, a subdivision of tlie Xaga. 

Muras, on the lower Purus, a tribu- 
tary of tlie Amazon. 

Muratos, between tlie Pastassa and 
the Morona (tributaries of tlie upper 
Amazon), Ecuador. 

Mures, a subdivision of the Moxos. 

Muri, south of the Benne, a tributary 
of the iS^iger, Africa. 

Muriates, on the Putumayo, an upper 
branch of the Amazon. 

Murik, on the Barain River, northern 
Sarawak, Borneo. 

Murires, a subdivision of the 

Murmanzi, a mixed people of Russi- 
ans, Karelians, and Lapps in the 
Russian Lapland ; so called by the 

Murmi, in northern Nepal. 

Murmu, in laaghalpur, a division of 
Bengal, India. 

Murpachi. See Murpasi. 

Murpasi, a subdivision of the Gond ; 
also ^lurpachi. 

Murra-Murra-barap, in nort.hwestern 

Murrumningama, on the L'ondamine 

^-\\[ -fe -y =e / o Minsiu I- ^ 
Guaymis /> -^Mo 

mi^ ^A^KUi^ i /v. d /- - li:" 

Xaga /> -j^o 

1< fc f ;?. / (f-f f: ? M h ii 1 

Moxos J —Mo 

{'i^n-^^ thiOo^ it!i:t;V;lh 

Guaymis / —^o 

HM b J>'- b ^ t' - fi ^- '1- =c / - 


Murpasi ^ jl a o 

Gond y> — ;;^o Murpachi h =£ 


Kiver, siiiulie;i>teni l^ueeii-himl. /^ /:'/>,'C}''J*t ; 

Murubura, in Great Sandy Island. <^*^■^^)^t.'^ <*<i-i t *• 

Queensland. ^ t; i iQj^ 

Murut, in tile cunntrv between tiie L' I 2> I i li' 4 ilij' / 4tul> 

Liml.ang and Padas rivers, nortl. t 'Mi *-"if -^ ^''"^ '" '^'^-'T-t*^ 

F.oine.>; called also Idaan. A. V "^ffi-^ ^ >^o 

Murut Bah, a snbdivisiim of tlie .Mnrul ^ - -^Iko 


Murut Main, a snbdivision of tlie Mnrnt / —^^o 


Musabat, in Kordofan, Africa. ^j-5>ij i)' ^ 1 S c ' ^'i,/^i&.^o 

Musa Khel, in Dera (iliazi Khan, a l" /C t' z' (I'^ Cj>-J''>H'C' b Cj> 

district in the Derajat divisii.n of t ife;;)!; /» "C b i'' L i'/^ - (t 

tlie Panjah, India. t; ■'. =t / ^ 

Muscogee. See Muskoki. Mnskuki ^jLao 

Museku. See Musgn. Musgu 9-^3^ 

Muserbat, in Kordofan, Africa. ?3-»>'J i)'/ lit'' -J'J>^itfe^o 

Musgu, on the Logone, a tributarv of t,* "t" C" I ^) ->> 'J iV •> j,-? 

, , . , ^^ , ^„' , Km^ ^Ll^-i-^i- ■Li,'} yi< 

the Mian, :rOUtneast ot Jyake Lhad, /iflfe^ 'i'/^ I 1* I /LjolBt — 

Africa; called also Miisekn. =t BB -fe ^5 -i- 

Mushikongo, south of the lower t.' L - /v w I 1 /..-'' J"! T 

Congo. fjit/[{i::^o 

Mushilange, the .singular form of 15asliilange i- ''.^ flS / .'P-ltpfj 

Bashilange. Jf$o 

Musimba. Ste Bashimba. IJashiniba ^jL^o 

Muskhogean, a collective name for VT 1 I ■^' I cbA- i)/i^]ij' 

.rib« in M»i.i„,i, AMu , t'='li'c^,7fj«:mfi''' 

Georgia, and northwestern FL.rida, /) <■) /;'>H ^ ?M.Jt nil - W ( li ^- • 

U. S. .V ; ,.r «,,-,c„ >.. Cief on. ^H|j»f ^|m J^,V|^« 

are .Vpalache, Cliickasaw, Choctaw, -rt/t-f^) I i. 'iiC i I • '> J!>" 

Aril- ic-i . Ti ■tl^fttr fT : I -> ' vf ^ 

Muskoki, and .•"•.-minole, etc. Ihe ^ *•-* I -\ I -^ • '')f' v 

form Mii>kuki is also nsed. (!0) /fl;/ll+ 7 ■'. .. 

Muskhogee. See Mnskoki. .Mn> =? 51 a „ 

Muskoki, r^rnieriv in the greater VT Z. 1 ;^ I it Of ^i)^ 

part of Alabama and Georgia, T. :' f.'f'^tf ^^'''i ^ /^^^ ^;: 

S. A.; now m the Indian fern- ^ -;•/.. V^j/^^SU »-■« ^f- 



tory ; the Muskokis proper are called 
Creek or Kreek ; also written Mas- 
cogee, Maskoki, ^[obiliaii, Musk- 
hogeCjWliicli forms are also used the 
same as Muskhogean. (i2) (9"-) 

Muso. See Musur. 

Musoga. See Basoga. 

MUSOS, formerly on the eastern side 
.>f the Magdalena, Colombia ; now 

Mussurongo, on both banks of the 
lower Congo. 

Musur, originally in northwestern 
Yun-nan, China, now settled in the 
region lying between Kiang-hai 
and Kiang-hoen, towns in northern 
Siam ; they call tiiemselves Lahu ; 
also Muso, Muzour. (r.«) 

Musus. See Moxos. 

Mutabura, in the country westward 
of the Belyando lliver, eastern 

Mutandi, in Portuguese East Africa. 

Mutei, northeast of the Victoria 

Mutherabura, east of the Belyando 
Kiver, eastern Queensland ; means 
" belonging to rauthera" that is a 
grub found in the Brigalow tree. 
In the Years 1883-86 they are said 
to have changed their name to 
AVaralbura, from imral, "canoe" 
or " boat." (-ic) 

Muthi-muthi, east of the Ta-tathi 
tribe in New South AVales. 

Mutonia, a .subdivision of the Xaga. 

Mu-tse, originally in southern Yun- 
nan, China, now settled in the 

( > ^ ^- o ^[ascogee. Mas- 
koki. Mnskhogee > =t ,'1 ;7. 

Musur 9^-^o 
Basoga ^ %3 ^ 
m^ : ^ Vu< ?j 7 I; <- iU'l U jnj 

Pf- > T" b ^^ 1 > 3i 7 o Muso. 

Muzour 1> =o^g: 7'>o 
Moxos =f^^o 

M^ri:;J^-tE^> '1^=^7 jit« 

y i^:^ y mulhera > >^^,'ij ;&»' 
7o uaral ^^'^IStK^IJj bum ..% 
Xaga y^—Mo 



Muoiig Liiu tcrriloiy, norlliern 

Indo-C'Iiina. cv-i 
Mutuanis, on tlie Piinis, a tributary 

ot* tlie Amazon. 
Muturicus. See Mundrncus. 
Mu-Ua, in western Yun-naii, ('liina, 

called also Anan)pel. 
Muysca. See Chihclia-i. 
Muzos. >:une as Mosos. 
Muzour. See Musiir. 
Mwanziu, a siilidivi>ion of liie 

Myappe, on the Cloucurry Kivcr, 

nurtlitru Queensland. 
Mycoolon, along the .-oiilheastern 

shore of the Gulf of Carpentaria, 

Mygoodano, "U the Leichhardt and 

Gregory rivers, northern Queens- 
Myong. Same as Moi. 
Mythuggadi, on the upper Cloucurry 

Kiver, northern (Queensland. 

Mundnicus > ^ a o 

iflpj?rti?r^wsr.=fi-: ^- 'V- ^ 

/ „ Anampel h =t ffi -k ? •. ^ 
Chibchas ^^a-) 
Mosos -^ i/„ 
>[ustir ^ R,iJ ^ 
W'akamba /> — ;%)^n 

Moi =.[i3 i/;^ 


Naas. See Xa^ja. 

Nabadach, on the Ked Kiver, 

Texas I'. S. A. 
Nabayuganes, in the province of 

Caj,':iyan, Luzon, Philippine Islands. 
Nachi. formerly in sontiiwestern 

Mississippi, V. S. A.; now very 

i:) /) 'J i-S- 3?c PI 'C < ; -^ •« / 

0- iiHi^wift'Sc-ti;^- '- ^ 



few in number, in the Indian Ter- 
ritory; called also Nadche?, Nagna- 
tez, Xaliy. 

Nacook. See Saiigehan. 

Nacotah. See Dakota. 

t^adaaku, a subdivision of the Caddo; 
also called Anadarco, Anadarko. 

Nadches. See Nachi, 

Nadiisha-dena, iu Oklahonui, U. S. 
A.; so called by themselves, mean- 
ing "our people"; commonly known 
as Kiowa Apaches. They are called 
also Cataka, Gattacka, Semat (Kio- 
wa name meaning '"thieves"), etc. 
Also written Xaisha. 

Nadowa. See Nottoway. 

Nadowesi. See Dakota. 

Nadroga, a subdivision of the Fijians. 

Nafiab, a subdivision of the Beja. 

Naga, in the Naga Hills, a district 
in eastern Assam, India. Various 
derivations liave been given for the 
term Naga, being said to come from 
nniifja (Ilindnstani meaning "na- 
ked"), nuf) (Sanskrit meaning "sna- 
ke"), iicuja (Kachari meaning "a 
young man" or "a warrior"), nanrjta 
(Bengali). (2S) (139) 

Nagailer. See Taculli. 

Nagbangsis, in Udaipur, Sirguja and 

Jashpur of Chota Nagpur, Bengal, 

India; so called by themselves. 

Nagesar. See Kisan. 

Nago, "u tlie Slave Coast, West Africa. 

Nagrandan. See Subiiaba. 

Naguatez. See Nachi. 

Nahar, in Dera Ghazi Khan district 

j^^t; o Nadches. Naguatez. 
Nahy h =0^-k ^ lUc. 

Saugehan ^ A. ^ o 

Dakota ^K-^o 

Caddo ^ —Mo Anadarco. Ana- 
darko > =e fP> -fe 7 iv o 

Nachi ^ ^ 3 o 

> ^ 2X 7 o 

Nottoway ^^^o 
Dakota ^^Sq 
Fijians y — j^c 
Beja y> -Mo 

>y«M>^w'^(2^-f < ^J-^ 

i -T' 'Kjh yft) ^^> naga 
(i'^Sb'Jil^^^ '^^^^X'^ 
^fft15-j > V K) :^ ^- ncmgta {-< 
/x>*^' ^ It) a V IE 1) -y ^ / :>- 

-^^^ yy'o 

Taculli i-^^o 

Kisan ^^=3o 

Subtiaba ^^^o 
Nachi ^ M- 3 o 



and Klietran Hills, I'anjab, liulia. 
Nahauni, i n ilie Stiokine and Tallon 

river>, Alaska. 
Nahuas, in Mexico; callel also Xa- 

Nahuatlecas. See Nalmas. 
Nahy. !*oe Nachi. 
Naiman, between the Irtish River and 

Lake Halkash, Siberia. 

Naiman, in the southeastern (lart of 

Nair. Same as Xayar. 

Naisha. See Nadiisha-dena. 

Nakasinena, a subdivision of the 
.Vrajiaho ; so called by themselves, 
meaning " sage-brush (plant name) 
men "'. Same as Daachinena. 

Nakota. See Dakota. 

Nakum, on the left bank of tlie Sac- 
ramento, California, U. S. A. 

Nakwahtoh, a subdivision of the 

Nalani. See Comanche. 

Naltunne tunne, on the Siletz reser- 
vation, Oregon, U. S. A.; means 
" mushroom people. " 

Nalu, south of the Lower Kio <Jran- 
de, Portuguese Guinea, West Africa. 

Namana. See Nama.ina. 

Namaqua, north and south of the 
l.iwer < >range. South Africa; called 
also Namana. 

Nambiquaras, near tlic liea.l-waters 
of the 'i'lqiajus, Brazil. 

Nambiyar Nayar, a -nbdivi-ion of 
the Navar. 

ts]iUt •^-^ l: --li:^. 

-v =fi y r, a I ^ I i U I i' 

Nahuas ^ ^ a o 
Nachi ^^Hf, 

Nayar =. ^ i?o 
Nadiislia-dena ^^So 
Arapalio y -^o lH;« >^ flffi - 
-vr r^ I C.i:eoL(tll^«) 
A J h /* ^ ^ V n Ijaachinena 

- m V o 

Dakota ^ ^ a o 

Ilaeltzuk y —h%o 
Cotnanclie "^ JL ^ o 

qfi -yn y -J ij ;• h/^X' Vifi. 

Nania(|na ^ ^ -' o 

^ i/w C jBj l-'irit / -It /;.'i ^ ifi ^' 

Navar ^ — S^o 



Namollo. See 

Namosi, a subdivision of the Fijiuiiti. 

Namsang, a subdivi.sinn of tlie Xaga. 

Namuollo. See Yuit. 

Nanaimo, asubdi%'i.sionof iheSali.-luin. 

Nanakuli, a subdivision of the Kurds. 

Nandako, in Texas, U. S. A. 

Nandi, northeast of the Victoria 

Nandihari, nortii of tlie Hazira dis- 
trict, Panjab, India. 

Nano. See Banano. 

Nanoos, a subdivision of the Salishan. 

Nanticoke, formerly on the eastern 
shore of Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, 
U. S. A. ; they call tliemselves 
Nentego, meaning " tide-water peo- 
ple. " 

Naolingo. See Tahinolo. 

Napa, in the valley of the upper 
Napa River, northwestern Califor- 
nia, U. S. A. 

Napeanos, a subdivision of the Lla- 

Napos. See Xapeanos. 

Narantsouak. See Norridgewock. 

Narboo Murre, on tiie lower Suttor 
River, eastern Queensland. 

Narom, a subdivision of the Milanau. 

Narraganset, west of Narragansett 

Bay, Rhode Island, U. S. A.; called 

aUo Wampanoag ; now nearly des- 

t roved. 
Narragurt, in western Victoria. 
Narrang-ga, in Yorke PeninsuLi, 

South Australia. 
Narrinyeri, in the country art)und 

Lakes Alexandrina, Albert, and 

Yuit ^^3o 

Fijians ? — ,^o 

Yuit ^^3o 
Salislian j — JM, 
Kurds / — J^o 

Banano ^ M^ a o 
Salishan ; —fko 

=e-'o ^ 7.>n^'C r I i>fs 

Tahinolo ^^3o 

Llanieos /> — j^o 

Napeanos ^^So 
Norridgewock ^ ^ 3 o 

Milanau y -^JMo 
7 v ^ V o 

/j: I 0{;^0 i^fc" I -f i ?> 



Coorong in the soiUlieasterii jKirt of 
Soulli Australia. 

Narua, a subdivision of the Fijians. 

Nasari. See Laks. 

Nascapee, on tlie lower St. Lawrence, 

Quebec, Canada ; also Naskapee, 

Na-shi. See Mo-sso. 
Nashonit. See Caddo. 
Naskapee. See Nascapee. 
Naskotin, on the upper Fraser, Lri- 

tish Columbia. 
Nasqa, on tlie upper Skeena and Xas.s 

rivers, western British Columbia ; 

also written Naas, Na.<w. 
Nasquapee. See Nascapee. 
Nass. See Nasqa. 
Nataa. See Comanche. 
Natacook, See Saugehan. 
Natchez. Same as Nachi. 
Natchitoches, formerly south of 

the Ked River, Louisiana, U. 

S. A. 
Naticoke. Same as Nanticoke. 
Natingero, in southwestern Australia. 
Natnihina. See Dakota. 
Nauaiko, on the right side of the 

Darling River, and east of the 

Milpulko tribe, New South "Wales. 
Nauas, on the Jurua, an upper l)rancii 

of the Amazon. 
Naunas, on the Jutay, a tributary 

of the upper Amazon. 
Nauo. See Willuri. 
Nauras, on the Carare, a tributary of 

the middle Magdalena, Colombia. 
Nauset, formerly in Massachusetts, 

U. S. A. 
Navajo, on the reservations bearing 

Fijians / — i^^ 
Laks =>-JLao 

=. {t X tv =e >> o Naska|>ee. 
Naiquapee V^^'J^-o 
Mo-sso 9 ^ a o 
Caddo 9- ^ a o 
Nascapee =f^^o 

111 S' I M^'ifilto 

7<j:lTi^ -5<-J ^^nL lot- 
o" ?5 / %% ± 'V -f -> I t^ I"! ^ 

±]J^^ 2i tf rx I -r }"jBt - 1 1 ;'. 'V 

^- - -> r r^ I -f h =t Oy r< ;Vo 

Nascapee ^ ^ a o 
Nasqa ^^ao 
Comanche 5'- ^ a o 
Saugehan 9-jLao 
Naciii -fo^v-'n 

Nanticoke — [p] v'o 

Dakota ^^3p 

I - '*) I 3 •) "T T s. ' o '^ f 1% 'V 

f ( t ;^ /I' =c /» o 

^3 i xX i"! -t lYi ^ i f)£ '^ - 
Willuri ^>Jlao 

: ;^ f :;■ tu t^: vii \ ^i r»J •I' f^t 



their name in Utah, Arizona, and 
New Mexico, TJ. S. A. ; they 
call themselves Tennai, meaning 
" man." 

Nawiti, a subdivision of the Ilaeltzuk. 

Nawuncna, a subdivision of the Ara- 
paho ; means " southern men ". 

Nayaguas. See Payaguas. 

Nayar, in the native states of Cochin 
and Travancore, southern India. 

Nayar its, in Territorio de Tepic, Me- 
xico ; called also Coras. 

Nayman, a subdivision of the Usbegs. 

Nayras, a subdivision of the Moxos. 

Ndere. See Eaya. 

Ndob, in Kamerun, AVest Africa; 
about lat. 6° N.; long. 15° E. 

Ndri, between the Ubangi and Grin- 
bingi (a tributary of the Shari), 
Central Africa. 

Ndulu, in Angola, Portuguese West 
Africa; also Ondulu. 

Neenoiino. See Montagnais (Algon- 

Negda, west of the lower Amur (ab- 
out lat. 52° N.), Siberia. 

Negritos, a collective name for the 
black woolly-haired tribes inhabi- 
ting the Philippines, the Andaman 
Islands and the Malay Peninsula, 
that is, the Aeta, Andamanese, and 
Semang, etc. 

Negroes. I. A collective name for 
the tribes (except the Fulahs in the 
western Sudan) inhabiting Africa 
from the southern margin of the 
Sahara on the north to the Guinean 
coast, and the region of the equator 
on the south, and from the seaboard 
of Senegambia on the west to the 

iits^« -> 52 ^< '-^mm - It ^. 
'i- ^ ^ o fj 7 ^> -c n 1 1- f» 7. 

Haeltzuk y — JJMo 

Arapaho ^ -jl^o '1^-)i ^ Ki]- 

Payaguas ^ ^ a o 

Usbegs /> —Mo 
Moxos / —Mo 
Baya ^^Sq 

fV =e / o Ondulu h =e -^ 7. o 
Montagnais (Algonquiau) ^jt 

&&'^fI-0;c/\-+?!:T.;^)v/ i - ■> ?■ 3» 

(- 1 <-5 1 I . * -^ § li b 

'^}^ ^ Fii§ 3 V t%' ^- -y I - Tif^ 

ii tf ir^iiSfe::^ - M nM >^ ^ n 
i"*' i'CA' ^3 /* ^-^ 3 V 5}' ^- f; t. ^ 


Nile on llie east ; of wiiicli tlie prin- ^^% i- ■'. 11!^ >' ^j L*/^ ^ I • 

cipal are A>lianti, Baii, R>iigo, )j,o-'- L' * ' < . /'li I 

Dahoman, Dinka, IIaur-:?a, Maiulin- * /^, V/zi'- It T 3- (If 'J • 

go, Shillook, Wolof, and JYomba, li'Ajl' \ • i/</V^l'l A^ 

etc. i 1 5 I ,t*f t >) o 

2. A name given collectively to the 2. ? It fj iJ'N5>'l^i4 * '■ l?i 
dark woolly-haired tribes living in iHl^J->'0 i'--ft ') iti) v t' jtW 
the African continent from ^outh of ^^/^ "^ "^ • '''-' ^'^ " "^- '^ '^ -''' 
the Sahara to Sonth Africa, and from '\ Ki^P^.^Kl^J'J^'^^.^ 
tlie Atlantic to the Indian Ocean, 
excUuling thedonialns of the light- 
coloured South Africans (Hottentots j;,, ^ i /x^ i^lfe. - 1^^ / (5,18 fJ 
and Bnshmen) as well as the ligh- ") i' ''-'AV^^ y^ii^'Jj-^'''} 6* 
ter wavy-haired East Africans ((ial- :i:,\'i)' 1 b I • ■t I i '•) ' .1 
las, Somalis, and Danakils, etc.); of '-' ' - -i "> \ o "^ ' ^ Sfl i* '^ -^ 
which the chief ones are those men- ^^t'^i^U*^ t f ^1^^* 
tioned in 1 and the various tribes tfll'/x^/O I 1^ - Sti ^> -^afi!^ 
belonging to the Bantu (which see). iu/^O I y' V^=)- fi^ )f ^ n 

3. A generic name for the natives 3. t it h 'ii^ ;5WrS ' i)-^- •} 
in the compact mass of the African i' /<:I^ = (t^ ^- A'±ig^Bf ■/" 
continent south of the Sahara, in- jftS - -V r Ito*^/^ to t .!t 
chiding the Hottentots and Bushmen. tf j:-p L It AJIiIJi* ^fe <l'^o 
The Negroes are also found in the H I <* o > ^ ■" ^i ''' •' ^' 
southern part of the United States ^^'^^i?lSC- H*'/- t'-f^^ft- 
of America, West Indies, Colombia, loVi>^h- 5*ilt£'.M h- 
Venezuela, Guiana, and parts of -^ I ^^X A f -»^ ?> t^S '' "uK 
Brazil, having l)een carried as slaves - =e 'OvSft ^- Jg; ^ ^i^ + 'i W >C 
by the fZuropeans from West AlVica, J-lJjii I ^oiI'A*' tt^l ^ v 
especially the Slave Coast, and An- rSgC*) ->•'•) i'l* = ttJlJ*/i^ 
gola, since the early years of the 16ih .5 tf ^)^ - I b 14:-^ -« "» it^ 
century. (n)(i3)(2i)(29K3«J(flO)(C2)(:o)(99) /ilKilfiv' f -v '-i'St 1 - 

Nehalim, on the Grande Ronde reser- S) /) ') i'-ft-^Wt/^l I'A HI /' <* 
vation, (Jregon, U. S. A.; now nearly b^'C■ -oZ-^'CW /f^ *fe - (t "*= 
extinct. -yt/„^^^*ft> KltiK^I- 
Neitcheyong, in western Victoria. y •<.-(, i. ') ^^RhI»o 
Nemovome, a subdivision of theMege. Mege ^ — iHo 
Nempe, in tlie Oil Ilivers Country, ptjSH/i.;. v' f/' iJ». * <> 'J v i. > 

We^t Africa. "' f*^*!*-. 

Nenawehk, a subdivision of tlie Cree. tree / -i^c 



Nenezi. See Saniovcdes. 

Nepalese, in Xcp;\l ; also wrUteii 

Nepali. See Nepalese. 

Nepicinqui. See Nepissing. 

Nepissing, near Lake Xipissiiig, 
Onlario, Canada ; also Xepicin- 

Nespelum, a tribe of the Salishan. 

Nestucca, on the Grande Ronde re- 
servation, Oregon, U. S. A. 

Nesu. See Lo-lo. 

Netchillirmiut, on tlie western shore of 
tlie Gulf of Boothia, Canada. 

Netela, in soutliern California, 
U. S. A. 

Netherlanders. See Dutch. 

Neuter Nation. See Neutral Nation. 

Neutral Nation, formerly on Lake 
Ontario, North America. They were 
called by the early French writ- 
ers Attiwandaronk ; also Neuter 

Nevome, in central Mexico. 

Newar, in central Nepal. 

New Caledonians, in New Caledonia, 
an island in the South Pacific 
Ocean, east of Australia. 

New Hebrideans, in the New Hebri- 
des in the South Pacific Ocean, 
east of Australia. 

Newichumni, in central California, 
U. S. A. 

Nez Perces, See Sahaptin. 

Ngai Laos, ancient tribes of China; 
.some of whose descendants bearing 
the same name are still found in 
southwestern Annam. (.co 

Samoyedes ^ ^ a ^ 

mi\ h'y> Mil- I ^-ii 
;/. ,v =E y o Nepali > ^* ^^.^ 

Nepalese ^ ^ a o 
Nepissing ^^3„ 

^ <• tSfl Pt i5 ^ (t ;'. '^ * ^ o 

Nepicinqui \-^%7.^ 
Salishan ; — J5^o 

Lo-lo =)-%^o 

Dutch ^ ^ a J, 
Neutral Nation ^ ^ a o 

at - tt -fe -y =t ^ :^ -y r i^ ?3 /xy 

V ^ -fe 7 V ^ V o Neuter Na- 
tion 1> ^e^^'.o 

ilfi] -^.AS' c> ::■■ V > i>' ' 


Saliaptin ^-.E^o 

^3P ^ 'S'filiM - -y r :g5|-: ± >u^ 

Ngaje Masai, a subdivision of the 

Ngameni, north of tlie Warbnrton 

Kiver, South Australia. 
Ngapu, between the Ubangi and Grin- 

binsji I a tributary of tlie Shari), 

Central Africa. 
Ngapui, a ^subdivision of the Maori<. 


Masai / —p^^^ 


-Maoris /»— ^H:. 

Ngarigo, in the southeastern part of U.^ I ? T T •) x. ' o "f /* ^il^" 

New S null AVales. 
Ngarrimowpo, on ilie upper Murray 

River, N'ictoria. 
Ngaruk-willam, on tlie south side of 

the Danderong Mountains, southern 

Victoria; the word nyiruk means 

" stones " or " rocks ", " stony " or 

'• reeky ". 
Ngatban, on the eastern c^ast of Vic- 

Ngatiawa, a subdivision of the Maoris. 
Ngatierangi, a subdivision of the 

Ngatikahungunu, a subdivision of the 

Ngatimamoe, a subdivision of the 

Ngatimaniapoto, a subdivision of the 

Ngatimaru, a subdivision of the 

Ngatiporu, a subdivision of the Maoris. 
Ngatiraukawa, a subdivision of tlie 

Ngatiruanui, a subdivision of ilie 

Ngatiwhatua, a subdivision of tlie 

Ngatkon, a subdivision of the Tun- 

Ngiou. See Slians. 
Ngisem, on the northern slopes of tlie 

Congo-Cliad waterpartin^, Africa. 


Maoris y-SMo 

Maoris / -Mo 

Maoris ^-^3 

Maoris ^ _t^^ 

Maoris / — S^^ 

Majris />— jMo 

Maoris /> —^^ 

Maoris y — 5Mo 

Maoris 7 -f^, 

M.aoris y — ^^ 

Tunguses /> — i5^„ 

Slians ^£a-, 



Ngola, ill Angal;i, Portiignese West 

Ngo-ni. See Ilo-ni. 

Nguki, a subdivision of tiie Wiikamlja. 

Nguralungbula, on the Goulburn, a 
tiilmtary of the npper Murray, cen- 
tral Victoria. 

Ngurawola, between the Barcoo and 
Warburton rivers, South Australia. 

Nguria, near tlie mouth of the De 
tirev River in the northwestern part 
(if Western Australia. 

Niamah-Niam, the plural form of 

Niambara. ^ee Nyambnra. 

Niam-Niam, between tlie Welle, a 
triliiUary of the Ubangi and the 
upper Nile. Tlie name means 
" eaters " or rather, " great eaters " 
in the Dinka language, betokening 
tlieir cannibal propensities. Accor- 
ding to some authors, the word is said 
to be an onomatopceic derived from 
the sound of chewing. They call 
themselves Sandeh or Zandey (pi. 
Azaudeh). They are also called 
Babungera or Mavungula by the 
Monbuttus, Kakkarakka or Makka- 
rakka by the Mittus, Kunda by tlie 
Golos, ISIauyanya or Mundo by the 
Bongos, Omadyaka by the Dyurs.Cicfi) 

Niapu, a subdivision of the Mege. 

Niapu, on the right bank of the Bo- 
mokandi, an upper branch of the 
Welle (a tributary of the Ubangi) 
and west of the Momfu tribe, Central 
Africa. They are quite distinct from 
the Niapu l)elonging to the ^lege. 

Niazi, in Derajat, a division of the 
Panjab, India, and Khorasan, a dis- 
trict of southeastern Afghanistan. 

Ilo-ni ^ ^ a o 
Wakamba ; — J^o 

Niam-Xiani y ^tWMMi-o 
Nyambara ^ ^ a o 

iitffitt? '^ t>X ii-m -- -V ^ ^:t 7 

Aj> y;t.3 .J =e$n ^^ r 
f':kM^ii i-/a^ Vo ^^ 

^ T^ ^^ ?•■ ^ 'c m m^B ^ 

Mege /-J^o 
-y I M^^r)^u) y±vni^ 'f Is 

Niapu V ^^^i; ^i^^) o 



Nicaraguas. See Xicaraos. 

Nicaraos, formerly in Nicaragua bet- 
ween Lake Nicaragua and the 
Pacitic Ocean; also Nicaraguas, 

Nicassia, north of San Francisco Bay, 

California, U. S. A. 

Nichihinena. See Kiowa. 

Nicobarese, in the Nicobar Islands 
ill ilie Eay of Bengal; they are 
divided into the two groups of Coast 
people and Inland tribe, and the 
latter is called Shon Pen. 

Nicoutamuch, a tribe of the Salishan. 

Nicoyas, in Costa Rica. 

Nieh-su, in southeastern Yun-nan, 

Nifeab, a subdivision of the Jalin. 

Nigidals, west of the lower Amur (lat. 

52" N.), Siberia. 

Nikuar, on the Sobat, an upper branch 
of tlie Nile. 

Nimapu. See Sahaptin. 

Nimkish, a subdivision of the Hael- 

Ninagai, on the left bank of the mid- 
dle Amur (long. 123° E.), Siberia, 

Ninstence, a subdivision of the Haida. 

Nipegon. See 'Winnebago. 

Nipmuc, in central Massachusetts, 
U. S. A.; means " fresh-water fishing 

Niquirans. See Nicaraos. 

Nira-baluk, near Kilmore, a town 

north of Melbourne, Victoria; means 
nu-a, " a cave or a hole in the bank 
of a creek," baluk, "people." (46) 

Nicaraos ^ JL ^^ o 

h^Ppl-lli-k ^^^^o I'- I ii' 

h Cj>. r- 1 -> I b^^ =efii| 

■fe ^ 'fo 

Kiowa =f SL'^ o 

n (fe ;7. ,v =t 7 o jltiH '- mPr- K 

S ?i f PS it&?i!hM ^ - - M 3- -k 

Salishan y — ]^o 
Jalin J —f^o 

■^j: *. ' o ft"! /• )i-\M.^ '-^ X I ito t 

Sahaptin ^jLao 
Ilaeltzuk / — S^o 

Haida /> — B^o 
"Winnebago f- ^ a o 

Nicaraos ^ )i a o 

it ^ ;I^ ^ / o "''■« 1* ''^ 'hj"! ^ 

:^ Do 



Nishinam, formerly in northern 
(.'iilifornia, U. S. A., means "peo- 

Nisqualli. Same as Nisqually. 

Nisqually, on the Puyallup reserva- 
tion, Wa><hington, U. S. A. 

Nitinaht, a subdivision of the Alit. 

Niuak, on the left bank of the lower 
Sobat, an upper branch of the Nile. 

Njavi, on the left bank of the upper 
Ogowai River, "West Africa. 

Njempsian, east of the Victoria 
2s yanza. 

Njirru, a subdivision of the Wakikuyu. 

Nkami, south of the lower Ogowai 
River, "West Africa; also written 

Nkomi. See Xkami. 

Nkoranzo, on the Gold Coast, West 

Nkum, on the upper Irawadi, Burma. 

Noannamaes, on the head-waters of 
the San Juan River, Cauca, Colom- 

Noce. See Yana. 

Nofur. See Mafor. 

Nogai, a subdivision of the Usbegs. 

Nogaians. Same as Nogais. 

Nogais, south of the Kuma River, 
northeastern Caucnsus ; they call 
themselves Mankat ; also written 
■ Nog.ays. 

Nogays. See Nogais. 

Noje. See Yana. 

Nokoni. See Detsanayuka. 

Noks, a subdivision of the Usbegs. 

Nomlaki, in northern California, 
U. S. A. 

Nommuk, in northern California, 
U. S. A. 

Nisqually — [p] v'o 
Aht ^-Mo 

tt p; ,ix =e /> o 
"Wakikuyu ^ —Mo 

Nkomi h =e * ;', o 
Nkami ^^.^o 

CA* 2> i /* I. ^ f) -b h'M±Mo 

Y"ana ^A-^o 
Mafor ^ ^4 3 o 
Usbegs / —Mo 
Nogais =-\ai '^o 

t >^.;',o Nogays b=e^Xo 
Nogais ^ ^ a o 
Yana f-^So 
Detsanayuka ^ ^ a o 
Usbegs /► — ;^o 

!)'H ^ :}b^o 



Nong, in TongkinEr, Frencii Iinlo- 

Noonukul, in Stradltroke Island oft' 
I he souilieastern coast of Queens- 

Nootka, on the west coast of Van- 
couver Inland, British Columbia; 
called also Mowacliat. Also Xutka, 

Norelmuk, in northern California, 
U. S. A. 

Normuk, in northern California, 
r. S. A. 

Norridgewock, in Elaine and New 
Hampshire, U. S. A.; also Xaran- 

Norris, a subdivision of the Moxos. 

Norwegians, the people of Xor- 

Notoanaiti, near Lake Tulare, Cali- 
fornia, U. S. A. 

Nottoway, on the river of the same 
name in southern Virginia, U. S. A. ; 
means " snake ; " called also Chero- 
hakali, Xadowa; now extinct. 

Nowilnowilanna, in northern part of 
Western Australia. 

Nozi. See Yana. 

Nsakkara, on the Bali, an upper 
branch of the Ubangi, Central 

Nuaruaks. See Maipures. 

Nuba, in Kordofan (chiefly central 
and southern districts), and Darfur 
(dispersedly), and on the banks of 
the Nile from the first Cataract 
(Assouan) to the fourth Cataract; 
those on the Xile are commonly 
called Nubians in European books 
of travel, being called by themselves 
Barabra; the term Nuba is Ara- 
bic, (fii) 

< ^^^-f b^tVJ|li^?§^)^|':>- 
piqj^^-iL^> '^^ ^ - -y t' 
Xuika > =c ,lj X o 

fc ^ '■} t'^^W i' -J i>i.- zr-i) 

— {t 7. (V Ti y o Nanintjouak 

Moxos / ~%%o 

1 S9;t 1 V> O I i 

i ;t I Mat =■ (t -t -V =t y ^ ->- 

Yana ^^a 
3Iaipures ^^3o 

« 1(^- ?Di>iJ i'^ : 3 t' I 

\^^[). 1:i,i^ I oUii:;i(Ji4^ 
-Vr)jif^j:v'/j}nJ/ ^-jJSI 

;€ ^ il T 1^ r< ,1. j»ij -V r 7 ^> 

lib -5;^ M«^-o "I It.' h/- 



Nubians. See Nuba. 

Nuchalaht, a subdivision of the Aht. 

Nuer, on the lower Bahr-el-Jebel, the 

upper part of the Nile; culled also 

Nufi. i^ce Nupe. 

Nugamus, a subdivision of the Za- 

Nugumiut, on Frobisher Bay in the 
southeastern part of Baffin Land. 

Nukkobe, a subdivision of the Fulah. 

Nuksahk, a tribe of the Salishan. 

Nukunukubura, west of the lower 
Burnett River, southeastern Queens- 

Numa. See Comanche and Paiute. 

Numpali, north of San Francisco Bay, 
California, U. S. A. 

Nunatagmut, on tlie Noatak River, 

Nunivagmut, in the island of Nunivak, 
southwestern Alaska. 

Nupe, on the lower Niger, Africa; 
called also Tappa or Tapua. Also 
written Jaffa, Nufi, Nupi, Nyfe, and 

Nupi. Sec Nupe. 

Nushegagmut, in southwestern Ala- 

Nushinus, a subdivision of the Za- 

Nutabes, fornierlj' in Antioquia, Co- 
lumbia ; now extinct. 

Nutcheyong, on the upper Hopkins 
River, southwestern Victoria. 

Nutka. See Nootka. 

Nuwungmut, near Point Barrow, 
northern Alaska. 

Nuba i-M^^o 

Aht ^-Mo 

SQ 1 ^^ U^'^M^±^^i' 

>^ it \ h 7^h l:^-<s ^ h 

Nupe ^^3o 
Zaparos ? --%o 

{to i-'.'A' hkj)L ^ ^.^%'i- i^ 

Fulah y-J^o 
Salishan / — J^o 

<£ 7; ;V =e >> o 
Comanche Jit* Paiute ffL^o 

?3f.-rx)'^ra li^l> :^ 'i« I I- 

h MTviii ^ ifif^ = it ;7, ,1^ ^ y 

'ei^-k ^ ;i/o Jafla. Nufi. Nu- 
pi. Nyfe. Nytle > =e|J^.o 

Nupe =)-%^o 

^ b -f *' >' n'^% =■ tS-l. ^> i^ ^ 

^ o 
Zaparos / —Mo 

Nootka -^ ^ 3 o 
U' 1 ^ 1 Plti£o 



Nyambara, ou the Balir - el - Jebel 
(about hit. 5' X.), the upper part 
of tlie Nile, aud north of tlie Bari 
tribe : also written Xianibara. 

Nyam-Nyam. Same as Niara-Niaiu. 

Nyenech, See Samovedes. 

Nyfe. See Xupe. 

Nyffe. See Xiipe. 

Nyifwa. See Jaluo. 

Nzau, a subdivision of the Wakamba. 

Nzillem, on the Shari Kiver, south- 
east of Lake Chad, Africa. 

Nzuni, a subdivision of the Wakamba. 

m rft :7. ii :t /> o Niambara b 

Niam-Niani — [^ v t, 
Samoyedes ^ ^ a ^ 
Nupe ^J,3o 
^'upe ^^3o 
Jaluo ^^3o 
"Wakamba / — JMo 

fe^.ij i'^ ^ 3.0 f }iis ^ >!•; i{-i :^ 

Wakamba ^ — j^o 


Oas, on the banks of the Xapo, an 
upper branch of the Amazon. 

Obamba. Same as Mbamba. 

bom bo. See Abombo. 

Obong. See Bongo. 

Obongo, on the upper Ogowai River, 
West Africa; called also Abongo, 
Akkoa, Babongo (in plural), and 

Ochagra. Same as Winnebago. 

0-chang, in western Yun - nan, 

Ochessigiriniooek, a subdivision of 
the Montagnais (Algotiquian). 

Ochestgooetch, a subdivision of the 
Montagnai> ( Algonqu ian). 

Ochingita, near Lake Tulare, Califor- 
nia, r.s.A. 

Ochozomas. See Puquiuas. 

Mbamba — [^ i>o 
Abombo ^ J, a o 
Bongo ^^3o 

if I - I ^ r. I JnT y ±f)i£ - It 

T; rl/ =E y> - -V 7» ?) : ^. ?) 1 1 

^r I . ij li). itiixr i 

WinnelKigo ulrtj^o 

Montagnais (Algonquian) ^ — 
Montagnais (Algonquian) ^ — 

Puquinas 9-^3 ^ 



Ocoles, s-nith of tlic Rio Vermcjo, 

Ocoronos, :i subdivision of tlie Moxos. 

Oda. Hcc Votiaks. 

Odahwah, Same as Ottawa. 

Ode, on the Slave Coast, West Africa. 

Odiqua, an extinct tribe of tlie Hot- 

Oensmen. See Onas. 

Ogaden, in the southeastern part of 
Abyssinia. Same as Darod ? 

Ogallah, a subdivision of the Teton; 
also Ogallalah. 

Ogallalah. See Ogallah. 

Ogurdjali, a subdivision of the Yomuts. 

Ohenonpa, a subdivision of the Teton ; 
means "two kettles." 

Ohiaht, a subdivision of the Aht. 

Oigob. See Masai. 

Oitbi, on the southern shore of Van 
Dlemen Gulf, Northern Territory of 
South Australia; called also Bijna- 

Oivimana, a subdivision of the Chey- 
enne ; means " scabby." 

Ojhyal, a subdivision of the Gond. 

Ojibwa. See Chippewa. 

Ojibway, See Chippewa. 

Ojo. See Idzo. 

Ojotaes, in the Gran Chaco, South 

Okanagan, near Lake Okanagau, Eri- 
tisli Columbia, and in Washington, 
U. S. A. 

Okanda, on the Ogowai River, West 

Okeren, in the central Sahara. 

Okin. See Assinian-^. 

Okinagan. Same as Okanagan. 

^ Hi 1 ?^-)]o 
Moxos ? —%o 
Votiaks =)-%^o 
Ottawa - ^ v-Q 

Hottentots /> -j|^o ^^4eJ^-k 

Onas i-^-^o 

7 o ^--irod - 1^ -::>? 
Teton ; -]5^o Ogallalah \ =£« 

Ogallah ^%^o 
Yomuts /> —^^ 
Teton ; -%o ""-f®^!^. > ^ 

Aht y-;^o 
Masai ^%-^o 

W^i^^-tt^'^=t^o Bij- 
nalumbo ]- =^M'^ y i^o 
Cheyenne ^ -^^ ^ffi T >Vj > >> 

Gond y — ;^o 
Chippewa "^ %a o 
Chippewa =^ ^^ o > 
Idzo ^^So 

■§{t bvi>?^/tfSKo 

Assinians ^ ^ a o 
Okanagan - f^ ^S'a 



Okoa. See Obongo. 

Oko-Juwai, a subdivision of llie 
Audnmanese (Middle Andaiuau). 

Okota, south of the Sauga, a tribu- 
tary of the lower Congo. 

Okrika, in tiie Oil Rivers Country. 
West Africa. 

Okwa. Same as Okoa. See Obongo. 

Olamentka. formerly to the north of 
San Francisco and San Pablo Bays, 
California, U. S. A., comprising 12 
small tribes. 

Olcha, on the lower Amur, Siberia; 
called also Mangnn, and Chang- 
mao-tze by the Chinese, meaning 
" long-haired people," from their 
liabit of wearing their hair long 
and hanging down. 

Olelato, in northern California. 
U. S. A. 

Olenes, a subdivision of the Tunguses. 

Olipes. See Atacamenos. 

OIkhon, near Lake Baikal, Siberia. 

Olla, on the left bank of the Sacra- 
mento River, California, U.S.A. 

Olongbura, about Sandy Cape, Great 
Sandy Island, Queensland. 

01 6t. Same as Kalmucks. 

Olowidok, in central California, 
U. S. A. 

Olowit, in central California, U. 
S. A. 

Olowiya, in central California, 
U. S. A. 

Olposel, in nortliern California, 
r. -. A. 

Oiumpali, nortii of San Francisco 
B.iy. California, U. S. A. 

Obongo ^ ii 3 n 

Andamanese (4« i)A/1:kA., - 

Okoa =. 1^1 -;>o Obongo ^ ^ a o 

J;^C I ^^ =E?!?-k 7 ,Uo Jit 

Tunguses ? — ]Ko 
Atacamenos ^ M. ^ o 

^ »6 ij i' 

i'lj i^>,h\'-i:> 


Kalmucks = pij v^o 



Omadyaka. See Niam-Xiam. 

Omaguas, on the lower Maranon, 
nortliein Peru ; called also Cani- 
bebas, meaning "flat head" (from 
their practice of head-deformation) 
in the Tupi language. Also Aguas, 
Manas, Umanas. 

Omaha, in eastern Nebraska, U.S.A.; 
also Maha. 

Omapacha, on the southwestern coast 

of Peru. 
Omarab, a subdivision of the Jalin. 
Omeo. See Ya-itma-thang. 
Omok, a subdivision of the Yuka- 

ghirs; means "tribe" in their own 

language ; extinct ? 
On, a snbdivision of the Kara-Kirghiz. 
Onas, a subdivision of the Fuegians 

(on Magellan Strait) ; called also 

Aonik, Oensmen. 
Ondo, west of the lower Niger, Af- 
Ondonga. See Ovambo. 
Ondulu. See Ndulu. 
Oneida, formerly in New Y'ork, 

U. S. A., now in Wisconsin ; means 

"people of the stone." 
Ongwehonwe. See Iroquois. 
O-nhi. See llo-ni. 
Onime, on the McClure Gulf, Dutch 

New Guinea. 

Onondaga, soutli of Lake Ontario, 

U.S. A.; means "on tlie top of the 

notes, formerly on the eastern shore 

of Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela ; now 

Ontonturuk,a subdivision of the Kara- 

Niam-Niam ^ ji a o 

■^'i^ > i f)i:j.. 1 ^ MTf)it- 
\\[ 7.)V^ J ^v=fi)' V^ I It 

•Jalin yf — :^o 
\''a-itma-thang ^^^^ 
Yukaghirs J — ;^o ± Ui - r 

Kara-Kirghiz ? — ^^ 
Fuegians (I; t£' I ?> A- ^ ili^ iS 

^-t£^. ,1^)/ — ^o Aonik. 

Oensmen > =t fPf -fe 7 iI/q 

Ovambo ^ ^ a ^ 
Ndulu ^I,3o 

Iroquois ^^.^o 
Ho-ni 5f- H. 3 o 

Karakalpaks ^ —J^o 



Onya. S'e Wanya. 

Opata, on the head-waters of the Kio 
Yaqui.Sonora, Mexico; derived from 
a Pima word meaning "enemy." 

Opechisaht, a subdivision of the Alit. 

Openango. See rassamaquoddy. 

Oqomiut, on Cumberland Sound on 
the southeastern coast of Baffin 

Oraganda, a subdivision of the Ba- 
hima ; so called by themselves. 

Orakzai, in the mountainous district 
northwest of Kohat, a town in the 
Pan jab, India. 

Oramar, a subdivision of the Kurds. 

Orambul, south of the mouth of the 
Fiizioy River, eastern Queensland. 

Oran Badjoo. Same as Bajau- 

Orang Abung, in the southeastern 
extrein'uy of Sumatra. 

Orang Banuwa. See Orang Benua. 

Orang Benua, in the southern part 
of the Malay Peninsnla ; means 
" men of the soil ; " correctly, Orang 
Banuwa. .According to some works, 
the term is said to have been given 
collectively to all the wild tribes 
of the x>«n'nsula by the Malays; 
their physical characters and lang- 
uages are similar to those of the 
Malays, but they are not Mohom- 
medans; they are known as Udai, 
Mentra, Besisi, Jakun, Sakai to their 
Malay neighbours. According to 
other works, they are called also 
Sakai, Jakun, Semang (as the Neg- 
rito tribes) by the Malays. The 
forms of Banuwa, Benuwa are also 
used. They are also called Orang 

Wanya ^ —J^n 

Aht y-j^o 
Passamaquoddy V- M. ^ o 

(£ P'. ^U =t y o 

Bahima / -l^o H 7j&r7 ^^ffi 

t£ 7. /I/ =e /> o 
Kurds /> —Mo 

Bajau - [Bl v>„ 

Orang Benua ^^So 

i5 1 ^ ^ <•• '^a 1 * t 

l^ I i^^^[^%- It ;'• ''.' =c 
■r ^ IE -V i' ^^ if I b ^ <• -^ 

y'o BHHfe^i^^'^^U I ^ = 
^- 1 I f:\'. /)^ t b- ^L 

I. CJ,<^• ?i'w'^«^a 

CJ,<^■ tf i^<•(^±aq- 
iUrOt^rt ,1/ !• z-7n il'« I lr> 
^ f -nTIO » ^-> :^ .1' nft^ =t ^.ffl 
4 7 .1- o !:» I f) ^ <• 1:h^ I 



Darat (" men of tlie land "), Oraiig 
Gunnng (" men of the liighlaud "), 
Orang Utan (" men of the wood"j. 

Orang Besisi. See Besisi. 

Orang Biduanda Kallang. See Bidu- 
anda Kallang. 

Orang Bukit, a suhdivisiou of the 
Sakai in Selangor, Malay Peninsula; 
means " liill men" in the Malay 
language. See also Sakai. 

Orang Bukit, on the head-waters of 
the Baram, Koti, and Bulungan 
rivers, Sarawak, Borneo. 

Orang Darat. See Mai Darat. 

Orang Gunung, in the southern part 
of the Malay Peninsula ; means 
" men of the highland." 

Orang Kenaboi. Same as Sakai? 

Orang Kubu. See Kubu. 

Orang Laut, a Malay tribe which 
wanders mucli by boats in Malacca 
Strait, and along the coasts of Banca 
and Billiton (islands southeast of 
Sumatra), the coasts of Borneo, 
Celebes and the adjacent small 
islands; sometimes they sail as far 
as the northern coast of Australia, 
and seem to have spread to the coasts 
of many islands from Malacca, their 
original home ; means " men of the 
sea " in the Malay language ; they 
were called Sea Gipsies by the early 
English, and Cellates (^derived from 
the Malay word selat, " strait ") by 
the early Portuguese. Those of 
Borneo (especially on the north- 
western coast of the British domi- 
nion) and Celebes are called Bajau 
(call themselves Orang Sama), those 

^^) ij I ?)^<' -3 > f:^ 

Besisi =. ^ .::>o 

Biduanda Kallang ^ M^ a o 

ni 4^.1; ^tf ^>^r i za^:^ 
= fli^> "^§ in^MS5^^-3Mo 

ithv. : I ^St'.^; I o^ 

Mai Darat ^^So 

Sakai ^ [^j i>? 
Kubu ^ M. 3 o 
is] G^<- &ii 3; f)o 

>j(n-yo jltiSfS^^ Jrlii m=- 

^- tf iJ5,-C-r (3t^l 1 in selat 

ii^, /i^=E^)St'tfn'<-r ^ 
7 ->- ij I ^ ^ c ? i > 5 7 ) 



in some parts of the coast of Borneo 
and on the coast of Billiton Island, 
Sika ; the name Bajau probably 
means "pirate" or "sea robber," 
as tlie Javanese bajag, (so>(3r,)(73)(i32) 
Orang Laut Kappir, on the north- 
west coast of the Malay Peninsula 
(lat. 7° X.), and the small islands 
lying oft" it ; the term Kappir like 
Kaflir means " infidel," that is Xon- 
Orang Liar, a term often applied to 

the Jakun. 
Orang Lubu. See Lnbu. 
Orang Malayu, in tlie Malay Penin- 
sula; means "Malay men." 
Orang Punan. Same as Punan. 
Orang Rayet, in Jt.horc, Malay Pen- 

Orang Sabimba, a tribe transferred 
from the island of Battam to the 
southern coast of Johore, Malay Pen- 
insula in 1840. They almost merged 
in tlie surrounding Malays. 
Orang Sakai. See Sakai. 
Orang Sama. See Orang Laut. 
Orang Selatar. See Orang Seliter. 
Orang Seliter, in tlie district of Seli- 
ter, Singapore; none of pure blood 
are now known to ; also written 
Orang Selatar or Saletar, Orang 
Sletar. The name is also used as the 
syu'inyin of Orang Laut. 
Orang Semang. See Semang. 
Orang Sletar. See Orang Seliter. 
Orang Udai. See Udai. 
Orang Ulu, in central Sumatra. 
Orang Utan. See Sakai. 
Oraon, in ('liota Nagpur, India. 

S-tt^ 'I'* /'o Kappir 1- 
.^ Kaffir M^tJI'"T^t^^■J IP 

^^ Jakun i-\ify'-}]]^7 
Lul)u ^ £ "=^ o 

is 1 G^<■" ^nuj) 1 * 
n I Aj b^a+ y o 

Punan = In] iP-o 

Jin I ^Mi^ Cfeii I ^na:^- 

{f ^, ;v =e /> o 

Sakai =?-^3o 
Orang Laut ^^So 
Orang Seliter ^ ^ 3 o 

,-^ :^;j£-t -fo Orang Selatar. 
Saletar. Orang Sletar ^ =t-,IJ 
.7.0 ^^^-%ii\ f>/< C b 

Semang ^^^o 
Orang Seliter ^£a o 
I'dai ^Jl3n 

Sakai ^^^o 
1L {'-I' I oi^'^o 



region of Mon 

Ordos, in Oidos 

Oreguatus, on the south side of tlie 
Amazon, below the moulli of the 

Orejones, in northern Coahuila, 
Mexico ; now extinct. 

Orejones, on the lower Napo and the 
Piitumayo, tributaries of the upper 
Amazon; means "large ear" in Spa- 
nish from their habit of inser- 
ting a stick into the lobes of their 

Orejones. See Chichas Orejones. 

Orelhudos, See Aroaquis. 

Oristines, in the Gran Cliaco, South 

Oritos, on the lower Napo, a tribu- 
tary of the upper Amazon. 

Orma. See Galla. 

Ormu. Same as Orma. See Galla. 

Oroches, between the lower Amur and 
the Pacific coast, Siberia; called 
also Ch'ih-mao-tze(?) by the Chinese, 
meaning " red-haired people." 

Orochons, on the Olekma Kiver, an 
upper tributary of the Lena ; means 
"reindeer keeper;" this is the tribe 
commonly called Reindeer Tun- 

Orokes, in the interior and on the 
eastern coast of Saghalin Island ; 
also written Orokhos, Orotskos. 
Orokhos. See Orokes. 
Orokolo, along the Gulf of Papua, 

British New Guinea. 
Oromo. Same as Orma. Sec Galla. 
Oronchons. Same as Orochons. 

ij m 1 (5. Mi 1 T ^5 i f 

Chichas Orejones ^ A. ^ o 
Aroaquis ^^Sq 

ft J; fX M -h f)^ ^ ^VJlt^ '^ U 

Galla ^M.3o 

Orma - [o] v>o Galla =f ^-^ o 

li 7. ,u=ey' - -y r Xm\ -=3 1) 

Orokes ^ ^ a o 

Orma - Ih] v-q Galla t^ ^ a o 
Orochons -JBjiJ'o 


Orotchons. Same as O.oclions ur 

Orotinan, on t!ie western coast of 

Orotskos. See Orokes. 

Oroungou. See Oriingu. 

Oru. See Idz:). 

Orungu, on the coast nortli of the 
mouth of the Ogowai Kiver, West 
At'iica; also written Oroungou. 

Osage, formerly in Arkansas, U.S.A. ; 
now on the Osage reservation, Okla- 
homa; call themselves "Wacace. Also 

Osaka, on tlie upper Ogowai Kiver, 

West Africa. 
Osbegs. See Usbegs. 

Oscans, an ancient Italic people wlio 
occupietl a great part of southern 

Osetes, See Ossetians. 

Oshiba. Same as Osyeba. See Fan. 

Oshiu, on the Ivory Coast, West Af- 

Oshun, a subdivision of the Usbegs. 

Oshyeba. Same as Osyeba. See Fan. 

Osmanii, in Asiatic and European 
Turkey; so called from Otliraan or 
< )sman, their first great leader ; cal- 
led also Ottomans or Turks- 

Osmanii Turks. Same as Osmanii. 

Oss. See Ossetians. 

Ossetians, in the central <'aucasus; 
ilerived from Oss, a n:ime given by 
the Georgians ; call themselves Ir 
or Iron; also written Osetes. 

Ostiaks, between tlie middle Obi and 
the Yenisei; tliey call themselves by 

Oruchons X ^"^ Oronchons - [ti] 

Orokes 9 ^^'^ o 
Orungu ^ H. 3 o 
Idzo ^H.3o 

')'My^-\'^-^^ '^=t /o Oiuun- 

iiOU > =E ^^ 7. o 

Usbegs ^ Ji a o 

Ossetians ?^ H 3 o 

Osyeba -"^-^0 ^'^n ^^^0 

Usbegs ; —M.O 

Osyeba ^-Wi-^o t^^" =)■ %'^ o 

z,-?!!" i h : ^m^o]itfSBf 

Osnwmli :^i^ v^o 
()ssc-ti:ins ^IL^o 

,1?} - >) ^ y VE /* :>- 1 o f I ? 

Iff) '-. 



cliili-MTiit names: As-jach ("river- 
men "), Koiuliklio, and Tyn-kum 
(" morass-men ") ; called also Manz 
l.y the Voguls, Thahc l)y the Samo- 
yedes. Also written Ostyaks. (fiO) 

Ostyaks. Sec Ostinks. 

Osyeba. See Fan. 

Otaki, on the left bank of thfe Sacra- 
mento River, California, U. S. A. 

Otamacs, in eastern Colombia. 

Ota n do, on the coast south of the 
lower Ogowai River, West Africa. 

Otas-itaniuw. See Caddo. 

Otemisch, a subdivision of the Tekke. 

Othomis. See Otomis. 

Oto. See Otoe. 

Otoe, formerly in southern Nebraska, 
U.S.A. ; now on the Otoe reservation, 
Oklahoma, call themselves Watota, 
meaning "lovers of sexual plea- 
sure;" also written Oto, Otto, Wah- 

Otomacos, formerly on the middle 
Orinoco, Venezuela. 

Otomis, in central Mexico; derived 
from the Nahuatl otomitl, " wand- 
erer ;" also written Othomis. 
Otonnica. See Tonika. 
Ottawa, on the Ottawa River, Canada, 
ami south of Lake Huron, U. S. A. 
Otto. See Otoe. 
Ottomans. See Osraanli. 
Otugunu, a subdivision of the Ciiey- 

<. \ V i^E^ A,) ^^-f- Vo 

X 'J s. 1 <• ' o ^. 3 >j >- ^ ^ 

T 1^ 3 i (.V.oc Fc -=3 f >-? 
's Ynff< iVo Ostyaks > =E# 

Ostiaks i-^^n 
Fan ^^3o 

Caddo ^ M, 3 o 
Tekke ^-Mo 
Otomis ^ ^ s o 
Otoe ^^3o 

b ^ f^i" >) o ^^o. Ouo. VVah- 
tohtane > ^-*^. o 

iji ^ 1 ^: 1 m^-Sr^n 

it ^ -V Ti ^ o 

?K-S-j > ^lg->- 'i^^j; 1 ^ 1 Iff 

o?oi?u7/ a 1) ja y -y =e / - -V f 
Othomis > =e it 7, „ 

Tonika ^ M.^ o 

Otoe ^jlso 
Osm;;nli ^^3o 
Cheyenne >> -"^o 



Otuki, in soml'.easterii llolivia; al>o 

written Otuqui. 
Otuqui. S.e Oiiii<i. 
Ouaycurus. Same as Giiaycurus. 
Oulof. See Wolof. 
Oumaloumines. See Meiionieni. 
Oumamiawak, a suhdivision of the 

Montagnais (Algoniiuian) ; ciilletl 

alsj E.Tsianiites. 
Outagami. See Fox. 
Ovaherero, in the plains of Damara- 

land, German Siutli-Weat Africa; 

means "merry people;" called also 

Cattle Damara, Plain Damara. Also 

written Herero. 
Ovajamba. See Ovambo. 
Ovambandyeru, in the eastern part 

(.f German South-West Africa. 
Ovambo, in Ovamboland of German 

SDUth-West Africa; so called by the 

Ovalierero; their own name is Ao- 

jamba or Ovajamba, meaning " the 

wealthy;" called also Ondonga. 

Written Ovampo. 
Ovampo. See Ovambo. 
Ovangangela. Same as Ganguella. 
Owanguttha, <>n the Murray and its 

trlbiuaty tlie Goulburn, Victoria. 
Oyampis, in Frencli Guiana, South 

Ozbegs. See Usbegs. 
Ozuanas, on the Jutay, a tributary 

uf tlie upper Amazon. 

/>o Otuqui b =e .ijTio 
Otuki ^^3o 
Guaycurus — 1^1 •^'^ 
Wolof ^^3o 
Menomeni =^^'^o 
Montagnais (Algonquian) ^ — 

]^o Bersiamites > =e ^ -fc 7 

Fox ^a^o 

^ 1 7j>'^n 1 5 1 ^vm 

Ovambo ^%^o 
^^ 'f =e ^ o 

a 1 5*5, fi5 1 %%tn [?^ 
'Jo i>••^c I ^i'■^ =tfii^ 7 

Ovambo ^^.^o 
Ganguella — 1^1 •J>o 

:^ fi^L :»- 'V - I ell ' ^M^o 

;^ (1/ =c /* o 
Usbegs ^ A 3 o 
ft i X ^ M -h rift /» i irft ^ '^ 




Pa-an. See Tungthus. 
Pacaburas. Same as Pacaguaras. 
Pacaguaras, on tlie Madre de Dios 

ELver, a tributary of the Madeira, 

northern Bolivia. 
Pacajas, on the lower Amazon; called 

also Igarauaras, meaning "canoe- 
men." Also Pacaxas. 
Pacanabas, a subdivision of the 

Pacao, formerly near San Antonio, a 

city in Texas, U. S. A . ; called also 

Pinto by the Spaniards; also written 

Pacasas, on the eastern shore of Lake 

Tlticaca, western Bolivia. 
Pacauaras. Same as Pacaguaras. 
Pacavaras. Same as Pacaguaras- 
Pacaxas. See Pacajas. 
Pacayas, in northeastern Peru. 
Pacayas. Same as Pacajas. 
Pachenaht, a subdivision of the Aht. 
Pacimonaris, a subdivision of the 

Padal, a subdivision of the Gond- 
Pa dam. See Abor. 
Padlimiut, a subdivision of tlie Akud- 

Padouca. See Comanche. 
Padung, on the lower Salwin, Burma. 
Paes, on both slopes of the central 

Cordillera, Colombia ; also written 
Paezes (a double plural). 
Paezes. See Paes. 

Tungthus 9-M.3n 
Pacaguaras — I^ 'J>o 

\]^ y. ,v ^ ^ =. i/ r \, ^H^ b O b 
A' V ^fs^ y o Pacaxas h 
Moxos ^ —Mo 

^Aa V ^-a^/o t « Ml?'' i-- 

^ V o Pakawa > =E ^j 7. „ 

Pacaguaras — f^ -j>o 
Pacaguaras — Ib] i? o 
Pacajas ^^Sq 

Pacajas - |h] i>o 

Aht ^-ji^o 

Barres / —Mo > 

Gond / — JMo 
Abor ^JLa^ 
Akudnirmiut ^ -^JXo 

Comanche ^ ^ a o 

^x{i;7. ,i.^y'o Paeze. h =e 
Paes ^n.-^o 



Pa-fan Miao, in southwestern Kui- 
chau, rliina. 

Pagan a vo. iv^e Clieyenne. 

Pagatsu, a subdivision of the Co- 
manche ; means '" head of the 
stream;" now extinct. 

Pagni, in southeastern Tibet. 

Pahalia. See Maler. 

Paharia, in the southeastern part of 
Kashmir, India. 

Paharia. See Maler. 

Pah-Ede. See Paiute. 

Pah-nute. See Paiute. 

Pahoja. See Iowa. 

Pahri, in central Nepal. 

Pahucha. See Iowa. 

Pahuin. Same as Fan. 

Pah-Utah. See Paiute. 

Pah-Vant, south of Great Salt Lake, 
Utah, U. S. A. 

Pai. Same as Pai-y. 

Paiconecas, on the Eio Blanco, 
Eolivia ; also Paun:ic:>s. 

Paid] Domb, a subdivision of tiie 

Paiguizes. See Mundrucus. 

Pai-lh. Same as I'ai-y. 

Painchunga, on the southeastern 
coast of South Australia. 

Paiute, in Nevada, southwestern Utah, 
and northwestern Arizona, U.S.A. ; 
derived from pai " true," and the 
Utah (a tribe); they call themselves 
Nunia, signifying " i)eople." Also 
called and written Hogapagoni (Sho- 
shoni name meaning " rush arrow 
people,") Paii-Ede, Pah-nute, Pah- 
Utah, Pai-yu-lsi (Navajo name), 
Pedie, Pient, Pyeed. <*•' 

AWi^i- '^ =0 .^ Jg: u' t 'J „ 
Cheyenne ^^a^ 
Comanche z' — J^, ""jSjij »" ^ 

S:^ Vo ^^>$gj($-k Vo 
Maler -J-JLao 

Maler ^^Bq 
Paiute ^^3o 
Paiute ^^ao 
Iowa ^ E "=3 o 
nil' I a ^ *^o 
Iowa ^ M, 3 o 
Fan - ID =:>„ 
Paiute ^^'=3o 

Pai-y ~\3\Po 

io^ =■ {1; ^> /V =t ^ o Paunac;is 
Domb /> —Mo 

Mundrucus ^^.^c 
Pai-y =.m vo 

Wis \ -f t Q ^J z' >lii1ifSf^ - 
(If t; ,v ^ / „ 

R" r^ 1^\ Zi f h 'J X ii jTli/S ^ M 

yj). Uia(>$,IJVi«)y 'J^V -V 

=0/ :>■ 'Jo N ^ /^oy >T-« I 

:»- Vo -<gii.i>M:":'i:( Lj.- ' 
L*. i I- .ifi-^ '"it^ff/ ^A 
Kj> z'&i^ =tfiif-k 7 u Pah- 
Ede. Pah-nute. Pah-Utah. 
Pai-yu-;M {fl 5" i, It I SS-) 
Piede. Piute. Pyeed h =t {•? ;^ o 



Paiwan, in the southern extremity of 
Formosa, south of the Subonkei and 
the Chihonkei ; so called by them- 
selves and by the Tsarisens. They 
are also called Parewan by the 
ruyumas, and by the Amis, Wagol- 
Also written Payowan. 

Pai-y, in southern and western Yun- 
nan, China; a Chinese name for the 

Shans in China. 

Pai-yu-tsi. See Paiute. 

Pakases, near Lake Titicaca, western 

Pakawa. See Pacao. 

Pakhpu, on the upper Yarkand Darya, 
East Turkestan. 

Pakhpuluk, in northern Kashmir, 

Paki. See Sgan. _ • 

Pakurukal, a subdivision of the Pai- 

P'a-la, in the southern part of Yun- 
nan, China. 

Palaihnihan. Same as Palaik. 

Palaik, formerly in northern Califor- 
nia, U. S. A.; derived from plaikni, 
a Klamath word meaning " moun- 
taineers ;" now extinct ? 

Palauanes. See Tagbanuas. 

Palaung, west of the middle Salwin 
(hit. 24° N.), Burma. 

Palembangs, in southeastern Sumatra. 

Palencas. See Palenques. 

Palenques, in Bermudez, Venezuela; 

now extinct ; also written Palencas. 
Paligar, in Travancore, southern 

Palin Maloh, a subdivision of the 

:Maloli Dyak. 

- -y r o J, g -ti:/^ mVi ^ *itfc 

Payowan h ^^ ^7^ ^ 

Ik t'Sg|> - ffc ;7. ,u =e / ^ -y r 
fy^i- ,v^^ ^v^ Vo %m 

Paiute ^Eao 
Pacao ^^Ho 

^« /I' =E /> o 

Sgan ^I,3o 
Paiwan / — j^o 

Palaik n [^ -:7o 

plaikni a V ^ V -y -fi / i- '') o 
Tagbanuas ^-JLso 

Palenques ^ Jl a o 

ij o Palencas h =e # ;'• o 
Maloh Dyak / -Mo 



Pallanganmiddah, in nonlieasicm 

Palmellas, in Beni, Bolivia. 
Palomos, on the Rio Veriuejo, nortii- 

ern Argentina. 
Paloos. Same as Palouse. 
Paloung, in the western part of Yun- 
nan, China ; written P'o-hing by tlie 

Palouse, formerly in Idaho, U. .S. A.; 

now on tlie Yakima reservation, 

Palpumas, on tiie Jurna, a tributary 

o{ tlie Amazon. 
Pambadequez, on the Maranon, the 

upper part of the Amazon. 
Pambizimina. See Dakota. 
Pamenuas, on tlie Japnra and Uaupes, 

tributaries of the Amazon. 

Pames, in the southeastern part of 
San Luis Potosi, Mexico ; also writ- 
ten Parais. 

Pa mis. See Pames. 

Pamlico, on the river of the same 
name, North Carolina, U. S. A. ; 
tliey were nearly destroyed by small 
pox in 1G96. 

Pammanas. Same as Pammarys. 

Pammarys, on the Purus, a tributary 
of the Amazon; means "eater of 
the pama " (a kind of berry). They 
are said to be the same as the 
Purupurus. See also Purupurus. 

Pampangos, in Pampanga, a provinc-e 

of Luzon, Philippine Islands. 
Pampas. See Puelches. 
Pampticokes, near Cape Hatteras on 

the eoa-t of Xorth Carolina, U. 

S. A. 

Palouse =. 11] ;j>o 

fe 3; X ^ M z' ± ?)ii ^ i^ t h 
Dakota ^E'^^o 

(ii*i ^^L:/?^s 
1 ^'-r I? I ill 'y\^Ai^ 

%~^7. i^"^ J o Pamis h =e 
Pames ^^3o 

PauKuarys - 1^ v-q 

^Jl)^ ft 7 ^-j )■/ ^i- 'Jo 

^; 1 2, 1 -jn o I -f Ml iM > 
[5]-±';b57o X^\ h \ 
XI ;?) I t ^il3o 

Puelches ^ ^ a o 



Panack. See Bannock. 

Pananas, a subdivision of the Chi- 

Panares, on the Canca Eiver, western 

Panataguas, on thelluallaga, an upper 

brancli of the Amazon. 
Panches, on the right bank of the 

Magdalona, Colombia. 
Pangasinans, in the northwestern 

part of Pangasinan, and various 

localities of Zambales, Nueva Ecija, 

and Bengnet, Luzon, Philippine 

Panggarang, on the Murray, northern 

Panguianes. See Pungianes. 
Pani, in northeastern Baluchistan. 
Pani. Same as Pawnee. 
Panibotia Miri, in nortliern Assam, 

India; called also Hill Miri. 
Paniquitas, between the upper Mag- 

dalena and the upper Cauca, Colom- 
Paniyan, in Malabar, a district of 

Madras, India. 
Panos, formerly on tiie Ucayali, Peru ; 

now nearly extinct. 
Pantagoros, on both banks of the 

Magdalena, Colombia. 
Pantasmas, on the upper Rio Coco, 

northern Nicaragua. 
Panthay, in the eastern part of Upper 

Panuipuyes, a subdivision of the 

Panwe. See Fan. 
Pan-yao, in Kwang-si and Kui-chau, 

Bannock ^ ^ a o 
Chiquitos ? — ,^o 

^J ^ ^* /x> M ^ -t iTl ^ >v ky\ 

: h vo^ h^ k<: /: n-^iinj ^ ^ 

-f. r-;t 1 0-h II L MI- -< 

Pungianes ^ ^ 3 o 

Pawnee — [^J v'o 

7. ,v-e ^ „ Hill Miri V ^m 

!)tl kbit \ h m-^o 
(i 1 1 T 4iaf-<A I ? ■) 

±ilB j'^' hkJ )iitl5-tI4 ^' '^ =^ 

Igorrotes / — ;^o 
Fan ^^3o 



China ; culled also Tiiig-paii-yao, 
Yao-jen . 

Pan-y-shan-tze, in tlie mountains 
of Kwang-si on tlie Tongkinese 
frontier; called also Mo-yao, Siao 

Panzacola. See Pensacola. 

Paoli, a subdivision of the (Jond. 

Paouen. See Fan. 

Papabucos, in Oajaca, Mexico. 

Papago, in southwestern Arizona, 
U.S.A., and in vSonora, Mexico; 
also Papayo. 

Papaguas, on the Marauon, the upper 
part of the Amazon. 

Papanazes, formerly on the coast of 
E>i>irito .Santo, Brazil. 

Papayo. See Papago. 

Papel. See Pepel. 

Papiocos. Same as Piapccos. 

Papitsinima. See Dakota. 

Papuans. I. Non- Malay native 
tribes in New Guinea; the name is 
derived from the Malay word papu- 
vah, " frizzled," referring to their 

2. A collective name fur the na- 
tives of New Guinea, the Soioraon 
Islands, New Britain, New Ireland, 
tlie New Hebrides, New Caledonia, 
and tlie Kiji Islands. 

Papunauas. See Isannas. 

Parancha, in Kohat and Peshawar, 
(li>tricts ( f the Panjab, India. 

Paraquis, on the Kio Negro, an afllu- 
ent (if the Amazon; now extinct. 

Pararauates, on the Xingu, Brazil. 

Ting-pan-yao. JSAh'^-M't 

^;', ,v=e^ J^vt 'Jo -iX%- 
Siao Pan h =t ffi-fe 7 .i/q 

Pensacola ^ Ji a o 

Gond ? ~%o 

Fan ^^3o 

\X\ it\ r:"! ^J*^'J *"&^ 
7. 11/ =e >> o Piipayo !> =6 :i| 7. o 
Hi, I /v/MBto 

^ a| -5; f> ^ a ^ l-f 0^' 1 ij I 
o I 5^'^ I W= IL-t ->=o 

Papago =f-^3o 
Pepel ^^Sq 
Piapocos -[s] i^o 
Dakota =9-^3o 

)&« m^^''liSv<j» -vj ^ ^^ 

:^ '^ JiU I }»>- papuva't 3 y 
|e 1) -v =t y* - -v r iltjl^y M^ 

2. i'-ii I -yi-- ^c/j i/xyifiSi 

Isannas ^JL^o 

-{; c. C o ^ L I ^ C I ;nj8to 



Parauamas, on tlie Japiira, a tribu- 
tary of the Amazon. 

Parauanos, on tlie lower Kio Branco, 
northern Brazil ; now extinct ; also 

Paravilhanos. See Parauanos. 

Parecas, on the lower Orinoco, South 

Parecis. See Parexis. 

Parenas. Same as Parenis. 

Parenes. Same as Parenis. 

Parenis, in the eastern part of 

Ciildtnbia; now extinct. 
Parentintins, on the middle Tapajos, 

Parexis, on the head-waters of the 
Tapajos, Brazil; also Parecis, Pa- 
Parheya, near Chota Nagpur, In- 
Pariacotoes. See Pariagotos. 
Pariagotos, in northeastern Vene- 
zuela ; also Pariacotoes, Parias. 
Pariamas, on the Beni, a tributary 

of tlie Madeira, Bolivia. 
Parianas, on the Tocantins, Bra- 
Parias. See Pariagotos. 
Paringnoba, on the southeastern 

coast of Queensland. 
Paris. See Mundrucus. 
Parisis. See Parexis. 
Parizarizao, a subdivision of the Pai- 

Parnkalla, on tlie western shore of 

Spencer Gulf, South Australia. 
Parranos, a subdivision of the Llameos. 
Parrastah, on the Kio Mico, a tribu- 
tary of the Escondido River, Nica- 

^>>|g;-j£-b 1] o Paravillianos 
Parauanos ^^^o 

Parexis "}■ %'^ a 
Parenis — [^ v-q 
Parenis —^■S'o 

=e / o Parecis. Parisis \- =e 

Pariagotos ^ ji a o 

71/ =e ^ o Pariacotoes, Parias 

Pariagotos f-^ao > 

:7. ;V =E y o 

Mundrucus ^ ^ a o 
Parexis ^ M. ^ o 
Paiwan /> -^Mo 

Llameos /> — j^o 



Parsees. S'^e P;irs:s. 

Parsis, tlie descendants of Persians 
who settled in India af>ont the end 
of llie Till and lii.^ he^inning of tlic 
Stli centiiiy. In Persia, tliey re- 
main still in tlie country between 
Ispahan and the Persian Gulf. Also 
written Parsees, Pharsis. 

Paruinji, on the Paroo River, New 
Sonth Wales. 

Pascagola, in Louisiana, U.S.A.; now 
e.xtinct? Also Pascogoula. 

Pascogoula. See Pascagola. 

Pashtu. Same as Afghans. 

Passaguates, in southern Chihuahua, 
Mexico; now extinct. 

Passamaquoddy, in eastern Maine, 
U.S.A.; now extinct; called also 

Passes, on the Japura, a tributary of 
the Amazon. 

Passumah, in the southern part of 

Pastassas, in Ecuador ; also Pasta- 

Pastazas. See Pastassas. 

Pastivas, on the Marannn, tlie upper 
p:irt of the Amazon. 

Patachos, in southeastern Bahia, 


Patagonians, in Patagonia, South 
America ; the name is derived 
from paliifjon, " large feet," a nick- 
name which the Spaniards have 
given to them from their large foot- 
prints left upon the sand of the 
sea-shore. Thev call themselves 

l':U-sis ^^3„ 

U 1 S Li" W.^m\L ^ ^S! 

(fit/^(apfrja 'i ^o Ls>ii? 

-S,vifej^= =692^^7.0 Par- 
set s. Pharsis > =c .'J x q 

llr.i I 2 ^-f -^x I ii" /• If 1 

Pascagoula > =E ,IJ; t; ^ 
Pascagola ^ M. ^ o 
xVfghans - [^ v>o 

Openango > ^li^-fe 7 »Vo 

■ft t b ^ m%=-m.t^^'^^ 

^ o 

1 ( ^J c o - fi: ^- 'V =t / o Pas- 
tazas h=t:g::7,^ 

Pastassas ^^Hq 

^ ^ X A- M ^ ± fl?£ ^ '^ ^ ?> 

-i;f) C3 / 111.' < ^^ W/ JJiKi 

II f: :' I ^± .i^^^«-7-tl?-t 
.1' H ij ^ V V =u y - -V r Iff: 

:^ V« fl V ^ll5^>T-tij,n (■ 




Choiiek, Tsonecii, or Inaken, " men " 
or " people." They are also called 
Chuelche or Teliuelclie by the Arau- 
canians, meaning "southern people," 
from chnel or (ehuel, "south," che, 
" people." (5Ki>i) 

Patawat, on tlie lower Mad River 
and Humboldt Bay, nortliern Cali- 
fornia, U.S.A.; also Pataway. 

Pataway. See Patawat, 

Pathans. See Afghans. 

Pa-tsai Heh-IVIiao, in the southeast- 
ern part of Kui-chau, China. 

Patua. See Juang. 

Patwin, in northern California, U. S. 
A.; formerly embracing 2] small 
tribes ; means " man." 

Pauch. See AUakaweah. 

Paudacotos, near the Cauca River, 
western Colombia. 

Paunacas. See Paiconecas. 

Paunaque. See Bannock. 

Paunch. Same as Minnetari. 

Pauouin. See Fan. 

Paupakan, on the left bank of the 
Sacramento River, California, U. 
S. A. 

Pautes, a subdivision of the Jivaros. 

Pauxianas, on the Rio Branco, north- 
ern Brazil. 

Pavas. See Pebas. 

Pavianas, on the Putumayo, an upper 
branch of the Amazon ; called also 

Paviotso, in western Nevada and 
soutliern Oregon, IJ. S. A.; means 
" strong." 

"^" ■* o g-;a i'cifl. "?ar W"? v ;fi \ ?^.«»> 

;K*i'i.ftisi + 1 y b ■)- •> H- t-jK n>i-^9 
- ifi ¥ f I" < ;R 5' !'!' ft fll >>i* ? 1\\ ^- ^ >' b 

iv=^ / o Pataway > =e ^ 7. o 
Patawat ^ ^ a ^ 
Afghans ^jia„ 

Juang ^M,ao 

^3 lb ij A"&^[i i' ') i^i; S 1 - *> 

AUakaweah ^ Mj ^ o 

Paiconecas ^ ^ a ^ 
Bannock ^ ^ a o 
Minnetari — [p] v-q 
Fan ^^a^ 

Jivaros ^ — iMo 
Pebas =^^3o 

Payanas 1> =E ^ -b 7 /i^ o 

g§ ^. 5: t' fc- U :" A/H'l ^ Tl n G = 



Pawindah, between Khorasan (a district 
of southeastern Afj^hanistan) and 
India; tlie name applied in Derajat 
(a division of the Panjab) to all 
migratory Pathan tribes wlio come 
down to British territory in winter, 
returning, as summer approaches to 
At'j;]ianistan. (>*4) 

Pawnee, formerly on tlie Platte and 
Republican rivers, Nebraska and 
Kansas, U. S. A.; now in Okla- 

Pawtucket. See Pennacook. 

Paxianas, on the Kio Branco, north- 
ern Brazil. 

Pay. Same as Pai-y. 

Paya, in Nicaragua. 

Payabas, on the Putumayo, an upper 
branch of the Amazon. 

Payaguas, in the Gran Ciiaco of Para- 
guay ; called also Nayaguas. 

Payaguas, near the mouth of tiie 
Napo, an upper branch of the Ama- 

Payanas. See Pavianas. 

Payowan. See Paiwan. 

Pebas, between the Napo and the 
Putumayo, tributaries of the upper 
Amazon ; also Pavas, Pevas. 

Pecaneaux. See Piegan. 

Pecherai. See Fuegians. 

Pechuyos, a -ubdivision of tlie Moxos. 

Peek - whuurong, in soutiiwestern 

Peguan. See Talaing. 

Peh Chong-kia, in southern Kui- 
chau, Cliina. 

^jiO'T-t r:^ ^ >}i l^i S15 :>- f 

Peunacook ^ ^ a o 
Pai-y -|^.:?o 

Cb^ ti«: ' ife"^-fii^-'^ 

Pavianas ^^^o 
Paiwau ^Mi^o 

h y(JJ] = (l:x /u=t /-o Pavas. 
Pevas h =e,'J^>o 
Piegan ^^3o 
Fuegians ^ |L 9 o 
Moxos y --JJ^o 

Talaing ^JL-=«o 



Peheng, on the Kapuas River in tlie 
western (lart of Dutch Borneo. 

Peh-jen. See Min-kia-tze. 

Peh-la-chi, in southeastern Yun-nan, 

Peh Lo-lo, in parts of Sze-chuan, 

Ynn-iian, and Kui-chan, Cliina. 

Peh-long-kia, in wc-tern Kui-chau, 

Peh Miao, in the central and western 
parts of Kui-c!iaii and in parts of 
Yun-nan, China. 

Peh-p'a-Ia, in southeastern Yun-nan, 

Pehuenches, east of the Cordillera, 
north of the Eio Colorado, Argen- 
tina, and in central Chile (about 
lat. 35° S.); means "pine people." 
They are sometimes called Huilliche 
by the Picunches, meaning " south- 
ern people" from their southern 

Peipo. vSee Pepo. 

Pekwan, on the lower Klamath Eiver, 
California, U. S. A. 

Pelados, on the Huallaga, an upper 
brancli of the Amazon. 

Pelasgi, a people who in prehistoric 
times occupied Greece and the coast 
region of the JEgean Sea. 

Pelone, a subdivision of the Apache. 

Penateka, a subdivision of the Co- 
manche ; means " honey eaters." 

Pend d'Oreilles. See Kalispelm. 

Penek. See Piielches. 

Penelethka, a subdivision of the 

Min-kia-lze ^E^o 

'^ 1 3x: 1 ^i>^ 1 tihZk. 

^ ^ I -^j: z' : X V'J ^ I b lU 

> / K:>- Vo ^ -* oU ! ^ 

^ ^ 1 > nf x< ,1.^ V jlt,^ r^ 
Pepo ^^3o 

;)tl ^ < ^ ^ i MTwfuo 
ij ?, 1 :^M jpj^o 

Apache ? — ,J3^o 

Comanche /> —%a ^%^ f:^7 

Kalispelm ^ ^ a o 
Pnelches ^ ^ 3 o 
Comanche / —Mo 



Peng, on the Koli Kiver in ihe north- 
eastern part of Dutch Borneo. 

Pen-jen. Same as Ho-ni. 

Pennacook, formerly in Xew Hamp- 
shire, northeastern Massachusetts, 
and southern ]\Iaine, U. S. A.; now 
some of them remain in Quebec, 
Canada ; called also Pawtucket. 

Penobscot, on the Penobscot Kiver, 

Maine, U. S. A. (about lOHj. 

Penom. Same as Peunong. See Moi. 

Pensacola, formerly in western Flo- 
rida, U. S. A. ; now extinct ; also 

Pentlatc, a subdivision of the Sali- 

Peoria, a subdivision of the Illinois. 

Pepel, snuth of the Casamanza River, 
We>t Africa ; also Papel. 

Pepo, an aboriginal tribe adopting 
Chinese customs, dispersed on the 
western plains of Formosa, and some 
of them settled in the eastern plains. 
They are also called Avagudan by 
the Puyumas, Sirazuk by the Tsari- 
sens and by the Vonums, Tanga- 
vuran. Also written Peipc 

Pequeyas, a subdivision of the En- 

Pequibas, a subdivision of tlie Ciii- 

Pequot, ill southeastern New York, 

U. S. A. ; now extinct- 
Periates, on the Japura, a tributary 
of tlie Am:izon. 

llo-ni -Mi?r> 

Ji 3 o» I -tfoi '>H/ 4' :1b Si; 

I? to I (To i h =tM-t ^ 'i-o 

Peunong -I^Jv-q ^^"i ^ JL a 

itS-t V o Fanzacola b ^-f}^.^ 
Salishan ^ -^J^o 

Illinois y — i^o 

^^^-T^it&^ll Aj > ^ ii-^ '' 

]^3 'J ^ L b-T < h -yfeWf 

fS-fe 7 /I/O ^^^{^ > =e ;ij;r.„ 
Encabellados y — ]^, 

Chiciuitos y — j^o 



Pericu, in the southern extremity 
of Lower CaUforiiia, Mexico; also 

Perique. Hoc Pericu. 

Perizzites, a people who lived west 
of the Jordan, Palestine in the Old 
Testament ; means " lowlanders." 

Permiaks. Same as Permians. 

Permians, in tlie governments of 
Perm an<i Vyatka, Russia. They 
are of the same family with the 
Siranians. They call themselves, 
like tlie Siranians, Komi-murt or 
Komi-uter. See also Siranians. 

Persians, the people of Persia. 

Pertobe. See "Warrnambul. 

Pessi, in Liberia, West Africa. 

Peul. Same as Fulah. 

Peunong. See Moi. 

Pevas. See Pebas. 

Pharsis. See Parsis. 

Phnom. Same as Peunong. See Moi. 

Phoenicians, the ancient people of 

Phrygians, an ancient people in Phry- 
gia, a country in Asia Minor in an- 
cient geography. 

Pianagotos, on tlie Rio Branco, north- 
ern Brazil. 

Piankishaw, formerly in Missouri, 
Arkansas, and Louisiana, U. S. A. ; 
now in the Indian Territory. 

Piapocos, on the Guaviare, an upper 
branch of the Orinoco, Colombia. 

Piaroas, on both banks of the Ori- 
noco, near tlie confluence of the 
Vichada, South America. 

^ 1 1 < 1 ^ ^ L : ^ T 

jt^, ;t/Hi y o I'erique V ^fj 
Pericu ^ JL a o 

It U-f r: ^ ^ ^ ^ ilisZ /;XMM 
Permians — miv'o 

Warrnambul ^ ^ a o 

Fulah - 1^1 iy'o 
Moi ^^3o 
Pebas ^ ^ 3 o 
Parsis ^^ao 
Peunong — [^ i^^ 

/v : I >^ m^o 

life i>f) 'J ;&v i? ^J '5> : M h 5 1- 

Moi ^I,ao 



Picts, a peoijle wlio inhabited jiart 

of tlie Iliglilantls of Scotland and 

otiier re;^ions. 
Picunches, between Coquimbo 15ay 

and v^antiago, central Cliile; means 

" ni)rtliirii people-" 
Pidatanos, in Mindanao, Philippine 

Piede. See Paiute. 
Piedgan. Same as Piegan. 
Piegan. See Blackfeet. 
Pijaos, in sonlhwestern Colombia. 
Pikkolatpan, on tlie npper Murray, 

Pilingmiut, on ilie western coast of 

llatlin Land, Xortli America. 
Pillawinbulluk, in tiie Pyrenees 

Mountains, Victoria. 
Pima, between the Yaqui and Gila 

rivers, Sonora, Mexico. 

Pinal Coyotero, a subdivision of the 

Pinaleno, a subdivision of the Apache. 

Pinches, in southern P^cuador. 

Pindos, in southern Ecuador. 

P'ing-fah, in southern Kui-chau, 

Pinoba, in Queensland, opposite Great 
Sunday Island. 

Pintados. See Bisayas. 

Pinto. Same as Pacao. 

Pinutgu, a subdivision of the Chey- 

Piocacas, in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. 

Piojes, on the Napo and the Aquarico 
(Ecuador), upper branches of the 
Amazon, aUo met with on the 

6^< 1 /vt>x. 1 r, I Ij ^ll3 

}{ii/^hi:>'J 1 1- ^fiH^ili^- 

i." I So 
Paiute ^E^o 
Piegan - I^j Co 
Blackfeet ^^Sq 

5V( i ij fc ^ (MW- I -T 111 


6M ^ »6 -> L : / < I O 1 

/ |f5]o 
Apache ^ —Mo 

Apache / —^o 

Bisayas ^ Ji a ^ 
Pacao =. \si v-o 
Cheyenne /> -^Mo 




Pi-pao Keh-Iao, 

lvui-cli;iii, C'liiiKi. 

Pipiles, ill Salvador. 

Piras, ;i siibiUvisian of tlie Uaupes. 

Piriaiurus, a suhili vision of tiie 

Piriquitas, on tlie Tap;ijos, Brazil. 

Piritus, on the northern coast of 

Piro, on the Rio Grande and in 
Chihuahua, Mexico; very few re- 

Pirros, on tlie Ucnyali (lat. 10°-12° S.), 
an upper branch of the Amazon ; 
called also Chnntaquirus or Simi- 
rinchcs. The name Chuntaquiru is 
derived from the two Qiiechua words 
chonia, " palm," and guiVu, "tooth," 
betokening their habit of dyeing 
their teeth black with the root of 
the chonta palm. C'J) 

P'i-sa-k'o-toh, in northeastern Yun- 
nan, Cliina. 

Pisas, a subdivision of the Uaupes. 

Piskwau. See Pisquou. 

Pisquou, in Washington, U.S.A.; also 

Piskwau, Pisquow. 

Pisquow. See Pisquou. 

Pitilagas, in the Gran Chaco, South 

Pitkachi, near Lake Tulare, Califor- 
nia, U. S. A. 

Piturunas, on the Curiliba River, 
Parana, s onthern Brazil- 

Plums, on the Eio Isana, a tributary 
of the Rio Negro, Brazil. 

Piute. See Paiute. 

^ 3 i^ ttl '^ n il SfK ^ tt K - -V r 

Uaupes y> — ,^o 
Uaupes y> — J5^o 

j^ibi:^ ^ r.iixss 1 -fMHto 
i6-> L : ^ 'J ij <' f,^'C' ^ ^ 

=. iii 7. ,iy ^ / =■ -y r- fjo\ 
/v. r:^ I S 1 ^^- L 1 ^1 

'J I ^^x. I > =«^ M-^ 7 ivo 

■&i^ 1 ^ f:^ I 5 I :>- 'V^ffi 
•^^IT 1 Bil) I ft S§:^ '^ cho7ita 
(fllH) qitiru ((^) a 1) ta<) -y 
=t / =. -y ^ '^m -'j'iltM^'/j y iS 

Uaupes /> — :^o 

Pisquou ^ ^ a o 

ft »^ ij i-'g-^Pl 1 fe L/L i ^!'•H 
— tJT'. (1^=6^0 Piskwau. Pis- 
quow > =E*7'. o 

Pisquou ^ ^ a o 

l^ft>^'J;i)'/ Cb^ 5s,:i 

ft i6 'J ^Jj'-g'^il ^-''i ^^i.-^ I- ft 
Paiute ^^ao 



Piza, ;i snliilivision of tlie llo-ni. 

Plain Damara. See Ovaliereio. 

Pliran Madang, a suhdivision of tlie 

Poam Porno, on tlie western coast of 
California, U. S. A. 

Pochetys, on the Tocanlins, Bra- 

Pocomans. Same as Pokonchis. 

Poconchis. Same as Pokonchis. 

Pogisocas, a subdivision of the Chi- 

Pohallin Tinleh, near T.ake Tulare, 
California, U. S. A. 

Pohoi, a subdivision of the Comanche ; 
means " wild sage people." 

Point Barrow Esl<imo, above Point 
Barrow on the northeastern coast 
of Alaska. 

Po-Klo, a subdivision of the Sakai ; 
so called by themselves. 

Pokomams. Same as Pokonchis. 

Pokomans. Same as Pokonchis. 

Pokonchis, in central Guatemala. 

Poles, in Russian Poland, western 
Galicia (Austria), and Posen (Prus- 

Polindaras, on tlie head-waters of 
C,ii;ea Kiver, Colombia. 

P'o-iung. See Paloung. 

Polynesian, a collective name for 
tiic natives of the Polynesian Is- 

Porno. See Kulanapan. 

Ponack. Sec Bannock. 

Ponashta. See Bannock. 

Ponca, on the I'onca reservation, In- 

Ho-ni ; -,^0 
Ovalierero ^JL'^'o 

Madang ? -J^^ 

Pokonchis :: |^| v>o 

Pokonchis ~ [n] v'o 
Chiquitos ^ — J.^^ 

Comanche ^ — ]^o '^'•^^ c 

I \t I /j \ FiliSo 

Sakai ^ - :^o it :« '- f J M :>- 

Pokoncliis = ^ Co 
Pokonchis — Ri] v'o 

S[>7i;t'ii I trXU^ L^3) = 
fjf X ,u =e ^ o 

: 7y L- G'^' fc /> *' -5 i' f"I -^ 'K iS 
Paloung ^^3o 

Kulanapan ^ ^ a ^ 
Bannock ^ JL a o 
Bannock ^JLao 



(lian Territory ; some of tlicm, at tlie 

Hantee Agency, Nebraska U. S. A. ; 

also Punka. 
Ponderas. See Kalispelm. 
Pondo. See Amapondo. 
Ponka. Same as I'onca. 
Popolocas, in Oajaca, Vera Cruz, 

;Miclio:ieaii, slates of Mexico, and 

Guatemala ; means " coarse fellow " 

in the Nahuatl language. 
Port-bulluk, in Wimmera district, 

Portuguese, the people of Portugal. 

Potatona, In tlie snutlieasteru part 
of Britisii Kew Guinea. 

Pottawatomi, south of Lake Michi- 
gan ; means " fire-makers." 

Powhatan, formerly in Virginia and 
Maryland, U. S. A.; now ex- 

Poyas, in western Honduras. 

Pranza. See Guatusos. 

Primi, a subdivision of the Xaga. 

Provencals, in the old province of 
Provence (the modern departments 
to the east of the Rhone), France. 

Prussians, in Prussia. 

Pshavs, in the central Caucasus. 

Puants. See Winnebago. 

Puchacas, on the Juina, a tributary 
of the Tocantins, Brazil. 

Pudu, a subdivision of the Ho-ni. 

Pueblos, in New Mexico, U. S. A. ; 
means " village " in Spanish, they 
having been the builders of 

Kalispelm =)■ %'^ o 
Amapondo ^^Hq 
Ponca - ^ v'o 

5\^< t ij ?3 y -3 v/x.^ b ill} 

Guatusos ^ JL =5 o 
Naga y -JMo 

: 1 *'§-fitii^^tt'^o 

Winnebago ^/-JLao 
Ho-ni /> — JMo 



Puelches, a tribi} helonging to tlic 
Araiicanians, living to the east of 
the Cordilleras, western Argentina; 
means " eastern people." Sec tlie 
other tril>e of the same name. 

Puelches, north of the Kio Colorado, 
Argentina; so called by the Araii- 
canians, meaning " eastern people ;" 
called also Pampas by the Spaniards, 
Peuek by the Patagonians. They 
are to be distinguished from the tribe 
of tlie same name belonging to the 

Piienches. Same as Pehueuches. 

P'u-fen, in southeastern Yun-nan, 

Puharri. See Maler. 

Puinavis, on the Inirida, a tributary 
of the Guaviare, Colombia. 

P'u-jen. Same as Paloung or P'o- 

Puka, southwest of Lake Chad, Africa. 

Pukanbura, west of the head of Broad 
Sound, eastern Queensland ; means 
" belonging to a track or road " 
(pulcan). U6) 

Pul. Same as Fulaii. 

Pulah. See Fulah. 

Pulairih. Same as Palaik. 

Pulaya, in Travancore, southern India. 
Also written Puliar. 

Pul-be. See Fulah. 

Puliar. See Pulaya. 

P'u-lieh, in snulheastern Yun-nan, 

^ 1 A. 1 -2) ^j=<L 1 i)<> Li./^ 

^ I U /piJgU-^S^^ 'I- : ;e. V 
>^-mMi- 'Jo '4i)jy & }• 

s I ■^i 9- jjs -V -. ij if : ^ I 

1w^ ^ ,v =t /> :^ >j o 

Pehuenclics — ff^ Co 

Maler =^ |L ^ o 

Paloung -i^C? JifiA:^ '^ ^ ^ 

<^r^^t ^.^t' ^ ill 515 :^ '1-1^ 

^ J b ^ ^ :^ ') o 
Fulah ~ fs) i^o 
Fulah ^ILso 
Palaik -iHlv^o 

^ 1 o-ll:^>'t'=t:/'o Puliar 

Fulah 9^-^o 
Pulaya ^ )L a o 



Pullo. See Fulali. 
Pulo. See Fiilah. 
P'u-long Chong-kia, in soul li western 

Kiii-cliuii, China. 
Pumacaas, on llie Juriia, a tributary 

of tlie Amazon. 
Punan, on the upper Rejang Eiver, 

S:irawak, Borneo; called also Ska- 

Punan Akah, a subdivision of the 

Punan Aput, a subdivision of the 

Punan Bah, a subdivision of the 

Punan Batu, a subdivision of the 

Punan Bok, a subdivision of the 

Punan Dapoi, a subdivision of the 

Punan Kapuas, a subdivision of the 

Punan Koti, a subdivision of the 

Punan Lisum, a subdivision of the 

Punan Parah, a subdivision of the 

Pungianes, a subdivision of tlie Mayo- 

yaos; also written Panguianes. 
Punjabi, in tlie Panjab, India. Also 

Punka. See Ponca. 
Punnak. See Bannock. 
Punnoinjon, in western Victoria. 
Punouys, on the south side of the 

Amazon, below the mouth of the 


Fulah ^^3o 
Fulah ^M.3o 

Punan /> —Mo 

Punan /> —^o 

Punan / — ,tMo 

Punan /> -'Mo 

Punan /» — J5^o 

Punan 7 —Mo 

Punan 7 —Mo 

Punan / —Mo 

Punan 7 ^,"^0 

Punan /* -J^o » 

Mayoyaos / — ji^o Panguianes 

Lsb-i^Jtlo Punjabi b =6 11^.0 
Ponca ^ ^ a o 
Bannock ^ Mj^ o 

5"i^< h^)^yn%o 



Puntagicas, :\ Milulivision of the (lii- ( ITKHiitos ^ — SMo 


Pun-ti, in western Kwan-tiin-, aiul ^ 1 ^■t> jlt W^J" lli i^ ?y StJ 'i 

eastern Kwang-si, China. ^^ ,^:^ ^ i^^ ,j ^ 

P'u-piao, in souihcastern Ynn-nan, ^icflPiil^S" '4il{1l4i>'' Hi K = -y 

China. X #?;il i- >^=^^ &\yi- ') o 

Puquinas, on tiio islands and the ^> I -J- 1 ^.Jl -'^o I /'I^h1>:>' 

shores of Lake Tit icaca, southern -w S ^ ^-i'^ffflMt- JC^^M 

Peru; tliey are also known under -) I 8 I i" • i? I tii,1 ^ I 

the names Hunos, Ochozomas, Uros, ^-f, Z- \ OT /> ^ ^ Wr ^ 

and T'rns. 7 ^i^o 

Purattu Charna Nayar, a subdivision Nayar /> — ;i^-, 

,)i" the Nayar. 

Purenumas, on the Japura, a tribu- hkxAyVi^%^^ '^ Cip-I' I 

tary of the Amazon. hM^f-o 

Puris. Same as Purys. Purys - [^ v-q 

Purmuli, south of the Hindu Kusli, ^-.^tiM ^3^-iM-'f ■f:^ 

Afghanistan; also written Fer- ^^^^^,^^^^^ ^..t o f I 

muli. 'J b =6fS^7 't^o 

Purpishah, a suhdivision of tlie Kurds / —Mn 


Purteet Chowel, in western Victoria. 5"^ < i "■] ^J -^ P^'IhRo 

Puru-purus, on the Purus, a tribu- ^V 1 5 1 ^^^ 1 5 I T ^) ^ x 

tary of the Amazon; derived from ^!0ft^ ^f im^T^lS 

piru-poru, the Tupi name for a Sfe:J^ - JJit^f ^' '^ 0" I 3 I iJ ' 

skin disease which prevails there. S I (-o I ^v I sn) |. |p{ y^ ,u 

According to Mr. Chandless, the "^f 1?'^^ ^ *,^.?^i "i^ 

name was not known in Ibbo. -fi!; v/ >*jlfc^M --^^-AW'-I+S 

They are probably the same as the if- - •'" Rt - :^tl "^ i^ +>' '"' = 3i >^ 

tribe called Pammarys. See also '^ ?t.® ? m'^ + V-^ ' iff-f 

Pammarys. (Tf) ij | ^^jl^-taQ 

Purus. iSame as Puru-purus. Puru-purus =.\ai •y'o 

Purvs, in Minas Geraes, and Kio do ,J> 1 1 -i> b C X /^ <^ 1 ^X 

Janeiro, Brazil. ^ \ ;, ] ^ f^,jWo 

P'u-shi, in the central part of Yun- JtqP'iJKJtt' /"l'^!!- tt ^- 'f =C ^ 

nan, China. = -y r •>? Bj ^ .i "U ^ J£:>- 'J o 

Pusuna, on the left bank of the Sacra- ^j /> 'J i'-fr^l^ i' -J ^'^- o 1 1 ^J 



luento River, C:iliforiiia, U. S. A.; 
now extinct ? 

Pu-Tai, in tiie Annainese Laos. 

Putumayus, a collective name for the 
trili.s on the Pntuniayo, a tributary 
of tlie npper Amazon. 

Pu-y. 'See Tchnng-kia-tze. 

Puyallup, on the Pnyalhip reserva- 
tion, "Wasliington, U. S. A. 

Puyuma, in the Pinan plain and its 
neighbourhood, southeastern For- 
mosa, so called by themselves. They 
are also called Arara by the Amis, 
Spiyuma by the Paiwans, and by the 
Younms, Tevura. 

Pwos, in Tenasserini, Burma; so cal- 
led by the Sgans; they call them- 
selves Sho. 

Pyeed. See Paiute. 

Pyuma. Same as Puyuma. 

Tchung-kia-tze ^ESo 

m 5&L^i^;)■l■l ^ ^'^^ 

;v =e /> - -y 7* -f i)'XiM ^ 'J ¥\ 

/; >^^■fe7 ;Vo a 7>^Dy >T- 

Paiute =)■ %^ o 
Puyuma r.(^ -:;>o 

Qadeyat, soutli and east of Mount 
Kordofan, Africa. 

Qajar. See Kajar, 

Qaumauangmiut, in the Middle Sav- 
age Islands, JIudson Strait, Canada. 

Qidnelik, in tlie Adelaide Peninsula, 
northern Canaila. 

Qinguamiut, a subdivision of the 

Kajar =^ ^'^ o 
Oqomiut /> — ^o 



Qua, in tlie Oil Rivers Country, West 

Africa; also written Kwa. 
Quadus, in northern Venezuela. 
Quae-quae. See Hottentots. 
Quains, on the northeastern coast of 
the Gulf of Ilothnia, Europe; also 
Quaitso, a subdivision of the Sall- 

Quajajas, on the Arinos, a tributary 

of tlic Tocantins, Brazil. 
Quapacas, a subdivision of the Chi- 

Quapaw, formerly in Arkansas, U. 
S. A.; now on the Osage reservation, 
Indian Territory ; called also Ar- 
kansas. Also written Kwapa, Quap- 
Quappa. See Quapaw. 
Quaquas, in eastern Venezuela; also 
written Guagues, Guaicas Guay- 
Quaruares, between the Tocautins 

and the Xingu, Brazil. 
Quatausis. See Catauixis. 
Quatsino, a subdivision of the Hael- 

Quechuas. I. In the department of 
Apurimac, southern Peru. 
2. A generic name given to tribes 
living on the coast of Ecuador, Peru, 
and northern Chile, from the equator 
to the 30th degree S. latitude. 
Queianas, a subdivision of the Uaupes. 
Quekchi, on tlio Bio Cahabon, Gua- 
Quelenes, in Ciiiaiias, Mexico. 
Queniut, a subdivision of the Salishan. 

■f i^ll^it = 11;^- 'V =t y „ Kwa 

Hottentots ^ ^ a o 

^ ^ tlf t; »i' =c /> o Kwains h 
Salishan / — SHo 
i> ^ C S >> i 1 i'^ ^ I A.'^-M 
Chi([uitu3 /> -'Mo 

Quapaw ^^Sq 
5"^n-C£\^ lb /• ili nl»- It^- 
;V ^ /> o Guagues. Guaica 
Guaycas >'b;5p'.o 

> L I /^ Cl M > ^ t?3o 
Catauixis ^^Sq 
Ilaeltzuk ^ ^JMo 

It 1 -^.11.1 * >• -<^J 1 ^li 

mii- ii^f) I -j: 1 vj I i {'Mo 
2. 1< fti.';^. '<o I 7if;lb 

Uaupes / — ]^o 
Salishan y —Mo 



Queptlmamish, a subdivision of the 

Querecho, :i subdivision of tbe 

Qjerendis, a triba who lived in 

eastern Buenos Ayres, Argentina in 

the IGUi century. 
Queuanacas, on the Japura, a tribu- 
tary of the Amazon. 
Quianganes, in Quiangan, Luzon, 

Philippine Islands. 
Quibanas, on tiie Jurua, a tributary 

of the Amazon. 
Quibiquibas, a subdivision of the 

Quiches, formerly on the head-waters 

of the Ilio Grande, Guatemala. 
Quichuas. Same as Quechuas. 
Quileute, on Neah Bay reservation, 

Washington, U. S. A. 
Quilifayes, on tiie Apure, an afHuent 

of the Orinoco, South America. 
Quillaguas, on the southern shore of 

Lake Titicaca, southern Peru. 
Quimaus, on the south side of the 

Amazon, below the moutii of the 

Quimbande, on tlie upper Kuanza, 

central Portuguese AVest Africa; 

about lat. 12° S., long. 18° E.; also 

written Ivimbande. Same as Babihe 

or Qulnbundo ? 
Quimecas, a subdivision of the Chl- 

Quimo. See Kimo. 
Quimomecas, a subdivision of the 


Quinaanes. See Guinaanes. 

Salishan ? — J^^o 
Apaclie ? — JMo 

h 1 fcM^o 
Chiquitos ? — Jf^o 

# 1 i>^ IT ^a^ C ^J '^- i 
= tt -fe -y =6 /* o 

Quechuas =. i^) v'o 

^) =. { jf ^. ;v =e / o Kimbande 

Chiquitos /> ^'t'ko 

Kimo 9 ^3 o 

Chiquitos / — B^o 

Guinaanes ^^3© 



Quinans, on tlie south side tA ilie 
Amazon, below the month of the 
^[ iileir:i. 

Quinbundo. See Babihe. 

Quiri-Quiripas, on the lower Orinoco, 
Sonlli Aiaoriea. 

Quissama, at tlie niontli of tlie Knanzi 
Kiver, PorUignese West Africa. 

Quitagicas, a snhilivision of tlie C'lii- 

Quitundu. >See IJctnndu. 

Quitus, a very ancient and powerful 
tribe of the Iiighland of Ecnador. 

Quivas, on tlie Orinoco near the con- 
fluence of the Meta, South America. 

Quop. See Kuap. 

Quoratem, on tlie lower Kliunatli 
Kiver, California, LT. S. A. 

Qwinctunnetun, on tiie Siletz reserva- 
tion, Ore^'Mi, U.S.A.; also known 
as Wishtenatin. 

Ilaliihe ^jLHo 

i(i i:> >h •'] t' / ij ^} ^ ) : M r 

C'hiqnitos ^ ~h%o 
I!elnndu it it^ o 


Kuap ^jlao 
X Wisiuenatin / ;& -> H r ^ 


Ra, a subdivision of the Fijians. 
Rabbai, a subdivision of the AVanika. 
Rabha, in western Assam, India. 
Rachan, in the western Caucasus. 
Raghawal, a subdivision of tlie Gond. 
Rahanwin, in Somaliland, East Af- 
rica ; also Kalianwivvin. 
Rahanwiyyin. See K-ihanwin. 
Rajmahali. See Maler. 
Rajpoots. See Itajputs. 

Fijians /> — J}|t 
Wanika y — j^o 

Oond / — i^o 

/ o Kabanwiyyin b « .'J^-o 
Kaiianwiu ^ H J „ 
Maler ^JLa„ 
Kajpnts 9^>L3o 



Rajputs, ill Kajputana, India; also 

written Kajpoots. 
Rakeraki, a sub.livision of the Fijians. 
Rakhaingtha, in Aral<an, Burma; 

means "people of Kakhaing;" called 
also Mug by the Bengali. 
Rama, on a small island iu Blue- 
field Lagoon, Nicaragua. 

Rambai, on the Kapuas River in the 

western part of Dutch Borneo. 
Rambani, in Kashmir, India. 
Ramus!, in tlie western part of India. 
Ranovao, in southeastern Madagascar. 
Ranqualches. See Ranqueles. 
Ranqueles, between the Quinto and 

Quarto rivers, central Argentina. 

Also Kanqualches. 
Rarawa, a subdivision of the Maoris. 
Rarigoarais, a subdivision of the 

Raya, in Abyssinia. 
Rde, a subdivision of the Moi. 
Regua. See Rikwa. 
Rejang, in southern Sumatra. 
Rejang Milanau, a subdivision of the 

Rejang Tanjong, a subdivision of the 

Remo, on the Slave Coast, West Africa. 
Remos, on the Ucayali, an upper 

branch of the Amazon. 
Rengm^, a subdivision of the Naga. 
Reshiat, north of Lake Rudolf, British 

East Africa. 
Rewa, a subdivision of the Fijians. 

I rJim-i^^'<^=^^o Kaj- 
poots 1> =e ',*/ 7s o 

Fijians ^ ~%%o 
Ranqueles f ^ a o 

G ^ It 1 n 1 ^3 * ^^^ 
Ml- < 3b X i I M V ^ m - it 

Maoris / —JMo 
Tupis ^ — ;^o 

Moi y —Mo 
Rikwa ^M.3o 

Milanau ^ —Mo 

Tanjong / —Mo 

?) ^; I mfo 

Naga >> -j5Mo 
Fijians /> —Mo 



Rhadame. See Gliadame. 

Riang, in the southeastern pail of 
Upper Burma. 

Rickaree. See Arioaiee. 

Rifians, in Marocco. 

Rikwa, on the lower Klamath River, 
California, U.S.A.; also Kegua. 

Rind, on the coast of Baluchistan. 

Rish, a subdivision of the Dinka. 

Ristebura, between Pine Mountain 
and Shoalwater Bay, eastern Que- 
ensland ; means " belonging to 

Rizegat, a subdivision of the Bag- 

Roah, a subdivision of the Shillook. 

Roamaynas, on the Kio Pastassa, a 
tributary of the Marafion, Ecuador. 

Roba, in Adamawa, a region in the 
Sudan, Africa. 

Robabat, on the Nile from Abu 
Ilamcd to the conHuence of the 
Atbara. h^arae as Eobatab? 

Robatab, near Abu Ilamed, a town 
on the middle Nile. Same as Roba- 
bat ? 

Rocouyennes, in French Guiana, 
South America. 

Roilroilpam. See Kliketat. 

Rol, west of the middle Bahr-el- 
Jebel, the upper part of the Nile, 
and east of the Bongo and Mittu 

Rom, east of the upper Nile (about 
lat. 4° N.). 

Rong. See Lepcha. 

Rongbo, in western Nepal. 

Gliadame y ^J5^o 

±5150^* ik ^A'M% - II: ^- '^ ^ 

Aricarce ^ jL a o 

Dinka y— ]Ko 

Baggara /> — JHo 
Shillook ^ — i^o 

ij^>^} ;bv-r 1 /:"! ^^ -il&:ti 

)!/ =C: /> o Rubatab =• To] v" "' 
tt ;', ;v =e y o Rolfahat =• [^ i?'' 
Kliketat ^-^^o 

?y ::^' - -y r I iX :' ' 7i f -^^-^ 

Lepeha ^11'=^,-) 



Ror, :i subdivision of the Nuer. 
Rotoronnos, a subdivision of the 

Rotunos, a subdivision of the Zaparos. 
Roucouennes, in southern French 

Guiana, South America. 
Roxolani, a Sarmatian people wlio 
lived in the country lying between 
the Don and the Dnieper, Russia, 
about the beginning of tlie Christian 

Rucahee, a subdivision of the Abi- 

Rue anas, on the soulli western coast 
of Peru. 

Rumanians, tlie people of Rumania, 
and southeastern Austria ; called 
also Vlachs by the Greeks and Slavs ; 
also Wallachians, Wallachs. 

Rumos, on the Napo, an upper branch 
of the Amazon. 

Rumsen, formerly on the coast of 
California, U.S.A.; derived from 
rumsenia, " north ; " also called 

Rundubura, at Townshend's Island, 
ea-itcrn Queensland. 

Rurok. Same as AVeitspek. 

Rusniak. See Little Russians. 

Russians, in the greater part of Rus- 
sia ; they are divided into the three 
groups of the Great Russians, Little 
Russians, and White Russians. 

Ruthenians. See Little Russians. 

Ruwala Anase, in northern Arabia; 
about lat. 30° K, long. 4:J° PI 

Ryawas. See Kiowa. 

Nuer ^ —Mo 
Moxos / —Mo 

Zaparos ^ —Mo 


Abipones ^ —Mo 

U^^jMI^ mf^-W'r^'y'^^o 
jlfci^ » rumsenia [^A\j_i> ^ ^} 
3 i; je. V -y =e / :J- ^J oAchasta 

AVeitspek — 1^ -:7o 
Little Russians ^M^^o 

L^A- 'h^ LfcASi:'S/5 
Little Russians ^JLho 

Kiowa f-^3o 



Saan. See Bushmen. 
Sabaeans, formerly in Yemen, a re- 
gion in southwestern Arabia. 

Sabaguis, in Sonera, Mexico. 

Sabahan, on Darvel Bay, British 
North Borneo. 

Sabaibo, in Sinaloa, ^lexico. 

Sabderat, in northern Abyssinia. 

Sabei, northeast of the Victoria 

Sabines, a people who lived in cent- 
ral Italy in ancient times. 

Sabmi. See Lapps. 

Sac, formerly at the mouth of the 
Ottawa River (Canada); now in the 
Indian Territory, U. S. A. ; called 
also Sawkee. 

Sacumehu, a subdivision of the Sali- 

Sadab, a subdivision of the Jalin. 

Safina, in southeastern Madagascar. 

Safis, on tiie southern slope of the 
Hindu Kush, Afghanistan. 

Safwhi, on the Gold Coast, West 

Sagdiirmiut, in Southampton Island 
in Hudson Bay, Canada; became 
oxlinci in the spring of 1903. 

Sahaptin, on the Columbia and its 
tributaries (in .states of "Washing- 
ton, Idaho, and Oregon), U.S.A.; 
called also Ciiopunnish, Nez Perc^.«, 
Nimapu. Also written Shahapt, 

Bushmen 5>- lia o 

Lapps ^ ^ 3 o 

Salishan ? — JMo 
Jalin /> — g^o 


i'^j: /:' / ii i.' ^ kM \^ - tf^ ^• 
'I'S -3 § tu: t^iJ-lt••fe-v 

^ iftrr- ( T fc L ^ i ^• ^^ >■ • /;' 

Ij. 1 . iiliCX/' afi;>i|i -it^- 

i: ix 1 • il I -^o-cf « b 
=e|ff-b "? .Wo LilX-J- iX--^ 



Sahewamish, a subdivision of the 

Saho, in nortlieni Abyssinia; also 

written Sliiho, Siiolio. 

Saiaz, formerly in California, U. 
S. A. 

Saibailaig, on Saibai Island, Mount 
Cornwallis, and Talbot Island in 
Torres Strait. 

Saidokki, on the banks of the Nile 
from Korosko to "NVadi Haifa; cal- 
led also Mirisi. 

Saindarus, on the Jurua, a tributary 
of the Am:iz(in. 

Sain-noin, in northern Mongolia. 

Sakai, iu Selangor, Pahang, and south- 
ern Perak, Malay Peninsula ; called 
also Orang Bukit (" men of hill ''), 
Orang Utau (" men of wood") by 
the Malays. Also written Orang 

Sakaiakumni, in central California, 
U. S. A. 

Sakalava, in the western part of 

Sakaran. Same as Skaran. 

Sakarang. See Skaran. 

Sakei. Same as Sakai. 

Sakota. See Cheyenne. 

Salakau, a subdivision of the Land 

Salar. See Kara-Tanguts. 

Saletar. Soe Orang Seliter. 

Salinan, formerly on the western coast 
of California, U. S. A. 

Salislian ; -JMo 

1^7. ,1/ =E y o Slnlio, bholio V 

^. ,v =e /> o 

ni i^3 y ^^t>'> hkj^ X-^ I 

e)^<' -} I r:^ (^#y Aj> 

Skaran r:. fg] ;j>g 
Skaran n [g] i^v^ 
Sakai - [g] -^^ 
Cheyenne ^ ^ a o 
Land Dyak ? ~%r, 

Kara-Tanguts ^ M. ^ o 
Orang Seliter ^^Bq 


Salish, ill northwestern M(>iu:in:i :in(l -l2" 1 L ^J «6 'j i'u-J?ili4J i /^ 

norti.ern Idal.o, L.S. A.; derived ^^ , 'HW At%= it ^- '^ '^ ^ o 

from sd'st, an Okinagim word mean- jlt^ -'^'^AKj ^ ii^1^i.'^'^i ^> •i' 

iiig "people." riiey are also cal- ^ / ^ .j „ Hc^ ^^ iJ. )5.m - K^i 

led Flathead by their neighbours, i 1; ^- 'V ?'[i n^ ^ ') -l- bo i '^'^ 

b„t ■„., l,av«- no s„c., habit as |4f r.Sl.^sU^l^ii^W 

is denoted by the name. Also ^ f5| $1^ ^. rt/ /» E W --^ if/- "b Xo 

. Selish. (20(70) (!):;) h^elish h ^-i^^'-o 

Salishan, a collective name for tribes -ti" 1 L5>/v J^'J S-? L I 

on the Columbia and its tributaries -o VC^i:> -^ - -^ t'o^'^jjojii f 

in British Columbia (including the ?^S ^ 1*'^ "^w' ^Z' l^^ 

eastern part o \ ancouver Island). ^^^^ ^ S L ^ t /. '>H ^ *!!15 

ncrtliern Washington, and western 'if i^ /^-flfX W -^ l^iJilJ - Hi ^• 

Montana, U. S. A. rv im)^ ^ uf" ^'^.R? ± V . 

Salon, in the islands oft" tiie southern (M k y' '^U-^^) Vi&'Jj ^ [{ii^ 

coast of Tenasserlin, Burma. ^?'l' -^-ift^« '^fii^o 

Salop, west of tlie middle Amu Daria, iS5fi^'rK> ^:> C^:):^ '^ ^ f ' /- 

K issian Central Asia. ij s, i|if)i£/' S:&o 

Samagirs, northeast of Lake Baikal, i^^'/b L^'^J ^.) '^ Itv^ i' 

sik'ria. ^i^^>ii4b::^"o 

Samales, a subdivision of the Moros. Moros ^ — :^c> 

Samales, in the islands of Samal and i^L^iJ '?0"^'^ S'f fi il^ ^LHU 

Talicud in the Gulf of Davao, :^^ ^v t k h Ik^'V.^] ( I i' '^ 

Mindanao, Pliilii)pine Islands. FHJwo 

Samales-Laut, a subdivision of the Moros ^ —^o 


Samamish, a subdivision of the .Sali- Salishan ^ —Mo 

Samang. See Semang. Semang5^jL3o 

Samarahan, a subdivision of the Land Land Dyak y — ^o 

Samara!, in D'Enlrecasteaux Islands t.'^ i h t>''T I ' fil^SJll-i'ii ' 

(British New Guinea), and the -yi'-) 2i f |:'.»> » -b'^'- ^ 'M^ 

Louisiide Archipeia.'.;o, soutlieast of ')j =.^7. nv h I l^C ' ^J t'ffl^ 

New Guinea. fii - i t ^. '^ =e /> „ 

Sambo, on the Rio Sambo, south of \i1i Jt /» ? ^ /^ I if o jS? / T?? 

the Gulf of San Miguel, Panama. \^^o 



Same. See I.upps. 
Sameacas, in Basihni, an island lying 
to the west of Mindanao, Philippine 
Samish, in Wa-^hington, U.S.A. 
Samnites, an ancient people who 
lived in the niounlainous district of 
central Italy. 
Samoans, in the Samoan Islands in 
the South Pacific Ocean. 

Samoeides. Same as Samoyedes. 

Samogitians. See Jmouds. 

Samoyedes, in the Arctic region from 
the mnuih of the Kliatanga lliver 
to Cheskaya Bay of Russia; so 
called by the Russians; they call 
tlicmselves Hasovo, Nenezi or Nye- 
•nech, meaning " men," and the 
former is chiefly used by those on 
the Obi, the latter, west of the 
Pechora (Russia). They are also 
called Dyandal or Jiandal by the 
Tunguses, Yarang by the Siranians, 
Yeryan-yakh by the Osliaks, Yor- 
ran-kum by the Voguls. (C0)'.69)C70) 

Sampro, a subdivision of the Land 

Samre, in southern Siam. 

Sam-Sam, a mixture of Siamese and 
Malays living on the western coast 
(lat. 7° N.) of the Malay Peninsula. 

San. See Bushmen. 

Sandeh. See Niam-Niam. 

Sanetch, a subdivision of the Sali- 

San Felipe, in north central New 
Mexico, U. S. A. 

Sangara, on the head-waters of the 

Lapps f- M, 3 „ 

A./ Mjo 


Samoyedes — \ni v'o 
Jmouds ^^Sq 

'I'o ti 7 ^^ Df > T" II ? I 

vt. t • nnc n£^- I'-rji^ 

MS ^« [fn -V ^ JC- m fi -i' >^ -'^ ± 

b -y r h' I 0^ 1 Mwf - ti: ^- 'I' 
< b O 1 ^ C 1 -f J^ a ') ^> 

h'^^f:'^ > L bl:^J^ JiMa 

y >^'P^)^C 1^ 5-fe 1 <* I 5 
Land Dyak z' — ^r, 

Bushmen =^ ^^ a 
Niam-xsiam f- ^ a o 
Sallshan ^ -^Mo 



Niger, Africa; about hit. 10° N., 
long. 10° W. 

Sangloi, a subdivision of the Xaga. 

Sanguiles, a collective name for the 
Bilanes, Dulanganes, and Manobos 
iu the southern part of Min- 
danao, Philippine Islands. 

Sanitika. H^e Arapaho. 

San Poel, on the Fort Colville reserva- 
tion, "Washington, U. S. A. 

Sans Arcs, a subdivision of the 
Teton; called also Itazipco, meaning 
" without bows." 

Sans Puell, a subdivision of the Sali- 

Santa Ana, in nortJi central New 
Mexico, U. S. A. 

Santal. See S.mihal. 

Santee, <>n tlie Santee reservation, 

Nebra-ka, U.S.A.; now extinct? 
Santhal, iu central IJengal, India; 

called also 11 )r. Also written 

Santiam, in northeiustern Oregon, U. 

S. A. 
Saora. See Savara. 
Saparunas, on the lieni, a tributary 

of tlie Madeira. Bolivia. 
Sapl, in French Guinea. 
Sapis, a subdivision of the Moxos. 
Sapohan, in soutiieastern P^cuador. 
Sara, on tlie Shari River, southeast 

of Lake Ciiad, Africa. 
Sarakolet. See Soninke. 
Sarambau, a subdivision of the Land 

Saran, in Baghalpur, a division of 

Bengal, India. 

NagL /-Ji%^ 

Arapaho ^ JL "J o 

Teton /> —J^o Itazipco > =e H 

Salishan ^ —t^n 

Santhal f ^'=3 o 

(i I ;?> h =£ fi^-fe 9 'I'o Santal 

Savara ^-^.^o 

Moxos z' — i^o 

Soninke ^JLao 
Land Dyak /» -JHo 


Saravecas, in Bolivia. Is 'J v i^^^Jo 

Sarawi, in soutlieastem Rnmatra. "f i i b z' Jfil^nKo 

Sarcee, Same as Blood. Blood — [^v'o 

Sarebas, a subdivision of tlie Sea Sea Dyak ; — ^o 


Sares, on tiie Rio Negi-o, an afllu- i:,kx k>M ^ %'<^\^^ ''^ ^) ii W 

cnt of the Amazon; now nearly <*-^I /> vS ^ -il:^> '^ "^ ^ o 

extinct. ^>^^>Ym^^'U 

Saretika. See Arapaho. Aiapaho f %^ o 

Sarigues, on tiie middle Paraguay, IffjC-bv* ^ (f b C^^i'" Mcfi 

I'araguay. ^o 

Sarik, west of the middle Amu Daria, %^^^%i:> Mh ■^ hXJ \ /:'';' « 

liussian Central Asia. '[ifjii /* K':^o 

Sarmatians, ancient tribes who wand- "51^1 X^ti'^'y % \ ^\ 

ered in a territory which was called L^ h|S^7v^ ^v^)j (ij, 

Sarmatia (modern southern Russia) ; %iA J.y ^ M-^iJ ^f - % 

their principal ones were Jazyges, ^, Cs, C C I }i tf <?> ( ^ I 

Roxolani. ^l 1 ^;^^:^ 'J o 

Sarpa, in western Nepal. Hli" I h / g§nl5o 

Sartes, between the middle Sir Daria -^l^^ EuS+nRfeCfe/' 

and the Issik Kul, Russian Central \_ 1 ;5 ;f : ^J j, tj] vj^u Mr ^ L -? < 

Asia. < I o (?i|l!^)h^fBlo 

Sarua, on tlie Shari River, southeast ^,s>ij i' ,> S5,-9t' ii^/' ^^tl^;;)^ 

of Lake Chad, Africa. ± ;i/ Ls, 'J I MHto 

Sarummas, in Matto Grosso, Bra- j; ?> \^h ? kr>^ I ^ 7:>o~X ' 

zil. ^tl^ 

Sarus, on the Madeira, a tributary «b ^ T /CM/' ^J)^^ '^ I: T'tr' ?> 

of the Amazon. jBj(#o 

Sas, a subdivision of the Moi. Moi ? — j^^ 

Sassak, in Lombok, an island of the "5 "§-9 < I; H I ^%^ % kj 

Sunda group, Malay Archipelago. t:'^%^h\j\l < %o 

Sassan, on the upper Chindwin, a V'- h i, / ^^ hky'^'M ^ %.^^ i^ 

tributary of the Irawadi, Burma. !i^ t' ■) l-^M/' ±?)i£o 

Saste. See Shasta. Shasta =^ fi^ ^ 

Satsika. Same as Blackfeet. Blackfeet — [^J v^o 

Satsop, a subdivision of the Salishan. Salislian ^ — j^o 



Saugehan, formerly in Xew Ilaiup- 
sliire, U. S. A. ; called often Xacook 
or Natacook. 

Sauh. See Sow. 

Saulteaux. See Sauteux. 

Saumingmiut, a subdivision of the 

Saur. See Savara. 

Saura. See Savara. 

Sauteux. Same as Chippewa; means 
" people of the falls." Also Saul- 

Savakot, in the government of St. 
Petersburg, Eussia. 

Savannas. See Shawnee. 

Savara, in Orissa, India; also written 

Saora, Saur, Saura. 

Sawakhtu, near Lake Tulare, Cali- 
fornia, U. S. A. 

Sawamish, a subdivision of the Sali- 

Sawassaw-Tenney. Same as See- 

Sawkee. See Sac. 

Saxons, a Teutonic people from north- 
ern Germany who invaded England 
in the 5th and Gth centuries. 

Sayat, a subdivision of the Usbegs. 

Scandinavians, a collective name for 
the Norwegians and the Swedes ; 
sometimes includes the Danes and 
the Icelanders. 

Scotch, the people of Scotland; also 
written Scotchmen, Scots, Scots- 

Scotchmen. See Scotch. 

Scots, ^ee Scotch. 

m^i)d)'-) i-s-^iar-'i. I lit- 

■^ o M '< Nac )ok X-"^ Nata- 
cook /> iS^iUrUf '« »Vo 

Sow ^a^o 

Sauteux ^^Sq 

Oqomiut /> — ]^, 

Savara ^J^Hq 
Savara ^ ^ a o 

Chippewa -[nl v-q ^iS^-^Aj 
>/*&"> Do Saulteaux > =c 

Shawnee ^^ao 

Salishan /> — ^^^ 
See-eesaw-dinneh — [^ v'q 
Sac V-^3o 

Usbegs ? ~%^ 

o T X ' A ^i t* "T 9 ■,' I 'CX 
A^B?7-«g,ff):^ VBjh -Vr^- 

Scotch =)-%^o 
Scotch 9-^3o 



Scotsmen. See Scotch. 

Scythians, ancient nomadic tribes of 
the southeastern part of Europe 
ami AVi'stern Asia. 

Sea Dyak, between tlie Kejang (Sara- 
wak) and tlie middle Kapuas in the 
western part of Dutch Borneo. 

Sebassa, a subdivision of the Haida. 

Sechuras, on the Piura River, north- 
western Pern. 

Secoffi, in Labrador. 

Sedumak, a subdivision of the Land 

See-eesaw-dinneh. See Chipewyan. 

Segigatang, a subdivision of the 

Seguas, near Cniriqui Lagoon, Pa- 

Sehuan-Cunnee, a subdivision of the 

Seidab, a subdivision of the Jal n. 

Sekamish, a subdivision of the Sali- 

Selenga, near Lake Baikal, Siberia. 

Selish. See Salish. 

Selung, in the Mergui Archipelago, 
west of the southern part of Lower 
Burma; they continually wander 
with their canoes from island to 

Sema, a subdivision of the Naga. 

Seman, a subdivision of the Semang 
in Upper Perak and Rhaman, Malay 
Peninsula; so called by themselves. 
They are called Sakai Jeram, or 
" Sakais of the Eapids " by the 
Malays of Upper Perak, from their 
skill as raftsmen. 

Scotch ^ ji 3 o 

Haida / — J^o 

Land Dyak y — JMo 

Chipewyan ^^Sq 
Imghad y — ;^o 

Patagonians ^ -'Mo 

Jalin y —Mo 
Salishan / — ^o 

Salish 5^ 1. a o 

-y r $g ^ 7: ,if! Va W^M ^ 'V^ - 
Naga ; -Ma 

kA.(:mM^-Mi- Vo ±^ 

-< 1 ho^.m.'^Jiy' in 1 M'^ 
3tftS*.ii -k ;l- 3 ij 4ii V V- =t /> 

i- 'Jo 



Semang, in Pemk, Kedali, and north- 
ern rahung, Malay Peniusnla; also 
written Saniang, Orang Semang. 
Tliey are also called Negritos col- 
lectively with the Aeta and the 
Andatnanese, etc. 

Semaf. See Nadiisha-dena. 

Seminole, formerly in eastern Florida 
and Georgia, U. S. A. ; most of them 
now in the Indian Territory; means 

Semites, a collective name for peoples 
in Arabia and Northern Africa; 
of which the chief ones are Arabs, 
Bedouins, Ilarari, Jews, and Tigri- 
tians, etc. 

Senaga. See Zenaga. 

Sends, on the Ucayali, an upper 
branch of the Amazon. 

Seneca, formerly in New York, U.S. 
A. ; now in the Indian Territory ; 
called also Tsonontooa by the 

French. Also Siniker. 
Seng Miao, in the southern and south- 
eastern parts of Kni-chau, China. 
Sennah, a subdivision of the Land 

Senoi, in the Malay Peninsula. 
Senos, on the Napo, an upper branch 

of the Amazon. 
Sentah, a subdivision of the Land 

Serawuli. Same as Soninke. 
Serbians. Same as Serbs. 
Serbs, llie people of Servia; they 

still call themselves Srb, Srbin, Srbl- 

jak, Srbljin. 

If I lt^cla^/;ltSl»-^^:^. 
'i' =t ^ o^ i; I f, ^ <• tf i ^ 

<* b =E 2:; t Saniang b =C .If 

i ^ \<? V ifefS -V r i: I cij 

i 1 > =E Pf j< .i/„ :: l<- f i I 
Xadiisha-dena ^ JL =3 ^ 

C'.^ I • ^ I cm A- It b 'J 
'V =t /> ± y o 

Zenaga =)■ ^^ o 
1:0 I i I < W- It ^-vt 

ti 4 ^> o -^ b ^-^ A '^ V ^- 

Siniker > =e ^i^' o 
Land Dyak j -Mo 

Land Dyak /» — J^^ 

Soninke =.^::?^ 
Serbs = ^ .:?o 



Sere, west of tlie upper Nile and 

north of the Niani-Kiaiu tribe ; also 

Serekhule. Same as Soniuke. 
Serere, on the Saluin River and in 

Cape Verde district, "Weit Africa. 
Serhe. See Sere. 
Seri, in Tiburon Island and on the 

adjacent coast of Sonera, ]\Iexico; 

they call themselves Kmike, Kun- 

Kaak. Also Sori. 
Seroushamne, in central California, 

U. S. A. 
Serranos. See Mecos. 
Serua, a subdivision of the Fijians. 
Servians. Same as Serbs. 
Seshaht, a subdivision of the Aht. 
Setebos, on the Ucayali, an upper 

branch of the Amazon. 
Seuabohis, on the Japura, an upper 

branch of the Amazon. 
Sgan, in Tenasserim, Burma; those 

of some districts call themselves 

Man-ne-pgha, those of other dis- 
tricts, Paki. 
Shagiah, on both banks of the middle 

Nile; about lat. 18° N., long. 32° E. 
Shahapt. See Sahaptin. 
Shahaptin. See Sahaptin. 
Shaiela. See Cheyenne. 
Shaikieh. See Sheygyeh. 
Sha-jen, in southeastern Yun-nan, 

Shakar. See Chakar. 
Shakas, a people who lived in the 

western part of India in the begin- 

ninsr of the Christian era. 

'^i& :)^ - tt ^> '^ =s -^ o Serhe 
Soniuke — [^ Vo 

Sere 5^^3o 

^10 1 *6^L:>'5ii> 
^ ! CD 1 b'M^m^-ii^- '^ 
» < 1 ^ ;&' I < i-^Xo t I 

Mecos ^ ^ a o 

Fijians / — J^o 
Serbs — Ih] ^v'o 
Aht ^ -Mo 

^^ ;!/ =6 ^ >^ ^ ^ 03^ > T- i ^ 

Sahaptin ^ ^ a o 
Sahaptin ^^ Mi a o 
Cheyenne ^ ^^ o 
Sheygyeh ^^3o 

Chakar ^^ H. =3 o 



Shakoo, a subdivision of tlic Karakul- 

Shakshu, on the upper Yarkand- 
darva, East Turkestan. 

Shammap, ;<outh of the Xefud Desert, 
northern Arabia, and on the upper 
Tigris, Turkey in Asia. 

Shamshiri, a subdivision of the Kurds. 

Shanar, in the southern extreraitv of 

Shan-ch'eh, in soutiieastern Yun-nan, 

Shangalla, in ilie ph\in,s to the north- 
west of t!\e Abyssinian plateau. 

Shang-lai, in Hainan, China. 

Sha-ni. See Sh-tsi. 

Shankalla. Same as Sliangalhi. 

Shans, in tiie Slian States of Burnia 
and Siam, and southwestern Y'un- 
nan; those in Burma call themselves 
collectively Ngiou ; called also Pai-y 
by the Chinese. According to some 
authors, they are said to differ only 
in name from the Laos in the Laos 
States, the name Shan being of the 
Burmese language, Laos, of the 
Siamese. (i9)i62) 

Shan - su, in southern Y'un-nan, 

Shapsuch, a subdivision of tlie Cir- 
ca-sians; als<» Chapsugh. 

Sharra, in eastern Mongolia. 

Shasta, formerly on the upper Kla- 
math River, California, U.S.A.; also 
written Cliestes, Saste, Shaste, Shas- 
tic:i, Shastika, Shasty. 

Shaste. See Shasta. 

Shastica. See Shasta. 

Karakalpak«i ; -j^^ 

-»• r)?L '1 - ^ o i'^ t' /: 'J j> y 

Kurds y — jl^o 

X m% r(i g- '^i rt? SG ^ ( t iS ^ -y r 
U/^AM ^ 1 hV^W-h 

Sh-tsi =y%^o 
Shangalla ~ \^ i?„ 

&m^ - {i ^^ .1^ =e / - -y r jlfc 

ifii-yr^gPA^ ^ ^-&%>^ 

-vr Ls,^ ^ ^^ o'^'i k«fibiJ 

iinm\^'^i^^* / ttK ^ -y 7^ Oj 

Circassians /> — j^o <- liapsugh 

M±«£-l!f-t y=u^o(he>tcs. 
Saste. Siiaste. Shastica. Shas- 
tika. Shasty V =e,IJ;7,o 

Shasta ^^Sq 

Shasta 9 ^^ o 



Shastika. See Shasta. 

Shasty. See Shasta. 

Shatinab, a subdivision of the Jalin. 

Shawanee. See Shawnee. 

Shawano. See Sliawnee. 

Shawnee, formerly in the Cumber- 
land valley, Tennessee and on the 
upper Savannah, South Carolina, 
U. S. A. ; now chiefly in the Indian 
Territory; also Savannas, Shawanee, 

Shefalu, near the Albert Nyanza, 
Central Africa. 

Sheh-wu, in southeastern Yun-nan, 

Sheikh Ismail, a subdivision of the 

Shekak, a subdivision of the Kurds. 

Shekiani, on both banks of the Gabun 
River, West Africa. 

Shelagi, a subdivision of tlie Yuka- 
ghirs; now extinct? 

Shendii, in western Upi)er Eurnia ; 
called also Yindn. Also written 

SheranI, in the country around the 
Takht-i-Suleiman, mountains in 
northwestern India ; called also 
Mi rani. 

Sherarat, m northwestern Arabia ; 
about lat. 29° N., long. 08° E. 

Sherbro, in Sierra Leone, "West Af- 
rica; called also Mampa or Mam- 

Sheref Djuni, a subdivision of the 

Shetimasha. See Chetemacha. 

Shasta ^Mi"=3o 
Shasta 9 ^'^ o 
Jalin /> — J^o 
Shawnee 9 ^^ o 
Shawnee ^^^o 

•}\U ■§ o\U M±^-lt^-:/ 

Kurds y> — j^o 
Kurds /> — j^o 

Yukaghirs /> --jJHo ^'^^fgit-t 
V ? 

L 1 A,o 1 -t^liov hl^n 

■01 h =E iR§-fe 7 ;^o Sindhu 

iiiM ^ linf^^> '^tife:^ - tt ^- '^ 
/* L I 1 b ij I i^- I 1 : 1 - 

Yomuts y — ^o 
Chetemacha ^^3o 



Sheygyeh, on the Nile from L)ong..l:i 
tr. Aim H:iiiiccl ; :\l<o written Sliai- 

Shiho. See Saho. 

Shi-ko, ill SDiUheasleiu Ynn - nan, 

Shilha. See Shhih. 

Shillook, on llie left bank of the 
White Nile (abont lat. 10° N.) and 
to ill' east cf the Bahr-el-Jebel 
(about lat. 7° X.); so called by the 
Dhikas ; c.ill themselves Lnoh or 
Lwo. Tiiey are also called Behr 
by the Bongos. Also written Shilluk, 

Shilluk. See Shillook. 

Shiluk. Sje Shillook. 

Shin, on the upper Indus, India. 

Shinterab, a subdivision of the Beja. 

Shinwari, s.uth of the middle Kabul, 
a tributary of the Indus, India. 

Shipibos, on the upper Ucayali, Peru; 
also written Sipibos, Sipivios, Supe- 

Shi-puh-neng, in central Yun-nan, 

Shir, on the Bahr-el-Jebel, an upper 

branch of the Nile. 
Shiripunos, a subdivision of the 

Shis Inday, the name by which tlie 

A\'iv h.s proper call themselves ; 

means " men of the woods." 
Shi-t'u, in the southeastern part of 

Yi:n-nan, Cliina. 
Shi-yoh, in the southeastern part of 

Yun-nan, China. 

Mat - 11; -7. 'Hi ^^ o Shaikieh 
Sahu ^iL=3o 

Shlnh =^^3o 

L I -2> 1 < lt<9v'i -^x.- 

-<6 V m^ y 'fo Shilluk. 

Shiluk h =Et5 '■>o 
Shillook ^ ^ 3 o 
Shillook ^|l3o 

Beja y-35^o 

1 1 6M I J' I T ^^h\ ^ 

7, iv^ ^ a Sipibos. Sipivio-!. 
Supebos h =e ,IJ;7. Q 

Zap iros ? — ;4^o 


n,"? ft J- '^ =t /► ;g: u + H o 




Shkipetari. See Albanians. 

Shiuh, in the soutinvestern i)art of 
^[arocco ; also Shilha. 

Sho. See Pwos. 

Shoa, in Abyssinia. 

Shodo Kai Porno, on the western 
coast of California, U. S. A. 

Shoho. See Saiio. 

Shologon, on the south bank of the 
middle Amur (long. 12.3° E.), Siberia. 

Shomamish, a subdivision of the 

Shon Pen. See Nicobarese. 

Shooli. See Shuli. 

Shooswap, a subdivision of the Sali- 

Shoshonean, a collective name for 
tribes n X(w Mexico, northern 
Texas, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, 
Idaho, southern Oregon, Nevada, and 
southern California, U. S. A.; of 
which the chief ones are Ban- 
nock, Comanche, Paiute, Shoshoni, 
Utah, and Wihinasht. The form 
Shoshonee or Shoshoni is also 
used. (i2)("GK03) 
Shoshonee. See Shoshoni. 
Shoshoni, formerly in western Wyo- 
ming, Idaho, eastern Oregon, and 
western and central Nevada, U. S. 
A.; now chiefly in Idaho ; called also 
Snakes. Also written Shoshonee. 
The form Shoshoni is used as a 
collective name, also that of Sho- 
Shotlemamish, a subdivision of the 

Albanians ^JL"=3p 

Shilha Y=^^-^-o 
Pwos ^M.3o 

Saho ^^3o 

Salishan /> —JMo 

Nicobarese =)■ %^ o 
Shuli ^^So 
Salishan / —Mo 

t' 1 . 'J) 1 1: 1 . io^^ii ^ ^ 

M^- -5 vDWj: L i- : 1 l:^ 
^ 1 . Lfc» Lfei !-• (t^^ 

ISP ! t- lX^o< J^tf 'iJ> I 
Shoshoni ^ ^ a o 

Slioshonee > =e-f»:7; o iH:^ -"^ 

Ljj I Lfe 1 1: 1 ft^ b nw 

Salishan ^ — 1 



Sh-tsi, ill the northeastern pari of 
Yiin-iian, China ; called also Slia- 

Shu. See I'hin. 

Shui Keh-lao, in the e;istern })art of 
Kui-eluui, China. 

Shui-kia Miao, in the southern part 
of Kni-chan, China. 

Shui Pai-y. See Tai-lu. 

Shuk-lai, in Hainan, Chin a. 

Shukrieh. Same as Shukriyeh. 

Shukriyeh, between the Atbara and 
the Blue Nile, tributaries o the 
middle Nile. 

Shuli, on the right bank of the upper 
Bahr-el-Jebel, and the northeastern 
shore of the Albert Nyanza, Africa; 
c.iUed also Gani by the Banyoro. 
Also written Shooli, Shuoli. 

Shumanas, on the Tocantins, Bra- 

Shumanas. Same as Jumanas. See 

Shuoli. See Shuli. 

Shushwap, in the valley of the Fra.ser 
and on the upper Columbia, British 

Shutung, in the western part of Yun- 
nan, China. 

Shuwa, southwest of Lake Chad, Af- 

Shyans. Same as Shans. 

Sia, in New Mexico, U.S.A.; also 
written Chea, Cia, Cilia, Silla, Tsea, 
Izia, Zia. 

Siahposh. S.e Kafir. 

Cliin ^Jia^ 

^m^m n 'ii% ^ itiii ^ ->' ^ ;k 

Tai-lu ^JL3o 
Shukriyeh =■[«] :>o 

:1b ^ - li ^' '" ^ ^ - y ^ it' 

fg-fe 7 (i^o >h()oli. Shuoli b 

j^ b n o /> i I i'^ ^ 1 ^Tf8I 

Jumanas n-fs] v'o Ticunas ^ 

Shuli ^^Sn 

%wMi^^ m%=- fif .e. ^- '^ =e 

Siians -(n] v^o 

Chea. Cia. Cilia. Silla. Tsea. 
Tzia. Zia. 1- ^t.ljT;,, 

Kafir ^^3o 



Siako, on the western coast of Cali- 
furuia, U. S. A. 

Siamb, a subdivision of tlie Gond. 

Siamese, the people of Siain. 

Siao-lieh, in northwestern Yim-nan, 

Siao Pan. See Pau-y-shan-tze. 

Sibacas, a subdivision of the Chi- 

Sibayor, a subdivision of tiie I^and 

Sibilit, a subdivision of the Maloh 

Si bop, on the upper Tinjar, a tribu- 
tary of the Biiram River, northern 
Sarawalc, Borneo. 

Sibos, on the upper Hi, Central Asia. 

Sibungo, a subdivision of the Land 
Dyak ; called also Bungoh. 

Sibuyau, a subdivision of the Sea 

Sicanians, an ancient people of Sicily. 

Siculians, an ancient people of Sicily. 

Sidama, in southwestern Abyssinia; 
called also Kaffa. 

Sidi-Habura, a subdivision of the 

Siduan, a subdivision of the Milanau. 

Sienietye, on the Blue Nile, a tribu- 
tary of the Nile. 

Sienuf, on the west side of the mid- 
dle Niger, Africa. 

Si-fan, in the western part of Sze- 
chuan and the northwestern part of 
Yun-nan, China. 

Sigalang, a subdivision of the Mila- 

Sigu, a subdivision of the Land Dyak. 

Gond ^ ^^o 

/Jn^iJ :h ,ix =e / ;^ V :^ V o 
Pan-y-shan-tze ^ M- a o 
Chifpiitos y — ,5Mo 

Land Dyak /> -^Mo 

Miloh Dyak y> —Mo 

Land Dyak / — j^-, Bnngoh h 
Sea Dyak / —Mo 

^o Kafia > =Gff|-fe y >^o 
Danakil ^ —Mo 

Milanau /> —Mo * 

s. t'fim te^b^u > Its - -y 

Milanau /> — j^o 
Laud Dyak ^ —Mo 



Sihan, on tlie Kejann; lliver, Sarawak, 

Sihanaka, in iinrtlieastcni Madagas- 
car; means "people of lake." 

Sihasapa, a subdivision of the Teton ; 
means " black feet." They are com- 
monly called Blackfeet, wliich mu^t 
not be confounded wilh liie tribe of 
the SMine name, a division of the 

Sika. See Orang Laut. 

Sikalau, on the Kapuas River in the 
western part of Dutcli Borneo. 

Sikapat, on tlie Kapuas River in tiie 
western part of Dutcli Borneo. 

Sikauni, on the upper Fraser River, 
Jiritisli Columbia. 

Sikepang, on tlie Rejang River, Sara- 
wak, Borneo. 

Sikhs, in Panjab, India. 

Sikisi. See Lumbwa. 

Sikosuilarmiut, near Cape King on 
tlie southern coast of Baffin Land. 

Siksika. See Blackfeet. 

Siksikauo. See Blackfeet. 

Silipanes, in the province of Xueva 
\'izcaya, Luzon, Philippine Islands. 

Sillube, a subdivision of liie l-'ulah. 

Simbeba, See Bashimba. 

Simbirankobe, a snbdivi>ion of the 

Simigaes, on liie banks of the < uraray 
and Tigre, upper tributaries of the 
Amazon; also Ciaes. 

Simirinches. See Pirros. 

Si-mo, in the central part of Yun- 
nan, China. 

Orang Laut 9-Jiao 
Lumbwa ^JL^o 

ii-p-jhVx./ b ^ t' ^ \^ M ^ ■)■ 'f 

Bhckfeet ^ ^3 „ 
Blackfeet ^^-Jq 

M^ '} •? cAx ff s tf o tx a /» 

Fulah /-i5^3 
Bashimba ^ il a o 
Fulah / ->^„ 

Pirros y — J5^o 



Simpoke, u subdivi-iion of tlie I.iiml 

Simpsian. See T.-imsliiaii. 

Sinabus, a siibdivi>ion of tlie Moxos. 

Sinar. Same as Seniiali. 

Sinchictus, a subdivision of the Za- 

Sindega, a subdivision of the Fnhih. 

Sindhu. See Siiendu. 

Sindi, in Sind, a region in the western 
part of India. 

Singacuchuscas. See Itucales. 

Singfo. See Chingpaw. 

Singgie, a stibdivision of the Land 

Singhalese, in the southern half part 
of Cevlon ; the name of the island 
being derived from the Sanskrit 
Singhaladuipu, "country of lion," 
the term is of the same origin 
with it. Also Cingalese. 

Singpaw. See Chingpaw. 

Singphe. See Chingpaw. 

Singpho. See Chingpaw. 

Singphu. See Chingpaw. 

Singpo. See Chingpaw. 

Sinhalese. Same as Singlialese. 

Siniker. See Seneca. * 

Sinimiut, on the southwestern shore 
of the Gulf of Boothia, northern 

Sinjabi, a subdivision of the Kurds. 

Sinsigas, near Tunja, the capital of 
Boyaca, Colombia. 

Siouan, a collective name for tribes 
in many states from Assiniboia 
(Canada) to Arkansas and the Indian 
Territory (U.S.A.), and in tlie Virgi- 

Land Dyak ^ — ^^o 
Tsimsliian ^ |L a n 

Moxos y -Mo 
Sennali - [«] -:>o 
Zaparos /> —Mo 

Fulah /^Mo 
Sliendu ^ %^ o 

Itucales =f^-^o 
Cliingpaw ^ Ji =' -, 
Land Dyak y — ,5Mo 

^l^^m'^ §A-f < ij-pi 

> /* ^) a V S V -y =e /* - x/ 

Cingalese h=t*^.o 
Cliingpaw ^^3o 
Chingpaw ^^Sq 
Chingpaw ^^Sq 
Chingpaw ^^a^ 
Cliingpaw 9 ^^ o 
Singhalese — |r] v'q 
Seneca t'-^So 

Kurds y — JHo 
^ I L\tm&o 



iiias ami llie Caroliiias ; ot" wliicii 
(lie cliief ones are Assiniboin, Crows, 
Dakota, <>!nali:i, Osage, ami Wmiie- 
hngo. Also Dakota. 

Sioux. Sec Dakota. 

Sipibos. See Sliipibos. 

Sipivios. See Shipibo->. 

Siquias, on the upper Rio Mico, a 
iribiitary of the Rscomlido, Nicara- 

Siranians, in tiie governments of 
Vnlogtla and Archangel, Eussia ; so 
called by the Russians. They are 
uf the same family with the Per- 
mians, and like the Peruiians, they 
call themselves Komi-mnrt or Komi- 
uler. Also Ziranians. See also Per- 

Sirdehis, south of the Hindu Kush, 

Siriguanos. See Chiriguanos. 

Sirionos, on the Paray River, Bolivia. 

Siroas, on the Uaupes, an upper 
branch of the Rio Negro, Colom- 

Si-shi Miao, in tlie southeastern part 
of Kui-chau, China. 

Sisika. Same as I'lackfect or Sik- 

Sisseton, on the Sisseton reservation, 
South Dakota, and part on the 
Devil's Lake re^rvaiifii. North Da- 
kota, II. S. A . 

Sistani, in tiie region (f the lower 
Ilelmiind River, southwestern Af- 

Sitka, a subdivision of ilie Tlinkit. 

.) ^ ,> - OS 7. ,v ± t: i- v ^1 

--■ I r I . if I -tf I c- if » 
± >j o /- : I r: h =t ffi -fe ^ ;i/o 

Dakota ^ ^ 3 o 
Shipibos ^ iL^ 
Shipibos =)-%^o 

I- i't) c ^ ■)■ ^^ r;. "T ; ^ V 

Wi')^ = (i ^- -V =c .» - -y T' >?, L 
i)K^ vS^'y ^^M-b 7 ''- o Jlk 

o i ££ '- : I ^ 9 1 c o Mif 

7*0 Ziranians 1- * ^ ;'.o 
Chiriguanos ^^'^Jq 

Pdackfeet X-*^ !Siksikana = |^ 

L--r/:(: 1 ?J.^i)•l:-^r:^ 

Tlinkit / -j4^o 



Sitibos, on the river Ucayali, Peru. 

Situfas, on the Casanare, a tributary 
of the Meta, Colombia. 

Siuslaw, on tlie Siuslaw Kiver on tlie 
western coast of Oregon, U. S. A. 

Siusys, iin the Isana, an upper brancli 
of the llio Xegro, Brazil. 

Siwalbe, a subdivision of the Fulah. 

Siyin, in western Upper Burma. 

Skagit, in northwestern Washington, 
U. S. A. 

Skapan. See Punan. 

Skaran, a subdivision of the Sea 
iJyak ; also Sakarang. 

Skeena, a subdivision of the Ilaida. 

Sketehlmish, a subdivision of the 

Skidagate, a subdivision of the Haida. 

Skihwamish, a subdivision of the 

Skilloot. Same as Echehiot. 

Skinpah, in Washington, U. S. A. 

Skiptar. Same as Shkipelari. See 

Skitsuish, in northern Idaho, U.S.A.; 
so called by themselves ; called also 
CVeur d'Alene. 

Skittaget. See Ilaida. 

Skokomish, on the Madison reserva- 
tion, Washington, U. S. A. 

Skopamish, a subdivision of the Sali- 

Slaves. See Dog-ribs. 

Slavonians. See Slavs. 

Slavs, a collective name for peoples 
in the greater part of Kussia (ex- 
cept the northern part and the 
Caucasus), Prussian Poland, the 

: 7) V C-' <fj :)- 'f «6 f ; M 7 ^ffe ^ 

.o^ f) t: s ^- '^ 'J ij ii Cot / 

Fulah >> — J^o 

Punan ^^Jq 

Sea Dyak y —Mo Sakarang > 

Haida ^ —Mo 

Salishan ^ — j^^ 

Ilaida y —Mo 
Salishan / — JMo 

Echeloot =111 iJ'o 

Shkipetari — [^J C>o Albanians 

4b^^tt^>.v^yo g7»r^ 

^^^-T', o Cteur d'Alene )• =e 
Ilaida ^ M. '=3 o 

Salishan /* —Mo 

Dog-ribs ^^Hq 
Slavs ^J^3o 

-r G ^' yolt)/ ^U5i- (At 



northern ami <<)iiiliein parts <.it' 
Austria-Hungary, Servia anil Monte- 
negro; of Avliicli the oliief divisions 
are Bosnians, Croats, Czechs, Mon- 
tenegrins, Morlaks, Pules, Kussians, 
Serbs, Slovaks, and Slovenes. Also 

Slo. See Abor. 

Slovaks, in norliiern Hungary and 
the adjoining part of Moravia 

Slovenes, in Styria, Carinliiia, Car- 

niola, and part of the Kiistenland 
and Hungary, Austria - Hungary ; 

also Slovintsi. 

Slovintsi. See Slovenes. 

Sluacus-tinneh, a subdivision of the 
nortliern Athapascjin. 

Smoos. See Ulva. 

Smulkamish, a subdivision of the 

Snakes. See Shosiioni. 

Snohomish, a subdivision of the 

Snoqualml, a subdivision of tiie Sali- 

So. See Soy. 

Soahile. See Suahili. 

Sobaipuris, in Sonora, Mexico. 

Sofala, south of the lower Zambezi, 

Sofi, west of the middle Ikiiir-cl- 
Jebol, the upper part of the ^'ile, 
and east of the liongo and Mittu 

Sohili. See Suahili. 

Soiots. See Soyons. 

^^ ^^ {7}\ hoi- % \ b'- 

"«" /3 I ^ t> ( • "T /j I ^' V,- I /y 

fc* /J LiiKi- ')o "T b vt; I 
|:?J^^ =tf»^-o 
Ab.a- =)-M^„ 

T5 1 9J>< li^i'''J I ^ 
M LLh- H'hV-isx b ^%yfi 

^ o "'* -o I 'J 1.x ^ h =t fi 7. o 
Slovenes ^JL'=^o 

Ulva ^^ao 
Salishan J —%o 

Shoshoni ^JLao 
Salishan J —%o 

Sali-han ^ — ^o 

Soy ^^3 
Suahili ^^3o 

Jiy|-:X:' I .ttf//^-^ I ^ 

il' =t y o 

Suahili ^Ji'Jo 
Sovons 5>- il y o 



Soke, in the suiitheru part of Van- 
couver Island, British Cohimbia. 
Sokhalar. See Yakuts. 
Sokhti, a subdivision of tlie Sarilc. 
Sokko, a subdivision of the Man- 
Sokoa, on the western coast of Cali- 
fornia, U. S. A. 
Sakoro, in Wadai, Africa. 
Sok-pa, in northeastern Tibet. 
Sokte, in western Upper Burma; de- 
rived from sok, "to go down," te, 
" men." 
Sol, a subdivision of the Kara- 

Solima, on tlie head-waters of tiie 

Niger, vVfrica. 
Solimoes, formerly on the banks of 
tlie Amazon near the nioutli of the 
Purus; also called Yurimauas. Also 
Solons, south of I lie middle Anuir 
(long. 120° E.), Siberia; means 
" sliooters." 
Soltecos, in Oajaca, Mexico. 
Somali, in J]ast Africa from the Gulf 

of Aden to the Jnba lliver. 
Sombe, on the middle Kuanza 
Kiver, Portuguese ^Vest Africa; also 
Somo Somo, a subdivision of the 

Somrai, on the Shari lliver, southeast 

of Lake Chad, Africa. 
Songhay, south (about lat. 15° N.) 
of the great curve of tlie Niger, 
Africa; called also Sonrhay, f)li 

,\i ^j t;. 'P L : /J V u'-' ^ /* V h /sj 

Yakuts ^|L-=3o 
Sarik y —^.o 
Mandingo /— ^, 

r^ -^ 7. ,1/ =0 y o ilfc ^ ^^ ■''Ol^ 

Kara-Kirghiz / ~Mo 

-t I 1 ^C IT ^a^-i:i 
o I -rMLlPtt3£-^fe J:tXM 
Bt - ili -t -y =e y - -y f 'SP 1 'J 

* J() I -f V =t f# -k 7 V i? ij o 
Solimones >=tLf''-o 

i6 -> L : ^ !:> I 11 it) Wo 

5'M*r)^ = tt ^. 'I' =£ / o Sum- 
be > =t -I* ;'. o 
Fijians J —Mo 

-y r ^ /-^ b v ' b =t IS -k 7 ;u-^ 



;inil rh being iutcrcliiingeable 

throughout North Africa. Also 

Sinigai, Surhai.(C2> 
Songish, a subdivision of the Sall- 

Soninke, on the upper Senegal 

Kiver, West Africa; called also 

Assuanek, Aswanek, Azeriye, Sara- 

Sonomi, north of Sun Francisco Bay, 

California, U. S. A. 

Sonqua, an extinct Hottentot 

Sonrhay. See Songhay. 

Soongar, a subdivision of the Kal- 

Sorbs. See Wends. 

Sorgou, in the Sahara Desert. 

Sori. ^^ee Seri. 

Soso. S.e Susu. 

Sosobe, a subdivision of the Fulah. 

Sosse. See Susu. 

Sots. See Isots. 

Sotik, northeast of the Victoria 
Nyanz I. 

Sotrohazo, in southeastern Mada- 

Soumoos. Same as Ulva. 

Souriquoi. See Mikmak. 

Sow, a subdivision of the Land Dyak ; 
also Sauh. 

Sowhylee. See Suahili. 

Soy, near Lake Chad, Africa; called 
also So. 

Soyons, in the northwestern part 
I'f Mongolia; also Soyots, Soiots. 

Soyots. See Soyons. 

lU ^ ilii- ^^ ri i- ^ ^ -f I ^i)•■ 
Salishan / — JMo 

7.. 5 b : 1(1-5 i 1- =tfs-t 

Hottentots /> — j^o ^^-^ilit 

Songhay 5^^3o 
Kalmucks ^ — j^o 

Wends ^ H. 3 o 
Seri ^^a^ 

Susu ^^3o 

Fulah ^-JKo 

Susu 5^1.3 

Isots ^ 8, a o 

Ulva - IBJ v?o 

Mikmak ^ H. 3 o 

Land Dyak / — JJ^o ^'"'' > 

Suahili ^jL3o 

{f 7i /u =e y - -y r ^ i i i i 
Soyons =)■ %^ o 



Soyut, :i siiliflivision of llic Maloli 

Spaniards, the people of Spain. 

Spokan, on the Spokane River and 
m the Fort Colville reservation, 
Washington, U. S. A. 

Squamscott, formerly in Maine, U. 
S. A.; now extinct. 

Squawmisht, a snbdivislon of the 
Sali shall. 

Squaxon, a Bubdivision of the Sali- 

Squonamish, a subdivision of the 

Stahkln. See Stickeen. 

Stang, a subdivision of the Land 

Stehtsasamish, a subdivision of the 

Stickeen, a subdivision of theTlInkit; 
also Stahkin. 

Stieng, in Caiubodia. 

Stillacum, a subdivision of the Sali- 

Stone Sioux. See Assiniboin. 

Suahili, on the of British and 
German East Africa, and in Zanzibar 
and the adjacent islands; derived 
from sahel, an Arabic meaning 
" coast." Also written Soahile, 
Sohili, Sowhylee, Suwahili, Swa- 
here, Swahlli. 

Sualt, a subdivision of the Maloh 

Suariranas. Same as Solimoes. 

Suawua. See Zouaoua. 

.Maloh Dyak / -jj^o 


Salishan / — l^^o 

Salishan / — J^o 

Salishan ^ — ^o 

Stickeen ^^^o 
Land Dyak ^ — ;^o 

Salishan /> — ;^o 

Tlinkit /> — ;^o Staiikin 1- ^ 

Salishan y —Mo 
Assiniboin f-^ao 

^S^ J i- '^^^^^' 't- ^J b ^''' 
h$^ sahel 3 1) |a 1] -y =t /> :^ 
1) o Soahile. Sohili. Sowhylee. 
Suwahili. Swahere. Swaiiili. 

Maloh Dyak ^ -j^^ 

Solimoes — [^ -P^ 
Zouaoua ^ ^3 ^ 


Subanos, in the peninsula oC Sibu- T I') 1 T -S>.< 'J oO'^/.Slf 

gney, western Mindanao, Philippine C^^'^'N^ mI'^' ^^ ^^o' i*! 

Islands; means "river dwellers." ^ (L'Kj ^ '' -fti ^ ') o 

Subironas, on the Rio Coco, northern |1 i' f) <'?j -^ ^t ifll "^ • *J i^ 

Nicaragua. 1 I 1 I /* jfth^-^ 

Subtiabas, near Leon, a city in Nica- 11 i* ^ C^J/* — ?5[i^(l ' ia'/^Fft 

ragua. They were also called Nag- ifi = 1 1; 7. ii^ =t /^ r^^ Xa<;rand m 

randan. h =c Of r< v 5 'Jo 
Sucumbois, in Cuzco, Peru. ^S I /> ( I "f" 1 ' Hi- 
Sudanese, a collective name tor the 'T \ f~ \ /vV> ■<" I f:' I /<> 

tribes occupynig tlie !^u^lan. JftW:*- 'J 

Sudra Nayar, a subdivision ol* the Nayar y -^;^o 


Sudube, a subdivision of tiic Fulah. Fulah ^ ~Mo 

Sue, in Cambodia. i^L'ii' V«o 

Sugon, on the lower Klamath River, Syib^] i)"^^\^ i"J .i«f;o 1- ^i 

California, U. S. A. ;HI ^ '^ < ^ ^ i ;"J KnUo 

Sukong, a subdivision of the Laud Land Pyak y —5*^3 


Suku. See Hami. Ilami ^ 5?, 3 o 

Suku, southwest of Lake Rudolf, ^tpS^liuH^J-i- ^J i'^ '^ ^ ' c ^ 

r.riti'^li East Africa. ,W(^^M\^^o 

Suliman Khel, on the middle Gomal, t V>^ c ^ ^^/^1~'t ^^ '^ "Xf^^ 

a tributary of the Indus, India. i^ V \ t ^1^^f^:> 

Suius, in the Sulu Islands, Philippine i>i> ij -pOVv- UPj^\* t 1 o I iff 

Islands. ^i 

Sumass, a subdivision of the SalL-lian. Salishan / -~]^o 

Sumbe. See Sombe. Sorabe ^^Sq 

Sumu, in western Sze-chuan, China. IJtflPW'lli^ ^^ HnCo 

Sundanese, in the western part of -^A-tHZl'P ii^'jySi^ 

Java. ffinB-. 

Sundyak. See Dusun. Dusun ^jLso 

Sune. See Zuni. Zimi f-jlao 

Sungai. See Songhay. Songhay ^^-Jc 

Sungor, in western I>art"iir, Af- i),\>^} i)- ^ t: Z Z^ \ oi&'}j ^ ^ 

rica. ni»o 



Sunguru, ;i subdivision of the Kurds. 
Sunnites, in the southeastern part of 

Mongol iii. 
Sunwar, in western Nepnl. 
Suomalaiset. See Finns. 
Suomi. See Finns. 
Suoriranas, oa the Tapnjos, Brazil ; 

so niuued after a palm tree called 

Supebos. See Siiipibos. 
Supinus, a subdivision of the Zaparos. 
Suquamish, a subdivision of the Sali- 

Surcee. Same as Blood. 
Surhai. See Songhay. 
Suriam, a subdivision of the Gond. 
Susquehannock, formerly on the 

lower Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, 

U. S. A.; now extinct. 
Sussaqua, an extinct Hottentot tribe. 
Susu, between the Pongo and the 

upper Niger, Africa; about lat. 10° 

N., long. 10° ^y. ; also written Soso, 

Sutaya, a subdivision of the Cheyenne. 
Suya, on the upper Xingu, Bra- 
Suwahili. See Suahili. 
Svan. See Swanetians. 
Swabians, in Baden, Wiirtemberg, 

and Bavaria. 
Swahere. See Suahili. 
Swahili. See Sualiili. 
Swan. See Swanetians. 
Swanet. See Swanetians. 
Swanetians, in the western Caucasus; 

also written Svan, Swan, Swa- 

Kurds /> —Mo 

Finns ^ ^ 3 o 
Finns ^-jla^ 

I1-- 7. ;v =0 o jlt m Df ^^ 3 fc' 

Shipibos =f ^'^ o 
Zaparos y —Mo 
Salishan / — j^o 

Blood - |i!I '^o 
Songhay ^ Mi a o 
Gond ^ —Mo 

M ^ Tvjii - iJi -fe -V =t y o •t' ^^ 

Hottentots / —Mo ^^t^"^ 'J o 

(? I ^ ri M i> / TbI (4b?#*'o 

/ o Soso. Sosse 1- ^ flij t; o 
Cheyenne / —/jMo 

<• I M /* ±Mo 
Suahili ^^^o 
Swanetians r |L =^ o 

Suahili ^JLho 
Suahili ^ ^ a o 
Swanetians ^ ^ a ^ 
Swanetians ^ X. => o 

5's> I ^.t'pi^'pJ: V ^Sr^-o 



Swati, ill Swat, a region northeast of 
Peshawar (a district of the Panjab) 
and west of the npper Indus, India; 
sometimes called Dehgan. 

Swazi, in Swaziland, South Africa; 
also Amaswnzi. 

Swedes, the people of Sweden. 

Swinamish, a subdivision cf the Sali- 

Swiss, the people of Switzerland. 
Szekler. See Magyars. 
Szengrik, a subdivision of the (rok- 

Szi, on the upper Irawadi, Burma; 

lat. 20° X. 

>. V\^ c ^ 1 1 /^ C J, ->^ 'HI ' -^ L ' 

r5fe>'?i:^"i -<i:^. 't- 1 .^o Vl 

>i Dehgan V =t fS -fe 9 -'.„ 

Salishnn y -^H-, 

Magyars 5^^3o 
Goklen y-:5^o 

Taaysheh, a subdivision of the Bag- 

Taballau, on the Baram Biver, Sara- 
wak, Borneo. 

Tabalosos, a subdivision of the 

Tabanuas. See Tagbanuas. 

Tablung, a subdivision of the Xaga. 

Tabucas, a subdivision of the Chi- 

Tacanas, on the lower banks of the 
river Madrc de l)io3, an upper 
branch of tiie Madeira, Bolivia. 

r>aggara / — Ji^o 

Jivaros / — ;^o 

Tagbanuas 5^ ^ ;i o 
Naga ; ~%r, 
Ciiiquitos ^ — i^o 

/: I i)M /i: I T Is 'J -:'<.' ^j 



Tachacurayes, on the riglit bank of 
tlie ^s^ijio, an npper liranch of tlic 

Tachi, in northern Tfxas, U. S. 

Tachi, near Lake Tiihvre, California, 
U. S. A. 

Taconha-piues, on tlie Xingu, Ika- 

Tacuhunos, between tlie Tocanlins and 
the Taeuliuno, Brazil. 

Taculli, in the region of the upper 
Fraser River, British Columbia; 
means "men wlio go upon water," 
mostly travelling from one village 
to another in their canoes. They 
are also called Carrier, Xagailer. 
Also Tahkali, Takulli. 

Tacunas. See Ticunas. 

Tacuror. See Torodo. 

Tacus, on the Eio Branco, northern 

Tadianans, in the mountain vales of 
Pinamalayan, Miudoro, Philippine 

Tados, on the head-waters of the 
San Juan Eiver, Cauca, Colombia. 

Tadousac, a subdivision of the Mon- 
tagnais (Algonquian). 

Taemuri. See Timuri. 

Taensa, formerly in Louisiana, U. S. 
A.; now extinct. Also written Teni- 
saws, Tensagini, Tensau, Tinnsals- 

Tafimata, in Air, an oasis country 
of the Sahara. 

Tagabaloyes, in Mindanao, Philip- 
pine Islands. The term is said to 
be another name for the Mandayas. 
Also Tagbalvoys, Tagobalooys. 

j.--^^\zh/ I \ t'/^-^x ^tiiir 

(J S:) i- 'V ,U LI §1 m±'if& 

7 »Uo Tall kali. Takulli )■ =t 

Ticunas ^^Jo 
Torodo ^^3o 

^ : I ^ H^^o 

^lontagnais (Algonquian n ^ 
Tinuu-i ^A.^o 

-li ij o Tenisaws. Tensagini. 
Tensau. Tinnsals h=e*;^o 

i5\ a - it ^> '^ ^ ^ o Jit >- ^ 

V V =t 3s 7 o Tagbalvoys. Ta- 
gobaloovs > =E; jft Pi o 



Tagabavvas, imi buili .-.ides of Davim 
]!uy, MiiulaiKid, Pliili|ipine Islaiuls. 

Taga belies, between ^^a^angalu Bay 
and Lake Bulnan, Mindanao, Philip- 
pine Islands. 

Tagacaolos, on I>oiij sides of Davao 
Biy, Mindanao, Piiilippine Islands; 
means "dwellers on the river 
sources." Also Tagalaogos. 

Tagalaogos. See Tagacaolos. 

Tagaias. See Tagals. 

Tagalos. See Tagals. 

Tagals. in the provinces of Manila, 
Corregidor (island), Cavite, Bataan, 
Bulacan, Hatangas, Infanta, and 
Lagnna of Luzon, and Mindoro, 
also to a smaller extent, Tayabas, 
Zambales, Xueva Ecija, Isabela, and 
Principe of Luzon, Philippine Is- 
lands; also written Tagaias Tagalos. 


Tagbalvoys, See Tagabaloyes. 

Tagbanuas, in Palawan and the 
Calamianes Group, Philippine Is- 
lands; also called Palananes. Also 

Taghlik, near Lake Pangong, western 
Tibet; so called by the inhabitants 
of Turkestan, meaning "mountai- 
neers ; " call themselves Chang-pa, 
" nortlitnen." 

Tagish, a subdivision of the Tliukit. 

Tagobalooys. See Tagabaloyes. 

Tagurs, a sulidivision of the Samo- 

^Wl&j V ^ &>■ 'Jo 'I'^'g'- 

laogos 1- =0 fS -fe 7 * o 
Tagacaolos 9 ^'^ o 
Tagals ^ilso 
Tagals ^^ao 

Ki{Si}ii'b\-X I . 11 1 r: 1 

^. -s; 1 ^ I i•^. it I r: I 

;^ I ft - An II: ^- '^^ty uy^-^i 

y r:v^^:>ll'i"- 5' t' iX ii -«"■ 
Hx. I 5s> i I L ' It. .'5 

=■ =t '^'I^ ^- o /:';&' b ££ '- T: 
i" ^ h =t .1} X o 

Tagabaloyes ?■ ^ a o 

i;'f.i:>ii-r )< =t w -fe 7 i-o 

Tab.iniias h T: ,IJ ;'. ^ 

Tlinkit /> — JKo 
Tagabaloye-i ^ >L '^' o 
Snmoyedes ^ — ^o 


Tagvis, :v subdivision of tlie Saiiio- 

Tahahteen, in California, U. S. 

Tahamis, in Colomhiu; now ex- 
Tahano. See Tano. 
Tahinolo, a snbdivision of the Huas- 

teos; also ]Saolingo. 
Tahitians, in the Tahiti Islands in 

the Sonth Pacific Ocean. 
Tahkali. See Taculli. 
Tai, a collective name for the Laos, 

the Shans, and the Siamese, etc.; 

means " free-men " or " noble." 

Also Thai. 
Taiassuf, a subdivision of the Uanpes. 
Taifasy, in the soutlieastern part of 

Tailaku, a subdivision of the Kurds. 
Tai-Iem, in southwestern Yun-nan, 

Tai Levu, a subdivision of tlie Fi- 

j ians. 
Tai-Loi. See Kun-Loi. 
Tai-lu, in southwestern Yun-nan, 

China; called also Shni Pai-y. 
Taimoro, in the southeastern part of 

Tai-ne. See Ilan Pa-i. 
Tainos, an ancient tribe of the island 

of Haiti. 
Tairtla, a subdivision of tiie Sahap- 

Taisaha, in eastern Madagascar. 
Taisaka, in the soutlieastern part of 

Taisonjo, in southeastern Madagascar. 


Samoyedes ? —)^r 

Tano ^JL"=3o 

Huasleci ; ~-)B.o Naolingo h 

Taculli =f%^o 

> /S:)- ^)o Thai h =e|t;^.o 
Uanpes ; -'%o 

Kurds /> — JMo 

Fijians y — .^o 
Kun-Loi ^ ii 3 o 

Ilan Pa-i =f%^o 
Sahaptin •> — J^o 



Tait, a siilidivision of the SiilUlian. 
Taitchida, on ihe left bank of llie 

Sacramento Kivor, California, U. S. 

Taivondro, in tlio >onlIif:.slern part 

of ^[adagascar. 
Taivonona, in tlic suullieastern part 

of Madagascar. 
Tai-ya, in sontlnvestern Ynn-nan, 

I'liina ; called also Una Yao 

Taiyal. Same as Ataiyal. 
Taizato, in sontheastem Madagascar. 
Tajak. See Tajik. 
Tajik, in eastern Persia, western 

Afglianistan, norlliwcstern Balu- 
chistan, and West Turkestan ; also 

Takanlka. See Kenneka. 
Takay. See Tankay. 
Takhtaji, in Palestine. 
Takhtam, in soutliern California, U. 

S. A. 
Takilma, formerly on the upper 

Kogne River, southwestern Oregon, 

U. S. A. ; so called by themselves ; 

sometimes called Kogne River In- 

d ians. 
Taku, a subdivision of tlie Tliukit. 
Takue, in Eritrea, the Italian colony 

on the Red Sea. 
Takulli. See Taculli. 
Tala, in Darfur, Africa. 
Talaing, in Pegu, Burma; called also 

Mon or Peguan ; the southerners 

are called Kliug, fd and U not being 

Salishan y> --J-H-. 

^„ Una Yao P;ii-y h =cfi^ 

-k ^ 'Wo 
Ataiyal - (nj -^o 

Tajik ^^-do 

/:i:i < '<o Lj,^ ^I'SK- 

Tajak 1- * ,IJ 7. „ 
Kenneka ^ ^ 3 o 
Tankay ^K.^ o 

Tlinkil y -J^o 

Taculli .>-iL=Jo 

^j ,',.') i/V /:'/. -5> I /jlfi:^'o 

>' < ^j^c iBf '-'W &v ki 



(iijtiiif;iiislHHl in tlie prommciation. 

Also Tding, Teliiigii. 
Talamancas, in Costa Kica. 
Talandjang, cm Iluinboklt Bay, Dutch 

Now Guinea. 
Talatui, in central Califurnia, U. 

S. A. 
Talepoosa, a ^uhdivision of the Chic- 
kasaw ; also Tapoosa. 
Talirpingmiut, a .subdivision of tlie 

Talkotin, mi the upper Fraser, British 

Taloinjunga, on tl)e soutlieastern coast 

of South Australia. 
Taltuctun tude, a subdivision of tlie 

Tama, in the western part of Darfur, 

Tamal, notth of San Francisco Bay, 

California, U. S. A. 
Tamanacs, on the lower Orinoco, 

South America. 
Tamanaques. Same as Tamanacs. 
Taman Maloh, a subdivision of the 

Maloh Dyak. 
Tamares, on the Jurua, a tributary 

of the Amazon. 
Tamas, on the Xapo, an upper branch 

of the Amazon. 
Tambahoaka, in eastern Madagascar. 
Tamils, in southern India and the 

northern part of Ceylon ; also writ- 
ten Taniuls. 
Tamoenos, on the Teffe, an upper 

brancli of the .Amazon; also written 


1- tl h^>?l t-J^rg);iJ;'. 
Chickasaw ^ — S^o Tapoosa 1> 

=6 It 7- 

Oqomiut ^ — JMo 

F8 iJ I T i i>--] h ^ M \>ii U 

Athapascan y — ^o 

t£ p; ,1. =t /> o 

Tamanacs — [b] -^q 
■S[aloli Dyak ^ -Mo 

t) I; -cXM / ±-i^ i^ >^Uii ^ }"! 
t > /-. ^ ^ / ;jb SB - tt ^. 'V =c 

/> o Tamuls V =e#;'.o 

JdJ r: -y^ 7. ;!/ =E /> o Tamuanas 



Tamoleka, in ceiural California, U. 

S. A. 
Tamoyos, formerly on llie coast of 

Kio de Janeiro, Brazil ; derived 

from tamuyn, a Tupi word meaning 

"ancestor;" now extinct. 
Tamuanas. See Tamoenos. 
Tamuls. See Tamil?. 
Tanala, in the forest of southeastern 

Madagascar ; those in the southern 

part are called Ikongo. 

Tancahuas. See Tonkaways. 

Tandolanos, on tlie western coast of 
Palawan, Philippine Islands. 

Tandrona, in northern Madagascar. 

Tandroy, in the southern extremity 
of Madagascar. 

Tangala, on the Benue, a tributary 
of the Niger, Africa. 

Tangara, west of Stuart Eange, South- 
ern Australia. 

Tanguiyan. Same as Tinguianes. 

Tanguts, near Koko-nor, northeastern 
Tibet. The name was derived 
from Taixfjut, the Mongol word for 
Tibet, TanguliL, meaning Tibetans 

Tanima, a subdivision of the Co- 
manche ; means " liver eaters ;" now 

Tanis, on the southern border of 
Khost, a district of eastern Afgha- 

Tanisi, in eastern Madagascar. 

Tanjong, on the Rejang Eiver, Sara- 
wak, Borneo. 

i) '^ I) i^-S-JftW tj-') -i-j^- oil s> 
1i\ \j\ i.\ ftB*-5;bt:i 

C/> I UJ lamui/a a V |£ 1 -V =e 

Tamoenos ^ jl a „ 
Tamils ^^3o 

/ -^ ?j ». ^ : ^ :' I y « ^ u t' 

^f^< .I/O 

Tonkaways ^^ JL "=J o 


Tinguianes - IhJ -:; o 

Tangul a i) ^ w D jfij ->' r 
Tanijutu V i -- -' -^f^i&\ 

Comanche / -j^„ }W& ^ ft 7 



Tankarana, in tlie northern extremity 

of ^tluhigascar. 
Tankay, in the eastern and nortli- 

eastern parts of Madagascar ; called 

also Bezanozano. Also Takay. 
Tankhul, a siihdivision of the Naga. 
Tanks. See Tonkaways. 
Tannopicas, a subdivision of the 

Tano, formerly in the central part 

of New Mexico, U.S.A.; derived 

from tinin, a Tigua word meaning 

men ; " called also Tewan. Also 

Tahauo, Thano. 
Tanosy, in the southeastern extremity 

of Madagascar. 
Tantsawhoot, east of the Great Bear 

Lake, Canada; called also Copper 

Taos, a subdivision of the Cliiquitos. 
Taos, in the northern part of New 

Mexico, U. S. A. 
Tapacoas, on the mcuntainons eastern 

side of the Tocanlins, Brazil. 
Tapacuras, a subdivision of tlie 

Tapajos. Same as Tapajosos. 
Tapajosos, on the lower Tapajos, 

Tapanhonas, on the head-waters of 

the Tajiajos, Brazil. 
Tapasana, in tlie southeastern part of 

Tapaunas, on the Tocantins, Bra- 
zil. Hfo 
Tapaxanas, on the Jurua and Ju- ^ Jt •t'^ M'' iiifA ^ '1' ^'.'Ji ' 

Naga J —Mo 
Tonkaways ^^.^o 
Cliiquitos J — iy?o 

f : 1 (?) 1 ^i0^^3*6^J *"g">t 

i^M^^^^ >^ h I Cs,i5 'ini« 

Jb.'C b =EfS-k7 ,!/„ Tahano. 
Tliano > =e ^ 7-, o 

flf X ,v=^? =--yT :.^\t \ v» 
Cliiquitos y —'Mo 

Moxos ^ — ]^o 
Tapajosos — Ib] v-q 

/:JJs^-fe1-f IT i^M:^ 
S^bllh ^ ■f:II"-c"js 1 fM^7N 



t:iy rivers, tributaries of the Auia- 

Tapes, formerly on the Uniguay 

River, Uruguay. 
Tapiju la panes, ontlieRiodela Sierra, 

Tapirapes, on the western side of 

the Araguaya River, Brazil. 
Tapoosa. See Talei)oosa. 
Tappa, 'See Xupe. 
Tapua. See Xupe. 
Tapucuracas, a subdivision of tiie 

Tapuras, a subdivision of the Uauperf. 
Tapuyas, on the small river Pacaja, 

soutii of the mouth of the Amazon; 

so called by the Tupis, meaning 

"enemies" or "strangers;" called 

also Crens (Botocudo name, '' an- 
cients"), Guerens. 
Tarabe, a subdivision of the Fulah. 
Tarahumaras, in Chihuahua, Mexico. 
Taranaki, a subdivision of the Maoris. 
Taranchi, near Kuldja, the capital 

of Hi, China. 
Tarascos, in Miclioacan, Me.'ci- 

Tareng, on the head-waters of the 

Chindwin, a tributary of the Ira- 

wadi, Burma. 
Targuts, in Zungaria and soulliern 

Mongolia ; also written Torgod, 

Tourgouths, Turguts. 
Tarl, in Tenasserim, Burma. 
Tarianas, a suiidivision of the Barres. 
Tarianas, a subdivision of the Uaupes. 
Tarin, near Tiial and Cijotiali, towns 

*?) ^ L : ^ 'J i; T f) L I 7- 

Talepoosa ^^ Mi ^ o 
Xupe ^^ao 
Xiipe ^A^o 
Chi.iuilos /> —^o 

Uaupes y — J5^o 

^)5 i- '^ II' i>' LhAf^ =■ It ^ 
-I' =E / - -y r o I O'^'' I i^ a 'i 

Us I i 1 < I i' > ili-^ iS" 
AjV ^^)- C;cl HI A> ^ 

Fulah /'-]5Mo 
Maoris yf —Mo 

o I <, <• I i- i I i <* I t*- 

Barres / — JHo 
Uaupes / — ,f|^o 


t>ii the norllnvesteru frontier of ]i.\i' ^is\ 'D ^3 "■) -^ — l?l>E.Pf't 

India. jSo 

Tarkalani. .See Tarkani. Tarkani ^Hso 

Tarkani, west of tlie Tanjkora, a i Vn^ tV i)',i^ 1 ^M {^'/^f^'t 

tributary of tiie Kabul (a branch M/'^)!!) ^ ^r)ii^ '^llX L^ 

of tlie Indus), India; also written : I b f nJ -^ f^':fj -(-li^« '^ ^ 

Tarkalani. y o 'l^'"-l<;il:i"i >=t*7.o 

Tarrawarrackal, north of Corner v'j^i i '•J fc ^ I i '^i! 1 tVv/ 

Inlet, Victoria. ^-^ i ^ :lti:^o 

Tarribelung, on the lower Burnett < t '^T b/x^ f '^ ^ I^ nK :^ '^ 

Kiver, southeastern Queensland. Ji \ ^iloiMTti^o 

Tarru, west of Lake Victoria in the l-i^l §-)i" ^x'^'T^Pi 

southwestern part of New South rilpil*:^'^ 'j\- { h^Jh'M^M 

Wales. ;^o 

Tarrumbura, in eastern Queensland. < i^/^-f b /v. iV Ml^^o 

Tartars. -See Tatars. Tatars ^^Hq 

Taruinbura, on the western shore of :f ; ;& H ' ^ .^Jj" 1 G ^ ^-'^ "^ 

Broad Sound, eastern Queensland; b/yK^M^^'^j^^ 1 H" 

means " belonging to tlie big ^ ^ r-^.jpj - |^ -,_ ^j^ =^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

river." ^:)' 'J o 

Tarubura, west of the head of Shoal- f- 5 I .5<' 1 G ^ l''^"f ?> ^ H 

water Bay, eastern Queensland; mym%'l.\fJ.,v:^f^4i^ 

means " belonging to fig." :^ - M ^> 'V =e z' j > /* ^ :^ V o 

Tarumas, in the southern part of H Jb i>^ ';' :^V ^^I^' I fc-fj; /> I^ 

British Guiana, South America. §15o 

Tarumbul, south of the lower Fitzroy < ^.^^l'' ^'^^ tV ilinl> ^ /^i^i^-. 

Kiver, eastern Queensland. "J/j v^qlTv^/' T^l^o 

Tashon, in the western part of Upper fz 1 Lis 1 ^ ±aYi(J^ ^ i. ^''B 

Burma. §Co 

Tasm, an extinct tribe in Ara- ft b o'^'fe -{£"e -v =e y „ -^^>$g 

bia. W.-^ '} o 

Tasmanlans, the aboriginal tribe of /iT^t-^V^ "/■:"fl:l-ft 

Tasmania; became quite extinct in ^ Jflg^'t fo ^AWH^ 

1876. In 1803, they were roughly -^^^-'AP:;';*^£ll'(M'h) :^ 

estimated by some at 500 (minimum) 2 SffUAW = +1? = ^> H 

and by others at 20,000 (maximum), -|-^\\fg][7L]-f-H4p- - -'^aL-f' — 

and their number fell to 111 in 1834, AItI]£-|-M¥ =■ -'^i';^^A-vJ^ 



to 51 in 1842, to 16 in ISot, to 4 
women, Billy Lannee, tiie last male 
aborigine having died in 1865, to 
only one in 1869, and finally the last 
survivor, called Truganina, died 
in 1876. ("-) 
Tat, on the sontlnvestern shore of the 
Caspian Sea. 

Tatars, originally a tribe of the same 
origin with ihe Mongols, means 
either " archer " or " nomad " in the 
Tunguse or Manchu language. Also 
witten Tartars. The term Tatars 
is generally used as synonymous 
with Turks, 2, but both are the 
names for the peoples of different 
origin. \Yhen they invaded the 
west under the leadership of Jeng- 
his Khan with the Mongols in the 
beginning of the 1.3lh century, the 
name of Tatars was gradually trans- 
ferred to the western peoples called 
Turks. Hence, the name is used as 
a collective name for the Turkish 
tribes, tlie pure Tatars however, no 
longer exist. Also by general custom 
the term to-day is specifically used 
as the name of the peoples of Asiatic 
descent and Turkish speech scattered 
mainly through Eussia and Asia. 
Minor. At the present time, there 
are many peoples who bear tlie 
name of Tatar, e. g. the Astrakhan 
Tatars, Azerbeijan or Iranian Tatars, 
Crimean or Pontus Tatars, Xogai 
Tatars, Siberian Tatars, Volga or 

;gB^Xo Tartars b=E;lr7,o 

r^.m 1- -vrf-iini^-- 7 -i- > - 

^mI/* h -vr t$- ;11+ -7 -lo 

^n ^>-f t e)i/•^ f: I f: I• 



Kii/.au Tatars, etc, but all these are 
eillier peoples belonging to the Tur- 
kish group, or else mixed races. 


Ta-tathi, on the north side of the 
ISIurray from Wentworth to Euston 
(towns). New South Wales. 

Tateburra, on the eastern coast of 

Ta-t'eo Miao, in the southwestern 
part of Kui-chau, China. 

Tathzey, a subdivision of the Kut- 

Tatoongolong, near Lake "Welling- 
ton, eastern Victoria. 

Tatsimatra, in southeastern Mada- 

Tatsimo, in southeastern Madagas- 

Tatu, at Potter Valley, a town of 
northwesterir California, U. S. A.; 
called^also Huchnom. 

Tatus, a subdivision of the Uaupes. 

Taumocas, a subdivision of the Chi- 

Taungthus. See Tungthus. 

Taungyo, in the southern part of 
Upper Burma. 

Taunies, in the Gran Chaco, South 

Tauputa, in the southeastern part of 
British New Guinea. 

Tauro, in Sonora Mexico. 

Tavast. See Tavastrians. 

Tavastians. See Tavastrians. 

Tavastrians, a subdivision of the 
Finns in southwestern Finland; call 
themselves Hiimalaiset (in singular. 

1:^1 § 7I" ixi S-f ^ -px. 

< ^^^-f ?.^tvm?i;■?^-^t^- 
Kutchin /> —JMo 

Uaupes y ~J^o 
Chiquitos 7 —j^o 

Tungthus ^jiao 

;'. ;v =c /» o 

Tavastrians ^ ^ a o 
Tavastrians ^ ^ a o 



H;ira:ilaine), nieuning " hike people." 
Also written Tuvast, Tavii^tians. 

Tavoyan, in central Tenasserim, 

Tawacani, formerly on the Brazos 
Eiver, Texas, U. S. A.; now in Okla- 
homa ; called also Towakarehu. 
Also written Tawakoni, Towacarro, 

Tawakoni. See Tawacani. 

Tawarbura, on tlie lower Murray, 
southeastern Queensland. 

Tawarik. See Tuareg. 

Ta-ya Keh-lao, in western Kui-chau, 

Tayronas, an extinct tribe in Santa 
Marta, northern Colombia. 

Taywah. See Tehua. 

Taz, a subdivision of the Usbegs. 

Tazi, a subdivision of the Tunguses. 

Tcawi, a subdivision of the Pawnee; 
also Grand Pawnee. 

Tceme, formerly at the nioutli of the 
Pvogue River, Oregon, U. S. A. ; now 
on the Siletz reservation of the same 
state; called also Joshua Indians, 

Tcetlestcan, formerly on the coast of 
Oregon, U.S. A.; now on ilie Siletz 
reservation of the same state; also 

Tchaudor, on the northeastern shore 
of tiie (Julf of Kara Bugaz in the 
eastern part of the Caspian Sea. 

Tchaukthus. ><-e Chukchis. 

Tchetchens. See Ciieclieas. 

Tchikchis. See Chukchis. 

/ Aii; V ^ ^i- ') n Tavast. 
Tavasiians h =c,IJ^o 

f)T I T MBlt-flf-t -r=t y'o 

y-o t I ^5 1 ii- 1 n I i' I V 

=efS'fe'5'i'o Tawakoni. To- 
wacarro. Towacuni b*ii^T^>o 
Tawacani ^ ^ a o 

Tuareg "^jl^a 

Tehua ^Jiao 

Usbegs y — JKo 

Tunguses / — i5Co 

Pawnee / — J^o Cirand Pawnee 

■t,* 1 * 1 m^i:»^^) *"&• 
ChetlesseniuM h =e ?J t: o 

^m^M^i-^-''-' i'-^ -5:1 i>'-r 

Cliukcliis ^>L=io 
Chechens ^ JL ^ n 
Chukchis ^JL^o 



Tchikun, ;i subdivision of tiie southeini 

Tchinuk. See Cliinook. 
Tchishi, :i subdivision of the Apache. 
Tchouds, in tlie government of Estho- 

nia, Ktissia; also written Tshnds. 
Tchuang-jen. See Tung-jen. 
Tchukchis. See Cluikchis. 
Tchuktchis. See Chukcliis. 
Tchung-kia-tze, in western Kni- 

chaii, eastern Yun-nan, and northern 

Kwang-si, China ; call themselves 

Pu-y ; called also Tchnng Miao, 

Tchung Miao. See Tchung-kia-tze. 
Tchuvashes. See Chuvashes. 
Tebia, a subdivision of the Land 

Tebu. See Tibbu. 
Tecos. Same as Popoloca. 
Tecpanecs. See Tepanecs. 
Tecunas. See Ticunas. 
Teda. See Tibbu. 
Teduray. See Tirurayes. 
Teet, on the lower Fraser, British 

Columbia; called also Haitliu. 

Teeton. See Teton. 

Tegele, in the southern part of 

Kordofan, Africa. 
Tegua. See Tehua. 
Tegurayes. See Tirurayes. 
Tehua, in New Mexico, U. S. A.; also 

Taywah, Tegua, Tewa. 

Tehueco, on the eastern coast of 

the Gulf of California, Mexico. 
Tehuelches. See Patagouians 

Athapascan i^;J^,^/' — .t^^ 

Chinook t^-^So 
Apache 7 — :^o 

=£ ^ Tsluids V^t^^^'.o 
Tung-jen ^X-^o 
Chukcliis ^ ^ 3 o 
Chukchi.s ^J^3o 

Tchung-kia-tze ^ ^ a o 
Chuvashes ^^a o 
Land Dyak / ^Mo 

Tibbu ^^3o 

Popoloca — [si iy'o 
Tepanecs 9" A, ^ o 
Ticunas ^ ^ a o 
Tibbu T^^So 
Tirurayes ^ ^ a © 

Haitliu h ^^^ 7 ;^o 
Teton ^ ^ 3 o ' 

Tehua ^JLso 
Tirurayes ^^a^ 

'}\] - (i p; ;!- =E /> o Taywah. 
Tegua. Tewa >=e#^.o 

Patagouians ^ ^ a , 



Tejano. Same as Coahuila? 

Tejua, a subdivision of the Apache. 

Teka. See Tikar. 

Tekele, in the southern part of 
Kordofan, Africa. 

Tekke, between the middle Amu 
Daria and the Caspian Sea. 

Telegu. See Telngu. 

Telembis, in southwestern Ecuador. 

Teletz, in western Mongolia. 

Teleuts, on the banks of the upper 
Obi (about lat. 53° N.); called also 

Teling. See Talaing. 

Telinga. See Talaing. 

Telu, on the border of Tibet and wes- 
tern Sze-chuan, China. 

Telugu, in Ilvderabad, India; also 

written Telegu- 

Telumni, near Lake Tulare, Califor- 
nia, U. S. A. 

Tembii. See Amatembu. 

Temne, in Sierra Leone, "West Africa ; 
also written Timmani, Timneh, 

Tenae. See Anka Miri. 

Tenaino, on the Warm Springs re- 
servation, Oregon, U. S. A. 

Tenan, a subdivision of the Kutchin. 

Tenawa, a subdivision of the Coman- 
che ; means "down-stream"; now 

Tene, in the western part of French 
(iuinea, West Africa. 

Tengsa, a subdivision of the Xaga. 

Tenimbueas, a subdivision of the 

< .oahuila - ^ -:?o 
Apache ? — j^o 
Tikar ^^ao 

Telugu ^^3„ 

1< ft CO ^'S^Ko 

Talaing =i-%^o 
Talaing =i- 3L^ o 

ess > ^flPHJU^wssi-^^ 

Telegu b =e ;5 ;>: , 
ft/)'j i-&^a i'ij.J-j.oi:ft 

Amatembu "?• ^ a o 
B nC ft .!• 'J i>' :»■ *- L > ^ b 
Timmani. Timneh- Timni > 

Anka Miri ^^3o 

Kutchin / — ^o 

Comanche / — ,^, lit'' 2^1^ -J 

>'aga /> — ^o 
Uaupes / — 55Co 



Tenisaws. See Taeusa. 

Tenne. See Athapascan. 

Tenni. See Athapascan. 

Tensagini. See Taensa. 

Tensau. See Taensa. 

Tenuai. See Navajo. 

Tepanecs, formerly in Mexico; also 

written Tecpanecs. 

Tepehuana, in Dnrango, Mexico. 

Teppu Ans, a subdivision of the 

Tequistlatecas, in Guerrero and 
Oajaca, ^lexico. 

Terawwis. Same as Toda. 

Terrabas, in western Costa ilica. 

Terrabura, west of the Great Divid- 
ing Kange, eastern Queensland. 

Terrin Chalium, in western Victoria. 

Terrumbehal, in western Victoria. 

Terrutong. See Yaako. 

Terstamgali, a subdivision of the 

Terwar, a subdivision of the Athapas- 

Tesko, in Air, an oasis country of 
the Sahara. 

Teton, on tlie Rosebud reservation 
and Pine Ridge reservation, South 
Dakota, U. S. A. Also Teeton. 

Teutas, on the Eio Vermejo, northern 

Teutons, a name for a division of the 
Aryan or Indo-European group, 
including the Danes, Dutch or 
Netherlanders, English, Flemings, 

Taeusa ^^a^ 
Athapascan ^ ^ a o 
Athapascan ?f- ^ a o 
Taensa ^ ^ a o 
Taensa ^JLho 
Navajo ^J^a^ 

•— {J-k-y =tt/>o Tecpanecs 

i^^ LI y><:> \ b^:■| '}\\o 
Kenniah / — JMo 

Toda - iHl v>o 

Yaako ^^ag 
Karakalpaks y — ^o 

Athapascan ^ —/Jlo 

ji {£ ;^ ;V/ =t y o Teeton > =e 
riSiffi- -yr (^-^^^'^^<* b 

^ t*A- -r 9 u^ 1 'C^A. ?:-? 

5^1 A- ^>'J I "T•^^i' A 


Frisians, Germans, Xoi\vegian<, ami /i f^-^ l-^//> C^ ^ afiK^^ ^ 

Swedes, etc ■&''#^>o 

Tewa. See Tehua. Teluia ^jL^o 

Tewan. See Tano. Tano ^ {L 3 o 

Texas, on the upper Sabine Eiver and i) ih ij i'-S-^frfJC < 5 "flHl + '^ 

Us tributaries, Texas, L . S. A. _ ^^ 7. ,u ^ .> ^ 

Texcocans. See Tezcucans. Tezcuoans ^^Hq 

Tezcucans, Ibrmerlv in the vallev of 'C 1 T ^ I jb'A/ tfeB^*^ d' L 

Mexico; called also Acolhuans. ^3 : VY 9 I fc^ h =tfi5-t ^ 

Also Texcocans. w' ^ 'J o Texcicans h =t ,»?;'. o 

Thai. See Tai. Tai ^^Jo 

Thamudite, an extinct trihe in Ara- ^:) ?> L'-fc - U:-k -v * / o ^-"'^ 

Kiu. i^'t ^J o 

Thano. See Tano. Tauo ih ^'^ o 

Tharamirttong, in nortlieastern ^'ic- p\. < i ij ^3 /> Mi^lt pi» - It 7- '^ 

t'lria. "^ -^ o 

Tharoo, in the Tarai, a region in ^,^^ tV :lbnK:^ 'Vf: t> i. "ifi^^* - 

northern India. ^j£ J7. iV =E / o 

Thebengea, in Bhutan. S- I f:^^ 

Thiaka, a subdivision of the "Wakani- Wakaiuba /> — :^o 


Thibetans, Same as Tibetans. Tibetans ^loji^o 

Thibura, on the upper Burnett Eiver, < ^^^■f f)^ t'>' ;4i F^ nil ^ '^ 

southeastern Queensland. -5^ i ^ ilo i fSUinKo 

Thioma, a subdivision of the Moi. Moi ^ -^Mo 

Thlinkeet. See Tlinkit. Tlinkit ^^Sq 

Thnaina. See Kenai. Kenai ^^3o 

Thochu. Same as Tochu. Tochu -I^li^o 

Thos, in northeastern Tunking, French f)CSR^.'^ t' L^X ^ hAj^/^^'^ 

Indo-Ciiina. J ill^buljo 

Thotyal, a subdivision of the Gond. Gond /> — a5^o 

Thracians, an ancient people of 'THl'Ti'^ * ' ^olX^ 

Thrace, a region in southeastern Jliff^'ul! :>■ '^'^■U ' "Tifi^ -It 

Europe. "fc y^R^^o 

Thuncumbura, in snitheastern Que- < c ♦/^'T f)^ tV iliitfon-tt ^' 

ensland. rt/ =e x> ^ 

Thuribura, on tlie mainland opposite ('<!-l i S ^ VJi 1- ffl ? i ='• 'i' 



Great Sandy Island, Queensland. 

Thuringians, an ancient people of 
Thuringia of central Germany. 

Tiaris, on the Purus, a tributary of 
the Amazon. 

Tibbu, In the central Sahara, north- 
east of Lake Chad ; means " rock 
people;" called also Teda. Also 
Tebu, Tnbu. 

Tibetans, in Tibet; call themselves 
Bod-pa, which pronounced in some 
districts Beuha, in others, Bopa, and 
even Gopa. There are different 
explanations for the meaning of the 
word Bod, being said to be derived 
from a verb hbodpa (pronounced 
bodpa), "to call," "to speak" (Mr. 
"W. W. Rockhill), a word meaning 
" force" (Mr. Schlagintweit), a Tur- 
kish word which means nothing less 
than " the mountaineers of the people 
professing the Buddhist religion " 
(Mr. Vigne) ^104) 

Tiboina, in northwestern Madagascar. 

Tibois, a subdivision of the Moxos. 

TicUnas, on the Japura and the 
Putumayo, upper branches of the 
Amazon, and also on the lower 
Marafion; called also Jumanas. Ac- 
cording to some authors, tliey are 
said to be distinguished from the 
Jumanas. Also Tacunas, Tecunas, 

Tidni. See Hilleri. 

Tifiherenana, in southwestern Mada- 
gascar ; called also Andraivola. 

mm bu ^N IP i- r ASj -i- :t.i* ^' ) 

7 lUo Tebu. Tnbu > ^flspVo 

=■=7^ ^-li I it'V ^?lfZ' I It 1- 
=e 5 7 o Bod i- ;v- IS /> Mni =■ 

B^ ^ ?^' ^. '^ H) Rnl hh odpa ( ( j ^ 

/ i' ^) >St (/:U^iJw, I /;' 

V ^i-:?-^ V > =eit (L e)-y 

Moxos y^ —Mo 

^^:^-=-'^^^< &M ^^T > 

> 5 7o -f: I < 1 -^j: 1 -f. 
Bi*i < I ^j; I -f- l> =&#^<o 

Hilleri ^^3^ 

=c /> o Andraivola h =e Bf .>^ ;i,° 



Tigpitians, in Tigre, the uortheru- 

ino--t division of Abyssinia. 

Tijucos, a snbdivision of the Uaupes. 
Tikar, in Adaniawa, a region in the 

Slid n, Africa. 
Tiki-Tiki. Same ;is Tikkiiikki. Pee 

Tikkitikki. See Akka. 
Tiky-Tiky. Same as Tikkitikki. See 

Tilbabura, soutinvest of the Auanbura 

tribe in eastern Queensland ; became 

extinct about 1865. 
Tillamook, on the Grande Ronde, a 

tributary of the Snake River, Ore- 
gon, U. S. A. 
Timahilaka, on tiie western coast of 

Timbiras, in Goyaz, Brazil. 
Timbuktu, north of the middle Niger 

(long. 4° W.), Africa. 
Timena, in western Madagascar. 
Timerab, a subdivision of the Jalin. 
Timilanja, in western Madagascar. 
Timinabas, a subdivision of the 

Timiraha, in western Madagascar. 
Tim man!. See Tenme. 
Timneh. See Temne. 
Timni. See Temne. 
Timoga. Same as Timucua. 
Timotes, in the mountainous district 

of M4rid;i, soutii of Lake Mara- 

caibo, Venezuela. 
Timucua, formerly in the valley of 

the St. John's River, Florida, U. S. 

A.; called also Atimuca, which 


Uaupes yf — ^o 

Tikkitikki -[^ v-^ Akk i ?■ jL 

Akka ^^3o 
Tikkitikki -^i>o Akk ^jL 

itimm) ^At-jjo 

Jalin J —l^o 
Chiquitos /> —Mo 

Temne ^^3o 
Temne f- ^ 3 o 
Temne i- ^^ o 
Tiinuona — [^ -J>o 

hi- 1^ k ^:> i»'vMt I tW^'ill^ 



ati-muca, "ruler," 

derivetl from 
" master." 
Timuri, in Khorasan, a province of 
eastern Persia; also Taemuri. 

Tinganeses, on the ITuallaga, an upper 
branch of the Amazon. 

Ting-pan. See Kao-po Miao. 

Ting-pan-yao. See Pan-yao. 

Tingues. See Tinguianes. 

Tinguianes, in the western half of 
Abra and the bordering parts of 
Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Snr, Luzon, 
Philippine Islands; called also 
Itanegas, Itanegs, Itaveg. Also 


Tinitianes, in P)nba7an Creek, Pala- 
wan, Philippine Islands. 

Tinjar Sibop, a subdivision of the 

Tinlinneh, near Lake Tulare, Cali- 
fornia, U. S. A. 

Tinne. See Athapascan. 

Tinneh. See Athapascan. 

Tinney. See Athapascan. 

Tinnsals. See Taensa. 

Tionontati, formei-ly in the moun- 
tains south of Nottawasaga Bay, 
Ontario, Canada; means " there the 
n\ountain stands." 

Tipperah, in Tipperah, a district in 
eastern Bengal, India. 

Ti punas, on the Jutay, a tributary 
of the upper Amazon. 

Tiputinis, a subdivision of the Zapa- 

(di-niuca ■)- ii^'^s i) |E lUo 
'}\\ - It ^- '^ =t ^ o Taemuri > 

Kao-po Miao ^ J^ a o 
I'an-yao ^ ^ a o 
Tinguianes i- ^'^ o 

^SKM^^Vj I : I -f 1 
i X I /i f t^ /3 1 : I -f 

''-^':)j - U; ^^ iu=^^ - -V-r i^ 
7 'Uo Tingues b =ufl|:Xo 

Sibop / -Mo 

Athapascan ^ J^ a o 
Athapascan ^ ji a ^ 
Athapascan ^ |L ^ o 
Taensa 5^ H. ^ o 

^j Ji -cX M Ji vifL -^ -^ vjtf. ^ '^ 
Zaparos ^ — ;^o 



Tip, in Travanoorc, staitlicru Iiulia. 

Tirki, a subdivision of the Oraon. 

Tiron, in t lie highest mountain regions 
ill the neighbourhood of Xaujan 
(village), ^lindoro, Philippine Is- 

Tirribi, a subdivision of the Tala- 

Tirtalowa, on the eastern coast of 

Tirthung, in eastern Victoria. 

Tirulay. See Tirurayes. 

Tiriirayes, in tbe province of Cotta- 
bato, Mindanao, Philippine Islands. 
Also Teduray, Tegnrayes, Tirulay. 

Tisechu, near Lake Tiilare, Califor- 
nia, U. S. A. 

Tishum, on the left bank of the 
Sacramento River, California, U. S. 

Tiverigotos, in Venezuela. 

Tivilos, a subdivision of the Jivaros. 

Tiwi, north of the middle Benue, a 
tributary of the Niger, Africa. 

Tiyyan, in southern Malabar, south- 
ern India. 

Tjingilli. See Chingali. 

TIaasaht. i^ame as Classet. 

TIamath. See Klamath. 

TIamatl. See Klamath. 

TIaokwiaht. Same as Clakoquaht. 

TIascalans, formerly in Tlaxcala, 

TIascaltekans, in Salvador. 

TIatscanai, a subdivisi<n of tlie 

Oraon /> — i^o 

f^^ 'i-fii;^|l!ii!i:>';-ife-7. -I'^o 
Talamanca / — i\o 

Tirurayes =)■ ^3 ^ 

ij I a y : ?: ir I i I i&:^ - 

{£ ;/. ii' =c / f, Teduray. Tegu- 
rayes. Tirulay l>=t,'j7. „ 

Jivaros y — J^o 

Chingali ^^^o 
Classet -^ vo 
Klamath ^JL=«o 
Klamath ^ JL J o 
( '!ako(|ualit — \{] -y r> 

m^ih^ L :^ t b-^i•b>H- 
? o y J, t' o o 
.\lhai)a'!can ^ --iMo 



TIaxcalans. Same as Tlascalans. 

TIaxcaltecos. Same as Tlascalans. 

TIaxomultecas, in Jalisco, Mexico. 

Tlinkit, along the Alaskan coast from 
about lat. 56° to G0° N., as well as 
in the adjacent islands; so called by 
themselves, meaning " man." They 
are also called Kolosh, "dish" by 
the Aleuts, the lip-ornament worn 
by them resembling the wooden dish 
of the Aleuts. Also Thlinkeet. 

Tnai. See Kenai. 

Toalas, in the southern part of Cele- 
bes; so called by themselves. 

Toamtcha, on the left bank of the 
Sacramento Eiver, California, U. S. 

Toaripi. See Motu-Motu. 

Tobas, in the Gran Chaco, South 
America ; means " opposite " in the 
Guarani language. 

Tobikhar, in southern California, U. 

S. A.; means " residents." 

Tocanhopes, near the Xingu, Brazil. 
Tocantins, on the Tocantins Kiver, 

Tochu, on the border of Tibet and 

western Sze-cliuan, China. 
Toda, in the Xilgiri Hills, southern 

India ; also Tuda. 

Todetabi, in northern California, U. 

S. A. 
Todowa. Same as Toda. 
Togbo, between the Ubangi and the 

Grinbingi (a branch of the Shari), 

Tlascalans - [h] v'q 
Tlascalans — [ri] i/q 
>f) -> L : ^ It I ^j I f : I 'Mc 

: I /jo L ('Mj V ^m) ym 

Jilr ± Do Thlinkeet h =e* 
Kenai ^^Sq 


Motu-Motu =f%^o 

-5> ?> L ;5 /> i 1 *'^ B 1 /v/t'M 

Toda :^|^;:^o 



Central Africa. 

Togeri. See Tiigeri. 

Togiagmut, in southwestern Alaska. 

Toktamish, a subdivision of the Tek- 

To-loh-man. See C'wan-man. 

Tolowa, on the northern coast of 
Calil'ornia, U. S. A. 

Toltecs, an ancient tribe who occupi- 
ed the Mexican plateau. 

Toma, in northwestern Liberia, West 
Africa ; called also Basi or Busi. 

Tomaghera, in tlie central Sahara, 

nortiieast of Lake Cliad. 
Tombo, near the junction of the 

Bani and the upper Niger, Africa. 
Tomboyun, a subdivision of the 

Kar:ikal[ ak. 
Tomoenos, a subdivision of the 

Tondy, between the Dinka and Bongo 

tribes, Africa. 
Tongabe, a subdivision of the Fulali. 
Tongans, in the Tonga Islands in tlie 

.SduiIi Pacific Ocean. 
Tongaranka, .soutli of Barrier Kauge, 

New Suuth Wales; means " a hill- 
Tongas, a subdivision of the Tlinkit. 
Tong-jen, in southeastern Kui-chau, 

Tong-kia Miao, in southern Kui-chau, 

Tong Miao, in southeastern Kui-cliau, 

Tong Miao, in soutiiern Kui-ciiau, 


jBj^iriii) V /•nil,-, 

Tutieri ^^^o 
Tekke y -jJHo 
C'wan-man ^-JL^o 

z^bX^-r »^-> L ifiiiKi- 

;|t^o Basi -^.^ Bu.-,i h =£» 

Karakalpak ^ ^l!^o 
Chiquitos y — JXo 

Fulali y — j^o 

Tlinkit y — i^o 

i«UVi >H t? Ill liJlH:^ Hi ]!;-■>-*' 

Jj^ffi :h /w =0 y ."i u >• ') o 



Tong-tsai Miao, in sontlicastem Kui- 
flian, Cliina. 

Tonica. See Tonika. 

Tonika, in 1700, on the lower Yazoo 
River, Mississippi, U. S. A.; about 
1704, on the left bank of the Missi- 
ssippi; in 1817, in Avoyelles Parish, 
Louisiana; about 25 still remain 
(1886). This is the name by which 
they call themselves, meaning 
"men" or "people" (oni. "man," 
I- is a prefix or article, ka, a nominal 
snfBx). Also written Otonnica, 
Tonica, Tunica Tunixka.(^^> 

Tonilaza, in southeastern Madagascar. 

Tonkawa. See Tonkaways. 

Tonkaways, formerly in Texas, U. S. 
A. ; now in the Indian Territory ; 
derived from tonkaweya, a Caddo 
word raeanhig " they all stay toge- 
ther "; called also Tancahuas, Tanks. 
Also Tonkawa. 

Tonocotes, west of the middle Rio 

. Salado, Argentina ; they are the 
Mataras of early writers. 

Tonto, a subdivision of the Apache. 

Tooram, in western Victoria. 

Topaidisel, in northern California, 
U. S. A. 

Toquaht, a subdivision of the Aht. 

Toquedas, on the Jntay, a tributary 
of the upper Amazon. 

Toquisteneses, in the Gran Chaco, 
South America. 

Tor a, on the coast of Eritrea, the 
Italian colony along the Red Sea. 

Tonika ^ ^ a „ 

11: -y^-b W PI ^ tB = ^^^ L 
^^gM=-yr •'Allij^^^ 'A 

Tonkaways -^ ji a ^ 

t' I Hf tonkaweija a i) JE y -y 
=6 7 :>- 1] o 1'-'Ajii''o 1 -f • r: 
/x. < -r b =e fp> -fe 7 jV'o Ton- 
kawa h =t*:^-o 

-y =e y ;& v/ :^ y o 
Apache /> — j^o 

Aht ^-:!f5^o 

*> i t' ^ M ± riit ^ :^ «i£ ^ 'V 
i^fei^vj i'7 <* f)/.. t^s, : 1 iili 



Toras, foimorly on the lower Madeira, 
a trilmtary of the Amazon, but not 
now lieard of in liiat region. Al^^o 

Torazes. See Toras. 

Torgod. See Targnls. 

Torobe, tlie plnral form of Torodo, 
wliicli see. 

Torodo, on tlie lot't hank of the lower 

Senegal, West Africa ; called also 
Tacuror, Tornnkawa. .\lso Torobe 

(plural form of the term) Toiiconleur. 

Torunkawa. See Torodo. 

Tosikoyo, vn the left bank of the 
Sacramento Kiver, California, U. S. 

Tosk, a subdivifiion of the Albanians; 
also Tosk ides. 

Toskides. See Tosk. 

Toto, on the left bank of the Sacra- 
mento Kiver, California, U. S. A. 

Totonacs, in tlie northern part of 

\'i^ra Cruz, Mexico. 
Totoros, between tlie Magdalena and 

< 'auca rivers, Colombia. 
Tototin. See Lototen. 
Touareg. See Tuareg. 
Toucouleur. See Torodo. 
Toungous. See Tunguses. 
Toungthus. See Tungthus. 
Tourahonong, in western Victoria. 
Tourgouths. See Targnts. 
Toush, a subdivision of tlie Georgians. 
Towacarro. See Tawacmi. 
Towaconi. S^e Tawacani. 

Tijl* 7'o Torazes h =£,'?;'. 
Toras fM.^o 
Targnts ^ ^^ „ 

Torodo jmm!\Bo 

^ 1 5 1 r 1 y^*SlJ^3-i>^J i' 
tt^, ,!/=t /> - -vrr; I < 1 /j 

Torodo ^ ^ 3 o 

Albanians ^ — J^o Toskides 
Tosk ^>1.3o 

5xb < o 1 t>H^4LSno 

Lototen ^ ^ a o 
Tuareg ^ ^ a o 
Torodo ^ jL 3 o 
Tunguses ^ |L a o 
Tungthus ^JLho 

Targuts ^^Sq 
(icorgians /> -^o 
Tawacani ^^a^ 
Tawacani ^^a© 



Towakarehu. See T:iwacaui. 

Towang, in Eluitan. 

Towkas, in Iloinliiras. 

Trao, a subdivision of tlie Moi. 

Trarsa, north of the lower Senegal, 
West Africa. 

Tring, on the upper Limbang River, 
Brunei, Borneo. 

Trios, on the upper Corentyu Kiver 
which separates British and Dutch 

Tsabakosh. See Dakota. 

Ts'ai-kia, in central Kui-chaii, C'iiina. 

Tsakhar. See Chakar. 

Tsalaki. See Cheroki. 

Tsarisen, in the mountainous region 
between the upper Haijokei, a 
tributary of the Shimotansuikei and 
the Subonkei in the southern part 
of Formosa; so called by themsel- 
ves. They are also called Sarisen 
by the Paiwan, Taivangana by the 

Tsarong, in southeastern Tibet. 

Tsawadinoh, a subdivision of the 

Tsea. See Sia. 

Tsemakum, Same as Chimakum. 

Tshakar. See Chakar. 

Tshekeri, west of the lower Niger, 
Africa; also written Dsekiri, Izekiri. 
Same as Benin? 

Tsheltiere, a subdivision of the 
Yukaghirs; now extinct? 

Tsheremis. See Cheremiss. 

Tshetsh. See Chechens. 

Tshetshents. See Chechens. 

Tawacani ^ M. 3 o 
Moi ^-5Mo 

Dakota ^^ ^ a o 

Chakar ^ ^ s o 
Cheroki ^ ^ a o 

iV=e ^ - -y y^ f^ 7 JTr i' ^^ M 

^^ MiiH Mi ^< ;^ V jlfcj^ y ^- 
(£^ 'i-llijl^igffia 'Jiaij V 

Haeltzuk j —^^ 

Sia ^^So 
Chimakum — I^iJ'o 
Chakar ^^Sq 

S :^ - tt ^> '^ =t z' f^ Dsekiri. 
Izekiri >=e^P'. o Benin — 


Yukaghirs ^ -JMo ^^^lei^^ 

^J ? 
Cheremiss ^ ^ a o 
Ciiechens ^Jiao 
Chechens ^ ^ a © 



Tshimsian. See Tsinislii:»n. 

Tshinuk. See Cliiiiouk. 

Tshuds. See Tcliouds. 

Tshuktshis. See Chukcliis. 

Tshuvantsis. Same as Clunvaiizes. 

Tshuvashes. See Clmvashes. 

Tsi-chien, in the central part of 
Yiin-nan, China. 

Tsienimbalala, in sontlieni Mada- 

Tsierandahy, in central Madagascar. 

Tsi-kiang Miao, in southwestern Kui- 
clian, Cliina. 

Tsillawdawhoot, sontinvest of the 
Great Slave Lake, Canada. 

Tsimahafotsy, in central Madagascar. 

Tsimanambondro, in soutlieastern 

Tsimanompo, in southeastern Mada- 

Tsimiamboholahy, in central >[ada- 

Tsi Miao, in sontiicrn Kni-chaii, 

Tsimihety, in nortliern Madagascar. 

Tsimshian, on the Skeena River in 
the western part of British Colum- 
bia ; means " on the main river " 
{tsem, " on," kc'mn," " main river." 
Also written Cliemsian, Ciiimsian, 
Sirnpsian, Tshimsian, Tsimsian. 

Tsimsian. Ste Tsimsliian. 

Ts'ing Chong-kia, in soithcastcrn 
Kni-cliaii, China. 

Ts'ing-king Chong-kia, in south- 
eastern Kui-chaii, China. 

Ts'ing Miao, in the western and 
central parts of Kui-chau, China. 

Tsimshian ^ 5L '^ o 
<-'hin(ok ^ JL d o 
Tchonds ^ jl H „ 
Chukchis ^jL"=»o 
Chuwanzes =.|if) Co 
Chnvaslits :^ JL a o 

% Wit rti ?r it> Si; ^ { If K ^ v r f- 

^J vj, I /'ift ^ = (t ^. 'I' =c 

^ o A,z ^^''A^f^. =■ J ('"em >. 

r - J kciaii ^-""^itijttj) h ^ & 
:h >J o Cliemsian. Ciiim>ian. 
Sirnpsian. Tshimsian. 'i'simsi- 
an h =e,»J;',o 

Tsimshian ->]Lao 



Tsingpo. Sec Cliingpaw. 

Tsinuk, >Sce Cliinook. 

Tsi-tseng, in northern Mongolia. 

Tsoneca. See Patagonians. 

Tsonontooa. See Seneca. 

TsO-O, in the mountainous region 
lying between the upper Chinryuran- 
kei, a tributary of the Dakusuikei 
and the vicinity of Sansanrin and 
Kokkiri, Formosa ; so called by 
tliemselves; they are also called 
Xgutsnguts by the Tsariseus, and 
l>y the Yonums, Tehora. 

Tsrnagortsi. See Montenegrins. 

Tuapocas, in northeru Venezuela. 

Tuareg, in the central Sahara, and 
west uf the Tibbu tribes; so called 
by the Arabs, meaning " abandoned 
by God;" call themselves Imosliagh. 
' Also written Tawarik, Touareg, 
Tuarek, Tuarik, Tuwarik. 

Tuarek. See Tuareg. 

Tuarik. See Tuareg. 

Tuat, in Twat Oasis, western Sudan, 

Africa; also written Twat. 

Tuba, on the upper Yenisei (north- 
western Mongolia). 

Tubacicas, a subdivision of the Chi- 

Tubar, in the highlands of Chihua- 
hua and Durango, Mexico. 

Tubu. See Tibbu. 

Tucanos, a subdivision of the Uau- 

Tucarica. See Tukuarika. 

Tuchales, between tlie Tigre and the 

Chingpaw ^^Sq 
Cliinot)k ^^Sq 

Patagonians ^ M^ 3 o 
Seneca ^ ^ h ^ 

.7. ,1/ =e y = -> f ^ 7 M i' ^^ 

Montenegrins ^Mi^o 

Vft' =r { !-: ;^ ;v ^ /> o it ^> ^J b 
-5>AH ^^ ^^ ;v^nf - -yr 
^^n't'- J5c^-fe 7 v^ ,i/j > ; 

^:>- 'Jo S V i>-'^>T\^l I 
Ls,C >fi9^-o Tawarik. Tou- 
areg. Tuarek. Tuarik. Tuwa- 
rik > =G # ^- o 

Tuareg t^M^So 

Tuareg =)-%^o 

Chiquitos ? —J^o 

Tibbu =^^-^0 
Uaupes /> — JMo 

Tukuarika ^^^o 



P;istassu, tiilaiiaries of llie upper 

Tucunas. See Ticuuas 
Tucunderas, a subdivision of the 

Uau pes. 
Tucuras, on the Kio Simi, north- 
western Colombia. 
Tucuriys, on tlie soutli side of the 

Tucurriques, a subdivision of the 

Tuda. iSee Toda. 
Tudi, in Baghalpur, a division of 

Behar, Bengal, India. 
Tugari. See Tugeri. 
Tuger. See Tugeri. 
Tugeri, on the coast of Xew Guinea 

along Torres Strait, and supposed to 

live on the Wiisi Kusa (Chester 

Kiver); so called by the natives of 

the strait. Also Togeri, Tugari, 

Tuger. (-"o) 
T'u-jen, in liic region from central 

Kui-c!uiu to western Kwang-si, 

T'u Keh-Iao, in southwestern Kui- 

chau, Cliina. 
Tukholtsi, a local name for the Little 

Tukuarika, in Idaho, U. S. A.; al<o 

written Tucarica. 
Tulare, north of San Frai)ci>cu Bay 

Calilornia, U. S. A. 
T'u Liao, in southern Yun-nan, 

Tulomo, foriiierly on San Francisco 

tt p; -1/ =t /> o 
Ticunas ^^Sq 
Uau pes ^ — ]^o 

fc J: tX M ^\^^- Hi ^. 'V =e 
Talamanca /> — ^o 
Toda ^rL^o 

Tugeri ^^Sq 
Tugeri ^^Sq 

7. }V =^ ? - vfky L < 3 
tt^'- vitrt'J-fe7 .v-o -^ I If 'J 

^^fi ,i^m^fi- "i o Togeri. 
Tugari. Tuger 1> =e »?? ;^ o 

Little Bu>sians ^l^7*:^io 
{j£ ;'. ;i/ ^ / o Tucirica h =t 

h V) 'J *•-&■ ?i W i- iJ i>i- o I : ^) 
%W^ rti iJ iN S^ ^ It K = -V r ± 



Bay, Califoniw, U. S. A. 
Tulu, on the Malabar coast (lat. 1?>° 

X.), soutliern India. 
Tulumayus, on the Hnallaga, an npper 

branch of the Amazon. 
Tulumono. Same as Tulomo. 
Tumale, in the sonthern part of 

Kordofan, Africa ; called also 

T'u-man, in southeastern Kui-chan, 

Tumbiras, on the Japura and the 

Putumayo, tributaries of the Ama- 
Tumet, in the southeastern part of 

Mongolia. Also Tonmet. 
Turn id ok, in central California, U. S. 

Tummok, on the Shari River, south- 
east of Lake Chad, Africa. 
Tumun, in the central part of 

California, U. S. A. 
Tunachos, a subdivision of the Chi- 

Tune bos, east of Bogota, the capital 

of Colombia. 
Tung, in northern Kwang-tung, China. 
Tungans, in Zungaria. 
T'ung-jen, in southwestern Hu-nan, 

and Kwang-si, China ; also written 

Tungthus, in Tenasserim, Burma ; 

means " southern mountaineers " ; 

call themselves Pa-an. Also written 

Taungthus, Toungthus. 
Tunguses, a collective name for 

Tulomo :i [^ iJ-Q 

>v ^ y = -y r •} I ^ 1 i y =^ 

Chiquitos /> — B^o 

/ :§: V :^ ij o Tchuang-jen h 

'^i-'^ o U=) ■^-^>r Pa-an 
>fS;7.o Taungthus. Toung- 
thus > =e *: T', o 


■ ^> ^ 1 1 -tf (( ' 



tribes inliabiting eastern Siberia 
from the Yenisei to the Pacific 
Ocean, and from the Yakuts' domain 
to tlie nortliern border of Mongo- 
lia; of which the principal ones 
are Chapogirs, Goldi, Lamuts, 
Manchu, Manyargs, Oroches, Oro- 
chons, and Solons. Also Toungous, 

Tungusians. See Tunguses. 

Tunica. See Tonika, 

Tunixka. See Tonika. 

Tunjup. Sje Tynjnr. 

Tunka, near Lake Baikal, Siberia. 

Tununirmiut, a subdivision of tlie 

Tununirusirmiut, a subdivision of 
the Aggomiut. 

Tupajaros, a subdivision of the 
Tup is. 

Tupinambaranas. Same as Tupi- 

Tupinambas, a powerful and numer- 
ous Brazilian tribe in former days. 

Tupininquins, in southeastern Bahia, 
Brazil; now extinct? 

Tupis. I. In northeastern Brazil; 
means " comrade." 
2. A collective name for tribes 
spread over the extensive region 
from the Amazon to the mouth of 
the Rio de la Plata, and from the 
Atlantic Ocean to the feet of the 
Andes; of wliich the chief ones 
are Guaranis, 1, Mundrucus, Oma- 
guas, and Tupis, 1. 
The term is also used the same as 

Mat a V 41 .^ jk^rf: = ?. V ^b 

r h h'- X h /v. 


\J\ i :^ V o Toimgous. Tun- 
gusians b =Q ,1} 7. o 

Tunguses ^ ^ a o 

Tonika ^^a^ 

Tonika. 'i-^^o 

Tynjur ^^Ho 

Aggomiut ? — ,5!^3 
Aggomiut ; — ,^o 
Tupis J -i^o 
Tupinambas —\Si C'o 

V ? 

^■y Vo 

2. ;|b>- h k -c/w M 3 ') i^^' '^ 

f L' I ^ t' a I < 1 :^ t »j o 



CiiKiranis, 2- 

Turaja, in centml Celebes. 

Turas, on llie Madeira, a tributary 
of the Amazon. 

Turbet, in tlie wet^tcrn part of 

Turcomans. i::'ee Turkomans. 

Turguts. See Targuts. 

Turis, on tlie upper Kiirani, a tribu- 
tary of the Indus, India. 

Turkana, west of Lake Rudolf, 
Eritish East Africa. 

Turkomans, in the region from the 
shore of the Caspian Sea to the 
Aral Sea ; call themselves Tiirk- 
men, from Turk, the proper name, 
men, a siifHx (as those of the Eng- 
lish suffixes ship, dom). Also Tiir- 

Turks, i. See Osmanli. 
2. A collective name for tribes 
and peoples inhabiting the region 
from the upper Yenisei to the 
shore of the Caspian Sea, and 
East Turkestan, Turkish Empire, 
and the neighbourhood of the 
Lena; of whicii the chief ones are 
Karakalpaks, Kij'ghiz-Kazaks, No- 
gais, Osmanli, Turkomans, Usbegs, 
and Yakuts. The term Tatars is 
now wrongly used as synonymous 
witii Turks, but the Tatars, who 
belonged originally to the Mongols, 
are quite distinct from the Turks. 
See also Tatars. 

Turrbal, north of the Chepara tribe 
in Queenslantl. 

'J"u rko m ans ^ J|_, a „ 
Targuts ?-^3 o 

< ^^^ff^^•^v Tiirk h^- 

m^ ^ --- -y 7" men {^B ^ 

ship, dom M^n) ^-^mm^ 

i; )o Turcomans > ^^;'. o 
'iSCv> Osmanli =}■ %3 o 

'ik 3 'J Mm ^ iS^ - M '^ i&:^ 

:bn^iit'^ I < 1 i :^ i)o ?ll 

b"=e7c Jfi * i*r iH^Plf^-k -y 
n I -f: 1 ^-'^ I o :jiMh^>^ 




Tururis, on the Rio Negro :uul the 

M:uloira, Brazil. 
Tuscarora, formerly in North 

Carolina U.S. A.; no\s- in the state 

of New York. 
Tush, a subdivision of the Chechens. 
Tushetu, in northern Mongolia. 
Tushilange. See Bashilange. 
Tutchone, a subdivision of the 

Tutelo, formerly on the upper 

Koanoke, Virginia, U. S. A. ; said 

to be the same as Meterri. 
Tutong, a subdivision of the Milanau. 
Tututena, on the Rogue River, 

Oregon, U. S. A. 
Tutu tunne. Same as Tututena? 
Tuwarik. See Tuareg. 
Twakas, in Nicaragua. 
Twana, on the ^[adison reservation, 

Washington, U- S. A. 
Tvvan-cuiu Miao, in southeastern 

Kul-chau, China. 
Twat. ^'ce Tuat. 
Tyigh, on the "Warm Springs reser- 

vatii'n, Oregon, U. S. A. 
Tynjur, in Darfur, Africa; also 

written Tunjur. 
Tyrkysh, a subdivision of the 

Tzapotecos. See Zapotecos. 
Tzendal, in Tabasco and Chiapas, 

Tzia. See Sia. 
Tziam. See Chiam. 
Tzotzil, formerly in Cliiapa.-, 

-5; ?) C .r. t >v ij U i i (• /J 1 h 
OTi)^/) 1 '> ^B^-^j/)iJ i- 

Chechens ^ — jKo 

Bashilange ^Jiao 
Kutchin /> — i3^o 

:^(t-fe;-V=t x'o Mclerri hM 
;^ iV T: / b fp] - ± y V i 7 o 
Milanau /> — ;^-, 

Tututena = [p] i? ? 
Tuareg "f ^3 o 

i:;b'f) C^:)o 
Tuat ^;i3o 

Tunjur h =e ,^J^. o 
Ubbegs / — ]Ko 

Zapotecos ^jL^o 

Sia ^JL^o 
Chiam V-Ji^o 



Mexico ; called also Clnnaiitecos 

or Cinantecos. 

Tzutuhil, south of Lake Atitlan, 

•k -y =E /? o Cliinantecos %j^ 
Cinantecos h =B ifg -fe 7 v ^ 


Uabixanas, on the Rio Branco, 
northern Brazil. 

Uacaas, on the Rio Verinejo, 

Uacarauhas, on the Jutay, a tribu- 
tary of the upper Amazon. 

Uacarras, a subdivision of the 

Uadieh, a subdivision of the Jalin. 

Uaenambeus, on the lower Japura, 
a tributary of the upper Amazon; 
means " humming-bird." 

Uainamarys, on the Purus, a tribu- 
tary of the Amazon. 

Uainumas, on the Putnmayo and the 
Cauinari, upper branches of the 

Uaiurus, on the Rio Branco, northern 

Uamanis, on the upper Maranon (the 
upper part of the Amazon), Peru ; 
probably extinct. Also Amamis. 

Uambisas, on the Maranon, the up- 
per part of the Amazon. 

Uaupes ^ —Mo 
Jalin yf —35^0 

Amamis > =£*;/. o 



Uananas, on the Japiira, a tiilmtary 

of tlie Amazon. 
Uanibas, formerly on tlie Aniba, a 

small tributary of the miiUile 

Amazon (alioiit long. 59° W.); also 

written Anib;is. 
Uapixanas, on the Kio llraneo, 

northern Brazil. 
Uaracus, a subdivision cf the 

Uarapas, on the Tapajos, Brazil. 
Uaraycus, on the Jurua and the Jutay, 

tributaries of the Amazon; also 

written Araycus. 
Uaupes, on the Uaupes (a tributary 

of the Rio Negro), Colombia; 

derived from a little bird with a 

very glistening forehead called 

" uaupes" or " aupe." 
Ubych, a subdivision of the Circassi- 
Ucayales, a subdivision of the 

Uchee, formerly in South Carolina 

and Georgia, U.S.A.; now on tl>e 

Arkansas Eiver, Indian Territory; 

also written Eucliee, Utchee, Yuchi. 
Uchitie, in the southern part of 

Lower California, Mexico. 
Uchucas, between the Tigre and the 

Pastassa, upper branches of the 

Uchumsin, in Mongolia. 
Udai, soutii of the middle I'ahang 

Kiver in the southern part of the 

Malay Peninsula ; also written 

llflj^ ;i Uf ^ -y =0 /» o AnibiLs 
h -e ,'J ^ o 

^ : I ^ ia^o 

Uaupes / — jg^o 

iS^ - II: ^« )W =c >> o Araycus 
t:) 1 9 1 '<1T :/3t'u">:f) + 

Circassians ^ — J5lo 
Omaguas ? —Mo 

■f Mat - t^ .G. ^- o Kiichee. 
Utchee. Yuchi h =t .IjTio 

{If 7. /u * / o i-)" I >? ^ c 



Orang Udai. 
Ude, a subdivision of the Lesghians. 
Ud-murt. See Votiaks. 
Udom, east of the lower Niger (lat. 

7° N.), Africa; also Atam, Otani. 

Udy. See Votiaks. 

Udzo. See Idzo. 

Uereuenas, on the Kio Isana, an 

upjier biancU of the Rio Negro, 

norlliwestern Brazil. 
Ugalenzes, a snbdivision of the 

Ugiaras, on the Marauon, below the 

month of the Ilnallaga, an upper 

branch of the Amazon. 
Ugjulirmiut, in King William Land 

and the Adelaide Peninsula, 

norlliern Canada. 
Ugorannos, a subdivision of the 

Ugorians. Same as Ugrians. 
Ugrians, a collective name for tribes 

and peoples inhabiting the region 

from tlie Yenisei to the Gulf of 

Bothnia, and Hungary ; of which 

the chief ones are Finns, Lapps, 

Magyars, Ostiaks, Samoyedes, and 

Ujaguas, on the Putumayo, an upper 

brancii of tlie Amazon. 

Ujvala, in Gujarat, a region of western 

Uka. See Yuka. 
Ukit, on the head-waters of the 

Eejang, Koti, and Kapuas rivers, 

Ukrainians. See Little Russians. 

-3 1 /:*i^ > =e«:;7.^ 
Lesghians ; -^M.o 
Votiaks ^%^o 

Atam. Otam h =t IJ^, ^ 
Votiaks ^ M. 3 o 
Idzo ^^3o 

Tlinkit y-JMo 

"■J s, 1 i)' I M P 9- T 1^ <» 'i- ^ 

Chiquitos ? -'M.o 
Ugrians -In]i?o 

i I. ^ i 1 MBto 


Little Russians ^ Mj ^ o 


Ukusiksalirmiut, :it the inoiitli of tlie it- "; Z;'/ :Jt % i- -viX-j < 'J 

Vf.u'k River, northern Canada. b'i,^ ''MPo 

Ulad Soliman, north of Lake Chad, ;r)i,v) ^'^ ^,(,0 fj^ ^MJi- 

AlVica. {If;', .w =ty o 

Uled Aida, in tlie southwestern part i-ool -' pij |{l JiTi - f8 .Cl. ^- 'i' * 

1 1 f Marocco. y q 

Uled Ali, in tlie nortliern part of -5 Ml^ -' ^6 r^ L -I- t / 

Egypt (west of the Nile). ^tSfl (^i v S fSJ ^ njj)o 

Uled Amur, hi Algeria. ^3 ;?> t£' 'J ?D o 

Uled Bella, north of tlie Senegal p^'^»^:>,l. ^J i'/ t^lii)* /:,i»I /' 4b 

lliver, AVest Africa. '^o 

Uled bu Hamu, in the northern 5 II ?)-y>JS ^ 4bS -tS-Q.^- 'i' "^ 

pari of tlie Sahara. / o 

Uled bu Sebu, in the western part of 5 1 il^z: ^< 1 ■ti'Ji ? U 

the Sahara. b iJJii!- ^ ES'uBo 

Uled Daman, north of the lower ^%i:),l^'-) i)' ^ xiilii' IMY^ 

Senegal River, "West Africa. ^ At'Jjo 

Uled Delim, in the western part of 9 1:^1-5 i' "COL" 2 ll b 

il.e Sahara. \i>\^yV^f!^o 

Uled el Ruisi, north of the middle ES^/3.L 'J ifV -tf ili' o jsjtlijife 

Senegal River, AVest Africa. ^ At'Jjo 

Uled Embark, north of the upper 3 I ilo^i' ^t'ii'2)< W 

Senegal River, \\ est Africa. y ^t^o 

Uled en Nasur, north of the upper a'|JKfe,^''J /j'/" tf ili' o MiiJiE 

Senegal River, West Africa. ^ Jit Jin 

Uled Harabi, on the northern coast -5 Hl-?^' (i J^ C>' *:)^-'J 

of ]',en-( ;hazi, Africa. i)' ^ '</v^i' C z' 4kfH^o 

Uled Nail, in the northern part of 9 1 H-^ i' /jTt'^ ^J i ti" 

Algeria. ij ^J) ^ 4bnl»o 

Ulerbe, a subdivision of the Fulali. Fulali / — JJlo 

Uiu Ayer. See Batang Lupars. P.atang Lnpars ^iL^o 

Ulut. Same as Eleut. See Kalmucks. Kleut =. n3 •y'o Kalmucks 9 H^o 

Ulu-Yuz. See Great Horde. <ireat Horde ^ JL a <, 

Ulva, on the head-waters of the -J 1 ^ 5*j, U i" b C^j /* -I- 

Bhiefields River, Nicaragua; called fy^'^''J{t%^^ ^ '^ -^ ^ '^ 

also Smoos by the English. Also .yi) -f \a i) /- -f f ' "T hUf 

written Woolw.a. r< h^o "^V.K)I\va l=e,»J;'.o 



Uma Baka, a siil)divisiou of tlie 

Uma Bawang, a subdivision of the 

Uma Belubu, a subdivision of the 

Uma Ging, a subdivision of the 

Uma Gis, a subdivision of the Kayan. 
Uma Klap, on the Rejang and 

Bulungan rivers, Borneo. 
Uma Kulit, a subdivision of the 

Umale. See Tumale. 
Uma Lekkan, a subdivision of the 

Uma Lim, a subdivision of the 

Uma Lisam, a subdivision of the 

Umanas. See Omaguas. 
Uma Naving, a subdivision of the 

Uma Pawa, on the Baram and 

Eejang rivers, Sarawak, Borneo. 
Uma Pliau, a subdivision of the 

Uma Poh, a subdivision of the 

Umatilla, on the Umatilla reserva- 
tion, "Washington, U- S. A. 
Uma Timi, on the Eejang River, 

Sarawak, Borneo. 
Umauas, a subdivision of the Uaupes. 
Umbaia, in the Jsoilhern Territory 

of South Australia; about lat. 18" 

Kayan ? —"jiy,^ 
Kayan y — J^o 
Kayau y — J^^ 
Kayan /> -JMo 
Kayan ^ —"^^ 

Kayan ; —^^ 

Tumale ^jl3o 
Kayan ? —^^ 

Kayan y —%o 

Kayan ? —%c. 

Omaguas ^ JL ^ o 
Kayan ? —^o 

[ihm^ ^ s b ^-p < itii ::^ :^ '^ 

Kayan ; — JMo 
Kayan 7 — J^o 

Uaupes /> — ^o 


y., lonir. 136° E.; so called by >'<SE) -(t^- 'I^v'oJH:*'.^- 

tl.eniselves, and by their neiglibour^. - ^,^^Sf-^ J,"Jl r t: ^ 

Umbrians, an ancient Italian people ja^^^l:^] I ^ ^\*%t n^ i f-5^ 

who lived in Umbria, an ancient ^} ijt&'Jj -il'^^ 'y ^^i:^) ' J£ 

region of central Italy. j^o 

Umiro, north of Lake Kwania, north 'J^^. < i '■j i) {'- ii/Lc'-^At'Ji 

(if tlie Victoria Xyanza. =■&;', ,i/ < j)l- ftj4^ /* 4h^o 

Umkwa. See Umpqua. Unip^ua ^^So 

Umpqua, on the western coast of i:>>h'-) i)"^^^iJi'- I'A.')^^^ 

(Oregon, U.S.A.; also written J§ ^ - ^J: x ,1. t y , Uinkwa 

Umkwa. > =1; ,'f ^o 

Unakhotana, on t!te Yukon Kiver, ■? /j: 1 C W- 1 'j: 1 ij^'i iJ' 

y ii)> I : ^ jnj Bt ^ (t 7. 'I' =£ 

Aki^ka; means " distant people ; ^^ ""iS:* ^ A Kj h ^ i}^ ^ 

called also Yukonlkhotana, meaning ;j.o ^^^^^ '- ''- ^^-^,1'- \ 

" people of the Yukon." : A^Pi / AEj > -^ .^:^ V o 

Unalaskan, in the Fox Islands of 9 /j: G T i»'^ ?Db"»"iv?) 

the Aleutian group, Alaska. ^^ 

Unaligmiut, in Norton Sound, western fc b'f i)'^ HhI*:^ 'i"^^ I o i ^ 

Alaska. 5 •} ^ t'o 

Unalla, on Raffles Eay, Northern \^ij I -f i f) 'J ^ y O I 5' 1 ^ 

Territory of South Australia. JS^o 

Unangan. See Aleuts. Aleuts ^jlao 

Uncpappa, a subdivision of the Teton /> — ]^o Iluiikpapa h =t 

Teion; also written Ilunkpapa. ^^-o 

Undop, a subdivision of the Sea Sea I>yak y —Mo 


Ungavamiut, on Hope's Advance Bay h^^h K <> ^ ^tlft^ ^ ''-'li ' -5- 

on the northern coast of Labrador. "f ft f 3 i,X^"f W ^ fft^o 

Unghi, between the Maranoa and < ii '^"^ ?>^ c^* ?- ' 'J^C^'J 

Warrego, tributaries of the Darling, / ^rJiS »» /W i b t^^) ftj'l b ^ - 

(^leensland. H ^ 1 M > >' fulo 

Ungorri, on the Condamine (a;i ui)- < ^,'^■f b^t'^ MliflnK'^ '^ - 

per branch of the Darling), soutii- ^ /:*«/;• I ^i^'JBt(/^* ' 'J ^ 

taslern Queensland. CJ"!^ _t.nfe)o 

Ungura, a subdivision uf tlieI5:':iiiua; Bahima / — £Mo tl^lPf^'-'^W 



so calletl liy tlieinselves. 
Unibuesas, on the Ucayali, an upper 

branch of the Amazon. 
Uniot, in ^Mongolia. 
Unmatjera, in the Nortliern Territory 

of South Australia; about lat. 22° 

S., long. 134° E.; so called by 

themselves, and by their neighbours. 
Unungan. Same as Unangan. See 

Upanos, in central Ecuador. 
Upataninabas, a subdivision of the 

Upsaroka. Same as Crows. 
Urabunna, north and west of Lake 

Eyre, South Australia; so called 

by themselves, and by their 

neigh bours.(^6) (115) 

Urali Nayar, a subdivision of the 

Urarinas, on the Pastassa, an upper 

branch of the Amazon. 
Urdu, in the Northwest Provinces, 

Urewera, a subdivision of the 

Urianhai, in the northwestern part of 

Uriya, in Oris=a and Chota-Xagpur, 

Urmar, north of the middle Gomal, 

a tributary of the Indus, India. 
Uros. See Puquinas. 
Urta-Yuz. See Middle Horde. 
Urubatingas, on the south side of 

the Amazon, below the mouth of 

the Madeira. 

life 1-fi biJft^Oi S'I^ 

Df7* = /tr>JifcfBii?^ar^.o 
Unangan =- ^ i?o Aleuts =^ % 


Pirros y — j^o 

Crows — fil] :;>o 

n 1 G^' 1 KU ^i^ I -^ t f> 

IS ^ -y ^ l^SM^^ ^ B? 7- ^ /Jl; 

Nayar /> — ^o 

Maoris >> ^Mo 

Puquinas ^ ^ 3 o 
Middle Horde ^^Hq 



Urube, a suluUvision of the Fuluh. 
Urubus, oti tlie Jutav, a tributary 

ot* tlie upper Amazon ; called also 

Vulture Indians. 
Urus. See ruijuinas. 
Urut, in soulhern Mongolia, north of 

the H\vaug-ho. 

Usbegs, west and east of the Aoiu 
Daria, Bokhara and Russian Central 
Asia ; said to be derived from a 
mythical Us-beg, "Prince of Us" 
{beg in Turkish is a chief or heredi- 
tary ruler). Also written Euzbegs, 
Osbegs, Ozbegs, TJsbeks, Uzbeks.f*"*-) 

Usbeks. See Usbegs. 

Ushtarana, on the west side of the 
middle Indus (hit. ."l" X.), India. 

Uskoks, in Dalmatia, Austria. 

Uspantecas, on the Rio ^^egro, 

Ustoma, on the left bank of the 
Sacramento River, California, U.S.A. 

Utah, formerly in northeastern Utah, 
western Colorado, and parts of New 
Mexico, U.S.A.; now chieHy in 
Utah ; also written Ute, Youta, 

Utchee. See Uchee. 

Utohium, north of San Franci-^co 
Bay, California, U. S. A. 

Ute. S3e Utah. 

Utman Khel, in tlie country south- 
west of tlie junction of the Swat 
and the Panjkora, tributaries of 

Fulah /-%%„ 

Ci^l -C I fSJ;?- - it ^- '^ =e 
/o Vulture Indian-i h =effj 

Puquinas ^JL^o 

^ iV / l(1*i: - -> r il'tioj / it'Jj - 

bcg C i's ^j y :J^ - -y r beq 

V :« 7 o Euzbegs. Oslie^s. (J/.- 
hegs. Usbeks. Uzbeks V =e JJ 

Usbegs ^ ^ 3 n 

1. ^^ tv V >^ /:' -r joj iii fi^u \a\}^ 
Hi— J5E) ?nno 

«)W:1 tfeaJF^i6iJi>-&'JftiI 
<i> \ 1:\ '}W ^ ^li :lh fH!-- : -^ I 
^ f 1 W -^ l'ii?fi:5f I'-rt I 
/) -> L : W ^ -SC - li -k -V =e 
/o ^^^±> -VT'ij; I r: I « 
-tS.6. ''•o ^ '•^'- Youta. \uta 

Uchce ^^3o 

^)*^M i-ft"5?J|!«li»'Wi'foJi:*> 

Utah ^Jl3o 


the Indus, Incliu. = fi' ^^ '^ "C /> „ 

Uyapas, on the Arinos, a trihiitary M <^ ll 6 ^-flltxfe ! "f p! ^ jt 

of the Tapajos, Brazil. -^^s? ;i/^ij OtMwto 

Uygur, a subdivision of tiie Usbegs. Usbegs ^ ~Ma 

Uzbeks. See Usbegs. Usbegs ^ M.^ a 


Vaalpens, in the uorthern Transvaal, 3% ) ^yvi/v-f ^^,f)Z^'-} i)' 

South Africa; so called by the -^i?)^■ty'3^,l;?./':j|:^- 

Boers. The .e™ is derived from %? ?,iiZ'^lf;,^f^: 

vaal "dusty grey," and pens, vaal i^^Wi^j \- ^ ^) pens 

"paunch," their bodies being dyed ^^^-L^ ^ ^ ^ 'J |B ij j/ =e y 

to the colour of earth from the f "^ TS'^S.A*''^-^ ^¥^ T 

habit of creeping hito their holes ^ jg^^ T'^^PirS^ff^j; 

in the ground. They calUhemselves '6. = Ife -i. ^i' /> i^ tTu- - S i' o 

Kattea.(G4) U 7 ^^Bf :/ t' ;&''C-,fe hfg;'." 

Vaddahs. See Weddas. "Weddas 9 ^^ o 

Vadugan. Same as Badaga. Badaga ^[sjiJ'o 

Vai. Same as Vei. Vei ^ ^ =C>o 

Vaidas. See "Weddas. Weddas ^J^^o 

Vaiyamaras, on the Kio Branco, J^ ?> C ^ ^ nbnti-^ '^^J t? -l^ t> 

northern Brazil. /^ I l /" v&^o 

Vakinankaratra, in central Mada- k'tii^^'T ii'^ -^ ^aY^-H^^ '^"^ 

gasc'ar. / ^ 

Vakioko, on the Kwango, a tributary fei^'j ;6'/ i' § t''M^:^Wii^ '^ 

of the Kassai, Africa. < jp/^ r I M^vS^o 

Valachians. Same as Eumanians. Enmanians — [jijv'o 

Valientes, in Costa Rica. I*f f: 'J I i'o 

Vandals, a Teutonic people who 5?,A^/i<S fi f JJ i' i' ' ^ ■= vH *.^ 

llist appeared in Germany, after- "^./^ >.'* ' ^ ' '^Sm— "^^ 

wards invaded Gaul, Spain, North ^fS)l't'^xV^%'^^\f 

Africa, and took Eome. /lif 5^ ^i^^'fe V o 



Vandamenes. ^^ee Varopen. 
Vaquero, a subJivisioii of tlie 

Varopen, on (icelvink Ixiy, ami llie 
inlands lying within it, in Dutch New 
(Jninea; called also Vandamenes. 

Vascones, an ancient people who 
inluibited iiorllicastern Spain. 

Vattakkad Nayar, a subdivision of 
the Nayar. 

Vaura, on the soutlicrn shore of the 
Albert Xyanza, Central Africa. 

Vaya. See Yayii. 

Vayamanos, on tlie Taragua, a tribu- 
tary of tlie lower Orinoco, 

Vayu. See Yayu. 

Vazimba. See Buzimba. 

Veddas. Sae Weddas. 

Vei, on the southwestern coast of 
Liberia, "West Africa. 

Vejosos, on the Kio Vermejo, nortiiern 

Velelas, in the Gran Cliaco, South 

Verata, a subdivision of the Fijians. 

Verkolensk, nenr Lake Baikal, 

Vezo, in souiliwestern Madagascar; 

called also Masikora. 
Viatka. S:e Votiaks. 
Vicol. Sae Bicol. 

Vielkorousses, See Great Russians. 
Vilaanes. See Bilanes. 
Vilanes. See Bilanes. 
Vilelas. Same as Velelas. 

Varopen ^ ^3 o 
Apache y —}^^ 

Vandamenes V =efi|-t 7 rt^o 
Xayar y — i^^ 

Vayu ^^Ho 

It 7. rt- =e /> o 
Yayu ^^So 
Bazimba ^^a© 
Weddas ^E^o 

Fijians ; —%o 

7. .1/ =e y o 

*/o M:t-ikora 1- ^ ffi -k 9 

Votiaks ^ )L =^ o 
Bicol ^Hso 
Great Russian«i ^jL^o 
Bilanes ^ H- ^ o 
Bilanes ^H,ao 
Velelas — fii] -:• r, 



Visayas. See Bisayas. 

Vlachs. See Eumanianp. 

Vod, a subdivision of the Fimia in 
tlie goveniiiient of St. Petersburg, 

Voguls, between the middle Obi and 
the L'ral Mountains; called also 
^[anz. Also AVoguls. 

Vohitrosa, in southeastern Mada- 

Volof. See ^Volof. 

Vonizongo, in central Madagascar. 

Vonum, in the mountainous region 
of central Formosa, and between 
the Ataiyal, Tso-o, and Amis tribes; 
so called by themselves. They are 
also called Davanvira (in the east- 
ern parts) or Makatsina (in the 
western part) by the Ataiyals, 
Hutsuihi or Tavanoana by tlie 
Tso-os, Manuwan by the Puyuma 
and Amis tribes. 

Vorimo, on the eastern coast of 

Voromahery, in central Madagascar. 

Voshu. See Akka. 

Votiaks, in the government of 
Vyatka, Eussia ; call themselves 
Ud-murt or Udy. They are also 
called Ari by tlie Turks, Oda by the 
Cheremiss, Yiatka by the Russians. 
Also Wotiaks. 

Vouatoua. See Batwa. 

Voyavais, on the Eio Branco, 
)iortliern Brazil. 

Vudd, a subdivision of the Fijians. 

Vulture Indians. See Urubus. 

Bisayas ^ ^ a o 
Rumanians ^ H. ^ o 

,1. =& / =. -> f i ^ t" V ^ sf 

■fe 7 f^o Woguls > =e * t; o 
Wolof ^£ao 

3 ') ^^/- ?5X5'\^ b (ilinti- 

U ^ >- &V/), I o I- 0^ l> fc^ -f 
Akka ^^3o 

"Wotiaks h=E*^o 
Batwa ^^3o 

^ : I -^ ift^c 

Fijians 7 -j^^ 
Urubus ^ ^ 3 o 


Vura, 11 sulHlivision of the Fijians. Fijiaiis J —^r, 

Vuta-Huilliches, on the suutliern 5 ] /:•),- 1 Of 1 t>t 1 '' ' 
coast of Chile. ^J ^ j(^l¥f^o 


Wa, in the eastern part of Upper Ji jJE C^' c i /* ill uU - 1 1 ^- '^ « 

liiiriua. ^ o 

Waaqai, in tlie Xortliern Territory of O 1 )!)H' fll^ I "f t ?> 'J ?3 

, 0,00 >> O I 5' I /v. -C ^J t 'J I 

f^outh Australia ; about hit. 21° fe., (i^^t^H-h- ^ >}? 0. ^^jUH 

long. 136° E. SauieasWorgaia?a") T^^T^^ '^ -^ ^ " ^ *•" ' 

Waaih, a subdivision of the Coman- Conianciie ? —%o ""Wljl- ^ H. 

die; means "maggot"; now extinct. :^ V o ^''^SSi^'t V o 

Waasi. See Wandorobbo. Wandorobb.i =)-%'^o 

Wabembe, on the northwestern /),5« *J i>' -^ T:^i'''l: I i'iill/' H 

shore of Lake Tanganyika, Africa. 4t^o 

Wabena, north of Lake Nyassa, ?3-;>iJ i'/' I- ^j 3 iffl/'^t!:^' -(t 

Africa. ;Mi/=e/o 

Waber, an extinct tribe in Ara- ?) f) 6^" ^ - 11: -fe -V =t /» o ^ -•' |g 

bia. ;*^'Jo 

Wabisa. iSame as IJabisn ^jiao 

Wabondei, on the southeastern coast 5tBfislipi5^.)-^«'J i''^' >liKii¥^- 

of British East Africa. It ^- •^ =t y „ 

Waboni, in liie vicinilv of the Tana Oli- 1 (- ^tSfl^liulI^J -*»• 'J ^"^ 

Eiver in the southeastern part of :^ !; 'J' J/f,lV/ //l '•' "c^ 

British East Africa; called also ^ I K) I . M'.- VtUl7^ 1 

Alangnlo, Juwano, Wadahalo, and h ^ffi -b 9 ^o It M- b ^ ,'J 

"Wata. Al-o written Boni. ^. o 

Wabuma, mar the mouth of the : ^ I* I f'T/ i»fe^ 'V i" 3 ^ 'W 

Kassai, a tributary of the Congo; jnj P HI i5 - It ^> '^^ =t ^ o I'^- 

also written Bafuiina, Mobuma. buuia. Mobunia h=C^^.o 

Wacace. S^ee Usage. O.-age ^31^0 



Wacago, on the western, southern, 
and eastern slopes of Kilima-Xjaro, Africa. 

Wachaga. Same as "Wacago? 

Waco, in Texas, U.S.A.; called also 

Wadahalo. See Waboni. 
Wadidikimo, in the eastern part of 

German East Africa opposite 

Wadigo, on the southeastern coast 

of PJritish East Africa. 
Wadirigo, in the eastern part of 

<it-rman East Africa. 
Wadoa, east of Lake Tanganyika, 

Wadonde. Same as Wandonde. 
Waduruma, in the southeastern part 

of British East Africa. 
Wafipa, on the southeastern shore of 

Lake Tanganyika, Africa ; also 

Waga, in Adamawa, a region in the 

Sudan, Africa. 
Waganda. See Baganda. 
Wagegeya, on the eastern shore of 

tilt' Victoria Xyanza. 
Waggumbura, on the upper Burnett 

Biver, southeastern tjueensland. 
Wag! n do. Same as Waugind.o. 
Wagiryama, on the southeastern 

coa^t of British Ea<t Africa. 
Wagogo, in the central part of 

German East Africa. 
Wagoma, on the western shore of 

Lake Tanganyika, Africa. 

Hlffi - tt >'. /v =e y o 
"Wacago i^ [q] v> ? 

ys iv=i: / ^ llueco )• ^ fji> -fe 

"Waboni ^^Hq 

"Wandonde =-1b1v>o 

^o Bafipa l> =e#Xo 
Si,h^] iv-f i /: 1 A. ^ $:>■!: t 

Baganda ^ M. a o 
Wangindo — ipj -J>o 


Wagubba, on tlie western shore of ?ji> 'J iV f:^i)Ml I A"i,^ -^ gS 

Lake Tanganyika, Africa. ^o 

Waguha, on the western shore of ?ji^ ij i' /* /:/^i)'i: I i'iffl /* itj 

Like Tanganyika, Africa. ^o 

Waguhha. iSame as AVaguha. "Wagnlia —^^S'o 

Wagunda, east of Lake Tanganyika, ^3.5>iJ i)Vf:^i)M: 1 i'iiBI >' >li 

Afrika. :^o 

Wagweno, sontheast of Kilima-Xjaro, <9 <-x.0 1 >li lU ^ -^ ^J ii' ^ 

Last Africa. -^ ij J; W Cj.-?) I ^ .ililifiJ^o 

Wahabis, in central Arabia; abont OUO'T ?) bC/'^'^:) ^ 'tiniSC^ih 

lit. 24' N., long. 4o° L. ^ ,^ 

Wahehe, northeast of Lake Xyas<a, Sd,^ 'J /jV U fc 3 i^ /> ili^jb::^ - 

Africa. It^ ;V=t /'o 

Wahenge. See Mahenge. Mahenge ^|L3o 

Wahha, on the northeastern shore of ?:)-^'J 6" /" f:/v/:J)M'- I i'iSJ/')!i 

Lake Tanganyika, Africa. ^b^o 

Wahiau. See Waiyau. Waiyan ^'•iLJo 

Wahkiacum, in the state of Washing- ^ »6 '■J X)' IV ^ ^ v i>- L ^ i ^ 

ton, U. .S. A. Wo 

Wahpeton, on the Sisseton reserva- S^tb^) ii'^'^l'/Al^H'- '^ 1 ■f:W L 

lion, South Dakota, and on the tf -? t />.l^fi^ ft&A f:ll:/:' I 1 

Devil's Lake reservation, North T-lH-l /:* 5 i- o -f <t I ^\'i{f- 

Dakota, U. S. A. ij&o 

Wahsash. See Osage. <^sage =^J- ^'^ o 

Wahtohtane. See Otoe. Otoe^^So 

Wahuma. See Bahinia. Bahima ^JL'^^o 

Wahumba, in the eastern part of t^V^'Ji^V^i Jw nfi >lLqG^3i> 

(lerman East Africa. 'J t)' ^ ^ia^o 

Waicuru, in sontliern Lower Cali- *f) ^ L - ^ T i'"'J ->•*» <> I- ^J W 

fornia, Mexico. /'T(fii!»3 

Waiiiatpu. See Cayuse- Cay"*« ^Jl-'o 

Waijobe, a subdivision of tlie Fulali. Fulah ^ — JMo 

Waikato, a subdivision of tlie Maoris. Maoris y -'fi%r, 

Waikenmuk, in northern California, ^ i6 M ii'-o" '?c 1-^ i>''J -^>v^' '- ^^ 

U.S.A. ^W/^hSCo 

Waikosel, in northern California, ij #') ij i'lV 5?iltSi'' ^J ->>*.- o H *J 

U.S. A. W^^lbSi:. 



Waiky-Waiky, in northwestern Vic- 

Wailakki, in northern California, U. 

S. A.; called also Kenesti. 

Wailaksel, in northern California, 
U. S. A. 

Wailube, a subdivision of the Fulah. 

Waito, on Lake Tana, Abyssinia. 

Waiyau, east of Lake Nyassa, Africa ; 
the pronunciation is Y-yow; means 
" their " ; called also Ajawa by the 
Manganja. Also "Wahiau, "Wayao 
or Yao. 

Wajagga, in tlie Kiliraa-Njaro dis- 
trict, East Africa. 

Wajiji, on the northeastern shore of 
Lake Tanganyika, Africa. Also 

Waju, in the southwestern part of 

Wakaguru, south of Kilima-Njaro, 
East Africa. 

Wakahe, on the upper Eufu Kiver 
in the northeastern part of German 
East Africa. 

Wakamba, south of the upper Tana 
Kiver in the soutlieastern part of 
British East Africa. Also Akamba. 

Wakara, on the southeastern shore 
of tlie Victoria Nyanza. 

Wakash, on Nootka Sound of the 
eastern coast of Vancouver Island, 
British Columbia ; derived from 
n-aukash, a Nootka word meaning 

(1/ =& y „ Kenesti h tj fg -k 7 
Fulah y — i^o 

Wahiau. Wayao. Yao > =e^ 

? o Wayeiye h =c *: ;'. q 

^;b'S 5\^< i ij ft lift 

V a< ft/ 5■'3b^< 1 5 5, I ^ 

^ t^- fi ;7, ,u =E y „ jlt :g ^> 
i'^ waukash g V |E 1; -y =e y 



Wakavirondo. See Kaviromlc. 

Waked i. See Lango. 

Wakelbura, on the upper llelvaiulo 

lliver, eastern Queenslaml ; formerly 

called Kerbulbura; the name 

"Wakelbura means " belonging to 

Wakerewe, on the island of Ukerewe 

in the southeastern corner of the 

Victoria Nyanza. 
Wakhis, on the northern slope of the 

Hindu Kush, Afghanistan. 
Wakhutu, on the coast of German 

Kast Africa opposite Zanzibar. 

Wakiakum, a subdivision of the 

Wakikuyu, near Mount Keuia, east 

of the Victoria Nyauza ; also 

Wakimbu, east of Lake Tanganyika, 

Africa ; long. 34° E. 
Wakonde. .See Makonde. 
Wakonjo. See Bakonj(^. 
Wakovi, north of the Albert Edward 

Xyanza, Central Africa. 
Wakpacoota, a subdivision of the 

Wakuafi. Same as "Wakwavi. See 

Wakuri, on the nortiiern shore of 

the Victoria Nyanza. 
Wakussu. Same as Bakuss. 
Wakuti, on the lower Lomami, a 

tributary of tlie Congo ; also 

Wakwafi. Same as "Wakwavi. See 

Kavirondo ^^3o 

Lango ^ A ^ o 

OltS,J< 1 t; < tVv.-f b/w 

•t -? u^ Vo ^iTS-:; I f) > 

infill K 51^ < i ^J ^i r- 
ill xBo 

Ciiinook /> — i^o 

i)^< lisD I vi.^< i '} h 

^lUmifi-ll:^- 'V=e-^o hb 

Makonde ^^^o 

Bakonjo ^JL^o 

^V%h:>^^) i)'^ hh\t\ i. i. 

Santee ^ —h^o 

Wakwavi -f^Jvo M^^ai )■ ^ 

Bakuss. = \S[ '^o 

Bakutzi 1- =t ,IJ ;'. „ 
Wakwavi - [s] -:?„ Mi'^ii * >L 



VVakwanga, sontli of tlie great curve 

of the Congo, just on tlie equator. 
Wakwavi. See Masai. 
Walakumni, in central California, 

U. S. A. 
Walapai, chiefly along the Rio 

Colorado, Arizona, U. S. A. 

Walhalla. See Gualala. 

Waiki, between the Margaret and 
Ord rivers, West Australia. 

Wallachians. See Rumanians. 

Wallachs. See Rumanians. 

Walla Walla, near tlie junction of 
the Snake River and the Columbia, 
Washington ; also some, on the 
Umatilla reservation, Oregon, U. S. 

Wallessi. See Balesse. 

Wallons, in southern Relgium and 
the adjacent parts of France. 

Walolo. See Angulu. 

Walpari, in the Northern Territory 
of South Australia; about lat. 20° 
S., long. 132° E. ; so called by 
themselves, and by their neigh- 

Wamba]de, a subdivision of the 

Wamba-wamba, between the Loddon 
and the Compaspe, tributaries of 
the Murray, Victoria; also written 

Wambe, near Mount Kenia, east of 

■:^ =■ {t ^' 1^ ^ y' o 

Masai =)■ ^'^ „ 

± - ^3 *6 'J ^r'^^m h ••] -c ^i % 
Gualala =^ ^-=3 o 

Mfc' 1 -f i ?) vj ^:) ^ J; 1 tlU^^ 

hm^-iJ^ t'M> /'Palo 
Rumanians ^ ^ ^ o 
Rumanians =^ ^3 ^ 

m < M 5S, 1 y : /^L'o^' 

Its hi^^-i&-UM,^^>^=^^ 
Balcsse ^^^o 

Angulu ^X,3o 

ii^t.ii'O life 1 -T t b'J fc 

m!^=^-\'^ M u ^ w H+^ 


Fulah ^ — j^o 

M > ^ TbI - {£ ^ ;v =e '^ o 
Yamba-yamba > =E^^>o 



the Yictoriii Nvan/.a. 

Wambuba. See IJanibuba. 

Wambugu, at tlie fout of the 
L'sambara hills in the northeastern 
part of German East Africa; so 
called by tiieir Wasaiiibara neigh- 
bours; called sonietnues Ala. 

Wambutti. See Bambute. 

Wamerima, in the eastern part of 
German East Africa. 

Wameru, in the Kilima-]S'jarodi>trict, 
Eusi Africa. 

Wampanoag. See Narraganset. 

Wamsansi, on the northwestern shore 
of Lake Tanganyika, Africa. 

Wandala. See Mandara. 

Wandonde, south of the Paifiji Eiver, 
German East AtVica. 

Wandorobbo, a name for outcasts 
living in the region lying between 
Klima-Njaro and the equator^ 
Africa ; means " people without 
cattle," i. e., " without property " in 
the Masai language ; called also 
Masaka by the "Wanika, "Waasi by 
the "Wasambara. Also Andorobbo, 

Wandot, Same as Wyandct. 

Wandubiira, between tiie head of 
Broad Sound and Shoalwater Bay, 
eastern Queensland ; means " Ije- 
longing to mountains."(^*'' 

Wanena, near Lake Nyassa, .Vfricii; 
called al^o \\'ap:inga. 

Wanfumu, south of tiie lower 
Ka^sui, a tributary of the Congo. 

BambiiKa ^ |L ^ o 

t>VM\ <•■ I SiSfl'JiSCiU. 

G^ o "T ^ 36 - (If ^ 'i- ^ /* - V 
Bambute ^jL^o 

Narraganset ^ jL '^ o 

fc-j.ij i)•/■f:^tM■- 1 ym^B 

Mandara ? ^ a -> 

Vp lor. I iJ'WM^ >; ^^i 3 

t' 1 /:> I It I • r) f I -^ 1 
Wyandot — [ojvo 

■) ^ ■:' b L& < ^j -3 i I r: I 


Wangindo, -outh of \\w Kiiilji Kivor !Ki;ifWi*l>^)-S^^J i'^ ;4ih'jllfir> '»- 

in tlu- sviiitlu:istoru piivt ot" (.ionuan o I i-i> ' C 1 V^ -^ \^i Jj ~ {}z 

Ivast Africa. ;«. >l^ 7 o 

W;inika, on the sunt hoastern coast of i")(r 1 )b' ^iifl'lluB^:i-5>^J i' 

n,„i,„ VV, A,VKa. Tl,oword ^t**/!^^ ^ I? ^ ^ 

Nika moans "wilderness." They O'C i^t: fi JM ^ V ^> if) LMl* 

are also oallod Anibakonio by their ^ 1 I' is' ' > D? ''^ '''o W;»"- 

Watoita noijjhboui-s. Also Wanyika. yika h=ei!J^o 

Wanindi. noitlioast ot' Luke Xya'^sa. S)Z>^} :6V lift 3 }W '^ >li*::^ - 

Africa. It^ >u^ / o 

Wankonde. S,v Makoiulo. Makoiule ^Jla^ 

Wantming-Wanmungkur, near Lake ^^ \> s i M ;f :> ^ P5' 41: lH> + '^ 0^ ^ 

Hin.hnarsh. northwestern Victoria. f * 1 LlfflFf'ISo 

Wanya. in tl\e neighbonrhood of the J)i^'J *'=-t|iS.''- '^ ti -i- ' fiS5^ 

Til.lnis in AtVioa; called also /» i£ P!| - (f 7. -v =e /> „ Onya. 

t^nya. \Vanyans::\. "Wanyant^a b =6^-^ ^ 'to 

Wanyambo, on the western shore of i^ (Cs> ti' IS 1 vo s I 'J <b 

the Victoria Xyanza. |I«fJ^eVES^o 

Wanyambungi, on the western shore ifji^'J i)V 'f:^i'M- 1 i'i^^^ 

of Lake Kivn. north of Lake :J&± -u ^ ^ 1 iffl.' K^ -tt '^ 

Tauiianyika, Alriea. 'i- =e ^ o 

Wanyamwezi, east of Lake Tanc;- i") (:Ij, t,' t i.- 1 L" 1 i'-jLii^ 

anyika. and soutli of tlie Victoria i 'J S-) I- ^:)^ 3V f^"^ ^^ 

r (i :^ 'W =e ^ o 9 (.> 1 il* I h 

Ny:u\:-a. Also Wee^e. =ef|-t 5 >Vo 

Wanyanga. St^o AVanya. Wanya -J-^ao 

Wanyassa. Six^ Manganja. Mancanja ^^Hq- 

\V.inyaturu. See Watatnru. AVataturii ^^Sq 

Wjn>ika. Sec Wimika. Wauika ^^So 

Wanyoro. See Riuyoro. Banyoro ^^Sq 

Wapanga. Soe Wanena. "Wanena i- ^3 ^ 

Wapare, southeast of Kiliuia-Xjaro, "^nI)^3-^>Vl i*^ -> -J ^ '2 us, 

Last Africa. ;^ I ^ ■^t^'::^^ 

Wapianas. See AVapisiauti^. Wapisiauas ^^3o 

Wapisianas, in British Guiana, South iffft »S '] i*^ ^^y I fc a -tt 

. . 1 Ai- • x,i=e/'o AVapianas > =e* 

Aiuonca; also ANapiana*. " 

Wapokomo. on tlie lower Tana l^liC i> ^cI4ln?^D-5- 'J i' 



Hiver in the sontheaitem part of 
British East Africa- 
Wappinger, formerly on the lower 
Hud■^<m River, Xew York, U- S. A. 

Wapumni, on the left bank of the 
Sacramento Kiver, California, U. S. 

Warabul, sooth of the Fitzroy River, 
eri-tern Queensland. 

Warabura, south of the lower 
Fitzroy River, eastern Queensland ; 
means " belonging to icara," a 
parasitical plant known as wild 

Waranbura, on the eastern coast of 
Queensland (about lat. 22°— 23° 
S.) ; means " belonging to sand." 

Warbaa, on the southeastern coast 

ci Queensland. 
Wardha, a subdivision of the Gond. 
Wardy-Yalloch, north of Lake 

Korangamite, southern Victoria. 
Waregga, between the upper Congo 

and the Albert Edward Xyanza ; 

also Balegga. 
Wari, in the Niger Delta, Africa. 
Warimi, southeast of the Victoria 

Xvanza ; lat. 4° S. 
Waringa, south of the great curve of 

the Congo, just on the equator. 
Waring-illam-baluk, on the upper 

Goulburn, a tributary of the upper 

Murray, central Victoria. 
Warori, nortli of Lake Nyassa, 

.\frica; called also Wasango. 

i t£ -e -V =£ y o 

Gond J —1^o 

= tJ ;'. V =E y o 
7 1' C t 'J^^ *SI:»- '^L*nl 



Warows, Same as AV'arraus. See 
( inar.-iimiis. 

Warramunga, in the ^'urtllern 
Teiritoiy of Sdiitli Australia; about 
lat. VJ° S., long. 134° E. ; so called 
l.y themselves, and by tlieir 
neighbours. Tliey ure sometimes 
called by the name of Bata 
aurinnia by the strangers, meaning 
" the people who dwell on hard 
-ground." OU)(u:,) 

Warrangoo, in AVestern Australia. 

Warraus. See Guaraunos. 

Warrnambul, in western Victoria; 
(alkil also Pertobe. 

Warsingali, east of Berbera, a towi; 
( f SMiiialiland, East Africa.. 

Warua, <ii! the ui^per Congo, north- 
west of Lake Moero. 

Waruanda, west of tiie Victoria 

Warundi, on the northeastern shore 
of Lake Tanganyika, Africa ; also 

Warungu. Same as Baluugu. 

Waruri, southeast of the Victoria 

Warwaren, a subdivision of the 

Wasagara, in the central part of 
(icrman East Africa. 

Wasambara, north of the Eufu 
River in the northeastern part of 
German East Africa. They call 
themselves Washamba. 

Wasambwa, soutli of the Victoria 

"Warraus r^ [o] i^^ Guaraunos 

ma I -r i b 'J fco 

Guaraunos ^^a© 

^o Pertobe 1> =e^-fe 7 lU^ 

- ->■ r />- I o 1 JSjI ^ Pi it'^ 

Baluugu =: [pj iS'o 
Imghad /> — J^o 



Wasango. See Warori. 

Wasania, on the Tana Kiver in the 

southea-stern part of British East 

Wasansi, on the northwestern shore 

of Lake Tanganyika, Africa. 
Wasco, in western Montana, U. S. 

Wasegua, on the coast of German 

East Africa opposite Zanzibar ; also 

written Wazegulia. 
Washaki, formerly in western 

Wyoming and eastern Idaho, U. S, 

A. ; now on the Shoshone reserva- 
tion, western "Wyoming. Also 

Pohah, "Wasl'.ano. 
Washamba. See "SVasambara. 
Washano. See Washaki. 
Washo, in western Nevada, U. S. 

Wasoga. See Basoga. 
Wasoki, north of the Albert Edward 

Nyiinza, Central Africa. 
Wasongora Mino, north of Lake 

Tanganyika, Africa. 
Wassambi, on the Lualaba (lat. 9° 

S.), the upper part of the Congo. 

Wassaw, on the Gold Coast, West 

Wasui, between Lake Tanganyika 

and the Victoria Nyanza. 
Wasukuma, south of the Victoria 

Waswahili. Same as Suahili. 
Wata. See Waboni. 

Warori T^ Ji a o 


=.\\} 7, iw =E y o Wazeguha V 
19 I L5> 1 ^ 1 ^ UJ ^J -^ ^) 

if |^^C;H^Lfel Li- 111 I 

i9 I L& 1 '^-^ I > =e fi§ -fe 7 >Vo 
Wasambara =)-%'^ o 
Washaki ^ H. ^ o 

Basoga f- ^ a o 

^-f 1 < 1 ^ 'j^^'^^ ^^^^ 

Suahili - 1^ vJ-o 
Waboni 5^ ^ 3 o 



Wataturu, soiid :e:ist nf tlie Victoria 
.\ v.tnza ; called also "Wanyaturu. 

Wataveita. See "Wataveta. 

Wataveta, southeast of Kilima-Njaro, 
Ka<t Africa; also written "Wata- 

Watchandi, on the Miirchison River, 
"Western Australia. 

Wateita, east of Kilima-Xjaro, East 

Wathi-wathi, on the middle Murray, 
and southeast of the Weki-weki 
tribe, Victoria. Same as AVatty- 
Watty ? 

Watlala, a subdivision of the Chi- 

Watota. See Otoe. 

Wattasoon. Same as Mattasoon. 

Watty-Watty, at the junction of the 
Murray and the Loddon, north- 
western Victoria. Same as Wathi- 
wathi ? 

Watua. See Batwa and Watwa. 

Watusi, south of the Victoria Nyan- 

Watuta. See Mazitu. 

Watutwa, on the southeastern shore 

of the Victoria Nyanza. 
Watwa, between the Juba and Tana 

rivers, I'ritish East Africa; also 

M'rit'.en "Watua. 
Watwa. See Eatwa. 
Waulube, a subdivision of the Fulah. 
Wavinza, on the eastern shore of 

Lake Tanganyika, Africa. 
Wavinza, south of the great curve 

of the Couaro. 

')j^ Wanyaturu > =E|i|-fe: 7 
Wataveta H-fL^o 

^ ~{^^^ '^ =^ y^ o Wataveita 

ij ^ wCi^ 1 ^M:)3o 

m ;)^ = "er r t£ ^'^ ;i- =£ ^ o 
Watty-Watty - 1^ -7 ? 
Chinook ^ —Mo 

Otoe 9 M^^ o 
Mattasoon — 1^1 i^'o 

Si - tt ^'^ /v =e ^ o Wathi- 
wathi — Iq| v'? 
Batwa 2i tf Watwa ?• .k, a o 

<9o 1 L 5\^ < t M fc r- 

Mazitu ^^3g 

-ii^; ,v=e ^o Watua b =e 

ta o 

Batwa ^ A, 3 o 
Fulah ^ -J^o 

7. ,V^ yf O 



Wavira, on the nortlnvestern sliore 

<il' Lake Tanganyika, Africa. 
Wavvamba, near the Albert Edward 

Xyanza, Central Africa. 
Wawayanas, on the Beni, a tributary 

of the ^Luleira, nortliern Bolivia. 
Wawemba, we^t of Lake >\vas:>a, 

Wawendi, on the southeastern shore 

iif Lake Tanganyika, Africa. 
Wayanzi, east of Lake Tanganyika, 

Africa; also "Wyyanzi. 

Wayao. See AVaiyau. 
Wayeiye. See "Wajiji. 
Wayungu, on the northeastern shore 

of Lake Tanganyika, Africa. 
Wazaramo, near the coast of German 

E:ist Africa opposite Zanzibar. 
Wazeguha. See Wasegua. 
Wazige, on the northwestern shore 

of Lake Tanganyika, Africa. 
Wazinja, on the southwestern shore 

I if the Victoria Xyanza. 
Wazirs, I elween tlie middle Gomal 

and tlie Kurani, tributaries of the 

middle Indus, India. 
Weas, about 1820, in Missouri, U. 

S. A.; now in tlie Indian Terri- 
Webo, in T>iberia, West Africa. 
Weddas, in Ceylon; also written 

Vaddaiis, Vaidas, Vedd;is. 

Weedookarry, on the Shaw River, 

W<>l<'rn Australia. 
Weereitch-Weereitch, in western 


^o Wyyanzi V=o\»j7,o 
Waiyan 9 ^^ o 

Wasegua ^ ^ a o 

/u ^ /^o Vaddalis. Vaidas. 
Veddas 1- ^ ,»J ;^. o 



Weeyot, at the inoutli of the Kel 
Kiver, nortliem California, U.S.A. 

Weeze. See "Wanyamwezi. 

Weitspek. See Kiiroc. 

Weki-weki, soiitli of llie middle 
-Murray (about long. 143° E.), 

Welsh, the people of Wales. The 
name was given by their Anglo- 
Saxon conquerors, meaning " fore- 
igners," call themselves in their own 
language Cymry. Also Welshmen. 

Welshmen. Sec Welsh. 

Weluinbura, south of the Tarubura 
tribe of eastern Queensland ; means 
" belonging to iguana's tail." 

Wends, in Saxony and the adjacent 

parts of Prussia ; called also 

Lujichanes, Sorbs. 

Wengenmarongeitch, in south- 
western Victoria. 
Were, in Adamawa, a region in the 

Sudan, Africa. 
Werogery, in northeastern Victoria. 
Werrupurong, in western Victoria. 
Whajook, in the York District of 

^Vestern Australia. 
Whakatohea, a subdivision of the 

Whanauaapanui, a subdivision of 

the Maoris. 
Whanganui, a subdivision of the 

Whilapah, fomierlj' in the state of 

Washin"ton, U. S. A. 

n ^4b^^- '^v• 1 oMno 
Wanyamwezi -> Ji a o 
Kuroc ^jiao 

•5 ^ 1 ST v> -3 X 1 S "f 

Welshmen > =e ^ Xq 
Welsh ^^3o 

9A^r § ( ^ r- 1 7it'^ 

{j: ^. /U' =t / - -y f S I L; 1 

?g -b" 1 -f t b ^J h? I \ C itil 
Maoris y — l^o 

Maoris / — j^c 
^laoris ? — JMc 





Whiro. ^<^' I'airo. 
White Indians. S.-e Men^iueui. 
White Miao. Same as l*eli Miao. 
White Russians, in western Russia; 

also Bielorousses. 
Whitewurndiuk, in noitlnvestern 

Whydah. See Ilwiiln. 
Wiantunga, on tlie soutiieastern coast 

cf Sjuth Australia. 
Wia-Wia, between the Ubangi and 

the Grinbingi (a branch of the 

Sliari), Central Africa. 
Wichikik, near Lake Tulare, Cali- 

ibrnia, V. S. A. 
Wichita. Same as "NVitchita. 
Widyu. See Ditsakana. 
Wie-ning, in southwestern Kui-chau, 

Wihinasht, scuih of the Columbia, 

Oregon, U. S. A. 

Wiimbaio, on the south bank at the 
junction of the Darling and the 
Murray, Victoria. 

Wikchumni, near Lake Tulare, 
California, L'. S. A. 

Wiksachi, near Lake Tulare, Cali- 
fornia, U. S. A. 

Wild Oat. See Menomeni. 

Wilingura, in the Northern Territory 
of South Australia; about lat. 16° 
S., long. 104° E. ; so called by 
themselves, and by their neigh- 
bours. ^"•■•-» 

Willara, nnrth of Stuart Range, 
South Australia. 

Cairo ^JL^o 
Menomeni ^M."='o 
Teh Miao = ^ iJ-o 

r '-^Ij^^h I i'f h x: 7o 

Ilwida ^^3o 

fii.- I -f i ?> 'J ^J^ ilif^tS^- 
It ;'. .1^ =e ^ o 

iHl^o I n I hmW&o 

"Witchita - Ib) C^q 
Ditsakana ^ ^ a o 

fc *6 'J i'^ ^ L^ i' 'J -i^i.- o I : ?3 
Menomeni ^ ji a o 

f, ij ^j / o I ?• I ^ -c ij c 

^'-zir-ltR?"? =^LIr ^-o 



Wilietpoo. .Same as Cay use. 

Willuri, lieUvecn the Gawler Eanges 
and the coast, South Australia; 
called also Nauo. 

Wilya, in the country about the 
tuey Ranges, 2se\v South Wales. 

Wima, on the left bank of the Sacra- 
mento River, California, U. S. A. 

Winnebago, in Wisconsin and 
Nebraska, U. S. A.; means "turbid- 
water people '■' in the Algonquin 
language; called Hotcangara by 
themselves, meaning "parent spee- 
ch," Puants by the French. Also 

Wintoon, in northern California, U. 
S. A.; means "man"; also vrritten 
Wintu, Wintun. >Same asCopeli? 

Wintu. See Winloon. 
Wintun. See Wintoon. 

Wiradjuri, on the northern tributaries 

of the upper Murray, Xew South 

VVirangu, west of Lake Wirangu, 

South Australia. 
Wire. See Bairo. 
Wishosk, formerly near the lower 

Eel River, northern California, U. 

S. A. 
Witapahatu. See. Kiowa. 
Witapiu, a subdivision of tlie 

Cheyenne ; means " hatei s." 
Witchetaw. See Witchita. 

Cay use — fii] i?o 

bi l^l^ct 1- ^m-{^^ 

J< ?) -f ii'M '}\\ - U-: ^. 'V ^ y o 

^•tA3 '') ^^-i^ I fc^i Ml? 
?•< i^o I - '^ .V 1 ^ h =E fg-fe 7 

:J- ij o Wintu. Wintun > =e 

Wintoon ^ ^ a ^ 
Wintoon ^ X. ^ o 

M 1 M±y;^C ^ :lb:>^^«ii - ii ^• 

1^ t)' I -f t b <■] >fc /■' 9 i.^ b ^ 

Bairo ^^ao 

ttEj fe ^ ij ;0-g> ^ m i' ij ,^js o 

Kiowa ?^3o 

Cheyenne J~1^o''mMij > 

Witchita ^E^o 



Witchita, in UklalK-m:i, U.S.A.; also 
written Witchetaw. 

Wi-thai-ja, on the upper Murray, 

New South Wales. 
Woccoa. See "Woccon. 
Woccon, in North Carolina, U. S. A. ; 

now e.xtinct ; also Woccoa. 

Wochua, in the forests of the Mabode 
district, north of the Ituri, an 
upper tributary of the Congo. 

Woddavandiu. See "Wodders. 

Wodders, in southern India. The 
name Woddi or Odde is said to be 
a corruption of the Sanskrit Odrha, 
the name of the country now called 
Orissa. Also Woddavandiu. C^^' 

Woeworung. See Wurunjerri-baluk, 

Wogee, in Moreton Island lying off 
the southeastern shore of Queens- 

Woguls. See Voguls. 

Wolamo, in southern Abyssinia; 
culled also Woratta. 

VVolgal, on the tableland of the 
highest of the Australian Alps, 

Woilaroi, north of the Earwan, an 
upper branch f.f the Darling, New 
South Wales; called sometimes 

Wollo Galla, wc^t of Lake Ardibbo, 

Woiof, in Senegal, West Africa; 
means " black men " (according to 
some author-, "talkers"); also 

1^±;< bit 1 k%i^-{\i^'>^ 
I - 1^ ' * •} "T "} X. I S i" '' L' 
Woccon e^ IL a o 

*'-^ I bvWi jHI- (t-:-b->=e 

n^At'Jj^ '^3^ I li 1 Ki&-Jj 
Wodders 9 ^=3 o 

Woddi X -•> Odde ■)■ >u ^ ^- 
? <<.. -f < *J -5 i Odrha yffl: 
tJ ± »v '^ ?/ h ic; 7 [lij V- ^ 
Odrha ^^i^^ij ij o § YM^^ 

Woddavandiu 1- =c e 7 o 
Wurunjerri-baluk ^ ^ 3 o 

-w i 1 s i ^ s - fi ^> '^ =e 

Voguls ^^3o 

t>L" l[-ib^ li SS - It ^- '^ =& 
/„ Woratta > =e|S-fe 7 >^o 

±w^c* 'lit 1 <9^M^:lb:/i- 

{t t; (V =t / n -y t' ^t <: '^ 1 ^:) 



written Jolof, Oiilof, Volof, Yolof. 
Wonghibon, north of the L;ichlan, a 

iriluitary of tlie Murray, New 

youth "Wales. 
Wo-ni. Sec Ilo-ni. 
Wonkamala, nortli of the Macuniba 

Kivir, S utli Australia. 
Wonkanguru, northeast of Lake 

Eyre, South Australia. 
Wonkatyeri, north of tlie Macumba 

Kivor, Soutli Australia. 
Wonnarua, on the Hunter River in 

the eastern part of New South 

Woollum ba Bellum-Beilum, west of 

I.ako Wellington, Victoria. 
Woolna, on tiie east side of the 

lower Adelaide Kiver, Northern 

Territory of South Australia. 
Wooiwa. See Ulva. 
Woolwonga, on the Adelaide River, 

Northern Territory of South Aust- 
Woratta. See Wolamo. 
Worgaia, in the Northern Territory 

of South Australia; about lat. 19° 

S., long. 138° E. ; so called by 

themselves, and by their neighbours. 

Same as Waagai ?(ii5) 
Worro-Babbo, east of Lakes Ardibbo 

and Haiku, Abyssinia. 
Wotiaks. See Votiaks. 
Wotjo-baluk, between the Wimmera 

and Richardson rivers in the 

i> ^ :©) h ^^ ^ + ') o Jolof. 
Oulof. Volof. Yolof. > =e fjTi 

Ilo-ni =f%^o 

life 1 -r t h'-)hJ ^^ 1 LMi' 

igif I t t f) ij if) / s; < 1 \:\t 

111* I §-)t ^^\ h-^ ^% 

Ulva ^%^o 

-CiJ i vj 1 :>-;vfc-C^l ZM 
AVolamo ^ ^ a o 

ij fc ^ I §' p ^ -c ^J i 

Hi-Am) -it ^ '^=e/o ilt 
Votiaks ^ ^ a o 

1- ■') 5 3b I f ^ k.n > /' r^^ - 



northwestern p:irt cf Victoria ; 
derived from icoljo, " man," and 
baluk, " people." 

Wu. See Li. 

Wudthaurung, west of the Kurung- 
jang-lahik tribe of southern Vic- 

Wulad All, south of the Nefud 
Desert, northern Arabia. 

Wullathara, i>n the Murray, northern 

Wulmala, in the northern Territory 
of South Australia; about, lat. 21° 
S., long. 133° E. ; so called by 
themselves, and by their neigh- 

Wuna, a subdivision of the Mbum. 

Wurubura, on the east side of the 
head of Broad Sound, eastern 
Queensland ; means " belonging to 
ti-uru," that is, bread made from a 
nut called wuruS^) 

Wurunjerri-baluk, on the Yarra 
Eiver watershed (north of Mel- 
bourn), southern Victoria ; derived 
from tcurwn, " the white gum-tree," 
Jerri, " a grub found in the tree," 
baluk, " people." Also called 

Wyandot, formerly between Georgian 
Bay and Lake Simcoe, Ontario, 
Canada; now chiefly in the Indian 
Territory, U.S.A.; means "calf 
of the leg " ; called also Huron by 
the French. Also Wvandotte. 

Li 9-^3o 

^D ^ ^3 1 5' 1 ^ -C'J i 'J I 

i-H^j = ft ='• '^ =t ^ o Jit « 

Mbum / — ,^o 

3 1 s i^'i 5 < ^^^-^ h 

5 ^ t' ^ jfi. fill =li^ 'W=E^o 
^i- ^ uuru ^^Z^ t^ w ^- ^ 

9 1 S 1 A. ft (ii ^) 1 < 

uurun (— ft y ■■ C't''^ ^ J / 
g) .Km- (<■ --L'tT) h-f±m;r, 

-31)3 ijgy -y=E^:>- 'Jo •} 1 

l^/i >\ o Wy;indotte h * ,»f 


Wychinga, <in t! 
Soutli Australia. 
Wyyanzi. Sec Waj-anzi. 


Macnmba River, 

Wayanzi ^^Sq 

Xamas, on tlic Teffe and tlie Japnra, 

triliutaries of the Amazon. 
Xeberos. .See Zaparos. 
Xerentes. See Cliareates. 
Xibaros. See Jivaros. 
Xibitos, See Ilibitos. 
Xicaques, in Honduras. 
Ximanas. Same as Juaianas. See 

Ximbioas. See Ximbiuas. 
Ximbiuas, on tlae west side of the 

Araguaya, Brazil; also written 

C"liimbiuas, Ximbioas, Ximboas. 
Ximboas. See Ximbiuas. 
Xincas, in soulhoru Guatemala; now 

Xiquitos. Same as Chiquitos. 
Xiriguanos. See Chiriguanos. 
Xivaros. See Jivaros. 
Xiximes, a subdivision of the Acaxees. 
Xolotes, on the Kio Vermejo, 

northern Argentina. 
Xomanas. Same as Jumanas. See 

Xosa. Same as .\inaxosa. 
Xuberesas, a subdivision of the 

Zaparos ^ ^ a o 
Charentes ^ ^ 3 o 
Jivaros =f %^ o 
Ilibitos ^ X. a o 

Jumanas - [p] -:7o Ticunas ^ X. 

Ximbiuas t'-^Ho 

j|l] =. Wl 7. ,u =C: y> a Chimbiuas. 
Ximbioas. Ximboas V =5^ ^ 

Ximbiuas ^ Ji a o 

Chiquitos — |r) v^'o , 
Chiriguanos ^ ^ a o 
Jivaros ?• JL a o 
Acaxees / — j^o 

Jumanas — I^Jv-q Ticunas ?• 

Amaxdsa — [b] ^'q 
Chiquitos /> -';SMo 



Yaako, in Croker Islaiul and on 

Baffles Bay, Nortliern Territory of 

South Australia; called also Ter- 

Yaako-Yaako, east of Lake Victoria 

in the southwestern part of Isew 

South AVales. 
Yabahanas, a subdivision of the 

Barres; also written Jabaanus. 
Yabein, east of tlie lower Irawadi, 

Yacanacas, a subdivision of the 

P'uegians on Magellan Strait, South 

Yacana-Cunnee, a subdivision of the 

Patagonians in southern Patagonia, 

South America. 
Yacanes, in the western part of the 

island of Basilan, Philippine 

Yacariguaras, on the Putumayo, 

an upper brancli of the Amazon. 
Ya-ch'iao Miao, in central Kui-chau, 

Yacon. See Yakon. 
Yacucaraes, on the Kio Negro, 

Yacundas. See Jacundas. 
Yagnaubs, in the central part of 

Turkestan, Piussian Central Asia. 
Yaguas, on the Maranon, the upper 

part of tlie Amazon, and its tribu- 
tary the Putumayo. 
Yahgans, a subdivision of the 

p; )U- -c y o Terrutong b ^ fS 
■fe V )^o 

•^ 1 w^ 1 - l-'.D < 2 3T 
Barrcs /> — i^o Jabaanas > =6 

;'. ;W =E /> o 

^if1«R"tlf^« A- (17: r 1 i'-h 
3it-i 1 m^o 

Yakon ^^So 
Jacundas -/ jl a o 

^vt['\^%h ^h^ t o -> f r: ^ 

^ 1 <-i> 1 ^j5;t ^W^-h 



l-ncgiiins uii llie Beagle Channel, 
Ticrra ilel Fuego ; also Yapoos. 

Yahshutes. See Tcenie. 

Yairy-Yairy, on tiie middle Murray, 
n >rtli\visterii Victoria. 

Ya-itma-thang, on the head-waters 
(if the Murray, Victoria ; commonly 
called Omeo; derived from yaijau, 
" yes," and ihang, " speech " or 
" tongue " ; now extinct. 

Yakama, on the Yakima reservation, 
Washington, U. S. A.; also written 

Yaketahnoklatakmakanay, on the 
upper Columbia, North America; 
called also Tobacco Plains Kootenai. 

Yakima. See Yakama. 

Yakis. See Yaquis. 

Yako, on the Benue, a tributary of 
the Niger, Africa. 

Yakon, on the Siletz reservation, 
Oregon, U. S. A. ; derived from 
yakwina, " spirit (according to 
" ;me authors, means "winding" 
from the characteristic of the 
Yaquina Kiver) ; " also written 
lakon, Jacon, Yacon. 

Yakun. Same as Jakun. 

Yakunbura, in southeastern Queens- 

Yakutat, a subdivision of tlie Tlinkit. 

Yakuts, in the neighbourhood of the 
Lena ; so named by the Russians ; 
call themselves Sokhalar. 

Yakwina. Same as Yakon. 

Yalavadj, a subdivision of the Salor. 

<: ^m^^ i&^^ ft: ^« -^ 
i^i.'i 1 i: h Ay %% ^ - Mo 

Yapoos h =tfg-fe 7 ;i^o 
Tcemc ^^3o 

ill) - (If-t -y =t / o #M Omeo 
yayau C^-Jc ij j /> j^j thancj 

^It 1 ^ h^^] t'^^m 

i^ =.f|:x /i.=e 7 o Yakima > 

M ^ Ife f< ;i' ^ y o Tobacco 
Plains i\ootenai y "^W-^ 7 

Y^'akama ^^Hq 
Yaquis ^ M- a o 

It ^ 'I' =e y o jifciS >■-^%nt^^■y 

'^^i- ^ ^< >^ yakirina (— f^ 

ffljV/'Ta:'- ^; b:K7) a ^J|a 
ij V=e y :J" ij o lakon. Jacon. 
Yacon > =e*Xj, 

Jakun n 1^1 v^o 

Tlinkit /~Mo 

7~ )V =^ J ~ -y =r 7o 'Lh K^ V 

T- ^c I i' t) I h K 7 o 
Y'akon - [n] -ly-o 
Salor y-^1i^„ 



Yalibura, on tlie soutlicastern coast 
of (Queensland. 

Yallonka, a suklivision of llie 

Yamacraw, on the Savannah River 
on tlie boundary between Georgia 
and South Carolina, U. S. A. 

Yamandil, east of the Ord River, 
Wo>tern Australia. 

Yamasee, <n the north side of tiie 
lower Savannah River, South 
Carolina, U. S. A. ; means " gentle " 
in the Creek language; now extinct. 
Also Janiasee, Eaniuses. 

Yambarri, in the Congo basin above 
Stanley Falls. 

Yamba-yamba. Sec Wamba-wamba. 

Yameos. Same as Llameos. 

Yam I, on Kotosho (Botel tabaco), a 
small island lying to the southeast 
of Formosa : so called by them- 
selves. They are also called Rirau 
by the Paiwans, Votol by tiie Amis 
and the Puyumas. 

Yamil, in northwestern Oregon, U. S. 

Yamkally, a >ubdivision of tlie 

Yampai-ni. See Comanche. 

Yampareck. Same as Yamparika. 
See Ditsakana. 

Yamparika. S-e Ditsakana. 

Yana, formerly <n\ the upper Sacra- 
mento River, California, U. S. A.; 
now, one at Redding, the other at 
Round Mountain, California; means 

Mandingo /> — i^o 

^ I ^ 1 L 1 h'^') i'-g-^ 

^ o lit « ^- < ij I < 15 = ^ 

^itfe-fe ^J o Jamasee. Eamnses 

Wamba-wamba ^ ji a o 
Llameos — [^ -J-o 

^lM*a z. ttf t; ,1. =0 y i -V r fj 

Cliinook /> — j^^o 

Cumanclie ^ j^L "=^ o 
Yamparika =• fsj i?„ Ditsakana 

Ditsakana 9 %'^ o 



" penple " in ilieir own language. 

They are known to the settlers by 

the name Noje, Nozi; in 1884, 35 

individuals counted. 
Yanadis, in Xellore, a district of 

Madras, India. 
Yangarella, on tlie Nicholson River, 

northern Queensland. 
Yangere, south of the upper Benue, 

a tril)utary of tlie Niger, Africa. 
Yang-kwang Miao, in southeastern 

Kui-chau, China. 
Yanglam, in tiie western Shan 

States, Burma. 
Yang-pao Miao, in central Kui-chau, 

Yangsek, in the western Shan States, 

Yang-ting-la-han Miao, in sontli- 

easiern Kuichau, China. 
Yangup, in Adamawa, a region of 

tlie Sudan, Africa. 
Yankibura, soutii of ttie Mutabura 

tribe in eastern Queensland. 
Yankton, on the Yankton reserva- 
tion. South Dakota, U. S. A. 
Yanktonai, on the Devil's Lake 

reservation, and the Standing Rock 

reservation, North Dakota, and the 

Ci'ow Creek reservation, South 

Dakota, U. S. A. 
Yanmas, on the bank of the Rio 

Negro, J'razil. 
Yantruwunta, on the Cooper's Creek 

(river), South Australia. 
Yao. Same as Yao-min. 
Yao. See Waiyau. 

- ^^ ti) I ti' I . CO \ Li ^^ 
V< 6 i. y l^A. t'C 1 07 

i> ?> c a /> ij t? n {' ^\ y 

Y'ao-min =. [^ i?-,, 
Waiyau ^^3o 



Yao-jen. Same as Yao-inin. 

Yao-min, in the mountainous region 
of northeastern Kwang-si and north- 
western Kwang-tung, China; also 
found in parts of Yuinian and 
Kui-chau ? 

Yaos, in Guiana, Soutii America; also 
called Aricoris. 

Yapa. See Ditsakana. 

Yapoos. S.'e Yahgans. 

Yaquina. Same as Yakon. 

Yaquis, in Sinaloa, Mexico; also 

writlen Yakis. 
Yarang. See Samoyedes. 
Yarapos, a subdivision of the 

Yargo, on tlie Murray, soutiieaslern 

Yarlo. See Limbakaraja. 
Yarmbura, on the upper Bui-nett 

Kiver, southeastern Queensland. 
Yaros, on the east bank of the 

I'ruguay, Uruguay ; now extinct. 
Yarriba. See Yoruba. 
Yasawa, a subdivision of the Fijians. 
Yasunis, a subdivision of the Zaparos. 
Yatass, on tlie Stony Creek, an 

affluent of tlie Kid Kiver, U. S. A. 

Yauanas, on tlie Japura, a tributary 
(if tlie Amazon. 

Yauaperys, on the river of the same 
name, a Iribnlary of the Rio Xegro, 

Yauaras, on the Madeira, a tribu- 
tary of the Amazon. 

Yuo-niin =. fn] -S'o 

2i t )g-.^iT^M:lt^5^ 111 till ^tt 

7; /!/ -ii y - -y r JIqK :>- -I' =E y 

^ y o Aricoris > =c fl? -k 9 

Ditsakana 9- JL ^ o 
Yahgans ^^h,, 
Y'akon — [li] •S'o 

^/'o Yakis >=£§;'. o 
Samoyedes ^ ^ a o 
Llameos y —Mo 

Limbakaraja ^ ^ y o 

Yoruba ^ £ a o 
Fijians y —J}f^r, 
Zaparos ^ ~Mo 

^ U) 1 '< 1 1 -1> b C 3 

V 1 <o I -< I ') I jnjnto 




Yaurorka, between the Barcoo and 

Warimrton rivers, South Australia. 
Yauung-illam-baluk, on the upper 

Lioiilburn, a tributary of the upper 

Murray, central Victoria. 
Yauyos, near Canete, a city in the 

(lepartnient of Lima, western 

Yavaims, on the Tapajos, Brazil. 
Yavapai. See Yavipai. 
Yavipai, west of Prescott, a town in 

Arizona, U. S. A. ; also written 

Yaw, in the soutlieastern part of 

Upper Burma. 
Yawai, west of the lower Burnett, 

^southeastern Queensland. 
Yayu, in eastern Nepal ; also written 

ILiioo, Haiyu, Haya, Vaya, Vayu. 
Yazoo, formerly on the river of the 

same name, Mississippi, U. S. A. 
Yedina, on islands in Lake Chad, 

Africa ; called also Budduma. 

Yei-t'eo Miao, in southeastern Kui- 
oliau, China. 

Yellow Knives. See Dog-ribs. 

Yelyuyendi, on the Eyre Creek, sou- 
theastern Queensland. 

Yemanieh, between the Atbara and 
tlie lower Blue Nile. 

Yerrunthuliy, on the Flinders River, 
nortliern (>ueensland. 

Yeryan-yakh. See Samoyedes. 

Yeshkhun, in Kashmir, India. 

Yetem, in Adamawa, a region in tlie 
Sudan, Africa. 

\Hh' I t t f) 'J ?:> ^ If I < t M 

Yavipai ^^Sq 

{£ t; ;!/ =E y o Yavapai Y =s 

Haioo. Haivu. Haya. Vara. 
Vayu > =e#^.o 

fSfi Hiffl = -(i 7> ;v =£ y o Bud- 
duma h =eM-fe 7 i^ o 

Dog-ribs ^M.3o, 

< (-^^-r ^^J:^ riii §!»:»- ;vi 
v: I tMHfo 

Samoyedes ^^.^o 



Yetti-maralla, in the Mackenzie, a 
tributurv of the Fitzroy, eastern 

Yezdis. See Yezides. 

Yezides, in ^Icsopotamia, Asiatic 
Turkey ; also Yezdis. 

Ygoiotes. See Igorrotes. 

Yguiutes. See Igorrotes. 

Yie-jen, in the western part of Yun- 
nan, Cliina. 

Yindu. See Shendn. 

Yiritucas, a subdivision of the Chi- 

Yirun-illam-baluk, on the Broken, a 
tributary of tlie upper Murray 
central Victoria. 

Y-jen. See Tchung-kia-tze. 

Ynarreeb-ynarreeb, in western Vic- 

Yo. See Chin. 

Yocunos, on the Apoporis, a tribu- 
tary of the Japura, Colombia. 

Yoes, on the Rio Vermejo, Argen- 

Yokaya Porno, on the western coast 
of California, U. S. A.; means 
" lower valley people." 

Yokut. See Mariposa. 

Yolof. See Wolof. 

Yomuts, on tlie soutlieastern shore of 
the Caspian Sea. 

Yonkalla, in northwestern Oregon, 
U. S. A. 

Yorran-kum. See Samoyedes. 

Yoruba, in Yoruba, a country of 

M 1 MBtto 

Yezides ^ ^ a o 

')j=-{'^7. (1/ =t y/ o Yezdis b 

Igorrotes ^JL^o 
Igorrotes ^ JL a o 
XWmV^n ga^ ^ (if K - -y r if 

Shendu fM^^o 
Chiqnitos ? —^o 

Tchung-kia-tze ^ JL ^ o 

Chin ^I,3o 
ii5S ^ -f fell" I I? I ij t jBJ 

!H-I ^ E ^ /l^ = {f ^. 'V =e y o 
Mariposa ^^Sq 

Wolof ^Ji3o 
{If P'< ,1^ =t y o 

Satnciyedcs ^^3o 


M'csl Africa; ciU tiicniselves Eyo. - -y t' f J 7 >^^(^^ ia" t V f# 

Also Yaniba. ^>o Yarriba V ^'^^ 7, ^ 

Yourwychall, in western Victoria. 5"i^ < i 'J fc ^ ® bKo 

Youta. See Utah. Utah 9 ^^ o 

Yquitos. See Iqiiitos. Iquitos ^l,ao 

Ysistines, on the Pilconiayo, northern ?3 '6 CplAj S J tC -^ 4h nK:'" '^ 

Argentina. OM X : 1 ^ i-^if > Ma^o 

Yualloroi. See Wollaroi. Wollarai =}■ ^3 „ 

Yuba, on the left bank of the Sacra- .Jd »f> ij i"& ^ lil;i)"'J i>fe- ?> H ^ 

inento Kiver, California, U. b. A. jju. 

Yucanes, a snbdivision of the Mores; Moros 7 — J5^t Jacanes V =e 

also Jacanes. iff-^'o 

Yuchi. See Uchee. Uchee 9^^o 

Yuclulaht, a subdivision of the Aht. Aht / —Mo 

Yucunampas, in the Gran Chaco, '^hi^^) ti' ^ ^ h Aj ^ ?> 1 ' 

South America. ^"^Jo 

Yucunas, on the Japura, a tributary h ^ ^*^M^ %^ ^ '^ Ch-^- ' 

of the Amazon. f)Miafo 

Yuin, in the southeastern part of lli.ij, I §T"f 7^1 ^'f/'^ 

New South Wales. tS^Bo 

Yuit, in the northeastern extremity (ff) 1 (^^^ L'^'J ^:) ^ ^SSl^b 

of Siberia, on Bering Strait; so ^B=-V^-<1 M^C^llf^ = ffi 

called by themselves, meaning ^r^ ^i^>S v^AMj 1^ ?« 

'• men ;" called also Namollo, Namu- :^- ij o "^.C i ' <?> ' V "^il"^ ^ 

olio. '^o 

Yuka, in Round Valley, northwestern <^ ] i)'' fc »6 '■J *'-^^!iI**''J 

Lalifornia, U. b. A.; derived irom o /^ K 5 s,(X ' =■(£ ^> '^ "^ 

yuki, a Wintoon word meaning i° ^"^ "T^^-^^^h "^7^!^ 

" stranger," secondarily " bad "or V IE i) ^z =e /> =. -y r ^— - -'^ 

'thieving. Also Uka, \uki. ^ ,, ^ uj^a. Yuki h =e#Xo 

Yukadzhirs. Same as Yukaghirs. Y'ukaghirs —^ C>'o 

Yukagers. See Yukaghirs. Y'ukaghirs ^^.^o 

Yukaghirs, between the lower Jana (ij) ] ii'' ^' /^ L^'')hy^Mib 

and lower K-ilyma rivers, northeast- ^ M T V5it > ^ ThI - f1: ^^ '^ =E 

em Siberia; call themselves An-ou '' o ^ "? ^^U? > T"fc/C "3 'if 



Domni. They are also called Atal 
by the Koriaks, meaning " spotted " 
from their spotted deer?kin dresses. 
Also written Yukagers, Yukagiris/''^' 

Yukagiris. See Yukaghirs. 

Yukahires. Same as Yukaghirs. 

Yuki. See Yuka. 

Yukol, near Lake Tulare, California, 
I'. S. A. 

Yuloni, in the central part of Califor- 
nia, U. S. A. 

Yuma, near the junction of the Rio 
Colorado and the Gila, Arizona and 
California, U. S. A.; derived from a 
Cuchan word, meaning " sons of the 

Yumbos, in northern Ecuador. 

Yuncas. See Chimus. 

Yungas. See Chimus. 

Yupias, on the Teffe, a tributary of 
the upper Amazon ; also written 

Yupuas. See Y'upius. 

Yuracarecas. See Yuracares. 

Yuracares, in the northern part of 
Bolivia; also written Yuracarecas, 

Yuraks, a subdivision of the Saraoye- 

Yurimaguas, a subdivision of the 
< )niaf,'uas. 

Yurimauas. See Soliraoes. 

Yuris. See Juris. 

Yurok. See Euroc. 

Yurucares. See Yur.icares. 

Yuruk, in tlie western and southern 

;h y> 'I 3 y M 'J ■>■ ^ -^ = -y 

Yukagers. Yukagiris h =e|5 

Yukaghi rs ^ ^ a o 

Yukaghirs — % Co 

Yuka ^^3o 

fe *6 'J i"g-^ 111 i' 'J -l-if h\--h 

>m i- 'I' "•] a '-. 7} \ b K \ y- 

IS 3 'J S V v' =e /> =. -y t' ""M 

Chimus ^'•^ao 
Chimus ^ JL 3 o 

-5> ;t M ^ - tt ^« 'f =s ^ o 

Yupuas > =e §Xo 
Yupias ^^3o 
Yuracares ^ ^ a o 

CO) 1 G ii»M ni Is 'J b\^ 

^D >* ^b hK - U£ ^ 'I' * /* o 
Yuracarecas. Yurucares h =E 

Samoyedes ^ — JMo 

Omaguas y — ;^o 

Solimoes =)■ %'^ o 
Juris ^^Sq 
Euroc ^^3o 
Yuracares ^ ^ a o 
tj) 1 5 1 < 'hr>\lh^ 



[•arls of Asia Minor; means " wan- 

(icTPVs "; also written Juriik. 
Yurunas, on tlie Pntumayo, an upper 

1 i:mch of the Amazon. 
Yurunas. See Jurunas. 
Yurusunes, on the Napo, an upper 

hr.mch of the Amazon. 
Yusal Porno, on the western coast of 

California, U. S. A.; means "ocean 

Yusufzai, north of the Kabul, a 

tributary of the Indus, India and 

northeastern Afghanistan. 
Yuta, See Utah. 
Yuzufzai. Same as Yusufzai. 
Yvgades. ^ce Gaddanes. 
Yxisteneses, ia the Gran Chaco, 

South America. 

rS^j ^ ^ ^^ Vo Juruk > 
Jurunas ^ ^ 3 ^ 

Utah ^^Bo 
Yusufzai — [pj iJ'o 
Gaddanes ^ |L 3 o 

Zacatecas, in Zacatecas, Mexico. 

Zadran, in Kliost, a district of eastern 
Afghanistan ; also written Jadran. 

Zafimanely, in soutliwestern !Mada- 

Zafimaniry, in southeastern Mada- 

Zafin Ibrahima, on the southeastern 
coast of ^ladagascar ; called also 

Jad ran > =c §■ ^« o 

'^ =G 7 o Antarava 
7 >Po 

i- iv I \ 

lU ^ ^ o 

- li .^ 'V 



b =e|S^ 



^aflntsira ui southeastern Maihti,'as- 

Zafisoro, in soutlieastern Madagascar. 
Zahenos, a subdivision of the Chi- 

411 it ^s. 
Zaimukht, north of tiie middle 

Kuram, a tributary of the Indus, 

Zaklohpakap. See Mam. 
Zamanucas, a subdivision of the 


Zam bales, in the province of Zamba- 
les, Luzjn, Philippine Islands; cal- 
led also Igorrotes de Zambales, 
Cimarrones de Zambales by different 

Zamucos, a subdivision of the Chi- 

Zanafaniliana, on the southeastern 
i>oa.-t of Madagascar. 

Zanatshihanaka, in north central 

Zandey. See Xiam-Niam. 

Zangenah, a subdivision of the Kurds; 
also Zenjina. 

Zaparos, between the 2sapo and the 
Pastassa, tributaries of the Amazon, 
Ecuador ; called also Jeberos, Xebe- 
ros ; not to be confounded with the 
Jeberos or Jivaros. 

Zapitalaguas, in the Gran Chaco, 

Soutli America. 
Zapotecos, in Oajaca, Mexico; call 

themselves Didja-Za; also written 


Chiquitos ^ — i^o 

Mam ^I,3o 

Chiquitos /' ~'^o 

it n I -f ^^'I'^o t >nf '^* 
v^^^ ?• LMtni -f ^ LI; 

Chiquitos ^ ^,^0 

Xiara-Niam ^^Sq 

Kurds ^ —Mo Zenjina h =a .T- 

^- 1 ti 1 5 1 T 1< ^3 c o 

i'i I MMf-Tf: SM h/Tal- 
{£ ;', )i/ =e /> = -y r C/"^ I '^ I 

-< I -o t i" — ^ C/ 1 5'j> ' 

iU 1 -c 1 ; 1 T »^ -> L : 

^ 7 ^- Pf > T- ?>■ Vi S' h i^ 
7o Tzapotecos h =E^7;o 



Zaramanompo, on the southeastern 

io:i>l lit' Madagascar. 
Zayeing, in tiie southern part of 

I'lippr Burma. 
Zazalava, on tlic southeastern coast 

nf Madagascar. 
Zazamena, on tlie southeastern coast 

of ^ladagascar. 
Zazavao, on tlie southeastern coast 

of Madaga'^car. 
Zemma. See Apollonians. 
Zemuquicas, a subdivision of the 

Zenaga, in the western Sahara Desert; 

also written Senaga- 
Zenjina. See Zangenah. 
Zepucayas, on the Amazon, below 

I he mouth of the Madeira. 
Zeza, a subdivision of the Kurds. 
Zia. See Sia. 
Zias, on the Putumayo, an upper 

branch of the Amazon ; also written 

Zibitos. Same as Jibitos. See Hibi- 

Zibola. See Zuui. 
Ziranians. See Siraniaus. 
Ziyus. See Zias. 
Zmarai, in Dera Ismail Khan, a 

district of Panjab, India; called also 

^[irzi, Mizri. 
Zoghawa, in tlie northern part of 

Darfur, Africa. 
Zoques, in Guatemala, and Chiapas, 

Zouaoua, in Tunis; also written 


Apollonians ?• ^ a o 
Chiquitos /> — ^o 

(£ ;r, ;u =e y o Senaga h =t* ;^ 
Zangenah ^ ^ a o 

Kurds / —Mo 
Sia 5^^ao 

Ziyus > =e^7;o 
Jibitos :i|Hli?o Hibitos ^^ 

Zuui 9-^3 o 

Siranians ^^ ^ a o 
Zias ^^ao * 

)U=e.^o Mirzi. Mizri h *^ 

^nt IT {'hXkb&^' 

lil'S, I i: T - (i ^> '^ =^ /*o 
Suawua > =s#-7>o 



Zuazi. S?ame as Swazi, 

Zulu. See Amazulti. 

Zungars, in Zungaria. 

Zuni, on the Kio Zuiii, western New 
Mexico, U. S. A.; derived from 
suinyi, a Cocliiti word meaning " the 
people of the long nails," refen-ing 
to the native surgeons who always 
wear some of their nails very long. 
Also Cebola, Cuni, Sune, Zibola.(^) 

Zurinas, on the Amazon, below the 
mouth of the Purus. 

Zyrians, a subdivision of the Ugri- 

Swazi -PiiJv'o 
Aniazulii ^IL^o 

»nji." T 1 i'-i^ I ^iS^- 
{i;^,^=&^o ilfc ;&>>'■ :g:^/rv 

■5 I S I 15 siiini/i a 1) g <J 

i^f^y >^m^±A^mm- 
> =e ^ 7 V X Cuni. Sune. 
Zibola 1- =6 2: ;r,^ 

Ugrians ^ — M?o 

It m 


w m - 


m >j'i A m ^ ^ 

Table of Races and Peoples arranged under 
the Political Divisions of the World 

^ L i> m 

t ^. n ^^^-^ -> IPf *^^ ii:*-^^ '^ bIS^I5^^^^ ^ '^ ;|i:fcl?i = r»i,W^^ 

^ -111 ) 

412 IW ^5^ 

?. ;i/ L'<*J ?)/ i}i:<bJffl-ii; '• 'I' '^ I ^^ i ft 15^ ^^1^; tits-' ^'J?<^ v^ t-' =t^ 

u r. -r -> I I i^ / -'iH:^- ^ -• ?) »/) ij i' ^^ = Ig ^< -^ ^ ^ ^ :J- V V ;'. ^ i'' 
•^ th\n 

S) ^ ^-^ (: -r ?: ^ 

ftt^l;o< (Aymak) *=i= L-fni'-I (Sistani) 

** ^^,;t)'X (Afghans) ** t: C I < (Tajik) 
** ;^>'-5^Jt, I (Kafir) (1 5' f, (Hazara) 

** *'2.Sj> (Galcha) ** It/:* t < Ll (Badaklisliis) 

** I I C>^"f'f:i- (Kohistaui) ** S^Z>V^ '■} (Purmuli) 


** fc b j: (Arabs) ** ;i9 H CA" t ( Wahabis) 

** 'nTo I l^^ (Bedouinsj 

(British India) 

ib *• (Akha) •:;:••:::■ i:>A.1: t Aj =^ > (Aiulaiua- 

** t>^>^} i: (Afridis) nese) 

ft|5.L< (Ahoni) « 5^^/:- (Weddas) 

ft is I o (Abor) •:•'•• ij^id/-^ (Oraon) 


i'( I /^ (Khakliiiii) ** /;■ 1 ty (Daidis) 
i)> I h (Kliasia) r:j,. b (Dafla) 

*=•= i'L//'J I (Kaslmiiri) •-" 1\^h (Tamils) 
** i>^ (Kachi) ?: Ui I ^<• (Talaing) 

i'^ft'J (Kachari) ^^h (Tipperali) 

i'Vl h (Kadir; B^(Clun) 

i'-5i' (Kakka) ^^<*lt•^ (Chingpaw) 

•■■' A'-^cfiJ I T (Canaresc) •■•'• o I i I (Tulii) 

■:••• i'lj ^ (Kharia) •■•• 'C 3 • C I (Telugu) 

A' I n^ (Karen) ••••• i I /:' I (T. .la) 

*•' I ;2) I (Garrow) ti*' (Naga) 

* i'^t' (Kaiidh) ? i*. : I II' i i?> (Nicobarese) 

< I ^ (Kuki) '•••■ ir/:*0' (Badaga) 
''=* <* L:j> ?) I ^I '.Giijarati) ••• |I■i:■^^ (Paniyan) 

< I ^ (Knnii) ItiB (Baltis) 

< ] ;E. < 1 (Kiirku) •--- 0^' I h (Bhil) 

* < I i I It (Kuriiba) G'^'o J; v- > (Burmese) 

< 1 a^ (Kurmi) ** 0^^t>■^ (Hindi) 
-•'■ < I ;?. I V\X (Knruml.a) Ji;b''i.» (Bgliai; 

•-• : 1 ^ ^ (Korwa) "- J^ I ^J-'f (Huniij) 

'••■ •" I ^ f (Gond) ** -5;^Cs>6^■| (Punjabi) 

•■••■ 3 5"% f. (Savara) ** '<^i)••^J (Bengali) 

••• S^r:3 (Santhal) ■•••• |i I (Ho) 

L3b^ (Shans) k\'-S^\ 'J (Manipiiri) 

** Cfc I i (Jilts) ••••• kh^^h"-) (Malaiali) 

** L< (Sikl.s) ** k\ f,r: (Mahratlas) 
••' Crt I h/-^<: (Juang) 3i I no (Maler) 

■=••■ L^i)''J I T (Si'iglialese) ith h (Mikir) 

*=•• l^Vl (-Sindi) i^^] (Miri) 

L I /s.-^ I (Sl.indn) •:••• VLH (Mimtla) 



C, \ i)' iL;irk:i) 
f>i'^^^<'f: (Kakhaingtha) 
f) C-5^ I i (Kajputs) 

ij tU^' I (r>iml)ii) 
^1 Lit" (Lushai) 

(Strait Settlements) 

^ I /:\« (Udai) 

:fj- 1 f)^<• CI «^<• (o- 

rang Gunung) 
■iJ \ hL C ^'W I h (< )rang 

i3- I ?)^C sn 1 '5P I (O- 

rang Malayu) 

fc 1 ?)^C f) -3 i 

§ ;b%^ (Sakai) 
Ci < ^ (Jakun) 
■tf 3; /C <* (Semang) 
-< L L (Besisi) 
i6 /v^ c b (Mentra) 


< I v^ (Kui) 
Lj,i'-::^ > (Siamese) 


t' 1 -f I S (Musur) 
f)fc-f (Laos) 


h\%\ h (Abor) 
ii;?. I'-f [fPM^rr] (Ordos) 
A)*Li*''J h ^ >i,Kasligarians) 
i)'t.f:/^^C 1 t (Kara-T:.n- 

i)>3*' (Khalka) (ffj:^j 
i)'i i,o \ (Kalmucks) 

L3f, < L'T, I (Sliakshn) 
L'^S.-y > (Cliinese) 

L 1 <^s,^ mm (^i-fan) 

-f I il-C [,] (Sunnites) 
^o < ir (Sok-pa) 
^ I i I />^ (Soyons) 
f:' 7 ij (Daurians) 



r:C'J < (Tagl.lik) 
^: ' ^Lh (Tanmchi) 
n « i CI i (Targuts) 
1\LK I t iTanguts) 
^J.i'4 [?^B&W] Chakar) 
^j,<|:" (Chuk-pa) 
'jS,tMf (Cham-pa) 
O I It (Tul)a) 
O'i I If (Dru-pa) 

IK i>'L'^5^] >llak-ka) 

-5: 1 A^i L*ilfe] ll'un-ti) 

-^•9 [ffiT-] (Miao-tse) 

li I < ^ 1 [«S^-g] (Ilok-lu) 

liot'll" (Bod-pa) 

li I h\i (Ilor-pa) 

i^L^ i:>>[«5A](Manchu) 

t 1 tif [|g^] (Mo-sso) 

^) 1 [^] (Li) 

7^\ h\ \.\%W[ (Lo-lo) 

^:)'5 5 ^ (Assuns) 
^JlJ^ (Arines) ^gj^? 
5'fc 1 <' I a (Voguls) 
JJ-f ^fe I < (Ostiaks) 
fc" -D y jr, (Olclia) 
fc/jolT (Oiokes) 




i)•-%o^i!^ (Orochons) 

i'L" yjr,/:* I ;E> (Kamchailales) 

^•ij^ I < (Giliaks) •* 

- ij ?3 1 < (Koriaks) 

r^ t>* (GoMi) 

? i -V i (Saniagirs) 

S I <- ';t'3 t* (Samoyedes) 
\hkj (Solons) 
^ili'd'o (Chapogirs) 
S ,„ 1 < ti (Chukchis) 
-Cn^ i (Teleuts) 

i:-y/:^ (Xigidals) 

i> 'J ^J I t (Buriats) 
Jti:3t,i C (Manyargs) 

V I < I i (Yakuts) 

'^ » >.' i (Yuit) 

'^ I i'-ya (Ynkaghirs) 
t> t'l i (Lanuits) 

-C T tf ^ C> • (Koreaiip) 





t z> z 

(Asiatic Turkey) 

** ?jf)J> (Arabs) ** i \ ZK (Kurds) 

** h i ^ \'~ S) i:> > (Armenians) ** O S I "f (Druses) 
i^ti^»; (Osnianli) <iP 1 2, I < (Yurnk) 

H tH 



^jl,»« (Ainu) • 


^r:v^^i [l*ffi#] (Atai- 

yal) • 


fe^f [NMH] (Amis) • 


b'isiOV (VoDum) * 


OfcVjtf/^ m^m- trnmi * 


■ojafc [NMUjII] (Tso-o) 
\'-?ii'AjV> (Japanese) 
(f^<'i9^ (Paiwau) 
a^^9> k [^li^] (Piiynma) 
^n [^Ji«] (Pepo) 
^^ [^MS#] (Yiuni) 

? ** C I i d--f (Gurkhas) 
-T I ^<9i (Sunwar) 


iiH^Z (Magar) 
^/>.<*ti'I (Rongbo) 

t;ti (Dhimal) 

^ ] fi A. 

^ I It" (Lhopa) 


W sn C /v r L /i: 
i French Indo-China^ 

t) A^'^S. V i^ i^ (Annaraese) Bs,L' (Cham) 

? ** i)'Vli h'h '>' > (Cambodians) I i > (Moi) 

< I (,' (Kui) 


*=5= J:) f,^^ (Arabs) |t $' f) (Hazara) 

** i'Cj,^ (Kajar) ** '<;?, Ls. -;> > (Persian>) 

** < I ZK i Kurds) ** ?>o< il-»ks) 

** f: C I < (Tajiks) ** 5 I iJ (Lnris) 

** li' I i ^Ji>^) iBakliliari) 

'^ /2> ■?> T /: ^ 


** r:l:i < Tajiks) ?** -5^bI 7 i-- I (lirahuis) 

*=*= 11';?) I SI" (Baluchis) 

(Russian Central Asia) 

■i-f'<-p< (Usbegs) :i <n^ (<5oklen) 

Jb'bi'o lf-9< rivarakalpaks) § I o i (Sartes) 

i»' b ^ ^ -y I T (Kara-Kir- 1: \ : I i^ (Turkomans) 

ghiz) ^* r.L\ { (Tajiks) 

** i=S !i6 (<'iil*-I':') -C^IT (Tekke) 

^i-y I -f i'-5''?< (Kirghiz- rj:l>i^ (Naiman) 

Kazaks) .t I f I i (Vo.nut^) 

418 m m 


iNfeJ^Hf -^ :/a^ :^ t^ ;g X ,w T- / ^^ ;4s;fW±^ >» fIB - -> ^ -^^ ^ JS ^^ ,> ^ 

-5f* i ! ^oHTSU/ 


• ShlK 

* 0^- L C * 


dr,ri (Agaii) 

** t, \ <:ix\ :y > (Tigritlaii 


5bM b 1 (Galla) 

H" 1 : 1 (Doko) 


5 1 li 1 (S..I10) 

** Itti (Base) 

** ?:-^J:->1 5 (Dnuiikil) ** -b>j, b Lj>-f (Falashas) 

* S -t? * 


** -pin-pt* ■?<(:(<> 5 (Uled ** ^ii ] L-§'j; (Belli :Mzal) 

Xail) ** ^;^^i (Berbers) 

** *»■/:' 1 t' (Gluulame) ** tM ;5 (Moors) 
** MX ^^6 (Kahylo) 


fl* ^ ^ I ^ G ^ r 
(Italian Somaliland) 

** ^ I Ji 'J I (S'luali) 

(.British Somalilandj 

** ^ 1 i ij 1 (So.i.ali) 

i>4 ^5 cf gr> * ^^ i)^ \^ m m 

(British Central Africa Protectorate) 

^^:' I i: (Angoni) Ji^i'^CJ, (Manganja) 

i^ m ^i % 3:, ^% *' 
(.British East African 

i'5i''.>/S/>^ t' I (Kavirondo) S I V^'-ip (Ltmibwa) 

i)M ^ I (Galla) -^:)i-flt ("Wakaniba) 

ii'b I I Cjs I (Karamojo) -b ^ < 1 '?> 1 (.Wakiknyu) 

-f i) L^ ij (Suuhili) -b C 'J J, i (Wagiryain.i) 

<5 I •> 1 (Dame) ^V-' (Wadigo) 

lt■i'^/:' (Baganda) -b^^j ("Watwa) 

11'^ \ i)* (Basoga) <9<J I i I J; (Wadiirnma) 

U'UJsI -^ I (Banyoio) i^X^'i: (Wateila) 

itV^t (Baliiina) <9i: I i' (Wanika) 

li'ij (Bali; t>li"i L CNVapukomo) 

i ?v- (Masai) t>[i' I 11 (Waboiii) 

i V (Madi) <9^ c.' I ^ I Is I (Wando- 

f,0 I i' (LaUika) robbo) 

f> I /.. :' 1 (Lango) 

420 m m 


** h I 11 1 ^>X- (Ababdeh) ** ^>^ f, I (Fellahs) 

** -3 > ilr>K ^J'J (V^cd All) ** k h^^ (Mattokki) 

** lJ>'-i. (Copts) 

(Egyptian Sudan) 

i:) I ir I i)' 1 (Abaka) lO I iX (Nnba) 

MXO^ L (Kababish) ** It I ^ I H (Baele) 

<^Cs>f) (Kunjara) ** iXoi)' h (Baggara) 

- ■ I /?) I (Ciolu) *=!= U 1 TX t' I fe (Hadendoa) 

Cjb^J ^ (J'-'lin) ** 11 I it 1 -^;- (Habab) 


** Li-J) 1 ('J^-'a' (Shukriyeli) i. I S (Fur) 

Ll^l vj I (Slmli) i> I /. C (Funj) 

Ci^ I 2. (Dyiir) ** -^^Jb (Beja) 

(, 1 ^ 1 < (Shillook) ** '^i: I Si)^Z (Beni Amer) 

** X 1 i'^b (Zogbawa) ** li I V bA.' (Homran) 
t,X;i)' (Dinka) liX :' > (Bongo) 

O \ k \ h (Tuniale) J^oO I (Mitlu) 

i:A, r 1 f) -3 (;> (Dongolawi) /?, I 2. (.Bol) 

r2 \ X.6 (Nner) 

** ? I li I (.Saho) 

** /;'-^j: -> I Z (Danakil) 

** ktl^:> (Marea) 


t n S) 



IX ti: (Base) 



r 1 T (Bogos) 



V bAy (Homran) 


is U /v I 5" 5, 1 - /) C 1 
Orange River Colony) 

36' * s I ^ 


1 fe f, (Dualla) [Xi: (Balta) 

lt*<ii^«J (Bakwiri) (r^ (Baya) 

IX < 1 />./:* (Bakini(la) |t^ I ^ t' t (Barondo) 

It's (Basa) j^/:f► (Mandara) 

ir ? i (Bassania) ^ I r I ^ (Logone) 

.\t U t' f X i) 
(Northern Nigeria) 

i«/? 1 ij (Kaniiii) II' I Zli (B;irba) 

jO I -^ (Xupe) ** Z^ i (Fulali) 
It 5 S (Ilaussa) -CT (Bede) 

It* I: (Bitta) i i'lj (^fakari) 

iXU^'i (Bubir) 

<fe ?l^ ^ 

(Gold Coast) 

fc^ f (Akiin) ^ LI,^ r. I (Aslianti) 

f)< hT lAcrn.s) -l>l,/v> ^S (Fanli) 




\f ] ^ :: 5 (- 1 

(Cape Colony) 

t) Ji < ^ 1 5 (Aniaxosa) 
ii k X t" -5^ I (Amatembu) 
t) k i>l>^ -' I (Amafingo) 
t> k (iX >: I (Amapondo) 
<• 'J < 3b (Griqiia) 
Z' \U <i, (t ionaqua) 

I ^ hU (Korana) 
Uk ih (Naiiiaqua) 
UltC/^'l (Hahabe) 
^CoL3:^ (Bn^Iiraan) 
'^Bt'ji 1 ^U (Bechuana) 
lt.'?'C^ tot (Hottentots) 

- ^ ::■ 


fc^i« (Akka) 
iilt'JC 1 fe (Ababua) 
fclt^i^i'l (Abarmbo) 
fcUV^^Clt (At)angba) 
fc^; I A'^ (Abukaya) 
fc I; 1 t,- (Aniadi) 
i)' l AjZ' \ (Kakongo) 
['-JoVi-hV (Nlatn-Niain) 
If < 1 O I (Bakulu) 
IX < 1 It' (Bakuba) 
It* < I L' I (Bakuiuu) 
It'lT'C (I5akete) 
It' : ^ :* I (Bakongo) 
lt':^C:fel (Bakonjo) 
It' L ?) /s. L:;t (Bashilange) 
Itt I ^ t' I (Basundo) 
It' ^ A^ »' I (Bassongo) 

1 ^ dj lil 
Free State) 

It ^ ^ r I ^<Z) \ (Bassongo- 

It' t.■^*' iBudinga) 
IX-^ip (Batwa) 
lt'(?l K 1 (Bapoto) 
|t'L>(f (Bainba) 
It'LU. 1 X (Bambute) 
\tV,l^ I \X (Bamluba) 
lt'^^ d (Bayai^si) 
It'vj (Bari) 
lt*^.^f:* (Balunda) 
It'/?) I ;?) I (Balolo) 
il^ri (Maigo) 
Ji h' (Madi) 
Jili'l X (Mabode) 
i t.Mf'J I (Mambare) 
t' I /■^<) 1 (Miindii) 


/) C (Mege) ^ ( jXi' (Wi.kwangti) 

iV,U\ iMomfu) ^; :■ I J^ (Wagoma) 

I /x/i; I -pO I (Monbnttii) <9 S t'u^" I (Wasanihi) 

i I 'J (Liiri) ^lJ^i)* (W:iringa) 

U^<> I (Lendu) ^5 I ft (Wania) 

/j-?;*! (Loggo) l:)^^' (Waregga) 
b '/i. I ?> (Waviia) 

t< ^ m ^ 

(Ivory Coast J 
C,,< (Jacks) 

■5 (i G y? lis 

(Sahara Desert) 

h-Ti)' \ h (Asgar) ** ti^;i (Tibhu) 

*=^ (,<t-;{)'oi.' (Imghad) ** Br% 1 ftU C (Tnang) 

** 5 I not" 'C'J t- (Ule.lDe- ** (t nVj: b ^ C (Iladanarang) 

liin) ** '<^-<5 (Uerbers) - 

** IT a i." I 7 i,> (Kel-owi) ** li 1 i)' l (Hogar) 
** /:'$' (Daza) 

L 1 A G 1 ij m: 1 
(Sierra Leone/ 

< I $-f (KiiHsas) LiL'hX^h\ (Shcrbro) 

< I e)^:l (Kiiranku) /)^Vl (Mendo) 
: 1 I (Kono) /j-? : I (Lokko) 


424 m i^ 

-t^ U ^' ^ 

■5fc/j^^ (Wolof) J.>^Z 1 ^* (Felup) 

** i I /J I t' I (Torodo) 3:^%'^:*l (Mandingo) 


( Tunis) 

** Mt'^'i (Kabyle) ** -<7j-<o (I'erbersj 

** { Z \ ^Z (Ivroninir) 

(German South-West Africa) 

iJ I yh^U > /5 I (Ovah'.- U k i h (X;'in:.quu) 

rero) (13 I*•'^ (Ilawkoiii) 

i?' J 5*?>tM?I (Ovauipo) !i-7'C^i':>i (TlxiUenlots) 
fU b (Damara) 

313 M ^. SB * ^ ;b> 
(German East Africa) 

•f hV"^) (Sualiili) io -Jv^Aj §" (Wavinza) 

(fC;^3i (Bahima) k^H'V \ (Wacngo) 

^ : ^'C (Makonde) loi)'h (Wakara) 



-b -> i•J^ I (Wakiuibu) 
t> {"kO I (Wagweno) 
|9 < 1 O I (Wakliutu) 
iP'-Uli^ (AVakerewe) 
^ r I r 1 (Wagogo) 
Jh ? *' b (AVasagara) 
<9 ? Lit* ?) (Wasambara) 
^ §' t> i I (Wazararao) 
49 Cs,*' (Wajagga) 
bCH (Wajiji) 
49 C I ^ t:?, (Wazinja) 
ibT I < I Jt (Wasukuma) 
49t£ Csj (Wasegua) 

49 f: b\- I :r: (Wataveita) 
-btyij :■ I (Wadirigu) 
490 I L (^Vatusi) 
-hlljbtM t.> t C I (Wanyam 

r* I : J, t' i s I ( Wany ambo) 
hb\-i, 1 t'll* ("\V;ihumba) 
49 t'i> I <• I ("Wambngul 
iPfb^} k (Wanierima) 
49^^C I (Wavanzi) 
49^ I i:)Aj1~ (Waniamla) 
49 o I ^ V (Warundi) 
kO/) I U OVarori) 

7. I -5x1 (Ewe) 


^ G ^ T 5* J. 1 Z> 


5 J, I ^.'<^i' (Vaalpens) ItVjoOx (Barotze) 

*f 49 1 C I (f^wazi) 

^ (i 2i f '< A ^' L" 

(Tripoli and Ben Ghazi) 

in-pf ItbO^' l^'lpJ ** -^i-^i (lierbers) 

426 m ii 

/j: /: 1 5 ^ »^' f ■ 1 S I ^*. /v e 
(Natal and Zululand) 

^:)l;T'l ^ ' (Aniaznlii) ^ i i ^*'' (Amatouga) 

(^ T 1 :: 1 G /v e 

(t'-f I t I Bisiito) 

f4& M ^' (: 
(French Guinea) 

** ,M f. (Fiilah) ^/wV/x.:"l (Mandii)go) 

ff ?_g 3 /v :;■ 1 

(French Congo) 

^:)L;hA.Z'\ (Ashaugo) il j^iM^ JbiM^^'ani-Niam) 

?j L ?) (Asliira) lt*;&'f,l^ (Bakalai) 

^£>^Xl: (Apingi) IfCtMI^^iteke) 

^^ Lfe I n (Ishogo) i^3b^C (Fan) 

ii I IsXr 1 (Obongo) ^ b'hV^ (Mavvimbe) 

if I ;?. 1 ^ <' I (Oriingn) V-<A.t' (Mbenga) 

3t)*'<?)i,» (Galloi) iMsX C;t (Mpongwe) 
< n C (Krej) 

m m m u h ^n o ^^ 

(French West Africa) 

** 7 Ul-pt: iiMI'o < (Uled-Embark) 



^ ' l'^lJ (Soninke) 
^^i)^- (Songhay) 
[XViX f) (Barabara) 

** i. I b (Fiilali) 
** J^ ?) < "X (Brakiia) 
i 1 (_ I (Mossi) 


it' i' bit 'J (Cakalahari) 
IK -j.f^i: (Bakwcna) 
IX6hl> I 2' I ^K (Baliurutse) 
If i^<•i, t I (r^aiiKingwato) 

II' ^ /J ^ <• iBaroloug) 
J^'-? L i />^ (Bushman) 
'^^.^1 t>U (Bechiiana) 
k^ it) (Massirua) 

iS m ^' C 
(Portuguese Guinea) 

•/; I o I (Nalu) 

€ «Ji S SK * ^^ i^ 
^Portuguese West Africa) 

iiVli'th (Anit.oelki) 
**^4f ?> (Gan<,'uella) 
•^ S 3i (Kissama) 
^t'lt^'C' (Quiuibande) 
TXIi" ' (Dembo) 
It L Vlt (Bashimba) 
ltL^C;t (Bashinge) 
IX^^-I 1 1 '-a ■Mongol 

ItG"-^ (Babilie) 

|t/«.i*f) (Eangah.) 

CA"'N0 1 (Bilieno) 

t' L : ^ - I (Muj^hikongo) 

f-T 1 /J I />^- I (,Mii--n- 

»J It » ;!» I (LiboUo) 
i I SiT (Lucliazes) 




«j ^n >!• ^i: i> .J^ >b' 

(Portuguese East Africa) 

lltf/v^i' (Basenga) 
lltCA'iJ (Bamhiri) 
llX^t^ (Banyai) 
k b\-{i (Maviha) 
i iS. Vlt (Miigwaiiiba) 

i < I ^ (Mukiia) 
i : 1 ^ I ;?) 1 (Makololo) 
^^*'^L!^> (Manganj;i) 
ibt^i I (AVaiyau) 

* 5*'f) $'5. (Sakalava) 

* LI14"*' (^iHanaka) 

* r: l^ ? *' (Taisaka) 

* :r:i'-5>3r, L (Taifasy) 

* :f : (. ^ I I ^ I (Taimoro) 

* rJi^ (Tanara) 

* •f:0 I L I (Tanosy) 

* * 'x S '< 5 (Berbers) 
** t" I ^ (Moors) 

^ f: *^ T ii^ 



) • 

?;^;i)%^ (Tankay) 


■f : ^ *■ t) t£ (Tankarana) 


■f:^i^/?>l^ (Tandroy) 


-< i L^ § f> *' (Betsimi 




'^i LiLfc' (Betsileo) 


a\ 5's> (Hova) 

t 6oZ 


** iJi>'.^^jA (Rifians) 

r§ /<j: C' t';t * 
(Southern Nigeria) 

I' I O'i, I (Idzo) 

i I : I (Moko) 


c. Z: \ r I^ ^ ii ^ ^ ii 
(Lagos and Yorubaj 

i I o I It (Yoruba) 

t) a -Q i5 5 
(Rio de Oro) 

** -5 1 not' X^}V (Uled- ** i\iXoi:^>l tL<X (Ulde 
Deliiu) bu Seba) 


5-5,1,' (Vei) It's iBasa) 

< -6 I (Kru) 

5 1 -C' L ?) 


It' Lw. I < I o 1 Ci^x: (Ba- J; i' b ii*' (Makalaka) 

shukulumbwe) ^ Li,-^X (Mashoua) 

It* i I i' (Batoka) if:-^ I o (Matabele) 

It' 6^' 5 (Babisa) J; i: ;&' (Manika) 

If /SoO^ (Barotse) 

^ f; ts U ^' ^) -a^ I 2i fc' ;{)' ti V 
(Wadai, Bagirmi, and Kanem) 

i-nt'-^^l (Kanenibii; J>^ \ h b (Hnlala) 

ir^'i^l (Bagi,irmi) i I If » (Maba) 

** ^^ 1 ?> iFulah) 

430 B i% 

m At i> ^ <o i^^ m 

(North and South America) 

>'sfiii^3 'J jjJc'V-i^^'^^Bv K=E;t=?iS^ji7^ ;^^IS<!rr^M^> ^"^' 

;lb ^ * 5b^ Jfll 

2) i^ t) i)^ -g- ^ gl 
(United States of America) 

fct^ijM (9 (Iowa) 5 tC ?>T A'^ (Unalaskan) 

«b Lfe I S I <6^ (A.sliocliimi) ^-f ^ ^ I (Eskimo) 

^j/:*^T (Adaes) ii I i-U-b\L (Okanagan) 

^J-5 Ll-lsi'Vx^ (Assiniboin) if I -ti I C (Osage) 

^jXU (Ahtena) iJt.ip (Ottawa) 

fclfo^^.! (Apaclies) iJ \ i I (Otoe) 

h h Ifli I (Arapaho) jy 1 fi (, ^ /; (Oneida) 

^'J I It 1 V 1 (Alibaniu) fc I cr)A,1i¥ (Onondaga) 

h ij t-)) I i (Aleut) tJ I J-. il (Omalia) , 

l^ij0l^ (Illinois) i'V^iJl -b (Kiowa) 

^^^^ <3si'^ (Iroquois) ;{). i ^^ | (Caddo) 

Ti/^n-^l -1 (Winnebago) i> i l (f ^Catawba) 

iv^V^ULh (Wihiuasht) ;&. f,,i; i -^ (Calapooya) 

•5 i/^/v.'O I /x^ (Wintoon) i>^ § (Kansa) 

•5 fe-? ^ ^ (Woccon) < JblJ I (Qtiapaw) 

•5 ^X I : I r: I -^.i: I (Unaklio- < 5/^ (Kutchin) 

t:iiia) ^ , X n I (Kootenai) 



< I ^Uli/u iKulanupan) 

< b i t (Khimatli) 

< ^ I (Crows) 

m 'SP I *' (Cayuga) 
: I 3; ^ ^ 1 (Cumanclie) 
^!t-5>^^ (f^ahaplin) 
L 1 fc (Sia) 
Lh^'i-t^ (Cheyenne) 
Ljs I Lji I i: (Shoshoni) 
Li I 1- I (Shawnee) 
■f I I - 1^ I (Zuni) 
tfilA' (S.neca) 
tf 1 ij L (Salish) 
•tf ^0 I S (Semmole) 
^ 1 < (Sac) 
/:': I 1: (Dakota) 
■f; I -b ' a)' I I* 1 (Tawacani) 
h'i. Cx I l-fe I (DIegiieno) 
^^'?> ' ^ 1 (Clieroki) 
^ js < i I (Clioctiiw) 
tji)'^ \ (Chickasaw) 
B '2-5 ^ (Chinook) 
Sill I i. L (Chiiniash) 
O't i)'/:> \ h (Tiiscarora) 
-C i^ (Teton) 
T b 9 ;c ^J I (Delaware) 

ii: i i)' (Tonika) 

i^J^^'5 t (Tlinkil) 

i ^ 1 |9 (Tolowa) 

t^;&'■ix.l (Tonka ways) 
fi: 5*s>li I (Navajo) 

■^i: VI LfcTi'] I (Nadiisha- 

|l^:Ji-9< (Nipnuic) 
(f (,»'}> > i (Paiute) 
ItOo ( (Kannock) 
II' I If I r I (Papago) 
C/M /:* I Os, (Hidatsa) 
CA I Ji (Pima) 
-?:-<.i^-?) I (Pueblos) 
^^i.-? < t (Fox) 
,\. 1 (f I (Iloopah) 
-5; I "^hoJ^ (Puyallup) 
J^f)'P< -5^1.^ 1 i (Blackfeet) 
Ii7:<9 t*^/ (Pottawalomi) 
I? 1 i: I (Pawnee) 

5; 'J I J I ? (Mariposa) 

kUiA. (MMKJan) 

Ji^|t/:^ (M:uihattan) 
^ I 1 ..-5 < (Miwc.k) 
<^-f I ij (Mis^ourl) 
;b-ll I f: 'J (Minnelari) 

t'-f : I ^ I (Mnskoki) 

i^O^ll I (Menonicni) 

I I II 'jx. I (Mohave) 

•^ijl i (Yakaaia) 

"^ : I /vy (Yakon) 

V I ?; (Yana) 

-^ I i I L I (Y.iuiiuiee) 

»}» I i' (Yuka) 

i;» I f: I lUtah) 

4^ 1 r, 1 (Cdiee) 




»P I Jt (Yiiinii) 
'9> I ^-p < (Kwroc) 
*?^'^^^t''? i (Wyandot) 
lOK^ h -> (Wailukki) 

l0\ ii'l (Wakash) 

-b 1 Ls, f ^1 (Washaki) 

t> I f) I ll\^ (Iliialapai) 

-b I b ^9 I f, (Walla Walla) 

t^ U fz 

^^o LI- Is ''•^ (Assiniboin) 

J) i r; (Atnah) 

^^^U b > (Abnaki) 

h h I'A. b ^ (Algonquia) 

7^-f ^ ij I (Eskimo) 

i)- 1 i}'Ui>'Aj (Okanagan) 

< ti^ (Kutchin) 

< I "C n I (Kootenai) 

< ij I (Cree) 

< 'b^ -3 lo;5 (Kwakintl) 
f ; 1 < ij (TacuUi) 
■f:.<.Oj, I ,M i (Tantsa- 

^o^b (Chippewa) 

S^•3L.^^ (Chipewyan) 
^ t" L ^ ^Aj (Tsimshian) 
foCg^J^-f (Dog-ribs) 
U ^ -f i' (Nasqa) 
iQ\ hi)' (Nootka) 
llv'/; (Hai(la) 
ll 1 I'iOjf.^A (Haeltziik) 
'^^X N ( (Pennacook) 
^^ < i < (MikraMk) 
i 1 II I < (Molu.wk) 
(,^■f:|:;tl (Montagnais) 
l^'f:l-^I .Montagnais) 
i I S'.^ I (Louchenx) 
|9 1 i'L (Wakas!.) 

X I Ij I "T (Zoques) 



IT ^ I I (Eskimo) 



(Costa Rica) 

<*3r,0 » ^ I (GlKltUSOs) 

^ -5 5* s, r- S 

D^ I C/^' 1 ;?) t (Pipiles) 

T I i;r (Ulva) 


i"f ^ I i I (Mo-quito) 

(: i^ 1 ^> s> ^ ^ r G /v r ( b-5; f> t' ;& ^ ^ ^ ) 
' Newfoundland) 

t-r ^ i. I (Eskimo) (f>j;f, t"^) 

<5() ^ L C 

feT'Co < (Aztecs) 
if I h \ ^ \ (Otoiuis) 
iJ I Ifr: (Opata) 
* I S I ^ I (Cocliiti) 
e'i''C 1 ii''t (Zaciitecas) 
$'|? I 'C I I I "f (Zapotccos) 
t£ I ij I (Seri) 
X I Ij" I -f (Zoques) 

f; bT ^ 1 (Tarascos) 
^j,(fn< (Chapanecs) 
^j.- I ^r:nT (Chontules) 
t I t I ^X < "f (Totonacs) 
■/j: I |P I "T (Nalmas) 
11" 1 /) I (Parnes) 
{/ I i I Pima) 
'<! ij I < I (P.ric") 


i(,«^) (Mayas) ^ I -f 'C I < t (Miztecs) 

Ji i f, o l: 1 ^i• (Matlal- ^> I (I I (Mixes) 

tzincas) t* I T 'C < T (Iluastecs) 

1^1 * * i' M 


ftCA'II I i: 1 "f- (Abipones) ^: 1 1 I ^ ti;t I (Puelclies) 

^3^ 1 < 1 ^ I 4- (Alikulufs) i.ft 1 C^J^ (Fuegians) 

i 1 (t I (Tobas) J|:**?,i''*3" • (Mataguayos) 

{•X1: :' I i:^ V > (Patagonl- ^ -f : : 11" (Matakos) 

ans) i 1 : 1 0'^' I (Mocobis) 

-S: I 7^ i ^= ^;c '. (Piielches) C>^lj• ! ^L I (Raiiqneles) 


i•|'j-?-5^ (Cailbs) < I i^Xri t (Cumaiia- 
<'S>^3'J I |J I "f (Gnahaii- gotos) 

bos) ^ 1 I 1 'C I (Timotes) 

Csb^^iH 'J 1 T (Guai- ^\,>S.\i-L\-t (Maipures) 

queris) i 1 n 1 L ' T (Macusis) 
Cs, b 9 I I (Giiaraimos) 

5i M ^' ?j /<$: 
(British Guiana) 

ij i I f) I,* (Atorai) ^ b fco ^ "f (Arawaks) 



7L < * r 5 

$' I If I ;^ 1 1" (Zaparos) 
O- \ 5"5> I -o I i" (Jivaros) 

0^" 1 ij- I '^ I t (I'lojes) 

z h i' xy h 


i- I n I li ' n 1 -T (Orejo- 

i' 1 ^ i^- \ T (Catios) 
*''J xis > "^XT (Carijonas) 
CfclM li' I -f (Guahibos) 
;" I ^ j G^ I b (Goajiras) 
i 1 n <'3^ C;<:"t (Corregua- 

i> 1 


t)'t'.i)'^<^'f (Atacanienos) 
J)^ 1 m I'-*)/-/ (Arau- 

■5 I. I 'J '.^ I 9^1 (Iluilli- 



^fe I : > i" (Chocos) 
^ I J^Sj, (Chibchas) 
If 1 1 1 1" (Paes) 
Ifl- I ^ 1 f". (Paniquitas) 
If I If ^ ' fe (Barbacoas) 
If /x.-f: r 1 ^ I (Pantagoros) 
l;i: I 5's,1' (Manivas) 
ip \ 7 1 '^ I -f (Uaupcs) 

^3b^-' (Changes) 
^fe I I T (Chonos) 
C;'>" s I />^ S X ' (Picimches) 
i'i») 1 Lfc/v/ (Fucgians) 
'^tl T;t' ^^x. I (Pcbuen- 


Ifv^^D Cfc-f (I'ayaguas) 

436 Fit ii 

^ m ^' S) tsi 

(French Gmana) 

#j< G u ^ 


^It'l ?)l^ (Apalais) O I CA° I (Tupi) 

^CAsbi'i" (Apjacas) It I ;^j' I i M 'j I (Baccahi- 

i' f) i^ sb "T (Carayas) ris) 

i'lj ] J,: \ ti (Caripunas) (ti'it (Pacajas) 

<*?,i''^J^j:"f (Guayaiias) it V i. ^) 1 (Pammarys) 

<*S,t"t)^j:"f (Guayanas) (f U I L 1 "f (Parexis) 

Cii/^ < I 2) I f (Guaycu- -5: I ij I (Purys) 

riis) -5: I i I ^: I ;t> I t (Puru- 

II ^ I ?30' I "f (Coroados) piirus) 

Ls, I 5' 5, 1 ^-C■f(Chavantes) Is I i i < I i' I iButocudos) 

Ch < I ^/:• (Jacundas) li' I -?> I -5 I 1" (Bororos) 

Ct^ 1 ij I -f (Juris) i ij I ^fj;t (Marianas) 

•f I V (Suya) tM f, I (Muras) 

t£*;c I t (Gez) L- I ^ i:' -?. I p (Mun- 

?^lf ffe I "T I "f (Tapajosos) drucus) 

:/■; I ^: I -^ (Tapuyas) -^ I ib I '^ I 'J 1 (Yaua- 

53i> 1 l^^'C I "f (Cliarentes) perys) 

'^ S 1 


^v^i ?> (Aymaras) i,> | ^ ^'^^ (Omaguas) 

tM 6'^' I i 1 -f (Hibitos) i> L I li* I t (Cashibos) 



<-J I ^iD I Sj ( 
: I i: I il I -f (Conil.os) 
L I J^" I li' I "T (.^Iiipibos) 
SI < I "^i I T (Ticiinas) 
!>'.» I /. Sfc I (CMiundios) 
CA* I o I "f (Pirros) 
^; I -> I ii (Piiqiiinas) 

k^'U-t (Maynas) 

5; ». I o I ^iiT (Mayorunas) 

^1 b I ^i: (Miranhas) 

I I S ! -;^ I il-t (Motilones) 

b<h--Ti:-J' (Lumistas) 

«Jj,»6i3'-f (Llameos) 

■^1 <'j. I (Yaguas) 

(Bolivia > 

^3 If" * b (.Aymaras) 
*• I 5 1.' I a I "t" (Caviiias) 
<•?>?> i I (Giiarayos) 
■f: I i' I ^i I i" (Tacanas) 
S I ^ I i I (Chiquitos) 

If i'i)*s, ?) (Pacagiiaras) 

JL r: : 1 -r (Matakos) 

t I 0^" I i (Moliiiuas) 

t I it 1 f (M"xos) 

(^1 ^ 1 i> I |l I (Yuracares) 

iJ -e h C * J« 
( Oceania) 

i; I «• tj i ! R 

438 m i'k 


(British North Borneo, Sarawak, and Brunei) 

i3'1 ^^C hih (Orang 0^'S^t (Bisayas) 

Laiil) CA*'.*I "^i/xy (Piinan) 

i•/:^^^^ (Kadayau) ^ f)^j: 3 (-Milanau) 
i'e)6'^''pi (Kalabit) V ^ h \ t (Murnt) 

Ll H^^ho^ (Sea Dyak) e,^i' t:^-i:>r>{ (Land 

O 1 § ^ (Diisun) Dyak) 

C s> 5 i-» ^ ^' 1 e. (Ji- ^ t' 5 t' (5 < ^ tS ^ 
(Java, Madura, Bali, and Lombok Island) 

? ?^< (Sassak) tl' W i:^ > (Baliuese) 

S^/:*l: 1 T (Sundanese) 3;0 1 ?> i> > (Madurese) 

Ch'Jh'^ > (Javanese) 

T ^ ^ S 

< 1 

il 1 "f- (Achiuese) 
i: 1 (Kubu) 
■■J /^ 5 (Korinchi) 

iXC (Lampong) 
; I (Lubn) 
^<• (Bejaug) 

^ n '^ T Si 




j;^' (Bugi) 

kH'-^t 1 (Macassar) 


j^ i^ o 6^ /v n a 

(Philippine Islands) 

iy^^n (Ao'.ii) t: C.tJO I ?D (TagJ.anua.s) 

?:)lfv^fci3"T (Apayuus) TiA.-Vl ^)^ (Tinguianes) 

>.^V<^-5i (Igorrotes) O' I ^)^i^il-f (Dulanganes) 

t-^C/^'f)i>-f (Ibilaos) (I*tMT^:'|-^■ (Pampangos) 

t,'-M i^*fc-f (Ifugaos) [tAjH^lUA, (Pangasinans) 

l^ ij S, I <?) I "f (Illanns) G" » I o (Bicol) 

i-yS I A'O-f (Ilocanos) CA' 5 -Vt (Bisayas) 

l^^^:'-7i (Ilongotes) CA' ?> I H-f (Bilanes) 

*')!)S^^3^ (Cagayaiies) jn -> fO I ^ (Biikidiioiies) 

<•^"?3^*'■f (Guiangas) a;"?) I It I (Manobos) 

-t I lt*0 I t (Sub-.inos) i^<•J>^3t)M^iang«^»»iJ:»s) 

rr^b'-^'J > (Tagabelies) |t ^ <'i,^^ni' (Manguianes) 

r-.y*';?, (Tagals) I \ /:> \ -f (Moros) 

aa ?H u s u ii 

(Dutch Borneo) 

iJ \ b/LC b •? i (Orang Ll /:*>''*)'?< (Sea Dyak) 

Laut) ^1-^1 /:\'^:)'?< (Maloh 

i;'^^ (Kayan) Dyak) 

( Melanesia) 

% ^fl (r rt. I :^' U 
(British New Guinea) 

ljn-5' I "10 I iKtrtpimi; /: I ^) ii I I fI>ariaiuo) 

440 Fft i^ - 

O I if vj (Tugeri) t I O I i \ O \ (Motu- 

If-J; 1 ?J^ (Papuans) Molu) 

m ^s (r r*. 1 ^' (r 

(German New Guinea) 
{iS> I ^J^ (Papuan?) 

{- 1* 1 5b' n e 1 (- * ^ 

(New Caledonia) 

11^ I i)'^ t' I i: fe v- • (N>w Caledonians) 

(New Hebrides) 
I - 1% I -^ -i; !■) o t' v> > (New Hebrideans) 

^ L^ C 1 IS ^ 
(Fiji Island) 

^.i,>C I V V (Fijians) 

M m ir i^ 1 #' it 

(Dutch New Guinea) 

ll'i: I fc/x. (Papuans) 


^ h cb W ^ 
(Samoa Islands) 

? I ^3 '-^ > (Samoar.s) 


i /v ^' ufi .(i 

(Tonga Islands) 

i ^:i>*' V' > (Tongans) 

Col l; 1 G /v i' 

(New Zealand) 

Ji i,' I ij (^[aor^s) 

(i <9 (<» iiS a 
(Hawaiian Islands) 

II <9l' V' > (Hiiwaiians 

^ 1 tt 1 ;5 T ff?f a 
(Marquesas Islands) 

Ji I 'J I ?"f v> > (MarqiiesaiT^) 

:fc 1 T ^' GO* 

5\^ < ^ * 

S'i,- CfclXi I s (Wotjo- (Wiininj.'iri-l.aliik) 

baluk) \lh\Xo\ < (Nira-baUik) 



<; c /o T (^ A. i- 


•3 1 i I i> I b ( Wiiriibura) 
i' I 2. I ^,5^ I ?> (Knnin- 

< t O I JC I b (Kutubura) 
T: S 1 tVx^i^ 1 b (Taruin- 


f; 2. I a; I b (Tarubura) 
t' 1 ^ I i^ 1 ?> (Dorobura) 
t-ti' ?)i> I ?> (Mutherabura) 
-btTi-5;i ?) (Wakelbura) 
Ji9 ^-1-" ' ^ (Warabura) 
-b ?)^J> I ^ (Waranbura) 
i9^■o■ I «5; I f) (Waiidubura) 

(New South Wales) 

■') is \ hh^' (Wollaroi] 

■^1 ^ -^ I I (Yaako-Yaako) 

I is ] T :: G i; * 
(South Australia) 

^jiQ I b (Anula) 

hbl'^:> (Allaua) 

hh 1 ^f: (Arunta) 

l ^ 4 CA' I ?> (Ilpirra) 

9 ^.^'J^<' 1 b (Wilingura) 

-) t) I ^ *'(r^ft (Worgaia) 

^fe^*'^<* I ?> > (Won- 

1 LMti^fc (Umbaia) 
•3 I ?)-5> I ,</tj: (Urabunna) 
-3 I ^ i ?> (Wiilmala) 

■ji* bk) (Karawa) 

^^:b^•lJ (Chingali) 

U I 'J l-t"'J (Narrinyeri) 

G^■^r 1 AjlliL (Pingongina) 

O^XO^X*'* (Binbinga) 

i 1 f> J (Mara) 

iO\ i'l' (Waagai) 

iO \ bV \ Ajti^ (Warra- 

iOhit^) (Walpari) 


(Europe > 

(Great Britain and Ireland) 

fc t ^ ij -5 L (Irish) t : o ti (Scotch) 

I Vx. <• f) ^ J:" i:> > (English) Ji ^ < -f (Manx) 

3 ;t 1 3 1 -::> i^ (Welsh) 

I' ?: 1 
t Italy) 

t> 5 llfi: ^3 1/ > (Albanians) i'"?: b/>^ (Calalanes) 

(/^/:'J 1 '^ > (Italians) 

ii 1 T ^ * U ^ *' 1 
( Austria-Hungary ) 

< -iS 1 fc-5 i (Croats) \i-T\-i)'^> (Bosnians) 

't^\ b'hi (Slovaks) (j-I 3 (Poles) 

-f;?) I ^'o » ^ (Slovenes) * I Ci-^J (Mogyars) 
ti--. <-f (Czecks) I a b < (Morlaks) 

444 W a 

/:*-3 ti (Diilcli) ^. ij I -^^ t) />^ K '^ > (Frisians) 

^'0 ts. 

-yij L ?,=.:>> (Greeks) 


•f 9 t,^T (Swiss) 

-f 3 u^ 1 t:' ^ 

■f -3 li- I T/x.v>> (Swedes) =:= f,-,^: (Lapps) 

T '^ 4' ^ 


*'?: f) ^ (Catalanes) ItT < (Basques) 

"f '^('■'A/ i^" • (Spaniards) , 

^ S 9 1-^?) 


5 I ^'. (Serbs) 

"C' I /w (Danes) 




T ^^ i' (Wends) j.ij I f t>/>. t' v> >(Frisians) 

^' ;■.<)-:;>• (Germans) -5;,^L^jv''> (Prussians) 

it 0% ^) ^i -y > (Bavarians) (J I Z (Poles) 

Z & Z 
(European Turkey) 

i^Z[Xr-i:>V> (Albanians) * iJ-fl; ^ 'J (Osmanli) 
1 & 1 ^ ] 

O I o -5 ;i ' --> > (Norwegians) 


•? Jso I ^ (Wallons) i. f)/,.*?" -:> • (French) 

*M t 1 ^ (Gascon) ^^^ i A. (Bretons) 

(t'-f < (, Basques) 

? j; ;?) *•' ij h -J> > (Bulgarians) 

■')UZ I /v (Wallons) i^in.^Aj<: (Flemings) 




(is i> W) 1 *' 5 


( ? J ^ rt) « *' ^ --^ > (Portuguese) 

i ^ t ^ <•• 5 

{, ^'C il C-^ -::> > (Montenegrins) 

5 1 * 1 (: * 

^ I »6 I |1 ?J v> > (IJuraanians) 

5 t * 


hJ,'-i)' Lh •y' > (Abkhasians) 
I ^ t i6 "■) Lh '-^ > (Imeritians) 
S'fe 1 S fc I < (Votiaks) 
i.o ^ |1 fe v' > (Ethonians) 
ia'^Cto i (Ossetians) 
MX I i.' (Kabardians) 
i'^ J;-? < (Kalmucks) 
;&'n 1 ij 1 fc £> > (Karelians) 
^ S -y I f ■**§*-? < (Kirghiz- 

< I t' 1 < (Kumuks) 
U'S'I" I Z (Khevsurs) 
5 1 i)^Lh-y'> (Circassians) 

2 I t'x-5 if (Samoyedes) 
Cfe ;S C: i) -:? • (Georgians) 
L ?>l-^^ (Siranians) 
^ n ^ L«b vJ'V (White Rus- 
sians) , 
-f -bil Ls^ (Swanetians) 
■^1/ ^ L i) ?> > (Little Eus- 

?M -?) L^J i^> (Great Rus- 
5 ^-p B ^/O (Chechens) 
5^<1'^'f (Cheremiss) 
"5 1-5) I S'sb-^ L (Chuvashes) 



O 1 i)'"(,» (Xogaib) 
It L ^ ^ (Bashkirs) 
(i I <^fc^ (Perniians) 
■i-^/Li (Finns) 
I? I 3 (Poles) 

<^^<•0 1 'J ^ V > (Ming- 

(. S t'v\^^ (Mordvins) 

t,o-5: (Lapps) 

»J Lid > ^ I i:?:) V > il.itlm- 

UT l:*^^ (Le^ghians) 

n^i (r^tts) 

illi f; ^- ^I 

i)'j< ir.h -lis 

fc^.iM-.-f-f:/.. -il- 


^^/L^'c Ui=^ 


v.|;;J 1 . • . . . 

0^5ft ^ I I: 'J b /v, c 
b\< h'}h • . • 




^^x 1 ^ij t.^i' • • • • 

^?fl4ijj[:fci>'; i' . • • • . 

^mi'-rti -yi: 



;LC^> t 

1 C^: i -f 1 /:' > ^ • • . 

7^') htlh 





*•*;& I ^ 

-> I 7 5. • 

421 > 








4b^j:v«C;cM^j -121 

-yij Lj, 444 

ikmr^ -i^i 

Cft-C 3i f) -132 

<^^^f b^t' 442 

5\>fe^M.3 . . 43i, 435, 437 

<*ij I />.b/x.i:" 432 

JT I -5; :/?)i: I 422 

: I ;0'S-r» ^ Lfc-:^I.a . 446 

:t?; ij I i' ...... 433 

t'L^j:^I.a 417 

M.3 421 

-r I /: I />.^aa .... 420 

l^Va^S^ 435 

:/x.:- 1 ^mm 422 

^^^m'f^ 423 

SIIbvi>iS 423 

? ihmii 440 

S hipoi 438 

"$ i -fhii ^ 433 

ChVT, • . 438 

Ut' 414 

L I 1 ?) iJ I iJ I i: I . . 423 

^3 414 

L-^iJ ^) 415 

"T •} 1.^-50 5 444 

■t -5 i-> I T'/v. . . . • . . . 444 

-r^^^A. 444 

■T k h b 4:]8 

T I ^ I ?) /n. t' 4->6 

^hhl:h^ h h : ^jla . • 41G 

M\Wh 424 

-f I 

■cC /E) 5>\>fe 


?;li I ^ t 

/:' 1 ^ ^ H a 

5ga» ^flP^£a 

SiD I r--r 

s I 'J . . • 


-CI b T' 5 -5^^ 1 ri . ^ i 

a 434, 

'C'^I; o < 


f^M®i^^^)^>iJi' .... 
3w®#:a5^ii>iJ ;&' 

wA\'-\'!> 1 -yi- 

i I r I ^ ^ t" 

i f)^-f 5?. I ;s 


i 2. : 416, 


^j: r: I ^ 




ii* I ;&'nt' I I". ^3^ . . . 
-W)i § T T 9^ I -ST . . 
:w)i C I fl^t' 

- 1> 1 i^* 9 /O t' ^ /C t* . • 
-■.1.1 '^i^lJot'lSa . . . 

WCA'^» IC-j: i -f 1 /:' I ^ 

ni? 1 a 












irt 1 i I b.Lc •»-'■' 

Iff: V I r-^J»?3o Cx/^'i I 

■^JI^ILa -l-;-! 

lib <*0«^ -i^'j 

11' 'J -l^w 

iic)i'isa ^-Ji 

i^L^ CI SS^ 440 

^^L^'J-7 0^Xff-S -l-i' 

.i;i T:^ -11^ 

m^^'^h-LU -11" 

mm-y^^i -i-^ 

m^i'r- -^-^ 

l^^fi : ^ :• •' -^-^ 

mmn^'^i^'i^') ii' -I-'' 

j4 f, c ^ 4;5« 

i.f,^-f -i-i-j 

n>i.3 4-^ 

j; o i' 'J fc • . • 4-l.j 

j; S 1 -:^j: t ' -i'-'^ 

-^Bi^i ^j^j: ?>^i' • • • • -1-" 

'^a I -i^r, 

-^2. L?> ■»!" 

-<iCjbL* ........ 445 

-<i s-f r:^ 417 

'<^i)•c 4-jo 

li'i^f) 417 

it 'J v\>h • • • 4:i7 

iffiSn?9fHI^J^-^Ji>* 4J7 

«Sfl>l'UiU3.:.^Ji- 42S 

«Sflyi: 427 

US ^i»l i'i 44»5 

i K) I 3-r,ifia 441 

k1:i>''-ri)'Z 428 

io I b 4:j.s 

V^^^ 414 

*^-,: 428 

mm. ^flu^ii-^' 414 

\^^j \ -r h h ') ii 442 

i^^Xv^Cx'J^J 428 

>h^ LI 4:53 

m^^ ^6P^jia 414 

i-f-.C-=3 428 

(./^o:. */:)o:-Ip1:' • • 428 

(,^■CilCo 440 

i S I li' 429 

f, :- 1 -r 429 

b-5^f) i.'o 433 

BBSfii'-rtl -Ji- 'i-**^ 

BSisaissai^' 439 

iji- T i'/^> 429 

vJ-^-.jij 429 

:b \ ih \ r.h 446 

Zlh 446 

;^.-C-L^3 429 

;?,t'ii< 438 

7^m^P%iji:f^ ^^^ 

r:»/;»" ^-' 

W m i: 


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K m H 


IS ^ A n ^ m ^I 

Index of Nuraes of Races and Peoples written in Icana 

So '<• 


is- I , i I O 1 11* f ^3. 

ii I o ' 


0» /^K-JQ^ILa • • • 

0^ \ ^) hx> > 


i b 

i 1 ;»)» Is I M ; 1 

1 ^1.3 


S» a^o t ^ jla • • 

^ b ^ t' V > » ft *- ' o L 










3, 1 O 




h I 





-.1' 13 

Llt\ oi)'Vit=)-n.^ ■ 378 


£3 -"9 

t' 1:5 

s,» if I i Ct-^^a • • '-^""' 

1: 1 /J^tD^, I I li I 

^jL^ -'-11 

it'ir^o^ iirt.'o T^I.a. 170 

1 Ji» liXr I 9-J13 . 70 

?.-f ■> 

1 'J 

1 i»•^^Aa -'-^^ 

(^i> =" 

ii"-r*v>^ -J-* 

I Is I =•- 

( *r,o ) 



t!k ^ 

i:>7/^X\\'.-i>V\'-i,V^n.^' 2G2 

*Jl3 277 

i^il-.b. ^^'i I ^jL3- • 378 

^jLj>/v.ri 32 

*3 L*^ ^ I 32 

ft Lfel ^ I ^> 32 

ftLf, 32 

fttfci'io< » ^ I r-/>.iT^ 

{^3 327 

fct;bM ;?. 32 

^3 275 

ftt-'C-p< 39 

ftt£*^J 1» 'c I |:^a^I.^• 327 

ftf: 33 

fty:i(^^^) 34 

ft/: it- 6 

ftni'lf*' 35 

ft-f:i'^0-f 34 

ftr:'^. /:*^<(:-> i ^^JL^ • m 

ft I r:2>» ''Sp 1 ^'-ys ^^3. 402 

ft Voif» 2 ' i'Lft i^>^^ 

^3 98 

ft^i: I t- 6 

a 349 

ft ^^^/:;E)^<.|:^*l i ?> 

;?. n I U~^^^a . . . 2G0 

ft-?;^' 13 

ft-35 t'-:> >» ftltt^^lla . 10 

ft-?S/x. 32 

ftoLl:ii■^^^ 33 

ft'^B^» ftlii: I t'^^a • 6 

ft-, t's '^'p t\ i^o^i: I 

^JL3 235 

ft-p,^^,<. ft-ji'^JLa . • • 13 

^XU 11 

fti^^j: 35 

ft J: I f) I. ^ 35 

ftW I f, 26 

ft*:) I ^<^ ;s I '-^-xL^^a . 212 

ftlt\^ftfct 27 

ft 1 ir I i' 1 2 

ftltoft^ i^^ Li/v.^JL3 • 75 

ftlfo^;t I 26 

ftit' I 'C» ^^ 1 ?>^1.3 . . 126 
ftlt'Ci^i^ I » ft^'Ci-J;i 

5^aa 20 

ftlti< I ft 1 

ft 1 It IJ^T 1 

ftlfl ?.l^ ■ • 26 

ftlfe.^^ 26 

ftltat'li'l 2 

ftlt^<•lt 2 

ftll'^o I . lt^o 1 -!hi v>. 51 

ftO^'fti't 27 

ft6^'*^' I ^, W 1 ^/i ^^3. 266 

ftCA'Ll-ftsJ'^ ^ 

ftCA'l? I I*- I t" 3 

ftOV^L 27 

fti>j&x» ?:*/j:^ I ^ 5^£3 . Ill 

ft^^^^.. /:'-^j:^ I ^,^£3 . Ill 

ft-5;i^Lft-:>> 4 

fti>*M:-f ■f:^=j> >» fti.:b'' 

^-I^i:> s 

fti^ I i"^ 4 

ft^>/t)'X 8 

ftJCS ^ I ;{;•, < ^ I ^1.3. 105 

fti>/j:^ I 4 

ft4^«J C 8 

ft-^/x-^ I » ftii/j;^ I -!kI 

v> 4 


JjliL' 10 jta :;7.j 

*IJ'' o 4 ^j I tj » vfe I !i^j I < ^11=1 :i74 

^jiiX:"i» fc- I liX :' I ^ t)'J?3/</ 31 

-^^ -67 fciJv>bL^ b-?(^ily. . 202 

^J i < "c 1 S l^o ^j ij I < I o I i 17 

^3 i : § . ^5 Jt < ^ 1 5 - IhI ^ 'J I It* I ft 17 

'■^ -0 ^J^J^^, ft ij ^v>^ - fB) i? . ni 

^Jit- I ^ I 21 ftijijl i 15 

ft i -f ^ I C I » -f |9 1 C I ft I) ^ ;]0 

^Ha -MM ftir^->ft^ i« 

fti I ?>■ 18 ft5:•^^^ ni 

^:>khA.t' 20 fts^x^K ft;5it'i:ftv>> 

ftJt'CL'-I>i 20 ^^3 l.'j 

ftJi^^^^^:•I IS ftiirUft-:?':^ lo 

^jJillXt'l 19 ft3i>l b 16 

*i^<•J,^J: 10 ft^»6i:fti;^x oo 

ft-c^t 21 ftx 1 ^r: ;u 

fttMf : 1 lit; I » or. \ i)' hti\U<' 1-J 

^1.3 o82 ftRi?X»'^ 1-5 

ftL--]^l o» Is I i 1 < 1 ft-?, I a 1 I'-ft/x^ 29 

t'i^i.3 71 ft>?,iino-r» ft-?)iiri 

ftcis^f) 21 |:ft^-f5Ic^ -y 

ft*6'j i' t^^vft^, l.'^v ft^^ i t'Ci:, 'pii'-y;?. 

ft^-[^]v^ loG ^^-=3 102 

ft I I b^' t 22 ft^Co 24 

ftf>» *9t'J^I <•! ^^3 • -81 ft^<•^5<x^ 24 

ft f> T ft 17 ft^ ;'!>.'» i•:^-■|^lL 

ft ?)ip- I ^X I -f » i'l5\^l a 172 

^j: ) T^I.3 84 ft^-■ I r- 24 

ft b 1 i*' I ^. I ^«» ft -J I ft^l:lJ 20 

Clol-5^^IL3. . . . 17 ft^f;^,^l6 0^i:» ii\'j'i,' 

ft ?)il'li I 2S ^jia 150 

ft bO'^'ft ;;>>. ft b-?-'-I«l =-:>• 28 ft^/:•J;^i?'> 2;; 

ftc,^^' 28 ft^i.• 1 <?, I Is 1 » |9A,t'l 

ft b »^ ft V > 28 ^ 1 1 j" 1 ^ )L 3 "81 

ftbO'7<1" 2(1 ft^fi:t'=^> 25 

ft f) />. <" I /j I . *:) Is I i'- ^ t U 'J i./,.^ < » 5 U •;t'5 f ^ 



i'k H 

jly ^OS 

M-r^^^ 115 

t^D'f)<9bv iii)'{t^^3 • 278 

i^:'/5c.i 154 

IM ? 160 

(,» Lfci ri 160 

3 1G7 

t.^/:*fe^, V \ i \ i ^113- 251 

^^£3 350 

^^I.^ 350 

^^a^ 350 

t>r:'; !-::>> 161 

k» I Ofe I 153 

i^a.a 173 

M.3 1"3 

^1,3 1^3 

>^1.3 285 

1.3 121 

^Mr^<^ i'ilH^^^^^a3. 77 

I » I CA* I i I -f 146 

lr-CA'f)i>t 153 

»<U> I i'fc-f 154 

l^t^i^ot' 156 

>«M >6 ij Lj> v> > 156 

jL3 358 

ir ^ ?) ^ i:^ > 159' 

IM vj 120 

V ^ 'J s. I <?) I t 155 

V^"'je)l^ 155 

l^vj ij ^->-> 155 

I ' 2. on f) 156 

t^>^ I i'0-r 155 

(.^^ I <i5V^ 160 

i-^-?) I <fe^^^^ 15& 

v^^^r-5i 156 

w^^6' 156 

>''^C b^t'i:>^ 120 

=J> 156 

l^^vfc^ 156 

^'^^o 1 , L I ^0 I ^J^a. 316 

i;" 156 

^^^t"KlL*J^ 157 

^^^^3 31 

v'^^J: I li 1 t' 158 

3'h^^ 373 

b'i, I ^.-<^t 372 

'j^LUh 372 

^1.3 . . 374 

5\- : I ^ V CA' : I s -III v>' . 65 

O'^XPi) ^M.3 . . . . 67 

•7 (.- 1 C I » -b I - 2b i' 5 !.> I 

C I ^ ^ 3 382 

7 1.^ I Sxi I » ^i,> I ^ I f: 

^^3 391 

^\i^\ h \1\ 391 

■3 i^^H-n: I -■ I 390 

•) vOWj: L t 389 



U^ I 'Jv I 5;t ' 1-31 

^ ti ;t I ^ jl 3 • • • • . 2S8 

'.>'J^<• I b oS9 

v>>^^3 134 

3 98 

L'/x.-^ 1 ^ ^?9o 

^ C;t »J It ^ I < ^ fl 3 . . 393 

x./:\ 9 x.-? /-' =■ 1^1 •:> • . • 387 

x.i''% 9 :t'5/:*- 1^ •:> . . . 387 

;<.'?/- 3S7 

X. 1 o "f v > 388 

t/^i' 388 

fc 1 C 1 o 3.74 

isCtIti 1 < 39-2 

jj 1 Lid 1 » Sj^i'^M^a • 13 

t^ 1 t^ fc I < • • • • • • 374 

- Inl i?- :''74 

js-?:*)* 9feo:^^£3. 391 

fc'5:^ 301 

-,.«f 374 

^JLa 304 

i,I b-^^^ 3ril 

fc I ;SiS'?j 392 

fS I -C 380 

3s-o^ 391 

fc^ i'^ <• t i 1 • • • • 392 

-:?>^^3 208 

I <• ij ^^ 3G6 

-f --<^ ^* 37 1 

I /:\ ^ 365 

5 I r:-3L> I 'Jl- I ^;t < • • 375 

3 125 

3 ::74 

ft I < ^Jla .•■.74 

9 ^i I : I r: wj: I . • . • 36i> 

^iih-ri)'/^ 3fi9 

^"^J:^i)•■^» ft«Ji» I i ^£ 

3 L5 

■5 I i'- t » It. 1 1: I =^1,3 . 148 

T ku-r^ t.- 1 i <'ji,^^3 . 270 

•) I i 1 ^, o I J; 1 o ^JL 

3 360 

1 tNli^ft 368 

'J h i ^ S I * I lift v > ^ 

£3 304 

1 1 b-5; 1 /v.^i 370 

■) I S 7 1. 367 

■3 I ^ I -T V S. \ ^ \ ij.=f-^ 

3 297 

•i Sfl^SP I T» ^-9 t' Sit I 

i-^a^ 237 

•5 1 S I -1^ I b 393 

\ Skb 393 

•3 i I 'SP I t\ Cn 1 i (i 1 

t'^a3 134 

■3 I s I /v.L';t'J;f /:, I <■ . 393 

9 1 Uoi' ft'J 307 

•3 1 n-pf :Ct'iri < • • 367 

9 I n-pf T*J t' .... 367 

•3 1 U-?t' "^it'S • • • • 367 

■3 m-ji.' II ?)0'^' . . . • 367 

9 m-jf -5; I tfir. . . 367 

^1 9^1 I'-i- 

;LCIt 119 




r. lij I 0^-^J i:>> 122 

;L C-i: i •:;> > 119 

rL-f -> I I 121 

7v t)*-^; i i^ > » 7L C-J; i ■:> > 

=-mi> 119 

i.o^r.iji^ > 122 

rl t G-f A'^ 122 

7L i o Mj if) ■:/ X » ^ i b -f 

;&V^^^a 122 

li>.^< 119 

7.-5«;t» ^j-pa)'^^. a. . . . 13 

!<■]» 1 i, i'/j io < ^^3 173 

7.^im< L'^< » is i t i 

< 1 i' I ^1,3 71 

iJt^rj^ i 5i>^aa . . 229 

ii' 1 ^^a 277 

is" I 5'3b'^^'^ ' ^ I • • • • 277 

is" I 5'?, t' Is 1 277 

is 1 ^1.3 277 

if I i'^J;**^ 268 

is" :^:)» if 1 ii7>^:' 1 ^^3. 267 

iJ 1 L I U\ i^i/wCf 1.3 . 124 

3 94 

ift r.?J I < 275 

- [n] v- 275 

h \ -T i b'-} ^ vy > . . . . 37 

a-Tk/^') 275 

i^ I -cf 1 C 275 

is-tf-^i 275 

dy 1 f^sb'is\ ^^j 1 < -:^ Jl3 374 

i^'-f:t> 276 

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■b'io I ij 

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C*. I M- I ^» ?: 1 -5: 1 ^^ C I o i-T 1-10 

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m H 

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< I o t' 

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<^ I 

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r-f 133 

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litUH' 321 

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Li5>l fc/>^C 168 

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Li* 1 M 1 t 169 

Ci* 1 o 118 

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L 1 o 1 < 317 

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L^c.2-fe » » ^^cl^I - 

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L^ i* i? >» L ^ V 1 - fHi =:>. ;;22 

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-r 1 1 ^ -f u ^3-? Li-ii' 

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^3 324 

-r f>i>\ t f,5 -[5]-::> . . . 324 

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■tfit I b. f-.i l-i^ I ->H,3 • 
tf J: v^ i V tf^o = [ri]-j; . . 
tf J: i. U h'l L5>Ta I ^ 


t?l;/v.C.. ., • • 


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■tf 1 ij L 

tf 1 ij L?,^ 


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T 1 I; M 1 

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r.^'i \ 7j\ 

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^j: 1 t ^ 1. 3 

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i' 1 ^1.3 

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I : I l:^ 

:a. /:'-3 U ^M.3 . . . 





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■f; ! o 1 338 

■f:0 1 (_ 1 338 

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f: I -j; 1 V 339 

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f5] V' 109 

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t: I i I i 1 -337 

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r: b t : 1 339 

r: I ^^ ^;. 339 

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1:7, I ^ V>.J: lb .... 340 

r: I o <• 1 i 339 

r: o 1 .j; I b 340 

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r: I -b I i' I i: 1 . . . . 343 

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f:^<• I i 337 

r:/>.o^ 1 -M i 338 

t-LK^^^ 337 

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ti;t<"»" 108 

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^jla 265 

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tifci : I -f y5 

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tife I £9 I t 96 

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^i»-|j. I »^i'^ I ^)la • • •'! 

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^ < ^ » ti ID I < t^ - [5l v> . . 97 

^ I < I fX I T ''i-18 

IS 1 {'ix 1 v> > 3^9 

^ir^ 1 »^i>^ I ^^3 . . 91 

^1,3 405 

B I ^ 1 *^ I i' 91 

^o^ r>^^, S^^t'^%^-^ . 13 

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^3 90 

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SiOc< 94 

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^t-L I ^3^ 357 

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y ID > < ^ 97 

B 1 < 1 ^X I -f » 5 1 < 1 

t£ 1 -f ^£3 348 

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a. 3 355 

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O T ;&• ^ 1 b 365 

■o I 1: I i)\ hr- i ib'^^3 . 354 

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o 1 ov" 1 360 

■o 1 ^ 1 ;S 360 

o' I <?^ 1 116 

/^-fnli? 116 

o' 1 b/x.:&^'ni" 116 

O I a I 360 



vV 21 

o I 3 <• I i , r: I ^ C 1 t 

^M.a ^39 

2, I -f 110 

^Z \ li 116 

-^ I ^ ci -f oGo 

-C 1 T;t I 3 r,- 1 , Iff. r 1 j 

-C 5■tf^':>> 19"' 

3 199 

-C/: 1 » Bi.'l ^^3 ... 348 

-C 1 -f < 1 *'^ 347 

-C-91T 345 

'C d ^ 346 

'C 1 ii'ni < -r 346 

a 20 

a .'!35 

a 335 

'C ?j t <' 1 345 

'Cn-J i • • • 345 

T'l .<. Ill 

'C•^;&^ bXS'^R)-:^ • • • US 

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^^3 247 

t'(,^o-:>> l-"'0 

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i:oC'J'P-5;-r l'-5 

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ii: 1 i' :io4 

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iill fj:» IJ^Xt'^ila . . 182 

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i*f) 5W^j/w 116 

i:ij/v.^-9i 352 

t' I i» lsX-1 ^^3 • • "0 

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i ^ : y i' 362 

i ^ 'C < t 353 

^1,3 355 

t 1 ;5 1 t' I 355 

t' I ^ I ^; I f, 115 

i I o 1 -<» t 1 <^ 1 t' 1 ^ 

^H 355 

i .^ I ^ 353 

i I <9 I i' ' a 1 -5^ I » f : 1 

^ 1 i'l i: 1 ^£3 . . • 343 

i ^ :&• -5 K ' 354 

t^*''^^> 353 

i•^:■ I b TL- • • • • • ii'i 

A3 287 

^3 254 

/j: «. « i /v. 255 

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^i: Vjiii I 257 

iiij' 254 

iii)'".^b U r: 1 < 'J ^£3 332 
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If ?)l9nT» r:<'lf« 1 h^ 

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IfniS ^tlt'^M^a . . . 383 

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lf^■^^' 51 

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u^ I i'lT I 394 

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JlH 144 

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o^x r I ^ c^i 67 

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cA•^-5:^i^ it'o^-^^aa • 4o 

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i>?,^ti 124 

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i' I ^^a 71 ^'i imj 04 

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^> I o'v:, ^, I b^^a • • 1-6 01?) ^^^3 271 

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-i^-oL^jv'> -'-^-i '^S 5\o L*)v* H5 

-I<<9i.'» -]-:i'*.^^I.3 ... 64 -^59\, I L3bv'>» '^o 

J.^ 1-32 -y.- I L^v'-ra-:? • • • H3 

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^v|i\ -^li'^ila .... 289 '^U I -o I » :f J I '/fc-^H I 

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1^1 147 

li I » b I i'^a-=> • • • • 203 

Ix 1 ?j I , ?) 1 i'^^a • • 203 

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li 1 5'?, 1 150 

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li I < /?. I 148 

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li-?-c^t'pi 149 

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is I i: 1 148 

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a 385 

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Mj 3 33 

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Is I ;e, if 149 

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Is I ;?) 1 > b I ;i'^^3 . . 203 

IS 1 ^ 1 -?> I -f 71 

IsX r 1 70 

a 19 

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it>r I 217 

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i^^:•u lt^^:■|^^ ib-o'L 219 

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^< io< 237 

^</^nLfc-:?> .... 237 

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//oO I 240 

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^hiLi 238 

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^^^S,'^- 238 

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tatMt. If LLnX^I.3 • 55 

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t^T : I ^ ! 251 

v-i : I -y 1 fc^ .... 251 

t- I -f 1 ;& 252 

t-t 1 -5^rI 252 

t-ti:< I , L^-f C I ^^3 . 251 

t't£-f,j;! f, 252 

t"^ 1 *\ It^ 1 *'>£3 . 56 
iM o 1 ij < u L' 1 ^ t' 

S 1 < I ^I,H 249 

t'ltXCx* i>s,^C^a3 124 

t'0\^» (tD\i^^.3 ... 42 

t^];i -C. [XVA-i\ 'C^I.3 49 

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tM S 245 

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t^^:b^'?)> (tX:b''f>^I.3 . 49 

VUt 249 

t'^/:•: I o, t^^/:'^M.3 249 

t'^/:•'J. L'^/:>Jl^ . • 249 

t- I ^o• t 249 


V I /- i' I » I"- J. t-r-s, V^^ (. f-J> I -50 I , i ^ j: 1 ^ 

u . 20)2 O I ? jlii 243 

L- I ^ t'o 1 ( I .... 249 I I *J 1 , I Mj I -C I ll^j 

jif) C 2^!-l V > ^ )i 3 '-J31 

*6r:-r b» V'fi'ot'^ila 1-Jfi I I I -C I ll^Jv > ... 231 

»-■) i 1 iF^ < '2:)ii t o 1 ^ix.» ^3/j 1 IT I i:^j 

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thi^V -34 i/Jt\>l:?J^» loJ:'5'(.> 

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i I L ' 246 (.^:■ I , ir/j I /J I ^a-a 47 

i Ci;o 216 : t^r:r-^l 244 

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i-r->' i' 246 l^'c-c£-f V -5^1 ->f^5 I ^ 

(, I ^ 1 ^ I nt . . . • 247 ^^3 '^3 

tioi, an-5;iw'^ii t^-cn <•;?.=.>>• . • • • 245 

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i 1 O I i 1 O 1 .... 247 , a 236 

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l0^i'^» iG'^i'/x.^Ha -216 ^jla 

t I OV I «>X 242 ^t.v>^ 

t I 0^" I » 241 ^ I <•». I 

I I li ! < 241 ^ I < I t • • • • • • • 

I I li I T 247 VIJ 1 3: 

I I i^t• 242 ^1 :vi : 

tf.i^i 24TJ ^: I^ 

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1% H 

^ I i 1 L I 397 

^;>^ 897 

^f.^<^ ? U^^i-^i'^^a 308 

^ I ^ 1 -< I ij 1 399 

^J,3 391 

^ 1 t^ i -102. ?.-T^ O ^ 
^fL-^ 121 

tp I A' 402 

'iP 1 i^-V-?. 402 

'5> I : r- 1 : 1 r: Wi 1 , •) 

■''XI : I r: 1 ^J: I ^jla . 369 

^^3 5G 

'iP I r: 1 371 

^9V:^'y>s M'^ 1 -Ib)-::^. . 167 

'iD I ^ 1 365 

'iP 1 2: 403 

<iP 1 ?> I AM n 1 403 

'?> I 'J i ■b 1 t . ^ 1 'J ! (, 

I- 1 -f ^Jla 326 

t^P 1 2. 1 < 403 

'5> 1 >?)^ < 123 

iJP 1 ^i^ li 1 iM ^^3 . 93 

'9* I ^/t)^ s I LM ^^3 . 93 

a 227 

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i 1 ;5 I ir 401 

a a 308 

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Gift 203 

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?)/:' I t\ i)'7: I t'^^a . 130 

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C)-5'C» ^li' I 2. ^1,3 . . 4 

fi-p-j: 203 

o i ^L^-r* H-9 t ^^3 • • 206 

e.lI^7t>^ soi 

e)^^ I » tM T I 3 ^^3 . 252 

v' 203 

f)ji-r» f>^-fr:-r^^3 . 202 

f)^Tr:T 202 

e. LM i 202 

?)i1i•^<' 202 

3 122 

n I ^ I, a 302 

f>^t; I n I 302 

f. I ^ ri 203 

f.^>' /;\^fc-p< .... 202 

I 206 

ij ?,if 206 

'J5,>6tft 209 

0-f^^a 34 

'J <• I '■J ft i:^ >- 207 

^J Lii, 1 1 1 i:fc -::>> ■ • • 208 

ij I -r i>^ 208 

ijo t 5 li 1 i: 208 

ijj>'ftv>> 207 

lJi>l^ft^ 303 

'J-^T* ftr:A"*60T^I.3. 34 

'J li' I ^ I 207 

'J L'J.' I 207 



'J 'A I < 'J ». Vx: I 319 

^ 1 » L I o I < ^^3 . . 317 

o I ij I » C'.^ I o ^Jla. . 118 

o I Lj,v' '-^1-' 

o I Li* ' 


o I ^j,T- 

O 1 -0;^ 

O I -i< I 

^ I V^^b 

Z \ ih \ \iSj =:>> 

S I ij 

o I *j 


ii-r L:^J^ 

<l-?< » ^.-9 < ^11=3- • • • 

n-9 i 

il^" ^I, 

<l^<:) I 

^J I ^ £ a 

-?) 1 i.-fi.^ i)"Xire)^a-=3 . 

^ < ^ I ni -^j:^' 

^.icos S^bboi-f ^^'-^ • 

-?. 1 r 1 ^ 

/j L *3 i5 > 

^■9 : I 

^oV \ 

^ \ ^ 

^ 1 If 

/, \ ^ ^ 


•J08 I 



212 I 

211 ! 






205 I 

112 j 
129 I 

29 ! 
209 j 
.".04 I 
209 i 


-?.^<^ u-r.f.fc^a^' • • 205 

/)^<•ii■| 303 

-^ 1 ^ ri » b 1 /L r I ^ ii 

I 200 

t^^'^)^i'ot 393 

a 12:1 

^^,• t I 378 

t>^^f>^ 377 

<9e>\. I b 387 

♦9ov^^• :«6 

<9I-5l'<Ii" 365 

*9 I i^» 375 

i.'i ^£3 180 

;h i' V 1 376 

b\ i)-l 378 

bi'ViX 378 

^i'f, 378 

bi)'A.i:. lti>'^/:>iL3 • 41 

|o ^ < MJ' I 379 

bbV^'^\ •'5"9 

^<J,^i)•• 380 

t> C^O I 377 

b<I^I '^"9 

*9<+9-W» i 5^'^ll-J- • 229 

^IJ V» b I ^:■l ^il3 • 203 

*9irS-5;i b -"9 

^^ITUtx: ^"9 

jb I' t I' ' •'"'* 

I? r 1 * 376 

^):^'C^ i :/^'C^Jl3 • 218 

b 5 i* b "'**'* 

^ 2 L , ij 1 ^f 1 C /• H, a • 275 



t) 3 VU^ I 385 

49 ?' f) t I 387 

loiLV \ V ^o 1 ij 5^M.3- 383 

*9 I L» -b/xvi' I /5> I Is 1 ^ 

^3 381 

^L**'' 378 

^ I L ?> ' -> 1 385 

a 275 

-> 1 ^ a. 'J 385 

a 384 

+9CI: 378 

-hC^JiJ: 376 

^9l:1^c?> 387 

^-f ?:> 0^ ij » -f ^ 0^ ij ^ I. a . 328 

^-f ! ( I J: 385 

io I -f -C < 1" 150 

Jh^Csb 385 

iOX I iS (T'C 1 t^>^a • 56 

iOll^ Jbis! Ir'-^^a ... 375 

ipV. e-V 1 r: 386 

ipltith 1 . Jbli' I i:^aa- 375 

ib t>' ri 376 

*9 t/ I ;s I i 376 

^tyij :" 1 376 

-bofc 386 

490fc, (t'o-b^I^a ... 59 

ibo 1 Sj, It^^^lla • • 59 

IpO \ I 386 

ko-Q^^n 386 

io h \ 1:^ iJ\ i 1 ^^3 • 276 

■bCiS^ J;/>./*'XLi,^I.3 223 

49i:?,f oi^i C 1 .... 382 

-hl'-s-tNi'l 382 

Ea 52 

ibi: I *' 382 

JbltCA'-f 377 

ipD^t I Jt» It 0^1:^11 a. . 42 

-bO^^l LMt' 377 

*9i>i;W:' 376 

ipll'll 382 

ipli' 1 i: 375 

i ^ a 3 256 

-hiu^ 1 C I 381 

H 49 

ipv^i 1 i:\ ixv^i> I ix>^ 

a 48 

^*6'J i . 381 

-b^ACl 387 

-b 1 ?) -3 1 » Cs,^ •) 1 ^ I 

^I.a 137 

|5 1 b 1 i:^^ 150 

bh^i'i b 383 

-b ! ^ tM ^*' 384 

9^3 252 

^ 1 f, -b I ?> 380 

Jb?)^i>I ?» 383 

ib 'J ^*^■ ,• • • 383 

*9 5 1 fc 384 

ib Z 1 ?)^/: 384 

-b;5li"vj 380 

-b ;& I .-C V 384 

Ipt^i)' 383 

^/^ Mj 383 

Jb^:^T^ i :^T^I.a. 218 

Jb^/:^v 3:,<.f:^^IL3 • 222 

-b/x.O 1 -5^ ?. 381 

-bA. f 1 /:. 1 Isl 381 

m m n 


A m m ^ ^ ^\ 

liulex of llie Chinese Kiimes of Races and Peoples 

-^^ (K'a-tu) 179 

X^i A.t5:ffl ' Kiii-inin^-kiii- 

sint; ISO 

AflSffi (Kiu-kn Miao) . . • ISO 

It A .K.-in-jcDi 175 

-^ A}LA7]7l-\- [■ 

m htfe (Slii-ptih-neng) . . . 
^^^H^{^ (K'eh-mong-ku- 

yang Miao) 

AfUll^' (I'a-tsiii Heh-Miao) 

A^m fPa-fan Miao) . . 

:^^M%A (Liih-tong-ih-jen) 

>'^IST- (Luh-ngerli-tsi) 

>fij^ (Li-iui) . . 

ij^^ (Li-so). . . 

^# (P'o-lung). 

:^m (Pnn-ti) . 

-^Ii||l| (K'a-la) . 

-^:^*t'^ (K'a-yn Chong-kia, 

H^K iK'a-wa) 



■^^^ (Ku-tsong-tsi) 
1^^ (Ho-ni) . . 
VifiMi-SI* (Kartsin) . 
'i?^ (La-iuao) . 
^^ (La-ln). . 
±A (T'u-jen) . 
±Jt%^ (T'u Keh-lao 
±|g (T'u Liao) . 
±.1^ (T'n-nian). . 
±^^ (Tumetl . 
±im (Ta-t'eo Miao 
kia-tze) ^^a • ■ 
(Naiiiian). . 
(AVie-ning) . 
-f\S[ (Tsi-cl.ien) 
^Kfiffi (An-sliun Miao") 
^-^ (Il.k-k.) .... 









m^Wt (Chakar) . . . 
/j>5ij (Siiio-lieli) • . • 
^TRffi (Chien-ting Miao) 
\\lW' (Shan-ch'eh; 
III Sic (Sli:m-su) . 
¥i^ (0-ch'aug) 
E:^ (Barin) . 
^{fe (P'ing-fali) 
rm (Mo-ts'a) . 

j«^ (.\[()-*;o) . 

^^BflJ (Chia-p'a-la) 
^^m^ (Ta-ya Keli-lao) 
mmUm (P'i-sa-k'o-toh) 
^ma^ (P'i-p^" Keli-lao 
ni% (Mu-chij .... 

till (La-su) 

ii#^. e^ (Pai-y) ^^a 
]dljfr (Pan-yaoj . . . 
'Si.^\\\-i- (Pan-y-slian-tzej 
#.W# (Han Pa-i) . . 
^^M (P'li-lieli). . . . 
#^1) (P'u-piao). . . . 
#j§: (P'li-fen) .... 
:f-Hj (P'u-sln) .... 

Bg^ (Shi-t'ii) .... 

agSJc (siii-yoii). . . . 
Bgi}^ (Slii-ko) .... 
^■tmfa4$ (T.-rbet) . . 
3^1^" (Tong Miao). . . 
W:W<. ii^. (r^i-^o) ^£a 
itf^ffi (Yang-pao Miao) 

mm (P'a-la) .... 








^%=^ (Min-kia-tze). . 
7K^IS (Shui-kia Miao) 
7m%^ (Sli'ii Keh-lao). 
7KW^ (Slii'i P"'-y\ Tai 


VJJA (Sha-jen) . . . 
ijjjjg (Sha-ni), .5|lf (Sii- 


"iffi^ (Si-mo) 

fl^lA (Tong-jen) . . . 
JlBlES (Tong-tsai .Miao) 
m-^ (Tong Miao) . . 
\%')\\^ (Hoiig-clieo Miao) 
iifiA (P'"-jeii) .... 
tFlJl?^'^ 'Trt'ing-kiangChong 

kia). '. 

•;i^^ (Lu-tze) .... 
m%Ui (Unit) .... 
^WU lUrianhai) . • 
^A (Ciiieh-jen) . . . 
®iJ (C'wan-man). . . 
IfjiJI^ (Yei-t'eo Miao). 
^'iM (Kih-lao) .... 
?£5i® (Keh-tong Miao) 
#^-F (Tchung-kia-tze) 
^tjiffi (Tchung Miao), ?(t>^^ 

(Tflumg-kia-tze) 9 ^ a • 
Jf^A (I^ingjen), ^^^S 

(Liiig-kia Miao) ^^a. 
J^^ffi (Ling-kia Miao) . 
^^bI^ (Keo-erh-long-kia) 
?I^^S (Tong-kia Miao) . 
3i^A (Cli'iu-jen) .... 

m^ (Lo-lo) 

3t@^55t;3it (Clui-slii Keh-lao) 
m-A (Yao-jen), ffe^g (Pan 

yao) ^tifTri:^ (Yao-min) 



^£a 'iS'J, 3fl<> 

J!^K (Yiio-niin) o99 

i^M^ :h^ (Li-so) ^jL3. . 208 

mMs -hm (Li-so) ^Sl-^. . 208 

y^liU (Mu-la) 219 

HA (T'ung-jeii) SCO 

!g (Liao) 20G 

Jgffi (Long Miao) . . : . 210 

?1fPSffl (Vang-kwang Miao) 
5^SS» i!il« ^Clieli-sie) :^|^ 
5?T- OSli-tsi) . . . 
^t-4$ (Uniol). . . 
«S!t'ig (Chien-fal. 


(Li-fan) .... 
4IS (Seng Miao). . 
6A(Peh-jen), K^if (M 

kia-tze) 3^3. • ■ 
l^mm (Peh-la-chi) . . 

e^ (Pai-y) 

^mm (Peh-p'a-la) . . 
fiJIt^ (Peh Chong-kia) 
&WM (Peh Lo-lo) . . 
filg (Pell Miao) . . . 
&^m (Peh-long-kia) . 
^.tj (Mong-wu) ... 
MIS'© (Twaii-cuin ^Nliao) 
m^ (Iluk-lo) .... 
\%Vt (Wo-ni), ^iiV (Ilo-nij 


7v m. 




W^ (Ch'ie Miao) .... Ml 
Um^ (Mong Ke-lao) 
ifXffi (Hong Miao) . 
SagiS (T^i-kiang Miao 
^mVi (Cliorass) . . 
mi^ (Lo-wi.) . . . 
Bmm (L(, Mia..) 
(Lo-men) . . . 



jg^fe (Nieh-su) . . . 
^il (Slieli-wu) . . 
'fE±(ft (llwa T'u-I.,ia. 
rt'it'it (IIiKi Keli-lao) 
Vtn% (Hwa Peh-Ih) 
tblgS (Una Miao). . 
|g-r- (Miao-tse) . . 
^£ (K'u-ts'ong) . . 
^fg (Mo-yao), {fejKlU 

(Pan-y-shan-tze) 5^ iL ^ 
^-H; iMong-hwa) . . . 
^5g (Ts'ai-kia) . . . 
iSI/E4$ (>iiiiniteb). . , 
m=f- (Man-tz.u ^ii (L 


ffiyiffi (.Si-^lii Miao) . 
n^ (,Si-fan) .... 
(Tsi Miao) . . . 


l -tgj «$EeS 

(Kii-lin Miao) . 

(Ch'eli-tsai Mian 
illiffi (Lien ^liao). . . 
iltt ( . . . 
ij[5,Sffi (Lang-Us'i Miao) 
?.m^m (Ordos) . . . 
laKf- (Li-ming-tsij. . 
?fA (Yie-jen) . . . . 

I A #: fift^LH 

jftl!L'H2:5^- (Ko-cwieti Kfi.-laoj I'JO 




IkiA^ iChang-t'eo-lali) . . 87 

\^-^ (Ah-k'a) 10 

Mm (Ali-slien) 10 

HJ& (Ah-ch'eiig) 10 

m^ (Al.-cliia) 10 

M^ (Ai-ch:mg) 29 

IfiOl^ (Ah-k'o) 10 

PnlS? (Ah-shi) 11 

M'M, < Ali-tii) 11 

mmWmm CYang-ting-la-lKm 

Miao) ........ 398 

r^A (Wu), ^ (Li) 9-^3. 206 

nnm (Ts'ing Chong-kia). . 357 

^m (Ts'ing :\ri.-io) .... 357 

(Ting-pan \ ij 
(Kao-p'o Mian) ^^3 

.'.IS^Ji (-Ma-ten-kia) . . . 
fSl^^ (Kao-p'o Miao). . 



l +-g| «Ji^ 

^.'l (Lu-chi) 211 

(Ya-ch'iao Miao) . . 39.3 

(Meli-fen) 2.I4 

+=.m\ mm 

m (Li) 

mm (Li-mn), m (l\) ^m. 


m3 (U-n.u), m (Li) ^IL 

m±^^ (Heia-t'u-yieii) . . . 
MiIJS (Heh-shan Miao) . . 
MtS® (Heh-lo Miao) . . . 
BM. HM (Heh-p'n) ^[ig-- 
M!4>S (Heh-cliong Miao). . 
Mii^i (Hell Lo-lo) .... 
ffl-ff^ (Heh-kan-ili). . . . 
M4ffi (Heh Seng-Miao) . . 
mMM. (Hell Wu-ni) . . . 
miMm (Heli-chioh ]\Iiao) . . 

MM (Heh-p'u) 

(Heh Miao) 










for Bed ou ill 

read Bedouins 



before Pinankei (uU the 



,, Kio 



for Tagbanu i 

read Taglianuas 



dele the 



for shim I 

read island 

00, 01 



before in (."Id fornicrly 



for Bielorouss 

r,ad Bielorousses 



before Parana U'l'l tlie 



for Carajas, in western 
Goyaz, Brazil. 

read Carajas, ea<t of 
the Xingii, Brazil. 



before .Turna add tlie 



„ Jutay „ „ 



for Ch'ln-jen 

read Ch'iu-jen 

llo, 116, 175 .' 

]7, 1.3 

, 1" 

.. pron<^uiiciation 

., pronunciation 



,, Mos^^o 

,, Mo-sso 




,, Dwalla.inKamcriin, 
we-it Africa 

„ Dwalla. Same 
as Dualla. 



b'i'ore Nile add VAnn 




for Guayqueris, on the 
north coast of Vene- 

read Guayqueris. 
Same as Guaiqueris. 



„ Heh Lolo 

Heh Lo-io 



„ Heh-seng Miao 

Heh Seng-Miao 



before Jaiiiinla nd'l the 



for Ka-la 

reuil K'a-ia 



„ oalkJ 

„ called 



, 19 

„ Kui, in southeastern 
Siaiu and north- 
western Cambodia. 

Kui. Same as 


\4, lo 

for Makiretarls, in 


read Makiretaris. 

southern jmrt 


Same as Maqueri- 





„ soatbern 

„ southern 



„ Tsrnagotsi 

„ Tsrnagortsi 



„ Brlack 

„ Black 



before Uaupes add the 



for Jain 

read Jalin 



after Kile, add San^e 


Djur ? 



for n 

read in 




„ of 



,, Finn a 

,, Finns 

IE 1^ 

^f f^ IE 








n c 'J 'J fc I -r 












r:^>b^'|: I A' 




i^oh ldi>y> 

60, 01 26, 20 

3; f:ii'-r i' 2. 


)) ,•) 

» » 

Hi ^. >'^ 




-]^U ^-^L : 

/j t' ov Si m .^; ij B -9 L : ^ t> 0^- h 



' Ufc- nc/j 1 


•'Jfc iK'y?) 1 



-^iS-f t:^0 




I ^ 




5 : 1 

tis,: 1 









Ill 4 

il:^- 'V'=Eo JS 

It;'. .1/-E /o 


/: r o sK '^ /: r o 

/:': 5i3t>-/::-s 

114 2S 



117 22,2;; 

o 1 ^f*i«lt!Jo 

D.inlhi -^ i?o 

121 26 

i)'U u 

f)-5:b t';S 

l:'>6 3 


(in a van as 

„ 15, 16 

H'fi 'J 1 a 

t'H ^j ufia 

137 29 



13S 22, 23 

Gnaiqueris — [i^ -:;Vo 

145 14 




■^ V "o O h Aj C 

-rv^-3'^3 f)^i• 

lol 24 

^'tffiS:t':^'lo ^!jn7 

160 14 

CH ^ 


193 39 



196 19, 20 

< 1 C L^t'^-^it^gi; 

Kiiy -r,fj -J^o 

218 lo, I'l 

MaqiierilMiis r: ^ i:>o 

222 21 


^/vLo >> 

226 ST3 

')) Maranii.-, 


234 18 ^X C 1 ^ ^.C <*-^* ' ^J 

237 2 '>C«^ ^9 

243,244 38,8 ^'5' 3'/^ i^I*/^ 

244 5 ^0^'^> tlZ'J> 

245 9 ^ a ^i r ti ^i-fiV^^ 

249 40 ^if^ia -g-^a 

266 4 Ly^^i^o LK.'<i^T 

5 i)a<i)'' I T *0^'i>* ' * 

285 14 Pa^^cagoiila Pascogoula 

288 12 fX^^O i\^^o 

306 39 B.lf it "'If 

313 3(T3>J^ -f a,;; -f*-5: 

317 31 t>y«ir = [j^ -y .' ^ fta V 



m I* iL 

A m ^ ^ ^ U 

(5tc ? '' A. a «) 
Maps showing the Distribution of Races and Peoples 

(Jfttmet of Rtieo atvl Ptot,lc» in red) 






sorrn amkiuca 


















^astPal ia '<^H^ SoathWale's 

1 ' 



— i — c> 












( ^V ^ ^ .V yv. V ., ^ * * 

m F_q + - i^ H ^ - -h [1 ru kn 
fH m -h - ¥ H ;] r -h H n g? if 


^ n § - -^'^^^ 

:^ # 1* ^ -t^; it 

^ ^ ^- ;^ !<f $( If s 'JMJP ^ s: A 

EP ^ij «- 

i? :t^i- ^ + ni5 

EP IjIiJ ffl 

3li fli -rtr :5\ fS S ag ii!i - T h -b Tr Mfe 

Ifi fr 0? 

% ^ ^ j^ fr i& 

^, i^*^9 

JUW 1 3 1989 



230 Kroeber Hall 











^ DO CO 

a: c<. ^ 

CO ^}: 

FORM NO. DD2, 3m, 3/84